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Patrick Jordan: Vallone Field Director and Serial Fraudster Part 1

As the person in charge of petitioning, Patrick Jordan also the head of While Patrick Jordan did not witness all of his petitions on the same
the New York State Young Democrats didnt only supply underage mi- date, he did allegedly submit 17 pages with a total of 233 signatures.
nors to witness petition signatures, with the approval of Paul Vallone; However, a number of his pages have runs of dates not in his hand-
he also coordinated all petitioning and, ultimately, was instrumental in writing. Additionally, other pages throughout the petitions including
gathering the pages at the end of the petitioning process to get them petitions submitted under his mother, Alison O. Jordan (who also
bound for submission to the Board of Elections. As such, Jordan was the witnessed 5 petition pages and signed two times herself: Volume
key figure but not the only one who touched and fixed the peti- QN1700017, Page 3, Line 1 and Volume QN1700047, Page 5, Line 3)
tions after they were handed in by the various witnesses (including the seem to have runs of signatures dates completed by Patrick Jordan
underage minors). and James Lynch. Similarly, several of James Lynchs pages were
touched by Patrick Jordan and Daniel Randell, and Daniel Randells
Jordans fingerprints or more specifically, his very distinctive hand-
pages were touched by Patrick Jordan. All pages showing this evi-
writing are all over the petitions. While it isnt necessarily illegal for
dence will be included in the next informational release.
persons other than the witness to fill in much of the petition pages
above the Statement of Witness except for the petition signature itself,
it is totally illegal to fill out false information; forge other peoples sig-
natures or initials; or otherwise alter or tamper with a petition page.
The same rules apply for the Statement of Witness area even more, as
that portion of the petition is a sworn statement equivalent to a court
affidavit. Patrick Jordan along with his cohorts James Lynch and (to a
lesser extent) Daniel Randell did just that.

In earlier releases, I spoke of runs of signature dates. The petitions of

Jordan, Lynch and Randell have numerous examples of these runs,
which are written on the left hand side of the petitions. These dates are
supposed to be filled out by either the witness or the signatore as sig-
natures are being collected, similar to the addresses to the right of the

Many of these runs were noted by my handwriting expert as being

rushed, i.e. all written at the same time and not necessarily when the
signatures themselves were collected. For example, considering that
most of James Lynchs petition sheets were likely witnessed by under- PATRICK JORDAN & FRIENDSAugust 27th, 2017
age minors, it is no surprise that, as he was fixing the petitions by
claiming that he was the witness, Lynch also quickly filled in the signa-
ture dates as well.
There are two excellent examples of fraudulent behavior by Patrick Jor- As I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, Patrick Jordan has incredi-
dan that have to do with what are considered his own petitions that bly distinctive handwriting which makes it fairly easy to track throughout
he witnessed (additional fraud and forgery conducted by Jordan on these petitions.
other witnesses petitions will be the focus of the next two information-
So once again like James Lynch previously we come to two possible
al releases).
conclusions: either Patrick Jordan collected the signatures on Page 3 and
The first example, Marianth Raptis, is interesting. Ms. Raptis signed someone else put in what are most likely fraudulent dates for signatures;
twice both times purportedly witnessed by Patrick Jordan, at Volume or someone else collected the signatures and Patrick Jordan fraudulently
QN1700017, Page 14, Line 2 on June 8th and again on Page 3, Line 19 on signed the Statement of Witness.
June 10th. This would mean that Patrick Jordan witnessed her signature
The second example is even more telling.
twice within two days.
In Volume QN1700018, Page 5 also purportedly with all signatures dat-
Now lets think about this: the field director for Paul Vallone is witness-
ed 6/10 (another great comparison of Patrick Jordans handwriting)
ing two signatures from the same 81 year-old woman just days apart?
Lines 3 and 4 are supposedly signed by Nanette and Larry Dougherty.
This could almost be plausible for a rookie or novice petitioner, but not
In fact, according to my handwriting expert, it is highly probable that
someone with the kind of experience that Jordan has. Something else is
Nanette signed for Larry in this case.
going on here.
Normally, this would be considered a garden variety type of forgery
Take a look at the signature dates on the left hand side. On the first the wife signing for the husband in this case. However, Line 15 changes
page 6/8 the handwriting (at least for the first two lines) matches
the whole equation: the *actual* signature of Laurance Dougherty
Patrick Jordans in the Statement of Witness; line 3, crossed out, has
(which I vetted at the Board of Elections by examining the buff card) is
Patrick Jordans initials, which are seen throughout the petitions. Now
compare this to the run of dates on the second page 6/10 which
also happens to be one of the two petition pages that his mother So lets summarize: we have the Field Director for the Vallone campaign,
signed (Line 1). This run of numbers is not Patrick Jordans hand- a veteran of many, many campaigns, either witnessing a wife sign for a
writing (in red). Multiple examples of 6/10 written by Patrick Jordan husband and then on the same day! having the husband actually sign
in the signature date area and the Statement of Witness - can be 11 lines down the page, without crossing out the fraudulent signature
found on Page 2. (in yellow) above; or another person perhaps an underage minor who had no idea
what he/she was doing collected the signatures and Patrick Jordan
The handwriting expert made something very clear during my visits go-
fraudulently signed the Statement of Witness and filled in the run of
ing over these petitions: handwriting, both printed and script, is not
signature dates above. In my opinion, the second scenario is much more
something that people can alter very easily. Forgeries are easy to spot
even when a lot of time and effort are put into them as are patterns,
partially due to the fact that handwriting is as much neurological as it is More Patrick Jordan on deck next time and its even more outrageous.
physical in nature.
VOL QN1700017 VOL QN1700017

Patrick Jordan Witness - Marianth Raptis signatures

VOL QN1700017 VOL QN1700017

Patrick Jordan Witness - Signature & Witness Dates1st Example

VOL QN1700018 VOL QN1700017

Patrick Jordan Witness - Signature & Witness Dates2nd Example

Nanette & Larry Dougherty Signatures

Laurence Dougherty Signature

VOL QN1700018

Patrick Jordan Witness - Nanette & Larry Dougherty vs. Laurence Dougherty Signatures