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Writing a Journal

Complete a journal entry on a Full Moon Celebration of the Chinese
with words or phrases given below.

cultures attended good luck host
relatives gifts smoothly Full Moon
traditional special tolerance glad

A Journal Entry on a Full Moon Celebration of the Chinese

I attended an important ceremony last weekend called the (1)
__________________ celebration of the Chinese. It was very
(2)_____________ because it was the first time I have (3)_____________
such a ceremony.

I was very (4)_______________ to be there. The (5)_____________
made sure that everything are went on (6)________________. The
(7)____________ and friends gathered happily to give their blessings and
(8)___________ to the new born baby. In addition, (9)______________
treats such as Ang Ku, a type of local cake and red eggs are given to
symbolise (10)_______________ and fortune to relatives and friends.

We should learn more about each other’s (11)______________.
There will be understanding and (12)_____________ among the people in