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Use Examples
ability(sposobnost) to do sth. in the present (substituteform:
I can speak English.
to be able to)
permission(dozvola) to do sth. in the present (substituteform:
Can I go to the cinema?
to be allowed to)
Can you wait a moment,
Request (zahtjev)
I can lend you my car
Offer (ponuda)
Can we visitGrandma at the
Suggestion (prijedlog)
Possibility (mogunost) It can getvery hot in Arizona.

2. could
Use Examples
ability to do sth. in the past (substituteform: to be able to) I couldspeak English.
permission to do sth. in the past (substituteform: to be
I could go to the cinema.
allowed to)
polite question * (pristojno, utivo) Could I go to the cinema, please?
politerequest * Could you wait a moment, please?
I couldlend you my car
politeoffer *
Could we visitGrandma at the
politesuggestion *
possibility * It couldgetvery hot in Montana.

3. may
Use Examples
Possibility (mogunost) It may raintoday.
permission(dozvola) to do sth. in the present (substituteform: to be May I go to the
allowed to) cinema?
politesuggestion (ljubazan prijedlog/ponuda) May I help you?
4. might
Use Examples
Possibility (mogunost) (lesspossiblethan may manje mogua nego s It
may) * mightraintoday.
Might I help
hesitantoffer * (neodluna ponuda)

5. must
Use Examples
force, necessity (nunost) I must go to the supermarket today.
Possibility (mogunost) You must be tired.
advice, recommendation (savjet, preporuka) You must see the new film with BradPitt.

6. must not/may not

Use Examples
You mustn't work on dad'scomputer.
Prohibition (zabrana) (must is a littlestronger)
You may not work on dad'scomputer.

7. need not
Use Examples
sth. is not necessary (neto nije I needn't go to the supermarket, we'regoing to the
potrebno) restauranttonight.

8. ought to
simliar to should ought tosounds a littlelesssubjective

Use Examples
Advice (savjet) You ought to drive carefully in bad weather.
obligation (obaveza) You ought to switchoff the lightwhen you leave the room.

9. shall
usedinstead of will in the 1st person (koristi se umjesto will u prvom licu)

Use Examples
Suggestion (prijedlog) Shall I carry your bag?
10. should
Use Examples
Advice (savjet) You should drive carefully in bad weather.
Obligation (obaveza) You shouldswitchoff the lightwhen you leave the room.

11. will
Use Examples
wish, request, demand, order (lesspolitethan would) (elja,
Will you pleaseshut the door?
zahtjev, potranja, ..)
prediction, assumption (pretpostavka) I think it will rain on Friday.
Promise (obeanje) I will stop smoking.
Can somebody drive me to the
spontaneousdecision (spontana odluka)
station? - I will.
She'sstrange, she'll sit for hours
Habits (navike)
without talking.

12. would
Use Examples
wish, request (more politethan will) Would you shut the door, please?
habits in the past Sometimes he would bring me some flowers.

* These are no past forms, they refer to the future.