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Project Charter for

Team 3 West of Eastern

July 23rd, 2017

Project Information [AK, CD]

Project Name and Description

The management at A-Z Specialties has set a goal to increase net profit from $3
million last year to $5 million this year. To achieve that goal, A-Z has identified
several issues that prevent their desired business growth. Specifically, they
recorded a 30% increase in customer complaints with Telephone Operators in the
call center. They also identified several Human Resource issues, including high
turnover of Telephone Operators and Customer Service Supervisors and a need for
improved training for Telephone Operators and Supervisors. A-Z has contracted
WoE to develop training for telephone operators that would reduce call duration,
improve customer service, increase employee satisfaction and as a result, increase
A-Zs profitability.

West of Eastern (WoE) conducted a performance analysis to determine the gaps in

the current state at A-Z in contrast to their desired state, and presented their
findings to Jane Mackenzie. WoE presented Jane their top three solutions to the
issues identified by the gap analysis. From the meeting, Jane determined that WoE
would develop customer service and Simply Order software training for telephone
operators as phase one of this project.

Project Manager

The Project Manager for this project is Mary DuQuaine. She has been in contact
with the project sponsor throughout the analysis and report of West of Eastern
(WoE) findings to come to an agreement on the scope, nature, and content of the

Project Sponsor

The Sponsor for A-Z Specialties is Jane Mackenzie, Director of Catalog

Sales. Jane will be the primary contact for project specifics.

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 1

Stakeholders and Impact

Stakeholder Responsibilities and Impact on the Project Impact on Them

Janes role in improving customer
Jane Mackenzie, Project As the project sponsor, Jane oversees the
service and satisfaction will increase
Sponsor, Tie Breaker project for A-Z Specialties. She is tasked
her value with the company.
with ensuring that WoEs solutions achieve
the goals A-Z has set. Those Jane will have more work and
responsibilities include: responsibility seeing the project
through to the end. Jane will benefit
Provides input to WoE and answers all
from the projects completion by
project questions they have.
meeting goals set by Mike Merrill, VP
Reviews and Signs off on all project of sales.
deliverables and provides input to WoE
Jane may have to resolve internal
throughout the project.
conflicts that may arise due to
Reviews and pays invoices. decisions made in the event of a tie.
She will need to consider how those
Provides additional SMEs or A-Z staff
decisions can affect the project and her
as needed.
direct reports.
Jane will make all final decisions on
content and scope should SMEs

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 2

Stakeholder Responsibilities and Impact on the Project Impact on Them
More work created for Sheena and Ray
Sheena Perez, Catalog WoE will rely on Sheena, when available,
as they spend more time reviewing
Director and Ray Johnson, and Ray when Sheena is unavailable. They
product information to insure it aligns
Assistant Merchandising are tasked with the following:
with descriptions in Simply Order.
Manager, Reviewers and
Decide on products to put in the online
Subject Matter Experts Properly trained TOs and their access
catalog, Simply Order.
to accurate product information
Work with copywriter to design and training, along with new trainers, will
produce product layout in the catalog. reduce Sheenas future workload. She
can focus more on future catalog
Provide input and review telephone
operator (TOs) training design
documents and other training related

Insure all pertinent product information Improved access to product

Marge Moorhead and Tom
is accessible to telephone operators in information and streamlined order
Swartz, Additional Subject
the new Simply Order system. entry will reflect well on Marge and
Matter Experts - Simply
Tom as their efforts will to reduce
Order Improve screens and streamline the
telephone operators workload will
order entry process.
reduce call duration and customer wait
Ensure a training version of the time.
software/system is available for
Added work for Marge insuring added
training stations.
product information is on the same
Review training design documents and page as the products descriptions in the
training material as it pertains to new software.
Simply Order.
Added workload making sure the
software can be used as a training tool
as well.

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 3

Stakeholder Responsibilities and Impact on the Project Impact on Them
Sarah and Maria, as new telephone Added work for Sarah and Maria as
Sarah Commons, Maria
operator trainers will need to learn the they spend additional time in train the
Gomez, Paula Moore,
newly developed training. trainer classes, attend a lesson and
Rosalinda Sanchez
practice training and delivering an
Subject Matter Experts (call Review all telephone operator actual training class.
center) customer service training material.
Sarah and Maria will gain new
Provide scenarios for customer service knowledge, skills and responsibilities
role play. as trainers, which will increase their
value to the company.
Additional workload for the group as
they provide input for the job task
Additional workload as they help
create realistic customer scenarios. The
result of improved customer service
will reflect well on them and their

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 4

Stakeholder Responsibilities and Impact on the Project Impact on Them

Call center supervisors and Attend customer service and Simply The training will add new customer
Order training, participating in service skills for TOs, reducing
telephone operators
lectures, practice activities, role plays, customer complaints and increasing job
and assessments. satisfaction.
Better trained TOs will give
supervisors more time to do their jobs
as they spend less time taking phone
calls from dissatisfied customers.
The new training for TOs in Simply
Order system will change telephone
operators order process and workflow
leading to job satisfaction.
The training will appeal to TOs
multiple learning styles, leading to
them being able to take more calls
which will increase their bonus

