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Introductory Adventure

Introductory Adventure
System Design Introduction, 3
Richard Baker, David Noonan, Stephen Schubert
Pacing and Structure, 3
Adventure Design OK, So Whats the Plot, Then?, 3
David Noonan
Start: Would You Kindly, 3
Editing The Next Tape, 4
Richard Baker
Encounter 1: Prisoners Dilemma, 5
Cover Illustration Encounter 2: ASense of Acceptable Risk, 7
Roberto Gatto
Encounter 3: We Can Remember It for You
Wholesale, 8
Cover Design
Corey Macourek Encounter 4: What Do You Need, Besides a
Miracle? Guns., 9
Interior Illustrators
Encounter 5: Were All Fine Here Now, Thank You.
Roberto Gatto , Justin Mayhew, Lee Smith
How Are You?, 10
Art Direction Encounter 6: Do You Seriously Think Id Explain
Richard Baker My Master-Stroke?, 15
Epilogue: The First-Act Turn, 17
Production Specialist
Nissa McCormack Handout #1, 18
Handout #2, 19
Special Inspiration
Within the Wires Podcast Handout #3, 20

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INTRODUCTION minute. The players might make choices
about their characters and update their
Welcome to the world of the Alternity
gameor more properly, one of its count- character sheets based on what theyve
less worlds. What youre looking at right learned. When the action resumes, the
now is an introductory experience for one players immediately apply the new
GM and two to five players. Itll probably rules, resolve the encounter, then move
take three hours or so to get through, and on to the next one. Repeat that pattern
by the end of it, youll have a reasonable a few times, and boom! Youve got a
idea of how the core Alternity rules work. table of players who know how to play
The GM should read this whole packet Alternity. Once youre familiar with the
ahead of time, but the players should come rules, the game plays pretty fast, mostly
in cold. Over the course of the session, because the core die mechanic hides a
theyll build their characters as they learn lot of the multi-step arithmetic that d20
the rules. By the sessions end, theyll have games have.
full-fledged Alternity characters and
what happens next is up to you. OK, SO WHATS THE PLOT, THEN?
Beyond reading this packet, the GM The protagonists begin as long-term
should gather the following: patients in a futuristic medical facility:
The Institute for a Better Tomorrow. They

Blank paper and writing utensils for dont remember why theyre patients or
each player. Theyll use these to build how long theyve been therebut they can
a character sheet over the course of tell right away that the place has a dysto-
the session. pian vibe. A voice prompts them to escape,

Printouts of handouts 13 (pages leading them to a neuroengineering lab-
18-20 in this document) oratory (where they download skills into

At least one set of polyhedral dice (d4, their brains), a fabricator lab (where they
d6, d8, d10, d12, d20) arm themselves), and then a psychology

A token for each player, plus four for lab (where they confront the authorities
you. For your tokens, make sure they and make their escape).
arent identical.
Tokens dont need to

Optional: Print out an Initiative
Tracker (a separate PDF in the
be fancy. Miniatures are Begin by explaining to your players briefly
great, but coins, glass demo pack).
that this is a tutorial for the Alternity
beads, or meeples are
Optional: some spacey, new-age
game. Tell them they dont need character
fine. Theyre visual aids music. The cheesier the betterthe
sheets yet.
for tracking initiative, relaxation journey stuff youd find
If you have a table full of renegades (and
not playing pieces. on a bargain-bin CD would be ideal.
lets be honest, who doesnt), promise
them that theyll get the chance to explore
PACING AND STRUCTURE and subvert your story structure later.
The Alternity game is an adaptive tool- The first bit is scripted because its teach-
set, suited to sandbox-style play or a more ing the rules.
guided narrative. This experience falls into When youre ready to begin, start the
the latter camp. Lets be real: Its on rails. soothing background music (if youve got
Thats because this experience teaches it), shift into your most soporific narrator
as it tells a story. The story can branch in voice, and read the following:
all sorts of interesting ways once this first
session is complete, but the first session is Institute for a Better Tomorrow, Motivation Tape 11:
necessarily linear. Guided Self-Assessment.
Its also slower than the usual Alternity To begin, close your eyes and sit upright in your desk
session because youll be teaching the chair, back perpendicular to the floor. Your feet should
game rules as you go. Youll set up each be shoulder width apart, flat on the floor. Interlace your
encounter, then pause to teach for a fingers, then put your hands in your lap.

The Next Tape
Inhale for a three-count, then exhale for a five-count. average and that ability scores can exceed
Breathe in... and out... in... and out... Continue to breathe the 3-5 range in the full Alternity game.
at this pace throughout the exercise. At the beginning of Once theyve assigned scores, switch back
each exhalation, whisper your name. into your soothing voice for one last bit.
A key conceit of
Alternity is that we
Choose a Name: At this point, tell the Continue to breathe assume the heroes are
players to write a one- or two-syllable first This concludes the exercise. Remember your numeric competent. We arent
name atop their (currently blank) char- assessments and report them to a caretaker when asked. saying you cant play
acter sheet. someone whos weak
Tell the players that they dont remem- Explain to the players that theyve or dumb, but it isnt the
ber their past at allcause for unease, assigned their characters ability scores. standard experience.
but not panicbut listening to relaxation Take a moment to answer any questions,
tapes feels familiar, like something theyve let the players compare scores if they like,
done before. then launch into the next tape.
Once the players have chosen character
names, get back into your soothing narra-
tor voice and continue reading:
THE NEXT TAPE In general, long read-
Use the same soothing voice for this
aloud sections are death
scene, but this time youll run through it
As you improve your sense of well-being and value to the energy of the
without interruption. Adapt the script as
to society here at the Institute, it is important that you table. This one and the
you likethe main things youre trying to next one are exceptions
periodically assess your physical and mental state. Doing
get across are a) someone has subverted because theyre trying
so ensures that your progress is measured, and it may
the Institutes instruction tapes; and b) the to be boring.
earn you rewards from your caretakers.
specific instructions for escape.
On a scale from one to five, rate your physical
strength. Have you applied sufficient effort to your man-
Institute for a Better Tomorrow, Motivation Tape 12:
datory calisthenics and resistance training?
Finding your calm center.
On a scale from one to five, rate your agility. Have
To begin, close your eyes and sit upright in your desk
your scores in daily hand-eye exams shown consistent
chair. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, flat on
improvement? Are you receiving praise in your flexibility How can you tell who
the floor. Interlace your fingers, then put your hands
and balance lessons? the cool players at your
in your lap.
On a scale from one to five, rate your vitality. Are you table are? Theyre the
Inhale for a three-count, then exhale for a five-count.
free of minor illness? Do your vital signs remain within ones with their eyes
Breathe in... and out... in... and out... Continue to breathe
acceptable parameters, even during endurance and closed right now.
at this pace throughout the exercise.
pain-threshold activities?
To find your calm center, you must first relax with
On a scale from one to five, rate your intelligence. Are
a visualization exercise. Keep your eyes closed as you
you truly applying yourself to the cognition and mental
visualize and name every object within your dormitory
acuity exercises?
room: Chair. Desk. Bed. Overhead light. Security camera.
On a scale from one to five, rate your focus. Have you
Wall clock. Sink. Cabinet. Mirror. Tiled floor.
been able to deeply concentrate, and to multitask when
If you are having a hard time visualizing one or more
required? Have you shown determination and persever-
objects, say their name in a soft voice as you visualize.
ance in your efforts to improve?
Security camera, for instance. Security. Camera.
On a scale from one to five, rate your personality. Do
Without opening your eyes or moving, imagine your-
you function well as part of a team? As a leader or influ-
self drifting around your room. You can drift over to the
encer? As an advocate for the Institutes ideals?
sink, or up to the overhead light. Visualize yourself open-
ing the cabinet and choosing a clean smock to wear.
Pause at this point and tell the players
Visualize yourself drifting over to the bed, then
to write Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intel-
lying down.
ligence, Focus, and Personality on their
Visualize yourself nodding to the security camera. You
character sheets. Then let them self-as-
know that just as you are looking at the camera, so too is
sess, with a catch: They each get 5, 5, 4, 4,
it looking at you.
3, and 3 to assign as they wish.
Visualize yourself drifting out the door into the hallway
If players ask, explain that 3 is a human
beyond. You imagine another security camera at the end

