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Gaming Nagy-Salló 1849
for Bloody Big Battles

would be King



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Display until 20/7/17


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Gaming Nagy-Salló 1849

for Bloody Big Battles

pondered in my editorial last month that electronic and social media was – in my
would be King

opinion at least – a mixed blessing. Aside from the somewhat dubious results from its
‘funnelling’ of topics and areas on interest that I mentioned last time, it’s pertinent to
see what effect it has on other areas of the hobby: after all there’s a reason we don’t have
letters pages in magazines anymore! We all know that the web is a two edged sword: sure,
I love being able to order stuff online but there’s nothing to beat seeing the product in your EX CLUSIVE!Y LIST

hand at a show or – more rarely these days (in the UK at least) – in a local, independent FOR DEA TINENT



9 772513 838005
gaming shop. The net ‘giveth and it taketh away’. However, one of the big downsides HOW TO BUILD CORRUGATED BUILDINGS & A VSF STEAM LAUNCH
Display until 20/7/17


of the all-pervasive web – for me at least – is the undue ‘suction’ generated by all sorts
of social media. I’ve never tweeted in my life (140 characters? Pah!) and only ever joined
Facebook as a necessity for my current role: my wife was astonished when I said “no
What’s up and coming in (mostly)
you can’t ‘friend’ me and – as I’m sitting next to you – why on earth would you want to!?” But
historical wargaming.
Forums (Fora?) are something I have used but I now find are taking way too much time
from my working day. In an era when, as I said earlier, we no longer have ‘letters pages’ 09 SEND THREE AND FOURPENCE
in hobby mags, and ebay rules the second hand gaming market, sharing one’s thoughts Advancing like men: a “Little Inkerman”
and comments via a forum or one’s own blog seems almost mandatory. But I’m having Scenario for The Men who would
a re-think: as I have voluntarily stopped using a couple of forums (and, ahem… been be King by Conrad Kinch.
ejected from one or two) I’ve decided that I will have to change
my approach to all of this. So, having been thrown off of a forum 15 PARTIZAN
recently at the whim of a petulant moderator, as I recline by the A report on the Newark show that’s
(metaphorical) pool on a (substantial and yet imaginary) deck a bastion of historical eye-candy.
chair, I am no longer looking at my various media feeds on my
phone but reading a set of rules while trying to edit a magazine COVER 20 YO HO HO!
and listening to Donald Fagen sing: “won’t you pour me a Cuban FEATURE A full rule system for
Breeze Gretchen?”. Life is suddenly a lot less stressful… piratical shenanigans on the high
seas (with downloadable play aids).
Consider your timbers shivered!

EXCLUSIVE: A new army for Death In The
Dark Continent. Kevin Dallimore shows us
John Treadaway Editor that DitDC isn’t just about historical gaming.

CONTACT US This month Fantasy Facts has its usual
@ round up of what’s out in the world(s) of
non-historical gaming plus painting the Army
of Gondolin (the last of a two parter); plus
@MiniatureWG scratch building a VSF steam launch.

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The Perry’s new box of British Infantry (1877-1881)
I was sent a box of the new plastic Perry On top of that you get a set of
Miniatures British Infantry that came seventeen, brown plastic bases (in a
out at Salute. Suitable, primarily, for the selection of sizes) to mount the figures for each figure, really, and they all went
Ninth Cape Frontier War and the Zulu wars on (even though each comes on it’s own together just fine with my little bottle of
but, optionally, these figures may also be small base) and – if that wasn’t enough – Contacta cement I keep for this sort of
utilised for both Home Service and Light between the box art and the double sided task. Getting that sweet spot between lots
Infantry units thanks to the different head leaflet included inside, you get instructions, of options and way too much sticking stuff
gear supplied. The box contains 38 figures painting examples, a bit of history and together is a tricky point to aim at but I
on 6 identical sprues of infantry giving five eight, nicely printed, double sided flags to loved the result, I have to confess: having
different bodies with 14 different head stick on to your standard. recently rekindled my interest in VSF, my
options and 19 arms (left and right) both I had a fun afternoon sticking some box might well do duty on the red sands of
with and without rifles. In addition to that, of these together and – because of the Mars, but – for anyone wanting British of
there are two further identical sprues, limited parts count and the nice fit of the this classic period – I simply cannot think
each of four additional figures with some components – it was not too onerous of a better way of spending £20 than on a
equipment. The figures on that sprue are a task at all: just a head and two arms box of these.
two officers, with options to have them
as signallers running a Heliograph (which
is also supplied and – plastic being what A very finely painted example featuring
it is – looks splendidly delicate on its the home service helmet with the
tripod legs) and two casualties in different Heliograph.
positions: one is complete (and looks very
much the worse for wear) and the other
The inspirational box art.
has options for head and arm variants. The
two ‘signalmen’ don’t have to be that, of BELOW
course: that sprue also has seven different A quick test of some of the figures
heads, all with different head gear, plus when assembled by the Editor. Note the
trimmed figure base to make it fit.
arms with swords, Webleys, a standard,
a bugle, a pair of arms holding binos and
even an extra helmet with spare swords in
their scabbards, along with that Heliograph
(and arms for the operator) that I mentioned
earlier. So lots and lots of options!

4 Miniature Wargames July 2017

04_07_forwardObserver JT.indd 4 09/06/2017 09:54

24 Cavalry their hats). making them easier to @MiniatureWG some assembly and the wielding of some move but more vulnerable to artillery). Then there is more squares. BELOW Close-ups of the figures and scenery plus the assembled board. All movement and firing is performed in green plastic boards with one inch grids squares in a largely IGOUGO fashion with and some 3d moulded terrain (hills and results being push backs or destruction walls and the bases of forests) which are (with that conclusion being determined by geomorphic allowing sixteen possibilities opposed dice rolls) and infantry can form (if my maths is correct). 4 Guns with 12 crew will set you back £50 and I genuinely think and 8 mounted Brigadiers (two of which are it has a place: at the ‘uninvolved’ end.facebook. you’ve got a fine › game) choosing one of the boards and looking game that’s a quick hoot to play. a trip and simply played – in hotel rooms these are plastic figures. horribly expensive minibar…). then dicing for its orientation.5 to 9mm tall (11mm equally for a total of 160 Infantry (with from the bottom of the base to the top of some tiny standards for some).com ABOVE The boxed game when the bits are all stuck together. one ‘unit’ box is a nicely decorated. durable card box per square (although infantry in the open Napoleonics miniatures game in a box. A player’s I await loads of scenarios written for it forces are divided into three brigades and lots of “how to combine two sets” and then they dice for their alternative articles! perry-miniatures. So. Lastly there’s four coloured dice (two red whatever you do in hotel rooms (fifty quid and two blue) plus a rule set and it all goes is well spent if it stops you raiding the back into the foam-lined box. SEND US TRAVEL NAPOLEONICS YOUR NEWS If you are launching a new Perrys offer an alternative to cable TV in hotel rooms product or have an upcoming event. This game (both heavy and light). not counters. Finally there’s – the models are well sculpted and cast (of the troops: a red and a blue army split course!) and about 8. simple: terrain is implemented by each player (and it is definitely a two-player as the rules pamphlet suggests. and paint the troops as well. occupy buildings and so with a plastic carry handle and in it (after can double up. or wherever – as an alternative to… well. scenery – some grey buildings and the There is a simple painting guide included canopy of the forest areas. about 1/ let us know at: TravelBattle is a complete table top placement in the first two rows of squares @ MiniatureWargames@warnersgroup. July 2017 Miniature Wargames 5 04_07_forwardObserver JT. that spares) and – finally – they all get a green may mean is is just thrown into a bag for base to stick them onto. But if you Rules are – understandably – quite paint (and maybe even flock) the scenery. And let me stress. That on opposite sides of the board. styrene glue) are two ten-inch square.indd 5 09/06/2017 09:55 .

All is an ‘ouch’ and a 6+ might be played or retained for later gang construction is – of ‘out cold’ for a punch up or a use to intercept an action course – calculated in dollars ‘gory death’ when being shot. your Moll. Stunts. unavoidable and immensely rated with six basic attributes both artistically – with lots relevant. The d6 system is to allocate a degree of succeed. June priced at £14. the period history and examples. Price by Peter Dennis and Royal Fizzbin… four plus a character profile wise. 28. Guts. ospreypublishing. and so Robertson (with illustration knows what if you get a of quick reference sheets – forth should the need arise. of inspirational pictures – CW are aimed at small… well Smarts and Hits) and all rolls and logically with a good ‘gangs’ of figures (obviously) are of the ‘bowl low’ to get contents page and lots of and both use playing cards your skill rating or under to examples. PVC or mouse- pad (the one they sent me) and Written by Howard wade in (on a 10) or the cops book there is a very nice can have grids over laid on them Whitehouse and Roderick arriving (on a joker). black for an Accountant (good for brawling where a result of a 1 the other) to be immediately paying off the cops). templates and the option to these for – frankly – not Like CW.indd 6 12/06/2017 10:08 . a 3x3 cloth mat will cost photography and figure MDWG uses d6 for all sheet as well. and they also have options for material: they can Osprey grabs a Piece of the Action be printed on cloth. per have expected from and actions: so far. And who campaign system and a set for Blood What do I like about the be 64. Sluggers down is – inevitably – quite tight.90€. Each player gets quite ‘traditional’.99 from example) members of the souped up automobiles. A 1/72nd Centurion on a 3ft square mat public standing around to At the back of the rule Bring on Bela Okmyx… and a close up to show the texture 6 Miniature Wargames July 2017 04_07_forwardObserver JT. Guild Ball. FORWARD OBSERVER | NEWS AND DIARY DATES MAT Deep Cut Studio new release Deep Cut Studios have sent me an excellent new printed desert style mat. the MDWG ‘roll your own’ and equipping much money: they are ‘deck’ is a reduced one with them with everything released at the end of special activations of (for from pistols to bulletproof. Gats. for standard playing cards (which ladders and whatnot. I think it’s and Bob Murch) Mad Dogs delineated as Torpedoes (at rules? Well. Called the “Wild West” mat. obvious repetition and the colour and comparisons with to Punks at the bottom of They seem well thought out is excellent. matrix to intercept actions and play sections on just moving generated result rather than as specials. the results of being shot or players (red for one. These are and are very well laid out.90€ but a 4x6 Mouse-mat will painting by Kevin Dallimore engagements and characters. mostly used to very good (supplied) miniature cards are There’s a lot of ‘crunch’ effect (some classic two dealt on figures or held back to the system with whole d6 rolls with a Chicago Way (CW) are both the food chain. whereas in CW. through Enforcers. and it is But. with them as review time – almost photographic – with no hardback of 112 pages Hoodlums. turn. (with a maximum of two on and there are off-the-shelf There’s a lot of detail in hold per player). so similar. Both MDWG and (Fists. in MDWG the with extra detail for climbing a cumulative bell curve. There example) and the “rolling it is presumed the owner has is a section on gangs and low means a good result” in stock) are shuffled into a how to build and recruit has been continued – from deck and used one at a time a bunch of felons with a recipient’s perspective – to to be handed to the two you. I haven’t played a superb product: the print is clear with Guns is a colourful the top). the Boss. They come in various sizes (3ft by 3ft out to 4x6). as I would ‘randomness’ to movement two actions per person. these are predominantly sandy coloured but have a variety of textures printed on to the surface – cracked areas like wet land that has dried right out to gravel and stony areas – plus some light patches of vegetation scattered over the play MAD DOGS WITH GUNS area. and the rules are full of the author(s). deepcutstudio. Quality wise.

co. The Damage Markers come in a Battle Pack of 15 the likes of Figures in Comfort or Litco and Newark Showground. BH20 6JG minimal assembly is required facebook. maybe. SN10 3AG ddwg. usable alternative Saturday 5th August slightly more flexible) and the require no special preparation for wargamers.Sunday 2nd July I’ve been sent some samples from Butler Printed Models BATTLEGROUP SOUTH of their range of 3D printed AT BOVINGTON AFVs. Sheffield S1 1WB it needs to be (similar to a aiming which is good).uk/britcon come ready painted and are made from… well I splashes for £12. Friday to Sunday 11th/12th/13th August ON TARGET The water splashes are a little simpler in shape BRITCON Barnes Wallis Building. The games/events July 2017 Miniature Wargames 7 04_07_forwardObserver JT. Newark. printed in is as robust as so you can see what you are get them anywhere else and Howard Prices are listed for various scales (6mm to 1/76th) A Crusader Mk III in 1/76th and two parts! Sunday 9th July and all of the models are in BARRAGE plain. yet quite robust. Bovington. Edinburgh. Stafford. by phone to discuss orders: 01462 639497 The 15 piece You can promote pack of Damage your event for Markers free on our website and here in Miniature Wargames. dirty ‘smoke’ look with deeper realistic looking ones to that alternative. Sackville Street Campus. by the time you ATTACK wheels on the 1/100th BTR60 ‘blade’ support under the main have added some stowage and Devizes School. They also sent supplied (they sent me another out ok. models do come – on the Crusader where there staffordwargames. EH5 1QE the Chieftain and £6. So what are they like and with quite an extensive support are some very shallow slopes com/barrage how much are they? When structure to be cut away.Sunday 16th July they are mostly right: the the hull underside and a long printing) but. in the scale you play – then thejoyof6. various sized items (20mm-45mm tall) and have I definitely prefer these painted and finished Drove Lane. assembly. Explosive stuff! and colour being dry brushed white over dark grey/black and look like what you’d expect water The University of Manchester. ST17 9AB crew figures. They me (45mm tall) are £ gasoline or similar and are pretty effective (£22).50 but they do two larger bhgs. – I could see some striping Butlers say ‘no assembly’ including a ‘waffle’ pattern on (artefacts resulting from the Sat 15th .wixsite. Check out the large range you’ll get a better finish on a butlersprintedmodels. On Target sent me some markers for AFV splashes to look like: the three pack they sent Manchester. are all cast in place and the gun. £5 for be just spray primed. M1 7JA damage and Water Splash bomb markers. College. tabletopgaming. They seem to carry Bovington Tank Museum Linsay Rd. Enter your event details online at www. Sunday 20th August don’t know what but they are both rough-looking I often use fish tank filter fibre for smoke but – like resin – and soft underneath. Wilts.50 for the Print quality is pretty good: (including scenery items) at seswc. NG24 2NY areas picked out in a yellow to imply burning – the chap behind On Target – can be contacted partizan. 3D: WEAPON OF THE FUTURE DIARY Print on demand AFVs DATES Sat 1st .uk. a black and Peter Day JOY OF SIX me a Crusader in 1/76th and in a ‘cleaned’ state and they try If Butler make vehicles you The Heartspace at Sheffield the white plastic they come to do this for every customer need – especially if you can’t Hallam University. but perhaps Butler tells me that the models this is a (often ‘none’) with just a hull battlegroupsouth and turret. but more CLAYMORE Granton Campus. I guess. (print?) quite a selection and Wareham. 350 West Granton were £4 for the BTR.indd 7 12/06/2017 10:10 . white identically scaled Chieftain quite careful scalpel work to odd bit of fine sanding over a is also a two part (hull and clean up the Chieftain I was spray primer) it should work Sunday 16th July turret) vehicle. I had to perform some dirt (and maybe carried out the Crusader Mk III. Not for fine price is good: the examples but – after sprue (support modellers. without Although they need no resin casting or a plastic kit and Blessed William Howard School. Edinburgh (in the scales I’ve mentioned) structure) removal – they can for pushing tanks about a table. have also used the Perspex ‘cartoon’ ones from THE OTHER PARTIZAN George Stephenson Pavilion.

participation games. dozens of trade stands.nrwc. Star Wars Imperial Assault • Bolt Action • Infinity • Blood and Plunder More details on our website: www. COLOURS 2017 September 16th 2017 Doors 10am – 5pm At Newbury Racecourse.. action packed displays. refreshment facilities and bar The following tournaments will be run at Colours Newbury.indd 1 06/06/2017 09:36 . RG14 7NZ • Free parking and close to Railway Station Thousands of models.. Bring and Buy.

made job it was to faithfully record scenes those crime scene photographs: it leaves himself most conspicuous by the gallantry of of crime in pictures so that they could out the very human details that struck his behaviour. bloody) but because of the anti-septic whole story. 1854. Lieutenant Conolly was highly praised in nature of the presentation: none of the photographers usual tricks of the trade On the 26th October 1854 – the day after Balaklava – the Russians launched › General Orders. He ultimately fell. then a Lieutenant in the 49th officer in the RUC who had worked I think Major Connolly’s gazette. The Russian wounded make for the rear (Russian infantry by Strelets. but present facts… Major Conolly. there was no framing to tell a sortie under Colonel Federov. He came particularly under be used later in court. deliberately artless photography. while in personal encounter type of material (which was often not inaccurate. while in command of a company in Ulster for many years and whose while factually accurate.” attention to particular points.300 men and four guns in an exemplary behaviour on this occasion. I went to an Something which is meant to be used in the position held by the Second exhibition of the forensic photography an evidential context should not tell a Division.indd 9 09/06/2017 09:59 . just very attack on the exposed right flank of THE LONDON GAZETTE. Regiment. but it doesn’t tell the with several Russians. the allied army at Mount Inkerman. and promoted into the were used. plain. 26th October. It was a very me when I first read about the battle in the observation of the late Field-Marshal strange exhibition not because of the Patrick Mercer’s “Inkerman 1854”. He Coldstream Guards. The photographer was an story. on outlying picket. 1857. It’s Lord Raglan. dangerously wounded. SEND THREE AND FOURPENCE ADVANCING LIKE MEN A “Little Inkerman” Scenario for The Men who would be King by Conrad Kinch Words and photography by Conrad Kinch “I n the attack by the Russians against Many years ago. in defence of his post. MAY 5. painted by Mark Bevis) July 2017 Miniature Wargames 9 09_13sendThreeAndFourpence JT. is similar to of that regiment. as a reward for his a story or use of depth of field to draw led 4. in Dublin.

. Sir George became a hindrance as the day wore on as his parents.” The Russians had simulate the complex terrain present at that must have been. I can General Pennefather eventually effected couldn’t find a way to appropriately only imagine what a brutal engagement the recall of the men. then buy time for the division to get attack again on the 5th November in I have aimed for a simplified version. where Connolly broke his sword 30th and 95th regiments over the ridges behind your back”. When pressed to [. paid tribute to their courage: De Lacey Evans. were wearing soft caps rather than their his artillery to bear. Lt. These reinforcements A historian of my acquaintance said was let by Donegal man. the battle. he famously men. into the fight – stood their ground and what was to be a far bloodier battle: the which shamefully neglects the fought hard.. but that savage. The piquets weakness of the Inkerman position and The game – as it was – wasn’t much which were to raise the alarm – and would capitalise on this knowledge to fun for the Russian player: consequently. that it was with difficulty Major interesting to play. not least because I before being seriously wounded.]their battalions advancing yesterday like more usual helmets and got quite far reinforce the skirmish line. relented and sent forward several SETUP The first piquet they encountered companies. under a heavy fire[. SEND THREE AND FOURPENCE | CONRAD KINCH The position was defended by the 2nd As it happened their pugnacity Captain Edwin Richard in a letter to Division under Irishman. rest of the engagement. This scenario was slaying Russians and battered one of and down towards the bay. Things Evans described it in his despatch: engagement was like “trying to soon came to a vicious hand-to-hand “They were literally then chased by the suck up spaghetti with your hands tied fight.. So eager was the originally rather more complex and less his attackers to death with his telescope pursuit.. John pressed the Russians until they were that trying to describe the battle of Augustus Connolly of the 49th Foot. as De Lacey Inkerman and the “Little Inkerman” which fought back fiercely. driven back to Sebastopol.]” before the advanced piquets realised said “Not a man”. contribution of the 30th and makes the 4 5 6 1 49TH VI RY RA AR E SHELL N U 41ST Q HILL 2 GUARDS 3 MIKRIAKOFF THE GULLY BARRIER THE RIFLES EACH SQUARE 12” SQUARE BRITISH EXIT POINT 10 Miniature Wargames July 2017 09_13sendThreeAndFourpence JT. fought hard and taken heavy casualties. Battle of Inkerman.indd 10 09/06/2017 09:59 . but eventually who they were. while still retaining a game close quarters battle set the tone for the but they had learned the essential that was worth the candle. The Russian columns they prevented De Lacey Evans bringing “The enemy are certainly not to be despised.

but are “the barrier”. Units with fixed bayonets units. “The space to trade for time and how to it quite difficult to represent the bullet is a fool. These However. to defeat the Russian attacks. with Doubling. ignoring the reinforcements grudgingly sent by General De Lacey PLAYER TWO: rifled musket as a modern rifle and the Russian M1845 Percussion musket as an › Evans and the part played by the British Guards & 41st Obsolete firearm.e. all Russian units Fierce and +1 for fighting in close order Mr. and the players take on the parts of the my usual hills on top of the felt. “Slate ‘em boys” – the Russian columns face a fusillade of fire from the 49th 3 (British Infantry by Stadden. Each player controls two a few sandbags (poached from my bayonets). Rallying. A unit be played with two players or two hills (books would do just as well) may fix or unfix bayonets as a free action players and an umpire. the bayonet is a fine chap. have worked reasonably well for us. but extremely dangerous if they manage to that needs to be done to use The Men were extremely vulnerable to allied make it to bayonet range. rifle fire. Mersey has written a very robust start the game in close order with the makes them exceptionally dangerous ruleset that adopts a refreshing ‘tool appropriate benefits and penalties. as the +1 for Who Would Be King for the Crimea. Consequently. best solution I found was to put my Allies and the Russians in the Crimea. being able to maneuvre fast enough to get some limited playtesting and seem to any Russian infantry unit which has off the table without being overwhelmed. gives a flavour of the desperate. but There isn’t a huge amount of work simplified command and control. opponents. painted by Mark Bevis) Russians “extras” in their own film. The Russians and use that to form the valleys.” balance their own ambition against the different valleys and hills at first.e. +1 fighting). painted by John Preece. also competing with each other for RUSSIAN COLUMNS honour and glory. but suggestions. The and may do so in addition to a Fire or are controlled by a die rolling mechanic shell hill was done by adding one of Move action (i. not taken casualties. albeit ones that have seen when they needed to. left. scrappy TERRAIN: fight of the piquets and presents players The map. The result is. To that end. Russian units are ADAPTING TMWWBK FOR The Russians tended to advance very brittle (the +1 for shooting at THE CRIMEAN WAR in deep column formations which units in close order is punishing). The players have to collaborate Second World War forces) forming count as Fierce (i. Skirmishing. This gives roughly the guns. I hope.indd 11 09/06/2017 10:00 . a game which right feel in terms of range. may make a July 2017 Miniature Wargames 11 09_13sendThreeAndFourpence JT. those columns were the main problem for the British is not suggestions are exactly that: merely perfectly capable of moving smartly devastating the Russian columns. Therefore. we’ve found box’ approach to the game. is a (very) stylised BAYONETS with the tactical problem of how much version of the actual terrain: I found In the words of General Suvorov. It PLAYER ONE: BRITISH RIFLES V RUSSIAN MUSKETS also concentrates on the early portion of 49th & 95th We simply treat the British Pattern 1853 the action. Russian Infantry by Hinton Hunt & Strelets. etc units may not fix British piquets. this scenario should usual felt table covering over some but particularly the Russians. In playtests. The This was a credo adhered to by both the common good.

