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Check Out This Android
Will Gulf getaway be much of a vacation for App That Lets You
Drive Like A Star Wars
Obama? X-Wing Pilot (GOOG)
Caren Bohan (Front Row Martha’s Vineyard that begins William Wei (Business Insider)
Washington) next week. Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:59:22 AM

Submitted at 8/11/2010 4:29:35 PM Gibbs said that Obama and his

wife, Michelle, “both believe Christopher Caleb claims on his
A two-day trip to the Gulf that it is important to highlight blog that he always wanted to be
Coast for President Barack that …the Gulf Coast is, during an X-wing pilot like Luke
Obama and his family will a busy summer, open for Skywalker in "Star Wars: A
feature some beach time but business.” New Hope."
maybe not a great deal of rest So will Obama go into the So, he developed a GPS
and relaxation. water? application for Android devices
Previewing the first family’s Gibbs said he would let that using Adobe AIR that navigates
vacation to Panama City, question “dangle” until the your journey like a "Targeting
Florida, this weekend, White weekend. “We know that it’s Computer" in an X-wing plane.
House spokesman Robert Gibbs hot enough that the one place Watch a demo of the X-wing
said it would include briefings you want to be most quickly is GPS approach its target:
on the oil spill cleanup, an — having spent time in Panama X-wing GPS Targeting
“The president will meet with president to talk about what are
update on how weather would City — is in the water.” Computer from Christopher
business and tourism leaders to the next steps in bringing the
affect the completion of the Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Caleb on Vimeo.
discuss the impacts that they’ve region back,” he said.
relief well and discussions Downing (Obama surveys Join the conversation about this
seen on their business because For a second day in a
about the spill’s impact on damage along Louisiana story »
of the oil spill,” Gibbs told the row, reporters asked why
businesses. daily White House news Obama was only spending a few coastline in May)
Obama will also serve as chief briefing. days in the Gulf in contrast to
pitchman for the effort to attract “It will be important for the his planned 10-day trip to
tourists back to the region.
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Washington Extra – Fears of economic stagnation