of the hallway. As you look at it, so too does it look at
you. The same person sees you through both cameras.
Drift back into your room. Imagine that the wall clock PRISONERS DILEMMA
reads 2:10. You cannot see it happen, but a new person Your players will undoubtedly have ques-
begins watching the security cameras... a person who tions at this point. Indulge them! Its 2:00
cares a great deal about your safety and well-being. A when the tape concludes, so the PCs have
friendly face, if you will. 10 minutes before theyve been instructed
Visualize yourself exploring the dormitory wing. To to head for the showers. Here are some
begin with, you visit the shower and toiletsfirst door things they might be curious about
on the left. No one is suspicious of you, because visiting Each Other: If the group is amenable,
the toilets is an ordinary occurrence, and this is just a give the players a moment to introduce
visualization exercise, not an actual violation of Institute themselves in character as their PCs.
protocol. It is vital that you do not explore the dormi- Such introductions are necessarily short,
tory wing when people who do not care about you are because the protagonists all find it mad-
watching the security cameras. deningly difficult to remember the spe-
Are you visualizing yourself in the toilets at 2:10? cifics of their pasts. The PCs have a sense
Good. Imagine a pair of caregivers walking down the that they know and trust each other, even
corridor. Count their steps as they pass by the toilets. if they dont know how or why. And its OK
Count 25 of their steps, then visualize yourself darting if players resist being told these are your
across the hallway to the utility closet with a gray door. friends; see the Attitudes Toward the
A hatch at the far end of the closet leads to a space Institute section below.
between walls full of cabling and air ducts. Visualize Their Amnesia: When the PCs try to
yourself climbing, ascending the space to another hatch remember anything thats not here-and-
near the top. now, they get a tip of the tongue sensa-
That hatch leads to the Neuroengineering Laboratory. tionlike the information exists in their
Look for the friendly face there. brains, but they cant unlock it. This is true
Continue to breathe of both broad events (childhood, circum-
This concludes the visualization exercise. Smile as you stances of their stay at the Institute) and
cherish the sensation of a placid mood. This is what calm specifics (what they had for breakfast, the
feels like. contents of previous audio tapes).

Encounter 1: Prisoners Dilemma
Dont tell the players directly, but essen-
tially their characters brains lock away THE UTILITY CLOSET
memories after an hour or two. They The players may be inclined to search the utility closet for things that might
cant remember personal experiences, be useful in an escape before they make use of the hatch. Unfortunately,
there isnt much here: a mop and bucket; storage for towels, bed linens,
but abstract knowledge is unaffected. The
and toilet paper; a plunger; a bottle of floor cleaner; a spray-bottle of glass
PCs all speak the same language fluently
cleaner; and a scrubbing agent for sinks. Nothing is particularly dangerous,
and know their multiplication tables, for
even in the hands of an expert chemistand none of the characters remem-
example, but they dont remember their bers much chemistry right now, anyway.
upbringing or school experience at all.
They know things, but they dont know few clues in the room, anything specific
how they know them. you provide will loom large in the players
Turning Over the Room: Any group of mindsand thats good, because you can
PCs worth its salt will search the room for weave it back into the overall narrative
clues, tools, and treasure. The dormitory is if you choose to continue the story after
essentially as the audio tape described: a this session.
spartan cross between a barracks, a hos- New Roleplayers: If you have players at
pital room, and a prison. No one has any your table whove never roleplayed before,
personal effects. nows the time to give them a quick run-
Attitudes Toward the Institute: Most down on the conventional way table talk
players will get that theyre supposed to works, namely a) dont be shy about asking
try to escape at this point, but break out of questions about your surroundings; b)
exposition mode if necessary to encour- characters can generally door at least
age players to do so. Its totally fine if one trywhatever their players dream up; and
or more players are reluctant to play along c) unless its a fight, you dont have to take
with the recorded voice of the Friendly your turn in clockwise order, because the
Face. Why trust that voice, after all? It game is like a polite conversation. (The ins
opens some interesting space for intra- and outs of the Alternity games initiative
group roleplaying if some PCs are enthusi- system come up in encounter 5.)
astic about the escape attempt and others
are reluctant. MAKING A BREAK FOR IT
While reluctance makes for a more inter- The Friendly Face gave the PCs a specific
esting session, outright refusal will derail plan for escape and if the PCs follow
it. Go ahead and tell your players this if it, theyll get away from their dormitory
necessary. You arent breaking the sanctity without a hitch. If they really screw it up,
of the roleplaying experiencethis is the use the combat rules (explained in the
tutorial, not a true sandbox experience. Discovery encounter) to run a fistfight
If you continue this narrative in future between the PCs and the caregivers, who
sessions, the players will have plenty of are burly orderlies whove had basic train-
opportunities to chart their own paths, ing in self-defense and restraint of unruly
question authority, and otherwise be the patients.
aggravating-but-delightful scamps that we A fight in the corridor messes up the
all know players to be. step-by-step approach to learning the
Making Stuff Up: As the players quiz Alternity rules, but its not the end of
you about their surroundings, youll prob- the world. Just pause the action, sum-
ably have to improvise a bit. Be generous marize the die-step system, demonstrate
with details that support the overall vibe of how initiative works, and give them basic
the Institute (dystopian authority beneath Hand-to-Hand Combat scores in the same
a facade of therapeutic helpfulness) or way that youll hand out Athletics scores in
enhance the greater mystery (who are the Encounter 2.
PCs, anyway?). With no memories and