It may not move from X. moving their present – may only shoot or pivot in Leadership 7+ full eight inches from the board edge. On turn five. Russian columns can Fighting 5+ on all subsequent turns. Long 12-24 number of Russian units on the table. add the difference in Russian units 49th(under Lt. Now. table and a seven is rolled. Six Russian infantry units are placed on it accordingly. once deployed) RUSSIAN ACTIONS Firing 4+ (well drilled) SCENARIO SPECIFIC RULES Rather than using the standard “Mr. meant that the game was rather stodgy Firing 5+ At the beginning of turn two and and dull.e. Mercer infantry unit and one gun) are placed at Leadership 7+ X on the board. being deployed. roll a d10. Speed N/A (may not move in melee). so long as there are no RUSSIAN GUN Expert swordman leader rolls two dice allied units within eight inches of X. 2 and 3. they can bring a gun into play.indd 12 09/06/2017 10:00 . Roll a d6 for each unit Speed 4”/8” (if they have dice per game and assign them to the appropriate not taken casualties) 95th Rifles (under Major Champion) deployment point. add three RUSSIAN INFANTRY Lucky may reroll one set of Russian units). counts as Fierce) 41st under Lt. The Russian gun – if Long 16-36 the board on the first turn. British skirmishers pour fire down from the heights 12 Miniature Wargames July 2017 09_13sendThreeAndFourpence JT.e. roll a d10 for each Discipline 0 REINFORCEMENTS Russian unit and move or shoot with Field Gun Short 0-16. but rapidly slow down Modern Rifle Short 0-12. two of those units (one (i. under fire. On any ORDER unless reduced to six figures Musketry re-roll one miss subsequent reinforcement roll that or less. If appear suddenly where they are not Discipline +1 the number rolled is greater than the expected. Fighting 5+ Sharpshooters Firing 4+ Discipline 0 (unenthusiastic) RUSSIAN GUN Obsolete Rifle Short 0-9. there is a possibility that MUST deploy and remain in CLOSE Leadership 7+. place. results in two or more reinforcements Begins the game with Bayonets fixed. Long 9-18 Guards Detachment Once the ninth Russian unit has been Leadership 7+ (under Brevet Major Goodlake) deployed. Fighting 5+ RUSSIAN DEPLOYMENT & Babbage” rules. Connolly) (i. there are four Russian units on the UNIT STATS Leadership 7+. add Firing 5+ Leadership 7+ one to the d6 roll. enthusiast when firing. SEND THREE AND FOURPENCE | CONRAD KINCH double move (8”). We introduced BRITISH INFANTRY These units should be placed two each this rule as the short move distance Speed 6” at points 1.

but the name was just move forward. SUDDEN DEATH at the wargamer – I haven’t seen it 9: Move towards nearest British unit and The British players lose if any of the bettered. OR shoot if in range. Opponent’s choice. highest total has won that coveted book introduced me to the period. as indicated on the card. moving 8 British table edge. the Malakoff in the Sebastapol on the day in question). It may not move removed his men from the board by turn Osprey (from back when they from X. tots up the victory points for each of emphasis on first person accounts. men (both units) before turn nine. piquets. may only only If either British player has not surviving family members. 49th. this when it first came out in 1998 0: Make a move towards a British unit and If either British player loses all of his and loved it. because – if they piquets don’t had wargames notes attached) The Russian gun is activated on a 4+ on a clear the way and allow the main force and plenty of detail on “Little d10. thesis. The Second Division will be in VC. if present. Remove it from the scenario in that the British players The Partizan Press Guide to table. The Each unit (41st. 2. 1. These are skilfully woven into the HEROIC ACTIONS below. remaining cards are shuffled and each Take no casualties during the game -1VP Ireland and the Crimean War player draws two cards. twelve. but it is the highest individual unit total mortar which was mounted on If they linger too long (as happened that wins the game. OR shoot if in range. amongst themselves for that coveted This doesn’t actually cover “Little attacking in melee if possible. capacity for buying No unit may Cause casualties by rifle fire to 1VP Notes: The 41st were under the have more than two cards played a unit. controlled Russians while competing Stuart Asquith & Stephen Allen. move the unit If any Russian unit makes it off the Inkerman 1854 “The Soldiers towards the British table edge. the name of the company officer. Victoria Cross. the ones I found most useful while 1: Slink away.3: Move towards nearest British unit OR are co-operating to defeat the umpire Wargaming the Crimean War by Shoot if in range. However. Whistling Dick was a large Russian will have to begin to clear the way.8: Move towards nearest British unit. A well-written Win a melee against an enemy unit 2VP (this is the Crimea after all.. IF following things occur… plates are a delight. Add one if ‘opponents’ (the other British players). but I haven’t been able to find activation roll reduced to one) discarded after it is played. shop to the conflict aimed directly attacking in melee if possible.5: Shoot at the strongest British unit in the Russians. from the ttgami. The unit has discovered urgent This is a somewhat unusual putting this scenario together were: business at the rear. Connolly may be in competition with him. which is on the following command of Major Champion of the turn. thus bypassing the Battle” by Patrick Mercer: I bought inches(if it has taken casualties) or 12 inches (if it has not taken casualties).5.3: Shoot at nearest British unit. each British player what makes this stand out is the determine who gets to pick). You the famous story of Lt. the piquets opponent. the player Have fewer casualties than your 1VP by David Murphy: based on the opponent at the end of the game with the longest beard taking first pick authors Phd. as always. by one of the British players (roll to death objective. 4.indd 13 12/06/2017 11:02 . The lovely Robert Marrion attack in melee. card marked specifically for them. The the enemy Recommended. to engage – they are providing cover for Inkerman”. It is possible for a player to have Oh. The author discovered then Fire OR Charge. on it during the game. spread across his two units. you beating a Russian infantryman with can’t leave the other fellow to go hang.). they will I have supplied some Special Cards for defences. Do not mix up these two terms.6: Move towards nearest British unit. whose The battle lasts for twelve turns. 4. These and researched work covering a cards represent the dogged fighting Cause an enemy unit to rout (using 2VP surprisingly large amount of ground. his units individually using the chart. Inkerman” at all. VICTORY CONDITIONS BIBLIOGRAPHY RUSSIAN ACTIVATION TABLE These victory conditions make reference I have a shelf full of books on the Bowl a d10 Die Modifer: Subtract one for every two to ‘the enemy’ (the Russians) and Crimea and seem to have an infinite casualties the unit has suffered. A great shoot or pivot in place. so he’s been christened ‘Mercer’ in TURN LIMIT The surviving unit leader with the honour of Patrick Mercer. Naturally it took no part hamper the division’s ability to this scenario which may be downloaded in Inkerman. neither of these is possible. Guards and the description of Inkerman is the best 95th) gets the single (downloadable) Fire the first volley of the game at 1VP I’ve read and the maps are tip-top. removed from the board (i. too good to pass up! ■ July 2017 Miniature Wargames 13 09_13sendThreeAndFourpence JT. Each card is 95th. Roll a d6 to determine its target. ability of the piquets and are played normal rally rules) considering the narrow focus. but – as a one stop 7. narrative with admirable clarity.2. and the specialist cards position to move forward by turn earned more total victory points than his mention “Whistling Dick”: the real nine and consequently. chosen managed to achieve their sudden volume works on the Crimea.e.. the unit has not suffered any casualties. So long as the Russians have not Spilsbury: There are plenty of single 6: Shoot at a British unit in range. The Thin Red Line by Julian range. his telescope while interviewing RUSSIAN GUN ACTIVATION The Russian gun.

indd 1 05/06/2017 15:43 Battle of Stalingrad July 1942 - February 1943 Devizes & District Wargames Group Eyeball Media. L’Arte de la Guerre 25mm.1 15mm Participation Games Large Bring & Buy Bar & Refreshments Free Parking Full details on the web site: www. Families £4. Traders coming to Attack! 2017* Ancients and Modern Anita’s Books . Wiltshire SN10 3AG Adults £2.5pm Devizes School.50. 40K 7th edition. Under 16s £1. The Green.00 Rights of Admission Reserved Wargame Competitions Flames of War. Bolt Action 28mm. Devizes.Military Athena Miniatures Bicorn Miniatures Bad Squiddo Games (the Dice Bag Lady) Blotz Colonel Bill Dave Thomas (Perry & North Star) EM4 Miniatures Emperor Toad’s Emporium Great Escape Games Grubby Tanks/ Britannia Miniatures Heroes of the Dark Age Hysterical Games Ironclad Miniatures Instant Armies Lesley’s Bits Box Little Ninja Painting Service Macrocosm Miniatures Magister Militum Newline Designs PE2 Collectables Peter Barnes Books Plastic Soldier Company Products for Wargamers Small Terrain The Last Valley The Pit Gaming Shop The Scene The Square Tiny Wargames Tumbling Dice Vector Design Maker 3D print Warlord Games *Correct at 17 May AT TA C K ! 38th year of Wargames ◆ Modelling ◆ History 15-16 July 2017 10am .Field of Glory Renaissance 15mm and DBM 3.ddwg.

in my home town). to a. (i. The point is that I to them. I really like this venue enough have always had a strong tie with the opportunity to go pay a visit on an ‘old to say it one of my favourites. Newark or the A1. while at school in the town. I was born in Newark In my early wargaming days there was about the new venue.. let me tell you a bit this statement. but… I digress. community: generally it was restricted Salute show in London over the years. Let me give you see a ‘local’ show. to a few mates at school who you could the Newark Showground has a couple These were the days when you ordered badger into pushing toy soldiers around of things that really stand out when your miniatures from photostatted a table and the odd teacher who found comparing the two: it’s light and airy catalogues you sent away for in the post it ‘interesting’. so to speak. I cut my wargaming teeth. so I was delighted to have this available. with the last show to wait two or three weeks for that brown. Partizan folk fit in there. but life and work over the last few even expanding into another building.indd 15 09/06/2017 10:17 . 1 Perrys Alexandra 1801 1 PARTIZAN 2017 Roger Dixon walks us through the recent popular show in Newark › Words and photography Roger Dixon W ell … here I am again at and I always found it heartwarming to I was looking forward to seeing how the Partizan. so I’m to get into the hall. To start off with.m. Having been Nottinghamshire and spent most of my very little in the way of a wargaming involved with organizing and running the youth here. a bit of background to doing so well. Partizan show: even living in London as friend’. on Sunday to find a healthy queue trip up the A1 to the shows when they attend the Hammerhead show. The Hammerhead remember photostats and postal orders… As I said. I was a regular visitor to the shows make great use of the ask your parents). I have visited the new venue I was very surprised to turn up at 10 I do now I would always try to make the – the Newark Showground – before.e. The twenty-minute were held in the magnificent Kelham Hall aware of what a fantastic space it is and wait to get in wasn’t really a problem July 2017 Miniature Wargames 15 015_018partizanShowReport JT. wrapped parcel to drop through the letter years had made it harder for me to get As there’s so much flexibility and space box. You would then have ‘old’ Partizan shows in Kelham Hall showground space. It’s good to see the with ample free car parking right outside and more often than not paid with a Newark Irregulars doing so well and the door and it has very easy access from postal order (for those of you too young to promoting a lively wargaming scene.

One clever trick they here are the other demonstration and seem to have pulled off is to ‘group’ participation games that caught my eye. Simon eye. I don’t have proud standing armies. The demonstration an aerial spotter balloon and train on zone seemed to be arranged well to display. Once inside the hall. There was a very good wanted them and – the most important looking but simple large-scale (1/35th) thing in my opinion – everyone seemed WW2 tank and infantry skirmish from The very enthusiastic and actively engaged Nottingham Wargames Club (always good with people. and time and direct involvement from – traders and imagination being devoted to turning manufacturers: a trend that seems to ordinary wooden household pegs into be on the rise.. run by the All the demonstration games were of Peterborough Wargames Club. Personally. Back to WW2 with 4 The Perry Twins’ game ‘The Battle of (again) a popular Desert Raiders 1942 Alexandra 1801’. around 15 or it out. Of all the 54 demonstration and showing several ‘Peg’ armies battling participation games. a very well presented The Battle this fantastic example to the public. It’s hard to pick any of demo to see people running these larger scale games that stood out as they were all. attractions into three zones. There were even a problem with this. what follows are the ones the really Miller treated us to a expansive The Battle appealed to me. Partizan seems to To be honest. a huge table. well: the whole thing had a great sense again a stunning looking game with 2 of ‘order’ about it. looked superb: Wargames Club: again. was proving a very high standard. Yarmouth Good Old Boys. the participation from the RAF Wargames Association. it being a different case if we had been A very original idea from the Great standing in the rain or cold. The devoted to various historical societies and Sands of the Sudan (1885) from the Old clubs with displays. very impressive sight. The Battle of Port Arthur (1904) facilitate people standing around looking from the Derby Wargames Society. great zone. The demo purely based on my own interests. The Open flowing’ feel to it. making full use of a game moved on throughout the day and ‘blanket’ table cover that was very well you got the impression that all involved done. which we have Morris showed us a very effective small- come to expect from these two. run by the Harrogate with their productions. I said. excellent scenery a beautiful example of jaw-dropping and vehicles. The Lenton Gamers/James miniatures and scenery. There younger players into the wider aspects 3 were plenty of handouts for those that of wargaming. This scale WW1 table. and the gamers popular with the younger visitors. the middle space. filling go far wrong. of Edgehill using a set of his own rules Two games that stood poles apart in that he devised with Andrew Brentnall: a terms of looks are worth mentioning. as games as they look great at shows). as a Keeping with the rich history of very edited list of games that caught my Newark during the Civil War. as I’m running out of were having a great day out showcasing space. very less noteworthy) was the charming splendid table. French Indian ‘Peg Wars’. SHOW REPORT | PARTIZAN 2017 as the weather was fine but I could see examples of how it was done on display. of Bunker Hill from Steve Jones: a great At the other end of the scale (but no period to work with and. as always participation game. again. so seemed to be put on – or had a with home-grown rules. an at the ‘eye candy’ on display. But. where you could join in and play scenery and miniatures and proving the games on offer and a history zone very popular every time I passed by. This worked very Guard Wargames Club in North Yorkshire. It running them were very happy to talk was great to see them encouraging and drag you into their projects. But in this limited space. And finally. while the impressive sea table and dockyards with participation zone had more of a ‘free some excellent ship models.indd 16 09/06/2017 10:17 . of a very high standard. Combat participation game. This was an amazing project. A good zone containing (not surprisingly) all the looking participation game of pirates demonstration games. and you can see 5 16 Miniature Wargames July 2017 015_018partizanShowReport JT. which. it was very hard to choose have adopted the ‘standard’ wargames any one demonstration game over the show layout of traders around the other – I could mention them all and not outside and demo games etc.

and around 30 participation games to try out if you felt like it. in terms of quality. as Newark had such a large part to play in the Civil War. inspiration from. to have a quick chat about the day. I still found plenty to see at the show. 5 DR Mike’s Clinic with an airbrush tutorial. I managed to catch up with Laurence around lunchtime. the sight of a well-turned-out table is a great thing to behold. What I do find interesting is that the club-run demonstration and participation games are. time round. by the way). fantasy side of the hobby. but I found there was plenty on display to take 4 Nottingham wargames club’s large scale WWII game. All the demonstration games continued to appear very active throughout the day rather than just acting as standing dioramas. I was always of the impression that the Partizan show was their ‘historical’ outing and the Other Partizan show (in August this year) was more fantasy/sci-fi based. all that said.indd 17 12/06/2017 10:11 . I’m not really a historical gamer. Partizan provided a very impressive 6 and interesting selection of games this 2 Peg Wars The Great Yarmouth Old boys. I was surprised to hear the Newark Irregulars are more of a ‘virtual’ 7 club now. 6 The piratical RAF Wargames Association. this is not a conscious decision on their part. that getting people to actually play your game in a show environment is a great way to drive future sales. raising money and promoting their work: very appropriate. I tend to lean more to the sci-fi/ 3 The hall and participants. but this was something that Laurence dismissed. I guess the flavour of the show is dictated simply by which games and traders book space. there were 32 demonstration games (about a dozen being put on by traders). keeping up with – if not surpassing in many cases – the manufacturers’ games. Trust. I felt a definite bias towards the historical games at the show. Whatever your interests. one of the Newark Irregular organizers. allowing people to get some useful hands-on experience with a really decent airbrush set up. A chance for people to walk away from a wargames show with some practical experience. before they decided whether to buy an airbrush › for themselves. as members have moved July 2017 Miniature Wargames 17 015_018partizanShowReport JT. I was also interested to see Dr Mike’s Painting Clinic (showing off a beautifully painted collection of 6mm sci-fi miniatures. Overall. but talking to Laurence Baldwin. However. In the history zone was a very impressive stand from The Battlefield 7 Old Guard Wargames club Sands of the Sudan.

there was important aspects of any games show are Newark Irregulars to the folks putting a good selection of people selling their the demo and participation games (Hear on the games. wargames shows would be Irregulars – you are getting around 1. games by individuals and clubs. I can appreciate that the I shall certainly be there. I have only very recently demonstration and participation games (which I tend to agree with). but there still seems to of traders (44) made for a good days’ draw for most people.000 seller to clear shelves at home directly very dull. Filling and many bring and buy stands these days. showcase into the hobby (whether you are mark your diary with the dates of the I got the feeling that there was a definite a beginner or a veteran) but they are also a Other Partizan and Hammerhead next lean toward traders bringing ‘historical’ great source of inspiration. Walking around a show like is a great passion as it is for the other Hammerhead have a excellent ‘tabletop’ Partizan you realize the huge amount of members. I did miss the ‘Bring and Buy’. its delights easily within a day. unlike hard work and resources put into these great showcase for the hobby. were very friendly and wares. which. Nothing really new in terms of hear! Ed. at any show. and I think it has become a sale form of bring and buy. from the Moving onto to the traders. Being the second year at the the tabletop sale approach. Not only are they a window and enthusiastic. again. Everyone involved. travel. work and family your money with and some excellent Hall. stock. that it is worth spending time just looking based around more than one location. but if – like the Newark bargains and a great opportunity for the Without them. All the stores looked very busy genres you play. Maybe worth the trip. be it a running two shows a year is no mean is an excellent place for picking up demonstration or a participation game. ‘only the architecture’ was his reply life permitting. come to realize that one of the most on display. feat for any club.). ■ 9 10 11 18 Miniature Wargames July 2017 015_018partizanShowReport JT. But in terms To sum up. as you often are at some of the larger around the games presented by the clubs It was clear that – for him – Partizan shows. no matter what year. SHOW REPORT | PARTIZAN 2017 8 Perry’s Alexandra 1801 9 Mantic games 10 Peterborough Wargames club Open Combat 11 Derby Wargames Society Battle of Port Arthur 8 away from Newark into surrounding throughout the day and the number trader element of any show is a fairly big towns and cities. bring and buys in the show was a great day out and well great location giving gamers and friends traditional format are hard to run. The show itself is the a great day out… I think you’re on the in August Partizan could look at trying right size in terms of being able to enjoy right tracks. I would recommend you traders I haven’t seen before and. people though the door on the day and to their fellow gamers. There Newark showground I asked Laurence I try to attend as many shows as I can was a good selection of traders to spend if he missed anything about Kelham over the year. just one shopping without being overwhelmed. but I always feel be a healthy wargames scene. as both shows are well worth a visit.indd 18 09/06/2017 10:18 . I thought the Partizan putting on a fantastic looking show in a of manpower.

facebook. WARFARE 2017 18–19 November Rivermead Leisure Complex Richfield Avenue. Demo Games Tournaments 25mm DBMM 15mm DBMM 15mm FoG R 15mm Art de Leguerre 15mm FoG AM Mortem Et Gloriam Saga 6mm Blucher 25mm WRG 6th Edition Ancients Flames of War – Mid War v4 Flames of War – Late War v3 Swordpoint Warhammer p019. RG1 8EQ Day entry £5 | Tournaments £20 Over 70 trade stands Bring & https://www.indd 1 01/06/2017 16:39 .000 Firestorm Armada Age Of Sigmar Lord of the Rings – Doubles http://www.

islands and so forth. handy-dandy direction indicator. a wind directions. rules is to consider the game turn sequence.a The best way to get to grips with the (very simple) mythical sea creatures.indd 20 09/06/2017 10:22 . All the stereotypical pirate elements were lovingly incorporated from wicked island THE TURN SEQUENCE governors to cannibal natives. rare for there to be sudden and drastic ship to shore and land based fighting. YO-HO-HO! Shiver me timbers. matey: Jon Sutherland offers us a light-hearted set of rules for pirate warfare Words and photography by Jon Sutherland A pparently the so-called pirate song Fifteen If you want to drop down a scale or two Men on a Dead Man’s Chest from Robert you will need to substitute inches for Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island centimetres. allows the captains to plan their attacks For my games I bought half a dozen over several turns. it’s good you will need a wind direction enough for me! I wanted a set of rules indicator: with its sixteen possible that could cope with multiple players. features the expression “yo-ho-ho”. Aside from the ships. This makes pretty tall order and I couldn’t find any the game much more playable and commercial sets that did the job. stuck them to a piece of foam core Miniatures resin and metal 28mm scale ships and made a pointer which I fixed into place and supplemented them with some scratch build with a pin. volcanoes and Where the wind blows . 20 Miniature Wargames July 2017 20_29_yohoho JT. good enough for Stevenson. it means that it is large table and encompass ship to ship. vessels. sailors. I made two or three of the excellent Ainsty Castings/Dixon of these. If it’s soldiers. to sharks and perilous rocks. A wind direction changes.

