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Agricultural Technologies Foundation, a non-profit CONTACT: Michael Murphy (507) 723-8324

You are aware of the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) and Huanglongbing Bacteria (HLB/Citrus Greening
Disease) problem. Agricultural Technologies Foundation (AgTech) is the non-profit entity founded to
provide a solution to greening disease.
In cooperation with an R&D Lab, GenX Waveform R&D Lab ( we
already had this technology under development for another application when we became aware our
product solved Citrus Greening. As you will see, it is a nearly perfect solution.

The AgTech Solution to ACP/HLB

In the energy sciences, it has long been scientifically understood that form and matter are
energetically based. That is to say, all material forms are founded in and can be reduced to a
fundamental structure of energy. For our purposes, energy can be understood and described in
terms of vibrations (oscillations) of energy in a repeating pattern termed frequency. Virtually
every form in the physical universe - from complex biological organisms to atoms can be
understood and identified as vibratory wavelengths vibrating in a specific and unique frequency.
Like all forms and organisms, the ACP and the HLB bacteria each have their own unique frequency or
energy signature that is unique to themselves and not shared by any other living organism or specie.
Further, Natural Law provides us a mechanism enabling us to devitalize or kill an organism by feeding it
its own specific energy. This is a well-known phenomenon in the energy sciences.
To illustrate this technology, you are likely aware that certain sound waves can shatter glass (leaded
crystal). Specifically, the Note of High C (550 MHz) at sufficient amplitude (power - 100db+) and duration
(Time) will shatter leaded crystal glass. The singers Roy Orbison, Ella Fitzgerald, opera singers etc. are
known for their ability to shatter glass with their voice, but any focused audio system can accomplish the
same phenomenon. (See YouTube Video: https://www.usingfrequencytoshatterglass )
The above is a phenomenon of the Natural Laws of resonance and wave harmonics. In essence, when
you transmit or feed a form its own specific and unique frequency, resonance occurs. Typically, energy
waves pass through or around an object however, when resonance occurs energy is absorbed and
begins forming a standing wave of energy. In this case, Nature has determined that a standing wave of
energy cannot form indefinitely. As power is applied the standing wave of energy begins to reach a
critical point and the glass begins to visibly distort and vibrate. When sufficient power is applied Natural
Law dictates the standing wave must disperse and when it does, a scattering effect occurs - this is a
phenomenon of too much resonant energy resulting in natural but sudden release of energy.
For our purposes, this scattering effect is called the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR). No form or organism
can withstand too much energy matching its own unique energy signature and this is an inviolate law of
Nature. At a specific point, a dispersal of the energy must occur which, in our example, results in the
shattering of the form, or glass. It is actually a disruption of the basic energetic structure of the form that
is physically observable by the inevitable disruption of the physical form itself.
Since Natural Law is universal, every organism in the universe has a Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR).

