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Kido, or the demon arts, is the school of magic taught to shinigami to aid
them in their duties. Kido is cast through the use of complex hand
sytmbols and incantation.
Kido is split into three schools: Hdo - the destructive arts - Bakudo -
this binding arts - and the healing arts. Hdo and Bakudo coonsistt of 99
spells, each with their own name and number. Healing spells, however,
have neither a name nor an incantation.

Casting Kido
To cast a Kido spell, the shinigami has to spend Spirirtual Energy Points
(or SEP) from their pool. the cost of each level of spell is shown in table 1.
All Kido is cast spontaniously,with no need for preperation, so long as the
shinigami has enough SEP to cast it.
All Hdo and Bakudo spells have both a somatic and a vocal component
(incantation and hand seals) and unless otherwise stated, casting a
Hado/Bakudo spell is a full round action that provokes an atack of
oportunity. It is possible to cast a Kido spell without the incantation etc,
but it comes at a cost. Casting like this is a standard action that does not
provoke an attack of oportunity, but the spell is cast at 1/2 caster level.
Healing spells are designed for speed and efficiency. these have no
incantations or hand seals, and are cast as a standard action at full caster
There are also unclassified spells. the exact casting details, time and cost
are given in the spell description

Spell Level cost

1 1
2 3
3 5
4 7
5 9
6 11
7 13
8 15
9 17

Augmenting Incantations
as well as the standard way of casting kido spells, it is possible to
enhance them by spending extra SEP, such as metakido feats etc. A
shinigami can spend an number of extra SEP equal to their caster level on
each spell as augmentations. A warrior shinigami can only spend 1/2 their
caster level on augmentations.
Incantationless Kido can also be augmented, but every shinigami except
for a Kido Shinigami must pay twice as many points per augmentation on
an incantationless Kido spell (unless it was made incantationless through
feats/augmentation/zankaputo abilities etc)
optional rule: Included in some of the Kido spells is a boosted version. if
you want Kido in your game to be more highly powered, then any
shinigami can cast the boosted version of the spells they know for an
extra 4 SEP. spells cast like this take a full round action, and then a
standard action.
If you want Kido in you're game to be much more powerful, consider
having the listed standard effect be the effect for skipping the incantation
instead of 1/2 caster level, and the boosted version to be the effect of
speaking the full incantation.

Maintaining a spell
some spells can be maintained, for the cost listed. the spell stays in effect
until it is negated by an outside force, the shinigami stops paying to
maintain it, or they cast another spell. in addition, whenever a shinigami
takes damage, they must pass a dc (10 + level of spell maintaiend +
number of rounds maintained) concentration test or the spell ends.

Kido Feats
Twin Incantation
The shinigami channels two spells together at once, mixing the
incantations and hand symbols. not only is this effective, it is also very
hard to counter due to being unable to precicely determine the spell being
the caster uses 2 spells as a standard action, rather than one. Both spells
are cast as if the caster skipped the incantation. The caster chooses which
order the spells take effect, and both spells must have the same
target(s). this costs as much as casting the two spells together, + an
extra 4 SEP for each spell (though it only counts as 4 points of
augmentation, and the cost is not increased further because the spell is
being cast without the incantation).
In addition, due to the mixed nature of the spell and seals, the dc to
identify the spell is increased by 10
examples: Mixing Hado 12: fushibi with any other Hado spell will produce
a very large bang, or mixing Tszuiri raiden with a Bakudo to trap the
victim will not only bind them, but increase the damage and stun the
target temporarily
Merged Incantations
prerequisites: Twin Incantation, level 7 kido
This is an improved version of the twin incantation method. it creates not
a half effect from each spell, but their full effect.
This functions as the twin Kido metakido feat above, however, both spells
are cast at full power (and can be boosted together for a 1.5 round
casting if that rule is in use). this costs an extra 10 SEP per spell (though
it only counts as 10 sep for the maximum augmentation limit)

False incantations
The shinigami has become addept at masking their spell behind incorrect
incantations, false hand symbols and - in some cases - even using simple
conversation as the incantation.
this costs 2 extra SEP for any spell that does not have a reflex save, and
an extra 3 SEP for every spell that does. the DC to detect the spell being
cast is increased by 10, and the DC of any reflex save is increased by 2.
this can only be used on a spell cast with the incantation.

Kido Focus
Prerequisites: able to cast spells of the chosen discipline
Choose one kido discipline (Hdo, Bakudo, Healing), Your caster level is
assumed to be 1 higher for the purpose of casting spells from the chosen

Kido Dedication
Prerequisites: Kido focus with the chosen school
You can cast spells of the selected school without the incantation at your
full caster level, instead of half caster level.

Restorative Bindings
Prerequisites: Kido focus (healing)
When you use a Bakudo, you can choose to make it so anyone inside the
spell gains fast healing equal to 1 + the highest level of healing spell you
can cast. this increases the number of powerpoints needed for the spell
by 2. This costs an Aditional 2 SEP

Destructive Bindings
Prerequisites: Kido focus (Hdo)
When you use a Bakudo, you can choose to make it so anyone inside the
spell suffers untyped damage each round equal to 1 + the highest level of
Hdo you can cast. This costs an aditional 2 SEP

Kido strike
Prerequisites: Able to cast spells
Whenever you make a melee attack, you can choose to use this ability.
You can bind one touch range/single target kido spell you know into part
of the attack. If the attack hits, the targets suffers the effect of the spell
as well as the attack. this consumes your swift action for the turn, and
costs an aditional 4 sep. this cost is not increased because the spell is
cast incantationless.

