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DrFormulas Releases New Nexabiotic Multivitamin Probiotic Gummies

Huntington Beach, CA, August 31, 2017 --( DrFormulas, a health-driven vitamin and
supplement formulation company, has released a new gummy multivitamin probiotic product. The
Southern California-based company utilizes nutrition science best practices to create their unique
formulations for consumers.

Formulated with children in mind, but suitable for people of all ages, the Nexabiotic Multivitamin
Probiotic Gummies offer a unique blend of probiotics, Omega 3 fatty acids, and multivitamins that can
help support healthy digestion and overall health. The product was designed so consumers could easily
ingest all of their necessary vitamins and nutrients in one dosage.

Included in the Nexabiotic Multivitamin Probiotic Gummies are several key ingredients. Probiotics
offer small doses of healthful bacteria that are beneficial to digestive health. Omega 3 fatty acids support
brain health and neural development. The vitamins include B vitamins, which work to naturally boost
energy and metabolism levels, Vitamin C, which provides antioxidants to fight off disease and bolster
immune system health, and Vitamin D, to support bone growth and density.

We wanted to create a product that was not only packed full of the vitamins, probiotics, and omega 3
fatty acids that children need in their daily lives, but something that they could get excited about too. Due
to the gummy form, we're expecting kids to look forward to taking their vitamins. That means children
are healthy, and parents can rest assured knowing their kids are receiving all their essential nutrients,
said Bryan Tran, CEO and co-founder of DrFormulas.

In addition to being chock full of essential nutrients and vitamins, the Nexabiotic Multivitamin
Probiotic Gummies are gluten-free, kosher, vegan, and contain no preservatives. What's more, the
strawberry and orange flavored gummy vitamins don't contain any artificial colors or sweeteners - and
they're free of the harmful sugar coating that can be damaging to children's teeth and gums. The product
is available for purchase on the DrFormulas website, as well as on Amazon.

About DrFormulas

DrFormulas has been selling and distributing their highly nutritional supplements since 2010. Products
are created with the consumer in mind, meaning that every supplement is designed to be as effective as
possible. Each product carried by the company is carefully researched by doctors and scientists before
ever making it to the production line and eventually into your home, because at DrFormulas, you come
first. Visit to learn more.

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