Simon Denyer (Front Row through more deficit-spending. cover medical costs.
Washington) Plenty for the president to To read more of this story by
Submitted at 8/11/2010 5:52:14 PM ponder, then, as he heads for the Susan Heavey, click here.
Florida Gulf Coast for a brief Google-Verizon model could
F e a r r e t u r n e d t o g l o b a l visit at the weekend, meant to pinch Hollywood
financial markets today, with show that the region is ”open for Hollywood players increasingly
stocks sinking and the dollar business.” The real vacation looking at wireless devices as
rising sharply on renewed comes later, though, with 10 mini-theaters could be pinched
worries about an economic days in Martha’s Vineyard. by the policing of Internet
slowdown in China and the Which brings us nicely to my traffic as proposed by Verizon
United States. President Barack vacation, which starts tomorrow and Google. And independent
O b a m a m e t w i t h s e n i o r and will be mainly spent on the Hollywood, whose shallow
economic adviser Larry humble English seaside. pockets couldn’t pay for Internet
Summers and “talked through Washington Extra will remain “fast lanes,” fear they would be
some scenarios” on what was open for business, though, hurt more than their bigger
playing out around the globe, thanks to my colleagues in the competitors as their bandwidth-
and how to keep the U.S. bureau who have offered to take hogging clips, TV shows and
Republican Party divisions recovery.
recovery on track. up the reins. I’ll be back on movies would be exiled to an
ahead of November’s elections. For the full story by Emily
Obama, signing a bill meant to August 24. excruciating slow portion of the
To read more of this story by Kaiser, click here.
boost U.S. manufacturing, said Here are our top stories from Internet.
John Whitesides, click here. Deutsche unit spurns US for
he was determined to do today: For the full story, click here.
Fast-fading U.S recovery now climate investment
everything possible to hasten the Obama signs bill to ease U.S. Wider trade gap trims 2nd-qtr
looks even weaker Alternative energy investment
e c o n o m i c r e c o v e r y . T h e manufacturers’ costs growth estimates
U.S. consumers will set the prospects have shriveled in the
problem is – how much more President Barack Obama The U.S. trade gap widened a
course for a gasping economic United States after the Senate
can he do? signed a bill aimed at easing surprising 18.8 percent in June
recovery that is starting to lose was unable to break a deadlock
Legislation to support small costs for U.S. manufacturers by on a wave of consumer imports
two of its strongest sources of over tackling global warming, a
businesses and manufacturing reducing tariffs on materials from China and other suppliers,
support. Economists have long Deutsche Bank official said.
and bolster state finances might used to make the products they suggesting U.S. second-quarter
expected that growth would “You just throw your hands up
be saving jobs, but are unlikely sell. The bill is part of a “Make economic growth was weaker
slow in the second half of this and say … we’re going to take
to make much of a difference if it in America” agenda Obama’s than previously thought.
year as government stimulus our money elsewhere,” said
American consumers remain Democrats are pushing ahead of For Doug Palmer’s full story,
spending dries up, state and Kevin Parker in an interview
reluctant to buy, or if the global t h e N o v . 2 c o n g r e s s i o n a l click here.
local governments slash outlays, with Reuters.
economy takes another turn for e l e c t i o n s . Panel urges big thinking in
and companies finish restocking To read more of this story by
the worse. To read more of this story by ‘flash crash’ response
lean inventories. What they did Richard Cowan, click here.
The Federal Reserve may have Caren Bohan, click here. U.S. securities regulators said
not anticipate was that the U.S., states work to shut down
moved back in the direction of Democrats see good news in they are moving forward with
economy would lose most of its fake healthcare plans
easier monetary policy on primary results technical fixes to the still-
momentum before the year was Regulators are cracking down
Tuesday, but with official After hearing months of dire unexplained May “flash crash,”
half over, a surprisingly swift on the growing number of
interest rates already near zero political predictions, President but some market players say
slowdown that prompted the companies that fraudulently sell
the central bank fired off its big Barack Obama’s Democrats they want a more wholesale
Federal Reserve to rethink its so-called medical discount
guns long ago. Nor is the took heart from primary results review of high-speed trading.
economic outlook and announce plans by telling consumers they
country in the mood politically that spared an endangered WASHINGTON page 3
more steps to prop up the work like health insurance and
for another fiscal stimulus s e n a t o r a n d h i g h l i g h t e d
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A regulatory advisory bolster defenses against a leaders of the chamber said. philanthropy is a growing status
committee is still probing perceived missile threat from To read more of this story by symbol of the rich, experts say.
exactly what went wrong Iran. Susan Cornwell, click here. Being wealthy may no longer
during the May 6 crash, which To read more of this story by And some stories from be about how many properties
sent the stock market plunging Jim Wolf, click here. elsewhere in the world… or fast cars a millionaire owns
700 points within minutes and FDA panel backs Glaxo, Florida AG proposes tougher — it could be about how much
is weighing adjustments that Valeant epilepsy drug illegal immigrant curbs money they are giving away —
aim to prevent a repeat. An epilepsy drug from Florida Attorney General Bill bringing hope to charities that
For Jonathan Spicer and GlaxoSmithKline and Valeant McCollum proposed tougher Warren Buffett and Bill Gates’ GM CEO Ed Whitacre
Roberta Rampton full story, Pharmaceuticals moved closer curbs against illegal migrants in philanthropic push inspires Stepping Down A Day
click here. to the U.S. market as advisers his melting-pot state which he others. Ahead Of Rumored IPO
Clinton pleads with Senate to said urinary side effects were said would go “one step further” For the full story, click here. Filing
back Russia arms treaty manageable. than a similar contested For more stories from our
Secretary of State Hillary To read more of this story by Arizona law. The proposal by Washington correspondents Joe Weisenthal (Business
Clinton pleaded with senators to Lisa Richwine, click here. McCollum, who is lagging in a visit and stay Insider)
back a new arms control treaty Senate to pass border bill race to become the Republican informed. Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:00:00 AM
with Russia, saying a delay in Thursday candidate for governor, was Take a look, too, at our Front
ratification could hurt U.S. The Senate will hold a short certain to thrust Florida into the Row Washington Blog. On the same day as GM
security and create dangerous special session on Thursday to heated immigration debate that Photo Credit: REUTERS/ reported a monster profit, and
uncertainty over broader nuclear pass a border security bill, is a major issue ahead of Nov. 2 Brendan McDermid (A monitor one day before a rumored IPO
control efforts. breaking off its summer recess midterm Congressional on the floor of the New York filing, CEO Ed Whitacre is
To read more of this story by to finish the legislation so it can elections. Stock Exchange shows the final stepping down.
Andrew Quinn, click here. be sent to President Barack To read more of this story, tally for the Dow Jones He will officially leave his
Pentagon plans advanced Obama for signing into law. The click here. Industrial Average, August 11, position September 1.
Patriot missile sale to Kuwait $600 million measure funding Philanthropy becoming new 2010) Perhaps he's heading to run
The Obama administration told new agents for the U.S. border status symbol for US wealthy HP?
Congress it planned to sell with Mexico is expected to pass As dozens of U.S. billionaires His replacement will be Wall
Kuwait the latest production the Senate on a voice vote, pledge their fortunes to charity Street veteran Dan Akerson.
version of Raytheon Co’s spokesmen for both the and the country struggles to Join the conversation about this
Patriot interceptor missile to Democratic and Republican shake off recession, story »

