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CER Paragraph Rubric

9 8 7 6
(Above Grade Level) (At Grade Level) (Approaching Grade Level) (Below Grade Level)

Responds skillfully to all parts Responds to all parts of the Responds to most parts of the Responds to some or no parts
of the prompt prompt prompt of the prompt
Demonstrates a strong Demonstrates an Demonstrates limited Demonstrates little to no
understanding of topic/text understanding of topic/text understanding of topic/text understanding of topic/text
Claim/topic sentence is clearly Claim/topic sentence is clearly Claim/topic sentence is stated Claim/topic sentence is absent
stated and strongly maintained stated and maintained or not related to topic
W 2
throughout throughout

Organizati Organizes ideas and Organizes ideas and Partially organizes ideas and Little to no organization
on information using a clear information using a clear information Uses n o transitional words
claim/topic sentence, claim/topic sentence, Uses some transitional words
CCSS: evidence, and explanation evidence, and explanation
W 2a Uses transitional words and Uses transitional words and
W 2c phrases skillfully phrases
W 2e
W 4

Develops the topic with Develops the topic with Develops the topic with Does not develop the topic
relevant and well-chosen relevant examples and/or examples from the text with examples from the text
examples and/or quotations quotations from the text Partially integrates evidence Evidence is absent
from the text Integrates evidence Some explanation of evidence No explanation of evidence
Smoothly integrates evidence Explains evidence and links to
W 2b
Explains evidence clearly and the claim/topic sentence
W 8
effectively links to the
W 9b
claim/topic sentence

Uses purposeful and varied Uses correct and varied Uses some repetitive yet Does not demonstrate
Language sentence structures sentence structures correct sentence structure sentence mastery
Demonstrates a strong Demonstrates grade level Demonstrates some grade Demonstrates limited
CCSS: command of conventions; few, appropriate conventions; some level appropriate conventions, understanding of grade level
L 1 if any, errors errors may be present, but do but errors may interfere with conventions, and errors
L 2 Uses precise and topic-specific not interfere with the the readability interfere with the readability
W 2d vocabulary accurately readability Uses some precise language Does not use precise language
Uses precise language and and/or topic-specific or topic-specific vocabulary
topic-specific vocabulary vocabulary
*CCSS Common Core State Standards alignment (W = Writing strand; RIT=Reading Informational Text; L= Language strand)
Document Source: Elk Grove Unified School District, CA
Carlos' CER presentation
Exceeded Met Nearly Met Did Not Meet
9 pts 8 pts 7 pts 6 pts

Responds skillfully to all Responds to all parts of Responds to most parts of Responds to some or no
parts of the prompt the prompt the prompt parts of the prompt
Demonstrates higher-level Demonstrates strong
thinking about the text understanding of topic/text

Relevant and well-chosen Related to the prompt, but Evidence is present, but
EVIDENCE not the best evidence from does not support the claim
the text

Evidence thoroughly Evidence explained fully Evidence is basically Explanation does not
explained and is clearly and is clearly linked back explained and is linked to connect back to the claim
linked back to the claim to the claim the claim
Shows deeper thinking
about the text

Basic transitions are used Few or very basic

Flows nicely with a variety of transitional words and transitions
phrases May have some ideas out
ORGANIZATIO of order Ideas are not arranged in
N CER structure is clearly used a logical way
CER structure may not be
followed CER structure is missing
or flawed

Is free of spelling and Is mostly free of spelling Includes some spelling Has many spelling and/or
grammatical errors and grammatical errors and/or grammatical errors grammatical errors that
that interfere with flow and interfere with flow and
Conventions Sophisticated word choice Uses variety of sentence readability. readability
and varied sentence structure