That Each side rolls a D10.9. Bowl a d10 (most game rolls are on a d10. second way they can all take responsibility for messing moves second.indd 21 09/06/2017 10:22 . › TURN SEQUENCE up what appeared to be a perfectly sound English ships and marines occupying a large port: the ship 1 Wind direction plan. Make sure that all of the WIND DIRECTION compasses are changed if the wind direction alters. Get the players to take it in turns ROLL FOR INITIATIVE to see if the wind direction has changed. so: 5 Collisions and running aground 6 Artillery and ship fire WIND DIRECTION 7 Land firing 1-6 Prevailing direct no change 8 Grapping/boarding and land combat 7 Three points clockwise 9 Continuing damage 8 Six points clockwise 10 Repairing continuing damage and fires 9 Three points anti-clockwise 11 Morale tests 10 Six points anti-clockwise 12 Reloading I usually begin the games with the wind direction blowing towards the north. 4 Moving and firing at passing targets throw of an 8. This can be varied by giving July 2017 Miniature Wargames 21 20_29_yohoho JT. but d6. d8 and d12 are Spanish former governor of the 3 Wind speed used as well): the wind direction changes on the island on board. Highest goes first.10 on a D10. This is really at the heart of the sea based part of the game. on the right has the captured 2 Roll for initiative unless it says otherwise.

Into the wind means pointing against the wind or WIND SPEED 2 points either side. from the wind direction. The reason for splitting up the direction and the These categories have a direct impact on the wind speed and punctuating it with initiative is to movement of the ships: build up a bit of tension. As a result. Into the wind: half movement in inches. 22 Miniature Wargames July 2017 20_29_yohoho JT. some players were permanently SHIP MOVES disadvantaged. WIND SPEED Ships either have battle sails up or no sails.indd 22 09/06/2017 10:22 . The resin ships I had purchased had movement of ships. reflect a little indecision if the captain is having Across the wind means pointing 3-5 points away to deal with a damaged ship. Players consider their moves after a change in wind direction. turn even if wind direction has not changed: Across the wind: normal movement in inches. there are three different +1 if had initiative last turn situations: -1 if ship was damaged last turn With the wind means pointing in the same These two small modifiers allow players to direction as the wind or within 2 points either have the chance of a temporary advantage and side. the following For ships and their movement as a result modifiers do seem to work: of wind direction. therefore 1-3 sets of sails. RULES | PIRATE WARFARE each ship captain a skill level. one to three masts. It 1-2 Fair takes one full turn to put up sails or take them 3-9 Fresh down. One player will roll each With the wind: double movement in inches. Players must move their ships the full 10 Gusty move according to the total dice throws with modifications according to the ships position to The wind speed is skewed to encourage faster the wind. I found that in MOVING AND FIRING AT PASSING TARGETS doing this.

As we will see. different dice were used to give this Sloop d10 vessel an edge in movement: Merchant d8 Man O’ War d12 SHIP TYPE NUMBER OF SAILS DICE USED Raft or canoe One or no sails d6 LAND MOVES Sloop One or two sails d10 Most of the action is going to take place at sea. other slow moving objects 1d6”. a Man O’ War is with the wind. a simple set of land warfare rules are Man O’ War Three sails d12 necessary for those landing parties and raids. Given the fact that the bigger ships however that if a player fires in the movement have more sails and move faster. A close up of French ship with infantry adding some musket fire power to the broadside (figures by Redoubt) For simplicity’s sake I opted to use the sail as If the player opts not to drop anchor then the ship the multiplier for movement. This gives her a total of buildings or cover reduces foot movement by 3 26. equally shore batteries may want to in a turn. Moving about in She scores. the smaller phase they cannot fire later in the same turn. As she is with the wind. ships are nippier at changing direction. However. This is useful if the ship is stopping the move temporarily to shoot then operating close to shore or rocks. 10. For example. Player A can do this. The principles behind this are best explained by an example: DRIFTING Player A wants to fire a broadside at a Unless a player’s ship drops anchor. this is doubled and inches. July 2017 Miniature Wargames 23 20_29_yohoho JT. artillery cannot be moved through cover. can fire as he moves past Player A. and then drop anchor. it will drift. Sloops and others can turn 90 degrees shoot at passing ships or vice versa. The captain throws three D12s. Cavalry (if any) will move 4d6” and artillery or It has three sails. next Player B can finish his move. Land moves are 2d6 inches for foot figures.indd 23 09/06/2017 10:22 . drifts in the exact direction of the wind: ships can lose sails in combat… All of the players were given a Man O’ War SHIP TYPE DICE USED › as their primary starting vessel. Note in a turn. Equally. she must move her vessel 52”! FIRING AT PASSING TARGETS TURNING Ships may well want to fire at vessels passing Man O’ War and merchants can turn 45 degrees them. moving target owned by Player B even though A captain can opt to move half of their total move it is Player B’s move. Merchant Two or three sails d8 however. 9 and 7. Stepping away Raft or canoe d6 from d10’s. Player B turn the ship can only move away at half speed.

indd 24 09/06/2017 10:22 . if a ship is badly damaged or in the A Sloop suffers d10 hull damage 24 Miniature Wargames July 2017 20_29_yohoho JT. it cannot move at normal HULL POINTS speed. it’s movement is reduced if a vessel has Each vessel has a number of hull points. SINKING AND SPEED another. Players lost 50% of its hull points: should keep note of the running total of hull Sloops and Men O’ War lose d10 of points. The starting values are: their move Merchants lose d12 of their move SHIP TYPE HULL POINTS If a ship goes down to 0 hull points it Raft or canoe 4 will sink! Sloop 16 Merchant 20 COLLISIONS Man O’ War 24 There will be incidences when two ships either accidently or deliberately collide with one HULL DAMAGE. If two vessels hit one another then: Obviously. RULES | PIRATE WARFARE COLLISIONS AND RUNNING AGROUND process of sinking.

if struck by a sloop. It takes the land defences before the pirates storm one turn to launch the boats and another to ashore for a spot of looting and pillaging. coastline or reef it runs the risk of running aground. 8. recover them. rocks or beach there are three options: A Tow: move another ship to within 6”. Scratch built wood stockade operating as the main English base. Fort. The captain will need to throw a d10: SHIP TYPE CHANCE OF GROUNDING Raft or canoe 10 runs aground Sloop 9. However each turn aground loses 1D6 hull points.) RUNNING AGROUND This is inevitable in certain circumstances if the wind is behind the ship and it does have the distance to move half and drop anchor. If the ship comes to within 6” of an island. July 2017 Miniature Wargames 25 20_29_yohoho JT. jetty and boats scratch built.10 runs aground Luckily. 9. In order to get off the reef. carts. figures by Redoubt. 9. Loads by Colonel Bill.indd 25 09/06/2017 10:23 . softening up away from the obstacle each turn.10 runs aground Merchant 7. It may then tow the grounded ship off in the direction › of the wind at half speed Jettison: move 1” away from the obstacle for each ship’s gun jettisoned or unit of merchandise thrown over the side Ships boats: two boats can tow the ship 1” A three ships fire a broadside. Mr Sutherland: you mean “down to Davy Jones’ locker!” Ed. A Merchant suffers d8 hull damage A Man O’ War suffers d6 hull damage Other smaller vessels. having watched a lot of pirate movies. oxen and horses by Irregular. Hinchcliffe and Old Glory. this is not the end and a clever captain can survive. merchant or Man O’ War are just sunk! (get in the spirit.10 runs aground Man O’ War 8.

explodes! 2D6 hull explodes! 2D6 hull they have to state whether they are shooting at damage and 1D6 damage and 1D6 the sails and crew (with chain shot) or whether crew killed . 6 means a successful grapple. For simplicity’s sake all guns are counted as destroyed ship cannot turn for being the same. is best to assume that ball shots at hull are being 12 All masts and Critical hull breach. The bigger 2 turns merchant ships could muster up to 8 each crew killed they are firing ball into the hull of the vessel. Dutch.indd 26 09/06/2017 10:23 . 1 RANGE HITS on a d6 COVER TARGET AND hit kills a crew man RESULT on d6 The firing player can choose how to allocate Short Hit on 5. On the Ainsty ships. The captain must assign next time made crew men to grapple (if they do this they cannot 4 Deck fire! Crew Rudder jammed.6. 5. Long range 20” 5. 7 Crew panics! 2D6 Anchor chain the sloops just four a side. chain can be fired. Each figure is eligible to fire. Any figure back that 10” halve hits. a rake is a full broadside crossing the centre of LAND FIRING the stern or bow of the target vessel. be used for first round of melee). Disciplined troops can RESULT OF HITS fire in two ranks.6 to hit: halve resultant immediately lose hits (round up) 2D6 hull points Short range 10” 5. Remember that chain can only target masts and crews. A ship must pass within 3” of target ship in occupied and lose 2 hull points cannot fire guns a turn until port is order to try to grapple.6 to hit 10 2 D6 crew and Huge hole Raking shot 10” 5. immediately lose 3D6 hull points The general convention for firing at other 11 Powder keg Powder keg ships is that before the captain throws the dice. Long Hit on 5. 5. These proportions crew jump over the slips – ship stops. Firer nominates which target for each hit result with a further 1d6 roll DICE ROLL CHAIN CRITICAL BALL CRITICAL ON 2D6 for each 2 Rigging on fire. natives and others 3 successful chain shot hits topple a mast. 3 moves target the hits. Disciplined troops are any Assuming the shots hit then: uniformed regulars such as French. A successful ball hit removes 1 hull point Spanish or British. 26 Miniature Wargames July 2017 20_29_yohoho JT.6. the next time captains use a D6 per gun. 5” cover 6 1. cover 6 amount of inches. RULES | PIRATE WARFARE ARTILLERY AND SHIP FIRING 5 Two deck guns Rudder jammed.6 to hit: double hits captain killed on a punched into (round up) 4. Firing is considered to be simultaneous.6. give the bigger ships an advantage. mast destroyed this lose 2 hull points GRAPPLING. hull at waterline. Pirates. 8 Crew panics! 2D6 Crew panics! 2D6 crew jump over the crew jump over the RANGE TYPE IN NUMBER TO HIT side side INCHES 9 1 D6 crew and Huge hole Extreme 30” 6 to hit: halve resultant hits captain killed on a punched into range (round down) 4. 1 hit are not considered to be disciplined. In order to fire the guns. 6 is a kill. For clarity’s sake. It below deck. 2. fire guns next time 1D6 turns There is only one chance per turn per grapple. 5. hull at waterline. rigging collapses.6 Any 4. Bowl 1d6 occupied and cannot ship cannot turn for per grappler: 5. kills a crew man Hits on shore batteries: 2 hits destroy a gun. but not an side Crew occupied and cannot fire guns overwhelming one. the Man 1D6 turns O’ War had six hull guns each side: I then 6 Three deck guns Fire below deck – destroyed ship only hits on placed five deck guns on each side to give them the throw of a 6 for a potential broadside of 11 guns. reduce hull points used unless the ship is in short range when catastrophic fire! to 3 immediately. 1 Waterline breach. BOARDING turn another lost a turn until port is AND LAND COMBAT next turn made GRAPPLING ACTIONS 3 Deck fire! Crew Waterline breach. CRITICAL HITS round down When firing at ships you can trade 5 hits for a critical hit and use this table throwing 2d6: After bowling to hit.

defenders surrender! July 2017 Miniature Wargames 27 20_29_yohoho JT. target crew defenders can throw off BOARDING LOSSES COMPARISON grapple. the grapples are cut and the defending ship combat and has a set procedure. grapples are cut and the ship can move amount of d6 as a combined throw. (with a lost captain counting as 3 losses). means that he is one of the dead! Now compare the If in favour of the attackers. A 6 ships to continue the melee. Note the flags are removable and slip over the tops of the masts. can move 1D6 inches away from the The attacker throws: attacker per mast 1 d6 for every two attackers If in favour of the attackers then second 2 d6 for their captain (3d6 if it is a Man O’ round of melee is automatic. melee takes place. The result is as away 2D6 inches away from the attacker follows: for each 5. If 4 successful grapples have been 3-4 If in favour of defenders then attackers retreat to own ship and on a 4. Bowl 1d6: on a 6 they throw off the Difference Result grapple. If in favour of the attackers then on a 4. then the losses.indd 27 09/06/2017 10:24 . Ship to ship combat works differently to land 5-6 If in favour of the defenders. 6 any grapplers or others on-board BOARDING can join in the melee for second round. any The attackers then total the dice and throw that remaining attackers on-board surrender. 5. › However. Any anti-grapplers cannot be involved 1-2 Fight second round of melee in the melee. 5. Three different sized pirate ships all under full sail and heading for trouble. 6 there is a kill. War captain) 7 or more If in favour of the defenders. Each 6 kills puts per mast or they can board the attackers the captain in danger (if involved in the melee). 6 the achieved then both ships come to a stop and a defenders can become the attackers.

if over then: MORALE INFLICTING CONTINUING Over by Result DAMAGE AND REPAIRING 1 Reduce the leaders morale permanently If a ship has been holed or is suffering continuing by 1 (see below). 6 is a hit. 6 the winner can charge and melee is resumed 5-6 Loser runs 4d6 to nearest cover not facing the enemy. 5. 6. 2 May not advance closer to enemy. any continuing turn. RULES | PIRATE WARFARE LAND COMBAT For land combat the procedure begins with a simple morale test using a d6: Pirates and disciplined troops will charge on a 3. 3 points if in reduce morale permanently by 2. then attacker rolls score (modified) is equal or less than the a D6 for each figure they have in contact. Land 6. Catastrophic fires can be put out on a 4. If contact is made. If not vessel stopped and anchored. For each two men in base-to-base contact (rounded down) 1d6. Take Man O’ War +2 Retiring -2 the test when the unit or crew is down to 50%. and 7 or more Captain and crew abandon ship. a 5. If not possible to and 6 if the ship is anchored or in port. from their hull points or remove masts in the case 3-4 Reduce the leaders morale permanently of a fire. Simply add up the total dice and throw. For each 6 successful hits throw another D6: a 6 means that an enemy commander is killed. Compare losses counting a man as 1 loss and a leader as 3: LAND COMBAT LOSSES COMPARISON Difference Result 1-2 Continue the melee. units rout and disperse. Rabble and townsfolk need 4 men per 1d6. however. 5. You Advancing +2 Sails on fire -1 could make a ship’s crew take a morale test if the Fire below decks -2 captain is killed or if they suffer from a critical hit. However. 6. A leader adds 3d6. The players then work out how many figures they have in base-to-base contact and attacking dice are added up: Charging gives the player an extra 2d6. If the 2d6. Rabble and townsfolk charge on a 5. possible to repair: by 1. retire to the nearest port or main Continuing damage can be mended at 1 body if on land (or home town/base). point per turn if at sea. reduce damage then the captain will need to deduct this the leader’s morale permanently by and minus This is designed to be as simple as possible. At anchor or in port. It is. Natives charge on a 4. damage is permanently stopped on a 4. Winner can move forward The player will need to throw 3d6. And – if the player’s figures are uphill or cover – then for each 3 men.indd 28 09/06/2017 10:24 . 6. 5. 4. commander’s morale rating then the morale test the defender does not fight back 7 or more Loser surrenders! is passed. On a 4. 5. any figures than didn’t make it into the melee can move up to 1d6 inches 3-4 Loser falls back 1d6 inches facing enemy. 5. 2 points per turn if 5-6 Surrender if within 12” of enemy. 2d6 are thrown. Catastrophic fire -4 28 Miniature Wargames July 2017 20_29_yohoho JT. escape then surrender! MORALE MORALE MODIFIERS . if a player’s figures are defending a fort then each man has 1d6. If ship it is counted as being adrift next movement port.

scenario for Yo-ho-ho! ■ July 2017 Miniature Wargames 29 20_29_yohoho JT. Captain Adderley (HMS Resolute): Morale 10 but is designed to cover sea and land Captain Treadaway (HMS Redoubtable): situations): Morale 10 (undoubtedly a fine chap and nautical cove! Ed. you scurvy dogs morale. Here are some examples: carefully monitored.) Land batteries can fire every turn Colonel Frasier (commanding the British Ships can only reload one battery per turn regulars): Morale 11 If there is a catastrophic fire on board then no reloading is allowed Pirates: Pirates and natives can move half a move Privateer Danny “Dandy” Herbert: Morale 11 and fire Privateer Dastardly Dom Perpignan: Morale 12 Disciplined troops can move a full move Privateer Theo the Philosopher: Morale 12 and fire Townsfolk and rabble can either move RECOVERING MORALE or fire If the player has suffered a “permanent” All troops and guns are considered to be morale loss.indd 29 09/06/2017 10:24 . FOR GUIDANCE ON MORALE RELOADING Leaders will have additions to their morale Reloading is a hot topic and needs to be ratings. These are the key Vice Admiral Ewins: Morale 12 considerations (this list is not exhaustive. So that’s it: head out to the high sees and A 4. 6 on a D6 will recover 1 point of grab some pieces of eight. then any victory can trigger a loaded at the start of the game or day recovery. 5. etc. A pair of English frigates towing an invasion force targeting Spanish possessions in the region. Next time it’s The Spanish Main: a morale level than their original morale value. The captain cannot recover to a higher etc. I tend to use cotton wool to show that a gun has fired and is in British: the process of reloading.

S.� info@oldgloryuk.� British. U. Japanese.� Ship models� DH9 7TJ.� Stanley.� www. Website updated Old Glory UK.� 1/2400� Napoleonic Fleet Packs� Air and Sea� From Old Glory UK� p030.indd 1 06/06/2017 09:52 .� Aircraft models.oldgloryuk. French.� 80 1600th� Co Durham.� Over 70� Institute� 15mm(1/100th)� New� and Spanish fleets.� Tel 01207 283332.� for Russian.

Tarzan was a sensation when introduced animals to defeat The Force Publique at Mandrills etc and Warthogs. carefully based on the seminal work by Edgar Rice (15 points): 0–2 researched (!) and fully approved Burroughs. The allied villagers points): 0–3 TARZAN. THE LEGEND OF of the Belgian Congo. DEATH IN THE › DARK CONTINENT AS IF THE 80 IN THE BOOK WEREN’T ENOUGH! Kevin Dallimore shows us that DitDC AGGRESSION LEVEL 0. Gorillas or other great apes. with breech-loaders (8 points): 0–2 July 2017 Miniature Wargames 31 031_033deathOnTheDarkContinent JT.. Kudu etc. From my reading of the book I Heavy Cavalry with close combat weapons Death in the Dark Continent. Elite Protected Heavy Cavalry with close combat weapons only T his is another army list. It uses think Tarzan was raised by Chimpanzees only (9 points): 3–10 terminology and stats based around not Gorillas as seen in the film. Tarzan of the Apes. the author of in 1912. Water Words and photography by Kevin Dallimore Buffalo etc. Pygmies and remains one of the most successful the end of the movie. Have fun! attempts to place Tarzan in a slightly more or even Ostriches. Untrained Skirmishers the film The Legend of Tarzan. Oryx.. and therefore (and I have some). The British Naval with spears (7 points): 0–3 fictional characters to this day and is a Landing Party are there for a “what if Muzungu with breech-loader (28 points): real cultural icon. Giraffes. Zebra. 1888–19… are those who join with Tarzan and the Monkeys including Baboons. published Wildebeests. isn’t just about historical gaming Elite Warriors (9 points): 1–3 Elephants. SCENARIO | DEATH IN THE DARK CONTINENT A TARZAN ARMY FOR Three Zebras crossing. Elite the game rule system so – obviously – never published a book called The Legend Warriors (8 points): 0–3 you’ll need a copy to fully utilise this of Tarzan but the movie of this name Lions and other big cats or Hyenas list. TRIBAL Tarzan.indd 31 09/06/2017 10:48 . This list represents the scenario” if HM Governments implicit 0–1 forces summoned by Tarzan at the end of support for Tarzan was turned into actions Freed Slaves. Rhinos. Elite Heavy Cavalry historical context about the exploitation with close combat weapons only (13 ARMY 81. Burroughs Crocodiles or Hippopotamuses. by Chris Peers.

Elite Protected Heavy 45 2 Elephants 106 Cavalry with close combat weapons 2 Giraffes only @ 15 points per base 2 Water Buffalo 4 3 x bases. Cheetah and Jai Allies: Generic villagers (List 1. The weapons for animals don’t actually represent real weapons of course just the effects. Witchcraft. Muzungu with breech-loader 28 3 men including 215 @ 28 points Williams 7 3 x bases.indd 32 09/06/2017 10:50 . Elite Warriors @8 points 16 2 Hippopotamuses 255 9 5 x bases. Elite Warriors @8 points 24 3 Crocodiles 239 8 2 x bases. Defences: Pitfall traps. Tarzan is always a single Elite Warriors base and never has to take moral tests. Elite Warriors @ 9 points 34 3 figures Tarzan. who reveals his suspicions that the Belgians are enslaving the Congolese population. 34 plus 1 x Outstanding Tribal Chief @ Jane. Home terrain can be of any type the player wishes. The Muzungu represents George Washington Williams an American envoy. Scouting. Williams persuades Tarzan to go back to the Congo in order to prove his suspicions. except always move the score of 3 dice in inches regardless of terrain except Crocodiles who move the score of 2 dice unless in swamp or river. British Naval Landing Party (List 65. Jane. Surprise. Heavy Cavalry with close 27 6 Oryx 160 combat weapons only @ 9 points 5 3 x bases. page 66). Untrained Skirmishers with 40 15 Freed Slaves 295 breech-loaders @ 8 points 32 Miniature Wargames July 2017 031_033deathOnTheDarkContinent JT. Tarzan. Boy etc 25points 2 3 x bases. Heavy Cavalry with close 27 6 Wildebeests 133 combat weapons only @ 9 points 3 3 x bases. Animals have a minimum size of two bases per unit. Heavy Cavalry with close 27 6 Zebra 187 combat weapons only @ 9 points 6 1 x base. Stratagems: Drums. Muzungu may only be used if Tarzan in used as an Outstanding Chief. Elite Warriors @ 9 points 27 6 Great Apes 61 3 3 x bases. A duo of Ostriches SAMPLE 300 POINT TARZAN ARMY Command type: Tribal UNITS TYPE POINTS MODELS POINTS TOTAL A Giraffe 1 1 x base. SCENARIO | DEATH IN THE DARK CONTINENT NOTES A Chief representing Tarzan must be Outstanding (+25 points). page 120). SPECIAL RULE: ANIMALS & TARZAN They are treated the same as ordinary troops.

at least partly within 24” of the Chief of the army using the stratagem. SCOUTING OUTSTANDING CHIEF If a player An Outstanding Chief costs +25 points. player may also nominate up STRATAGEMS to two of DRUMS the terrain An army which is allowed this option pieces on may beat its drums at the start of the the table. At this unit. All of the shots in his figure in the morale phase of each this piece feature turn. that is +25 for being Outstanding point the Scouting and +30 for being Disciplined. MUZUNGU At least one of these units may be We use this Swahili word to represent placed anywhere in suitable individuals or small groups of very cover in the player’s own heavily armed and well-motivated half of the table. Dave King. in ambush unless he is the attacker in an ambush scenario. you can always argue that the the identity of any units great man has delegated this particular which he has kept off table operation to a subordinate! Note that an as late arrivals. They cannot morale test.. In most cases he will be well worth it. The effect of this is to force it to North Star animals take a morale test. he may always deploy in the book to get the complete idea of at least three of his units these rules. EXTRACTS FROM THE DEATH IN SURPRISE THE DARK CONTINENT RULES If a player is using the Surprise You will still need to see the full text option.indd 33 09/06/2017 10:48 . though this can be and all are cancelled by the presence of a Chief or painted by for other causes in the usual way. It affects all non-Elite now count as in ambush for the opponents. ■ A Water Buffalo Two Crocodiles (and make it snappy. BUILDING AN ARMY Figures for this army can all be WITCHCRAFT had from various sources A witchdoctor can curse any one enemy including the North Star unit which is at least partly within 8” of range.) July 2017 Miniature Wargames 33 031_033deathOnTheDarkContinent JT. The result is to force all affected troops which have been deployed in A Whoop of Baboons enemy units to take an immediate ambush in or behind them. and require his morale phase of any one turn in a opponent to immediately deploy any game. except Muzungu. and the Outstanding Chief for a Disciplined army table edge which they are costs an additional +55 points to the base to arrive on. explorers or big game hunters.. but his opponent must you never have to use one if you do not declare at the start of the game A pair of Oryx want to. who are purpose of inflicting morale tests. chooses Scouting.

indd 1 06/06/2017 11:10 .p034.