Bakudo 01: Sai (block)
[force, creation]
level shinigami 1
incantation unknown
range Medium (100 ft + 10 * caster level)
target: Unlimited; see below
casting time standard
duration 10 minute per caster level
save: strength/escape artist
spell resistance no

effect: the caster points at their target, causing their arms to be locked
behind their back by a rush of force.
the target is unable to ake use of their arms until they break free of the
bind, though they can still perform any action that does not require use of
their arms.
breaking the bind is either an escape artist test (at dc + 5) or strength
test that can be performed as soon as the spell is cast, and then each
further round as a move equivelant action.
alternitavely, the caster may target multiple foes with this spell. the save
dc and duration is split equally (rounding up) between each victim
Bakudo 04: Hainawa (Crawling Rope)
[light, creation]
level shinigami 1
incantation unknown
range medium (100 ft + 10 * caster level)
target: single
casting time standard
duration 10 minute per caster level
save: relfex negates; see below
spell resistance no

effect: A stream of golden rope extends from the casters fingers and
surounds the victim, preventing them from moving or acting. The target
may take a reflex save to avoid the rope. If they fail, then the victim
is Stunned for a number of rounds equal to the caster's caster level. if
they pass the reflex save, they are instead entangled.
Escaping from the ropes is a standard action that requires either a
strenght test, or a dc+5 escape artist test.
the rope is both flamabble (though this does not destroy it) and conducts

Bakudo 08: Seki (Repulsion)

[force, creation]
level shinigami 1
incantation unknown
range medium
target: single
casting time standard
duration 1 minute per caster level
save: no (harmless)
spell resistance yes (harmless)

effect: a clear disk of force forms somewhere, protecting the target. this
disk repels anything that strikes it, and temporarily paralyzes them.
the target of the spell gains a +4 shield bonus to AC and +4 spell
resistance, though they gain no penalties for using a sheild (and still gain
the bonus even if they have no free hands).
In addition, when the shield is struck by a close combat attack, the attack
must pass a will save or be stunned for 1 round, and knocked back 10 ft.
Bakudo 09: Geki (strike)
Incantation: "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon
yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!"
Level: Shinigami 1
Casting time: Standard
Range: 30 ft
Target one creature
duration: sustained; see text
Saving throw: Yes, reflex negates
spell resistance: No

Effect: the caster draws a symbol in the air, which glows briefly with
bright red light. The light then surrounds the caster and the target,
locking them in place, in a battle of wills to maintain or break the shield
As soon as the spell is cast, the target of the spell can make a reflex save.
If they succeed, nothing happens. If they fail, then they are stunned the
next round, and maybe for longer. Each round after the first, the Target
and the caster make an opposed strength test; if the victim wins, the
spell ends and they are free; otherwise, they are immobilized for another
round. The caster can choose whether to use their strength or caster level
for this test.
However, holding the foe like this comes at a price. The energy surrounds
the caster as well, locking them in place. As long as they sustain the spell,
they too are immobilized.

Bakudo 10: Hrin (disintegrating circle)

incantation: Unknown
[conjuration, Illusion (mind effecting)]
Level: Shinigami 1
Casting time: Standard
Range: medium (100 ft + caster level * 10ft )
Target one creature
duration: 1 minute/caster level
Saving throw: Yes, will reduces effect
spell resistance: Yes

Effect the caster creates a line of golden rope that shoots from her
fingertips in much the same manner as Hainawa, but more focused. The
user can direct the rope of light towards their target, and can seer it to
avoid obstacles. They can also set up the rope as a trip-wire or trap.
Anyone touched by the ropes is caught, and the rope connects to them so
long as they stay within range of the caster/rope location. This rope does
not impair movement or action, but it does shed the same amount of light
as a torch. The rope is as strong as a length of fine steel chain, and can
be used to pull willing targets. Targets connected by the rope can
communicate through it like a telepathic bond
In addition to that effect, the rope can also be used to capture and
restrain the victim. If the caster wills it, they must make a will save each
round the rope stays connected to them, or be fascinated for 1d4 rounds.
Two consecutively successful will saves causes the rope to detach. A
fascinated victim is always considered willing to be moved with the rope.
The caster generates an additional rope for every 4 caster levels they
possess, up to a maximum of 4 as caster level 13.

Bakudo 22: Sekienton (Red Smoke Escape)

incantation: Unknown
Level: Shinigami 2
Casting time: Standard
Range: Personal
Target burst (cloud spreads CL * 5 ft spherically)
duration: 1 minute/caster level
Saving throw: No
spell resistance: No

the practitioner raises their hand, and a sphere of red mist forms in it.
They then thow this orb to the ground at their feet, where it explodes into
a cloud of blinding smoke. It is stationary once created. The Mist obscures
all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature 5 feet away has
total concealment. The caster always knows where the smoke ends.
A moderate wind (11+ mph), such as from a gust of wind spell, disperses
the fog in 4 rounds. A strong wind (21+ mph) disperses the fog in 1
round. A fireball, flame strike, or similar spell burns away the fog in the
explosive or fiery spells area. A wall of fire burns away the fog in the area
into which it deals damage.

