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The description of installation of program ELSA 3.

Attention! For successful installation the hard disk section on which the program is put, should
be formatted in NTFS, and also operating system Windows XP should be established.
Program Adobe Acrobat Reader should be necessarily established.
For viewing of electric schemes, it is necessary to instal program Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0

1. Installation of a cover of the program.

1.1. Installation ELSA 3.6.

For installation it is necessary to start a file setup.exe from folder ELSA 3.6 Setup and to follow
the further instructions.

Choose language of the interface of installation from the offered variants and click “Next”.
Click “OK”

To close all subsequent windows, having pressed button "Next".

To enter a name of the user, the name of the company and serial number
123-12345-36-0002088570-00031 in a following window variants and click “Next”.
To check up correctness of the entered data and to confirm. Click “Yes”.

In a following window to press button "ОК" changing of nothing.

To choose the additional languages of the interface necessary for work and to press "Next".
(select multiple, may be not all the information in the chosen language)

To choose a directory for program installation, press "Next".

(it is desirable to leave without changes).
To press button "Next" in a following window, it is desirable having left all without changes.

To check up the entered data and to press button "Next".

Click “OK”
In a following window it will be offered to enter "Endgultiger Code" (Final code) .
For this purpose it will be necessary to start the generator of key ELSA Keygen.exe and to enter
there 8-place «Provisional code» from the second line and to receive 8-place «Final code» which
should be entered last line of a window and to press button "ОК".

To press button "OK" in a following window.

1.2. Creation of the user.

For creation of the user it is necessary to start a label on a desktop «ElsaWin Administration».
The window for name and password input will be thus opened. It is necessary to enter a name
«admin» and the password «admin» (accordingly without inverted commas).
Choose the " Service" menu, then «to Create the user».

In the opened window we enter the Surname and the Name (it is better to enter «1» and «1»
without inverted commas). press button "Next".
In a following window we tick off "Manager" and we choose loading language. press button

Further we appropriate the password (for convenience better «1») and it is repeated by its line
more low. press button "Next".

We enter number of the importer «123», number of the dealer «12345» and we press button
We check the entered data and we press button "Next".

Further it will be told that the assistant is ready to create the user. It is necessary to press button

To confirm creation of the new user. Click “OK” and close ElsaWin Administration.
1.3. Installation ELSA 3.7 update.

Attention! It is necessary that points 1.1 and 1.2 since the given version is updating of version
ELSA 3.6 have been executed.

For installation it is necessary to start a file setup.exe from folder ELSA 3.7 Update and to
follow the further instructions. Thus long time will occur nothing to the computer, it is necessary
to wait the installation beginnings.

Installation is made also as in point 1.1. Installation ELSA 3.6 with that only a difference that it
is not necessary to enter serial number since it should be generated itself, and «Final code» if it
has been entered into time of the previous installation.

2. Installation of bases of the program.

For installation of bases of the program, it is necessary to start serially files setup.exe from
VW 3-2009 for 3.7
AUDI 3-2009 for 3.7
SEAT 2.1-2009 for 3.7
SKODA 3-2009 for 3.7
having waited the terminations of installation of each of them.
(For VW and AUDI insert DVD 1 and then will be asked to DVD 2)

Installation is considered finished when button Cancel will change the name on Exit.