ENCOUNTER 2: Double-check your players work. They
should all have something that looks like
ASENSE OF ACCEPTABLE RISK Athletics: 12/17/22, plus or minus a point.
Once the characters go through the hatch
in the back of the closet, they find them- THE CORE DIE MECHANIC
selves in structural space behind the When you try to do something in the
You never have to do walls. Describe the room theyre in: Alternity game, you make a skill check.
this arithmetic during a hhIts more of a space between walls than You roll a d20 and one other difficulty
normal Alternity game. a room per se. die depending on the situation. If youve
You just look at the hhThe wall opposite the hatch is only got advantages on your side, youll add
dice and compare the
about 2 meters away, but the space is those two dice together; if fate is working
roll to the 12/17/22
wide and tall: 10 meters side to side, against you, youll subtract the difficulty
or whatevers on your
and 20 meters high. die from the d20. But its always a d20
character sheet.
hhThe hatch that leads to the neuroengi- plus or minus one other die (which might
neering lab is 12 meters up. Theres a be a d0). Compare that result against your
ledge up there that stretches the entire skill score.
width of that wall.
hhTheres flickering, greenish light from hhIf your skill check total is below your
an overhead fixture, but its pretty dim skill score, you failed.
in here, especially at the bottom. hhIf your skill check is equal to or above
hhBoth of the long walls have all sorts of the first number in your skill score, you
thick pipes and cables hanging from got an average success.
them; mostly electrical and plumbing hhIf youre equal to or above the middle
conduits. number, you got an excellent success.
hhThe walls appear modular, and the hhIf youre equal to or above the highest
seams have gaps that make decent number, you got a stellar success.
hand- and footholds.
No need for exhaustive TIME TO CLIMB
read-aloud description. YOUR FIRST SKILL Moving clockwise around the table, give
Just summarize the key Pause at this point and tell the players that each player a chance to make a climbing
details and respond theyre about to get their first skill: Athlet- check. Theyve got time to study the cable-
with more detail when ics, which covers feats of strength, jump- strewn wall in front of them, so tell them
the characters ask. ing, throwing and climbing, which is the following:
about to become very useful. Tell them to
write Athletics-4 on their character sheet, hhYou can climb using the hand- and
then give them the formula for skills: footholds, or you can use the cables,
too. If you use the cables, the climb
hhStart with 20. is easier. Some of them are several
hhSubtract your Strength score. inches thick and seem to be firmly set
hhThen subtract 4 more for 4 skill points into the wall.
in Athletics (4 skill points in Athletics is hhIf you want to yank a cable free and tie
equivalent to a good college athlete). it around yourself as a primitive belay,
Theres plenty of stuff
hhThe result is your Athletics skill score. good idea! No problem.
on the wall to make a hhKeep track of how many meters you
desperate lunge at, so Your skill score is your target number climb, and tell me when you get to 12.
the characters cant for making a skill check. A character with
actually fall. We havent Strength 4 and 4 skill points in Athlet- Climbing via the hand and footholds
explained damage yet, ics has a skill score of 12. Now make a is moderately easy, so give a player who
so that would hardly be slashand write the number thats 5 higher, climbs that way a +d4 for the difficulty
fair, would it? then add another slash and the number die. They ascend 2 meters on an average
thats 10higher. Those are your excel- success, 3 meters on an excellent suc-
lent and stellar scores; more on those cess, and 4 meters on a stellar success. If
in a moment.

Encounter 3: We Can Remember It for You Wholesale
they fail, they dont make any progress (a whoop alarm sound, then returns to its
foot slips or their planned route reaches a charging station near the floor. Theres
dead end). probably a blinking light on someones
Climbing via the cables is even easier; console upstairs, but again, its not a secu-
those players get a +d8 for the difficulty rity robot and its just reporting an anom-
die. Its the same climbing speed2, 3, or aly amid the cabling.
4 metersand the same consequence for Reaching the Top: When players reach
failure. But... the 12-meter ledge, they find the promised
The First Complication: When some- hatch. They can head through it or help
one fails a check while climbing with the slower climbers. If they want to help,
the cables, tell the players that the cable suggest the following:
network is more tangled than it appeared, They can try to steady the swaying
and the desperate grab to keep from falling cables during their turn. This eliminates
is making the other cables sway or come the die step penalty immediately.
loose entirely. Now you get to teach the They can pull on a cable to hoist up
key bit about Alternitys die mechanic: someone who used the cables to climb
how it handles changing circumstances. on their last turn. This automatically gives
The swinging/falling cables give a them an extra meter of ascent (and yes,
die penalty of 1 step for everyones multiple characters can each take a turn
next check. That means cable-climbers pulling).
will move from +d8 down to +d6, and
wall-climbers move from +d4 down to
+d0 (meaning they just roll the d20 and
take what they get). The cables swing until IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE Characters climbing on
the walls dont trigger
its the next turn of whomever failed a The hatch at the 12-meter ledge leads to the swinging cables
cable-climbing check most recently; dont the neuroengineering lab. Describe the lab when they fail, but they
apply multiple step penalties. when the players decide to go through the do have to deal with the
The Second Complication: After youve hatch. consequences of the
gone around the table three times and hhIts the size of an ordinary classroom, swinging cables when
everyones at least partway up the wall, its and it seems deserted. others fail.
time to add some time urgency in the form hhThere are double sliding doors on
of a maintenance robot that detects a dis- the wall opposite the hatch you came
turbance and investigates. Tell the players: through (think Star Trek-style.)
hhMost of the walls are filled with cab-
hhA panel slides open near the floor, and inets that have electronic locks on
a basketball-sized robot floats out into them. A few have information screens,
the space youre in. but theyre dark or show only static.
hhIt hovers in the air, methodically (Without tools, theres no realistic way
scanning the cables near the floor with the characters can get into those cab-
a red laser. Then it levitates 1 meter inets. The Institute keeps their drugs
higher, and starts scanning the cables locked up.)
at that height. hhSix bulky computer stations stand in
the middle of the room. Each is a desk/
The robot isnt designed for security, so chair combination with all sorts of
it cant detect the climbing PCs above its blinking lights, cabling, etc. Each sta-
current elevation. It takes a turn after the tion has a bulky helmet attached to the
last player goes, levitating up 1 meter and desk with heavy cables.
scanning. Announce the new height of the hhA vidscreen on each station shows
robot, and continue with the climb checks. a smiling cartoon face. Make up
What happens if the maintenance robot something cute thatll resonate with
reaches whichever character is climbing your players. When the charac-
the slowest? Not much but dont tell the ters approach, its grin widens and
players that. It makes a whoop whoop it winks.

