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September 2017

Gaylene Hanson
PO Box 198
Joyce Hanson Our Fall Festival and first day of Sunday School will be held on Sunday,
PO Box 164 September 10th. Church service begins 8:30 am and Sunday School at 9:30 am.
Barrett, MN 56311
We begin our year with “The Sower.” Games will be held on September 10th,
320-528-2354 Movies on the 17th, Crafts on the 24th, and Cooking on October 1st. Other rotations include “David,” “A Storm,” Walk on Water,” “Four Friends,” and
Lost Coin and Lost Sheep.” After each rotation we will perform a community
Charles Johnson service project or take a field trip. Stay tuned for new and exciting adventures!
16357 County Road 2
Barrett, MN 56311 Chelsey Anderson, Kim Lang, and Jodi Moss will be coming back to teach this
320-528-2289 year and Kristy Simar will again be our helper. We need one more teacher and
some youth helpers. Please let Joyce know as soon as possible if you can help!

Jim Johnson Our VBS “Camp Out” was so fun! We put up tents in the park and learned
18643 193rd 150th Ave S’more about Jesus! Thanks to all of those who helped – we had a terrific
Barrett, MN 23.00 bunch!
Our meals were served by: Peace Altar Guild and WELCA on Monday, West
Moe on Tuesday, and Men’s Breakfast on Wednesday. Tina McGrath and
Emily Johnson handled our registration and taught our Projects-with-a-
Marilyn Frykman Purpose rotation. Pastor Sarah presented our openings and along with
21398 140th Ave Chelsey Anderson, Anya Brantley, and Marlene Dreier, taught Bible
Barrett, MN 56311
Exploration. Kaleb Getz and Blake Koloski lead our Wilderness Games and our
320-528-2359 Pup Tent Preschool teachers and helpers were Gaylene Hanson, Ali DeSmet,
Katlyn Martin, Sean Christopherson and Krissy Amundson. Our Crew Leaders
were Ian Getz, Trent Koloski, Elly Schleicher, Corey Stevens, Trenton Gatzlaff,
Lois Scherer Jordan Stewart, Mark Adams, Ashton Danner, and Kristy Simar. A special
26873 Grand View Road #1
Elbow Lake, MN 56531
thanks to Sami Wendt and Ayden Danner for being our skit actors and to Gina
218-685-446 Christopherson for doing our slide show. Thanks to Steve Ellis (bees), Bea
DeFrance (school supplies), and Alveda Rhude (community gardens) for their
presentations. We had many helpers setting up and cleaning up for which we
are so grateful for. And finally, to all those who donated and borrowed items
Alexis Danner
and those who were so generous with their financial donations! God bless you
PO Box 152
Hoffman, MN
Joyce Hanson, Director 320-424-9726
Peace Church Council Meeting Minutes July 12th, 2017
Present: Tom Gardner, Jim Johnson, Gaylene Hanson, Lois Scherer, Pastor Evenson, Sandy Kashmark, Joyce Hanson, Charles Johnson,
Marilyn Frykman Absent: Lexi Danner due to work schedule commitments.
Visitors present prior to meeting: Youth Director Heather Danner and Jon Danner.
Meeting called to order at 6:05 p.m. by Chairman Tom
Pastor Sarah led devotions based on selected verses from I Chronicles referencing worship and praise. The council collectively shared
their personal experiences with a worship that made an impact on them.
Administrative reports were presented as printed:
Motion to accept the secretary’s report as printed made by Joyce, with second by Lois. MC
Financial reports presented in printed form: motion to approve June transactions list made by Marilyn with second by Gaylene. MC
Pastor’s report given by Pastor Sarah: Pastor has been doing member visits (ill and homebound), working on the worship series from
Ephesians, meeting with Joyce regarding VBS, meeting with Heather re: mission trip and fall youth activities. Planning pending
gravesite service and working on fall worship services which will be outlined under new business.
Old Business
Old Settler’s Worship service went well on June 25 th.
Youth Activities: Over $800.00 was earned at their car wash on the Saturday following the mission trip. Attended well by students.
Thank you to the Palmer Bus Co. for allowing youth to use their wash bay.
Youth mission trip: The students will be sharing their experiences with the congregation at morning worship. According to Youth
Director, Heather and chaperone, Jon, it was a great experience for all. “Even with the hot weather and difficult conditions, the
kids were terrific”.
The new office furniture in the church administrator’s office is in place and the work station is good for Sandy.
Immanuel Service: confirmed for 11 a.m. on August 6 th, 2017 at the Immanuel church. John Zdrazil will be leading the worship.
Pastor Sarah has extended commitments to the West Moe church for the 150 th Anniversary celebration on August 6th.
Immanuel Sing a long typically scheduled for August is yet to be determined.
Church Directory: there is a link to the website location to schedule appointments on social media. Tom will announce in church.
Brenda Long is the liaison for the project.
New Business
Joyce and Admin Sandy will do research on a portable speaker and microphone to be used for VBS. Purchase will be with memorial
Chairman Tom will orient the Altar Guild to be back up support for Acolyte, Sound and Video at Sunday worship.
Tree Clean up: Due to damage from June storm, there are several trees which need trimming in the area north of the parking lot.
Chairman Tom will discuss with the church men (volunteers) and get a consensus on the necessary work needed.
VBS: Joyce and Pastor gave an update on the VBS activities. The plan is to include youth as young as toddlers through high school.
There are several community presenters for each of the evening programs, craft activities, along with an evening meal. Dates
confirmed are August 7th, 8th and 9th, 5-8 p.m. Joyce will be coordinating with church members regarding needed support for the
program. Peace/Moe Gathering on Wednesday evening at the park to conclude the VBS program. Pastor Sarah indicated Au-
gust 13th will be VBS worship Sunday also.
Fall Worship Planning: Pastor Sarah and the support ministry at Peace have been working on tentative fall activities. Pastor Sarah
has requested council input regarding the following tentative plans.
Plans for an outdoor worship service at Peace on August 20 th with potluck breakfast to follow. Site will be determined and
announced via newsletter and social media. Endorsed by council.
Back to the Fifties Gathering on Saturday September 23 rd, 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. sponsored by the Peace Church at the Barrett
Pavilion. The goal of this function is to bring the community together as a social event for all ages. There will be a
vendor present for food and refreshment, music from the 50’s and ice cream floats and sundaes served by our Peace
Youth as an early fund raiser for 2018 mission trip. Motion was made by Marilyn with a second by Gaylene for Pastor
Sarah and the support groups to do due diligence with this activity. Information will be forthcoming on the event at
our August council meeting. MC
Youth Worship Plans: Pastor gave an outline regarding a potential bimonthly Wednesday contemporary Youth worship
service at Peace for youth grades 7 through 12. Times and start dates to be determined. {Considering after school and
during confirmation times} Worship will include music, scripture and prayer. More information pending. Consensus
from the council was to support Pastor Sarah and Heather with this additional worship service.
Due to the Wednesday VBS program, Peace council meeting time will be August 9 th at 8 p.m. (after the VBS conclusion).
Motion to adjourn made by Lois, second by Charles. MC
Adjourned at 7:44 p.m.
M. Frykman, recording.
September 2017
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The Reformation was, first and foremost, all about the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was then, and it still is now.

The task of reformation never ends, for every person,
in every generation, needs to hear the good news of
their Savior from sin and eternal death.
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The most enduring symbol of the Lutheran
Reformation is the seal that Luther himself
designed to represent his theology. By the early
1520s, this seal begins to appear on the title page
of Luther’s works.
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September 2017

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