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Quiz # 2 Mr. Ariel P.

Practical Research I Master Teacher II
I. Write TRUE if the statement is correct and if FALSE write the correct answer of the underlined
1. The process of inquiry-based learning is composed of asking, investigating, creating, discussing,
and interpreting.
2. Inquiry-based learning nurture students passions and talents.
3. Research is a process of executing various attitudinal acts.
4. The scientific method teaches grit, perseverance, growth mindset and self-regulation.
5. Research requires a person to engage in lower order thinking strategies such as interpreting,
analyzing, synthesizing, criticizing, appreciating, creating to discover the truths.
6. Accuracy refers to the provision of correct or accurate data.
7. Being objective refers to the characteristic of doing processes in an organize or orderly manner.
8. To work independently provides the purpose of not being influenced by others through one
source of knowledge or spoon feeding.
9. Relevance refers to the expression of ideas by using simple, direct, concise, and correct
10. Triangulation of simultaneously collecting both quantitative and qualitative data, merging the
data, and using the results to best understand the research problem.

II. Identify whether the following is classified as ACTION, APPLIED, PURE, DESCRIPTIVE,

11. Vygotskys Zone of Proximal Development

12. The Effects of Wrestling TV Programs to the Behavior of Children
13. Textbook vs. ICT Instruction in the High School Level
14. Favorite Koreanovelas among Teenagers in the Metro
15. Experiences of Female Inmates in the Correctional Institution
16. Solving Tardiness in the Grade 7 Level
17. Improving the Oral Reading Skills of Senior High School Students
18. Difficulties Encountered by SHS Students in Research
19. Stories of Street Children
20. Technology Transfer on Improving Rice Production in the Philippines

III. Enumerate the following:


21. ______________________________
22. ______________________________
23. ______________________________
24. ______________________________
25. ______________________________
26. ______________________________
27. ______________________________
28. ______________________________
29. ______________________________
30. ______________________________

IV. Answer the following items in paragraph form

1. Compare Positivist and Naturalist Approaches in research (10 points)
2. What are the reasons why Inquiry-Based Learning is useful to students? (10 points)