Bakudo 26: Kyokk (Bent Light)

incantation: Unknown
[Illusion(glammer), conjuration]
Level: Shinigami 2
Casting time: Standard
Range: touch
Target special; see below
duration: 1 minute/caster level
Saving throw: will (harmless)
spell resistance: No

effect the caster uses their powers to bend light around the chosen
object into veil that conceals it from sight, but also distorts any reitsu.
the target is invisible until he attacks another creature. In addition, the
target gains a +10 circumstance bonus to their suppress reistu skill
thanks to the cloak's effect

Bakudo 30: Shiotsu Sansen (Break-Thrust Tri-flash)

Incantation: Unknown
Level 03
Range: Short (30 ft + caster level * 5)
Target One creature within one size category of the caster
Duration: 1 min per caster level
Save: Reflex negates
Spell resistance: no

Forming a golden triangle with one's finger, it shoots three beams of light
that pin the target to one place on a surface, slamming into his or her
body in three places in a shape of an equilateral triangle.
The subject must pass a reflex save or be paralysed and held in place by
the beams of light, and pushed away from the caster to the maximum
range of the spell, or until they hit another creature or object that could
reasonably stop them. If they hit an object, the creature suffers 1d6
bludgeoning damage for each 10ft they moved, to a minimum of 1d6
A trapped creature must pass either a dc 10+caster level strength test, or
a dc15 + caster level escape artist test to escape, which takes a standard
action. The binds can also be damaged; they have a resilience of caster
level (minimum 3) and 20 hit points

Bakudo 37: Tsuriboshi (hanging star)

Incantation: Unknown
Level 03
Range: Medium (100 ft + caster level * 10)
Target Burst (caster level * 5 ft radius)
Duration: 1 min per caster level
Save: none (see below)
Spell resistance: no

The practitioner creates an orb of spiritual energy , which erupts in a

number of springs that latch on to the surrounding area, creating a web
or net that is used primarily to catch.
When cast, it creates a net of spiritual energy with a total area of 5ft per
caster level vertically or horizontally. At least two sides of the net must be
in contact with a solid object, or the net will fall to the ground (see below)
The net is a solid object of light, and provides a stable footing for
creatures to stand on. Due to the design of the net, the caster may decide
if creatures falling onto it suffer falling damage. The caster can also
decide what can pass through the net, and what cannot.
The net has a resilience equal to caster level (minimum of 3, maximum of
10) and 20 hp. Due to the springy design of the net, it's resilience is
doubled against bludgeoning damage. When casting the spell, the caster
can choose to sacrifice area to increase the resistance, at a rate of 5 hp
and 1 resilience per 5 feet sacrificed.
The caster is automatically aware of every creature touching the net
If the net falls on a creature, it functions like a web spell, save the net
retains it's normal resilience and hp

Bakudo 39: Enksen (round lock fan)

Incantation: Unknown
Level 03
Range: Personal
Target Self
Duration: 1 round
Save: none (harmless)
Spell resistance: no (harmless)

The practitioners raises their hand or weapon before them, twirling it

round as a spark of dull yellow light form. This becomes a circular shield
that dulls an enemies strike, protecting the user.
This spell creates a shield of energy that protects the user. Pick a
direction, the shield increases the users AC by their caster level
(maximum 10), and grants concealment 5 per caster level (maximum
50%) from all attacks from that direction
The shield is also designed to neutralise energy -based attacks of the
same intensity or less. The shield prevents and level 3 or lower Kido from
the chosen direction. It also negates 5d6 damage from an area effect
(line/cone/burst), and any secondary effects. If the effect is entirely
negated, then it's progression stops past the caster (though a burst/cone
will continue spreading, save for a direct line from the user to the shield
will be unaffected) if the shield is used to block an attack like this, it does
not provide the AC/concealment bonus this turn as it's energy is used
negating the attack
Special: This spell can be cast incantationless as a reaction. It counts as
using the standard action for the next round

Bakudo 58: Kakushitsuijaku (Summoning of the tracking

Incantation: "Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west,
foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain."
[conjuration, Divination]
Level 05
Range: Personal
Target Self
Duration: Instant/sustained
Casting time: 2 rounds
Save: will
Spell resistance: yes

Kakushituikaku is primarily used for tracking and locating any spiritual

force the user focuses on. The practitioner draws a circle with the
appropriate symbols set apart in four quadrants upon the ground using a
black powder. They then place their hands palm down just under the
circle to activate the spell. The circle glows with a blue light as the
symbols are animated within the circle, causing various numbers to
appear within until the specific set is found.
This spell gives the exact co-ordinates of a target you know the spiritual
pressure of well (known for a long time etc). If you are less familiar with
the person, it requires a DC (10 + target's suppress reitsu) sense motive
test. If all you know of the person is a name, description or a brief flash of
reistsu then the DC is doubled. The target of the spell is allowed a will
save to detect they are being spied on.
The caster of this spell can choose to sustain this spell. If so, the co-
ordinates constantly update so long as the target stays on the same plane
of existence. They are allowed a further will save every minute if they did
not initially detect the scrying.
This spell cannot detect someone actively suppressing their resitsu. This
spell cannot be cast by skipping the incantation; it must be cast at it's full
time. Metakido cannot be applied to this spell (no fell-draining with
scrying. That's wrong on all levels possible...)

Bakudo 61: Rikujkr (Six rods prison of light)

Incantation: Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With
light, divide this into six
Level 06
Range: Medium (100ft + 10 * caster level)
Target One creature
Duration: 1 minute/level
Casting time: standard
Save: will negates
Spell resistance: yes

The practitioner points his/her index finger at the target generating a

spark of yellow energy . That energy summons six thin, wide beams of
light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. The
target is then unable to move any part of their body including the parts
that were not struck by the beams
The victim is paralysed and freezes in place. It is unable to move any part
of it's body or act, but it can still speak. A victim is allowed a further save
each and every minute to break free of the binding, or each round if it
suffered damage since the last round.
A flying creature cannot flap it's wings, and a swimming creature cannot
continue swimming. This causes the expected consequences.
Special: this spell can be cast on a target entangled with another Bakudo
spell incantationless without halfing your caster level. This consumes the
other Bakudo effect

Bakudo 62: Hyyaporankan (Hundred-step rail perch)

Incantation: Unkown
Level 06
Range: Medium (100 ft + 5* caster level)/Short (30 ft + 5 * caster
Target Line/cone
Duration: 1 minute/level
Casting time: standard
Save: reflex negates
Spell resistance: no

A rod formed of energy is thrown towards the target before it

disintegrates into numerous short rods . These rods speed forward,
impaling and propelling everything in their path and pinning them
together, ready to be annihilated.
Each creature in the cone must pass a reflex save or be caught in the
spell. Creatures caught are propelled backwards to the maximum range of
the spell, or until they hit something that would reasonably stop them.
Size has no effect on saving themselves from the spell, such is the power
of the rods.
If the creature caught in this hits another creature or object, both suffers
d6 points of damage for each 5 feet it has moved, to a maximum of 10d6
Creatures effected by the spell are paralysed, though they can still speak.
Each round, a creature trapped may make a dc 15 + caster level strength
test, or a dc 20 + caster level escape artist test. These binds can also be
destroyed. They have a resilience equal to caster level (minimum 6) and
20 HP. Each creature must be freed independently.

