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Learning activity 1

Evidence: Take a break

Select a celebration around the world and describe it according to the format.
Include images to illustrate your ideas. You can find and example in Introductory
material section 1. Describing celebrations and special occasions around the
world. You have to make your description in minimum 250 words.

Aspects Description Image

What it is The celebration that I chose
celebrated. is Christmas, it is generally a
celebration that is enjoyed in
the greatest number of
countries in the world,
because it serves to
surround the family, to meet
to share food and above all
to see our relatives more

Where and Christmas is celebrated on

when it is December 24th or 25th,
celebrated. depending on the country, in
Colombia the celebration will
start at 24, all families will
usually dine at midnight and
distribute all the gifts they

What people Many people usually

wear. disguise themselves as
Santa Claus, in my country,
for example, people usually
buy clothes to be branded
that day, parents struggle a
lot because their children
have the best clothes and of
course this one they like.
What people People in Colombia divide the
do. things that need to be done on
this special date, these are
people who take care of dinner,
donuts and custard that can
not be missed, people who
provide cookies and other
Christmas foods while they
arrive Twelve, those who put
the music of the time
decembrina, those who are
busy finalizing details of the
tree and the house in general
and those who take care of the
children while the others do
their work.
Why it is a Christmas is a celebration
special that became famous to be
celebration. able to reunite whole
families, to share a complete
night with love and kindness,
to open gifts and above all to
be next to those who want
In many cases families also
seek to travel in these times,
some to visit their relatives
and others to relax and
enjoy for a while

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2. Click on Examinar mi equipo and look for the file in your computer. Make sure
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Note: This evidence is an individual activity. Remember to check the learning

guide in order to know if you have done all the assigned activities, know how to
develop them and deliver them correctly.
Criterios de evaluacin

Describe celebraciones con la estructura y el vocabulario requeridos.

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