Theres no danger or time element points for whatever the key ability score
to this encounter. Its a literal device to Strength, Intelligence, or whateverto
give the characters the rest of their skills. figure out your skill score.
Oncethe characters get brave enough Is this a complete list of Alternitys
to sit down at the terminals and don the skills? No. It omits skills that are definitely
helmets, theyre guided through a cogni- irrelevant to this scenario, genre-spe-
tive download process where they choose cific skills, and anything starship-related,
their skills, and the terminal downloads for example.
the knowledge directly into their brains. The Friendly Face: Once the charac-
Choosing Skills: Pass around handout ters are all skilled up, the Friendly Face
#1. (You might want multiple copies if cartoon character speaks again, using the
your players arent good at sharing.) First same soothing tones the players heard in
the terminal queries them about self-de- the dormitory:
fense prioritiesthe combat skills. Players
can choose one skill to give 5 points to, Youre making excellent progress. Now visualize your-
another that gets a 4, and one that gets a 3. self proceeding down the corridor to your left. Visualize
Once theyve made those choices, tell the a door at the end of the hall. Behind that door, visualize
players to pick one specialty from among a fabrication workshop where you can equip and arm
those listed in italics. They get a +1 step yourself, because your life may depend on it.
bonus when theyre using their specialty.
Next the terminal queries them about One other note: The characters have
general knowledge prioritiesnon no way of knowing this, but the cognitive
combat skills. Tell the players they each get download process they just underwent
one 5, one 4, two 3s, and two 2s. breaks the lock on future memories. The
Once the players have set their priorities, characters dont suddenly remember their
Remember what we they can do some quick arithmetic and pasts, but from this point forward, theyll
said about Alternity come up with their skill scores (including recall past events normally.
characters having the +5 excellent and +10 stellar numbers)
assumed competence?
That applies to combat
for each of their skills.
Player Questions: Your players may ask
skills, too. No matter
who you are, youre
about the skill rules. BESIDES A MIRACLE? GUNS.
What does this skill do? You dont know, This encounter is another character-build-
decent in a fight.
beyond its appearance on the terminal ing exercise (rimshot!), but spend some
menu. (Really, this means youll wing it for describing this room, because encounter 5
this session, but if you have to make a judg- also takes place hereand it has a fight.
ment call later, go ahead and be generous.)
Can I use this skill even if I dont have hhThe fabrication workshop is down the
any points in it? Yes. You still get the hall just as the Friendly Face said. Its
about the size of a basketball court. The
doors the characters come through are
the only obvious entrance/exit.
hhNear the doors are an array of low
shelves with hand tools, high-tech
scanners, and handheld tablet
hhBeyond them are four bulky fabrica-
tor machines, each about the size of a
kitchen table. Think of them as high-
tech versions of 3D printers, capable of
making thousands of different items in
mere moments. Each one has a com-
puter terminal attached to it.

hhThe Friendly Face appears on the Conclude your use of the fabricator quickly. Within
vidscreen attached to each fabri- 5 minutes, you need to cross the corridor into the
cator, and it grins and winks when psychology lab. The far doors in the psychology lab lead
you approach. to a garden, and there will be a hovercar parked nearby.
hhAlong the far wall is an office desk with Visualize yourself stealing the car.
a fancy computer terminal on it. No
Friendly Face on this one, though. Anytime after the Friendly Face speaks
hhTheres a mechanical arm that but before the 5 minutes are up, proceed to
descends from the ceiling with what encounter 5.
looks like a giant magnet attached to it.
It hangs over the middle of the room,
in between the four fabricators.
Gearing Up: This is where you get to be
generous; turn the characters loose on the HOW ARE YOU?
fabricators and let them make themselves At this point, the Institute has finally fig-
some gear! ured out that the characters are out of their
There are a few limitations, of course: dormitory and doing something in the
fabrication workshop, but they dont (yet)
hhThe only weapons and armor available know that the PC are armed to the teeth. A
are those listed on handout #2. Feel squad of security caregivers (goons, basi-
free to make up other weapons, but cally) are at the door, intent on subduing
if the PCs try to fabricate them, they the misbehaving patients.
get blueprint unavailable or prior
administrator approval required. NEGOTIATIONS (OPTIONAL)
hhMake sure the players write down what Assess the mood of the table at this point.
their characters are taking. Remind Its possible that theyre itching to use their
the players that the characters might new weapons and armor. If thats the case,
get step bonuses for specializing in have the caregivers open the doors, teach
certain weapons. the initiative, combat, and wound rules,
hhAmmo is no problem. Let em load up. and get on with the mayhem. But if youve
hhFor armor, just note what it is and tell got players keen on using those Influ-
the players youll explain how it works ence and Misdirection skills, let them talk
when it matters. Spoiler alert: thats through a conversation with the guards
encounter 5. outside the door, which well assume is
hhFor other stuff, let common sense be locked but capable of being overridden.
your guide. Tools and ordinary equip-
ment (communicators, medkits, adhe- A stern-looking man in an orderlys tunic peers at
sive tape, rope, backpacks, and other you through the video screen by the door. You cant
RPG staples) are easy. If you have to be in there, he says. What do you think youre doing?
deny something, just have the fabrica- Dont make me override this door, or theres going to be
tor give an error message or an unrea- hell to pay!
sonably long fabrication time.
hhCaregiver uniforms are available, if Give the characters some back-and-forth
the characters think to try it. through the video link, then assess how
plausible their explanation for their presence
Times Up: After about 5 minutes (or in the workshop is. Tell the speaking player
whenever the glee of unlimited free gear! what positive or negative step bonus applies
starts to fade), the Friendly Face addresses to the Influence or Misdirection die roll.
the characters from the various display On a failure, the orderly loses his
screens in this room. patience. He snarls, Thats it, were
coming in! and overrides the door.
Goonto Learning to Fight, below.