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oh, and some more spells and feats and such things:

Bakudo 63: Saj Sabuka (Chainlink chain bonds)

Incantation: Unknown
Level 06
Range: Medium (100 ft + 5* caster level)
Target One or many. All targets must be within 30 ft of each other
Duration: 1 minute/level
Casting time: standard
Save: reflex negates
Spell resistance: no

The practitioner gestures towards their intended target, and numerous

links of heavy chains burst forth, that wrap around the intended target
and begin to constrict.
Each victim is entitled to a reflex save to try and escape the effect. If they
fail, then they are grappled and stunned by the spell. Each round, the
victims of the spell can attempt to escape it as though they where
escaping a grapple, with the chains having an effective strength of 15 +
caster level. The chains count as a medium creature for this purpose.
The chains slowly but surely tighten around their victims, so long as the
caster wills it. This is a constrict attack that deals damage equal to caster
level + rounds entangled to each entangled creature.
The chains may be broken, however there is a risk. The chain has a
resilience equal to caster level (minimum 6) and 20 hp. All links of chain
after the break (calculated from the central target) fall inert, but those
before the break remain active. However, there is a chance that the
constantly shifting chains manage to snare and entangle the attacker, and
they must make a reflex save to avoid this if the attack was made at
close range. Due to the moving nature of the chains, all attacks made
from over 30 ft away have a 50% chance of hitting the creature
entangled instead.
The caster may choose to keep hold of a link of the chain. If his link of
chain is broken, however, all other links of the chain go inert
The chain conducts electricity, and are undamaged by it.

Bakudo 73: Tozansh (Inverse mountain crystal)

Incantation: Unknown
Level 07
Range: Short (400 ft + 10* caster level)
Target Cone (see below)
Duration: 1 Minute/level
Casting time: standard
Save: reflex negates
Spell resistance: no

The caster ignites a single point of light, which then splits and forms into
a pyramid shape. The pyramid is mostly used for defence, but it can also
be used to trap a target, or to hold something in place.
Designate a starting point somewhere within range. From that point
upwards, an inverted pyramid is created with a height equal to caster
level * 5 ft. this them forms into four solid walls, with 50 hp and a
resilience equal to caster level (minimum 7). The created pyramid repairs
any damage to itself in each of the caster's turn, until the duration ends.
The inner walls are much more fragile, and have half that resilience and
the walls are transparent, and anyone can see through them (with a
minor blue-ish tinge), though they stop all projectile attacks that strike
them and does not destroy them. Sound travels feely through the walls

Bakudo 75: Gochtekkan (Five Post Iron Weights)

Incantation: Unknown
Level 07
Range: Long (400 ft + 10* caster level)
Target: One Create/area (see below)
Duration: N/A
Casting time: standard
Save: reflex negates
Spell resistance: no

The casters clasps their hands together as if praying, and five small orbs
of light form and circle them. As the caster raises their hands above their
head, the lights form a spinning halo, before dispersing. When the caster
slams their hands down, and the lights form into 5 incredibly large Iron
Pillars, linked together by lengths of chain.
The caster selects where the 5 Pillars come down. No one pillar can be
more than 10 feet from another Pillar. Each Pillar is 5 feet wide, 5 feet
long, and Caster level * 5 feet high. A creature is a square a Pillar comes
down in can take a reflex save to avoid being hit by the pillar. A creature
that fails this reflex save suffers 6d6 bludgeoning damage and is knocked
down. They are unable to get up or move until they can get the pillar off
of them/turn intangible/teleport etc. They suffer a further 6d6
bludgeoning damage a round.
The crushing pressure of these posts is enough that they can break
through objects with a hardness lower than or equal to their resilience
without slowing down
Alternatively, this spell can be used to create 5 thinner, targeted spears
at one specific target. This target must make a reflex save be knocked
down, pinned in place, and suffer 10d6 bludgeoning damage, and another
10d6 each turn until they can free themselves.
These poles have a resilience equal to 10 + caster level, and 50 Hp each.
If used against a single target, they work together as a single object with
resilience of 20 + caster level, with 75 hp.
These poles last until the caster wishes to dispel them or they are

Bakudo 77: Tenteikra (Heavenly Void Net)

Incantation: "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns
and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden
in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the
Level: Bakudo 7
Range: Extreme (see below)
Target: Burst
Casting Time: 1 rounds
Duration: Instant
save: Will (harmless)
Spell resistance: no (harmless)

The practitioner draws the symbols of the incantation on their arms,

hands and the surrounding area whilst chanting. At the climax of the
incantation, the practitioner thrust their hands ahead of them, where a
mirror of light forms.
This spell allows the caster to instantly send a telegraphic message to
every creature in range with an intelligence greater than 3. this message
can be of any length, and the caster can also transmit any image
reflected in the mirror. The caster can choose to exclude people in the
vicinity from hearing so long as they are familiar with their spiritual
pressure. They can also seclude areas
Alternatively, the spell can be used to forge a telepathic bond with
creatures that the caster is familiar with the spiritual pressure of. This link
can be forged with 1 other creature, and another creature per 2 caster
This spell effects an area of 1000ft, plus 100 ft per caster level.
This spell cannot have metakido applied to it, nor can it be cast by
skipping the incantation

