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Beginner Written Test A

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Part A Reading
01. Look the following text about John and answer the questions

Hi! My name is John. I am twenty-five years old. I am from

the United States. I live in New York next to the Central
Park. I have a very big family. I live with my mother, my
father and my four brothers. My mothers name Is Mary
and my fathers is Peter. There are many places to go in
here as museums, cafs, malls and many others. There is a
park I go almost every day with one of my brothers. If you
want to visit me someday, you are very welcome!

a) What is his nationality?

b) What important place is close to his house?
c) How old is John?
d) What are their parents names?
e) What places are there to go in New York?

Part B Grammar

02. Match the pronouns with the names

1. They 4. He
2. We 5. She
3. It

( ) Peter and my dog ( ) the boys

( ) the person ( ) Paul Harris

( ) I and my cat ( ) my family

( ) Martha and Anna ( ) Marry Anne

03. Use simple present or present continuous.

a) Every Sunday Jane_______________ (take) her children to cinema.

b) I _________________ (work) as a secretary at ABT, but this
summer I _______________________(study) French at a language
school in Paris. That is why I am in Paris.
c) Be quite!! The kids __________________________ (sleep).
d) Don't forget to take your umbrella. It _____________________(rain).
e) This cake ______________ (be) very delicious.

04. Use Simple past or past continuous

a) Where _______________________________ (you/spend) your last

b) ___________ you ______________ (see) Mike yesterday?
c) Where ___________________ (be) you?
d) Last night we __________________ (go) to a good party.
e) I ______________________ (not/forget) to get that book.

05. Make questions to the answers according to the example:

E.g.: What is your name?

My name is Erick.

a) ______________________________________________________________________
His name is John.
b) _______________________________________________________________________
Her name is Mary.
c) _______________________________________________________________________
Their names are Samuel and Jack.
d) ______________________________________________________________________
Our names are Sarah and Brittany.
e) ______________________________________________________________________
Its Alex.
Part C Vocabulary
06. Write the names of the countries from the chart according to the following
The United States Canada Russia

a) I am from a very powerful country. We have various songs and movies in the
entire world. We are very rich and our president is black. I am from
b) I am from a very cold place. Here it is the biggest country of the world. It is
located in the East Europe. Our language is very difficult. I am from
c) I am from a country of two official languages: English and French. Here is cold.
We are very receptive with immigrants. We are close to the United States. I am
from _________________

07. Write the numbers in words:

a) 12+10= ________________________
b) 8+5-2= ________________________
c) 9+ ________________________ = 20
d) ________________________ x 2= 12