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

Eradication of ACP/HLB & Citrus Greening Disease. To bring this back to our subject, the same
Natural Laws apply to the Asian Citrus Psyllid and HLB bacteria. Each have their own unique energy
signature. When we feed the ACP and/or the HLB bacteria its own energy at sufficient amplitude and
time the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR) is reached and the disruptive energy dispersal effect occurs. This
dispersal invariably results in the devitalization the organism - it is killed. Because we are dealing with
inviolate and universal Natural Law, the disruption and this technology is 100% effective 100% of the
time. There is no escape or exception from this phenomenon and technology.
This technology only affects the psyllid and the HLB
bacteria. Nothing else is touched or affected. Since
we are utilizing pure Natural Law, this technology is
organic and holistic in nature and there exists no
detrimental side effects or environmental concerns
other than the complete eradication of the ACP
and HLB bacteria in a specified geography. There is
no effect on other species or humans as we only
transmit the specific frequency of the ACP and HLB
bacteria. The core technology does not and will not
operate in the human or pet range. It is important to
understand, there is absolutely no effect upon any
organism, structure or life form existing outside the
specific targeted energy signature. Non-resonant
energies simply pass through or around other forms
and the standing wave/dispersal effect only occurs
at a precise energy signature match. This is as
precise and perfect an ecologically friendly solution as current science can offer.
ABOVE is an image of the effect on a microbe when
the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR) of its energy
harmonic is reached the natural and inevitable
energy dispersal causes the microbes cellular walls
to rupture and eject its contents, very similar to what
will happen to the HLB bacteria. AT LEFT we see
two similar organisms being fed their own energy
harmonic and rupturing simultaneously. Since we
are dealing with micro-organisms, the power
necessary for devitalization is very low and the
duration of exposure to the frequency is very short -
in terms of a few minutes or even seconds.
Because the genome of the Asian Citrus Psyllid and
the HLB bacteria has been mapped, we can target
these organisms at their specific and unique DNA
level i.e., we are able to identify the MOR of the
actual DNA of the Asian Citrus Psyllid and the HLB
bacteria, which is as perfectly focused as we can get.
What you are witnessing in the above pictures is a Natural, long understood and scientifically proven
technology for the safe and complete eradication of the Asian Citrus Psyllid, HLB bacteria and citrus
greening disease utilizing 100% Natural Law and phenomenon. There are no toxins or negative
byproducts or side-effects to this solution.
This is the solution to eradicating the ACP and HLB bacteria and nature itself provides it. We can
systematically target and kill the HLB bacteria within the tree with 100% efficacy. Greening disease is
100% solved.
Eradication of the ACP and HLB bacteria can now be accomplished without the questionable practice of
genetically engineered trees and organisms and/or inorganic chemical applications, none of which hold
significant beneficial, long-term or universal promise.
Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions
We know how to accomplish the complete eradication of the ACP and greening disease. We can
guarantee the observable devitalization of these pests to any third party lab in a controlled environment
with the proper lab equipment. We can kill the psyllid and the HLB bacteria in a lab or on a single tree, no
problem. What we dont know is how well these energy harmonics will penetrate a large grove of trees in
a real world environment. It is possible we will experience no issues at all, but it is also possible there
may exist some environmental factor that may in some manner interfere with the wave pattern or the
penetration of the wave pattern. To establish the efficiency of this technology in real world applications,
we will need to test and validate the technology in a representative grove of trees.
In order to develop this technology for actual grower use and application, we have 3 Phases.
Phase 1: Construct a prototype device that will devitalize the ACP and HLB in a controlled
environment to demonstrate Proof of Concept. Validate the technology through an independent
research lab and release results. (90 days)
Phase 2: Finalize design construction of the device and incorporate the necessary wave
harmonic technologies to efficiently operate at optimum range and distance suitable for the vast
acreages of orange groves. (90 days)
Phase 3: Apply and test the technology in a real world application. Analyze results and modify
the technology as/if necessary for full and successful market use in large and/or specified
geographies. (30 180 days)
These are all things we know how to accomplish its what we do as electronics engineers. We know
how to surmount any problems of interference, but we first have to identify if such interference exists and
what the source is, which can only be determined by real world trials. The total time involved for a market
ready device is approximately 7-12 months.
This technology is accomplished through the installation and use of custom built and specially configured
radios. The radios will be owned by the grower and programmed to operate at specific intervals sufficient
for the continuous elimination of all ACPs and the HLB bacteria within the effective radio coverage area.
It is envisioned there will be a radio installed not less than one each per square mile of land, real world
trials will determine the reliable and effective range of each radio.
Cost This technology will replace the need for ACP/HLB treatments. The savings to the grower from
these treatments will pay for the technology over a reasonable amount of time expected to be from 1-3
years. Preliminarily, we calculate the cost of a permanent system to be factored at a one-time fee of
approximately $500 per acre of land with one radio covering one square mile or much better depending
of field results.
The lab has graciously agreed to finalize this solution to the point of market readiness for no profit to
itself. The technicians are paid a reasonable living wage to work on this Project and the lab has agreed
to waive its usual fees and provide the ACP/HLB technology at actual cost.
Bringing This Technology to Market Agricultural Technologies Foundation (AgTech) is the non-profit
organization founded to accept and disburse funds and to monitor and report progress on the Citrus
Greening Project to funders/contributors.
In our research into the market, it appears governmental funding sources and the recipients of such
funds (typically universities) favor an ongoing revenue model whereby continuity of funding and the
management and coexistence of Citrus Greening Disease is favored over eradication. (Similar to the
pharmaceutical industrys approach to disease of continuous treatment and symptom management,
rather than cure).
AgTech has not solicited funds or grants from government entities for this Project and although we would
be grateful to receive such funds, our research and experience indicates little reason for optimism.
This is therefore a grass roots crowd funding type Project. We are bringing this solution directly to
growers, co-ops, packers, juicers etc. in short, the people and organizations whose livelihoods depends
on a real, permanent and timely solution.

Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions

As such, providing this proven technology to growers is entirely reliant upon your participation, good will
and instinct for survival in the face of Citrus Greening Disease. Participate with us in finalizing and
implementing this technology. Your contributions are needed, and are tax-deductible.
We estimate it will take $1 million USD to have this technology fully developed, validated by a third party
lab, field tested and proven and ready for market. We also need additional funds of up to $2 million USD
to manufacture, distribute and deploy this technology widely. With $1M, we can finalize the technology
and have it ready for grower use, but without additional funds there is no manufactured product to
provide to growers. If we only finalize the technology and wait for a grower to purchase it, we then have
to go back and order, manufacture and deploy on a one-off basis which is the most costly and inefficient
method to provide any product. It is obviously much better to have funds sufficient to produce an
acceptable quantity of units ready for immediate sales and installation.
Your ideas, referrals, contributions and help are vital to the success of this Project. Be free to forward this
document to anyone you believe can help. We would very much like to be proven wrong regarding
funding from governmental sources, so if you are aware of anyone you believe can help on that front
forward this document to them and/or give us a name and number. We are contacting every single
resource we believe can help in California, Texas and Florida until we will get this Project done.
Making a Contribution AgTech is a non-profit so contributions for this project are tax deductible.
Contributions for the Citrus Greening Solved Project are completed privately between AgTech and the
contributor via direct deposit or bank to bank transfer. AgTech will provide account information to
contributors at the appropriate time.
On a trial basis for growers only, we are currently offering to deduct 100% of any contribution made off
the final price/cost of the ACP/HLB system. A contribution from growers then is treated as a pre-purchase
agreement or down payment on a system, so there is no net loss to a grower/contributor.
We are not asking you to financially compromise your livelihood or your familys well-being and we
understand many are suffering financially from this disease, but please give some honest thought to what
your maximum contribution can be. The sooner we get this product in the hands of growers the sooner
greening disease starts to disappear.
We are not asking any single grower or co-op to shoulder the entire burden of this project. Under an Ideal
Scene, we are seeking a consortium of growers, co-ops etc. from Florida, Texas and California to join
together and each play their small role in getting this technology finalized and into the hands of growers.
Under this scenario, we can easily accomplish this project in a manner affordable to each party and the
good thing is, along with your contribution being tax deductible, 100% of your contribution is applied
towards your purchase of an ACP/HLB system.

One decent sized grower or most any co-op can get on the phone and within a day or two assemble
enough parties to more than fund this project. We dont have those industry resources, but you do. If only
4-5 people get on the phone and make that happen, this project is done. Feel free to forward this paper.

Right now, sitting in front of you at this very moment, you have a solution to Citrus Greening
Disease. There is no better solution coming. Together and soon we can end Greening disease.

Kind Regards,

Michael Murphy
Managing Director for
Agricultural Technologies Foundation (AgTech)
Michael Murphy:
Telephone: AgTech (507) 723-8324
Mobile: (559) 579-2556
Agricultural Technologies Foundation - Innovative Holistic Agricultural Solutions