Bakudo 79: Kuy Shibari (Nine-Daylight Bonds)

[Conjuration, Darkness]
Incantation: Unknown
Level: Bakudo 7
Range: Medium (100 ft + caster level * 10 ft
Target: single
Casting Time: standard
Duration: 1 hour/level
save: Reflex
Spell resistance: yes
As the practitioner completes the hand seals, eight large wells of endless
darkness form around the target. When the target is entirely surrounded,
a ninth void forms in the centre, sealing their fate.
The target is entitled to a reflex save to avoid the effect of this spell. If
the target fails their save, then they are captured by the intense gravity
of the spell. They are unable to perform any actions whatsoever until the
spell ends, other than talk.

Bakudo 81: Dank (Severing Void)

Incantation: Unknown
Level: Bakudo 8
Range: Close (30 ft + caster level * 5)
Target: Wall 4 ft/level wide, 2f/level high
Casting Time: standard
Duration: 10 minutes/level
save: none
Spell resistance: no

The caster conjures a transparent wall of force, with a six-pointed star in

the centre. The wall only stops spiritual energy ; physical matter may pass
strait through it. However, to spiritual energy, the wall in entirely solid,
and almost impossible to overcome. Any kido of 8th level or lower, or any
effect that uses 15 or less SEP (including dispelling attempts) as a base
resource is prevented entirely by the wall. Creatures with beneficial buffs
that would be stopped by this wall can pass through, but they have their
abilities dispelled.
The wall also stops any SEP assisted movement, such as shunpo/shunko;
the character merely hits the wall at a very high speed.
Any activated Shikai, fullbring or quincy bow from a character with an
effective level of 15 or less is also unable to pass through the wall, as are
any effects of these abilitites (such as a prismatic sphere/created water
etc). Inner bow (quincy), fullbring evolution (fullbringer), ressurecin
(arrancar) and Bankai are all powerful enough to pass through the wall,
but are subject to the effect below.
An effect strong enough to overcome the wall can still be disrupted by it.
The creature that used this attack must make a will save, or have the
effect weaken. This counts at the caster having spent 8 less SEP/8 level
levels lower for the effect. In the case of sustained abilities, the creature
sustaining the ability may instead make either a will or fortitude save, or
have half of the abilitites duration removed.
Special: the caster may use this ability incantation-less as a reaction.
This consumes their standard action for the next round. If they have the
incanting ability (most likely for an activated shikai), they can cast this
spell with the incantation as a reaction. This still consumes their standard
action for the next round, but it is cast at full caster level

Bakudo 99: Bankin (Great Seal)

Incantation: "First Song - Halting wrap" "Second Song - Hundred Serial
Bolts")"Final Song - Full Ban Great Mount
Level: Bakudo 9
Range: Long (100 ft + caster level * 20
Target: One or multiple targets. Each target must be within 30 feet of
each other
Casting Time: 3 * 1 round (see below)
Duration: Special (see below)
save: special (see below)
Spell resistance: special (see below)

This unique spell is the most potent of all the sealing arts. This spell
consists of three parts, each of which is cast as a separate spell, and each
must be cast again in order. Any metakido applied to one part of the spell
must be applied to the other two parts.
If, for any reason, the caster takes any action other than continuing the
spell, or fails to cast one part, they cannot cast the next part without
starting the process again.
None of these spells can be cast without the handseals/incantations

part one: Halting wrap:

The caster buries their fingers deep into the ground, suffusing it with
spiritual energy , which burst forth in coils of white rope around the
intended target. After entangling the target, numerous metal pegs
descend from the sky to pin these threads tight to the ground, preventing
escape. Each target is entitled to a reflex save to try and avoid the ropes.
If they are successful, then they are entangled for D3 + 1 rounds;
otherwise, they are entirely immobilized and unable to take any actions,
other than attempt to break the thread. This is a DC 10 + caster level
strength test that takes a full round action. The twisting ropes slowly get
tighter and tighter, causing constrict damage each to caster level, and
increasing their escape DC by 2, each round. After 5 rounds, the victim
also starts tosuffocate.
Each round a victim is entangled by these wraps, they must make a
second reflex save, with -2 to the dc for each round since it was cast, or
be fully captured as if they had failed the first reflex save.
Someone unaffected by the wraps can attempt to cut them. This requires
a slashing weapon. The wraps have a resilience equal to twice caster
level, and hp equal to 5 * caster level.
The wraps are immune to, and conduct, energy damage.
These wraps last until they are destroyed.

Second Song: Hundred serial Bolts:

The caster claps their hands together, and numerous razor sharp blades
form in the air around the victims, before flying unerringly towards the
wrappings. Here, they impale the victims body, rendering it inert and
useless, as well as riddled with holes.
Each creature fully entangled by the 1st song is impaled by the flying
knives, digging in deep to strike at the body's pressure points. They suffer
6d6 piercing damage, as well as 3d6 strength and dexterity damage. They
are entitled to a fortitude save to reduce the piercing damage by half, and
the ability damage to 2d6. A creature that fails two of these three
fortitude saves also has it's Rietsu flow sealed; it is unable to use any
spiritual power for 3d6 hours.
A creature that was merely entangled by the ropes suffers the 6d6
piercing damage, but are entitled to either a reflex or fortitude save for
half, whichever is higher. They suffer no ability damage.