There are also cut down the middle!) which some Scout Boats and Strike Boats looks like a laugh in soft sand. the Xar (or “Chitters”) get a Grav Bikes.50 for the are packs of Light and Heavy pack. half-track “spider” stand and a plastic base) bike (sort of like a Kettenkrad for £1.50 for two models. These look hand weapon or two of them with a or space ships.indd 36 09/06/2017 10:57 .00. Aliens rather than warring humans. a helmet). design wise.80 a pack. Trikes. three Thrust space ships in the bag too mudguards (£3.50 and – like the quad – they ‘not really a Predator’ helmet – and Mad Mecha Guy”) who has moved are fairly ‘conventional’ looking (in a a pack of six figures with separate out from his MDF kits range into 3D big. which are three to a pack for £2. The new a Colonial Defence Force (CDF) other alien news – the Kra’Vak get releases are for the Full Thrust wheeled scout bike and helmeted some power armour suits: Heavy Kra’Vak (or Crusties) fleet have all rider – two bikes and riders are Warriors are in full armour and a been 3D-designed by MMG (“The £4. on the ‘bike’ front. 15mm passenger (in helmets).50. different guns: £6. track and ESU Jet Bike. All for £4. a range I mentioned last time that I picked a very ‘current’ looking Pan-African Brethren Recoilless of weapons and three different pilot up a batch of new (mostly) 1/100th Union Quad Bike with a with Rifle. DARKER HORIZONS | FANTASY FACTS GZG ABOVE: Still on vehicles and sliding over to Islamic Federation half. Then there’s bodies. Again. And while we are still on land Kra’Vak Fighters (each with a pack based bikes. there’s flight stands are £6. And – in so I’ll look at those first. cast only in metal with a high level have two rear wheels in line (which of detail and replace earlier ranges looks like fun!). nobbly-tyred kind of way). at Salute but there’s some Full optional stowage cases to fit on the personal side arms.00). All of these ships are like a ‘regular bike’ from the front but heavy support variant. that’s with a driver and These models are like big fighters passenger at £4. Each has a rider and sculpted in a more traditional way. torsos (to stick on to the spider legs: vehicles from Ground Zero Games rider (in helmet) including several see below) – each with different Pan-African Quad. Xar Grav disks 36 Miniature Wargames July 2017 36_39fantasyFacts JT.40. Next optional Grav Packs and sufficient sculpting of vehicles and so forth: in are the Federal Stats (FSE) Colonial arm/weapon parts to assemble all fact all of the vehicles I’ll be reviewing Legion scout bikes with rider and six figures with a standard ‘K-gun’ here are by the same sculptor. These are quite big and Also in the bag were their brutal looking machines with a large. rifle-armed pillion passenger and a Starting with the smallest. are very similar Finally. the Islamic Federation of six models and including a metal get a single-track. the to each other with the strike boats Eurasian Solar Union (ESU) get Jet having wing tip guns instead of Bikes with Naval Infantry riders (in pods (fuel tanks?). new vehicles and figures: lots boxy front and the rider clinging on to of support teams and personal the rear for dear life: two in a bag with ABOVE: mobility enhancers! Firstly. and. Quads and Guns BELOW (TOP TO BOTTOM): Disc with the spider-like Xar pilot. a low-level metal flight base. Two disks. there pair of these vehicles is £4.

com. supplied a knob of butter depending on taste and beliefs…). Spigot Mortar and last month that Recoilless Rifle Teams are all out Crooked Dice sent now. BELOW: Not waving or drowning: a huge Beast Below. All of these are › and the latter items spikes along their so – with two horses they took into France in needing basing just underside rather packs – you’ll get great sculpts and 1940… £3. the model comes and who knows with a separate or mint (I’d want It’s a hoot to see such a low-tech. This two plant monsters last model is a fun item: two figures called Creepers.50 for support packs they already sell). in four pieces. nice castings: the These are all good models and inherent instability it’s probably more There’s a definate Beast Below is with the jet bikes. to be Creepers are cast in nightmarish looking religious books as a load option for But – on re.00 for a twin pack. resin or three crewmen per team (and waterline ‘octopus’ stuff like ammo reloads to pretty up in pieces called the your figure bases) at £3 a pack. it in length). July 2017 Miniature Wargames 37 36_39fantasyFacts JT. all how many legs it head to stick on. away from vehicles and armour there are some other new items which have been in the CROOKED DICE pipeline for a couple of months. There’s a selection of packs for the Mr Arkham ordered peas with his seafood… religious fundamentalist “Brethren”: I mentioned The low-cost solution to transporting cast in grey resin: has (and they are and come two to a frankly: the one their equipment and supplies in an a half submerged almost segmented pack with different with the open ‘SF’ army. honest: it has far metal and are about and wouldn’t the cart. pulling a small cart. It’s really the visble part of look almost like the pair.crooked- into 15mm SF. It still makes me think head and three rather than ‘mouths/faces’ ‘mouth’ is pretty of the Wehrmacht – that mighty ‘mechanised’ force – and all of the waving tentacles. ain’t no cephalopod: creature about it me to describe that across – is quite let that fool you: dice. plus Beast Below and the hand cart is now out too. an octopus. ABOVE: Jeepers Creepers. to add to a units morale examination – that more of the Cthulhu 40mm tall. a flamethrower. Two full sets per pack with two me a giant. More at really is about the best time to get inaccurate to for the head is 50mm pea-pods but don’t www. Which – as body details that each or £7. with a random I’ve now had a selection of ammunition cases good look at these and reloads for the various heavy and I have to say weapons in use by their forces (I that they are really Beast Below as worrying… The they are really still think there should be a sack of pretty splendid. Finally. fleshy and have and body poses ghastly). They are respond well to rating – for reading or burning. www. because of their than suckers) so four unique models. trikes and multiple (they are quite likely to be the half-man-half-plant £20 and the two wheeled vehicles that GZG already tall – the largest head of Cthulhu feel to them with Creepers are £4 make (never mind the infantry being over 100mm himself.indd 37 12/06/2017 10:15 .

chariots. Movement when already in combat is broadly restricted to turning and shuffling into better positions (or breaking off. for that you this 32 page supplement and be easily removed with a scalpel. dwarves Dwarves. which rely on their undead magical to know – has not only cowboys £15 buys you a well illustrated. Dragon I would term ‘low magic’ fantasy have already purchased DMH Rampant. monsters. Dread Bears and all Sword and Spear (50%) of the standard base and elves but none of them initiate rules and Curse of sorts of nasties. The last dozen frontage – they could be played in vast. A4 book with make them work. flying BOTTOM): campaigns against Cannibal The covers of the all measurements are a function units. stapled construction. dice (all d6) and then assigning as such. ok – it has full colour. Movement generally involves two Now I’ll confess I haven’t actually kinds: ‘advance’ and ‘manoeuvre’ with the latter having more restrictions as they take place within the movement range of an opponent but the end result is the units matching up for combat. along with humans ABOVE (TOP TO (priced at £20) – you can play armies in 15mm or 28mm but – as there are wizards. matter). although I have played Chicago Way a few times Two new publications from Wales which uses a similar card based activation/interaction system using a deck of miniature ‘playing’ cards. modifiers adding dice to reflect troop types and situations. but is a supplement those dice to units. undead. I be two HOTT 15mm bases wide THE CURSE OF DEAD guess). leaders using magic points to but… Zombies! Well. Although micro other creatures too – but gosh: fold-flat.indd 38 09/06/2017 10:57 . the Mountain Men (depending on width which – for example – would how much you like rotting flesh. 50 page. and all rolls utilise that consistent ‘higher is better’ mechanic. game changing mechanics Dead Man’s Hand pages have helpers for the good any scale that has figures that can to the battle. obviously).uk Rather than IGOUGO the rules The Curse of Dead Man’s Hand activation system involves rolling (CoDMH) is not a set of Combat uses more opposed d6 die rolls. Both of these are available and two deep. The that’s a great opportunity to paint serves very well in Chicago Way rules themselves are quite simple up casualty figures! so – if you enjoy that sort of action but not simplistic: I would say that What this strikes me as is a system – you’ll probably like this – on first reading – they seem a perfect system for playing what supplement and – providing you little less abstract than. CoDMH comes with a set new Sword and Spear Fantasy seem to be vital to their troops of cards and – it will astonish you rules from Great Escape Games. trying to equal for Great Escape’s own Dead or beat their assigned discipline Man’s Hand (DMH) gunfight rating (so a low discipline rating rules which already have two (for is good). DMH and DMH Downunder). DARKER HORIZONS | FANTASY FACTS GREAT ESCAPE GAMES played DMH. So – almost perfect supplement. I Death Hunter. say. They are very suitable for games. guys (Buffalo Man and Cheveyo be grouped in to blocks (or put on for Lord of the Rings games. There’s 38 Miniature Wargames July 2017 36_39fantasyFacts JT. Leaders can help this by want of a better term) ‘historical’ improving units’ discipline level supplements (The Legend of making them easier to activate. think (and if the orcs on the front series of linked scenarios.greatescapegames. So sign A spread of the cards Mark Lewis (the author) suggests cover weren’t green they would be for Dead Man’s Hand. for example) and a BELOW: movement trays to make them fit). SWORD AND SPEAR magic – mostly tactically based so I’m assuming it’s the same sort I had a quick read through of the spells – and undead magic which of deal. up for the Malevolent Seven or an example of 80mm as a unit absolutely spot on!). damage to units will the pack of 24 of the miniature which is handy as – if detached – it benefit from markers or tokens – cards I mentioned: that structure will provide two play sheets. The dice can be used (or ticking things aren’t zombies popular… £15 buys cover is in a thicker card and can off on a sheet of paper. Sure. MAN’S HAND from www.

rather than metal and The EuroFed ships have a resin as – after all – it’s only 30mm Star Wars Imperial Star real ‘Star long or so). the Tigre is 50mm. These are all good. be had frombrigademodels. destroyers and frigates) they transition into all metal models with fewer bits to assemble: the Abruzzi is 60mm long. The 15mm models re-sculpted 6mm version of (called ‘Small domed dwelling A’ the Yenpalo Xarledi Grav Tank I and ‘B’) are £7 each. SF spaceships that should appeal to players irrespective of the rule system used. turrets and rear drive units). solid. and they are to be applauded for that (“digital the Surcouf is 40mm.50 for Last month I mentioned that I’d scale (around 90mm across the a pack of 12. in I’ve had a good look at for their 10mm ‘scale’ (these the new items: 10mm and 15mm are around 60mm across at the Desert Domes and EuroFed base but 65mm and 90mm tall space ships plus some a digitally respectively). while the two reviewed last month (the latter all 10mm buildings are £3.50 each. cut. golden age of wargaming” etc etc): there are two new hemispherical domes in the largest (1/100th) July 2017 Miniature Wargames 39 36_39fantasyFacts JT. From that size downwards (cruisers. Milano: the fighters are £1. post the Salute ‘Niagara’ of and with a multi-floor arrangement releases. without being rip-offs in the picture of last month’s 15mm any way: the Umberto carrier release and hold the magazine further away and squint slightly: you’ll get the picture!) .indd 39 09/06/2017 10:57 . Back to the desert domes for a moment: what with their 6mm range as well. the Insidioso 40mm and all have a vaguely arrowhead vibe to them. The 32mm long La Malin is of a slightly different layout which reminds me a little of an Eagle Transporter from Space 1999 and there are two packs of fighters: the Folgore and Météore. Brigade really do seem determined to manufacture almost everything they make in three scales. It’s as nice a model Destroyer’ look and feel about as it’s bigger brethren (just look at them. A EuroFed fleet pack had some new toys from Brigade hollow cast base) and two of a BOTTOM: is available at £22. and Milano Dreadnought are the two largest ships – both around 80mm long when assembled (they have resin hulls and metal fittings. especially scenery wise. metal ships like the La Malin More three scale mayhem Escort to £7 for the Umberto or › BELOW: 10mm Desert Domes. All of these can Models which didn’t make the similar mass although narrower 15mm Domes. Prices on the spaceships BRIGADE MODELS ABOVE: range from £1 for the smallest The new EuroFed fleet.

Terra Blocks Exotic Locations 28mm furniture & accessories Mu se An um of nt tiqu n cie A itie s The ouk S Ric yp tian k’s C afe Eg illa V 1 06/06/2017 09:43 p040.

paints used. House of the Mole. House of the Swallow. Instead. TWO First Age Noldorin force Words and painting by Graham Green Photography by Kevin Dallimore MORE HOUSES OF GONDOLIN The House of the Pillar As I said in the last instalment. Unfinished Tales.indd 41 09/06/2017 11:06 . In this piece. modelling techniques and so forth. July 2017 Miniature Wargames 41 041_047armiesOfGondolinPt2 JT. DARKER HORIZONS | PAINTING THE ARMY OF GONDOLIN THE ARMY OF GONDOLIN PAINTING A REALISTIC ELVEN ARMY In the second and last instalment. based on the Silmarillion. I detail the last seven houses: please refer to the first part of this duo for details of materials. this article isn’t about the complex and fascinating history › of Gondolin: you can find more information about that in many places in books and on line. and all of the Lost Tales books. and the House of the Heavenly Arch.510. In the first part of my article I detailed how I converted Norman historical figures (mostly from Foundry with some Gripping Beast ones thrown in) into figures for the twelve military houses of Gondolin at the time the city was destroyed in F. I described the work to the first five houses: Turgon and the house of the King.A. Graham Green explains his rationale PART for painting a Tolkien based. the House of the White Wing. this is about my attempt to envisage the Elves of Gondolin in the way I think Tolkien would have seen them.

tallest of Gnomes” I have put both of these houses together BOTTOM: The figure on the right is a Foundry Norman.indd 42 09/06/2017 11:06 . Although in different colours (red for the Pillar and brown for the Tower of Snow) I have added the same plumes to all of their helmets and gave them the same standard shape and decoration to give them a related look. “There too were the folk of the Pillar and of the Tower of Snow. Copplestone head. The added plumes – which were originally on Perry plastic Napoleonic hussars – also add a ‘tallness’ to these houses which I wanted to represent. steel spears and plumes. and both have then had greenstuff cloaks. DARKER HORIZONS | PAINTING THE ARMY OF GONDOLIN THE HOUSES OF THE PILLAR FRONT COVER OF THE AND THE TOWER OF SNOW DARKER HORIZONS SECTION: The Tower of Snow. sashes and hair added to hide the joints. Most of the figures are standard Foundry with the by now usual additions of greenstuff cloaks. and both BELOW: The House of the Pillar these kindreds were marshalled with heavy conversions. 42 Miniature Wargames July 2017 041_047armiesOfGondolinPt2 JT. The figure on the left has the legs. the torso of another and a Copplestone head. torso and head of three different figures. The two outer figures in the House of the Pillar are complete one offs: the bare headed one on the right has the legs of one Foundry Norman. by Penlod. I also gave both houses the same grey tunics and brown trousers. due to their being commanded by the with the torso of another and a same Elf Lord. Penlod is standing with the Tower of Snow and wearing their colours but his shield bears the devices of both houses.

blondes have more… rustic? Ed. and – although most Noldor have dark hair – Galdor is noted to have been › blonde so I gave all of his house blonde hair to emphasise that point and to further give them a more rustic image compared to the other houses (so. The decoration on the standard is made from etched brass oak leaves. and their raiment was green. July 2017 Miniature Wargames 43 041_047armiesOfGondolinPt2 JT. They fought with iron-studded clubs or with slings. painted gold and then stuck to the foil.indd 43 09/06/2017 11:06 . LEFT & ABOVE: Foundry Normans with conversions to slingers using slivers of toothpaste tube. THE HOUSE OF THE TREE “There were those of the Tree. The figures are all pretty standard Foundry except for the addition of greenstuff hair.). and their lord Galdor was held the most valiant of all the Gondothlim save Turgon alone” These are the ‘light Infantry’ of Gondolin. and they were a great house. The figures are painted in various shades of green and brown as I wanted them to have a ‘rustic’ and ‘dusty’ look to them. I also gave two of them slings made from slivers of toothpaste tube and a bit of greenstuff: both are actually spearmen but I wanted one to look like he is twirling his sling around his head and the other one to look like he is about to ‘fire’ his rock. using slings and clubs and – due to the use of the word ‘raiment’ – I wanted them to be in lighter clothing.

‘Celandine’ is a little yellow with added greenstuff cloaks and steel flower. conversion: he started life as a Gripping and it was because of his power as an Elven Beast Anglo-Danish figure but with a Lord that the Ringwraiths fled from him. of looking it up Three of them are. Foundry Normans yourself. and – with the additional of a shield Flower who bare a rayed sun upon their – he was a quick. 44 Miniature Wargames July 2017 041_047armiesOfGondolinPt2 JT. but was the Philippines which (based on Tolkien’s killed during the retreat from the city description) looks just perfect. you the trouble. when he fought and killed a Balrog. Glorfindel survived and shields is actually from the flag of the destruction of Gondolin. I think. shield. Led by Glorfindel. it gave me the colour scheme as a field in spring. THE HOUSE OF THE swap with a Copplestone head and some GOLDEN FLOWER reworked hair: I think he is perfect for the “There stood the house of the Golden role. and ‘diapered’ is a geometric spears and the device on the standard floral pattern. I admit to having to look up mantle so broidered in threads of gold “diapered with celandine” but.indd 44 09/06/2017 11:06 . again. DARKER HORIZONS | PAINTING THE ARMY OF GONDOLIN LEFT & BELOW: The House of the Golden Flower. and their chief Glorfindel bares a conversion. and his arms were for this unit and I reflected Tolkien’s damascened with cunning gold” description for the design on the This is possibly my favourite of all the back of Glorfindel’s cloak. once that it was diapered with celandine I had. To save complete units: to me they just look ‘right’. he is a Gripping Beast Anglo-Danish figure but with a Copplestone head swap and reworked hair.) and it was he who Aragorn The figure of Glorfindel is another and the hobbits met on the way to Rivendel. although I extended the rays on the shields He was later ‘sent back’ to Middle-earth to add ‘interest’. (probably… Ed. but very effective.

and silver and diamonds were their delight. so I gave all of the figures the same spike. For a colour scheme I wanted a variety of lighter blues and white. The figure I used ABOVE & LEFT: The House of for Ecthelion has a particularly ‘heavy’ the Fountain. Foundry with added greenstuff cloaks. What drew me to this figure was the mail over his face that just reveals just his eyes. Three of the figures are. and Ecthelion was their lord. and the standard was deliberately abstract. dying himself in the fight). and I wanted the figures to reflect that. leads the way with a spiked The standard bearer is a Gripping Beast Anglo-Dane and – apart from the addition helmet conversion: Foundry figures but a Gripping Beast › standard bearer. This house was heavily involved in the fighting and suffered huge losses which the addition of the casualty figure on the stand is designed to reflect. of a helmet spike and plume – was pretty much perfect how he was. and swords very long and bright and pale did they wield. Ecthelion (above) look to him and so was ideal for the role. July 2017 Miniature Wargames 45 041_047armiesOfGondolinPt2 JT. and they went into battle to the music of flutes” The description and later comments in the story about the house of the Fountain put me in mind of a unit of heavily armoured warriors. Tolkien’s later narrative also mentioned Ecthelion as having a spiked helmet (with which he killed Gothmog the Lord of the Balrogs.indd 45 09/06/2017 11:07 . helmet spikes from steel spear heads stuck into drilled holes and greenstuff plumes. I also avoided any use of gold on this house but gave Ecthelion a heavily engraved helmet. yet again. THE HOUSE OF THE FOUNTAIN “Then came there from the south of the city the people of the Fountain.

and he alone rode into a standard type of harp. numerous was that battalion. for the works of that evil one and the but they are advancing toward Balrogs. and and this was a battalion of brave warriors. yet were they ill-fated. the enemy leaderless though with Now their leader was Rog. and Hussars. Foundry Normans with hammers from Hasslefree and refused to leave THE HOUSE OF THE his home. He also HAMMER OF WRATH ordered his house to “Now the last of the battalions was protect him and not furnished by the folk of the Hammer of to get involved in Wrath. his demons. In him and fought in the older days they had been much recruited battle bravely. All are Foundry from both early and late Norman ranges with steel spears and greenstuff cloaks and plumes plus tassels to their swords from plastic Perry hussars. defence of the city – wasn’t the most ‘classical’ looking item. Very tassels of silver and tassels of gold. and the hatred of this house without Salgant present. but Salgant bore and standard wasn’t: my first choice was they won the greatest glory of all those one of gold. other Ainur. The colour scheme is simple. which to me looks and with them much craftsmanship glorious of stories. however when fair houses in that struggle against battle of all the sons of the Gondothlim. was exceeding great.indd 46 09/06/2017 11:07 . scarce second in valour THE HOUSE OF THE HARP The figures used are all Foundry from to that Galdor of the Tree. They fought with great maces Many of his soldiers like hammers. and their shields were eventually deserted heavy. I based them of Melko. plus I fitted was set on their shields. they have steel spears and greenstuff a hammer that smiteth sparks about it but their leader Salgant was a craven. but fell This house – and it’s involvement in the known stout! So I altered it to this more about Rog and vanished from the Earth. and of these came many of the best the fighting for the smiths and craftsmen. and none and he was heavy and squat” of Irishmen carrying the standard of a well. they were finished they looked like a unit doom. Salgant was a coward a whole lot better! and skill has been lost for ever” 46 Miniature Wargames July 2017 041_047armiesOfGondolinPt2 JT. nor had a harp of silver shone in their blazonry but the choice of harps for their shields any amongst them a faint heart. for their arms were very strong. both early and late Norman ranges: this people was the Stricken Anvil. and all that kindred city and he ended reverenced Aule the Smith more than all up dying in his bed. and upon a field of black. cloaks and plumes added. of the Gnomes. DARKER HORIZONS | PAINTING THE ARMY OF GONDOLIN RIGHT & BELOW: The House of the Harp. To reflect by Noldoli who escaped from the mines their story. strongest determination. ever fared away from that field. The sign of “Behind them came the host of the Harp. OPPOSITE PAGE: The House of the Hammer of Wrath. and red gold and he fawned upon Maeglin… with plastic tassels to their swords from Perry and black iron was their delight.

