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Remediation Plan for Conflict Resolution

To address conflict amongst students, White Lake High School is committed to providing
conflict resolution for its students to gain skills in positive communication and behavior. As a
result, the school can be a safe environment that promotes learning. A remediation plan was
created to coincide with White Lake High Schools handbook and commitment to student
success. Students are compliant to follow the procedure of White Lake High Schools handbook
as members of the school and for their personal development.
White Lake High School identifies students in need of conflict resolution as those who
have been involved with an issue with another student or more that required disciplinary action
such as loss of privileges (ex: parking spot), detention, in-school suspension and out of school
Remediation Services
The students who have been identified as in need of conflict resolution will be required to
partake in services for remediation. Through the support of school staff, these services help
student development as they work towards conflict resolution. They are:
1. Referral to Student Assistance Program (SAP)
Students will meet with counselors, teachers and peers during their session to discuss the
conflict in a safe place. The counselors and teachers can help mediate the conflict and
provide support to the students. Parents or guardians of the students will be made aware
of their progress and be given updates on the matter.
2. Referral to Individual Counseling
Students will meet with the school psychologist for one-on-one sessions and be given
feedback on how to develop positive communication skills and train in appropriate
behavior. Parents or guardians of the students will be made aware of their progress and be
given updates on the matter.
3. Conflict Resolution Workshops
Students will attend workshops that the school provides on a monthly basis to learn
problem-solving skills, how to negotiate and positive thinking through activities like role-
play. The workshops are led by school staff, parents and students.
4. Check-in with Assistant Principal
Students will have biweekly check-ins with their assistant principal to ensure that they
are moving towards positive change and express their concerns about the conflict to an
5. Alternative School
Students still struggling with conflict will discuss alternative school as a solution so that
their education is not put on hold in the midst of the matter. Alternative school can
provide an education for the student outside of the environment where they may not be
able to avoid conflict and continue their academic development. During this time,
students are encouraged to work on conflict resolution through the provided services at
the alternative school. Students can return to White Lake High School once the semester
has been completed.