On a success, the heroes frustrate and Roll for Initiative: Obviously itd be a
delay the orderlies. The orderly snarls, trainwreck if everyone acted simultane-
Dont you go anywhere. Im checking ously in the first impulse of the first action
this right now! The characters success round. Every character has an Initiative
at talking earns them an extra 1 (average), skill score equal to 20 (Agility + Focus).
2 (excellent), or 3 (stellar) minutes' respite For example, if a character has an Agility
before the guards return. When they come of 5 and a Focus of 4, his or her initiative
back, they arent interested in talking and score is 11/16/21.
they immediately override the door. Go on The guards the characters fight against
to Learning to Fight, below. in this scene have initiative scores
As a practical matter, of 15/20/25.
gaining some extra LEARNING TO FIGHT The First Impulse: In the first impulse of
time here doesnt really the first action round:
Before the fight with the caregivers,
get the characters any
youll need to teach the table three more
advantage. But itll feel
Alternity systems: initiative, combat, and hhEveryone who got a stellar success
like a victory.
wounds. goes. Break ties by mutual agreement
or the highest actual total on the
INITIATIVE skill check.
Who goes first? Its a fundamental ques- hhEveryone who got an excellent success
tion for RPGs. Before you were handling goes (same tiebreakers).
the game like a conversation, or going hhEveryone who got an average success
around the table clockwise. Now its time goes (same tiebreakers).
to get tactical. hhEveryone who failed doesnt act and
The basic unit of time in an Alternity goes to impulse 2. Theyll act before
fight is the action round, which takes 15 people who took 1-impulse actions in
seconds or sobut dont get hung up on the first impulse, though.
the exact timing. Each action round has
eight impulses, numbered one through Breaking Subsequent Ties: So who
eight, and each of those is about 2 sec- goes first in later impulses? Use first in,
onds. Think of it like the face of a clock, first out (FIFO) as the tiebreaker. In other
only 18 rather than 112. words, whoevers been waiting the lon-
Take a look at the When its your turn to gowhether gest to go gets to act first. If its still tied,
Alternity SFRPG Quick- youre a player character or a GM char- dice it off.
start Guide if youd acterthe impulse cost of your action
like more detail on the determines when you get to go next. If BASIC ACTIONS AND ACTION MODIFIERS
combat rules. This system clicks for people once they
youre in impulse 2, for example, and you
take a 3-impulse action, then you go next see it in action. Set up a few tokens (some
in impulse 5. player characters, some bad guys), scatter
If you act near the end of an action them around the impulse wheel, and show
round, your impulse cost carries over into how it works.
the next round. If youre in impulse 7, for As you demonstrate, work from impulse
example, then a 3-impulse action means to impulse and show the three most
that you go next in impulse 2 of the next common actions:
action round. hhAttack (often 3 impulses, but it
Its no fun to keep track of this in your depends on the weapon). Make a skill
head! We use a simple wheel diagram check to see whether you hit.
in the middle of the table, and everyone hhMove (2 impulses). Move up to
moves their token to the correct impulse 10 meters.
spot once they take their action. We rec- hhManipulate an object (1 impulse):
ommend printing out a copy of the Initia- Enter a basic command into a con-
tive Tracker in this PDF bundle. sole, open/close a door, reload
most weapons.

Once youve showed the table how
initiative works and those three basics, HEAVY ARMOR
you can move on to two common action Some types of heavy armor make you slower and clumsier. Refer to Hand-
modifiersthings you can do as part of out #2: Youll see that armor might come with a movement penalty or a
skill penalty.
another action.
The move penalty is straightforward; its the penalty to the distance you
Dodge: Dart and juke around to keep
cover (ordinarily 10m) on a standard 2-impulse move. The skill penalty applies
from getting hit. This gives anyone attack-
to all checks made with the following skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Dodge,
ing you a 1 die step penalty until your and Stealth.
next action, or 2 steps if you picked If a character took skill points in Armor Training back in encounter 3,
Dodge as one of your combat skills. The though, they reduce some of these penalties. Note that unlike most skills, its
good news: you dont make a skill check to the skill points that matter here, not the associated ability score.
Dodge this way; it just happens. The bad
news: Whatever action you were taking Armor Training Speed Penalty Skill Penalty
takes one impulse longer. So ducking to Skill Points Reduction Reduction
avoid machine gun fire while you open
1 1 step less severe
that hatch takes 2 impulses, not 1. Bob-
2 2m less severe 1 step less severe
bing and weaving as you zog-zag across
the battlefield takes 3 impulses, not 2. 3 2m less severe 2 steps less severe
Shooting a light pistol while dodging is 4 4 2m less severe 2 steps less severe
impulses, not 3. And so on. 5 4m less severe 2 steps less severe
Aim: This action modifier applies only to
attacks. Take your time to make a care- penalty and a cover penalty, however. Just
ful attack. You get a +1 die step bonus on use whichever one is more severe.
whatever attack youre making. Note that Ganging Up: If two allies are both adja-
you can aim in melee, tooin that case it cent to the same enemy, they both get a
represents your patience in waiting for the +1 step bonus on their attacks because the
right opening. Aiming makes your attack 1 defenders attention is split.
impulse longer. Prone: You can go prone as a 1-impulse
Once your table sees enough ...then action. You have a move speed of 2
this guy aims and fires, so thats four meters unless you stand up (another
impulses examples from you, move all 1-impulse action) and your other actions
the tokens back to impulse 1 and teach the include no free 2 meters of movement.
remaining combat rules. Trying to hit a prone enemy is easier in
melee (+1 step) but harder with a ranged
ADVANCED TACTICS attack (1 step).
Good news! The characters might not Range: Close range is 10 meters or less;
realize it yet, but they already know most some weapons deal more damage at close
of the combat rules (honestly, combat is range. Medium range is 11 meters to 50
mostly initiative and skill checks). Here meters; you take a 1 die step penalty for
are a few more details you can introduce Medium-range attacks. (No room in the
when the players are ready for them. Institute is big enough for Long range
Minor Movement: You can step around to matter.)
a bit with any action (other than move,
for obvious reasons). Move up to 2 meters DAMAGE
when you take another action. Its time for the players to add to their
Cover: If youre attacking a defender character sheets againbecause theyre
behind cover, you suffer a 1 step penalty about to get hurt.
if about half the body is protected (like the First, show them handout #3 and have
shelves and the fabricators in this room) them copy the appropriate durability chart
or a 2 step penalty if most of defender onto their character sheets. While theyre
is behind cover (like shooting through a doing that, get handout #2 (the weapon
hatch). Attackers dont suffer both a dodge and armor one) back out.

