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Utilizing the Natural Laws of Resonance as a Citrus Greening/HLB Solution

Industry and Scientific Research Overview

Before delving into the applicability of utilizing the energy science(s) of resonant frequencies to
combat the Huanglongbing (HLB) bacteria that causes Citrus Greening Disease, it is prudent to take
an honest look at the science(s) relied upon to provide a solution to Citrus Greening. We do this to
honestly asses the applicability and viability of these sciences to this disease.

Specific to the HLB bacteria, perhaps the main reason why a solution has been evasive for over a
decade lies within the inherent potential and/or limitations of the science and methodology being
utilized. In the agricultural industry, the emphasis for most disease and pest related problems has
been limited to within three fields, with emphasis on the first two-

1. Agricultural Chemistry (refd to herein as Chemical Science)

2. Bio-Chemistry/Molecular Biology/Genetic engineering (refd to aggregately as Bio-
3. Plant hybridization and the use of beneficial species

Chemical Science. Regarding agricultural chemistry and pesticides, the pertinent chemical
sciences are the formulation and creation of designer toxins, intentionally toxic chemicals applied
mainly towards specified insects and to a lesser degree pathogens. The chemical sciences have
been diligently working on a solution to greening for over 13 years in the US and much longer
worldwide. This field has not suffered from any lack of funding and in spite of such time and
resources, no solution has been or is forthcoming. The applications of chemical science is
problematic as the HLB bacteria exists inside the tree/plant and is not immediately responsive to
topical/foliar sprays. Though chemical sprays produce results when applied to the Asian Citrus
Psyllid, they do very little to combat or eliminate the HLB bacteria.

Another aspect of the chemical sciences being given significant attention is the hypothesis one can
inoculate infected or pre-infected trees with some form of antibiotic to prevent and or eliminate
the HLB bacteria and greening disease. One can experiment with intra-vascular inoculants and
antibiotic type products, but even when/if a suitable compound is found, history has clearly
demonstrated antibiotics to be effective only in the short term and tend to result in the targeted
specie evolving a resistance, sending researchers back to the lab for ever more potent chemicals to
fight adapting and increasingly resistant microbes.

There is a rule when fighting Nature, What doesnt kill microbes makes them stronger.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

The crux of the problem with this approach is the chemical sciences have pitted themselves against
Nature and the vast resources of Nature. Chemical science perceives Nature and selected natural
organisms as a foe and aligns itself against Nature and Natural Law, as all the survival
mechanisms of Nature are in full play in support of all organism(s) and against unnatural synthetic
chemicals. Nature only has one mandate for all species, SURVIVE. Any science or approach that
pits itself against Nature is hampered in numerous and significant ways. Nature is a potent foe, but
can also be a potent ally when alignment with natural forces exist.

Further, at some logical point one must begin to consider the long-term viability of continuous and
increasing saturations of inorganic intentionally toxic chemicals to other organisms, the plant itself,
the earth, the environment at large and humans. Time always tells the truth and it is believed that in
time the designer toxin approach to agriculture will ultimately be seen as unnecessary and
counterproductive, especially in light of much better and more potent solutions derived from maximal
alignment with Nature, such as the solution disclosed herein.

In consideration of the above, it should be clear deriving a maximally optimum solution to Citrus
Greening disease from the chemical sciences will take much more time and money, will be difficult to
achieve and the end product will inevitably result in unfavorable trade-offs. For obvious reasons, it
does not seem likely a viable solution to HLB will appear from this field.

Biological and genetic engineering. Biological and genetic engineering is an interesting and
potentially promising field. Biological engineering is a direct outgrowth of mans new found
understanding of cellular and genetic structure(s) with the corresponding ability to manipulate
naturally occurring compounds, genes, cells and organisms into new life forms and compounds.

As a drawback, biological and genetic engineering is expensive, time consuming and typically
suffers from an inability to predict and control outcomes, so is highly experimental in nature. Even if
successful in artificially engineering something to devitalize the HLB bacteria, what is its full impact
on the environment? Since that question is so difficult to answer, testing and validating procedures
for new forms and compounds can take years before the release of a solution and even then, there
exists no test basis for placing artificially modified structures into the environment at large. What are
its effect on other organisms and their effect on other organisms and so on over time? Does it have
the ability to modify or can it be modified by another organism or stress from the environment? Does
it cause modifications in other organisms? How is it possible to know all these things prior to

Nature does not necessarily differentiate between manmade life forms. Once a life form exists, as a
rule Nature integrates it and will utilize everything in its vast resources to ensure its adaptive
survival. Since there is no reliable test basis for long term exposure in the environment (except long
term exposure in the environment), the potential exists for such new compounds and organisms to
effect the environment in ways not possible to wholly envision. It is not possible to adequately
answer all questions relating to new compounds and organisms, so in addition to the inability to
predict and control outcomes there exists intrinsic and unmitigatable risks.

Like chemical engineering, biological engineering is not aligned with Nature as it creates
manipulations of forms and compounds never intended by Nature. Biological and genetic
engineering is an art in itself requiring significant intuitive and logical intelligence deserving of
tremendous respect and nothing herein is detracted from this field or those scientists. There are
currently approaches to solutions within this field that make logical sense, but due to its own nature
and methodology this science remains expensive, time consuming, exceedingly experimental and
unpredictable in long-term outcome and effect.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

It is for the above reasons a solution to citrus greening in the science of biological engineering has
proven to be time consuming, expensive and unpredictable. Although there exists good ideas and
areas for research, there is no solution in the ready and will likely never be a solution that can fully
mitigate all possible risks.

Plant hybridization is viable in that there are minimal negative risks (assuming natural breeding)
but time consuming also. Even if multiple satisfactory species can be bred to be HLB resistant and
it will take multiple species to fully address ACP/HLB the net result is a complete replacement of
nearly all commercial citrus and the resulting expense and loss of production. So though an
excellent area of natural research that can produce maximally beneficial and minimally detrimental
products, hybridization is achingly slow, time consuming and ultimately expensive to the grower.

Beneficial Species/ACP Natural Enemies. Proper attention should be given to the use of beneficial
species and/or species that are natural enemies of the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) such as the
Tamarixia radiate and Diaphorencyrtus aligarhensis, a parasitoid of the Asian Citrus Psyllid. These
are small wasp like insects that feed on and kill the larvae of the ACP. Though this methodology can
be an extremely viable approach to control and any natural means is arguably better than an
unnatural means, the begging issue is how can these new insects survive the mass insecticide and
pesticide spraying that occurs in almost all agriculture? Is it possible to time spraying to miss these
insects? Is it possible all the insecticides designed to broadly kill agricultural pests and parasites has
no effect on this specie? Assuming this new species is truly neutral in environmental effect, is the
intentional importation of more foreign species the best solution to a problem caused by the
accidental importation of a foreign species to begin with? This wasp is not considered a complete
solution as it cannot possibly eradicate all ACPs. It is hoped the importation of this wasp will help
keep the ACP population in check. Fortunately, a much better solution exists.

