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Ateneo de Zamboanga University

High School
Accredited Member: PAASCU


Pre/Post Conference Slip

Quarter : Fourth Quarter

Name of Teacher : __________________________
Venue : Department area, Faculty workroom
Date : March 10, 2014

Post Conference (Announced formal visit was conducted:

Grade 8- St.Garnet 2:15PM-3:15PM on March 07, 2014)

Items Discussed:

the teacher is commended on the ff:

Used of literature (bah bah black sheep) to remind the students of the kind of colonial
power being described.
Encouraged students to express their own thoughts.
Asked students to write their answers on the board.
Illustrated the historical event by drawing on the board to explain the concept of
Buffer state.
The discussion is very engaging. It can stand without a student-centered activity
used in the attainment of the concept.

the teacher needs to improve on the ff:

There is a tendency that teacher answers his own questions. (needs to probe the
students more)
Reprimand or talk to students who came in late. Follow the standard protocol for
Tendency of voice to be very loud and pitchy. Needs voice modulation.

____________________ Espiridion D. Atilano, Jr.

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