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1.Calculate the power required in an engine fitted on a truck whose weight is 23

kN, frontal cross-sectional area is 3.25m2and which can run on level road at a
higher speed of 80kmph.The mechanical efficiency of the engine is 80% and the
transmission efficiency of vehicle is 90%.

2. A 4-tonner truck having effective frontal cross-sectional area 2.4 m2 is to be

propelled at 60 kmph on a grade of 10%. The rolling resistance is 20 kg/tonne
of the vehicle, and aerodynamic coefficient is 0.0035. Determine (a) the
required engine power if the transmission efficiency is 93%. If an engine
of 130 Bhp is installed on it, what will be (A) the drawbar horsepower at 60
kmph and 30 kmph, and (c) pull at 30 kmph.

3. A car weighing 0.9 tonne is occupied by 4 persons each weighing 60 kg, and
loaded with belongings weighing 2quintal. Its frontal area is 2.5 m2 and it can
attain a maximum speed of 90 kmph on level road. Determine the maximum
inclination it can rise at 30 kmph in top great. Take coefficient of rolling
resistance as 0.03 and aerodynamic coefficient as 0.032

4. An autovehicle of 2.875 m wheelbase, 1.255m front and rear wheel track, has
its pivot centres 1.155 m apart. If inside lock angle is 40, calculate (i) the
outside lock angle for pure rolling, and (ii) turning circle radius for outer
front wheel and inner rear wheel.

5. A single cylinder I.C engine working on four-stroke cycle engine at 15

revolution per second. Its capacity is mm'. If the indicated mean effective
pressure is 392.5 kPa and the average piston speed 6 m/s, determine

a) Ihp developed by the engine and (b) ratio of stroke over bore of the cylinder.
What type of engine is this- square, over square, under square.

6. Calculate the resistance offered by truck having 4.5 m2 frontal area and
moving at a speed of 60 kmph on a) level road b)road with rising gradient of
1in 200. Mass of truck is 1200kg and road-tyre rolling resistance constant is
0.02.Take Ca = 0.0045. neglect frictional resistance.

7. In planetary gear assemble (fig 7.3) sun gear has 36 teeth and ring gear has 84
teeth. If the driven (input) member rotates at 2000 rpm CLOCKWISE.
Determine the speed of output components in reduction, direct drive, reverse
and overdrive.
8. In the above problem, determine the holding torque required on sun gear
when 40 kW is delivered to annulus at 1000 rpm with an efficiency of 95%

9. Refer Fig. 7.2.(page -151 and171,K.M GUPTA,Chapter-7,Numerical

Problem) The input sun gear has 32 teeth and the planet gear consists of 20
teeth. If all the gears are of the same pitch, determine the reduction gear ratio
when (a) the sun gear is fixed, (b) the annulus is fixed, and (c) arm is fixed.
The pitch diameters of gear wheels are proportional to the number of teeth on

10. Refer Fig. 7.3 .(page -152 and 171,K.M GUPTA,Chapter-7,Numerical

Problem) in which the sun gear contains 32 teeth and each planet pinion is of 24
teeth. Calculate the speed of the output members in reduction, direct drive,
reverse and overdrive when the input members rotate at 1600rpm

11. A Cielo car has a wheelbase of 2520 mm and pivot centre of 1100 mm. The
front and rear wheel tracks are 1400 mm each. If the inside lock angle is 43,
determine (i) the correct outside lock angle, and (ii) maximum and minimum
turning circle radius.

12. A car having a wheelbase of 2.44 m and pivot centres 1.12 m apart has a
track off 1.22 m between centres of tyres tread if the angle of lock is 30 and
the width of tyre 114mm ; determine the minimum radius of outer turning

13. Distance between the king-pins of a car is 1300 mm. The track arms are
152.5 mm long and the length of track rod is 1.2 m .For a track of 1.42 m and a
wheelbase of 2.85 m. Find the radius of curvature of the path followed by the
rear side front wheel at which correct steering is obtained. The car is turning to
the right.

14. A car has pivot pins 1140 mm apart, the length of each track arm is 152.5
mm and the track rod is behind the axle. Determine the length of track rod for
true rolling of all wheels, when the inner wheel stub axle is at 550 to the centre
line of the car. The wheelbase is 2. 53m.