I added fantasy army a sense of the usual greenstuff cloaks to them all but ‘reality’. so I made humans/Normans. Middle-earth would do. and I painted them in black (iron?) accounted the twelfth” armour. and the question I put in the first are surrounded by the incorrectly painted part of this article: about the Elves having enemy. and some degree of puzzling over: “This was the fashion and the array obviously they are heavy infantry. Some ‘fantasy players’ just see so maybe this article will go someway to of their house. Then there is their standard: I have As I indicated at the seen this represented as an anvil being hit by start of this pair of a hammer. ‘historical’ figures All of the figures are foundry Normans in a fantasy setting and the one I used as Rog is another and attempt to give a wonderfully characterful figure. and some opening some closed minds.indd 47 09/06/2017 11:07 . and the one-handed. and I am pleased not plumes this time: I left Rog holding a with what I achieved: to sword to show his leadership but gave the me they do look like how I other two fighting figures large hammers imagine an Elven army of early which I sourced from Hasslefree. but pointy ears? I modelled all the bare headed standard and giving no many people guys with hair over their ears so I didn’t quarter to the end. the ‘red gold’ is so I broke it down to ‘red’ and folk of the Wing. Paint wise the red. them to look like they historical people see Oh. and armed of the eleven houses of the with big hammer-like maces but carrying Gondothlim with their signs shields so the maces have to be employed and emblems. but to me it sounds like there is a articles. gold and black works I have had a few comments about well and gives them the exact look I was these and a large amount of people don’t after: I wanted them to look ‘dark’ and really seem to understand what I intended heavy but to be visually striking. do ‘get’ it have to deal with the issue! ■ July 2017 Miniature Wargames 47 041_047armiesOfGondolinPt2 JT. so that’s what I did. yet (not quite Peter Jackson enough. my intention broken anvil on their standard and a hammer had been to use on their shields. This is one of the best descriptions but bears THE END OF GONDOLIN studying. Colour wise I have no idea what bodyguard of Tuor. they also had to reflect the fate Ed. I guess.). defending their Normans. was ‘gold’.

Miniature Wargames Warpath Ad1. swift aircraft and formidable tanks are brought to bear. Mighty armies take to the battlezones of the far future to fight for their leaders. IN STORES APRIL www.indd 06/03/2017 16:34 01/06/2017 11:07 .indd 1 p048.manticgames. devastating weapons. as the galaxy is plunged into war! Warpath is the two-player wargame where you engage an opposing army in a dynamic game of strategy and tactics. The Futuristic Battle Game As powerful races clash over the fate of whole worlds.

and we thought it may THE HULL no problem with using a solvent based be of interest to show how one of these The first stage is to cut two pieces of glue. This should be canals of Mars or the swamps of Venus. with the foam posting some of his creations up sandwiched between it. bits of coffee stirrers. WHAT DO YOU NEED? stack area. July 2017 Miniature Wargames 49 049_051MakingaVSFSeamLaunch JT. and secured with Bostik. as well as being to create the bow and stern shapes. Shape them by many Victorian Navies. The vessel in question is a 5mm high density foam 10” long and 3. DARKER HORIZONS | MODELLING GUIDE FULL STEAM AHEAD Following on from the VSF Cloudships piece in 409. coffee stirrers. As the foamboard model boats for a while now. and connect these with two represent the outer hull. box. One still plies its Stage two is to cut two pieces 3” and Stage four is to cut a strip of the thin trade in the Lake district to this day but 2” deep replicating the shape of the bow cardboard to shape to clad the hull to a similar vessel could be in use on the and stern. DECKING Stage five is to build the boiler and smoke Bostik (or a similar kind of cement: other Stage three is to cover the deck area in stack. trim the planking was made. M alc has been messing about with balsa wood as well as a selection of paints. sewing pins. laid to represent planks. Malc Johnston and Dave Tuck show us how to make a steam launch for VSF or colonial games… Words and photography Malc Johnston and Dave Tuck › Full steam ahead! The finished scratch build. 28mm ‘scale’ Victorian Steam launch.indd 49 09/06/2017 11:08 . sailors and assorted weaponry. used wide and stick these together. Once this has dried. side pieces cut to shape. thin cardboard. there should be on various forums. and allow this engine parts and plumbing components. and secured using crew compartment and engine and funnel sewing pins.5” to fit the shape of the boat. which included some model aero plastic pipe and odd plumbing fittings. THE OUTER HULL used as a pleasure craft. We rummaged through the bits brands available). to dry thoroughly. has a layer of cardboard. For this project you will need some 5mm MOTIVE POWER foam-board. until the glue sets. to form the stuck down with Bostik.

Nordenfelts. as this will melt the foam core if you have pushed any pins into it. and inserting the cut down pins into these to create the rivet heads. Ours are from Tiger Miniatures and Redoubt Enterprises. then dry brushed with a hint of orange. the crew were added. A quick clean-up of any gaps was carried out. SIMPLY RIVETING The seventh stage was to mark the position of the rivets in the hull. and the bow wake was created using clear silicone. filling any open areas with 1 5 green-stuff to ensure the hull had smooth lines to it. It was undercoated matt black. Gatlings and quick firers. Don’t overdo this unless you are representing an old rust bucket. This was highlighted scarlet. Colours used on this model are cavalry red with a mix of black. PAINT The next stage was to paint the vessel. and some fine sand stuck on the hull to represent 2 6 rust.indd 50 09/06/2017 11:08 . DARKER HORIZONS | MODELLING GUIDE to find suitable engine components. for whatever planet’s waterways you chose to navigate. ■ 4 8 50 Miniature Wargames July 2017 049_051MakingaVSFSeamLaunch JT. then push in the sewing pins which the paint will secure in place. The funnel was painted dark brown. and taken from an old duvet. boiler area and funnel to represent the grime from the coal fired boiler. The machine gun was from HLBS who produce a nice range of Victorian era Maxims. Do not use Bostik. given a spray of matt black. A toy car steering wheel was used for the valve! The smoke stack was a piece of plastic pipe covered in paper. dragged out with a cocktail stick and painted white. CREW AND FINISH 3 7 Finally. a wash of 50% black and 50% water was run over the corners. then highlighted in light brown. The smoke was simply Kapok. We hope you found this guide of interest and inspiring enough for you to have a go at creating your own flotilla. SET THE CONTROLS FOR SYRTIS MAJOR Stage six was to glue some nuts and washers to represent the control panel of the ship. The rivets are made by drilling holes in the pipe. Once everything was painted and had dried.

12. The card surround for the hull is pinned and glued in place (pins to be removed when the glue is dry. 2. 3. ready to cruise the canals of 11 Mars. The decking is trimmed. well.indd 51 09/06/2017 11:09 . Resplendent in a lick of paint. 9 5.. 4. 7. Undercoated in black with some sand stuck on for a little texture... 6. The view from above of the control ‘area’. Motive power from the bits box and plumbing off cuts.. perhaps even Lake Windermere. 12 July 2017 Miniature Wargames 51 049_051MakingaVSFSeamLaunch JT. the swamps of Venus or. Cutting the hull shapes. 1. An ergonomic fun palace: the controls made from washers and nuts. 10 9. Coffee stirrer decking: glue this in place before trimming to shape. including some fire power (from HLBS). The components for the waterline hull: 5mm high density foam and glue. 11. 10. 8. Note the pin-head riveting on the hull and funnel. Final details are added. obviously!).

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p052.indd 1 01/06/2017 16:35


The action in play-test (Photo provided by Dave Whaley
and used with his kind permission.)


Chris Pringle – author of the “Bloody Big BATTLES!” rules –
walks us through the construction of his scenario for Nagy-Salló
Words by Chris Pringle

s readers who are familiar with
my “Bloody Big BATTLES!”
rules (from now on “BBB”) or
who follow my BBB Blog will already
know, I am primarily interested in
refighting historical battles from the
19th century. Together with dedicated
fellow enthusiasts, since 2010 I have
created over 60 scenarios for BBB and
these have been carefully engineered
to give a balanced and entertaining
game, in a manageable space and
time, while being as faithful as
possible to the history and helping
players to understand why each battle
took the course it did. In this article
I want to give some insight into the
research and design process I follow Contemporary map of the Nagy-Salló battlefield. This is the central
in creating a scenario. section, showing the village that gives the battle its name.

July 2017 Miniature Wargames 53

053_059designingAScenario JT.indd 53 09/06/2017 11:10


The first principle of war is to maintain the
aim. OK, so what is my aim in designing a
historical scenario? It serves two purposes:
to entertain, and to educate.

This is a hobby, and I and my fellow
gamers wargame for fun, so any
scenario must produce a game that
will be fun to play. There have to be
interesting choices for both sides to
The Hungarian War of Independence is an attractive conflict for
make, both in their initial planning the wargamer, not just because of its fascinating battles, but also
and during the course of the game. for its variety of colourful and exotic troops. These fine fellows are 54mm
Some battles are better for that than figures from Bill Haggart’s collection. (Photos by Bill Haggart)
others. For instance, a game that solely
depicts Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg mean making decisions for 200 units a US Army’s Command & General Staff
has little appeal to me: all the Union side every turn – clearly unfeasible. With College and at the US Naval War College.
defenders get to do is sit there and roll too many units, players are swamped,
their firing dice, and all the Confederate and with too few they are bored. My WHO, WHAT, WHEN,
attackers can do is grind forwards and rule of thumb is to aim for nearer 10 WHERE, WHY, HOW?
take it. (I simplify slightly, but you get than 20 units a side, which means These are the questions I need to answer
the picture...) The best games are those sometimes the basic unit is the regiment, before I can start constructing a scenario.
where there is room to manoeuvre: both sometimes the brigade, sometimes the
sides have enough tactical options and division, or even combined divisions. WHO, WHAT, WHEN?
a choice of possible plans, there may be These all relate to the order of battle
opportunities to get onto flanks, perhaps EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION! (OOB): which units actually took part
detached forces or reinforcements While I always include a potted history in the battle? What equipment did they
arriving from various directions, in my scenarios, my purpose is not to have, what was their effective strength,
or other events that will change the lecture players. If that’s really what and what was their combat value?
situation during the course of the game you want, I can lend you a book. The When did they arrive? If you don’t get
and give players things to react to and true value, I believe, is in “learning by this right, you might inadvertently skew
new decisions to make. doing”. If the scenario is well designed, the forces badly.
The point of BBB is to fit an entire it will put you in the place of a historical
battle on a 6’x4’ table and fight it to a general, in a historical situation, and WHERE?
conclusion, with typically 4 to 6 players, confront you with the relevant strategic What was the battlefield really like? The
in under 3 or 4 hours – since that is the considerations and tactical factors that shape of the ground dictates the shape
maximum time window that most of your historical counterpart faced. If you of the battle. Relying on secondary
us have these days in our busy lives. have the chance to ask, for example, popular sources is dangerous because
That means whatever size the battle “I wonder why they didn’t try a left flank such maps often simplify things too
in question was historically, it must be attack?” and then try it out for yourself, much. They typically show a few key
shrunk to fit. If the battlefield was 6 then that can teach really powerful features that get mentioned as such in
miles wide, then our scale is 1 mile to lessons. I have sometimes come out of historical accounts. What they tend to
the foot. If it was 12 miles wide, each 12” a game with vastly increased respect or omit is the other terrain nearby which
on table represents 2 miles. BBB allows sympathy for some poor commander may have contributed to the importance
this, and does so by adjusting both the who traditionally receives a bad press of the features they do include. A good
troop scale and the time scale in suitable (or, conversely, ended up with a lower rule I try to follow is “draw the frame
proportion: a single 1” square base opinion of someone who is routinely wider”: look at a standard map of, say,
represents as many as 3,000+ men or as praised...) And I almost always find the battle of the Alma from the Crimean
few as 250 men or 6 guns. Similarly, a that I, and my fellow players, acquire War. Do you know what the ground is
game turn may represent 30 minutes, or a deeper and richer understanding like to the east of the battlefield? Why
4 hours, or somewhere in between. of a battle and an appreciation of its didn’t the Russians put some troops
Scaling the troops also means scaling important characteristics. Lessons there? Why didn’t the British go round
the units. If I’m fighting Königgrätz with drawn from history can also teach there instead of assaulting frontally? For
over 200,000 men a side, using a 1,000- lessons to the soldiers of today, which is my Alma scenario in the “Bloody Big
man battalion as the basic unit would why BBB has been used in classes at the European Battles!” scenario book for

54 Miniature Wargames July 2017

053_059designingAScenario JT.indd 54 09/06/2017 11:10

BBB, I included some of that historically
uncontested ground, and gave both
sides the option to exploit it if they
wanted (which, incidentally, makes for
a much more interesting game than the
Alma refights that we usually see!).
So to avoid the pitfalls of popular
sources, and to ensure the scenario is
framed appropriately, I need maps. I seek
out good terrain maps that show all the
significant terrain features in sufficient
detail; and maps or accounts that show
where all the units deployed or arrived.
Typically I will draw on several historical
accounts, preferably from both sides, and
on contemporary staff study maps, and
contemporary and modern topographical
maps. Bear in mind that topography
can change a lot in 150 years: rivers may
move, marshes be drained, forests get cut Italian
down or grow up… Legion

WHY? inadequate method and much prefer
This is a rather important and often victory to revolve around taking or
neglected question. Many games, and holding geographical objectives. So ask:
many rule systems, are satisfied with why did the battle happen when and
a simple “kill ‘em all” approach where where it did? What were the two sides
the first army to reach a certain level
of losses is defeated. I find that a very
each trying to achieve, and therefore
what does victory look like for them?

How did the battle develop? How
did it come to follow the course that it
followed? How did the characteristics of
the troops and leaders involved affect it?
How did any special events or features
influence it? And therefore, how should
the scenario reflect all of these factors?

The case study I’d like to share with you
is the battle of Nagy-Salló (1849), from
the Hungarian War of Independence. If
you haven’t heard of the battle, or if you
don’t know much about that particular
war, that’s great – it makes the case
study even better. To most Anglophone
wargamers (and I think most wargamers
are Anglophone Brits or Americans), this
is an obscure conflict, despite lasting over
a year and putting half a million men in
the field. Accounts in English are scarce
and superficial, and detailed information
on the battles is hard to come by.
Consequently researching and designing
the scenario was particularly challenging.
Nagy-Salló is one of the biggest
17th Bocskay Hussars Hungarian victories of the 1848-1849

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However. as were most Upon contact. Because of my interest by the time they arrived at Nagy-Salló. by BBB standards.500-3. the Austrians trying to From other more recent research by and artillery faced up to 6 Austrian cover different approach routes. Some 30.000 or so be able to translate Hungarian works though their disagreements don’t really Hungarians. both for tracking changes in two small brigade units. with the C-in-C kept most of his force out of the research I had done on the preceding exception of the largest Hungarian fight and was defeated and forced to battles at Isaszég and Vác was also division which merited splitting into retreat in an unintended direction. In the end I the besieged fortress of Komárom. Hungarians prepare to assualt Nagy- Salló in the play test (Dave Whaley) 56 Miniature Wargames July 2017 053_059designingAScenario JT.indd 56 09/06/2017 11:11 . I commanders reacted more rapidly and important. while the cautious Austrian of what I needed for Nagy-Salló. so were 2. HOW TO | DESIGN A SCENARIO war. but is still quite a small battle taught myself enough Hungarian to disagree on the Austrian dispositions. I have Inconveniently. marching to the relief of into English (although the result is a affect the shape of the game. the Hungarian local cross-checking it with other works is of the small Hungarian divisions. I could in English. it gave me most settled on making these the basic units aggressively. The most comprehensive followed Bánlaky’s account. Both sides were quite spread the 1848 war is József Bánlaky’s 1928 challenge. potentially out with the Hungarians marching on work. and for estimating 7 Austrian units (plus artillery). work is imperfect in some respects. useful. and resulted in 10 Hungarian and Some OOBs for this war do exist between brigades. The big Austrian brigades neither side having good intelligence. The with a strength of 3-5 bases. 8 Hungarian divisions plus cavalry several axes. This gave me the make-up of formations such as a troop scale of 666 men or 18 guns per ORDERS OF BATTLE battalions being detached or transferred base.000. 20 units versus 14 becomes quite a big in Hungarian military history. At Nagy-Salló. and Robert Hermann I know that Bánlaky’s brigades. A magyar nemzet hadtörténelme. but they are sometimes which units’ strengths had been reduced have split each of these into two. but seriously flawed. Hermann and Bánlaky game and I opted to keep it small.500 strong. ran rather patchy). into an Austrian screening force of and detailed source I have found on Scaling the units is always a design 20.

000 scale map. where the last action defence in depth and for counterattack. communications were important in this the west. which roads were good enough to to one prescribed solution. the area around Nagy-Salló was in Hungary. Lines of At one point I was thinking of Bese. which makes it interesting for the To the north. roads and villages. contours right. This was convenient as it and drop it in a text box.indd 57 09/06/2017 11:11 . be driven back in either direction? I the hills was to walk the battlefield – not There are two roads leading to Komárom. Not Hungarian any more! These days it is in Slovakia. neither C-in-C made much of a contribution (the Hungarian one observed from a castle several miles away…) but I deemed a couple of sub- commanders on both sides to have been active and decisive enough to deserve inclusion on the OOB. I lay a grid threat to the Hungarian line of supply. and put the northern boundary there. and another reinforcements could appear. so I Hungary). to the north-south axis along which hadtörténete” (Military history of the Hungarians were attacking. the Austrian mission is to prevent them. try to leave at least 6”-12” beyond any in person (though I hope to do that some so I chose one village along each route as victory location to allow room both for time). the villages and forests. I was able to try drawing a box around them to fit them on a tabletop and create a scenario map. and therefore a range of possible clearly bounded by the River Garam. or 4 or 5 for a win. The Military plans. At Nagy- Salló. I then trace the terrain and-now translated place names. I drew on the map then rivers. as the battle was gave a good indication of the size of win. The Second Military 3 or 4 for a draw. This Establishing the eastern edge of the Survey. I immediately ran into an unusual problem. on the map from the Austrian VICTORY CONDITIONS: WHAT could keep my grid lines oriented N-S Second Military Survey (1806-1869) and WERE THEY TRYING TO DO? and E-W. then woods. (Bajka) to represent a possible Austrian western edge. So before I could go at 12” = 2500m. the action and give enough room around instance just 4x4. Besides Bánlaky. Some are still recognisable but others are allowed me to make a square 4’x4’ map. as they usually are. Ideally I like to have 5 or 6 victory than a lot of games where I have had The US one was useful for getting the locations. that would include all standard BBB 6’x4’ table. where the Hungarians could threaten to that and settled on Bese. southern and western edges were harder One last useful step I took especially The eponymous village of Nagy-Salló is to place. At least redundant countryside. the objectives without adding too much features. starting with hills. I draw my maps using Word software. but in this any further I had to make a list of then. In BBB. well: Nagy-Málas. cross-referenced with the others. formula allows for a variety of ways to board is relatively easy. How far might the Austrians to fine-tune the shape and steepness of an obvious choice for the first objective. But the establishing the locations of the units. It In this case. as the right size for my scenario template. and Cseke. so we can and Bánlaky were the main sources for trying to drive towards Komárom. This is a great tool and really helpful for of the day took place. clearly the Hungarians are any further north than that. as a possible victory location. of which one side needs to take to cant them over by 20 or 30 degrees. THE MAP Once I knew where all the relevant formations were starting from. adjust it to the cut off the Austrian retreat. in getting a sense of the lie of the land. a general doesn’t get represented on the table just because he’s wearing a fancy hat (what’s wrong with fancy hats? Ed): he has to have actually done a good job. In 1848. the town of Lök is a road Institute’s map helped me to decide players rather than them being channeled junction that players might want to use. where Austrian rotate it if necessary. The hills usually need to be “Sent to back” › the front on which the action was and text in the Hungarian Military temporarily so that the map can be seen fought was broadly perpendicular Institute’s 1985 “Magyarország to trace the other features over. usually 6 squares by 4 for the radically different. I struggled quite a bit with the shape and size of the scenario map. Ultimately I decided against section of one of the maps I am using. guns in 54mm and all the place names have changed. so it seemed which would have stretched the map a I capture an image of the relevant reasonable to add one objective (Ágo) long way. but by using Google Streetview. July 2017 Miniature Wargames 57 053_059designingAScenario JT. over it. but nobody is likely to want to move deserve to be represented in the game. battle. which was more convenient on a US military 1:250.

strength because the soft ground would give both sides three active units from This is an approach I regularly use for Austrians and Hungarians clash in a playtest of the scenario. How many been to include exactly those units that to make them less effective in combat. Letting the Austrians roll a D6 WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE BATTLE? a bonus in close assaults. spring rains and floods had left The major factor that decided the battle that ebbed and flowed over Nagy-Salló. fought with great determination so I one more unit. while the Hungarians rated them as “Aggressive”. I also rated cavalry “Fragile” really tricky design decisions.) 58 Miniature Wargames July 2017 053_059designingAScenario JT. 8-turn game at 1 hour per turn. seemed a reasonable way to do it. the start to ensure there would be a fight. Pendraken figures from Dave Whaley’s collection. For around 5pm. In the OOB I included not only reserves. of the Hungarian commanders on the held the village. To encourage the attack/ While the battle was fought in fine tagged as “Fragile”. being Difficult Terrain for cavalry and that could have. HOW TO | DESIGN A SCENARIO Voilá: five objectives! Set the par score also have limited their effectiveness. and failed to improve it in this one got get a unit. This would represent I suspect this hampered reconnaissance spot in committing more troops to action fog of war and the fact that commanders as well and therefore explains why the while potential Austrian reinforcements like to reinforce success by committing two armies blundered into each other. and to insure against failure by decided to treat the whole battlefield as the troops that did take part. while Dessewffy’s men who the Hungarians. reinforcements should I allow? How joined in and no more. getting got three. I sat idle. and to have them and I treated all artillery units as half. counterattack/counter-counterattack weather. since they got more. I did the each turn and hope for a 6 to get a unit The action began at 9am and finished same for the best Hungarian division.indd 58 09/06/2017 11:11 . but all those holding them back. the ground so drenched and sodden that seems to have been the decisive reaction I gave both sides +1 on their dice if they it seriously hindered cavalry movement. (Photo provided by Dave and used with his kind permission. would they be activated? I decided to arrive according to a known schedule. and make them take four for a win. for the Hungarians at three to achieve a Jablonowsky’s Austrian infantry Historically the Austrians only received draw. This makes for a tidy Wisocki’s. which had a poor record from previous battles the roll should be easier so on 5+ they fits well with the 12” = 2500m scale. This presented some An alternative approach would have artillery.