Wheat and Corn Stockpiles Fall as Russian Drought Worsens

Connie Madon neighboring Ukraine are causing not get enough rain to plant its 2010 09:30:00 EST. Please see
(BloggingStocks) prices to skyrocket. Wheat winter wheat crop before the our terms for use of feeds.
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:30:00 AM prices have risen 58% since frost starts in September. Permalink| Email this|
May. Continue reading Wheat and Comments
Filed under: Major Movement, Russia plans to ban wheat Corn Stockpiles Fall as Russian Russia- Wheat- Ukraine-
F o r e c a s t s , C o m m o d i t i e s , shipments starting Aug. 15 after Drought Worsens Drought- Agriculture
Agriculture concluding that its grain harvest Wheat and Corn Stockpiles Fall
World grain markets are in a may be down as much as 38% as Russian Drought Worsens
state of confusion. A prolonged this year, to 60 million tons. The year's crop but also next year's. o r i g i n a l l y a p p e a r e d o n
d r o u g h t i n R u s s i a a n d drought is affecting not only this There is worry that Russia may BloggingStocks on Thu, 12 Aug
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Rumor: Apple TV Refreshed Into "iTV," With iPhone OS and

Games in Mind
Kit Eaton (Fast Company)
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:42:24 AM

Apple's "Apple TV" is due a

refresh--you know it, I know it,
and Steve Jobs knows that the
time is ripe to move his
experimental project from a
slightly popular curio into the
million-selling mainstream. The
rumor mill is grinding up to top
speed, for starters. And then
with set-top boxes becoming
more and more popular, it's a
perfect moment for Apple to
swoop in and redefine the
nascent genre (as it's done so
many times before).
The recent batch of rumors
have flown from Engadget's HD output. Engadget's sources is a 1080p one), so that the device, which will be carrying your TV would catapult Apple
own rumor mill. Several months say this is due to concerns that quality of delivery is acceptable, either a full-on, or special- into the console gaming market,
ago, the gadget site broke the the circuitry won't be but then a later refinement to the version of iOS (the operating with thousands of ready-made
news that a radical refresh of the comfortably capable of this efficiency of the iOS version the system inside iPhones and games on the App Store. The
Apple TV was on its way, with level of video wizardry. It's new product is rumored to be iPads), will be capable of hardware and software would be
data coming from a well- surprising, given that we know supporting could easily add in running apps from Apple's App already familiar to developers,
connected inside source. While the old iPhone 3GS could 1080p output. Store. Depending on how Apple and they may be keen to code
the existing Apple TV product is actually squeeze out video of This notion also doesn't agree plays it, these could either be Apple TV-specific versions.
something akin to a crippled, this resolution, and the iPhone well with other rumors that the "normal" iPhone/iPad apps or We've long known Apple has
single-purpose Mac Mini, with 4's chips are far more capable. new Apple TV will carry specialized ones. In the former hopes to enter the games
limited storage and a "fixed" OS We're not sure about this--a AMD's powerful new Fusion case, we wonder if Apple then market.
X implementation, the new limited resolution Apple TV APU chip inside--a hybrid wouldn't launch a new Lastly the name: Reflecting
version was said to borrow more would not look good in a market device that's both GPU and "Remote" app that would let you Apple's obsession with
internals and design thinking where 1080p HDTV's are pretty CPU. This chip is easily control the Apple TV apps from iDevices, Apple TV is rumored
from the iPhone. Now Engadget much the only thing you can powerful enough to let an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad-- to be renamed to iTV. It's
is re-confirming its rumor, but buy, and Apple's own CPU is a FaceTime video chats, high- since the Apple TV would be set actually what it was going to be
with a few extra snippets. powerful beast. It's plausible the resolution games, and 1080p on top of your TV, it's unlikely called, back before its launch,
Firstly, and potentially resolution will be software output be a feature of the new to get motion sensors. and the name would definitely
depressingly for some, the new limited to 720p at first unit. We're guessing we'll have The App Store feature is carry the iDevice kudos into a
unit apparently won't be capable (requiring your HDTV to to wait and see, on this matter. particularly interesting for one
of delivering a 1080-level full- upscale the images, if your unit Next, Engaget is saying the reason: Games. HD games on RUMOR: page 6
E-reader News Edition Business/ Politics/ 5
Despite reports to the
Will a Spider Fly On the Great White Way? contrary, Newsweek's
new owner, Sideney
Suzy Evans (Fast Company) booming box office numbers
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:46:35 AM with The Lion King and Mary Harman, is not a
Poppins, yet Dreamworks didn’t billionaire, and has
Spider-Man will finally swing recoup its initial investment of
onto the Broadway stage this about $25 million with Shrek:
never made the ...
holiday season in the much- The Musical during its one-year (Business Insider)
anticipated (and much Broadway run. Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:13:30 AM
postponed) musical Spider-Man: Actor-singer Reeve Carney,
Turn Off the Dark, with who plays Spidey, is the only Despite reports to the contrary,
previews starting on November remaining member from the Newsweek's new owner,
14 at the Foxwoods Theater in original cast. Evan Rachel Sideney Harman, is not a
New York. Wood as Mary Jane Watson and billionaire, and has never made
After a series of delays, major Alan Cummings as the Green the Forbes 400 or Forbes
stars dropping out to new Goblin both pulled out. Jennifer "World Billionaires" list, Forbes
producers and cash flow Damiano, fresh off her Tony- reports.
problems, the show, which nominated run in Next to Join the conversation about this
features a score by U2 Normal, replaces Wood as story »
luminaries Bono and The Edge, Mary Jane. Patrick Page will
begins presale tickets this star as Noman Osborn, the Park Here
weekend. The show was Green Goblin.
originally scheduled to open in In order for Spidey to break Sarah Williams Goldhagen
March of this year. Tickets go New York Times that Spider- expected to deliver refunds or even on Broadway, the show (The New Republic - All Feed)
on sale for the general public in Man needs to achieve similar exchanges totaling $1 million. will need to sell out every night Submitted at 8/11/2010 11:00:00 PM
September. success to The Lion King, Spider-Man is the first musical for more than five years. (A full
The tangled web of a musical which has grossed $713 million to be produced by a comic book price presale ticket costs $140.) The High Line
will be the most expensive to date. company, Marvel Comics. Regardless, if it fails, comic New York City
musical to hit Broadway, with a The producers had to grant Musicals based on movies and book fans can see the Times Millennium Park
budget estimated at $50 million. refunds to ticket-buyers who cartoon characters have seen Square Spider-Man any day of Chicago
Director Julie Taymor, who had purchased tickets for the mixed success. This show will the week -- for free. Citygarden
also directed the Broadway original opening dates. One mark the first audience reaction St. Louis
version of that commercial cash New York ticket broker told to action heroes on stage.
cow The Lion King, told The The Wall Street Journal that he D i s n e y c o n t i n u e s t o s e e

