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omrRON Gat No, OODLE Mi USER’S MANUAL Programmable Cam Switch ~3F88L-130 CAM POSITIONER CONTENTS a OUTLINE ~- INTRODUCTION ~ 8 2.1 Display 3 2.2 Operating end terminal unit 4 INSTALLATION ~~» 3.1. External dimensions.. 3.2 Connection with mechanical systems 3.3 Connection OPERATION = Seer ane 10 TROUBLE SHOOTING Ww SPECIFICATION ir 6.1 Ratings and characteristics ~ 12 6.2 Program specifications ~~ OUTLINE 1 OUTLINE Angle detection by the resolver and angle setting and adjustment by the CAM POSITI- ONER. This eliminates that complicated mechanical type cam adjustment. In addition, functions including the variable programming during operation, teaching and zero Point correction are available. The CAM POSITIONER can be used for applications of various rotational angle contro! systems. Fully making use of the advantages of so (2 io provided Si uilnell ig with an exeslient performance, easy handling feature and high ability in a compact body. Ease of set-up and in~ passanteit stallation is realized by utilizing the DIN rails. [Variable programs during operation With @ machine in operation, the ON/OFF setting of revolutional angle can be changed. Most euitable for machines performing short-run multiple item production 16 output points with 180/360 times max. ON/OFF control per output Provided with 18 output points. Highly precise position control is available in maximum 180 times (resolution of 360 divisions per turn) and 360 times (resolution of 720. divisi ‘ons per turn) per output point ON/OFF control, [Teaching farction For cane of anal eating With a machine in operation, the ON/OFF angle of the cam can be set in every output ‘through the teaching function, The conventional complicated programming has been replaced with this easy and speedy setting work. Ease of adjustment with zero point correction function ‘The zero point of a machine and that of the resolver may sometimes not be aligned when the resolver is installed, This can be immediately corrected using the zero point correction function provided. OUTLINE [Four kinds of programs can be stored Programs can be stored in four kinds and they can be selected by the programable controller: [Switchable resolution The sliding switch of the main unit selects the resolution of 360 and 720 divisions per turn. EEPROM for operating memory 1 EEPROM has been adopted for the operating memory, which can be rewritten and used without the batteries for momory becked up. [Excellent resistance to the environment of resolver The resolver of electro-magnetic type has an excellent resistarice to the environment subjected to oil, dust, temperature, and shock. It can also be used over a wide ambi— enttemperature range of 10 to +60°C. [Absolute angle detection ‘The resolver can divide angles in absolute form and @ high resolution of either 360 divisions or 720 divisions per turn is available. [Shaft load of 20 kg and shaft diameter of 10 mm ] The shaft load is 20 kg for both of redial and axial directions and no other detector can achieve this figure. [Maximum cablo length of 100 m The resolver cablo can be extended as long as 100 m, Using this cable remote control or operation can be per-formed at a place away from the resolver MRunning example. Gon an] mn oo = me = Fawn aren is 0 | 200 [ceneaeaiea] : sueeees [ana 72 H 2 ea LI pT: I Za | 325 H 3 a | » | ee ee ae c ‘in coca Wore os wm OW + On op a a OFF a Ea INTRODUCTION 2. INTRODUCTION 21 Di Gam No. display RUN tesa: Incas the ON ciglay of cam eutoet PROGRAM modh india te Cam No. tn program Bank No. disp [RUN mode nd Rayolutonal display of, resolver PROGRAM ‘made: 1112 13 14 15 16 7456 Display unit ‘ON anate sitar Error_dispioy Tanching go RUN mode incite the ator No. 2 ag | PRocnaw mods: indices th a OFF onale in opeecan” | ee Program uring or Proarer delting stor aacing dieplay INTRODUCTION ing end terminal unit am output (m8), Spen-calae orp Smet," SAn son BANK selection kay ssa in PROGRAM mode START and BANK ommon renal | Tasching input or tt running Key \ mare eg : rogram ino wnoy. perormea 7 cam apart al om gran Apply OC 12 ~ 30. power Free power source ‘poly AC 100 Selecting ewitch for rotationet 20 'V power: ‘ rection of resol Clea ey proorer Soporte basce RUN/PRG mode selection ey Zero point correction swlich ‘i aged te ON tw proent onion snows 08" INSTALLATION 3. INSTALLATION 3.1. External dimensions 11) Main unit (Type 3F88L-130) IN rats to be mounts (Coble pall strangin:3 6 Installation method * By way of DIN rails When mounted using DIN rails, use the following items separately. ‘Type PFP-100N, 50N Supporting rail | Type PFP=100N2 t End plate |_Type PrP-M Spacer [tyme Pres *Direct mounting (panel installation) | <—~ 140 ——> INSTALLATION (2) Resolver (Type 3F88L—-RS17) BH Mounting method Recommended mounting hole allocation ‘= Mounting drawing Hhesaer maces ticks: 3 mm or mre Note) Flange can withstand a static load up to 25 kg applied to the body of the resolver. INSTALLATION 3.2 Connection with mechanical systems Connect the resolver shaft with the shaft of a rotating machine system using the coupling (3F88L-RL10) supplied with the resolver, Amount of alignment and bending angle shall be within the standard specified. * External appearance of coupling _ x2} Hoxagon socket hwo se sere Put * Coupling specification Towable transfer _torquo | eee eee arc | ove | om | aero 10 omm — | a0kg—em | 18kg-em | max | 6.5kg-em ieee Note) When a torque of 1.7 ~ 2 times the allowable transfer torque is applied, the coupling will break at the flexible plate so as to prevent a loaded system from overloading. = Connection of coupling Shat of w macrine sid Note!) Connect both shaft without having them protruded into the area C shown above. Otherwise, the coupling will not perform its intended function to cause damage to the resolver. Note2) If the bending angle or amount of alignment of the shafts excoods the specified value, not only the life of the coupling will be shorten but also the accuracy of resolver rotating angle will be adversely affected. INSTALLATION 3.3. Connection (1) Example of the main unit connection pol~30v I pee Note) COM (common terminal) connection 1) As in the example shown above, use the COM terminal located on the upper left hand side of the boerd for START, BANK A, and BANK B in common sonnection: 2) As shown above, use the COM terminal located on the upper right hand side for output terminals (ALARM, 1 ~ 8) in common connection and use the COM terminal located on the lower right hand side for output terminals (9 ~ 16) in common connection. WH Deteited section A Performance i Circuit contlguration Max. voltage i +7 Max. current On current 5 mA or more | OFF current 3.mA oF less WH Detaited section & Porformanco Circuit configuration Viax,_awiiching T capaci Leakage current 100 1A or less, Saturation voltage | 2 V or less INSTALLATION (2) Power source connection NFB ooo ap in 07. Power uit a BS 9 at tos Comr vat Se ioe parted te an input-ovout Inanaing transormac [liane make thon et ponies EP J ice nor { —_F=000000000 rosin Jom Nie Itt 1) Use wires more than 2 mm'in size for the power lines to minimize the voltage drop. 2) The use of an insulating transformer end a {ine filter is recommended to etten~ uate ground noise. (3) External wiring The positioner cable shall be located with respect to the control cable and power ‘cable as shown below. ‘Spee matt (iron) Elosroni eri, restr ere 200 men oF more QPrositioner inwur-ourpur cirevit 1 Oruevies coe ee ie feeral cote creuit @Prowee sours srs te OPERATION 4, OPERATION Title [ Mode’ Operating procedures FORWARD/ resent value | REVERS aaPrsmate, | we leow_cw ecw ow MODE on EW crwten'the | OFF | = Eager'rowe RESOLUTION | Selection of resolu- | PWR | qq rn o iionether 0 or | 7 SELECTION Bee ees 0 ae moon legac a START Frode elated oe =’ ‘Alignment of zero rowr [Ammer | oa GORRECTION [point with resolvers | CORRECTION | Fr oint Bank Selection of BANK Nota be program-| PRG Sevecrion ——[Me, pgragram-| Program of the PROGRAM seleewd BANK | PRG CLEAR complewly cleared | | Reading—out from PROGRAM READ | User's Brogrem top| PRG reauitae PROGRAM Writing to user's ar waite Progam eaures. | PRG aS 4 J Lesh TEACHING net INPUT PROGRAM DELETE aa J]-Hfeu} 14] =n Agiustmene of wot {LY TEST RUN PRG a sit ebecking the Speration, [eae ea Programming PRG PROGRAM | | fratedeng?AUN | Ta trode olsted RUN | S Noto 1) Pushbutton switches are proased for P, CLR and ADJ. 2) Fagus of 1 ~ 3 digts are entered nto 0 2) Al Cam outputs ate OFF wile PGM moda, 4) Cam outputs aro avalslo while TEST RUN mde 5) It takes 3 ~ 5.00 1o RUN mode solocted. 