The Constitution Party·s Stand on Immigration

This is a hot topic of discussion and although there is much controversy surrounding the subject of immigration, and illegals, there is only one stance to take. The stand of the constitution, and therefore the Constitution Party. So, where does the Constitution Party stand on immigration? Their stance comes directly from the constitution, which states in Article 4, Section 4, which states:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.

Some may dispute the idea of immigration as being an invasion, but it is truly an invasion. We, as the people of the United States, have a right and responsibility to monitor those we allow to immigrate to our country. As James Madison stated: When we are considering the advantages that may result from an easy mode of naturalization, we ought to consider the cautions necessary to guard against abuses « What did Madison mean by this? Simply that, although it would have been beneficial for the population of the country to grow, they needed to be selective in who they allowed to enter the country. Why? So that these newly made citizens would feel a connection with the American people and therefore a loyalty to the United States. Now that we have a country full of people skilled to do the work needed, we now need to guard against overpopulation and joblessness. Oh, sorry. Already past that. And yet what does our federal government do to control that? Not much. Washington has continued to turn a blind eye to the rapidly escalating problem as not just legal immigration is out of control, but illegals slip across our porous border as if there were none. There are enumerated responsibilities of the federal government, but they seem to be more interested stripping the state·s of their right to govern their people

instead of standing up to their obligations granted to them by the Constitution as the federal government. Instead of filing illegal law suits and bashing a state for protecting its citizens, maybe Washington needs to get off its collective butt and provide a little more protection than signs warning Americans not to travel in their own country for fear of being raped or murdered by drug runners coming from Mexico. Really? Is that all the effort they can muster? Since the federal government continues to ignore its responsibility in regulating the constant influx of immigrants, our country is being overrun by both legal and illegal immigrants. Each year there are approximately one million legal immigrants flocking to the United States. At the same time, there is almost an equal amount of illegal immigrants slipping across the Mexican border. We are no longer selective in our choosing of citizens. We allow anyone to cross our border and benefit from the advantages of our rich social system. But that system is faltering under the tremendous strain of government handouts, not only to those entering the country legally, but also to illegals as well. Yes, illegal aliens (let·s call a spade a spade) are allowed welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, education and every entitlement program the federal government has to offer. Every level of our government is being impacted by the overpopulation of the United States and practically no one in Washington or the state capitals seem to care. Where is our United support of Arizona? We, as citizens, are also being impacted. Our taxes continue to rise to cover the expenses of housing, educating and providing for the general care of all these immigrants. The Constitution Party abhors this frivolity of our tax dollars and will affirm the integrity of our borders and would like to see our federal government take control of the growing invasion of our southern states by exuding their Constitutional authority and duty to guard and protect our borders from invasion and to regulate the numbers and qualifications of legal immigrants coming into our country. The Constitution Party opposes the abuse of the H-1B visa provision, which allows university educated foreigners to enter the country on a work visa. The so-called ´Specialty occupationsµ this visa allows permits for are widespread and varied and include many jobs, which could employ many out of work Americans.

These positions are the likes of various engineers, even drafters, surveyors and cartographers. Chemist, geologists, meteorologists, and IT people of every kind. Biologist, doctors, dentists, nurses. With the health industry under such strict government regulation, why would we even think of bringing doctors from outside our own country in? Even now our own physicians are limited to a certain number of each specialty per city. And general practitioners are told where they are allowed to set up shop. Teachers are another profession allowed to enter the country on the H-1B visa. Do we need teachers from other countries teaching our children our American history? Our language when they can barely speak it themselves? If that·s isn·t enough, we are bringing in lawyers and judges, people in agriculture, finance, real estate, public administrators, people in transportation, communication, utilities, economists, sociologist, museum curators. Even clergymen. Social workers and fashion models. Are these not positions many qualified out of work Americans could fill? The L-1 work visa is another widely abused way of allowing immigrants into the United States. The L-1 is an intracompany transfer work visa. These companies should be limited on the number of employees they can transfer into our country without hiring from within. With state unemployment rates nearing 10%, these abuses being allowed by our federal government need to stop. The Party will insist that every individual group and private agency, which requests the admission of an immigrant to the US, no matter the reason, will be required to commit legally to provide housing and sustenance for the immigrants and bear full responsibility for the economic independence of the immigrant and post appropriate bonds to seal the covenants. Covenants. This is not a contract to be taken lightly. A covenant is what God made with Moses. Right now, the Constitution Party favors a moratorium on immigration to the United States until all federal subsidies and assistance are discontinued and proper security procedures have been instituted. The only exceptions would be extreme hardship cases and other individual special circumstances, which does not include an illegal mother or parents being allowed to stay in the country simply because children have been born here.