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 5

Stakeholder Responsibilities and Impact on the Project Impact on Them
Project oversight of all schedules, Tight schedule could increase the
Mary DuQuaine, Project
deliverables and review process. workload for WoE to get the training
Manager; Sarah Sonognini,
launched during Q3. This will require
Project Coordinator; Aaron Perform a gap analysis, design and
team focus and efficiency to keep the
Koepke, Instructional develop training, develop training
project on track.
Designer; Adam Johnson, material including slides, facilitator
Business Analyst; Chris guides and handouts for telephone Another impact of the tight schedule
Davis, Technical Writer - operators. is stress. Anticipating stress, and
WoE Project Team building in breaks and realistic
Develop activities and assessments that
Members expectations, and emphasizing a
align with training objectives.
healthy work/life balance can help the
Oversee initial training and train the team members care for themselves and
trainer classes. each other during the process.
WoE will Benefit by learning and
acquiring new skills working with a
call center and developing training for
a new software product ordering
Training outcome and evaluation of
that training will aid WoE in assessing
the effectiveness of their solutions,
helping improve their process on future

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 6

Description of Work [SS]
Project Purpose

The purpose of this project for A-Z Specialties is twofold:

To reduce customer complaints by training telephone operators in
customer service and phone etiquette.
To train telephone operators and supervisors in the use of Simply Order,
the new order entry system, and prepare them for its rollout

Business Objectives

The improvements in customer service as well as the efficiency of the new order
entry system will result in reduced customer complaints related to telephone
operator etiquette and long wait times. Customer satisfaction will increase sales
and help A-Z achieve the target goal of $23 million in total sales ($8 million in
catalog sales and $15 million in internet sales) and a net profit of $5 million.

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 7

Project Deliverables in Scope

Solution Delivery Method Seat Time or Pages Description

Customer Service Training ILT 8 hours of seat time The customer service and Simply Order training
AND Telephone Operator/ course will be delivered for telephone operators
Supervisor Training on the and supervisors. The course will cover customer
new order entry system, service essential information and will increase the
Simply Order. knowledge and skills required to research product
information as well as take and place customer
orders. The course will have guided, small group,
and independent exercises as well as role plays. It
will include a facilitator guide, student guide, job
aides and summative assessments.

Consulting on layout of Consultation 4 hours Consulting on product information layout and

product information and order entry system will be done with the subject
order entry system. matter experts, Marge Moorhead and Tom Swartz.

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 8

Sub-documents in Scope

WoE will undertake the following tasks to complete the above listed deliverables:
Course Design Document
Student guide that includes customer service best practices as well as
Simply Order product information and order entry system.
Training presentations and infographics for customer service and order
entry system training sessions.
Job aides for customer service and order entry system
Facilitator guide

Out of Scope

At present, WoE is not responsible for the following programs:

Supervisor Training - in the Performance Analysis, WoE proposed to
develop training for Supervisors to develop company culture,
communication, and timely and effective feedback.
Phase 2 Computer Based Training - in the Performance Analysis, WoE
proposed to develop a blended learning computer-based training program
that will provide new hires with onboarding, customer service, and Simply
Order training.
Any training not specifically mentioned in this project charter.

Project Completion Criteria

This project will be complete when all the deliverables and sub-documents listed
above have been signed off on and delivered to A-Z Specialties stakeholders.

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 9

Project Parameters [AJ, CD]

Deliverable /Solution Type of Training/ Deliverable Seat Time or Total Hours Rate Cost
Scope Figure Estimated

Customer Service ILT 8 hours 440 hours (8 $250 $110,000

Training AND hours of ILT of per hour
Telephone Operator/ average
Supervisor Training on complexity at
the new order entry 55:1)
system, Simply Order.

Consulting on layout of Consultation 4 hours 4 hours $250 $1,000

product information and per hour
order entry system.

Totals 444 hours $250 $111,000

per hour

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 10

Project Team Members & Roles

Consulting Team

Name Role Responsibilities Est. Hours Needed

Mary DuQuaine Project Manager Oversees project at a high 67 hours

level. Develops project schedules
and plans meetings. Assures
communication with team
members and client.

Sarah Sonognini Project Coordinator Works with the project manager 89 hours
to develop weekly activities and
corresponding deadlines. Helps
put the teams and processes

Aaron Koepke Instructional Design and create instructional 155 hours

Designer materials including slides,
training guides, handouts, and job
aids. Provides evaluation of the

Adam Johnson Business Analyst Helps research, looks at the 44 hours

bigger picture and asks thought
provoking questions "what if?
Makes sure the project is meeting
the requirements and demands of
the stakeholders.

