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Check-out Guidelines

Students are allowed to have the following number of books checked out:
Kindergarten 1
1st Grade 1
2nd Grade 2
3rd Grade 2
4th Grade 2
5th Grade 2
6th Grade- 2
7th- 8th Grade 5
Grades K-8 check-out is weekly.
Our Young Adult (YA) section is reserved for our Middle School Students (5-8). Elementary
students will not be allowed to check these books out.
You may renew a book up to 2 times. You must bring the book to the library to renew
it. However if a book is on hold for someone else, you will not be able to renew it.
Overdue Book Policies
Books are due back weekly, if not they are considered overdue.
A list is sent to the homeroom teacher every week (1st Notice)
A notice will be sent home to parents when the books are 2 weeks overdue. (2nd Notice)
After 1 month, overdue books will be presumed lost, a final notice will be sent to parents, and
payment will be requested.
Books may be returned for a refund up until the end of the school year.
Students with overdue books will not be allowed to check out books in the Library.
At the end of the year, students with outstanding library charges and/or overdue books will
charged the replacement cost of the book.
While there are no fines for overdue books, if a book becomes lost or damaged you will be billed
for the replacement cost.