Industry Summary Overview. If one desires and/or requires a maximally beneficial and minimally
detrimental solution to a problem in a timely manner, and satisfactory progress is not forthcoming, it
becomes worthwhile to examine the methodology(s) being utilized. There is no intent to malign these
fields of science as they have their appropriate place, but one should not expect significant progress
from fields of science that do not inherently possess the necessary characteristics for a maximally
viable solution.

When one takes an honest and serious look at how the Citrus Greening problem has been
addressed, it is not difficult to see why a viable solution has been long in coming and the same logic
indicates the nature of the sciences being applied do not sufficiently incorporate the fundamental
characteristics necessary for an immediate and maximally viable solution to Citrus Greening.

The above methodologies inherently contain risks, trade-offs and suffer from lack of a foundation in
Natural Law and/or natural phenomenon to align with. The Laws of Reciprocity and Proportion
clearly indicate a lack of scientific foundation as the time it takes to make substantive gains is
proportionately related to the viability of the methodology. An approach from a solid foundation yields
timely and substantive results. Every scientist knows this. It is historically demonstrated that
maximum scientific gains are realized when the methodology of the science involved maximally
aligns with Natural Law. Risks and tradeoffs should always be vigorously avoided and properly
considered a red flag indicator of misalignment with natural principals, not rationalized as an
acceptable factor of a given approach.

The real question is, why is the industry relying on designer toxins and highly experimental and
potentially risky bio-engineering as the most likely source of a solution to greening disease, when it
is observable these fields are fundamentally inadequate to this task?

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

At this point it is perhaps best to ask, What is science?

The word "science" comes from the Latin words "scientia" (knowledge) and "scire" (to know).
Science is knowledge, knowing or, knowing how to know. Science is not by definition
experimenting, though experimenting has a place in the pursuit of knowledge.

Science, by definition, is most essentially founded in observation. There exists no other or better
perceptive media for understanding than simple pure observation. What exists to be observed and to
know about? Nature and the natural universe. Nothing else exists to be observed.

Science, by definition then, is the observation of Nature in order to understand and know how to
align with Natural Laws and principals in order to achieve a desired outcome. Science is alignment
with and the use of Natural Laws, principals and phenomenon. Science in its highest and purest
definition is the goal of understanding Truth, as it pertains to ourselves, our world and the universe.
Do we understand all the laws of Nature and the potentialities inherent within? No, not even
remotely, but we have recently scratched the surface of Nature sufficiently to know how to
manipulate Nature and to then consider we can provide our own best solutions to problems in the
natural environment ironically, problems invariably found to be brought about by a misalignment or
departure from Nature and Natural Law to begin with. At some point, it should become obvious the
maximum potential of any scientific endeavor is derived from maximal alignment with Natural Law
and phenomenon.

Again, this paper takes no position regarding the indicated science(s) as they have their place, but
the inadequacies of a methodology must be examined when desired results are not forthcoming. If
true results are desired in a reasonable and predictable manner, alignment with a proven foundation
must also exist and the only foundation that exists for us is Nature. Science with minimal or no
foundation and/or alignment in Natural Law is limited to that degree and by that fact alone. Science
with no foundation in Natural Law is not science by definition, it is dabbling, it is toying, it is
experimenting, yet this has been the spearhead of scientific and industry research to address the
HLB problem.

A solution to Citrus Greening is not elusive so much as the methodology being applied does not
contain the inherent characteristics required for immediate and viable success.

As it turns out, the energy sciences provide an excellent solution to the eradication of the HLB

Methodology to Identify an Ideal Solution. In addition to what should be an accepted standard of

maximally adhering to Natural Law, any approach to any problem should begin with an ideal scene
for a solution. The Ideal Scene is the highest possible end product envisioned to be obtainable. An
ideal scene is the maximally optimum solution that provides the greatest good for the greatest
number with no or effectively minimized detrimental effects, thus a baseline is established for
potential areas of research. Regarding both the ACP and HLB bacteria, an optimum solution under
an Ideal Scene criteria is defined as follows:

1. Ideally, the expected solution, or area of research, should contain the necessary elements
required to be 100% effective 100% of the time.
2. Ideally, the same solution or technology should be able to be used to kill and/or devitalize the
HLB bacteria and the Asian Citrus Psyllid for complete mitigation of future risk. If not, then a
complete solution for both must be obtained.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

3. The solution must be timely, therefore a proposed solution must offer a high degree of
certainty of success within predictable timetables so a timeframe can be established for
disease containment that adequately satisfies industry and market needs and risks.
4. Ideally, the solution must be maximally clean, maximally safe and have no or minimal
detrimental impact on other life forms and the environment at large.
5. Ideally, the solution should be cost-efficient to develop.
6. The solution must be affordable to growers.

Regarding the ACP/HLB problem, the above criteria should be used to assess the viability of a given
research project or solution. Any project being considered for support should be graded on a 1-10
scaled rating on how well it addresses each of the above 6 points. Projects are then selected for
support by meeting a necessary minimum percentile on the scale. Identified then is a logical
methodology to ascertain the viability of proposed solutions to Citrus Greening Disease and its

The AgTech solution is held 100% accountable to the same criteria.

Who We Are. As you know, the citrus industry in a given locale or even as whole in America is a
tight community. Within the industry most people know or have heard of each other and regarding
Citrus Greening Disease/HLB research, most people are aware of who is doing what.

We are aware no one in the industry has heard of Agricultural Technologies Foundation (AgTech) or
was aware we were performing research on HLB. People in the citrus industry expect a solution to
greening disease to come from within the industrys research efforts consisting of chemical and bio-
engineering. This is a natural expectation, especially considering no one else is working harder and
almost no one outside the industry is even trying, except perhaps us.

Because the science community is working so hard and because a satisfactory solution has proven
elusive, the announcement of the AgTech Citrus Greening Solution is met with curious reactions.
Speaking for our lab, as much as anybody we understand no party enjoys being heavily invested in
terms of time and money into a project only to have someone else announce success however, the
hopes of the entire citrus industry and the goal of the entire HLB research community has been to
solve this problem as rapidly as possible and, eventually, someone somewhere has to accomplish it.

We ask that you simply be willing to consider a solution to greening disease that originates from
outside the normal industry scientific channels. Science encompasses far more fields and
disciplines than chemical and biological engineering. We ask that you mentally allow a solution to
greening disease can come from an unexpected source as often, thats how life works. With an open
mind then, please consider the following science and scientific facts.

Our associate, Gen-X Waveform Technologies R&D Lab is a private lab specializing in electronics,
waveform and wireless technologies engineering with researchers from Bell Labs. They are experts
in radio frequencies and transmissions, wireless technologies and the science of waveforms and
energies. If you have a phone or ever access the Internet, you are using technology they developed.