The Party is very clear on their position regarding children born in the United States of illegal parents. It rejects the practice of bestowing citizenship on children born to illegal alien parents. It also opposes the provision of welfare subsidies and other taxpayer supported benefits to illegal immigrants. Once the moratorium has been lifted, the Party demands the federal government restore immigration policies based on the basis that potential immigrants will be disqualified from admission on the grounds of poor health, criminality, morals not befitting an American, or financial dependence. There will be no amnesty of immigrants currently in the United States illegally and the use of US troops will be used to protect the states against any further invasion. For those immigrants allowed to stay and enter the United States, they will be required to assimilate to the American way of life. That means they must learn the English language as a precondition of citizenship. There will be no bilingual ballots or signs in government buildings. In order for a group entering a foreign country to feel like they belong, they must assimilate. The Hispanic people perpetuate their ¶outsider· status by refusing to assimilate to the American way of life. In most other countries, if you don·t speak the language you are treated poorly. We have coddled foreigners for way too long. We have allowed them to continue in their traditions and given way to allowing multilingual signs being posted in restaurants, stores and government buildings. We have changed our way of life to accommodate those of Spanish speaking origins. It is time to stop. Until we force all immigrants, not only Spanish speaking, but all to conform, they will not feel a part of ´usµ. They will not be Americans. No ethnic group will feel comfortable in an adopted society until they cross the culture gap. There should not be a hyphenated American. We are all Americans. We are not Mexican-Americans. We are not African-Americans. We are not ItalianAmericans, or even German-Americans. We are simply Americans. Until we find that united status once again, there will always be a resentment between those of us who have been here for generations and those of us who are new. The Japanese and Chinese have assimilated to America the best, and they have in a sense been treated the worst by our people and our government. During the World War II, they were rounded up and put into concentration camps and yet, they supported the United States. They sent their sons off to die for America. And they did not resent the misjudgment of the American people.

They stood strong in their loyalty to their newfound country and have since blended into society like those of us that have been here since the beginning. In regard to Arizona and the Senate Bill Governor Jan Brewer recently signed into law, the Constitution Party fully supports Arizona in their efforts to contain a situation that is steadily growing out of control. In fact, the Party has written a resolution in support of Arizona·s immigration law and will support any state willing to stand for their right to protect their state. If the federal government is going to shirk away from their responsibility to secure our borders, then it leaves the people of Arizona with no choice, but to handle the matter themselves. The Arizona law in no way infringes on the rights of any American citizen. It does not promote racial profiling. It simply requires their law enforcement officers to ask for identification when a person is suspected of wrong doing. Either a traffic stop or armed robbery, it makes no difference, identification must be provided. Do we expect anything less in any of our states? When an officer pulls you over for speeding, does he not ask for your driver·s license? For those people, who are obtaining their driver·s license for the first time, you nearly have to provide a retina scan to prove you are a citizen. Even if you are simply changing your name, you need to provide more information. But note this, when you go to get your birth certificate you·ll need to show proof of who you are. Have any idea of what they·ll ask for? Your driver·s license. And when you go to have your social security card changed, they·ll ask to see your driver·s license. It·s simply a huge bureaucratic circle. Is it wrong to ask someone suspected of a crime or traffic violation to provide identification? No. To sum up the Constitution Party·s stand on immigration is « the party supports selective immigration and restoring the standards the founders themselves established. People must assimilate into society before they can truly become an American. If we continue to enable immigrants to hold on to their heritage, we continue to divide our country. The controversy of immigration is not new to our generation. It goes back to the founding of our country and follows through to today. We all come from immigrants. Assimilation is the key.

George Washington said this regarding the subject: By an intermixture with our people, they, or their descendants, get assimilated to our customs, measures, laws: in a word, soon become one people. Theodore Roosevelt this: Let us say to the immigrant not that we hope he will learn English, but that he has got to learn it. Let the immigrant who does not learn it go back. He has got to consider the interest of the United States or he should not stay here. He must be made to see that his opportunities in this country depend upon his knowing English and observing American standards. The employer cannot be permitted to regard him only as an industrial asset. And illegal immigration is just that, illegal!

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