co. to download in the usual BBB style from eu/en/map/secondsurvey) the Miniature Wargames Therefore BBB is available from a number of apart from moving one objective from retailers: wargames/info reinforcements do mean sheer luck or Chris’ BBB Blog bloodybigbattles. to Bajka.oszk. Because the initial contest between small numbers of units for the vital Nagy-Salló objective is so crucial. We got a spread of MORE INFORMATION results with some really exciting If you would like to know more about close-fought contests.skirmishcampaigns. the scenario is blogspot. where it was too vulnerable. ■ July 2017 Miniature Wargames 59 053_059designingAScenario JT. amazingly well balanced. We If you want to get a basic acquaintance really felt it captured the flavour with this war and to start painting your of this confused encounter. and • Ralph Weaver.groups. we concluded the scenario SOURCES FOR WARGAMERS needed no further modification. although the semi-random uk. The scenario is available • Map from the Austrian Second Military Survey (1806-1869) (online here: mapire. and the armies or just need firther information ebb-and-flow of the bayonet fighting about the war or Nagy-Salló.yahoo. “The Hungarian Army produced a tremendously entertaining 1848-1849” (Partizan Press / Caliver game that could be replayed many Books) times and take a different form each • “The Magyar War 1848-1849” time. But for this Felso”-Pél. Independence. please look at the BBB Yahoo group was that. and especially to calibrate the victory conditions so that the game is balanced and both sides have the opportunity to win in game terms.htm . can be a major factor. available via the and will in due course be integrated Wargames Vault. try these resources: around the village of Nagy-Salló. Our Major-General Johann Damjenich group then fought the whole scenario several times. I judged that a semi-random approach that should produce roughly the same force balance but with more uncertainty would better generate the fog of war that characterised this confused and unplanned encounter battle. in MWAN #120. larger set-piece battles. I soloed the first couple of turns several times to confirm that that part of the game was evenly balanced. Nagy-Salló is a worthy addition to (Pickelhaube Press / Helion) • Bill Haggart’s fine series of articles the library of BBB historical scenarios. FIGHTING THE BATTLE! All scenarios need playtesting and refining to ensure that they produce a game that feels like the historical battle. into a complete multi-scenario BBB • “The military history of the Hungarian campaign for the Hungarian War of nation” (online here: mek. Our conclusion BBB.indd 59 09/06/2017 11:11 .

for example. Helion and Company | 2017 | £34. including books on the end of the South African involvement and Venter is in a very good position to role of mercenaries in Africa’s Wars.72 | hardback | 564 pages | ISBN: 1911096419 | casematepublishing. being involved in the discovery from the various observers but this is war in Angola or of secret South African efforts in Angola really just mentioned in passing. with some saying that he felt he was reporting external contributions. amongst others. Several of his own The book itself is divided in to three photographs from the field are included sections: Overview. accounts by This volume is embedded with South African units. which is a reporter for Jane’s Information Group. Venter of the book is really the work on the Africa/UNITA ranks is the gospel truth. Aftermath. Biafra. and includes that had been driven in to a ditch by its general chapters on. various Executive Outcomes. including work from one side. Zhdarkin. from de force for anyone a critic of South African policy and. There is a tendency. Cuban involvement in the war but then a He is also very good on some of his series of very good specialised chapters contemporaries and is also pretty honest on a wide variety of subjects. the drunken driver. operations of the mercenary the South African war effort. but the meat everything that comes from the South sometime war correspondent. this information. are worth considering is the author of several books on colonial origins of Angola through to the alongside Cuban documents on the war military history. South Africa in general. including Cuito from the other side during the conflict. He does talk about how on the Recces and 32 Battalion and it was almost impossible to report then on specific actions. extremely useful. WHAT’S NEW | BOOKS FOR WARGAMERS RECCE A sweep of the literary horizon for the latest reading material and other useful gaming related material BATTLE FOR ANGOLA: THE END OF THE COLD WAR IN AFRICA C1975-1989 Al. Overview is essentially a view insight in to life on the frontline and of the military history of Angola and the the occasional absurdity of warfare. As a journalist and the Portuguese withdrawal. nuclear proliferation. some of the Soviet accounts available interested in the famously. Cuanavale. Venter | Casemate UK. J. Tokarev. in a small way. Central Angola and the role although I am not sure that the direct of the Ratel.indd 60 09/06/2017 11:14 . These the broader wars of before the war became well known. whereas Wars in Africa. I increasing role of South Africa. spent considerable amounts of time South African Border War and Operation What the author does do very well is to Savannah. in that country and beyond in to the provide a critical appraisal of some of diving. He does draw. Backblast includes nine 60 Miniature Wargames July 2017 060_065recce JT. He is also able to draw on his own wars in that country. to assume that everything and the excellent Portugal’s Guerrilla struggle and the civil war that followed said from the rebel side is a lie. and in this volume that provide an excellent Backblast. There are several within some of the recent spate of volumes of war correspondence excellent chapters on the colonial memoirs. comparison with ISIS is really required something of a tour whilst also remaining something of here. where Venter also draws on draw on Portuguese accounts and the several external writers to support his recent growth in literature on to colonial case. Al Venter is This volume is a collection of articles Barabulya and Kuznetsova-Timonova a well-known writer in this area and and writing that stretches from the amongst others. That is reflected extensive experience of these wars as in the bibliography at the end. Aftermath particularly liked the photo of the T55 has much more a variety.

certainly adds a considerable amount This book is essential for those to all of this and the combination of interested in the changes in the German information and pictorial evidence Army from 1914-18. there is a of warfare during the Great War. This is probably a book more for the railway enthusiast than the military variety. maps. some taken by the maps those interested in this period. The first chapter addresses the › operations. Venter’s prose until it was too late. THE FIRST WORLD WAR particularly Executive Outcomes. however. and photos developed (aeroplane) bombers that could about the various capabilities of that complement the narrative.indd 61 09/06/2017 11:14 . The ensuing chapters discuss the (Parabat) that traces some of the As the adage goes. battle accounts are rare and skimpy. For anyone who is a thorough look at the evolving nature long range bombers. this book takes a RAILS OF WAR Steven Hantzis | Potomac Books | 2017 | £23 | hardback | 220 pages | ISBN:9781612348537 | This is a chatty account of the US 721st Railway Operating Battalion in the China- Burma-India theatre in WWII. to be very well aware of that. mortars. There are 200 black and course of the war. approaches. and first hand accounts swill provide a Paul Jackson wealth of inspiration. As with reach out to London and still carry large weapons systems. which Wolfgang Fleischer | Pen and complement other work on this subject Sword | 2017| £20 | hardback | by commentators like Jim Hooper. the chapter discusses the are covered in detail. from a with the war. 222 pages | ISBN: 9781473854192 | One of the most impressive pen-and-sword. Allan Coleman July 2017 Miniature Wargames 61 060_065recce JT. particularly in a very good and so each chapter concludes with a first administration of scarcity while the next chapter on the development of the person combat account by German officer two chapters cover machine guns and South African Parachute battalion or soldier. vehicles and the role and development of special forces the (translated) text. especially in its descriptions of railway stock development and maintenance – but even a technically-useless erk like me found it interesting. the visuals are also presented from the German perspective bomb loads. tanks. These also Cambrai” is the anomaly. white photographs and two 16 page “Chapter 5 – Tanks: The Road to sections of colour photos. With the exception by a spectacular array of photographs pre-war doctrine of the German army of the chapter on tanks. as well as the German response battle sites and bases. Each to the point to which Germany had considerable amount of information chapter uses diagrams. Chris Jarvis chapters on the Angolans and the rise MILITARY TECHNOLOGY OF of mercenary armies in the country. British Royal Tank Corps from their initial various portraits of key personalities deployment all the way to the Battle of and some incredibly good pictures of Cambrai. “Generals fight various attempts to break the stalemate tactical origins back to Rhodesian the last war” and the author appears of trench warfare: artillery. all the way through geek about these things. Where poisonous elements of this volume is the Translated from the original German follows the German transition from a 1914 level of detail about some of the by Geoffrey Brooks. that envisioned zeppelins as events covered. for the means that this is a must read for gamer the combination of photos. but the book provides a good picture of the logistical challenges faced (and overcome) by that great ‘Can-do’ American engineering spirit. However. Naturally. flamethrowers and aircraft All of this information is backed up applicable. as I indicated earlier. This chapter incorporate a mixture of frontline traces the armoured element of the pictures. trenches. The chapter on aircraft mostly German perspective. there is no that you aim to dip in to but then discussion of the failure of the Germans spend a couple of hours just leafing to embrace the concept of tank warfare through. all of the subjects of pretty much everything connected and how it changed and evolved over the are presented. The quality of however – based on this book – one the pictures alone is worth the price of would think tanks were never deployed the book and it is the kind of volume after that! Additionally.

WHAT’S NEW | BOOKS FOR WARGAMERS WARGAMER’S GUIDE TO THE ANGLO-ZULU WAR SAMURAI IN 100 Daniel Mersey | Pen and Sword | 2017 OBJECTS | £ I was soon turning pages with the lot here which is new so fortunately this sort of eagerness usually reserved for detective stories. and is a very good ‘one stop shop’ for anyone contemplating this period. objects’ approach to a subject but these Finally. and conveys a lot of the character of the once the author starts explaining that his interest in the battle has romance as period. how to approach wargaming all – or part – of the conflict. armour is had wanted to be the main subject of the book. So that is high There really is no more authoritative an author for this subject than Stephen I’ve always been a fan of naval history so when this book arrived I was looking Turnbull.99 it is outstanding value and thoroughly recommended. The Rules and the Scenarios sections stood out as being particularly useful in this respect. even bits about the famous present something new to those already 1963 movie. workmanlike Frontline Books| 2017 | £13. I’m slightly dubious about the ‘…in 100 Familiarity with the poems will help but it is not required. figures and scenarios. I didn’t well explored. it is a detective story doesn’t duplicate a lot of his previous work. Like the Zulu loincloth. ‘Relevant passages’. often mean the actual Latin but the lack Kamikaze pilots. It has eight colour pages in the middle which can serve as a useful painting guide. The story told through the ‘100 objects’ The historical sources are very much as one would expect but the examination of the work takes the subject from Samurai in their of Virgil. for example. the book its source and that he will be examining poetry and literary sources it became is well illustrated throughout. happened at participants. namely | 206 pages | ISBN: a very comprehensive guide to wargaming this popular 9781473850385 | period. in this case. John Drewienkiewicz THE BATTLE OF ACTIUM 31 BC By Lee Fratantuono | Pen & Sword | 2016 | £19. the many works by Dr Turnbull. It is a model of clarity. the frontline-books. even notice that there were just two maps but there Overall. the book presents an excellent are about 16 pages of notes at the end and they contain introduction to the subject but should also plenty of extra information. Horace and Propertius is where the little grey cells are most needed. as the author examines first the Greek and Roman historical sources before tackling poetry.99 | hardback | 194 pages | ISBN: 9781473847149 | pen-and-sword. arms and armour and their role convincing case. there’s a Does that mean that it is a bad book? On the contrary. the battles. of translations is alleviated by the analysis that follows. My wife picked the book up and declared herself impressed by it. However.indd 62 09/06/2017 11:14 . There aftermath of the battle and closes with a short piece are many fascinating stories and legends of Roman naval practice. it covers the essentials in an economical. I was reminded of the excellent and long lamented ‘Airfix Guides’. well laid out and written in a style that is easy to read and understand. My only regret is that there are no maps at all in the book. As one would expect. The text is thus very informative forward to a close examination of naval tactics and equipment. The final chapter deals with the in society is thus clearly laid out. William De Prêtre Brian Cameron 62 Miniature Wargames July 2017 060_065recce JT. The slim volume has sections on the history. during World War II. In many ways. It is telling that by that time I explored within each section and the had completely forgotten that this was the part that I development of. the first time she has commented favourably on a wargaming book in our more than 40 years together.50 | hardback Dan Mersey’s book is exactly what it says it is. The author earliest form through to its use to inspire takes relevant passages and shows where allegory and veiled references hold clues to what Japanese soldiers and. for this would have made the scenarios even better. Recommended! interested in the subject matter. rules. the author presents his version of the battle are extremely well chosen to explore the based on the evidence he collected in the preceding rise of the Samurai and all aspects of the chapters and it must be said that he has made a culture.99| softback | 113pages | ISBN: Stephen Turnbull | 1473848504 | pen-and-sword. Despite clear that those tactics were not going to be found in this book. in particular. At £12.

clothing. I exist mainly to this means the closest figures are out of provide victories for my opponents. describes the equipment. this is an inspiring aid the challenges that faced the real a fair description of Napoleonic times – albeit I don’t really see the value of to recreating three significant Napoleonic battles. aspiring writers. ‘Abreviations’ (sic) and ironically includes Chris Jarvis recruitment and battle history of the army reference to ‘o.) detail on some aspects of the rules (in In terms of visual effect. primarily command & control seems to have each battalion or regiment and skirmishers). I believe that our shoe design and repair. there’s a significant number of is the second in a planned series. but Austrian army of old. giving an odd ‘queuing- battle. scenario rules. On the debit side – this is one of the and I daresay the same happened in most poorly proofread books it has been the 1640s. a D10 or a D12 (a D20 surely wargames refight of Austerlitz. a time sometimes meant that different So – a fine book in terms of coverage colour material had to be used. focus and the distant ones are too small However. including been presented Quite a clever title really… having to remember when to throw a This is a lavishly illustrated D6. with opponents of the wargame as fought. including a problems: firstly it is a poor role-model for real sense of the trials of campaigning. but there is no excuse for pressure to re-clothe whole regiments at this level of carelessness. typos or layout inconsistencies. so a and illustrations.indd 63 09/06/2017 11:14 .d. For example. Grandest Manner rule system.50 | paperback | 88 pages | ISBN:9781858187334 | caliverbooks. understand fully the present volume. uniquely combines the subject matter incorporating much fresh research. maps and a commentary that reflects described here seem both sensible and Overall. This present volume perhaps July 2017 Miniature Wargames 63 060_065recce JT. – Oxford English of the Earl of Essex from 1642-1645. based on the In the you come out with comments like that.95 | hardback | 112 pages | ISBN:9781858187327 | caliverbooks. You will facing each other in massive phalanx need a copy of the main ruleset to blocks with no spaces between units. and wargamers who will demand a stoning if each book provides supplementary you use anything other than D6! Ed. This is a well-illustrated second edition.e. One interesting hobby would be much poorer without aspect for wargamers is that the Caliver Books. FIGHTING THE RUSSIANS BEFORE RUSSIA 1805-1807 Ged Elliott | Partizan Press | 2017 | £19. This Chris. Eylau provides enough variable outcomes?). the system this case. followed by each on a single base of 24 or more figures. I Dictionary – unabriged (sic) edition’. there book difficult to read. and page 6 (a mere third of a page) covers with the publishing quality – shoddy. On felt it combined the very good with the this page alone there are at least five very bad. and a description up’ effect on the table. battle in terms of table map. photograph’ – the photos are (quite either in terms of ruleset design or reasonably) taken at a distance in order my battlefield performance: like the to show the breadth of battlefield. and thirdly it leaves are superb detailed descriptions of the you with little faith that key data have clothing and how it was made. (If and Friedland. Abysmal On the plus side. orders of in 2 or 3 ranks. justifiable (quite apart from the common A common complaint for soldiers in a combination of depleted regiments into later Civil War was the use of ‘shoddy’ one full-strength unit). secondly it makes the For the re-enactor in particular. with good quality (if simplified) commanders on the day. a D8. my misfortune to review. The photographs would benefit from My primary interest is military history a study of MW’s advice on ‘How to and I am not an expert on wargames. there is a wealth proofreading leaves the reader with three of information on the army. Chris Jarvis › OLD ROBIN’S FOOT Peachey & Turton | Partizan Press | 2017 | £19. as clothing material (it fell apart in rain). but way below multi-coloured regiment is perfectly standard in terms of editorial output. the parts of the rules to recognise.

and forty seven pages cover his of memoirs of the Peninsular War or participation in the Waterloo Campaign. but concludes. on to say that the time that had elapsed when he returned This is a thoroughly professional and operations both before and after the war.00 | hardback | 164 pages | ISBN: 978-1-911512-32-5 | helion. and Waterloo Letters of John Vandeleur commissioned into the 52nd Light Eighteen black and white illustrations – (Frontline. Waterloo. numerous references to tactical ‘lessons 64 Miniature Wargames July 2017 060_065recce JT. “The The Reminiscences are – as their real value in Hay’s narrative is the personal subtitle makes clear – devoted entirely view that it gives into the mind-set of a to Hay’s military with exhaustive analysis of papers It was a strange war for brigadiers. was he was posted during the battle of Waterloo. but there are division. and subsequent chapters opportunity for independent initiative in and Development. with Notes and Commentary by Andrew Bamford | Helion & Company | 2017 | £25. be incorporated into personal briefings in Only ten pages describe his time with the ‘skirmish’ games or serve as inspiration for 52nd. 2014) – and has already published Department of the between 1812 and 1814 in the 12th Light the memoirs of one of its junior officers – Royal Military College Dragoons. that his descriptions to Canada to take up his appointment as of battles – with the exception of Waterloo Dalhousie’s aide de camp (his lordship – are “sketchy”. styles. Commissioner – of the Metropolitan Police. manpower replacement. In 1817 Hay sailed Dragoons – Gallantry and Discipline: The 12th in which he took part. but benefits from Mr Bamford comments that Hay’s the Peninsular War. retreat from Burgos for the remainder of a ‘classic’ memoir.indd 64 09/06/2017 11:14 . They had a significant role in operational formation. that his memory cannot having become Lieutenant-Governor of always be relied upon. perhaps. He has written a new Infantry and served with his regiment in mainly from reproductions of contemporary introduction that considers Hay’s memoirs the campaigns of 1810 and 1811 before prints and portraits – are distributed critically and provides numerous footnotes securing promotion into the 12th Light throughout the book. over fifty pages his experiences as roleplaying. An introductory chapter attempts to might only be 700 yards) there was little of the Chartered Institute of Personnel define the William Hay graduated Spain when serving in the 52nd in 1810-11.95 | hardback | 435 pages | ISBN:9781911512004 | helion. WHAT’S NEW | BOOKS FOR WARGAMERS REMINISCENCES 1808-1815 UNDER WELLINGTON: THE PENINSULAR AND WATERLOO MEMOIRS OF WILLIAM HAY By William Hay. that both correct the author’s occasional Dragoons and serving with them from the This book is not merely a reprint of errors and offer additional information.” mention of his subsequent appointments His anecdotes certainly make lively and as Inspecting-Superintendent – and later entertaining reading and could. “amusing anecdotes”. and in has undertaken a study of the 12th Light understanding of the campaigns and battles the Waterloo Campaign. through training. The author shows that they still from the National Archives and other situated as they were between the self. and on the NW Frontier and an officer of the 12th Light Dragoons in the Highly recommended for collectors Peninsula. and combines a describe in detail the command style of the top-down planning and execution of knowledge of leadership skills and five selected brigadiers. after-battle thoughtful analysis of the rather nebulous for example in leading minor operations analysis. Bamford goes Nova Scotia) and served there until 1823. The author was a member 1917. offensives. Light Dragoons at War With Wellington from the Junior another shows the area in which he served (Frontline. so there is no young officer of the era. being for some time being edited by Andrew Bamford. but weeding out of inadequate battalion specifically at the battle of Arras in May in the trenches (where a brigade frontage commanders. 2015). He exchanged since Hay’s service and the writing of his into the 5th Dragoon Guards and remained memoirs between 1840 and 1855 had with that regiment until he retired from the caused “unpleasant ordeals” to fade into Army in 1829. and a third illustrates the places With Wellington’s Outposts: The Peninsular at Marlow. played a key role in bonding their four sources. The book’s emphasis is mainly contained battalion and the multi-arm (later three) battalions into a coherent upon ‘command style’. who Reminiscences add little to the reader’s an aide de camp to Lord Dalhousie. I would far rather have this A useful map enables the reader to edition than a copy of the original! follow Hay’s movements in Portugal and Arthur Harman AN ARMY OF BRIGADIERS Trevor Harvey | Helion | 2017 | £29. and at times a fairly ruthless role of the infantry brigadier in WWI.

where airpower faced unique problems in target identification. Moriarty… the separate analytical chapters on the so forth – plus photographs of ancient Greek John Treadaway employment of artillery. broadly at divisional level or time working in the College of Arms in interpretation of WW2 AFVs (and – as I above. even less on the Soviets. But – on the positive side – no For wargamers. Chris Jarvis Chris Jarvis July 2017 Miniature Wargames 65 060_065recce JT. The book quickly moves into WW2. German counterattacks. Each does so well – a specialist analysis that battalion formed a number of assault will be of benefit not only to historians groups (usually down to platoon strength). I spent (perhaps inevitably) rely heavily on modern of the fighting. is – perhaps – of dubious historical accuracy: Donald Sutherland in his role in the (superb) Kelly’s Heroes standing next to a deuce and a half with a piece of “Kilroy” art on the canvas tilt with the legend “up yours baby” is a lot of fun but Odd Ball is. amount of my own time photographing aircraft away from soft skins and tanks into leather tanks. and the Brits and VEHICLE ART OF WORLD WAR 2 Germans manage just over 30 pages between By John Norris | Pen & Sword | 2016 | them but the rest of the book concentrates £ akin to the Berlin operation with recreating the challenges of but with worse weather and with massed battlefield command and communication. There’s also the odd shot which. The book is 180 pages of hard-back.99 | hardback | 180 pages | ISBN: pretty much exclusively on US forces. Consequentially I have quite a collection of a nationalities). weapons. not the least of which I found it quite inspiring – I think that it does Much of the book describes the progress being that. said – mostly US ones with few from other (and only two maps in the whole book). the photographs are all of a decent to seize Budapest and to hold off the I’m a fan of all sorts of heraldry and nose art enough size for model painters and – while strong German counterattacks. The account is very largely of this book? John Norris’ work says ‘WW2’ AFV fans) but probably not to be relied on for from the Soviet side. whilst I personally find it very interesting.. and artillery. tactics and organisation and This is a good description of the Soviet perhaps have too skimpy a relationship military art. So what As I said. plus some tables nose art on aircraft located all over the UK bomber jackets. There is also excellent attacks. after an initial introduction utter accuracy. so there are few tactical descriptions Blackfriars in London. and – with a few original photos and the odd museum shot – it catalogues a selection of (for the most part) AFVs and these are largely illustrated via photographs of re-enactment vehicles. right in the title but. aircraft nose art and so forth. in the days of my youth. for various reasons. This is the Soviet General Staff operational 147383418X | pen-and-sword. There are half a dozen pages on French AFVs. inspirational (especially for US divisional level. There is also a slight smattering However.indd 65 09/06/2017 11:14 . Lots and lots of them. full and strategic account of the fierce fighting colour. detail on the structure and tasks of the This is the sort of book that Helion combined-arms assault groups. and serving soldiers but also to the and this would form the basis of an wargamer: we often tend to focus on excellent scenario. a bit odd-ball in a historical work. heraldry. swords and negative some accompanying text). there are frequent tables of number of similar works and have spent a fair of other subjects with an occasional foray overall German:Soviet force ratios in men.. and aviation support with two excellent vchapters on fighting through very strong city defences. learnt’ in the various raids and large-scale busy airspace etc. engineers. though. and Roman reenactors (and their shields) – it then slides straight into WW1: there’s a few THE BUDAPEST OPERATION period photographs plus some re-enactment Richard Harrison | Helion | 2017 or replica vehicles with photographs showing | £45 | hardback | 356 pages | some of their markings as examples (with ISBN:9781911512424 | helion. of army or Front organisation down to and through many states of the US. the real benefit is talking about names.


