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1 Reportany suspected cases of Ebola ius disease a the nearest health unit Ebola virus vet disease can be ee mecca prevented Pee has died of Ebola virus ‘© Wash hands with soap under running water Keep Ebola Virus 1 Avoid direct contact with body Disease out of Ghana! fluids of a person suffering from {© Avoid communal washing of hands Eola virus disease by using during funeral rites, protective materials ike gloves, SS eee ‘© Avoid eating dead animals (or rw meat of) especialy bats and monkeys «Persons suspected tobe suffering from Ebola virus disease should be taken to the nearest health Unit immediately fer proper management DrSaly-Ann ohene DPC «Persons who have died of Ebola Me Joana Anong-HPR virus disease must be handled erlasongiaubeint Using strong protective wear and ee buried immeciately under strict cmalzeblomewia supervision by heath officials ‘Ghana Country Office ¢ Disinfect the beddings and 120 Bn 0, cn, Chara clothing ofan infected person Tebemanresie7ee2 World Health Organization 1 Sharp instruments such a needles that have been used by an infected person How does EBOLA virus Handling of persons wie have ied of Ebola vrur disease Eating dead animals especialy monkeys and bats that ded of Ebola virus disease ESL present? The common signs and Ce 1H ons 1 Body rash How is it spread? 1 Dont and ood spots in Sl ‘muscle aches the eyes, be a a omens s Headache loodinthe ‘vomit, sputum = Direct physical contact with body fluids In the absence of effective treatment or er ee tie blood sla sol omits oie nd a eee ee pan swe of a nce pean nol Rea eo ett soning" Besingtom the nen used bya patient protectve measures individuals can 0 take is the only way to reduce human nore Body openings 1 Splashing of body Nid from an infected een any