Third Song: Full ban great mount

To end the spell, the caster raises their hands above their head, and a
vast stone pillar forms above each captive, which then slams down on the
sealed victim, before alighting with spiritual energy and forming the final
Each creature that had it's rietsu sealed by the second song, and that is
disabled by the first song, is forced to take a will save, with the DC
increased by 1 for each 10 SEP the caster has remaining. If they fail, they
are sealed by the spell. They are frozen in time, and completely severed
from the rest of existence. The method to unseal them is up to your DM.
Because this fragment of the spell warps space/time, it is forbidden by
soul society.
Casting this spell drains the casters current SEP to 0, regardless of any
other factors. Ever. Even if you have unlimited SEP, it's now 0. you still
recover it in the normal way
Hdo 01: Sh (clash)
A beam of force shoots out of the casters fingers, forcing the target away
from the shinigami
incantation: currently unkown
level: shinigami 1
save: no
spell resistance no
range: medium (100 ft + 10 ft * caster level)
targets: 1 object
duration: instant
casting time: standard

normal This spell creates a burst of force that the user can manipulate
for a numer of purpouses. the wave of force has an effective strength of
10 + caster level + Kido stat.
when used against an object/willing creature, this works like
pushing/pulling or lifting something normally, save it uses the strength
listed above instead of the casters strength score, and it can be done at
range. if the user chose to lift the target, then they can choose to
maintain the spell for an extra SEP per turn.
this spell can also be used to make a ranged bullrush attack with the
beam of force working like a medum sized creature. The target is knocked
either directly away from the caster, or directly towards them. they move
5 ft for every point they failed the opposed strength test by.
Boosted the boosted version of the spell unleashes numerous lines of
force, as opposed to just one. they can target a number of
objects/creatures equal to 1/2 their caster level, to a maximum of 5

Hdo 04: Byakurai (White Thunder)

The caster shoots a bolt of white lightning from their finger tip
incantation: unknown
level: shinigami 1
save: reflex\half
spell reistance: yes
range special
targets: line
duration: instant
casting time: standard

normal a powerful line of electricity shoots out from the caster's

fingertips, dealing d6 lightning damage per manifester level, to a
maximum of 5d6, and a range of 20 feet per manifester level
Boosted: the lightning becomes much more wild and untamed. as well as
traveling in a line, it will jump to any nearby victims once it first makes
impact. After the line hits a target, it begins to arc. this hits a target
within 10 ft of the origional impact point, and deals 1d6 less damage, as
well as the reflex save dc being reduced by 2. this bolt will continue to arc
until there are no more targets within 10 ft of the last victim, the save DC
falls below 10, or the damage becomes 0. a target cannot take damage
from this spell more than once per turn.

Hdo 11: Tsuzuri Raiden (bound lightning)

The shinigami chanels a highly potent lightning shock through their touch,
which leaps and arcs to numerous foes
incantation: currently unkown
level: shinigami 1
save: reflex/half (if able to escape surface)
range: touch
targets: n/a
duration: instant
casting time: standard
spell resistance: no

normal the shinigami makes a touch attack against any enemy in close
range, or automatically against anything in close range (including their
weapon if they so choose). If used against an enemy, this ability deals
1d6 + 1 lightning damage per caster level, to a maximum of 5d6 + 5. in
addition, so long as whatever is touched could reasonabily channel
electricity, everything else in contact with the item or enemy takes 1d4
damage per caster level to a maximum of 5d4, though they can attempt
to avoid this fully with a dc (10 + caster level + cha modifier) reflex save
so long as they could get away from the source of the shock. the damage
dealt is empowered if the target is wearing metal armour, or
grappled/entangeled by whatever the shinigami touched origionally
Boosted: the potency of the shock is increased enough to temporarily
paralyze the victim. anything that takes damage from Tsuzuri Raiden
must then pass a dc (10 + 1/2 caster level + cha modifier) fortitude save
or be paralyzed for one round, and stunned for 1/2 caster level rounds.
Creatures that pass the fortitude save are instead stunned for 1/4 caster
level rounds

Hdo 12: Fushibi (lain fire/ambush flare)

the caster creates a sphere of energy that latches onto the victim. this
sphere reacts to reitsu, and explodes violently when it senses any
Incantation: unknown
level shinigami 1
range close (30 + (1/2 caster level * 5) feet)
target single
save:reflex for half
duration 1/2 caster level rounds
casting time: standard

normal: The catser makes a ranged touch attack against the chosen
target. if sucesfull, the sphere of energy attatches to them, ready to blow.
if the victim is hit by another Kido spell before the flare dissipates, then
the flare explodes, dealing d6 fire damage per caster level, to a maximum
of 5d6, to everyone in a 10 ft radius of the sphere. there is also a small
chance that the flare will activate when the victim utilizes spiritual energy.
whenever they'd use SEP, they must pass a suppres a reitsu test with a
DC euqal to 1/2 the SEP used, or provoke the explosion
boosted the boosted sphere has a much greater radius, increasing to 20
ft. in addition, the maximum damage raises to 6d6 as opposed to 5d6

Hdo 31: Shakkah (red fire cannon)

the caster generates a ball of energy and launches it at the target. this
spell is one of the most commonly taught and employed Hdo
[fire, force]
Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of
wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the
sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"
level shinigami 3
range medium
target single
duration instant
save: reflex for half
spell resistance: yes
casting time: standard

normal: the user generates an orb of energy , and launches it at the

target. this deals 1d6 damage per caster level, to a maximum of 10d6, to
the target, and all foes within 1/2 caster level * 5 ft. the damage dealt is
1/2 fire and 1/2 force. anyone hit by the blast must pass a fortitude save
or be pushed back 5 yards directly away from the caster. the orb
generates light much like a lantern for 1 round, and can destroy objects
vulnerable to heat/force. the orb will explode prematurely if it comes into
contact with anything that could stop it.
boosted instead of firing as an orb, the energy bursts forward from the
casters hand in a pillar of destruction. the attack becomes a line with a
radius equal to 1/2 caster level * 5 that extendeds for the full 100 ft. in
adidition, the maximum damage is increased to 12d6 as opposed to 10d6

Hdo 32: kasen (yellow fire flash)

The Shinigami raises their hand or blade, and a widening yellow orb is
formed. the orb then burst forward into an arcing lightning bolt, much like
Byakurai, but more intensive
incantation: Currently Unknown
level: shinigami 3
save: reflex for half
range: 120 ft line
targets: Line/Cone
duration: instant
casting time: standard
spell resistance: yes

normal: You release a powerful stroke of electrical energy that deals 1d6
points of electricity damage per caster level (maximum 10d6) to each
creature within its area. The bolt begins at your fingertips.
Alternativley, you can choose to channel the spell as a 60 foot cone. this
option requires the user to have access to their sword to direct the energy
, so if their zankaputo is out of their hand, or destoyed/missing the blade
in any way, you can only use this spell as a line
The lightning bolt sets fire to combustibles and damages objects in its
path. It can melt metals with a low melting point, such as lead, gold,
copper, silver, or bronze. If the damage caused to an interposing barrier
shatters or breaks through it, the bolt may continue beyond the barrier.
Boosted: The damage of the spell is increased to 1d6 + 1 per caster
level, and the maximum is increased to 1d12 + 12. in addition, the range
of the spell is increased by an extra 50%

Hdo 33: Skatsui (pale fire crash)

The caster creates an attack simmilar in form to Shakka, which then
splits into a number of smaller lines of blinding energy that crush the
target in a cascade of destruction
[fire, light]
incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who
bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of
dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."
level: shinigami 3
save: none
range: medium (100 + 10 * caster level)
targets: up to one per ray
duration: instant
casting time: standard
spell resistance: yes

normal: The caster fires a ray or burning light, and an additional ray for
every 3 levels beyound 5. Each ray is a ranged touch attack that deals
4d6 damage, increased to d6d versus undead.
Alternitavely, the blindingly bright ray can be used to light the shinigami's
path. The shinigami can choose to target any patch of darkness, as
opposed to a character. this functions like a daylight spell cast at the
specific location, though the duration is changed from 10 minutes per
level to rounds per level.
Boosted: The energy orb splits into a much greater arc of beams. An
aditional ray is added for every 2 levels over 5, as opposed to one every 3

Hdo 54: Haien (Abolishing flames)

The shinigami fires a oblong blast of purple spiritual energy from his hand
that will incinerate a target completely when it makes contact
incantation: "currently unknown
level: shinigami 5
save: fortitude for partial
range: medium (100 + 10 * caster level)
targets: up to one per ray
effect ray
duration: instant
casting time: standard
spell resistance: yes

normal: An oblong of purple flame erupts from the casters hands. You
must make a successful ranged touch attack to hit. Any creature struck
by the ray takes 2d6 points of fire damage per caster level (to a
maximum of 30d6). Any creature reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by this
spell is incinerated entierly, leaving behind only a pile of burnt ashes.
Anything hit by the blast may make a fortitude save to reduce the
damage to 1/4
When used against a non-living target, it incinerates a 10 foot cube of
flamable material, regardless of the actual melting point
Boosted: The area of the blast is increased to a widening blast,
incinerating more victims. If the ray hits, then every creature within 5*
1/2 caster level feet is effected as well, and the save only reduces the
damage to 1/2. When used against objects, this causes destruction in a
10 foot cube per 2 caster levels

Hdo 58: Tenran (Orchid Sky)

Incantation: Currently Unkown
level: shinigami 5
Range: 50 ft cone
[b]Target: cone
duration instant
save: fortidude for reduced effect
spell resistance: yes
casting time standard

normal The shinigami generates a widening huricane from either their

blade or their palm, and unleash it in the direction of their choice.
every creature in the cone suffers 1d6 air damage per caster level, and
must pass a fortitude save, or be blown back 10 feet for each size
catagory they are below large. flying creatures, and those smaller
than small are far more succeptable to the strong winds, and suffer 2d6
damage per level. Flying creatures, as they have no way to brace
themselves, auotomatically fail the fortitude save.
In addition, every creature affected by the huricane suffers the effect of
the gust of wind spell. creatures that pass the fortitude save suffer half
boosted By imbuing the winds created with more power, the shinigami
can allow it to continue moving of it;s own accord.
After it's creation, the huricane continues to move until the energy that
created it disipates.
The cone's size is increased by 5 feet per caster level, and the DC of the
fortidue save is increased by 1 for every 2 caster levels, for both the main
effect and the gust of wind effect
the cone moves 30 feet in the direction it was aimed in each of your
following turns, however, as the energy ebs away, the size of the cone is
reduced by 10 ft per round. this increases the duration to a number of
rounds equal to 1/2 caster level

Hdo 63: Raikh (thuder roar sear)