could give each one a battalia of several regiments. If there are only a few players. All the Firing Arthur Harman gives us a simple set of Pike and and the space available. simultaneously to reveal their troops’ actions for that continuing to advance. one player on each Combat. 2: Frightened troops will not move closer to When my pupils played this game. one players before the game. 9 772513 838005 HOW TO BUILD CORRUGATED BUILDINGS & A VSF STEAM LAUNCH Display until 20/7/17 £4. plus ensigns or cornets and 3: Nervous troops are very unhappy about reflect the different weapons and tactics of the mid. The Captain-Generall had to devise care to use it to introduce wargaming to their friends. Shot rules for the table top in any scale. dice or counters. whatever happens. These base sizes could condition. the enemy. All photographs by the Editor. plus 4 bases of horses and the English Civil War. My pupils all enjoyed the game. RULES FOR SMALL ENGLISH CIVIL WARS BATTLES TROOP REPRESENTATION UNIT STATES › PUISSANT PIKE The troops were based on 40mm frontage bases.COM FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! ORDER HOTLINE: PLEASE QUOTE MWG/SUMMER17 01778 392494 *Direct debit offer – pay £22 by half-yearly direct debit. Based. assumed to be trained in the caracole and to charge at DISORDER and then observed the engagement. these are only impressions of the units’ teams were on separate bases.50 product and book reviews ☑ Exciting historical and non-historical Read on all devices – gaming covering all aspects of the hobby anytime. PICTURES & DETAILS – must try to close with the nearest Puissant Pike is a simple set of rules I devised some one or more cards from a set of Command Cards A Dragoon Regiment: 4 bases of Dragoons on horses [when enemy mounted]. so readers might Horse that has been trained to charge in the moment now… Foot or Dragoons. Napoleonic warfare (See Jim Wallman’s wargames of time. with the rules. 3 bases of Dragoons on years ago for my Year VI pupils who were studying whenever they issued new orders and placing them 5: Determined troops will continue to move forward foot. Scout and Guide troops or other groups be clearly identified when regiments are assigned to battlefield as quickly as they can Council of War outside the classroom with his or her of youngsters. may become temporarily Disordered. and Combat rules affect the Unit State in some way. with a 20mm frontage and 40mm deep. even to pursue. Players commanded their regiments by selecting Harquebusiers PARTIZAN 2017 SHOW REPORT. without preliminary pistol-firing. riding from one rather than just one. firing surgeons and camp followers becomes wild and sporadic side was the Captain-Generall (Army Commander). ‘Swedish’ style. stop to fire if the opportunity arises. moved the troops and resolved Firing and animals and assorted servants. they turned them over A Regimental 1 base with officer on foot or Commander: mounted. firing pistols immediately before closing with Troops who have not suffered a permanent reduction in regiment to another to deal with crises or to issue new command some troops in person. accommodate two ranks of Foot or one rank of Horse. to a large extent. and may prove to be somewhat inaccurate be increased or decreased to suit your own miniatures when Combat commences [see below]. Offer expires 31/9/2017 MWGjul17DPS. Total payable £44 per year.POCKETMAGS. holders [when dismounted] and act as ordered the structure of Jim Wallman’s En Avant! Rules for Each turn represented a short.indd 2 09/06/2017 11:20 . Command Cards remained in force. Other Horse Regiments are regimental commanders – before deploying the troops. which may be representing about 40 yards. and let the Captain-Generall also the SUBSCRIPTION E TODAY! Y HALF-YEARLY DIRECT DEBIT* INSIDE EVERY ISSUE: ALSO AVAILABLE AS ☑ Tips for rule designs and entire A DIGITAL MAG! rule sets ready to play ☑ Unique content for commercial rules unavailable anywhere else ECW Push of Pike Barclay’s Parliamentarians work their way through the hedgerows . face-up. and will musicians seventeenth century. anywhere – from ancient history to the far future WWW. pack lesson lasting about two hours. placed behind the centre of the unit so as to show Artillery pieces and crews were mounted on bases the current state to its commander and the umpire. releases. the umpire. limbers and However. but adapted to placed their Command Cards. and if possible INTRODUCTION orders.Battle of Newbury in 54mm by Skirmish Wargames. The Captain-Generall: 1 base with a mounted officer ☑ Terrain and scenery builds by experts demonstrate ECW tactics in an entertaining double. 18 Miniature Wargames January 2017 January 2017 Miniature Wargames 19 THE MAGAZINE FOR ALL WARGAMERS JULY 2017 – ISSUE 411 18-19 TIPS FREE RULE SET SETTING THE SCENE YO HO HO! Gaming Nagy-Salló 1849 for Bloody Big Battles SCENARIOS ☑ Figure painting from leading JON SUTHERLAND SPLICES OUR MAIN BRACES WITH A LITTLE INKERMAN PIRATE WARFARE GAME THAT’LL SHIVER YER TIMBERS! For The Men who would be King hobby specialists EXC LUSIVE! Y LIST TARZAN ARM H IN THE FOR DEAT INENT > DARK CONT 07 ☑ Latest news. until countermanded by issuing other orders. casualty figures. of a few minutes. deep enough to indicated by flags. just roll the dice! 1: Wavering troops will break and run any and each of the others commanded a regiment of Horse. I was rather than closing for combat The Baggage Train: several wagons and carts. on face-down behind their troops. unspecified period One heavy or two 1 base with one gun and crew 4: Steady troops will do as they are told. A Foot Regiment: at least 4 bases of Musketeers and 2 or 4 bases of Pikemen 6 and above Enraged – troops will continue to A Horse Regiment: at least 4 bases of Cuirassiers or move forward and act as ordered. a saving of £10 on the shop price. Once all players had light Artillery pieces: but without much enthusiasm if it involves increased risk rules page at jimwallman. so they did not have to concern themselves the enemy. Units have a number of possible States. their Unit State. secret school classes. this wargame was intended to turn. must 0: Panic Flight troops are running away from the a battle plan – preferably by holding a brief.

I thought. This makes it more flexible and a lot his personal modelling projects. now. I’ve already mentioned this wargamer has recently resorted to world is a major building material for type of basing before in other articles as it offering my services to friends and family. covered with posters and graffiti.). IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BASE from the centre of the base to your two ½” This time. This will allow you fencing. homes and dwellings… but then I grew does away with the need to make corner Now. Draw lines all examples of variations on a theme. Go up in Bermondsey… Ed. Diane made boxes of “useful rubbish” in the garage. Could be notion to make 6” x 1” bases. Assume you are starting with the and wash your mouth out with soap. Inevitably. You know the stuff: you often for 6” maximum base length for linear to use pieces in a line or create an angled 68 Miniature Wargames July 2017 068_071wargamesWidow JT. or marks to create an “arrow” head shape at nameless.indd 68 09/06/2017 11:16 . HOW TO | MODELLING GUIDE 1 3 2 4 CORRUGATED THE CONTINUING TALES OF A WARGAMES WIDOW Diane Sutherland gets all crinkly tin on us Words and photography Diane Sutherland N ot content with filling my time with see it being used to fence off a derelict terrain. someone. the building site (and in certain parts of the easier to store. it is sections. wanted some corrugated iron rather the shape of the base. You then need “Diane could make that. I tend to go the end of each piece. to mark the lengths half an inch from each me one. Mark out (ahem!… Ed. Diane would know what to do…” end and the centre of the base. as I rummage through the your normal oblong bases. this is a family magazine.) fun. who shall remain The first thing to mention is basing.

Now One of the key lessons revolves around As a consequence of all this junk. Incidentally handiwork I’ve been able to rid the junk these along the length of the fencing. Run a line of hot glue along the table mat section and fix the coffee stirrers in place. There are parts of month I offer you not one. You my home that do resemble a scene from projects all in one. Diane.5” (4cm) tall fencing. the corrugated iron sections with a range of graffiti and posters. 7. 4. The July 2017 Miniature Wargames 69 068_071wargamesWidow JT. My favourite. once the you fail to use the PVA. 8. These are the light grey or whitewashed version of the table mat fencing. so when you put two together you several of these and insisting your • Slatted table mat/corrugated cardboard get a 90 degree corner.). This has two mats remember to coat them in PVA MY APPROACH main advantages: firstly. but looks very different. allow figures to fire over them. This is a completed section of table mat with 20 fence sections ready to be cut out. and realise that the opportunity is there to At this point I just measured out the justify a new pair of shoes or a top. When you are using the slatted table make sure you use all of it. They are held the years that are invaluable in surviving (thus he will not be inclined to acquire together with thin cotton and the whole a relationship with a wargamer. There’s more on the off-chance he may need it thing will unravel into an unholy mess if the encouraging smile: not too sickly and for a ‘big project’). in using it your either side before you start working on There are several things I’ve learned over wargamer will forget that he ever had it them and cutting them. With some deft will need two per length of fencing. 2. I the acceptance that wherever you might be the project to make use of the remainder decided to go for 1. Three matchsticks have been stuck to the fence section and then. don’t look overly interested whatever you wargamer has seen what can be done The first thing to do is to measure out do (just to check. A sharp pair of scissors is quicker. LINEAR A You can never quite have enough linear › obstacles can you? The first two parts of this project uses pretty much the same techniques. You will need: • Card bases corner. 5. 3. but three again. This has happened to me with Real corrugated iron fencing is pretty high the wargamer will spot something that he willow sticks. 1. Embrace this Christmas trees and foam packaging. Oh. we are still on with the particular variety of junk. right? Ed. Then there’s every chance he might suggest expanding table-mat and the corrugated cardboard. this fire up the glue gun or get the PVA out piles of junk material. The arrow system wargamer watches them prior to a spring • Matchsticks allows you to lay out of the fence sections clean. 5 7 6. visiting or shopping there’s a chance that of the junk. in turn. A TRIO OF OUTCOMES lengths and didn’t cut them out. there’s just one change in one 6 8 of the components. there is (in my case) 6” (15cm) lengths of the wargames terrain. Each side of the arrow is roughly 45 I would strongly recommend recording • Coffee Stirrers degrees. Try to get the stirrers straight. The green fencing is made in exactly the same way.indd 69 09/06/2017 11:16 . safer and more accurate than a craft knife when you cut out the fence sections. Cut 6” lengths of coffee stirrer. useful in the hoarded junk for a project. table-mats. Secondly. pile of table-mats. and if you spot something at angles and with complex junctions. these have been stuck to the 6” “arrow head” base. leaving the same gap at the top and at the bottom of the fence section. Stick the US Hoarders TV series. discarded fake but you might want to drop the height to has always been looking for. corrugated cardboard and some corrugated plastic too.

He loves seeing the look fence up onto one of the bases. Copy fence posts. I found lots very quickly. the picture and paste it into a word stirrers. This will seal I decided to paint the matchsticks and Have a rummage around for some everything and you can focus on the final coffee stirrers a mucky white. What it needed was a mucky dirt SEND FOR THE PLUMBER substitute here) on the bottom on each of and rust look. straight LINEAR B you want. I’ve been the proud 70 Miniature Wargames July 2017 068_071wargamesWidow JT. Try and make sure that your processing document. needs better support). I gave on my face when he abandons his trade few seconds to get the positioning right so the corrugated cardboard a thorough coat waste at my door. There end) and I’d recommend five for the brown or green. I applied some PVA in patches Use your search engine to find suitable The matchsticks are going to be your onto the base and stuck some fine turf images. so you can now cut out the the hardened glue and have another go. (particularly at the bottom of the fence). Resize to suit what matchsticks are evenly spaced.indd 70 09/06/2017 11:16 . So stick these to the coffee flock in place. sections of fencing. The table mat fences were painted contrast. You have a down so that it was really runny. (they are only some sort of grass after all). mainly for matchsticks. always snip off excess when the glue has looked way too silver even for brand new dried. Yellow. The first thing I did was to I stuck them to the corrugated cardboard If you’ve made a mistake here. HOW TO | MODELLING GUIDE 9 11 10 12 coffee stirrers will make the whole thing don’t panic. I made a mix of brown ink I’ve mentioned my friend Nigel the the matchstick posts and carefully line the and a little orange paint and watered it plumber before. You’ll need at least three for look. out for is visible paint runs. The base was finished off was still something missing so posters. You can then play around with and sticking out the same amount The corrugated iron fencing needed a bit colours and print off as many as you want. If you make a mistake pick off with a large brush. The bases were given the same the table mat fencing (middle and either in either successively (three layers) light treatment as the table mat versions. Spray or hand-paint the whole looking for. A good set of scissors At this stage I sanded and gritted the a patchy finish is exactly what you are will manage to deal with the table-mats base. thing in a chocolate brown. This using PVA. Otherwise. Now apply a blob of hot glue (no real fencing. The only thing to watch more robust. you can paint them with cheap silver acrylic. corrugated cardboard (it’s more floppy and with a dry brush of ochre and then Naples graffiti and other adornments were needed. more thought.

He reckons the shantytown strips I was using. but is thick and robust to use as walls other) and then began to customise the the table-mat fences have already seen for the models. the corrugations were and the base are dealt with this way. recipient of wall insulation. I then all those hoarded left-overs from other picked out the wood planks and some of projects.5” and still leave a little strength in the IN CRINKLY CONCLUSION appliance just to make some shanty town plastic walling. corrugated card roof. polystyrene and the latest: some will look the same. A sturdy mailing box would shack. This is a shack with a piece of crumpled Once I was happy with the final result 13 crepe paper used as a tarpaulin. hot glued them to the base (and each likes them and wants to keep them!) and tin. “timbers” of balsa and crepe shacks would be perfect. ball cocks (don’t The idea is that none of the shacks Some you can use neat and others (like the ask). 14. This is a shack shop with a crude serving opportunity to use up your balsa scraps. Some of the roofs were one or action on the wargame table. you can raid the bits boxes and card a heavy dry brush of gunmetal. Use offcuts figures that look like the “prawns” from determined by the width of the plastic of corrugated card running in different District 9. the corrugated sections would sand. The plan was that the buildings have been around for several years. the odd panel here makes them ready for undercoating. As for other I gave all of the corrugated plastic and materials. a rectangle of corrugated card or a piece of 10. more detailing work. so I then added a good old cardboard? needed to look patched and worn. This is a completed shack with a crepe paper for curtains or covers. I used balsa rectangles 9. I opted to water down a mix that this over-engineered plastic sheeting make little alleyways and dead ends. to the buildings I added balsa sills and used 11. It’s also a great 13. What’s wrong with far between and that the walls and roofs This dries quite quickly. I used: the timber door and window frames in • Balsa Brick Red followed by a contrast coat of • Corrugated cardboard mid-brown. their new owner (a necessary precaution outward appearance. This is another shack showing the foam others were added to the walls for a little core windows with balsa sills. I also of Algae (a kind of blue) and Blood Red. After sticking these so it has horizontal and vertical wall sections. then there is an alternative! off roofs. corrugated cardboard offcuts. ■ July 2017 Miniature Wargames 71 068_071wargamesWidow JT. I stuck some of these at jaunty angles onto the roofs. appliance in transit. Window frames were made town shacks. The basic construction of one of the shanty crepe paper. thin wash of Dark Sepia to suggest a little If you can’t lay your hands on any of The average height of the shacks was rust here and there. two sheets of corrugated cardboard and the wargamer is on the hunt for alien The size of my shanty town houses was others were more ramshackle. in this and there might be horizontal. my own worst enemy. I didn’t design them with lift Happy outcome all round! The corrugated dwellings). Sometimes I am was 5”. 12. more I cut out several 5 x 4” bases and a of an experiment than anything else. greens and reds. This one was made from offcuts from foam core offcuts. I hatch. I is designed to protect the edges of an figured that windows would be few and washed this all over the corrugated areas. do the trick. What you are after is I tended to cut the four basic walls to before the wargamer decides he really cardboard that has the ridges of corrugated size. inscribed with a pencil for boarding. so cutting out windows wasn’t fences were wrapped up and sent to Cardboard boxes have exactly the same necessary either. For the doors. • Textured Card Now it was time to raid the wargamer’s • Foam core off-cuts (yes I found another hoard of Secret Weapon Washes. sliced short “planks” and stuck these to the roofs or around doorways. Cut sections of the plastic corrugated material and the mounting board bases. This vertical). I ran a line of PVA around the bottom of the buildings and then dunked them into most part). Other wood and tarpaulins • Crepe paper were painted in blues. extra card patches and Make sure you save up all the little some balsa planks. Meanwhile. instance I went for a black undercoat. The maximum width directions. similar number of 4 x 4” ones. I also took the decision that (for the paper (tarpaulins) stuck in place with PVA. Any little gaps between the buildings be upright (i. but after his American style fridge freezer visible. was delivered.e. They are new to me. You’ll see from the pictures could be placed in any configuration to In any case. For variation.indd 71 09/06/2017 11:16 . These 14 bag of them) washes aren’t cursed with the silly name syndrome that affects Citadel washes. this stuff (and why would you unless 2”: just enough to make a doorway of you are happy to buy a large kitchen 1. I cut out the walls to Heavy Body and Soft Body blacks) need corrugated plastic strips he didn’t want fit the bases with very little spare base watering down.

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Essex.30pm to 10pm  Dell Farquharson Community Leisure Northwest Community YHA London Lea Valley. Abbey North Park. HP2 6BJ Linton Village Hall.15pm  01-03. Southampton. Bexley. Andover. CM1 3DU BLACK HOLE WARGAMERS Kent.30pm Monday Monday 7pm to 10pm Alternate Saturdays 11am to 4pm 74 Miniature Wargames July 2017 073_076clubDirectory. High Street Bell House. RG24 8LT Scout Hall. G41 3AB Portsmouth South. Watford. ANTONINE BOARD GAMERS Second and fourth Wednesdays 68. GU32 3HS The Scout Hut. Park Inn by Radisson. Union Street. Hampshire. CO3 5RH ARBBL board games and run Magic: Second and fourth Saturdays Friday 7pm to 11pm 28. Dingwall. Hart Plain Avenue. King George’s Playing Alternate Saturdays Field. Airbus Thursday 6pm to 10pm (fortnightly)  End. Bardfield. Centre. Friday 6pm to 9pm Tuesday 7pm. PO1 1PT WATFORD WARGAMES CLUB Vicarage Lane. KY12 7DS Fareham. Stanway. GREENWICH & BLACKHEATH ESSEX Gloucestershire. Kent.