The people at Gen-X are well known and highly respected in the electronics engineering community.
It is understandable then if no one in the citrus research community expected a solution to HLB to be
based in the energy sciences, but as it turns out, this area of science is ideally suited to the HLB and
Asian Citrus Psyllid problem.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

The Basis of the AgTech Citrus Greening Solution

This basics of this AgTech solution and technology is simple and understandable to the layman. The
technology and foundation is based on self-evident logic any being is inherently equipped to
understand. It does not require a scientific background to understand this technology, just reason,
common sense and the willingness to expend the effort.

In essence, the AgTech Citrus Greening Disease/HLB solution maximally incorporates the use of
fundamental Natural Laws and Physics as its platform. Natural Laws are inviolate Laws of Nature
that not only exist senior to the physical universe, they provide for and govern the formation and
interactions of all energy and matter including all life forms. Natural Laws are woven into the fabric of
the Universe and are divined by the observation of life and phenomenon. Such observation is the
basis of real and productive science and is the foundation for true Research & Discovery.

People are immersed in these Natural Laws and their phenomenon every moment of every day, so
much so that most all of this is taken for granted. Everything one does from walking to computing is
possible only because of unwavering and universal Natural Laws, principals and phenomenon. Most
of us rarely inspect these laws. We ask that you inspect a little bit today.

It is observable the Physical Universe is an organized and self-perpetuating system. In order to be

organized and perpetuate itself, clearly there must exist workable, specific and Inviolate Laws that
universally apply.

Gravity is one of the more obvious and basic of the Natural Laws and can be best understood as a
magnetic attraction towards self, whether that self be a material body or a person. Gravity is
fundamental to other Natural Laws and brings into play the laws of Mass which include the laws of
mass in motion such as inertia, centrifugal force, friction etc. which logically relate and extend into
thermodynamics and other laws and phenomenon of Nature.

There are also the Electrostatic Laws, or laws of Energy and Electro Magnetism. It is these Laws the
AgTech technology are primarily based in. Among the Electrostatic Laws are a number of laws and
phenomenon that apply directly and in pure form to this solution and technology.

For this Citrus Greening technology, we merely recognize and learn to utilize existing and universal
Natural Laws, much how someone figured out the forces of a stream could be harnessed to turn a
water wheel which then could be used to generate force toward an intended end. What we are doing
is no different and to ask if the AgTech solution really works is like asking if a water wheel really
works or if gravity exists and is reliable. We are not trying to sound facetious, we are just attempting
to demonstrate the fundamental reliability and simplicity of this solution, and the science behind it.

There are only three pertinent aspects to the AgTech greening solution.

1. What are the Natural Laws that apply and how do I know they will work reliably to eliminate
the HLB bacteria?
2. Is this technology safe?
3. Can AgTech reliably harness these laws in order to eliminate the HLB bacteria?

Everything that has anything to do with the AgTech Citrus Greening solution is encompassed in
those three questions.

We address the first of these questions now

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

The Natural Laws governing the AgTech Citrus Greening Disease Solution.

The Nature of Matter

As mentioned, the AgTech solution to the Asian Citrus Psyllid and the HLB bacteria causing citrus
greening disease is based in fundamental universal Natural Laws. We merely discern how to apply
these laws towards an intended purpose.

Within the Natural Electrostatic Laws, there are the Laws of Energy that are encompassed in the
energy sciences and most recently in the field of Bio-Physics. When it comes to the Laws of Energy
there are two main Laws governing this solution-

1. All matter, form(s) and organism(s) are energetically based and,

2. The Laws of Resonance

Understanding these two points alone will enable you to completely understand the AgTech solution
and technology. We will do our best to explain things in an organized manner that not only provides
understanding, but enables your own personal research that you may intelligently and logically
decide for yourself if the statements made herein are true and applicable.

We do not ask for your faith or trust, we ask that you use your own common sense and intelligence
to discern for yourself that which is True.

The first point to understand is that all life and forms in the physical universe are energetically
based. That is to say, the fundamental structure of all matter is some form of energy. Youve heard
the phrase life is basically energy, lets look at that

It is universally true that all matter including biological organisms is observed to be reducible to an
increasingly simpler and more common source. This pattern of sequence tells us the universe is
organized and orderly, and this must be so for life to persist. On the surface, it appears there are
trillions of different and disparate forms in the universe each unique unto itself and existing solitary
and unconnected. This is illusory and could not be further from the Truth.

Immediately we can reduce every form in the physical universe, including life forms and organisms,
into about 98 different elements (Periodic Table of Elements. Today there are about 120 elements as
some elements are manmade.) So everything in existence is composed of some combination of
these 98 different elements, and we have just reduced trillions of forms to 98 component elements.

Each element is composed only and solely of a structure of atoms. The only difference between
each element is the number and composition of these atoms. An atom only contains three parts, a
Proton, a Neutron and an Electron. The number and combination of Neutrons, Protons and
Electrons grant atoms different properties and values. Nature naturally assembles these atoms into
the 98 elements.

We can then reduce these 98 Elements into a single thing, the Atom. An atom is the smallest whole
piece of matter that still retains the characteristics of its material form.

We can further reduce an atom into its component parts of a Neutron, Proton and Electron however,
when we get to the Electron we have arrived at the point where energy and matter merge, or
separate depending on the observer.

As a brief aside, but also to better indicate Life and Matter IS Energy, when we observe, study and
test an Electron we find that it behaves like matter and adheres to the laws of space, time, motion

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

etc. Curiously, when we perform the same tests on an electron, but we remove from the equation a
human observer, the Electron behaves like energy operating in a connected field and the physical
laws of space, time, distance and even motion no longer apply as the electron now behaves as a
connected electromagnetic field.

When someone is watching, an electron behaves like matter, but when no one is looking an
electron can be in multiple places simultaneously while exhibiting the quality of awareness and
communication with all other electrons. In other words and evidently, in a native unobserved state an
electron exists and behaves as an energy field.

This is the realm of Quantum Physics and though fascinating and thought provoking, is as far as we
need go to demonstrate life and matter is not only reducible to energy, but is in fact pure energy.

On the physical side, energy has very specific characteristics. Energy is not dispersed and chaotic -
nothing in Nature is chaotic - therefore everything is understandable. Natural Laws apply and energy
follows wave forms and patterns that move and vibrate (oscillate) in frequency depending on the
type of energy. A frequency is simply the rate of vibration at which something occurs or repeats over
a period of time, thus the term frequency. The vibration of energy is termed oscillation.

All energy is in oscillation. Oscillation is a movement back and forth or from a maximum point back
to another maximum point at a regular speed. On the atomic level, oscillation is also a regular
variation in magnitude or position around a central point, such as the spinning rotation of an electron
around a nucleus or neutron.

