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New Life Church News Letter

Some News:

The calendar has been edited and

birthdays for all people attending a
community are now "view-able" (except
for some from )
Please note that upcoming events have
also now been added

Communities will now be rotating on a

weekly basis as opposed to a monthly
one (Please find new and improved
serving roster along with serving duties
attached) A laminated check list has also
been put up on the grocery cupboard
door along with a white bored marker so
that the community on duty can tick off
each task as they have done them
should they wish. There is also another
laminated sheet where you can leave a
note for admin should you wish
Thanks so much for your servant hearts!
We love and appreciate you!

Justin Cork has been appointed as our

new worship leader. Justin is a humble
leader who radically loves Jesus and we
are so excited to see what the Lord has
in store for this season of your life! Jesus
you are the head of everything in the
church and we want to give you all the
honour and glory you deserve. We pray
that you would give us the grace,
strength, and wisdom to do this and we
thank you for the people you have given
us in the body!
Past Events:

Wow, what a blessed time we had

with Jonathan Stanfield at Crossways
Church as he sewed into our leaders
and fellow saints! We learned about
ministry in a new testament T.E.A.M
(Together, Experience, Accountability,
and Multiplication). How to function as
a healthy body. For those who
messed it bring your flash stick along
to church and get a copy.

The Ladies had an absolute ball last

week Saturday at the Who I Am ladies
tea lead by Paulette Wheatly. Many
had a personal encounter with Holy
Spirit and where set free of baggage
they had been carrying around. Here
is a personal testimony from one of
our precious ladies:

Good morning beautiful ladies! This morning I

woke up with these words on my mind..."wake
up child, it's your time to shine. You were born
for such a time as this". Our Father is desiring us
to rise up as the bride we are. This is the season
where we need to spend as much time in His
presence as possible. This past week He
revealed to me that I was still holding on to hurts
& shame from my past, even though I thought I'd
dealt with it. But at the ladies meeting on
Saturday I decided I don't want any of it
anymore. God took it all from me!! we have to
make the decision to let go & totally surrender
everything to Him, & allow Him to take all our
hurts, pain, shame, disappointment etc. It's not
ours to carry, Jesus took it all & nailed it to the
cross!! Our Father wants us healed & set free,
He needs us! But He can't work if we're holding
on to all those things. Even though it may not be
easy, even painful, to let it all go, He will give
you the strength and when the enemy comes &
tries to tell you that it's not gone, as he will, we
have to remind him that Jesus has taken it all.
So let's start being the light that we were made
to be, it's your time to shine!!

Wow, what an awesome testimony!

Thank you Jesus!
Upcoming Events:
Mens Retreat hosted by our four12
partnering church Crossways. Don't
miss out men, its a battlefield out
there! There is a cost of R1500 as the
retreat is in Morgan Bay. For more
details you can email

3 - 6 Oct : Four12 Conference

4 6 OCTOBER 2017
-Venue (Lighthouse Christian Centre)
275 Voortrekker Rd, Fairfield Estate,

Conference Parow, 7500

Adults 18+- R 375
Children 4-17 years- R175
Children 0-3 years- Free
-Register on

Please Note: Registration for

accommodation is now open!