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Cork OConnors search for a missing man

in the Arizona desert puts him at the

center of a violent power struggle along
the Mexican border,Schedule
a struggle that might
cost Cork everything and everyone he
holds most dear.
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Sept. 1023
Kevin Henkes
Mystery to Meand Laura
Book Walzer Leavitt talks
Raven Black by Ann Cleeves
with Doug Moe about her book
6 pm
7 pm
pm Dronzek William
Brought Kent
to Bed Krueger is
- Childbearing
August 25
7 pm In the Middle ofinFall back with
America his- next
- 1750 1950Cork
OConnor Mystery,
The book is based on personal accounts by birthing
Everything is yellow, red, orange. Sulfur Springs
women and the medical attendants and reveals how
Everything is chilly, frisky, gusty. Everything
childbirth has changed from colonial times to the
late twenti Cork
eth OConnors search
century. Judith for aLeavitt
Walzer missing man
s classic
is changing, turning. in theonArizona desert
study focuses the traditi onalputs him at the
Its the middle of Fall. Can you see it?
center of a violent power struggle along
practices, their replacement by male
you tasteand
doctors, it? the
you smell it?from youhome to theborder,
Canthethe Mexican a struggle that might
hospital. The 30th anniver-
cost Cork everything and everyone he
sary editiit?
on includes a new preface that holdsreviews the burgeoning writing on the
most dear.
history of childbirth since its publication.
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Kevin Henkes and Laura
Sept. 10
2 pm 10
Mysteries Book Club
12:30 pm Chiefs by Stuart Wood
In the Middle of Fall
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Everything is yellow, red, orange.

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Everything is chilly, frisky, gusty. Everything
October 31 is changing, turning.
Its the middle of Fall. Can you see it? Can
you taste it? Can you smell it? Can you
imagine it?

Sept. 10
Historys Mysteries Book Club
12:30 pm Chiefs by Stuart Wood
Its Madison Bicycle Bingo! Bikers!
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Sept. 12
Robert Madygan discusses
7 pm The Solace of Trees
Described from the perspective of a child
victim, The Solace of Trees is the lesser-told
story of the tragedy of war, from the Bosnian
War to the US policy of government-
sponsored abductions. A tale shared by
countless victims in countless times and
places, The Solace of Trees is at once a page-
turner and a work of beauty and insight. It is a
sobering look at a hidden cost of war and an
affirmation of the human spirit from those
who survive the ordeal.
Sept. 13
State of Craft Beer
7pm Doug Moe interviews author and
photographer Matthew Janzen and
beer lovers & beer entrepreneurs
Garth Beyer and Ryan Browne!

State of Craft Beer is a journey

through Wisconsin that captures the
people and places behind the states
extensive craft beer industry. The
photos and stories explore every
aspect of the brewing process,
documenting the fields and factories
that supply breweries with everything
from hops and barley to brewing equipment and tap handles.

Sept. 14 Mother Courage with Fermats Theater
7 pm An informal discussion of
"Mother Courage,"
Fermat's adaptation and a
short reading and a song
reflecting on how the issues
of the play - civilians caught
in a seemingly endless war
(it is set in The Thirty Years
War) - resonate with the
many many wars in today's
Sept. 15
Open tonight until 8pm
Sept. 16
Monroe Street Festival
10 5

Sept. 20
Arrows of Light by
7 pm Andrea Potos
In Arrows of Light, Andrea Potos lets us dwell
in those fragile moments between day and
night, love and loss, living and death. In the
stillness of a blue scarf lake, the pale ochre
walls of Van Gogh's rooms, the light that
pours through her Yaya's kitchen windows,
Potos takes us to the cusp of the unknowable.
Pulled through by the thread of her mother's
illness and eventual death, this small, elegant
collection shines its gold light on those
stunning, ephemeral details -- her mother's
coral lipstick, blueberries like small sapphires,
laundry flapping on the line like angel wings -- that seem to give us tidings of
the world beyond and its fluid relationship with what we know now and will
always remember.
Sept. 23
Peanut of Blind Faith
2 pm Farm by Jim
This is the joyful and true story
about how a lamb overcame a lot of
hard challenges to become a happy
and healthy member of her flock.
And she also became the star of
Blind Faith Farm.
Sept. 24
Agatha Christie Book Club
3 pm Crooked House
Sept. 27
Mystery to Me Book Club
7 pm Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase
Sept. 28
Kathleen Ernst is here to
6:00 pm discuss her new Chloe
Ellefson novel Mining For
Chloe Ellefson is excited to be learning about
Wisconsins Cornish immigrants and mining
history while on temporary assignment at
Pendarvis, a historic site in charming Mineral

And YES, we know there is a Green Bay Packer game this

evening at 7:30pm. Come to the event and then cheer on the
Packers just down the street at Brocach price wings and
$3 Spotted Cow
October 1
Historys Mysteries Book Club
12:30 pm Zoo Station by David Downing
October 4
Saving Sadie How a Dog
7 pm That No One Wanted
Inspired the World
Joal Derse Dauer thought she was just donating
blankets at a local no-kill shelter in 2012 when a
disabled and despondent dog caught her eye.
With three fur babies already at home, Joal
wasnt looking to adopt another dog, but there
was something special about Sadie, a shepherd
mix who had been shot and left for dead in the
hills of Kentucky after giving birth.
October 19
Debussys Paris Piano
7 pm Portraits of the Belle
poque by Catherine
Readers will get a tour of Paris through detailed
descriptions of the citys diversions and the music
Debussy wrote reflecting them.