30pm Road. UB10 0RY Oxfordshire. the second Sunday of the month 01-03 La Vida Italian Restaurant Monday 7. 18-32 Welcome Centre. Newark. Carpenters & Dockland Centre. Brimstage NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Friday 6. Heol Spencer. Somerset. London. LE3 0QY MANCHESTER Wednesday and Friday 7pm to 11pm Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm THE FROME BOARD GAMES CLUB 5. THE PIT GAMING CLUB Thursday 7pm to 11pm . BA2 6AA Lancashire. BS23 1NF Club.30pm Tuesday 19-21. Tabletop Tyrants. UB10 0RY 25 South Bar Street. Leicestershire. Sixhills Street. Leicester. Uxbridge. LA1 1EE Creuddyn Leisure Centre Road. Somerset. (the function room upstairs).15pm Second Saturday of the Leicester. Dupuis Centre. York. Middlesex. Wirral. Locking Road. LE1 3JR month 9. Hillingdon Road. College Street. Southport. Beulah SHROPSHIRE 37. Westfield. Gaywood.30pm to 11. Louth.30pm Thursday. The Black Lion Pub. SY1 1PH Liverpool.30pm Wednesday 6pm Lancashire. Ambrosden. PR8 1NH Tuesday. Sunday 10am to 4pm Regular all-day Sunday games Merseyside. London. SE6 2TS Lynn. Unit 9UA. Middlesex.30pm to 10. Borough Road. Drive. NR2 4AL BATH GAMING GROUP ASSOCIATION (LWA) THE PHOENIX GAMES CLUB Tuesday 7. West Midlands. S60 1JE Sunday 5pm to 9pm Monday 7pm to 11pm Monday 8pm (fortnightly) Saturday 9am to 5pm July 2017 Miniature Wargames 75 073_076clubDirectory. Charing Cross. Loughborough. Bridgend. Upstairs Function Room. Cafe. Westcotes Drive. Earle Street. Union Street. Nottingham. Prattens Social Club. Road. Ock Street. Castlefield. The George Hotel. SO22 4QB Lincolnshire. LN1 3BJ Bridgend. LEICESTERSHIRE 98. Bromley Street. Battle of Britain Club. West Leicester Conservative 347-349 Lord Street. Union Gilead Chapel. Fylde Street. CH63 6HD TABLETOP CLUB WARGAMING@RADSTOCK Beaumanor Hall. Leicestershire. LE1 1PA FORGEMASTERS GAMING CLUB Somerset. Nottingham. Eastgate. Northamptonshire. › Thursday 8pm to 11pm TABLETOP MANCHESTER Frome. Lincoln. E13 NORTH YORKSHIRE Tuesday 7. Coity. Merton The Masbrough and Thornhill.30pm The Ned Ludd. Lancashire. St Laurence Church Hall. Grasmere Street. LE3 0QU Tuesday 6pm WILDSIDE GAMING 6pm to 10. OX4 1EA Wednesday 7pm to 11pm LONDON 219. BS22 8PD Road. Bedford Street. Mid Saturday 11am to 6pm Winchester. College Road. Bath.45pm Northamptonshire. Abingdon. Norwich.15pm to 10. CONWY WARGAMES CLUB Battle Of Britain Club. Lazar House. Banbury. London. London. Merseyside. Norfolk.30pm Monday and Wednesday 13. Norfolk. 62 Robins Hill. First Sunday of the month 7pm Derwen Lane Penrhyn Bay Wednesday (except the second Oxfordshire. Hillingdon Bowen Room. Liverpool. Lancashire.indd 75 09/06/2017 11:17 . Higher Bebington. L1 6HB Plaistow. Trinity Street. Lewisham BATTLEFIELD HOBBBIES CLUB Bath. Beaumanor Wednesday 10am to 10. BA11 1AF 6. Preston. 61 A Kempston Street. NR3 4HX SALFORD & MANCHESTER 68. North Yorkshire.30pm Tuesday 7. SOMERSET THE LIVERPOOL WARGAMES Norfolk. OX25 2LZ Masbrough. Oxford. Somerset. Weston- 6. Tuesday and Thursday 7pm Ukranian Church Hall. Liverpool. BA1 6AB LEICESTER PHAT KATZ High Street. Southwark. Market Place. London Road. YO32 4AQ Wells. E15 2HU Wednesday 6. NG10 5BD 30-32. CF35 6AU Friday 6.   Hospital Lewisham. Bridge Lane. High Street. Badger Farm Road. E11 3DB NORWICH BOARD GAMERS Sunday 2pm to 6pm 16. 12pm to 5pm NORFOLK OXFORD ON BOARD Lancashire.University NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Hawthorn House. M15 4ST The Wesley Centre. Sunday and Thursday 8pm YORK GARRISON WARGAMING CLUB most Saturdays The Folk Hall. Community Centre. BA3 4BD Leicestershire. L3 8HE TANELORN WAR GAMING CLUB NORWICH Every day Thursday Harvey Road. Seager Hall. Mid Glamorgan. Daventry. Monday 7pm CROSS GAMING CLUB Norwich. Shrewsbury.All day on SECTION 31 Greater Manchester. King’s BIG ORBIT GAMES SCYTHE BOARD GAMERS Road. DN32 9HT Glamorgan. Lancaster. Grimsby.30pm Thursday 7pm 66. Somerset. Elizabeth House AND FANTASY GROUP SOUTHPORT BOARD GAMES GROUP Nottinghamshire. Lincolnshire. Wednesday 7pm to 10. High Street. Slaughter MID GLAMORGAN House Lane. Pride Hill Scythe and Teacup Gaming Friday 7pm Sunday 1pm to 6pm Centre. Leicestershire. London. LE12 8TX LIVERPOOL LION BOARDGAMERS Tuesday and Thursday Wednesday 6. Boulevard. Hawthorn MID SOMERSET WARGAMES CLUB THE ROLE PLAY HAVEN Terrace. 358-360.30pm to 10.30pm  Sunday 5pm Third Sunday of the month 10am SOUTH YORKSHIRE LOUTH STRATEGY GAMES CLUB MIDDLESEX AMBROSDEN GAMING CLUB ROTHERHAM WARGAMES CLUB Holy Trinity Community BATTLEUX WARGAMES CLUB Ambrosden Village Hall. Lincolnshire. Wellingborough. Tuesday 7pm to 11pm OXFORD OUTRIDERS GAMING HAVEN London.30pm Widcombe Social Club. M8 0TW KINGS LYNN RPG & WARGAMES CLUB Wednesday 6. Widcombe 11.30pm Irthlingborough. Catford.30am to 6pm PIGMAR WARGAMING CLUB First and third Saturdays THE ROLE PLAY HAVEN Salisbury & Conservative Club - of the month Upstairs. Oxfordshire. TA1 3JG Wednesday 6pm to 11pm Brimstage Forge. Taunton. Salford Thursday 6. NOTTINGHAM BOARD AND SONS OF SIMON DE MONTFORT Merseyside. Davies Street. BA5 2PU LEICESTER ALL SCARS Gibbins Road. NG24 1ER Badger Farm Community GRIMSBY WARGAMES SOCIETY BOARDGAMES CLUB Wednesday to Friday 4pm to 10pm Centre. Tuesday 6pm to 11pm of the month 7pm to 11pm Oxford. Rotherham.30pm SELWG 12th Scout Hut. 27 Friar Lane. OX16 9AF Llandudno Wales LL30 3LB Wednesday of the month) 7. Centre.30pm to late Wednesday 7pm to 10pm PRESTON BOARD GAMERS Last Sunday of the month 43. Sprowston Road. PE30 4DN Unit 3-9 Riverside Mall. OX14 5AG super-Mare.30pm Thursday 6. London. Leicester. The Lewis Club . NN9 5TU TRINITY WARGAMING CLUB Northampton Street. HOUSE LANCASTER GAMING GROUP LLANDUDNO DICE CLUB NORTH OXFORDSHIRE WARGAMING CLUB The Three Mariners. Somerset. Wednesday and Friday Leicestershire. Slate Wharf. Wednesday 7pm to 11pm Mare. Wild Ways. Shropshire. Bicester. SE13 6LH 17 Brunel Close. MERSEYSIDE Friday 6pm to 10pm 17. CF31 2PJ Tuesday 7pm to 11pm Every night 7pm Wednesday OXFORDSHIRE ABINGDON WARGAMES CLUB WSM BOARD GAMING CLUB LINCOLN BOARD GAME GROUP CASTLE GAMERS BRIDGEND 59. Oxfordshire.30pm to 10. L3 9NS WAR & PEACE GAMES CLUB Monday 6pm 18. Somerset. Hill.30pm to 11. NG1 6DA Radstock. New Earswick. WESTON WARGAMERS CLUB THE LEICESTER WARGAMES Sandiacre. Somerset. Tuesday 7. NN11 8BR Livingstone Street. PR1 7DP AFTERMATH GAMING CLUB Iffley Road. The Mitre. SE1 1DX Second and last Thursdays 17. Neave Room. Woodhouse. OX1 4AG Brentfield Avenue. Oxfordshire. Weston-super- 55. Leicester. LN11 8DB Uxbridge.30pm to 9. WESSEX WARGAMERS WINCHESTER LINCOLNSHIRE BRIDGEND ROLEPLAYING AND Nottinghamshire.

Harvest Pease Pottage Hill. Bielefeld STIRLINGSHIRE Salisbury. Yorkshire. PO21 5EU BEYOND MONOPOLY Molesey. Cardigan Road. Wiltshire. Marlborough Place. Stourbridge. KT9 1PF 55.30pm Saturday 9am to 4pm Sunday 10am to 4pm THE WOKING WEIRD BOYZ WEST YORKSHIRE HOLMFIRTH GAMING CENTRE Mount Hermon Road. B60 2DZ Source Comics & Games. Church Street. USA. Worcestershire. HAMPTON COURT GAMERS BOGNOR REGIS GAMING ASSOCIATION The Dale.30pm to 11pm 17-19. Storrington. N 10am to 6pm BIRMINGHAM WARGAMES AND BOARDGAMES CLUB AKA DRAGOON’S DEN WYRE FOREST GAMERS Roseville. WR1 1DN Tuesday 7pm to late Monday 7pm MID SUFFOLK WARGAMES ASSOCIATION STOURBRIDGE & DISTRICT WARGAMERS The Red Deer. Castle Street. KT8 OBT Tuesday 6. LS6 1LJ Memorial Hall. 33605 FALKIRK DISTRICT WARGAMES CLUB SCIMITAR WARGAMES GROUP Wednesday 5. Lichfield. First and third Saturdays of the month IPSWICH BOARD GAMERS Road.30pm Brighton. Staffordshire. STEEL CITY WARGAMING Sunday 4pm to 8pm Yorkshire. Milden Cricket Pavilion The Church Hall. Frankpledge Road. BD20 6EB LICHFIELD GAMERS AND RPG Monday 4pm to 11pm Thursday 6pm to 10pm LEEDS NIGHT OWLS Duke Of York. West Yorkshire LS19 6AS Central Methodist Church. Moseley All Services Club.30pm Thursday and occasionally Newlands Community Centre. Sunday 2pm to 6pm BIELEFELD WARGAMES & Staffordshire. Italy Monday 7. Hill. Staffordshire. Surrey. BD1 2DX Burntwood Road.30pm to 7. 197 Brook Road. Stone. Surrey. CLUB | DIRECTORY SHEFFIELD BOARD GAMES MID SUFFOLK GAMING GROUP PLAY MORE GAMES! WORCESTERSHIRE In the room upstairs at The Wyverstone Village Hall. 280 Hook HALIFAX BOARD GAMERS Thursday and Sunday 5pm Road. Monday 6. SN10 5AD OVERSEAS Sheep Fair. Stowmarket. Summerfield Otley. Grangemouth. LS1 3DL West Midlands.Unit 1 Second CHASE WARGAMES CLUB Thursday 7pm West Yorkshire. The Venue @ UAK. Ember Lane. Yorkshire. Aldergate. University Avenue. 18 Pitt Street. IP14 4SH Solihull. Milden. GU22 7TA 114. MN. The Postal Order. Bromsgrove. HD9 7HP Thursday 8pm St Paul’s Church Hall. Winding Road. Coopers Terrace. FK3 8QR Wednesday 7pm to 10pm 2. Chertsey Road. STAFFORDSHIRE Surrey. Birmingham. CO10 9SG Road. RH20 4DR Leeds.30pm to 11pm Thursday 6.30pm Halifax. S1 4DD Church Road. 145-153. Crawley. 17 Genoa. Coventry. DN1 2PX 56. Nuneaton.30pm to early evening Every third Saturday 9am to 5pm Friday 7pm to 11. Miry Lane. B13 9EA Leswell St. West Yorkshire. Thongsbridge. Great George Street.30pm Ryegrass Lane. Suffolk. GU21 5BG Pulborough. Worcestershire. B77 3AE BRIGHTON WARLORDS KEIGHLEY TABLETOP COMBAT Second Sunday of the month Tuesday 13-17. Walkwood. LIBERAL GAMING CLUB Friday 7pm to 10. GAMING CLUB BRADFORD Above the Karate Centre. Sheffield.30pm CHIPPENHAM BOARD GAMES CLUB Trinity Church Rawdon (in the old DREAMDEALERS GAMING CLUB The Bridge House. Amblecote.indd 76 09/06/2017 11:17 . Bennett Road. York. P3 0FS Second and fourth Sundays of Third Sunday of the month San Lorenzo. SUSSEX Leeds. East West Sussex. B16 0EZ WEST YORKSHIRE Staffordshire. West Midlands. Catterick Barracks. Warwickshire. Yorkshire. LS6 3HN 5pm to 10pm Thursday 6pm to 11pm Tuesday 6. Rectory Unit 9 Parkgate.45pm Worcestershire DY10 1RP WARGAME CLUB GIUSEPPE GARIBALDI Ipswich. Lane. THE VINE INN GAMERS GAMES ASSOCIATION Devizes. POSTAL ORDER GEEK MEET University Arms.45pm to 10pm Woodseats Working Mens Club. WS7 0JL TOLWORTH 1ST FOUNDING Holmfirth. RH11 9BQ Second and fourth Fridays of Friday 7pm to 11pm Friday 7pm to 11pm the month 5pm to 9pm ZONE OUT GAMES CLUB The Workshops. Bradford. B90 3GG 18. Redditch. Stratford Road. Bognor Regis. Christ Church. High Street. Rotherham Road. Chippenham. STAINES WARGAMES ASSOCIATION Tilgate Recreational Centre. CV3 5GT BROMSGROVE BOARD GAMERS Stirlingshire. Tuesday and Wednesday Surrey. LS21 2AU Sunday 10am STAFFORDSHIRE WARGAMING GUILD Crescent. 12. Church St Ambrose Parish Hall. B97 5YE SHEFFIELD WARGAMES SOCIETY SURREY WEST SUSSEX Tuesday 6.45pm 2pm to 7pm Wednesday and Thursday TO LIST YOUR GAMES CLUB FOR FREE PLEASE VISIT TABLETOPGAMING. Sheffield. CV10 8LJ MODEL MAKING CLUB Sunday and Wednesday 6pm to 11pm Monday and Wednesday WEDNESDAY KNIGHT GAMERS Building 43. Egham. REDDITCH WARGAMING SOCIETY First Sunday of the month Wednesday 9am to 5pm (Opposite the Corbett hospital) Windmill Community Centre.30pm to 10. Newall Carr Road. Last Sunday of the month WEST MIDLANDS Wednesday 7. Thornton Road. Surrey West Sussex. Cult Cafe. hall). Staffordshire. Blossom Street. Detmolder Strasse 440. Chessington. BN1 1UB Keighley. at the weekend Montgomery Street.30pm WILTSHIRE AIREBOROUGH COMMUNITY GAMERS Sunday 6pm to 10. Woking. Woodhouse. 12. Green Head Road. Church Road. ST15 8AS Last Monday of the month 6. V icarage Sheffield. TAMWORTH GAMES CLUB St Lukes Church Hall. Wiltshire. Friday 6. Woking. Staffordshire. Heart Centre. New Road Side. Rawdon. West Yorkshire. Shirley. 13. WS15 2AT Warwickshire. 5-9 Woodhouse Monday 28. Rugeley. Burntwood. West Yorkshire. S3 7HG Second and last Fridays of the month Monday 6pm to 11pm Worcester. 55113 SUFFOLK 91. SN15 3WL Leeds. Tithe Barn CRAWLEY WARGAMES CLUB First and third Saturdays of Lane.30pm Mill Stream Approach. Friday 5pm to 10pm Floor. S13 7LL The Social Hall. Sussex.30pm to 10. Foregate Street. THE CENTURIONS WARGAMING Monday 7pm to 11pm Worcestershire. South Yorkshire. YO24 1AQ St James Parish Hall. Southbroom Road. Borough Parade. High Street. SP1 3TA NRW. Leeds. Warwickshire. 6pm/6.30pm 38.30pm to 11. Sheffield. South Yorkshire. S8 0PS Imber Court Conference Greencourt Drive. Tamworth. The Old Post Office. CV6 4FE Thursday 7pm to 11pm Thursday 7pm Tamworth. Suffolk. Yorkshire. STAY ON TARGET SOUTH DOWNS SIEGEBREAKERS HEADINGLEY GAMES CLUB Doncaster. Germany. B79 7DJ Saturday 1pm to 5pm Saturday 1pm to late Wednesday 5pm to 9pm DEVIZES & DISTRICT WARGAMES GROUP NUNEATON ALTERNATIVE Scout Hall. the month 10am to 9pm Friday 6pm to 10pm Road. YORKSHIRE Wednesday 7pm Room.45pm to 11.CO.30pm 2057 Snelling Ave. Wiltshire. Kidderminster. Birmingham.UK 76 Miniature Wargames July 2017 073_076clubDirectory. HX1 1SJ LEEDS GAMING The Old Liberal. WS13 6EB WARWICKSHIRE OTLEY BOARD GAMERS Monday 7pm BOARD GAME CAFE SUMMERFIELD The Yew Tree Inn. Warwickshire. Coventry. Albion Mills . West Sussex.30pm the month 1. Finstall Road.

This article is therefore about Andy Copestake is the man behind Old Glory UK but so choose. Daemonscape. too different in all. Under the direction of the bundle of Old Glory models although interest in older or out of production Words and photography Andy Copestake umpire of course! this is not counting the company 30mm Now  stocked  by:   STILL READING THROUGH EXACT EDITIONS? UK:  Ba2lefield  Hobbies. really. diktats of rules lawyers”): the umpire umpire controlled scenario driven game.Daemonscape. these days to the “game designer”. Members take turns to run The narrowness of some of today’s ‘game club playing entirely historically based a game in. a set of mechanisms for many ways for one single word to fully ‘solo’ bug. I don’t play ‘games’ in the modern 3 A Seven Years War strands within the hobby there is not I could. usually. 1 40mm Napoleonic and wargaming is no different still almost entirely historically based. indeed I’d go further and say that the construction of scenarios which place the players in situations pertinent to the chosen period is a fairly large part of my enjoyment. my personal avocation rather than my what drives and influences him as a gamer? mechanisms to better reflect the period and – in extemis – we have even done this Marian Romans and Germans . a different period driven’ hobby is not for me. any longer. Hinchliffe or Garrison. These are mostly hobby. Our group meets at a local the umpire or games master to use and/ encompass what we do now (though pub for a game roughly once a month or abuse as he sees fit to cover the period obviously I will try to encompass them all as with the addition of good beer and hot and scenario at hand. adds flexibility.. change rules and sometimes smaller figures are primarily Ancients . Minifigs. possibly related.  A&M  Army  Supplies     Before your subscription expires. at school. As a group we tend to have a pretty varied collection: around display case at shows. or perhaps a few less. Sci-Fi vehicles and more Available from eBay. We have one we’d never heard of   WARGAMING MY WAY | ANDY COPESTAKE where we play smallish Ancients games using the 1980’s rule set Tactica with 15mm armies. have my own accepted sense but rather I (or perhaps games in 28mm put on by Andy’s group. We had a school wargames controlled.and some 40mm . But while there relief” but the major thrust has always right .indd 1 06/06/2017 10:04 . I Our group (and it is a group not an French Hussars. Even within what have a very small SF collection which I official club or society) has only one 2 40mm ACW Iron may be similar genres within our hobby add to now and again as a sort of “light enforceable rule “The umpire is always Brigade. Even if the actual scenario is fictitious it should be rooted in its When it comes to the actual figures I collection of odd units that do time in the 1 historical period. railway modelling. beef butties. is the way it all games are period and scenario driven: I started wargaming in 1970 whilst should Figure bases in all common sizes. Being of this 28mm . from any other. Giving the players limited information. Over more recent years I’ve found an › mid-game. This. These words. Obviously I have a good connection with Old Glory.    Check  out  your  favourite  at   DEVICE ANYTIME www. gameplay and far more important than various genres within our overarching as the actual gaming for me. for instance. Personally I much prefer too potentially restrictive for my taste. this is more or less true. Ed). FROSTGRAVE The figure range from conception to production SCENARIOS VBCW PART 2 The March on Canterbury enters its final phase SYSTEMS BORODINO Refighting this epic struggle using an adapted rule set RULES MAD DOGS Big skirmish for the Indian Mutiny > FIREFIGHT 03 Part 2 of a simple rule set for 9 772513 838005 current conflicts: this time vehicles! PRACTICAL GUIDES ›› HOW TO GET THE BEST FROM 4GROUND BUILDING AN MDF MINSTER STYLE CHURCH Display until 23/3/17 £4. we Europe:  Comitatus-­‐Figurines   recommend that you download each PDF Australia:  Olympian  Games   to ensure you keep your back issues. rare umpire control to the diktats of rule honestly can’t recall the last time I used and expensive metal miniatures by Les books (or perhaps that should read “the a points system or army list as part of an READ MINIATURE WARGAMES ON ANY Over  200  army  lists  bringing  unparalleled  character   to  ancient  armies. an annual late ‘70s before I dipped my toe in that are not in thrall to the rulebook or. So it follows that best as I can within this magazine! Ed).plus Post WW2 Moderns.thewargameszone. I do try to keep like an open and freeform type of game 5000. hence the mention of Les H obbies are a very personal thing pond. This is not always easy but you the period we are playing. ‘Smallish’ games mean we can get several in during the day so it is the Tiny Tactica Tournament! It’s as far from serious competitions as you can get and the ‘prize’ for the winner is to get the beers in for all those taking part! I enjoy umpiring at least as much as actually playing.pocketmags. is above mere rules. Consequently my wargaming is more. for us. You minor exception to this rule. should we an increasing number of 15mm. painted some separation between the business WARGAMING MY WAY which tries to reflect in some small way models which may be pretty modest of wargaming and my own personal what happened on the battlefields of by some standards. My own view is that any rule title are now too diverse. Our games are always umpire the story is more important than game. one united hobby called private wargames room in my attic but that should be we) ‘play history’.. similar to that of the chosen historical prototype is far more interesting than merely playing a points system encounter game time 2 after time.50 www. it is simply games using the almost ubiquitous Airfix each meeting. unpredictability and That’s not our style at all.but with have to keep things in proportion (wise mind set means that we can. Scenery. There was no fantasy or sci-fi back then. even ‘ tournament’: this a new development 3 14 Miniature Wargames January 2017 January 2017 Miniature Wargames 15 14-15 FREE HAMMERHEAD SHOW GUIDE INSIDE MARCH 2017 – ISSUE 407 FROM CRADLE TO. It would be the therefore interest to the situation. p077. if I wished. a social activity: I’ve never had the book is a toolbox. been Historical. The get a bigger table in but I’d rather not. I 20mm figures backed up by a few.especially when he is wrong!” are many different. Historical wargaming in the same way that there I’d have to move part of my library to period is always more important than is. Facebook and www.

uk reddicegames MT Models Painting email: • Follow us on Facebook Kent ME1 1NN FIND US AT: • Tel: 0775 1648053 Tel: 01634 815699 Red Dice Games • Website: shakespearestudios. 23 Clanfield Avenue. For further Thursdays card • Website: www. pay in cash. All periods/scales painted to showcase standard at Late night opening Tuesdays and range of board games.indd 1 05/06/2017 10:32 .mtmodels. Quick turnaround on all TO ADVERTISE CP Models HERE in the next issue please call Ben Jackson on 01778 391129 Quality miniatures for gamers. All your modelling • Email: • Email: mtmodels@yahoo. painters & collectors www. CLASSIFIED | DIRECTORY PAINTING SERVICES Sun 10am. miniature games & information 21 Corporation We offer a or write to Rob Email: Turn your Lead to Gold! Is the loft threatening to collapse? Are you ever going to paint those figures? Would you like the cash to start another period or scale? Davco 1/3000 ship range I buy collections of painted or unpainted figures.cpmodelsminiatures.studios@btinternet. competitions and subscription reviews. books and terrain.tabletopgaming. any make or scale Is now available on our including Games Workshop and historical figures. and Thetis 1/3000 scale collect the items from your door. @RedDiceGames in a sample diorama West Midlands WV11 2QU www. reddicegames. CF38 1PG FREE under one roof parking Find us on Shop Opening Hours: Scotland’s leading online retailer Shakespeare Studios Friendly and reliable professional painting Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. All scales from 10mm to 28mm. All Tel 07413403154 Visit the new Tabletop Gaming website to see all the latest news. compatible with our I will buy your entire collection (not just the good bits). of speciality website and is RPGs. friendly and professional figure painting service and scenery building service. collectable affordable prices.wordpress. • Email: s. Free Sample Established.4pm. The service for the wargamer. model kits. 10 Lansdale • Tel: 07583138834 and wargaming needs The Studio. other gaming products. Also Board Games. No distance is too far! Harbour modules Shown here together Contact me on 07914 609709.