Atoms are in oscillation and vibrate at regular and not random intervals. They therefore have a
reliable pattern of frequency. A single atom with a single Neutron, Proton and Electron has its own
and unique frequency and property(s) that all the same type atoms share however, the moment you
add or subtract one part of an atom i.e., even just one Neutron or Proton or Electron, the waveform
changes and so do the properties of that atom.

Looking back at the Elements, we see 98 different and unique compositions of atoms that create 98
unique qualities and properties that are essential to the creation and maintenance of all matter in the
physical universe. All matter, form and organisms are composed of these elements. Each one of
these Elements has their own unique frequency or vibrational pattern that can serve to identify each
as that specific Element.

An element can be identified by its frequency and the frequency identifies the element, they are one
and the same but, the frequency of the energy is the determining factor to the form and not
otherwise. Change or affect the underlying energy and you change the form. Energy manifests and
results as matter, matter does not manifest energy. Energy can create and/or modify matter, but
matter alone cannot create energy. Matter is an effect and has no creative potential. One must be
the senior element and energy is the senior element.

At a reducible point all energy is basically the same until it is acted upon to vibrate in a specific
frequency pattern, and this is the senior element and determining factor that grants properties and
form to matter.

Atoms and elements combine to create ever more complicated forms and each individual step of the
way, every single different combination of atoms and elements has its own unique frequency that we
call its energy signature.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

Every single material form and every part thereof in the entire physical universe has its own
specific unique energy signature and waveform, or frequency. All matter, at whatever level, is
in oscillation or vibration.

This is long established scientific fact.

The above is a simple, logical and sequential explanation of the nature of matter and how and where
it reduces to specific patterns of energy. Hopefully, at this point you can logically understand (and
cement in your mind) that the component parts of Life, Form and Matter is essentially energy
vibrating at a unique and specific frequency according to Inviolate Universal Laws of Nature.

Your own research will prove this scientific fact and truth to you.

The Nature of Energy and the Laws of Resonance

Now that we have a firm grasp on how matter reduces to patterns of energy, we see that all forms
and the physical properties of those forms and even organisms are essentially energy vibrating
(oscillating) in a unique pattern of frequency. Form and matter is inextricably connected to energy.
Everything has an underlying structure of energy that is unique and specific to that form. We call this
unique underlying energetic structure the energy signature of that form or organism. Understanding
this, what are some of the laws of energy that we might utilize to eradicate the HLB bacteria?

The key to that answer lies within Natures Laws of Resonation.

There are numerous commercial and scientific applications and uses for resonation. Wind
instruments and even human speech is based on resonation. Electrical resonance is how we tune
and receive radio and television signals, cell phone signals, satellite uplinks etc. A quartz clock
operates on resonance principals. Optical resonance is used to create lasers. Nuclear magnetic
resonance enables the Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI medical devices. . Orbiting bodies in
space are typically in an orbital resonance. The Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz) is the resonant
frequency of the Earth itself and the human brain and is critical to the health and well-being of
humans and life on Earth. Ship builders, train builders, car manufacturers, bridge and building
construction etc. takes great measures to avoid resonation.

The point here is there are numerous fields that are well aware of the science of natural resonance,
but this science is not a part of the chemical and/or bio-engineering sciences, so a solution to
ACP/HLB utilizing the laws of energy and resonance will never appear from the chemical and bio-
engineering fields.

Most people to some degree are familiar with the phenomenon of resonation. (Aside from being the
basic for the Law of Attraction and the spiritual movement on how to attract to yourself what you
want in life.) Most people have sung along with someone else and noticed the harmonic tone that
arises when the two voice tones begin to match, or resonate. Who hasnt been impressed with the
harmonic tones of Simon and Garfunkel? You take two identical tuning forks strike one and get it to
vibrating and then hold it proximate, but not touching the other fork, and not only will the second fork
start vibrating but you will hear a third harmonic tone arise from the resonation of the two.

A transfer and combining of similar energies (frequencies) into a third combined energy is
observed in these examples. This is a universal phenomenon of oscillatory resonation. Most people
are aware the note of High C and some singers voices will shatter glass, but what is actually and
scientifically occurring here?

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

For our application, resonance is defined as occurring when two oscillating frequencies match each
other. Thats all resonance is, but there is a phenomenon that occurs when two frequencies match.
When two identical frequencies match and merge they begin to vibrate, oscillate and reinforce in
value. Energy is absorbed at this point and in essence, a standing wave of oscillating energy is
created by the two matching frequencies, the energy and potential of which is much greater than the
individual frequencies. This extra oscillation or energy only results when resonation occurs.

Below is a third party explanation of resonance-

Resonance means vibration and comes from the Latin resonare meaning to resound and
the Latin resonantia meaning to echo. In physics, resonance is the process by which
energy transfer occurs and merges between two vibrating or oscillating systems with close
or matching vibrational frequency (source system and resonator system), and which results
in a natural increase of vibrational amplitude of the originating resonator system. If the
resonator system only has its vibration frequency equal to that of the source system, the
amplitude of vibration greatly increases in the resonator system, up to a maximum specific

In other words, we can identify the natural resonant frequency of a given form, when we resonate
with or feed that form its own unique frequency, and we only match the natural amplitude value or
power level of the original forms energy frequency radiation (harmonic balance), the Laws of
Resonation provides the two separate but matching frequencies begin to oscillate and build in power
of their own accord. So long as a resonating power source exists, the harmonic resonation will
increase in strength to a maximum value determined solely by Nature.

When you match a frequency you cause resonation. The Natural Laws of Resonance cause that
energy match to build and become more, simply due to the fact its resonating. It feeds on itself
and increases in value according to Natural Law. This is a rather interesting and miraculous
phenomenon and is the source of how Nicola Tesla, the electronics genius, was able to provide (and
actually utilize) much more energy than was being used to create the resonance to begin with. Tesla
created and patented all the free energy electricity this planet would ever need by 1910.

In essence, this natural increase of power and amplitude resulting from matching resonant
frequency(s) and energy level(s), causes a standing wave of increasing energy that builds up to a
specific value determined by Nature.

This is where the AgTech Citrus Greening solution comes in, what if you feed an organism slightly
more energy than it intrinsically has or naturally emits? What if, instead of matching the vibrational
frequency of the HLB bacteria, we feed it its own energy at a slightly increased amplitude? Now we
have an unbalanced amount of energy being applied to that organism. What happens then?

Because we are still feeding a matching frequency, but we have increased the amplitude value
beyond its natural emission level or radiation, we still have resonation but the fundamental energy
signature of the HLB bacteria now begins rapidly building at an exponential rate. There exists no law
or natural basis to contain such energy. Nature always strives for balance in all systems. According
to Natures own rules and Laws, Nature has determined an imbalance within the natural energetic
order of forms and organisms shall not persist and something must give. What gives is an
inevitable dispersal of the exponentially increasing energy and this dispersal is invariably disruptive
to the organism or form.

Essentially what occurs is Nature and Natural Law have decreed an imbalanced exponentially
increasing amount of energy shall not increase past a specific value. When energy reaches that

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

specific value, a dispersal of the energy must inevitably occur and that dispersal is invariably
disruptive to the corresponding form.

