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SCAR Format.


SFO Technologies - Bangalore

Note : Supplier should complete SCAR and submit to SFO-E within 15-working days

Supplier Corrective Action Request

SCAR Number : IQA-ELUL-007 Date:16-May-13

Supplier: SCHIOPPA Part Name Caster Swivel with brake Part No. 2051473-001
Find area IQC In process Customer complaint Warehouse

NC Qty 56 nos Invoice no: SCH-0333-2013 Part Sl# NA

1) Moulding issue (short fill) observed- 48#

NC/Defect description 2) Castor wheels are not swivels freely after assembly- 8#

Attachment if any ( Photo / report etc ) :

Below should be finished by supplier

1.0 Containment/Correction plan :
Now we have started using manual cutting machine where there is no insulation damage .

2.0 Investigation:
Action Owner Date

monitoring the next production for verification of potential fail and Quality

3.0 Root cause analysis :

Failed visual inspection when injected.

4.0 Corrective action

Corrective action
Action Owner Date
Include the CP-Process Control failures images presented in the
complaint. Quality 5/31/2013

4.2 Does these action documented?(If Yes pls provide the Document no with Effective date)
Yes No Document No Effective date
x CP 7.5.1-02-10.001 5/27/2013
x CP 7.5.1-09-01.001 5/27/2013

5.0 Preventive Action

Action Owner Date

SCAR Format.xls

include visual inspection of the wheel assembly

Quality 5/27/2013

6.0 Verification and Validation ( If all the action have been implemented? )

7.0 Effectivity statement ( when the action taken - date , serial number & other traceable date for the change )

Prepared by Approved by

QA/QC Engineer name QA Head

Below should be finished by SFO-Electronics Bangalore.

8.0 Effectiveness of SCAR / Implementation record (Enclose with Evaluation Tracker form)

Notes , if any :

QA/QC Engineer

Format no: SFQ47.010 Rev 03