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Student Name: Christine Babu

Lesson Title: Introduction to Country Portfolio and Fair Project Grade(s): 10

# of Lessons in Unit: 1 Lesson # 1 Time Required: 1 hour

Target ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors:
A:A1 Improve Academic Self-concept
A:A1.1 Articulate feelings of competence and confidence as learners
A:A1.2 Display a positive interest in learning

A:A3 Achieve School Success

A:A3.2 Demonstrate the ability to work independently, as well as the ability to work cooperatively
with other students

Target PA Standards:
Standard - 7.3.W.A
Analyze the human characteristics of places and regions using the following criteria:
Economic activities
Political activities

Learning Objective(s):
Students will identify a country to research for project
Students will analyze the human characteristics of places and regions of their assigned country
Students will demonstrate the ability to work independently and cooperatively with other students
Personal devices
Wifi access
1. Introduce and discuss project and fair (10 minutes)
Students are required to learn about a specific country and put together a portfolio about it. The
project will conclude with a school fair, where students with the same country can group together and
create a booth with a poster board about the country they researched. Students in the school (after
the 10th graders have had a chance) are encouraged to walk around the booths and learn about other
2. Go over requirements and address student questions (10 minutes)
Record questions and provide answers
3. Allow students to choose country, then begin assigning whats left (5-10 minutes)
4. Students can begin research once they have an assigned country (20-25 minutes)
Create a project timeline to help plan and meet deadlines
Walk around the classroom and provide feedback if necessary
6. End the lesson asking for student input about and openness to the project (5 minutes)
Record student input and offer to address their issues

Plan for Evaluation

(How will each of the following be collected?)

Process Data:
~25 students in a 10th grade history course

Perception Data:
Student questions and input (recorded)
Outcome Data:
75% of students feel prepared to take on task of project
75% of students are willing to learn about a different country
Follow Up:
Students who feel unprepared or unwilling can meet with the school counselor later that week to
discuss any concerns they may have. The school counselor can work with student and provide
additional resources if needed (such as a personal device to loan).
Lesson Source: n/a

Unit Data
(Add post-unit data after lesson has been completed.)

Process Data:
(How many lessons provided to
how many students?)
Perception Data: Questions or Pre Post
(What do students or adults think Demonstration Date # or % Date # or %
that students know, believe or
can do?)
Achievement or Related Pre Post Pre Post
Results Data:
Data Element Date # or % Date # or %
(Student achievement or student