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McCreary School Grade 12

Semester 1 2017/2018 Applied

Mrs. Lockhart Math

Timeline Unit & Topic Important Info

Weekly Problems
Ongoing Cost and design problems
Puzzles and Games
1. Financial Math: Investments
Compound Interest
September Investment Portfolios
Ratios and Rates
2. Financial Math: Borrowing
Rent, Lease, Buy
3. Set Theory and Logic
October Set theory
Conditional statements
4. Counting Methods
Counting principles
5. Probability
Validity of probability statements
Mutually exclusive & inclusive events
Independent and dependent events
6. Polynomial Functions
Polynomial functions
7. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Exponential and logarithmic functions
Christmas Break December 25th January 5th
8. Sinusoidal Functions
Sinusoidal functions
Exam Review January 22nd
Provincial Exam January 23rd



Behaviour Assessment
Personal Management Skills - The student self-monitors own behaviors and personal
growth, organizes for learning, contributes positively to the learning process and takes
responsibility for work completion.
Active Participation in Learning - The student
participates actively in learning, is curious, sets
learning goals, self-assesses, provides feedback,
and uses feedback for improvement.
Social Responsibility - The student demonstrates
citizenship and social skills that contribute to making
the classroom, school, and larger community a
positive, safe and caring environment.

Academic Assessment
Weekly Problem
Every Thursday Mrs. Lockhart will post a new weekly problem which is to
be completed by 3:30 the following Wednesday.
All required work must be shown to receive full marks.
The solution will be posted the following week. Work submitted after the
solution has been posted will receive a zero.

It is expected that all students use class time wisely and complete all assignments on time.
In order to receive full marks for textbook assignments all required work and calculations must
be shown.

Quizzes & Chapter Tests

There will be 8 chapter tests throughout the semester. Tests are cumulative.
Students are allowed a personalized study sheet for each chapter test.
Students will have the option to do one re-test (not cumulative) at the end of the course.
All retests will happen on the same day (at lunch) during the last week before the exam. The
new test grade will replace the original grade.

Final Exam
All students will be required to write the provincial exam on January 23rd.
The final exam is worth 30% of the students overall grade.
Students are expected to create their own one-page, double-sided 8.5x11 study sheet for the exam.

Let Mrs. Lockhart know ahead of time if you know youll be away.
As soon as you return to school (even if we dont have class that day) go to your folder in
the student mailbox to find out what you missed.
If you have questions about the missed material ask a classmate first.
If you have an excused absence for the day of a test please make arrangements to write it
the day you return to school. If you skip a test or quiz you will receive a zero.