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Dufy Atelier des Musicians & Artists Presents

Wonderland Track listing:

14 New Piano Works Celebrating the 150th Opening poem

Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland 1. All in the Golden Afternoon by Kay He

Chapter 1
2. Narration
Dufy Music Atelier is proud to 3. Down the Rabbit Hole for toy piano by
announce the release of Erik Griswold *
WONDERLAND, a world Chapter 2
premiere recording featuring 14 4. Narration
new piano works (with 2 for toy 5. The Pool of Tears by Julie Kuok
piano) by 14 worldwide composers, Chapter 3
pieces each inspired by a particular 6. Narration
chapter in the classic book Alice in 7. The Caucus Race by Yi-De Chen
Wonderland and performed by Chapter 4
Hong Kong pianist Stanley Wong. 8. Narration
This imaginative concept was 9. Rabbit sends a little Bill by Vivian
conceived in honor of the 150th Adelberg Rudow *
Anniversary of the captivating Chapter 5
book. 10. Narration
11. The Advice from Caterpillar by
The participated composers come from a varied and distinguished roster Valerie Ettenauer
ranging from award-winning emerging composers to a Yale School of Music Chapter 6

Graduate, composition professors and renowned masters, including Judith 12. Narration
Lang Zaimont, Boris Kozak, Vivian Adelberg Rudow, Erik Grisworld, Julie 13. The Cheshires Grin by Jules Pegram
Chapter 7
Kuok, Yi-De-Chen, Jules Pegram, Valerie Ettenauer, Jorge Torres Saenz, 14. Narration
Karen Tanaka, Polina Nazaykinskaya, Kay He, Carol Worthey and Anglica 15. Hatter Eyes Tricky Waltz by
Negrn. For more information about each composer, visit Jorge Torres Saenz Chapter 8
16. Narration
To tie the varied music and illustrations with the story, there is a brief 17. The Croquet Game Complete Chaos
narration before each chapter by professional narrators and gifted children to by Judith Lang Zaimont
enrich the drama and artistic crossover. Chapter 9
18. Recipe for Mock Turtle Soup for
All 14 works were premiered in Hong Kong in May 2016 accompanied childrens chorus, reciter & piano by
by a Young Artist Competition and an Art Exhibit and Tea Party. Following Carol Worthey
Chapter 10
the Hong Kong world premiere, Alice was taken by Stanley Wong to Taipei,
Taiwan in August 2016 and Shenzhen, China in October 2016. 19. Narration
20. Beautiful Soup by Boris Kosak
Chapter 11
This CD was recorded on Fazioli Grand pianos F308 & F278.
21. Narration *
Described as The true artist of keyboard, 22. Who Stole the Tarts? by Karen Tanaka *
Chapter 12
painter-at-the-piano, Fearless explorer and a
23. Narration
superb interpreter of contemporary compositions,
24. Alices Evidence Prelude & Sarabande
Stanley Wong has established himself as a champion
by Polina Nazaykinskaya
of avant garde and contemporary piano music in
Closing Music
Hong Kong. Known for his adventurous and 25. Was I the same when I got up this
innovative concert programming, his concerts usually morning? for toy piano & electronics by
include poetic recitation, visual art, artistic crossovers, Anglica Negrn
prepared piano or even toy piano, seeking to redefine
the piano recital in the 21st century. Visit him at
*best for radio airplay

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