Roll damage for a couple different weap- Resilience: Once per battle as a
ons, pointing out that you use the first 3-impulse action, you can attempt a
number after the plus for an average hit Resilience check to lessen a wound youve
and the second number for an excellent suffered by 1, 2, or 3 wound tiers on an
hit. For a stellar hit, you deal the excellent average, excellent, or stellar result respec-
damage twice. Be careful with your lan- tively. If youre suffering a step penalty
guage and dont call it 8 points of damage. due to the wound, it applies to this check
Alternity characters dont have hit points! as well. If you succeed, just erase the box
Instead, its a wound with a severity of 8. where you marked the damage and mark
Armor Gets Involved: Armor directly one higher up (less severe).
reduces the severity of a wound based on Medicine: Doctors can produce amaz-
its resistance. If youre wearing a hard- ing recoveries with high-tech medical
mesh uniform (resistance 2 to physical equipment. But for this session, we care
attacks) and you suffer physical wound only about first aid. Its a 1-impulse action
of severity 8, then the armor takes 2 of to get out a medkit and a 3-impulse action
it for you and you suffer only a severity to treat a wound. Make a Medicine check:
6 wound. The kind of damage (physical, with an average success, youre able to
energy, etc.) is listed on the weapons and stabilize the victim (useful for keeping
armor charts. You must have the right sort an incapacitated character alive in most
of resistance to reduce the severity of the scenarios). On an excellent success, you
incoming wound. reduce the victims current wound penalty
If theres any damage left over, compare (if any) by 1 step. Stellar success? Thats
the wound severity to your durability track. 2 steps. Note that unlike with Resilience,
Mark off one box on the relevant row. If all you arent actually lessening the wound;
the boxes in that row are already marked, dont change which boxes are filled in.
go down (toward more severe effects) until Youre just reducing the penalty. Subse-
you have an open box. quent wounds can restore the original and
Characters suffer the negative effects in more severe penalty if the character takes
Hi-tech medkits can
un-check 1 or more
the lowest (worst) row that has a marked another wound on the same or a lower
wound boxes with a box. In other wounds, taking a light (more severe) row.
successful Medicine wound after youve received a severe one
check. Unfortunately doesnt penalize you further until those TIME FOR A FIGHT!
none are available in boxes start to fill up and the wounds over- There are three security caregivers coming
this part of the Institute. flow into the scary lower regions of the through the door, pistols drawn. They
durability track. have lousy initiative scores and only a few
Incapacitated: When you check off your boxes compared to player characters, but
highest wound box, youre incapacitated they fight just fine. They obey the same
dead, dying, comatose, or otherwise out of rules as the players in terms of moving
the fight. around, taking actions, etc.
Were going easy here; this is Alternitys Take your time as you play through this
tutorial level, after all. If a player character is fightyoure teaching, not just entertain-
incapacitated in this encounter, have them ing. When the caregivers act, take time to
wake up woozy at the end of the battle. Erase explain the choices theyre making and
all wounds except for one box at the 79 row how those influence their position on the
(thus a 1 step penalty applies). impulse wheel.
Some tips:
HEALING hhIf possible, keep the caregivers
Characters who take a few boxes of together on the initiative track at first;
damage might start to wonder how they its easier on you and makes their
recover their health. In this tutorial, the behavior a little more predictable for
characters have two basic ways to get the players.
better again:

hhMake the guards cautious at first. if youve fabricated and assembled
Theyll use cover, dodge while moving something heavy). Its a 3-impulse
or firing, and so on. Model the options action to activate the computer (boot
that the players have available to them times suck even in the future) and
at least until you see the player charac- then a 1-impulse action to make
ters employing similar tactics. a Computer check to turn on the
More broadly, youre trying to show off On an average success, you render
the rules, not win the encounter. There everything in between the four fab-
will be a time when youll challenge the ricators almost weightless (halts
players with elite kill-squads of decimator movement; Acrobatics check and
bots programmed with a thousand years 2-impulse move required to leave
of warfighting knowledge but that aint area; all combat- or movement-related
today. Your decision of whether a given checks at 2 steps while in field). On
caregiver spends the extra impulse to aim, an excellent or stellar success, the user
for example, should be driven by whether can reverse the gravity and pin anyone
If it comes up, falling
youve shown off aiming yet, not whether in the field on the ceiling. from the ceiling to
its worth it in terms of dice math. hhThis doesnt affect tactics, but when floor causes a damage
The caregivers fight until incapacitated, ranged attacks miss, describe what roll of 1d8.
unless the players are determined to take they do hit. Missed shots might strike
one for questioning and youre comfort- electrical fixtures (which explode in
able improvising a bit. Theres only one a harmless spray of sparks), canisters
encounter left in this introductory experi- of paint in wall shelving (which make
ence, so its up to you whether you want to a colorful mess), or HVAC conduits
continue and extend the story. (which hiss and vent steam). Your
special effects budget is infinite, after
THE BATTLEFIELD all, and its a gentle reminder to the
The fabrication workshop has some set players that weapons impact the envi-
dressing that may come into play during ronment, too.
the battle.
hhThe fabricators are each bulky Security Caregivers
machines perfect for taking cover Senses normal
Awareness 14/19/24
behind, and theyre about 5 meters
Initiative 15/20/25
apart. Thats perfect for a darting,
Speed 10 meters
flanking game of cat-and-mouse. The
Str 3, Agi 3, Vit 4, Int 2, Foc 2, Per 3
cover penalty on attacks only applies if
the cover is actually in the way, so the
Laser Pistol (speed 3): 13/18/23 (+1 step); 1d6 + 0/6
situation practically begs for flanking energy
maneuvers. Police Club (speed 3): 13/18/23; 1d4 + 0/4 physical
hhThe low shelves near the doors are
also cover, but a good push or yank Armor 2 physical, 2 energy (hardmesh uniform)
(one impulse) will knock them over, 16 No ill effects
sending all the tools sprawling and 79 1 step penalty to all checks
eliminating their value as cover. Nat- 1012 2 step penalty to all checks
urally there were boxes of bolts, rivets, 1315 3 step penalty to all checks An explosion or
and ball bearings on those shelves, so 16+ Incapacitated sustained weapons
itll cost double to move through the Dodge 15/20/25 fire might knock those
area after that. Endurance 15/20/25 shelves down, too.
Willpower 17/22/27
hhThe computer terminal at the far end
of the room controls the mechanical Gear Laser pistol, hardmesh uniform, police club