Recall that energy is senior to

matter and dictates the qualities of
a form and its property(s). You
cannot cause a disruptive dispersal
of the energy of a form and still
maintain the integrity of the form.
The two are inextricably and
proportionately related in a natural
balance. Nature does not allow an
imbalanced exponentially
increasing standing wave of energy
to infinitely form. In fact, Nature
doesnt allow such energy to form
long at all - at sufficient amplitude
the disruptive dispersal is nearly

Nature has a built in check valve

then that provides a dispersal of
energy must invariably occur at a
determined point i.e. Nature will not
allow energy to build up to a point where it threatens Nature or other organisms for that matter. The
maximum value that causes the dispersal contains and limits the effects of the disruptive dispersal
specifically to that form or organism. No other form or organism is affected.

In this science and methodology, we are not trying to kill an organism with artificial means in
opposition to Nature. We are not trying to create forms and compounds Nature has been historically
abhorrent to. Rather, we are utilizing the Laws and phenomenon Nature itself has established to
disrupt the energetic structure of an organism and thus the organism itself in this case the HLB
bacteria. There is a vitally important and significant difference in methodologies between these
sciences. With alignment with Nature, there are no detrimental trade-offs or acceptable risks we
are forced to accept.

Because the science of resonant energies is known and maximally aligns with Nature, as you can
see the results are based in Law and are reliable and immediate. There is no trial and error here. No
research into these Laws is required. No period of experimentation is necessary. The Laws exist,
they are understood and are able to be utilized to devitalize the HLB bacteria, and the ACP.

For our purposes then, you simply match the frequency of the ACP and/or HLB bacteria and feed it
its own frequency at a power level that slightly exceeds its own fundamental emission level, and you
invariably disrupt the energetic structure of the bacteria resulting in the destruction of the bacteria
itself, or the insect as the case may be.

This is all very simple and very reliable. It works every time, according to Natural Law.

This is what happens to the shattering glass at the Note of High C. The energy signature of leaded
glass exists at the same frequency as the Note of High C. Feed the glass its own frequency
(550MHz) with enough power and you disrupt the underlying energy signature of the glass which
results in the observable physical shattering of the glass itself.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

This is simple reliable long standing science that has been understood in the electronics science
community for over 100 years and its use and application can be traced back thousands of years,
but this knowledge is only well understood within certain circles of science that doesnt apply or
overlap with chemical and/or biological engineering endeavors.

It should be abundantly clear at this point why an ideal solution to HLB will likely continue to be
difficult to extract from within those scientific channels. Those disciplines do not embrace
methodologies that align with Nature and Natural Law. All great scientific movements have always
originated from a maximal understanding of and alignment with Natural Law. Further, and most
importantly, alignment with Nature positions us with Nature who is a most potent ally, so we also
benefit from all the intelligence, natural phenomenon and benefits Nature brings to bear. Such
benefits dissipate and actually become averse to our efforts in proportion to the degree alignment is

Much of the science utilized to solve the problems of today positions itself in opposition to Natural
Law. Given our newfound ability to manipulate Nature, its an understandable mistake mankind is
currently making, but it can be hoped this HLB problem can help serve to demonstrate the extreme
viability of working with Nature.

If you honestly assess the whole picture, under the circumstances, a timely and viable ideal solution
to HLB almost had to come from outside normal channels.

For this HLB solution, since the Natural Laws are known and the phenomenon are known and
reliable, none of this science dictates peer review, white papers, investigatory committees or any
other such validation as none of this science is experimental or theoretical. The peer if you will, is
Nature or Natures God, depending on your beliefs. The application of Natural Phenomenon for the
eradication of Greening disease is not an idea for potential research, it is known and verified
Natural Law and phenomenon. As a science and as an industry group seeking a solution to the HLB
problem, there is no call or need to test and research to see if we can obtain the desired results. All
that work was proven up decades ago. This is long standing well establish scientific fact widely
accepted and considered old news within certain circles of the electronic scientific community.

Nature provides the phenomenon, the parameters and the check and balance safety system to
ensure this technology is safe and maximally viable. Further, natures ensures the resonant energy
dispersal effect occurs at a point and value that cannot effect nature or other organisms. It is
astonishingly safe and reliable.

If you feed the ACP and the HLB its own frequency at sufficient amplitude you kill it. Its dead. End of
story. There is nothing new or unknown or experimental about this phenomenon. Its just that no one
has yet aimed it at the HLB bacteria and the Asian Citrus Psyllid.

As one should be able to now see, the science is sound, the Natural Laws exist and this is as clean
and efficient and environmentally sound solution as can be hoped for. It is equally effective on the
HLB bacteria as it is on the Asian Citrus Psyllid. Since we are using universal Natural Law, we have
one safe technology for both the disease and the vector for the disease. This HLB eradication
technology maximally qualifies as an Ideal Scene Solution across all pertinent points.

By identifying existing Natural Law and Phenomenon we can reliably observe that when we provide
a specific amount of resonant power to a specific organism, Natural Law and Phenomenon takes
care of everything else.

This is why this technology can and should be considered a nearly perfect solution.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

Resonance and Devitalization at the level of the Organism

The following is a more in-depth view of what is specifically occurring at the level of the targeted

When a frequency is identified to be effective against a targeted organism, we term that frequency
the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR) for that organism. Every organism has at least one natural MOR.

There are currently two methods for identifying the MOR of an organism. If the organism genome is
mapped, we can apply a mathematical formula to the length of the DNA strand and arrive at a base
frequency for the actual DNA of the organism, which would be at or very close to the/a MOR for the
DNA of that organism.

Lacking a mapped genome, one would then identify a MOR or a resonant frequency for the most
closely related specie to the targeted organism available. Fortunately, the frequencies of several
hundred of species and organisms are already known, so one establishes the closest base line
possible utilizing known data. From this point one simply isolates the targeted organism in a
container or on a lab slide and begins sweeping through frequencies until a MOR is observed to be
reached. This is the old school method, but has been used enough that the database of organisms
and frequencies is substantial and continues to grow.

There is no device existing today that can reliably and universally identify the resonant frequency of
a given form or organism. This is a project we have some ideas for, but at this time such a device
does not exist. So the above are the only methods to determine the MOR of an organism.

For our purposes, to devitalize means to either kill or otherwise render unviable. We use the term
devitalize as after devitalization the organism might still be alive, but either not for long or with
very limited ability to eat, digest, procreate, move, act etc. or otherwise continue to survive.

Typically for this technology, a devitalization of an organism occurs via a small frequency sweep
slightly above and below the known MOR of that organism. The reason for the sweep is resonation
must occur for a MOR to be reached and the precise energy signature and/or MOR of a given
specie may vary for a number of reasons.

