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Buddy Tyree has spent most of his formative life pursuing excellence in the
field of music. Having participated in school choirs since sixth grade and honing his craft as a
contemporary singer/songwriter and guitarist from the age of 11, William is no stranger to the
concept of striving for perfection. His contemporary efforts have fostered upwards of 300 songs
written, numerous EP releases, two unreleased LPs, and one formally released LP.
Tyree was trained classically at Eastern Kentucky University, studying under Dr. Zachary
Marshall and Dr. Daniel Koehn. He has has performed vocal literature in Italian, German, and
English languages from the Romantic era to 20th Century. Much of his 20th Century repertoire
has been rather experimental, with multiple pieces practicing atonality and sometimes even
forgoing a time signature. He has attended vocal and ensemble master classes with Tesfa
Wondemagegnehu, Jake Runestat, Doc Jenrette, and Jefferey Redding, to name a few.
As a chorister, Tyree has participated in many honors choirs on regional and statewide
levels in his secondary and post-secondary studies: SKMEA All Festival 2009, 2010, and 2011;
KMEA Junior All State 2009; KMEA High School All State 2010, 2011; KMEA All Collegiate 2017.
He also performed under Dr. Richard Waters with Eastern Kentucky University Singers at KMEA
in 2016. He has attended various choral workshops at University of the Cumberlands and
Morehead State University.
Tyree was a member of Eastern Kentucky Universitys a capella group EKos from 2015 to
2016, performing for church congregations, school recruiting events, standalone concerts, and
even embarking on a day-long high school tour to represent Eastern Kentucky Universitys
music program.
As a contemporary solo musician, Tyree has competed in and won various competitions
such as EKU Music Industry Organizations Battle of the Bands in 2016. He has performed in
many different settings across Kentucky as well as in Tennessee and Virginia, from high schools
to craft beer breweries and all points in between. He currently has a semi-regular performance
schedule at Chenault Vineyards in Richmond, Kentucky.