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Judge: Do you like to testify in Tagalog or in English?

Witness: English, Your Honor

Judge: Offer
Prosec: We would like to offer the testimony of the witnessPO1 Javes Acevedo Y Jardenil to:
1. Corroborate the testimony of first witness
2. Prove The legitimacy of the buybust operation
Witness was part of the planning and the buybust operation consucted by the Pasay PNP which
resulted in the apprehension of accused.
J: any comment on the offer?
Defense: none your honor
J: proceed
P: thank you your honor
P: mr witness what is your present occupation if any?
W: i am a PNP officer
P: what rank?
W: SP01
P: Where are you designated mr witness?

W: Station Anti Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Groud (SAIDSOTG), Pasay City Police

P: For the benefit of the court, can you please tell us what kinds of cases your task group handles?
W: The main goal of our group is to undertake an intensified and continuous campaign against
illegal drugs, in our case in the Pasay area, in support of the PDEA and in lateral coordination with
other concerned law enforcement agencies.
P: Now that weve established what it is that you do, I'd like to direct your and the court's attention
to the buy bust operation that lead to the apprehension of the accused.
P: Mr witness i would like to show you a document made and signed by you, entitled sinumpaaang
salaysay ng pag aresto. Would you please verify if it is the same document that you executed.
W: It is the same sir.
P: Is this your signature at the end mr witness?
W: Yes it is.
P: Your honor we would like the originally premarked doucument exhibit ____ and the signature
premarked ____ be permanently marked as such.
J: Granted.
P: Thank you your honor. What is the purpose of the document mr witness?
W: It is part of our SOP and is mainly used for the filing of a case against apprehended suspects.
P: What was your role in the said operation mr witness?
W: I was part of the planning of the operation as well as the execution of the buybust as a backup
for our main poseur buyer.
P: How did you first learn of the operation mr witness.
W: On jan 1, we were called in for a meeting by our cheif and were told that we would be
conducting an operation to apprehend _________________. In that same meeting i was told that
my role in the operation would be as backup for P01 Flores.
P: What happened after the meeting mr witness?
W: P01 Ditol made a coordination and preoperations report for DAIDSOTG and PDEA RONCR
for approval of the operations.
P: And was it approved mr witness?
W: Yes sir it was.
P: Can you please give us the control number issued after the approval of the operations mr
W: The Control Number given was 0117-00001.
P: What happened next mr witness?
W: After it was approved we went directly to 129 Emma St., corner Delas Alas St., Brgy. 57, Zone
8, Pasay City to conduct the operation. Our buyer P01 Flores was accompanied by a confidential
agent while i was close by waiting in an area that allowed me to observe them. P01 Ditol was also
in the area as backup waiting for the signal to move in as well as other operatives.
W: At around 10:45 that night, while P01 Flores and the confidential agent were walking along
Emma street, they met a girl. They followed the girl to a house where she knocked on the door. A
man came out of the door and i saw that he was talking to P01 Flores. after which the man went
back inside the house before coming out again.
W: I then saw P01 Flores pullout something from his pocket and give it to the man, and the latter
then gave a heat sealed plastic sachet to p01 Flores and another one to the girl.
W: After this happened, i saw P01 Flores reverse his cap which was our agreed signal to move in.
It meant that the transaction had been completed.
P: What happened after that mr witness?
W: I moved in and also saw P01 Ditol move in. I assisted Flores in arresting the Man and P01 Ditol
arrested the woman.
P: After the arrest were you able to identify the man and woman mr witness?
W: Yes we were. The man is ALGIER DIVINO while the woman is JANNINE VILLAMONTE.
P: How did you learn their names?
W: They were both asked what their names were right after they were apprehended as well as
when they were brought back to the station.
P: What else did you do after they were apprehended?
W: We searched their person and I personally found one more heat sealed sachet on Algier. I also
found 200 pesos which i gave to P01 Flores to check if it was the same bills used in the operation
and he confirmed that it was. To be sure however P01 Flores also asked Algier if these were the
bills used and the latter also confirmed that it was.
Both were then read their rights and violation.
P: What happened to the confiscated sachets?
W: They were marked and signed. The ones P01 Flores got were marked as 1ANF-AD 01-01-
2017 and 2ANF-AD 01-01- 2017, and were also signed by him. The one i was able to find in
Algier's pocket was marked JA-AD 01-01- 2017 and signed as well. All this was done in front of
P: Your honor these sachets were premarked _____ we request that they be permanently marked
as such.
J: Granted
P:Thank you your honor.
P: Then what happened mr witness?
W: We then proceeded to Barangay 57, Zone 8 where Kagawad Eden Beltran signed the inventory
of seized evidence after Algier admitted his crime.
P: your honor, the inventory of seized evidence was premarked _____, we request that the
marking be made permanent.
J: Granted
P: Thank you your honor. Now Mr witness after the inventory was made, what did you do to the
apprehended persons?
W: We brought them to the station. This is where we were able to acquire their comlete personal
information which are : (1) ALGIER II THADDEUS MARTINEZ DIVINO, 24 years old (January 26,
1992), single, electrician, residing in 129 Emma St., corner Delas Alas St., Brgy. 57, Zone 8, Pasay
City; and (2) JANINE RAE BALMEO VILLAMONTE, 26 years old (September 27, 1991), single, a
student residing at 156 Emma St.. Brgy 57,Zone 8, Pasay City.
After the documentation we brought them to PGH for medical and then to the crime lab in makati
city for drug tests and for determination of the confiscated material. The results were positive for

P: No further questions your honor.