Within a given geography there may be minute variations within a specie which reflect in a slight
variation in the specie energy signature and thus the MOR. For example, the Psyllids that exist
today in Florida may and probably have changed slightly over time since introduction due to
numerous differing environmental influences. This is the nature of Nature. Additionally the psyllids in
Florida may differ very slightly from the psyllids in California. Each specie and sub specie has its
own unique energy signature and any variation at all that occurs in that specie has a corresponding
variation in the energy signature however, all psyllids are related as a family and therefor exist
within a knowable and finite frequency range.

It has been found the resonant frequency of a specie of ant to be so significantly different from the
same species of ant located only 1 mile/ 2km away that the MORs were different and one MOR
would not work on the other, though by all appearances they were the very same species.

As you can see, Nature is very precise in this matter. In order to have any effect at all on an
organism, an actual resonance must occur and the parameters for resonance are very precise. If
one is off there is no effect. This tells us not only that we have to be exact, but also effectively
mitigates risk and exposure to unintended organisms and consequences. If resonation does not
occur, there is no effect and your effort has simply been lost in space.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

Since the energy signatures may vary even in a single species, the standard solution is to use small
frequency sweeps above and below the baseline frequency. If it is determined the ACP can be
devitalized at, for example, 728 KHz, to ensure geographical and future applicability we engage in a
sweep of say 5 KHz. To effectively and reliably hit the MOR of the ACP on a universal basis, we
start a frequency sweep at 725.50 KHz and run through timed intervals up to 730.50 KHz. This
ensures we are able to devitalize any slightly modified variation, if it exists, of the same Psyllid

Further, the resonant frequency of the adult Psyllid is very different than that of the Psyllid larvae so
the MOR of the adult ACP will have no effect on larva, and this is typical for all organisms and
larvae/offspring. The solution is either provide another frequency set for the larvae if deemed
necessary, or simply keep periodically transmitting the adult frequency until the larva reach
adulthood, in which case in a few weeks all Psyllids are devitalized within that geography.

Another factor is the larger the organism the more complex its structure. It is worthy of note that not
only does a given organism have a resonant frequency, there also exist sub resonant frequencies
or MORs for every part of that organism. Psyllids can be considered complex organisms in that
they have digestive, excretory, nervous, vascular and reproductive systems etc. Every one of these
systems has its own frequency or energy signature depending on the predominant atomic/elemental
makeup and function of that system. As such, resonation with any one of these systems can result in
the disruption of that system and only that system, but still with resultant devitalization of the
organism itself.

With focused study we can determine the resonant frequency of every part of a Psyllid, but we dont
need to know this for reliable devitalization of the Psyllid itself. The more complex the organism the
more there exist points along the frequency range for MORs of the different specie structures
and systems for that organism. Conversely, the simpler an organism the smaller the MOR range. A
single celled organism or a simple organism such as the HLB, has a very finite range to its MOR. A
sweep methodology is still preferred, but the range of that sweep will vary according to the
complexity of the organism.

An important factor of consideration is study into this field reveals that Nature is very organized in its
energetic structure of organisms. Simple organisms, molds and funguses for example, exist at the
low end of a frequency spectrum while more complex organisms will be found at a higher end of
the same scale. There exists a logical and orderly sequence to the energetic organization of species.
Nature is logical and organizes its structures and systems accordingly.

According to this logical orderly sequence, virtually all molds are found to exist within a specific
frequency range. You will not find molds existing at the low end of a range then a few molds existing
at a higher range with a few more near a top value. Nature isnt organized this way. When you get to
a higher value you have a different species altogether whose family exists at and within that range.
If you were to plot all species on a scale of frequency, at the bottom of the scale would be simplest
organisms with all organisms organized thereafter in a logical order of increasing complexity
corresponding to an increasing scale of frequency.

The importance of recognition of this organization is that even if we were to sweep through the entire
mold range, which we would never do as some molds/fungus are beneficial, we will not and cannot
effect any other specie outside that range no matter how proximate to the transmission frequency
they exist. Resonation must be precise or no effect occurs. The natural energetic order of Nature
simply does not provide for a way to harm any other species when properly targeting a single

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

The exactitude required for devitalization from resonance and the fact nature is organized in such
manner that a targeted frequency cannot effect any other organism is our built-in safety mechanism
that virtually eliminates the possibility of affecting any organism other than those targeted.

To address potential harm to cats and dogs and humans, these species are so far removed or so far
up the energetic/harmonic scale from the comparatively simple organism we are targeting, that not
only is a detrimental effect impossible, the technology utilized for HLB/ACP remediation is not
designed or configured to operate in these higher ranges.

As humans, we are inundated with frequencies every day. Frequencies from the sun and from
space. Frequencies from every form of energy on this planet including every different frequency on
the radio, television, mobile and ham radios, walkie-talkies, satellites etc. If no resonation occurs the
energies simply pass through as if moving through clear open space. There is no danger to humans
from this technology primarily because this technology maximally aligns with Natural Law and
Nature, by nature, protects and preserves that which is natural and again, Nature is a potent ally.

The above is a more in-depth view of the nature of devitalization of an organism utilizing the Natural
Laws of Resonant frequency(s). As you can see, all the benefits of the intelligence of Nature work
to our advantage to provide a very clean, sound and effective solution to eliminating the HLB
bacteria with virtually no detrimental effects to any other species, including humans and the

In closing, it is worthwhile to note the genome of the Asian Citrus Psyllid, Diaphorina citri
(Hemiptera), and the genome(s) of the Huanglongbing bacteria, 'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus',
'Ca. L. americanus', and 'Ca. L. africanus, have been mapped.

This means we can identify the resonant frequency and MOR of the DNA itself for these organisms
and no additional research is required to identify the associated MORs. Utilizing a proprietary
formula, we can extrapolate the MORs of the actual DNA of these organisms and begin our address
of the HLB and ACP at that very precise point. Since we are targeting the specific DNA of these
organisms, the frequency sweep should be small.

It is also important to note that a frequency sweep does not run into the ranges of ancillary
organisms but is contained within the frequency spectrum of the targeted organism itself. As
mentioned, more complex organisms have more points at which a MOR can be reached via the
numerous sub-systems of the nervous, circularity, respiratory, digestive and procreative systems etc.
that each have their own vibrational pattern and each provides a point for a Mortal Oscillatory Rate.

There does exist a concern however regarding devitalization of the HLB bacteria in a citrus tree.
Since the bacteria multiplies prolifically enough that the actual xylem and phloem of the citrus tree is
obstructed by bacterial population resulting in a choking off the supply of water and nutrients, there
exists a question as to how well a sick tree can handle elimination of a vast die-off of these bacteria
and the toxins a mass bacterial die-off may create.