Incantation: "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red
crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the
calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"
level: shinigami 6
Range: medium (100 ft + catser level * 10)
[b]Target: 20 ft radius - spread
duration instant
save: reflex for half
spell resistance: yes
casting time standard

normal The shinigami generates a massive ammount of lightning in the

palm of their hand, before launching it at their target, where it explodes
with devestating efect. Choose either an enemy in range, or one point
(both height and location). a bolt of energy streaks towards this target,
and explodes when it reaches it - or if it hits anything solid before it
reaches the intended target. Anything in the centre of the explosion takes
1d6 lightning damage per caster level to a maximum of 20d6. everything
else in the radius of the blast suffers 1d6 lightning damage per caster
level to a maximum level of 10d6.
boosted the shinigami launches the lightning energy into the sky, where
it strikes down indirectly to incinerate the target. the damage for the main
target is increased to 2d6 per level. in addition, due to the change in
targeting method, the range is changed to long, and the caster can
choose to have the lightning bolt originate form their hand, or from
directly above the target
Hdo 88: Hirygekizokushintenraih (Flying Dragon-Striking
Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon)
Incantation: unknown (Kame hame ha! )
level: shinigami 8
Range: long (400 ft + caster level * 40)
[b]Target: 20 ft line
duration instant
save reflex for half
spell resistance yes
casting time standard

normal The practitioner raises their right arm foward and outstretched,
occasionally using their left hand to grip the right arm for extra support,
with the palm facing toward the target flat toward the opponent and fires
a gigantic beam of electrical and spiritual energy resulting in a truly
enormous explosion.
The caster chooses a direction, and the blast of energy extends in that
direction hitting anything in it's path. If the beam encounters an obstacle
larger than the radium of the beam, it stops unless it can destroy the
Anything hit by the beam suffers 1d6 + 2 damage per caster level, to a
maximum of of 20d6 + 24 damage. this damage is 1/2 lightning, and 1/2
spiritual. the target can take a reflex save to attempt to reduce the
damage to 1/2. the sheer force of the blast can leave the caster stunned,
and they must make a sucesfull dc 18 fortitude save or become stunned
for a round. failure by more than 5 means the caster is instead knocked
boosted the sheer destructive force of the beam becomes the stuff of
legends, eaisly capable of reducing anything in it's path to rubble.
the radius of the beam is increased to 40 ft, and the damage caused is
increased to 2d6 + 2 per level. the backforce of the boosted spell is
increased as well, however, increasing the DC of the fortitude save to 23.

Hdo 90: Kurohitsugi (black coffin)

[darkness, force]
Incantation: "Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil
forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of
iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil
and know your own powerlessness!"
level: 9
Range: medium (100 ft + caster level * 10)
Target: single
save: fortitude for half + fortitude to avoid extra effect
spell resistance: yes
duration: 1 round/varies
casting time: standarf

normal due to the sheer power if this spell, it cannot be manifested fully
skipping the incantation except by the strongest of kido users.
If cast without the incantation, then a powerful torent of gravity pins the
target in place whilst a box of black energy forms around the victim. when
the box is complete, multiple spears of black energy form around the
target, before skewering the box and everything inside. this deals 2d6
damage per caster level, to a maximum damage of 40d6. When the coffin
fades, the victim must make a fortitude test to avoid being rendered
unconcious from the shock.
If cast with the full incantation, then the spell takes the form not of an
insubstantial black box, but a pilar of solid, physical energy . the box
encloses the target and prevents any movement from the victim. This
functions as the previous version, however, the victim is also locked
within the coffin. they continue to suffer 1d6 per caster level gravity
damage each round until they escape. characters in the coffin, and they
begin to suffocate aas the air within the coffin runs out. the coffin is an
object with a hardness of 5 and 50 hp.

Hdo 91: Senj Kten Taih (Thousand-hand bright heaven-

culling spear)
[Light, force]
Incantation: "Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to
touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The
road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that
gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my
orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased
treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly
and cleanly when fired"
level: 9
Range: long (400 ft + 1/2caster level * 40)
Target: ray
save: none/half
spell resistance: yes/yes
duration: instant
casting time: standard

normal: The caster generates a collection of shining spears of pink light,

before launching them at the foes. if the beams come into contact with
each other, they detonate with extreme force.
This is a ranged touch attack that causes 5d6 damage each spear. The
caster fires one ray, and an extra ray for each 2 levels above 5.
any foe hit by 3 or more spears is hit by a radius 20 burst explosion
causing 2d6 force damage for each spear hit. the victims of this explosion
can make a reflex save to reduce the damage by half.

Hdo 94: Itt Kas (lone blade cremation)

Incantation: None - the cost for Itt Kad is much steeper
level: 9
Range: short
Target: 40 ft wdth line
save: none
spell resistance: no
duration: instant
casting time: standard action

normal: Itt Kat is a spell of sacrifice, a forbidden Had with near

unmatched damage potential. The caster must sacrifice one of their limbs
as the cost for the spell. The spell creates a pillar of fire in the shape of a
katana's tip
Anything caught in the blade suffers 2d6 damage per caster level, with no
maximum limit, even more so, the nature of the flames means it ignores
any fire resistance, immunity or absorption and the miss chance against
cncorporeal foes. the speed at which the blade manifests means that no
save is possible against the damage - however, a creature capable of
teleporting as a reaction can teleport out of the radius, and thus suffer
half damage.
Even the caster's limb is not enough to pay to the ravenous flames - they
also suffer damage equal to half the damage from the flame.
anything killed by the flames in incinerated imediatly, and will require a
true resurection or a whish spell to revive.
Alternatley, Itt Kat can be boosted in a fashion. using the spell in this
manner consumes the caster's life, imediatly incinerating their corpse and
increasing the damage dice by an ammount equal to the casters own hit
Healing arts

Unclassified spells
Unclassified:Sentan Hakuja (Thousand-Coil White Snake)
incantation: unknown
level: shinigami 5
save: will
spell reistance: yes
range: special
targets: special
duration: instant
casting time: standard
SEP cost: 10 + 1 per person teleported

effect: A coil of white rope springs from the casters wrist, before
wrapping itself around an area, slowly tighetening, when it closes, those
inside the rope vanish in a blinding white flash, to re-appear somewhere
this spell effects the caster and every one within 1/4 caster level * 5 ft
that the caster wishes to effect. they are imediatly teleported, following
all the location rules of the spell of the same name.
victims can take a will save to resist being teleported, instead remaining
where they where before.

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