arm, which is an anti-grav crane (it

makes nearby items weightless; useful

Theyre good for cover, but will start
melting and smoldering when hit by
energy weapons.
hhThere are sensory deprivation tanks
to the characters left beyond the
couches, each about 4 feet high.
Theyre heavy and solideverything
you want in cover. If hit by weap-
ons fire, they leak fluid but otherwise
remain intact.
hhTo the right is a woman lying in a hos-
pital bed. She has electrodes attached
ENCOUNTER 6: DO YOU to her body in about a dozen places.
She appears to be unconscious, but she
SERIOUSLY THINK ID EXPLAIN MY twitches as if shocked periodically.
hhThe security bot is in the center of the
MASTER-STROKE? room, flanked by a security caregiver
Once the players have dealt with the secu-
on each side. The director is standing
rity caregivers, they can cross the corridor
about 3 meters behind them.
to the psychology lab, which opens with
hhTheres a video screen near the depri-
a hissing set of slider doorsbut their
vation chamber that shows a slowly
escape is blocked by a man in a lab coat,
morphing series of black blotches on a
two more security guards, and a menacing
white backgroundRorschach images,
security bot thats almost 3 meters tall.
hhJust behind the director is a bank of
You arent ready to leave the Institute, my children,
tables and cabinets full of glassware
the director says. Put down your weapons and lets
and medical equipment. Expect it
re-medicate you
to get hit during the battle and make
a mess on the floor, creating diffi-
Generally the lasers start blazing at this
cult terrain.
point. Feel free to extend the repartee if
hhShelving along the wall through which
youre comfortable improvising a bit and
the characters enter has a half-dozen
your players are amenable. Really, though,
disembodied robot heads on it.
this is the exit exam for the tutorial level: a
Theyre used in a sort of talk therapy.
full-fledged combat encounter with multi-
Once the battle begins, theyll activate
ple foes and some new tactical challenges.
and gently scold the players in sooth-
Before you make initiative checks and
ing voices, pointing out the futility
set the tokens on the impulse wheel,
of violence and encouraging every-
describe the room for the players.
one present to describe their feelings
hhThe room is 10 meters wide and
instead. Have those robot heads get
25 meters long (about the size of a
shot once the gag feels played out.
tennis court).
hhAt the far end of the room is a large
hhNear the door are several couches
cargo door several meters across with
and futuristic looking comfy chairs.
a control panel next to it.

In general, the combatants fight until

MESMERIZING IMAGES incapacitated, but if the Director is
Dont tell the players this right away, but anyone who comes within 5 meters
defeated, the security guards bug out.
of the video screen must succeed at a Willpower check or take a 3-impulse
Likewise, if the security bot and the
penalty as they stare at the images, unable to tear their eyes away. The secu-
rity droid is immune. guards are defeated, the Director makes a
break for it.

Security Caregivers The Director
The caregivers are actually prison guards The Director is in charge of the Insti-
with minimal medical training. They are tuteor this facility, anyway. He knows the
ready to kill the PCs to keep them from secret of the first-act turn you choose for
escaping. The caregivers are aware of the the adventure (see page 17), and naturally
secret of "the first-act turn" (see page 17) tries to conceal it from the PCs. The Direc-
but try to conceal it from the PCs. tor tries to stay out of combat, allowing the
Security Bot and caregivers to subdue the
Senses normal PCs while taking cover well back from the
Awareness 14/19/24 fighting.
Initiative 15/20/25
Speed 10 meters Senses normal
Str 3, Agi 3, Vit 4, Int 2, Foc 2, Per 3 Awareness 14/19/24
ATTACK ACTIONS Initiative 13/18/23
Laser Pistol (speed 3): 13/18/23 (+1 step); 1d6 + 0/6 Speed 10 meters
energy Str 2, Agi 3, Vit 4, Int 3, Foc 3, Per 4
Police Club (speed 3): 13/18/23; 1d4 + 0/4 physical ATTACK ACTIONS
DURABILITY Plasma Pistol (speed 3): 15/20/25; 2d4/2d8 energy
Armor 2 physical, 2 energy (hardmesh uniform) Shock Glove (speed 3): 15/20/25; 1d6 + 2/3 energy;
16 No ill effects Endurance check or take 3-impulse penalty before
79 1 step penalty to all checks next action
1012 2 step penalty to all checks DURABILITY
1315 3 step penalty to all checks Armor 2 physical, 2 energy (hardmesh uniform)
16+ Incapacitated 16 No ill effects
Dodge 15/20/25 79 1 step penalty to all checks
Endurance 15/20/25 10+ Incapacitated
Willpower 17/22/27 Dodge 16/21/26
Gear Laser pistol, hardmesh uniform, police club Endurance 16/21/26
Willpower 13/18/23 (+3 steps vs. mesmerizing images)
Security Bot Gear Plasma pistol, shock glove, hardmesh uniform
Senses normal, nightvision
Awareness 12/17/22
Initiative 18/23/28
Speed 8 meters
Str 7, Agi 3, Vit 5, Int 1, Foc 2, Per 3
Sonic Bore (speed 3): 14/19/24; 1d8 + 0/5 energy (2
adjacent targets)
Restraint Arm (speed 3): 12/17/22; 1d8 + 3/9 physical
plus 2 energy (electric shock; Endurance check, or
take a 3-impulse penalty before next action)
Armor 4 physical (armor plating)
16 No ill effects
79 1 step penalty to all checks
1012 2 step penalty to all checks
1315 3 step penalty to all checks
16+ Incapacitated
Dodge 20/25/30
Endurance 15/20/25
Willpower 17/22/27 (immune to the Rorschach images)