Catherine Katsky is chair of keyboard at

Lawrence University and has been lauded by
the New York Times as a pianist who can play
Mozart and Schubert as though their
sentiments and habits of speech coincided exactly with hers
October 20
Fresca Opera presents Opera
6 pm Storytellers!
Opera is a series of notes from the soul. Arias
performed with the most intimate of instruments: The
human voice. Accompanied by six strings and the
history behind the notes, Opera Storytellers presents
operatic music like you have never heard it before.
Acoustic. Pure. Naked. Opera Storytellers performs this
music the way it was intended to be. A connection without interference. Just
pure music.
October 24
Its the Annual Dudgeon-Monroe
7 pm Neighborhood Fall Gathering! Meet new
neighbors and celebrate our great community.
October 25
Mystery to Me Book Club
6 pm Salems Cipher by Jess Lourey
October 26
Michael Stanley
7 pm
'A wonderful, original voice McCall Smith with
a dark edge and even darker underbelly - Peter

Under the African sun, Michael Stanleys

Detective Kubu investigates crimes as dark as
the darkest of Nordic Noir. Call it Sunshine Noir,
if you will a must read - Yrsa

Nov. 1 Jeremi Suri discusses The
7 pm
Impossible Presidency
The Rise and Fall of
Americas Highest Office
This book charts the rise and fall of the
American presidency, from the limited role
envisaged by the Founding Fathers to its
current status as the most powerful job in the
world. The Impossible Presidency traces
America's disenchantment with our recent
presidents to the inevitable mismatch between
presidential promises and the structural
limitations of the office.

Jeremi Suri holds the Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global
Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. He is a professor in the university's
Department of History and the LBJ School of Public Affairs. He previously held a
position in the History Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Stay tuned for details about the Wisconsin Book
Festival and the Wisconsin Science Festival!
Nov. 2
Wisconsin Book Festival
5:30 pm presents Jeremi Suri (see
description of book above)

Community Room, Madison

Public Library
Nov. 5 Historys Mysteries Book Club
12:30 pm Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith

Nov. 10 Doug Moe interviews Authors
7 pm
Matt Goldman and
Wendy Webb

Gone to Dust -- A rare murder in a tranquil

suburban neighborhood in the dead of
winterthe body and house littered with dirt
from hundreds of emptied vacuum cleaner bags.
A page-turning first
murder mystery novel
from former
Minnesota resident and Emmy award-winning TV
writer and producer, Matt Goldman.

End of Temperance Dare Meet Eleanor Harper,

who recently left her crime-writing job due to post
traumatic stress disorder after too many years spent
covering gruesome cases. When the director of an
artist's retreat decides to retire, it seems like the
perfect opportunity for Eleanor. But from the
moment she arrives at Cliffside Manor she is plunged
into the building's dark past, one that included the manor being used as a
tuberculosis sanatorium, and decades of mysterious deaths.
Nov. 11 2018 Women Artists
2 pm
Join cover artist Lori Chilefone and poets
Andrea Potos, Katrin Talbot, and Catherine
Jagoe. Theyll read from this delightful
collection of poems as well as from some of
their own work.
Thursday, November 23
Happy Thanksgiving

Closed Today

Nov. 24 Wow its the day after Thanksgiving
Open 10 am to 8 pm
Nov. 25
All day!

Nov. 26 Agatha Christie Book Club
3 pm Sad Cyprus
Nov. 27 Open Monday til 7pm
Nov. 29 Mystery to Me Book Club
6 pm Alice Network by Kate Quinn
Dec. 3 Monroe Street Christmas
Dec. 3 Historys Mysteries Book Club
12:30 pm Death Rides the Zephyr by Janet Dawson

Open Mondays in December!

Allen Eskens discusses The
16 Deep Dark Descending
2 pm A new mystery from the USA Today bestselling
author of The Life We Bury, The Guise of
Another and The Heavens May Fall. His debut
novel, The Life We Bury, has been published in
16 languages and is being developed for a
feature film!

About the Book

Homicide Detective Max Rupert never fully
accepted his wife's death, even when he
believed that a reckless hit and run driver was
the cause. But when he learns that in fact she
was murdered, he devotes himself to hunting
down her killers.

Closed today to celebrate Christmas
Boxing Day yes, were open
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Just a note Winter Hours
before we December 26 March 31
head into
Monday: Closed
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Sunday: 11 am 4 pm

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