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 11

Name Role Responsibilities Est. Hours Needed

Chris Davis Technical Writer Assembles drafts to work on 89 hours

based on initial input from all
team members. Assures
documents have a common form
and style, and submits them to the

Totals 444 hours

Client Team

Name Role Responsibilities Est. Hours Needed

Jane Mackenzie Project Sponsor Provide input and review all 80

materials for final sign off.

Sheena Perez and Ray Product Provide input and review Sheena Perez 16
Johnson information SMEs telephone operator training as it Ray Johnson 24
and Reviewers relates to products in Simply

Tsien Yun Simply Order SME Provide information on Simply 2

and Reviewer Order or assign someone else if
more detail is needed.

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 12

Name Role Responsibilities Est. Hours Needed

Marge Moorhead Simply Order SME Provide input and review training 8
and Reviewer slides, guides, and handouts to
insure it aligns with the product
portion of Simply Order.

Tom Swartz Simply Order SME Provide input and review training 8
and Reviewer material to insure it aligns with
product order entry process in
Simply Order.

Sarah Commons and Maria Telephone operator Assist with the training to learn Sarah Commons 32
Gomez trainers-to-be how to conduct future training. Maria Gomez 32

Sarah Commons, Maria Telephone operator Provide input on realistic Sarah Commons 16
Gomez Paula Moore and SMEs and customer scenarios and customer Maria Gomez 16
Rosalinda Sanchez Reviewers service standards. Review and Paula Moore 16
analyze all TO training being Rosalinda Sanchez 16

Sam Fisher IT and training Ensure that training room 8

room set up computers and equipment
function and has the content
needed for training

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 13

Project Milestones [MD]

Milestone Date

Project Charter Signoff 07/24/2017

Product Layout Information 08/04/2017

Consultation Conducted

Design Document Signoff 08/21/2017

ILT Training Deliverables Signoff 9/8/2017

Train-the-Trainer Course 09/11/2017

New Training Conducted 09/19/2017 and


Vendor Assistance Required [AJ]

WoE will work with the following vendors to complete the following tasks:
You/I Solutions User interface and user experience research,
consultation, and layout design for Simply Order page layout
Command-P Print Offset printer who will print and bind all manuals,
guides, and other job aids

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 14

Possible Problems and Risks [Team]

Problem Area Likeli- Problem Owner Possible Impact to Mitigation Plan

hood Project

Simply Order 1 Tsien Yun, Could delay training Request screenshots or

software requires Marge development and wireframes of the
updates, patch, or Moorehead, and delivery for telephone software as it is
changes after its Tom Swartz operators. developed or should any
release. changes occur. Create
video to point to
different sections

Could delay review

Limited access to 3 Jane Mackenzie of materials needed Contact Jane on how she
SMEs, untimely to meet milestones. can help us. Provide a
reviews by SMEs on well communicated
training material schedule to SMEs that
integrate with their
schedule to assure
timely reviews occur.

Technical failure, 2 Jane Mackenzie Could cause delays in Jane and Mary will
virus, corrupt or and Mary development and/or focus on keeping
incompatible DuQuaine final delivery computers functioning
database and storing backup files
regularly. This will save
time restoring files while
reducing work if
problems occur.

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 15

Problem Area Likeli- Problem Owner Possible Impact to Mitigation Plan
hood Project

More workload for 3 Jane MacKenzie, Could cause project Try to have them work
telephone operators Sarah Commons, delays or loss of sales on this project during
and supervisor SMEs Maria Gomez, depending on slow call times.
could take away from Paula Moore, priority.
customer sales calls. Rosalinda

Limited access to the 2 Jane Mackenzie Could delay review Mary will ask Jane to
project manager and Mary of materials needed provide a priority
DuQuaine to meet milestones contact list of who to
contact in the event she
is not available.

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 16

Assumptions [SS]

WoE is Responsible for:

Project management including status reports to A-Z
Development of all deliverables and within scope sub-documents
Conducting all interviews to collect needed information
Adhering to the project budget and schedule
Reporting any issues that may impact timely completion of the project
Having all manuals, facilitator guides, and job aides printed and bound.

A-Z Specialties is Responsible for:

Working with WoE to determine training schedule and attendees.
Providing WoE and You/I Solutions adequate time with Subject Matter
Experts to provide needed information for training development and
Setting up the training room with all the needed equipment to conduct the
Making sure that WoE has access to Simply Order and all the necessary
source materials, for adequate course preparation time.
Being available to answer additional questions that WoE may have
Following the Facilitator Guide developed by WoE when conducting the
Providing WoE with follow-up data on training effectiveness as requested

Constraints [SS]

The following situations will constrain the ability of A-Z Specialties to complete
the project:
Training time will be constrained by the shifts of the trainees

External Influences/Dependencies [AJ]

WoE has identified the following external influences/dependencies:

Third party vendors
National and global market forces
Forces of nature/Civil unrest All natural occurrences (fire, flood, natural
disaster, etc.) or factors related to civil unrest or public welfare that would
impede or interrupt the project milestones.

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 17


Role Signature Date

___________________________________ _____________________

___________________________________ _____________________

Team 3: Module 4-Project Charter 18