EPILOGUE: THE FIRST-ACT TURN programmed to believe theyre human,

and their senses lie to them when pre-
This concludes the introductory Alternity
experience, but one good way to tie things sented with evidence to the contrary.
up is with a technique borrowed from Wait, Were in Space?: When the char-
screenwriters: the first-act turn, named acters open the cargo door on the far end
after the point in the script where the of the psychology lab, they dont see the
protagonists worldview changes and the garden or the hovercar that the Friendly
stakes are made clear. Face promised just the shimmer of a
Here are some first-act turns you can force field and a starfield ahead of them.
drop on your players, either to end the The Institute is an orbital facilitybut why
session with some dramatic ambiguity or did the Friendly Face tell you otherwise?
serve as a launchpad for a future adven- How do you escape now?
ture youll create. End the Simulation: Tell the players that
Youre All Androids: Every player their vision grows blurry, they conk out
character who looks at another wounded for a moment, and then they wake up in
player character sees circuits and wires, hospital beds. A man they recognize as
not flesh and blood at the wound site. the Director stands before them. Now that
Yet players see human wounds on them- youve experienced it yourself, you see
selves. It turns out that theyre androids how determined the escapees are. Thats
why we need you to find thembefore all
hell breaks loose.
WHATS NEXT? The Patient: The player characters pull
Interested in playing some more? Check out the Quickstart Guide, included in the electrodes off the twitching woman
this Demonstration Pack. It includes a whole new adventure for the Alternity and she awakens. I knew you could do
game. The Alternity Sci-Fi Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook (available late in
it, she says. Im the Friendly Facenow
2017) includes lots of advice for creating your own characters and adventures
lets get out of here. We have a revolution
for the Alternity game.
to ignite.

Handout #1
Combat Skills Noncombat Skills
Armor Training (Str or Int) Academics (Int)
Resilience (Vit) one field in the soft sciences, such as
archeology, history, linguistics, etc.
Dodge (Agi)
Acrobatics (Agi) (includes
Willpower (Foc)
zero-G movement)
Hand-to-Hand Combat (Str or Agi)
Athletics (Str)
knives Awareness (Focus) (your perception skill)

Heavy Weapon Combat (Str or Int) Computers (Int)

direct Deduction (Int)
Energy Weapon Combat (Agi or Foc) Endurance (Vit) (resisting poison,
pistol temperature extremes, radiation, etc.)
rifle Engineering (Int) (construction and
assault weapon operation of complex systems)
Firearm Combat (Agi or Foc) Entertainment (Per)
Influence (Per) (includes persuasion)
assault weapon Mechanics (Int) (includes repair and
Melee Combat (Str or Agi)
striking weapon Medicine (Int)
energized weapon first aid
Primitive Weapon Combat (Agi or Foc)
javelin Misdirection (Per) (deception and
If a skill name is followed by a list of one field in the hard sciences, such as
options in italics, you get to choose a spe- astronomy, chemistry, physics, etc.
cialization when you select that skill. You
Security (Agi or Int) (includes bypassing
gain a +1 step bonus on checks you make
locks or cameras with proper tools)
when you use your specialty. Otherwise,
you can use the skill by making a normal Stealth (Agi or Foc)
skill check. Survival (Vit or Foc) (outdoors skills)

Armor Physical Energy Move Penalty Special
Tactical Vest 2 2 meters 1 step
DuraWeb Coat 1 3
Hardmesh Uniform 2 2
Carbon Fiber Plate 6 3 4 meters 2 steps Degrades 1 after reducing hit of
10 or more
Power Assist Suit 4 4 2 meters 3 steps +2 steps on Strength checks


Weapon Skill Type Speed Damage Special
Unarmed Hand Brawl 3 1d4 + 0/3 physical
Combat knife Hand Knife 3 1d4 + 1/5 physical
Police club Melee Striking 3 1d6 + 0/4 physical
Shock glove Melee Energized 4 1d6 + 2/3 energy Endurance check or stun

Weapon Skill Type Rg Mag Speed Damage Special
Light pistol Firearms Pistol M 10 3 1d6 + 1/5 physical
Heavy pistol Firearms Pistol M 10 4 1d8 + 1/6 physical
Shotgun Firearms Assault M 5 4 1d8 + +1 wound at Close
0/5 physical
Battle rifle Firearms Rifle VL 20 3 1d8 +
3/8 physical
Sniper rifle Firearms Rifle VL 5 5 1d8 + Aim ignores
2/10 physical range penalty
Laser pistol Energy Pistol L 10 3 1d6 + 0/6 energy +1 step accuracy
Laser rifle Energy Rifle VL 15 4 1d6 + 1/8 energy +1 step accuracy
Sonic bore Energy Assault C 10 4 1d8 + 0/5 energy Two adjacent targets
Flechette Gun Firearms Assault M 10 3 1d6 + 1/5 physical +1 step accuracy,
+1 wound at Close
Plasma pistol Energy Pistol M 5 3 2d4/2d8 energy
Plasma rifle Energy Rifle L 10 3 2d6/2d12 energy
Blast cannon Heavy Direct L 5 5 1d10 + 2/8 energy Two damage rolls

Handout #3
Choose the durability track appropriate for your character's Vitality score.

Vitality 3 Durability Track

Severity Wounds Effects
13 No ill effects.
46 No ill effects.
79 1 step penalty to all checks
1012 2 step penalty to all checks
1315 3 step penalty to all checks
16+ Incapacitated

Vitality 4 Durability Track

Severity Wounds Effects
13 No ill effects.
46 No ill effects.
79 1 step penalty to all checks
1012 2 step penalty to all checks
1315 3 step penalty to all checks
16+ Incapacitated

Vitality 5 Durability Track

Severity Wounds Effects
13 No ill effects.
46 No ill effects.
79 1 step penalty to all checks
1012 2 step penalty to all checks
1315 3 step penalty to all checks
16+ Incapacitated

Imagine the infinite

Customize and create

Whats your future?