Although this issue will be tested for, it is possible and likely the most viable method for eliminating
the HLB bacteria may involve numerous shorts bursts of HLB resonant energy intended to
devitalize only a predetermined percentage of the bacteria. In this manner, the tree will be provided
sufficient time to eliminate the dead microbes and recover before the next treatment. In other
words, it may be most viable to eliminate the bacteria in incremental degrees over time, rather than
all at once.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

We believe the above should adequately answer the question: What are the Natural Laws that
apply and how do I know they will work reliably to eliminate the HLB bacteria? Further, we believe
we have also answered the question, Is this technology safe?

In closing on this subject, there exists the potential for other means and areas for research to protect
plants, animals and humans from invasive species and parasites rather than an outright attack on
the pest itself. It has been shown that mosquitoes can be encouraged to vacate an area by playing
the resonant frequency of the beating wings of a dragonfly. Dragonflies eat mosquitoes and are one
of the mortal enemies of mosquitoes. By saturating a geographical are with the resonant vibration of
dragonfly wings in flight, mosquitoes feel there are dragonflies all around them and quickly vacate
the frequency saturated area.

The foregoing is mentioned to indicate some of the potential involved in this field of science.

Following we will address the final question, Can AgTech reliably harness these laws in order to
eliminate the HLB bacteria?

The Technology Required to Solve Citrus Greening Disease

Agricultural Technologies Foundation (AgTech) was founded as a non-profit organization to

accept/disburse contributions and funds to place this Citrus Greening solution in the hands of
growers as economically and rapidly as possible. AgTech is the responsible entity and fiduciary
manager for such funds. AgTech will ultimately be responsible for the cost-efficient delivery of this
product to growers.

Gen-X Waveform R&D Technologies (Gen-X) ( is the lab

contracted by AgTech to develop the necessary electronics to apply the Natural Laws described
herein into beneficial real world applications. The principals of Gen-X are Gillian (Gill) Hernandez
and Alejandro (Alex) Orozco, both of Illinois where the lab is located. We have a 20-year relationship
with the principals of Gen-X. They are personal friends and are more than qualified to develop this
technology. There are probably less than 10 people on the planet who can accomplish what is asked
of them. The resumes of Mr. Hernandez and Mr. Orozco are provided at the end of this document

AgTech was organized as a charitable non-profit as we personally did not feel it was appropriate,
under the circumstances, to attempt profit on the development of this technology. As such, the lab
has generously agreed to fully develop this technology on a cost only basis. AgTech pays actual
material costs plus the normal wages of the people dedicated to work on this Project.

This technology will be developed on a non-profit charitable basis, but the necessary equipment will
be provided to the market on a profit basis and this is how the lab will ultimately make a profit and
why it is willing to forego its normal lab fees, which are not insignificant for this type work.

HLB/ACP System Overview. The AgTech solution is essentially a radio system. A custom built
custom configured radio is mounted on a pole that transmits the HLB and Asian Citrus Psyllid
resonant frequencies on a periodic and programmable basis. It is expected there will be a pole/radio
not less than 1 each per square mile of land to ensure a satisfactory overlap and complete
saturation of the ACP/HLB resonant frequencies in a given geography. This range may be increased
subject to field trials.

The system configuration consists of transmitting radio and a receiving dish to create a connected,
controllable and monitorable network the system has to be designed and operated as an

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

interconnected network of radios to allow proper monitoring, diagnostics and controls. There will be
a weatherproof enclosure to house the hardware system and computer interface for remote system
control, monitoring and diagnostics and a 6-8 bank of long-life nickel iron batteries with a solar panel
for a charging source. Each system will be designed for a minimum of 20 years of maintenance free
or near maintenance free service. Any maintenance required, such as changing the electrolyte on
the batteries can be performed by the grower or a farmhand safely and efficiently. The overall design
criteria is modular so in the event any part ceases to function, only that part need be replaced.

The systems are designed to be carrier class commercial grade systems with a five 9 uptime and
operability rating or, 99.999% reliability.

Growers will own their own systems. The intention is to provide the most robust, durable mil-spec
type system as cost-efficiently as possible and our goal is up to 40 years of life for each complete
system. Each radio or group of radios owned by a grower will be controlled by an industrial or
military grade laptop or tablet provided to the grower with Wi-Fi functionality to allow software
upgrades, if necessary, and remote monitoring of each radio and the network as a whole. If a single
radio ceases functioning for any reason, this information must be known.

The poles/radios will either be on a trailer towable by an ATV fastened to the earth via stainless steel
hold-downs embedded in cemented footings, or a concrete slab supporting a permanent pole/radio
and enclosure. The footprint of the each system station is expected to be approximately 4 x 6.

Gen-X is an electronics and communications systems engineering lab with familiarity in Natural Law
and phenomenon as it pertains to energy in general and this project specifically. Their expertise is
wireless communications systems, frequencies, frequency modulation and radios.

All the research and science necessary for the devitalization of microbes and parasites has already
been performed and all factors and criteria are known. The only missing piece to this technology is
the ability to devitalize microbes at range and distance. The existing technology must be integrated
into a transmitting radio to accomplish resonance with the ACP and HLB bacteria at the range and
distance necessary to cover vast acreages of orange groves. This is precisely what Gen-X
specializes in, wireless radio systems, engineering and construction.

We already know how to build this system and there is no research involved in the technology itself
or rather, that work has already been done. The task is to take a proven technology that now
functions on a very limited local basis and incorporate radio transmission functionality to operate at
maximal range and distance.

This work requires a lab experienced in wireless and waveform systems engineering. The work may
require a little effort in precisely configuring electronics equipment, creating custom algorithms and
code, specialized circuitry, writing code for programming and control purposes etc., but that is Gen-
Xs expertise. The people at Gen-X labs are fluent in multiple disciplines including:

1. Hardware and firmware engineering, design and build

2. Circuit board design and build
3. Computer programming, code writing, software creation, algorithms
4. Communications systems and networks
5. Radio engineering design and build
6. Frequency modulation
7. Natural law and Sciences as pertains to Energy

Although Gen-X is one of the few labs who can easily and reliably accomplish this task, it still
requires at least a thousand man hours or so of hardware/firmware engineering, design and

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

creation, code writing, custom algorithm creation and fairly significant expense in testing and
validation of equipment and procedures before moving into field trials.

Field trials require testing on HLB infected trees and/or infected tree samples to assess reliable
functionality under real world conditions. We also will utilize specialized equipment to monitor
transmission power at distance to determine the maximum 100% effective range for a radio under
normal environmental conditions.

All along this development path AgTech will have independent third parties validating everything we
do as well as the final end product. In that manner, when it comes time to announce complete
success, independent research labs and/or universities or university extensions will have already
validated the technology every step of the way.

Adequately financed and subject to field tests, we estimate we could have radios ready for grower
use as early as early summer 2018.

