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Access-Dependent Active Magnetic-Ranging Systems

When relative placement between two or more wells is important,

Sperry Drilling services has the solution: Active Magnetic-Ranging
systems. Sperry Drilling delivers the industrys most accurate
ranging technologies that can be applied to:

Drilling stacked horizontal well pairs for steam-assisted gravity

design (SAGD)
Infill drilling and collision avoidance
Wellbore intersections for well control or pipelines
Observation well placement

Coalbed methane degasification wells
MGT Magnetic Guidance Tool
Active Magnetic-Ranging systems ideally enable two or more
wellbores to be positioned within extremely tight tolerances.
When observation wells need to be placed with precision for
accurate monitoring of SAGD fields, active magnetic ranging
offers the range of distanceup to 260 ft (80 m)to ensure the
wells are drilled at the optimal distance from the SAGD pair.
For well collision avoidance and infill drilling, active magnetic
ranging enables operators to place wells in tighter proximities
to one another with greater certainty than traditional survey
methods. This technology was used to drill two horizontal wells
from different surface locations nearly 2 miles (3.2 km) apart and
successfully intersect one well with the other.

Sperry Drillings active magnetic ranging is the most widely used

service in the drilling of SAGD well pairs. With SAGD drilling,
the exact placement of the steam injector, directly over and at
a specified distance above the producer, is critical for achieving

optimum heating to maximize production and total recovery.
A magnetic field generated by the magnetic guidance (MGT) tool
in the lower (producer) well is measured by the Sperry Drilling RMRS Rotary Magnet Ranging System
directional-while-drilling (DWD) survey sensor in the injector
The RMRS system works with well-to-well separation distances
well above. This data provides exact coordinates to the position
up to 260 ft (80 m). The MGT and RMRS systems were used
of the upper horizontal well relative to the lower reference well.
to drill the majority of SAGD pairs worldwide. Sperry Drilling
The technique dramatically reduces the survey error, resulting in
has used these technologies to drill over 2,000 well pairs. Only
well pairs that are vertically aligned and at a fixed distance apart.
Sperry Drilling can offer this level of experience to ensure proper
For greater separation distances, the rotary magnet ranging execution on every project. When special project challenges
(RMRS) system provides similar results. From the reference call for greater survey accuracy than conventional technology
or target wellbore, the RMRS sensors detect the magnetic field can achieve, or where conventional technology simply cannot
generated by magnets embedded in the specially equipped perform, Active Magnetic-Ranging systems from Sperry Drilling
extended-gauge bit or bit sub in the monitoring or pursuit well. can keep you on course.

MGT/RMRS System Specifications

SAMPLE MGT Magnetic Guidance Tool RMRS Rotary Magnet Ranging System
Nominal Tool OD 2.0 in. / 50.8 mm 1.75 in. / 44.5 mm
Hole Size Range NA 3-7/8 in. and Up
Minimum Tubing ID 2-7/8 in. / 73 mm 2-7/8 in. / 73 mm
Maximum Tubing ID NA NA
Length 16.1 ft / 4.9 m 8.2 ft / 2.5 m
Weight 120 lb / 54.4 kg 20 lb / 9.1 kg
WL Connection 1-3/16 in.-12 GO-Head NA
BHA Connection NA 2-3/8 in. Reg and Up
Maximum Operating Temperature 285F / 140C 257F / 125C
Maximum Operating Pressure 15,000 psi / 103.42 MPa 15,000 psi / 103.42 MPa
Accuracy 16 to 49 ft / 5 to 15 m 2 to 4% 5%
Accuracy 49 to 82 ft / 15 to 25 m 5% 5%
Accuracy Beyond 82 ft / 25 m Out of Range 5%
Maximum Range 82 ft / 25 m 262 ft / 80 m

MGT Magnetic Guidance Tool RMRS Rotary Magnet Ranging System

Theory of Operation Theory of Operation
The MGT service is comprised of a downhole electromagnetic The RMRS system uses a magnetic bit sub in combination with
source used in combination with Halliburtons MWD System. a wireline receiver to determine the distance and direction
The MGT coil generates a known magnetic field that is read by between wellbores. While drilling, the magnetic bit sub generates
the MWD system with an accuracy of 2 to 4 percent of the a magnetic field. This magnetic field is measured by the wireline
separation distance. In a SAGD application, this equates to a receiver in the adjacent well. Data is processed in real time to
wellbore position accuracy of less than a foot from the reference well. generate distance and directions between each of the well bores to
an accuracy of approximately 5 percent of the wellbore separation.
Operations sequence
MGT coil is conveyed into adjacent well and positioned In a SAGD application, this equates to wellbore position accuracy
Electromagnet is energized, generating a known magnetic field of less than a foot from the reference well

The magnetic field is measured by the MWD in the

adjacent wellbore
Outside magnetic influences are eliminated
Data is pulsed to the surface by the MWD and processed, with
distance and directions between wellbores calculated

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Sample of data from RMRS system. Magnetic fields (Hx = blue,

Hy = green and Hz = red)

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