10 11 TROUBLESHOOTING 6. TROUBLE SHOOTING Error display Mode ‘Contant Corrective vation 1 Tn pregrem POR cn jamal fae invorruption ees GI ey t0 clear errors When PWR on £02 |durmg |i, fEPROM ‘nd check the contents of broaram~ | ming in zero correction et Operation ] Defective restver mun |Udaning | E10 | Rescher cable esconneaa mode | Faulty esoler digital conversion | Chek or replace unit in meee Faulty memory (ohook when FWA) penigcy unl switching E12 | onas well) Repl - i Duplication orror of progr ross) key and ingut data not exe | Rles SOH STa | om am In {Gam No. input error (17 or more | Press (Zand input numbers. berween program — | E26 | Gigital eattna) res mag | car |leporgrrar in ON or OFe vee | Wines roa aan eee es agit 1 (380 isions : 0 ~ 359) : ; “Bb eigisions : 0 — 719) | tn stro cor | E24 | Prose G) key and ropeot | rection op~ ae ean eetcenal ‘operation. If errors eppear | tration 28 sspein repiace unt BANK input error son staring | praae key and ces in TEST RUN, BANK totting on ey and leew saenina | ert | programming and BANK tetra | Swng’ programting ane Tue | er Byraxtamnal signal not coincide) | S%309,07 p Prose (@ kay several times In mode Procedual error to proceed to make PRG initial stato and switch Switching | ©28 fo RUN mode fo make PRO ( {I SPECIFICATION LT 6 SPECIFICATION 6.1 Ratings and characteristics Mf 3F88L -130 CAM POSITIONER em ‘Contents ‘Output configuration ‘Number of output points | 16 | Transistor open collector Switching capecity : DC 12 ~ 30 V, 300 mA External power source for autput circuit:DG 12~ 30 V. 100 mA Output display LED display at each point Output terminal Termine! board Taput atactar (resolver) | 1) SFB8L-RSI7 2) SFS6L—ASIS 2) SF BsL-RSISW Response speed {00 rpm max. (in resolver ratetion) ‘Memory Elactricglly srasoble PROM (EEPROM) POSITION display Resolver position displeved Resolution unit 160, 1720 Repeatability 202" Zorompoint vorrection | t=-B50/1-718 (resolution 360/720) ‘| Control Input START signal input (OC 24 V, 18 mA) BANK solection signal input (DC 24 V, 15 mA) ‘Abnormal output When resolver signal interrupted or internal cireult feutty ALARM output becomes ON. (Open collector : DC 12 ~ % V. 300 mA) Weight 1 kg oF lees Supply voltage AC 100 ~ 240_V 50/00 He Allowable supply voltage ACS ~ 26V Power consumption 75 VA or lene Insulation resistance Between externel terminal end ease : 2 MQ or more (using 06 800 V mogaer) crrie strength Botween external terming) end ease AC 2000 V for? min, = Vibration range 10 ~ 85 Hr + Full amplitude 0.75 mm Test period, Y, 29 dlireetions in all 2-hour each 306 X, ¥, Z6 directions euch 3 times in all =i0 ~ 28°C ‘2 _~ GeAH a es Free from corrosive gas ‘Storage temperature = +e (Gonetruction Housed in control board 12 13 SPECIFICATION WM 3F88L—RS17 Resolver tom Contents Shett diameter 610 om ‘Shot loss Rodiel : 20 kg, Axial : 20 kg (static allowable load) Friction torque 120 gam or less ‘Aniimvibration ability Vibration range = 10 ~ 00 He Full amalitade 1.5 mm or 106, which is orester ‘est period: X.Y. 2.9 directions in ail 2-four each ‘Anti=shock ability 5006 X,Y. Z 8 directions in all 3 timas each Protective construction Drip-proot. oll=proot type 1PS2F_ EM) Max, cable length (Con _be exwnded os tong as 100m Frogueney. KH Electrical error Max. speed of revolution 2000 _rpm_(mechanical) Installation method Flange mounting (flange strength 25 kg) temperature Coupling IFEEL-ALIO_(Gupplid with the resolver) Wicing_Iead-cut method | Gable (3m, gonnactor attached at ond) Painted color Munsell 3/1 o ‘embient ea 10 ~ +0'c SPECIFICATION 6.2 Program specifications Cem Number: 2 digits ON setpoint 3 digits OFF setpoint 8 digits Numer vlue of | number 12345878 own 2 ue 6 Program BANK Programing can be performed into four different banks. Step input For a one-stop input of program. sot Cam # ON fatpoint and OFF setpoint in numerals. For ON and OFF values, teaching input possi ‘The Max. number of registered steps: Program input ‘Max. number of ON/OFF eyclas por eam 360-division 720-division 10 stops 900 stone The eequonce of input for ch step Is not specifies ‘After input , the cam number and ON setpoint are in numerical order. Program reed out T iL ‘A program ie read out using kev. J) 14 15 PROGRAM Cams Signal ° SHEET 50 $0 120 1 o Time ohare 130