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In union with the mission of Dowling College, the Townsend School of Business strives to educate
and prepare students to excel in the dynamic environment of the information-driven business world.

The Townsend School of Business works to develop, communicate and apply business knowledge
through excellent teaching, research, college community service, and professional development. The
principal goal of the School is to educate and develop business practitioners and to provide students
with a detailed knowledge of business strategies and tactics. The ultimate goal is to enable students
to seek careers in corporations, entrepreneurships or non-profit organizations.

The School strives continuously towards being a leading source for the creation and dissemination
of knowledge in the science and art of business and its practical application.



The Townsend School of Business Strategic Plan consolidates the individual plans of the
Accounting, CIS, Finance, Management, and Marketing departments of the school under five
common objectives. These objectives including strategies, performance measures, action plans and
resources are summarized in tabular form following the narrative presentation below. In all cases,
no added resources will be required to achieve the objectives of this plan.

Objective # 1: Review, Develop, and Expand Academic Programs.

The goal of the School of Business is to continually strive to be on the cutting edge of integrating
new business programs into the curriculum. We believe that we also must continually review and
update our existing curriculum to meet this goal.

Develop and offer an MBA with a concentration in Accounting.
Review and update the existing MBA in Information Systems Management Program.
Examine the viability of an MBA in Marketing.
Develop an MBA in Event Management.
Finalize and make application for a DBA in Management

Performance Measures:
Specify graduate level courses in accounting and taxation to achieve NYSED approval
Compare current program to competitive programs. Research industry standards.
Conduct Market Research to determine interest level for this degree.
Conduct Market Research and execute surveys and focus groups.
Secure outside reviewers to review the program

Action Plan:
Finalize NYSED application for the MBA in Accounting by end of Spring 2010.
Review for MBA in Information Systems Management complete by Spring 2010.
Review for the MBA in Marketing complete by Spring 2010.
MBA in Even Management Application ready by Fall 2010
DBA Application ready for review by April 1, 2010.

Objective # 2: Academic Quality- Maintain High Standards of Teaching for Full-time and Adjunct
We are well-aware that high standards of teaching are invaluable to a successful program. We are
dedicated to provide the environment that is nurturing and enriching, so every faculty member will
have the tools necessary to meet that goal.

Assess teaching techniques and effectiveness of faculty.
Encourage full-time faculty to attend conferences that cent on teaching effectiveness.
Schedule annual meeting of all adjunct to keep them abreast of new initiative and updated
course objectives.
Performance Measures:
Review SRFs and course syllabi. Annual reports to be filed with Dean by Department
Chairs regarding new trends in business, technology and possible effects on curriculum.
Review of all objectives of curriculum and review syllabi.
Review of annual use and benefit report.
Action Plan:
Reviews should be completed after each semester.
Adjunct meeting should be conducted prior to the beginning of semester.

Objective # 3: Enhance Career Counseling and Guidance.

The goal of any business program is to provide the skills and career guidance to students. In
addition to course work, practical tools are necessary. We are committed to providing a nurturing
environment for the student, so they may excel in their career path.

Mock Interviews
Meetings with Faculty Advisors and Career Services.
Develop relationships with outside employers through internships.

Performance Measures:
Survey students.
Survey employers

Objective # 4: Integrate Teaching and Learning to Include Innovation of Technology.

We are currently offering two on-line MBA programs and utilize technology for this purpose. We
now use the Blackboard system as an implementation tool and faculty have access and training to
this system for use in both on-line and in-class formats. It is important to keep abreast of new
technology and integrate those technologies into our classroom.

Research innovative technology for use in and out of the classroom.
Continue to improve and offer on-line and blended classes.
Performance Measures:
Review data on students satisfaction with the use of technology through SRFs.
Conduct focus groups with students to assess the new technology.

Action Plan:
Complete after each semester beginning in Fall 2010.

Objective # 5: Enrollment Initiatives.

Although the Office of Enrollment Services oversees the enrollment initiatives for the college, the
School of Business actively participates. We are involved with efforts to continually improve our
programs and increase enrollment.

Meet with enrollment services to schedule open houses.
Meet with recruiters to educate them on all of our business programs.

Performance Measures:
Review data on enrollment year over year to examine trends and make projections.

Action Plan:
Complete after each semester.

Objective Strategies Measures Action Plan Resources Status
Review, Develop and Develop and offer Specify graduate Finalize No new added
Expand Academic an MBA with a level courses in NYSED expense.
Programs Concentration in accounting and application by
Accounting. taxation. Achieve end of Spring
NYSED Approval 2010.
Review & Update Compare current Review No new added
MBA in program to complete by expense.
Information competitive Spring 2010.
Systems programs. Research
Management industry standards.
Explore the viability Conduct Market Review No new added
of an MBA in Research to complete by expense.
Marketing. determine interest Spring 2010.
level for this degree.
Develop an MBA Conduct Market Application No new added
In Event Research and complete by expense.
Management. execute surveys and Fall 2010.
focus groups.
Finalize the Secure outside Application No new added
application for the reviewers to review ready for expense
DBA in the program review April
Management 1, 2010
Objective Strategies Measures Action Plan Resources Status
Academic Quality - Assess teaching Review SRFs and After each No added
Maintain High techniques and course syllabi. semester. expense.
Standards of Teaching effectiveness of Annual reports to be
for Full-Time and faculty. filed with Dean, by
Adjunct Faculty Department Chairs,
regarding new
trends in business,
technology and
possible effects on
Encourage full- Review of their After each Faculty utilizes
time faculty to annual use and conference. their travel and
attend conferences benefit report. research funds.
that center on No added
teaching expense.
Schedule annual Review all objectives Prior to each No added
meeting of all of curriculum and semester. expense.
adjuncts. review syllabi.
Enhance Career Mock Interview Survey students. Review after No added
Counseling and end of expense.
Guidance academic yr.

Meet with Career Survey employers.

Services and
relationships with
outside employers.
Objective Strategies Measures Action Plan Resources Status
Integrate Teaching and Research innovative Review data on Complete No added
Learning to Include technology for use students satisfaction after each expense.
Innovation of in and out of the with the use of semester
Technology. classroom. technology through beginning in
SRFs. Fall 2010.
Continue to offer Conduct focus
on-line and groups with students
blended classes. to assess the new

Enrollment Initiatives Meet with Review data on Complete No added

enrollment services enrollment year over after each expense.
to schedule open year to examine semester.
houses and educate trends and make
recruiters on projections.
business programs.