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Nemo 96 HD - 4 slots for plug in modules

Multifunction Power Meters Panel Mounting

Multifunction Meters
96x96mm Panel Mounting
Free Software
On request

96 x 96mm flush mounting Active energy class 0.5 (EN62053-21) Programmable VT ratio 110
Single phase or 3 phase (3 or 4 wire) network Reactive energy class 2 (EN62053-23) (max VT primary 1200V)
unbalanced load 3-phase - 80500V 50/60Hz measured Programmable display contrast and
Four slots for plug in modules voltage backlight intensity
(see page 21 for options) Single phase - 50290V 50/60Hz Field updatable firmware
Customisable display page measured voltage Resettable parameters - min + max
Wide range of measured parameters - see Auxiliary 80265Vac, 110300Vdc or voltage, current demand, current max
table below 1160Vdc demand, active, reactive, apparent power
max demand, hours run, partial active
Backlit LCD display Programmable CT ratio 19999
energy, partial reactive energy
/1A or /5A current transformer operated (max CT primary 50kA/5A or 10kA/1A)

Function Diagram


Voltage Current Three Phase Power Power Factor

phase and linked phase and neutral active, reactive, apparent phase and 3-phase

Minimum Voltage Current Demand Phase Power Frequency

phase phase active, reactive, apparent

S 01
Maximum Voltage Max. Current Demand Power Demand
Hours Run
phase Phase active, reactive, apparent

Voltage Harmonic Average Current Max. Power Demand Positive Active Energy
Distortion l1 + l2 + l3 E&OE
active, reactive, apparent partial and total
phase 3
Current Harmonic Positive Reavtive Energy
Distortion Phase and neutral

See Page 21 for Negative Active Energy

Module Options

Negative Reactive

Dimension Diagrams How to Order / Model Reference

81* eg MF9600 1
mmmmmm m
Model MF9600
92 96 Auxiliary Voltage
80265Vac/110300Vdc 1
1160Vdc 2
92 96 62 12 * Module option

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