Pricing and Cost-efficiency of the AgTech Citrus Greening Solution/Technology. This

technology will replace the need for ACP chemical treatments, though we do not recommend or
factor ceasing foliar nutrient feeds.
The elimination of ACP treatments alone will more than pay for this technology and result in ongoing
annual savings. Without a solution, a growers best alternative is aggressive management and co-
existence of greening disease which will result in years of continuing costs that can reach into the
millions of dollars for just a 150 acre grove. Unchecked, a growers grandchildren will be fighting and
managing ACP/HLB, if the family citrus farm still exists.
Although we state within 3 years, the payback period for this technology is estimated to be from 1-2
years, depending on the area of country and the then current costs of ACP mitigation. Currently,
ACP costs in Florida are higher than in Texas and California. Though data varies, preliminarily it
appears annual ACP management alone averages around $400 per acre in California and Texas
and upwards of $800 per acre or more in Florida. These costs will likely continue to increase
It is estimated the cost of a full AgTech ACP/HLB system covering a section of land, 1 square mile /
640 acres will be not more than a onetime fee of $550 per acre. If field trials determine our effective
range is more than 1 square mile, the per acre cost goes down proportionately.
This means in Florida, the cost of the AgTech ACP/HLB System will more than pay for itself within 1
year. In Texas and California, the system can be calculated to pay for itself in less than 18 months.
We do our best to make this technology affordable. With a payback period of less than 18 months,
we better the industry norm of a 36-month payback period by 100%. Factoring this, the price of a
complete system is half the price of what is typically considered the price a market will bear.
Since AgTech is a non-profit entity, contributions to this project are tax deductible. Further, on a
limited trial basis for growers, we are currently offering to deduct 100% of any contribution made off
the final price/cost of the AgTech ACP/HLB system.
A contribution from growers then is treated as a pre-purchase agreement or down payment on a
system, so there is no net loss to the grower for contributing. Of course those that contribute will
receive the first systems.
There will likely necessarily be a small monthly monitoring fee for the network of radios, the final cost
of which will depend on the total number of radios in a given geography or state, but should not
exceed $25.00 per month.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

Closing Statement.

As a personal note, I dont know if the above information and the below resumes are sufficient for a
third party to determine whether AgTech and/or Gen-X can reliably deliver this technology. I can only
say we understand it, our research is complete, we know how to engineer, design and build the
necessary electronic devices and Gen-X has performed functions, developed products and provided
technologies far more complex than required here. This lab is intimately familiar with this project and
has already performed the key necessary math and calculations to be certain this product is
achievable and obtainable. They are very confident and exhibit no doubt as to outcome.

You will find no place in this document where opinion has been rendered or faith or trust has
been asked or required. If you understand this document, you will see this is well-established
science and requires no faith or trust. As mentioned, we do not ask for your faith and trust, we ask
for your intelligence and ability to discern Truth.

If you still lack certainty or harbor any doubts at all, perform your own research. We encourage this
action anyway. Your own research and due diligence will demonstrate to your own ultimate
satisfaction that everything stated herein is factual and true.

The only caveat to the above is we understand we have no way to convince you we can deliver this
technology to growers as the work necessary to take this technology and add wireless radio
functionality in order to operate at extended range and distance is yet to be performed.

We suppose then, if there is anyplace one must have trust and faith, this is it.

In that respect, any third party you care to select familiar in the appropriate electronics and systems
can talk to Gill and Alex, look at their resumes, see the products they have developed and, if the
selected party has sufficient education and background, be in position to comfortably say, Yes, I
believe these guys can do it.

For the record, my name is Michael Murphy. I am 57 years old and live in the central valley of
California. I have always been interested in technologies and though not formally trained (like the lab
guys), I am self-taught in my areas of interest. For better or worse, I am the author of this document
and this technology and project was my idea.

Hopefully this information helps clarify this technology and ACP/HLB solution. This is an excellent
solution to Citrus Greening and the ACP. Having familiarity with what options are and can be, it will
be difficult to find a better more timely solution.


Michael Murphy
Managing Director for
Agricultural Technologies Foundation (AgTech)
Michael Murphy:
Telephone: AgTech (507) 723-8324
Mobile: (559) 579-2556

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

Gillian Hernandez, 58
Mr. Hernandez, co-owner of Gen-X Waveform R&D Technologies Labs, has substantial international
communications and computer related technical skills and experience with a strong entrepreneurial
and management background. Mr. Hernandez is a leading Wireless Architect, Researcher,
Developer, Engineer, Programmer, Consultant etc. performing services for major companies and
labs including Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Innovations. Formerly employed by AT&T, Mr.
Hernandez served as a Wireless Data Architect specializing in Third Generation (3G) GGSN/PDSN
and VoIP network interfaces. For Lucent/Bell, Mr. Hernandez generates Architecture and
Requirements (TR45.4-6 and RFCs) from development and testing through deployment to create
hardware and software for realtime Internet applications, IP wireline and wireless interfaces, as
well as developing next generation IWFs and Fiber Optic network interfaces, Packet Switching Unit
interfaces and interfaces to define wireline to wireless infrastructure support and protocols. Mr.
Hernandez has served as a Program Manager for an R & D team to coordinate standards for 4G
technologies impacting voice and data with IP and mobile IP infrastructure based on WAP and other
protocols. Mr. Hernandez also served as a Project Manager to deliver and deploy
5ESS/AUTOPLEX Wireless platforms in 12 undeveloped international markets including Russia,
India, Peru and Brazil and was a Wireless Test Architect for TDMA and CDMA environments
establishing services in Brazil, Korea, Thailand, Panama, Russia, China and 8 other countries. Mr.
Hernandez varied background exposed him to all aspects and facets of the wireless and
communications industry on the development and deployments end. Mr. Hernandez skill sets,
combined with a passionate and driving intellect, enabled him and his team to develop the premier
wireless broadband technologies currently on the market. Mr. Hernandez is also a Black Belt in
Karate and owns 6 martial arts schools.

Alejandro A. Orozco, 59
Mr. Orozco, co-owner of Gen-X Waveform R&D Technologies Labs, has extensive experience as a
wireless engineer starting with AT&T Bell Labs/Lucent in 1980 where he served as a wireless
technical manager. Throughout his AT&T Bell Labs/Lucent, he executed and managed engineers
who executed planning, engineering, installations, enhancements, overall maintenance, and 24x7
support functions, for over 10 test facilities (each simulating Telco or Cellco offices) used for
Domestic 5 Electronic Switching System (5ESS) Developers, AMPS Software Developers for
PCS/Cellular TDMA, CDMA, and GSM technologies. Mr. Orozcos international experience includes
in-country support for South Korea PCS, First Office Application, in Seoul and Pusan and also
defined Venezuela and Korea test environment configuration including coordination and planned lab
activities for international CDMA testing. He planned the first integration of Lucents Intl/Domestic
5ESS for the Autoplex test environment and oversaw the lab budget. Mr. Orozco received three
Lucent Silver President Awards: 2000 Supporting Flexent Modcell Project. 1999 Supporting
Flexent CDMA Release 1, Microcell and AP project. 1998 Supporting Korea Microcell. He has a
Master Degree in Computer Science.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions