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Better parts, better solution

MSV Steam Bypass Upgrade

de-scale. This time may vary since scale deposits
REGENCOs solution replaces the entire steam- are a function of steam quality.
side valve assembly with a multi-hole bypass Depending on the available steam quality,

Extends Valve Life

assembly. This upgraded assembly includes parts it is further recommended that the valve be
made from the latest materials in an effort to disassembled for full inspection within two years
minimize the need for future service. of installation. This determines the amount of
All parts are made under REGENCOs quality scale build-up based on specific steam conditions
Improved design addresses excess erosion patterns program, which includes processes such as and facilitates scale removal. Providing that there
CNC machining and automated stellite hard- is no excessive scale build-up observed, the valves

face welding. The multi-hole design utilizes the should then be inspected at regular four-to-six year
following upgraded materials: intervals.
EGENCO manufactures multi-hole bypass The multi-hole bypass valve is an improved Anyone who considers bypass valve failure to
valve retrofits for GE and Toshiba MSV design that redirects steam through the bypass valve Stellite coatings in high wear areas be a significant risk for their plant or system should
(main stop valve) bypass valves. This MSV without excessive erosion to valve components, as is Valve stems upgraded to Incoloy material consider our multi-hole configuration, Bauer said.
bypass valve upgrade applies to steam turbine typically experienced with the original design. The
main stop valves of all unit ratings and redesigned bypass valve is a hollow steel cylinder Stellite coated bushings
includes all stop valve sizes from 8 with numerous holes that enable bypass steam to Increasing time between outages
through 13 inches. flow with no mechanical redirection necessary. Implementation of Upgrading to the multi-hole bypass valve also
The company recently delivered The steam turbines main stop valve performance the multi-hole bypass adds value by reducing typical operating and
six MSV multi-hole steam bypass remains unaffected by this upgrade. valve design requires an maintenance costs, such as:
valves to three customers who We are seeing similarities in customer operating adaptation inspection to
operate several 350-plus MW GE profiles for which these multi-hole bypass valves measure the existing valve Eliminating typical planned outages to replace
steam turbines. offer an excellent solution, noted Dion Bauer, body and parts for retrofit parts or make repairs due to erosion
Under the original design, vice president of engineering for REGENCO. The with the upgraded parts.
bypass valves and stop valve stems typical application undergoes frequent annual The multi-hole bypass Extending inspection outages
exhibit severe erosion in the area starts, and they also spend significant time in valve upgrade features all of Minimizing blue blush and scale build-up,
adjacent to the bypass valve. OEM bypass mode to heat soak the unit during startup. the parts required for a direct thus extending intervals between seal head
attempts to eliminate this problem Another challenge for some operators is poor replacement of the original
bushing replacement
have included stem inlays and steam quality and the presence of solid particle valve assembly, including
skirted bypass valves, as well as steam erosion (SPE) within the steam turbine, which the bypass valve, valve cap, A close-up of the multi-hole Reducing the risk of bypass valve pieces
chest modifications. Erosion, and impacts the service life of the bypass valve, Bauer main valve disc, pressure seal configuration of the bypass flowing through the turbine or lodging
the subsequent need to replace valve said. Our multi-hole configuration is a totally head and valve stem. valve head assembly. within the valve
stems, has significantly reduced time different design that has no bypass head in the
between outages. steam path, so no component is prone to failure Reducing the risk of stem failure
Erosion can be an extremely from SPE. Operation after installation
negative issue in steam bypass The valves improved design enables even wear Once the valve upgrade has been installed, These multi-hole bypass valves have been
valves, to the extent that pieces of across the valve and increased life expectancy. REGENCO recommends that the valve be installed on many steam turbines throughout the
the bypass valve or stem can break The valve can be rotated in 90 degree increments, disassembled at regular intervals and inspected for world, with units averaging several hundred start/
loose and cause damage upon which can result in four times the wear compared scale build-up. The normal recommendation for stop cycles. Over time, the current installed base of
flowing through the turbine. to conventional designs, he added. inspection frequency is every four to six years to multi-hole bypass valves has accumulated over five
These pieces might also become million operating hours.
stuck under the seat of the bypass REGENCO will be happy to schedule a site visit
valve or main valve head, preventing to examine the condition of your bypass valves
full closure of the main valve. and offer an assessment on replacement options.
Two other reasons to avoid To learn more about our MSV multi-hole bypass
possible erosion in the bypass valve REGENCOs multi- valves, call REGENCO at 414-475-2800 or visit our
area include the cost of overall hole steam bypass website at: for your
repairs and replacement parts, as valve (left) eliminates regions sales contact.
well as the downtime associated the in-stream
with stem failure while in service. bypass valve from
the original design
A fully assembled MSV (right), thus
Multi-hole bypass valve. greatly reducing
erosion within the