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Escola Estadual Tancredo Neves Monte Azul/MG

Avaliao de Lngua Inglesa

Aluno (a) : ______________________________________________________________N: __________

Srie: 8 ano Turma: _________ Professora: Mrcia Data: ________/ 05 / 17

1- Complete o texto com as palavras da caixa abaixo:

How to make a Cheese Omelette?

cup of milk, three tablespoons of cooking oil, uhm...what else ....? Oh, yeah, a pinch of salt and dont
forget some pepper. Now, to make a Cheese Omelet, you will need some kitchen utensils like a frying pan,
a fork, a whisk, a spatula, uhm..... a cheese grater ...and a bowl and of course ....a plate. Okay? Are you
following me? Right! Let me tell you how to make it.

First ___________________an egg into a bowl like this. Then _______________the egg with a fork
until it is smooth. After that, _________________some milk and whisk well. Grate the cheese into the bowl
and stir. Next, _________________the oil in a frying pan, and pour the mixture into the frying pan. Then,
__________________the omelet with a spatula when it browns. See, like this. Okay, next
________________both sides. After the omelet is done, place it on a plate, dont forget to season it with
salt and pepper and you can eat it while warm. Its easy, isnt it? Bon appetite!

Add - Cook - Crack Whisk- Turn - Heat-

2- Relacione as colunas:

a- Love ( ) Amar
b- Write ( ) Ouvir
c- Listen ( )Combinar
d- Match ( )Ler
e- Read ( ) Escrever

3- Responda com suas palabras. O so palabras cognatas?


4 Coloque o verbo entre parnteses no imperativo negativo.

a) (work) so hard. b) (go) there.

c) (be) so rude. d) (forget) to tidy up your room.
e) (smoke) inside the building.

5- Escreva ( T) para verdadeiro e ( F) para falso. Na escola, o aluno deve:

a) Run in the classroom! _______________ Listen to the teacher! ________________

b) Be late for the lessons! ______________ Be quiet! _________________________
c) Fight! ____________________________ Keep the classroom clean!___________
d) Raise your hand before talking!________ Cheat in the exams!_________________
e) Dont talk loudly!____________________ Damage the desks!_________________