Finance reporter Scott Patterson is leaving the Wall Street

Journal. Quants rejoice! (Patterson made a lot of enemie...
(Business Insider) Finance reporter Scott Patterson (Patterson made a lot of enemies Whizzes Conquered Wall Street Join the conversation about this
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:57:05 AM is leaving the Wall Street after he published, The Quants: and Nearly Destroyed It.) Read story »
Journal. Quants rejoice! How a New Breed of Math more >>>
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iFive: Troops In (Iraq!), Starbucks' Digital RUMOR:

continued from page 4

Network, Apple TV Becomes iTV, Google- new product line. There may be
some kerfuffle with one of the
bump the price up).
What might the new iTV look
Verizon Ruminations, Rubik's Cube Break-Thru U.K.'s national terrestrial TV
channels, which has been called
like, though? We're thinking it
won't be like the new iPhone, as
Addy Dugdale (Fast some clues about how the firm ruminations over the Google- ITV for decades, but such a there's simply no need for that.
Company) is going to monetize SDN, or Verizon pact from last week. naming conflict is nothing new It may borrow design cues from
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:28:45 AM Starbucks Digital Network. It's And here's a little round-up: to Apple. the iPad or new Mac Mini--an
going to offer exclusive and AT&T is, apparently, very it's all beginning to make sense, aluminum unibody, but more
While you were sleeping, premium content to consumers happy with the tie-up. Marc and feel like the new iTV is slender than the Mini as there's
innovation was redesigning from names such as Apple, Hedlund reckons the deal was really on its way. Let's no need for an optical drive, or
itself and changing its name to Yahoo, Nickelodeon, and the done with a make-weight clause summarize what we know, or much internal storage, or even a
Boomer the Dog. New York Times. Starbucks' VP in there: No iPhone on Verizon. can conclude from the rumors: battery like the iPad. It needs to
1. Despite the timetable being of Digital Ventures, Adam Facebook, eBay, Skype, and Renamed iTV, to capture some be just deep enough to fit in a
f i x e d i n s t o n e , t h e U . S . Brotman, calls it a win-win Amazon are all dead against the iPhone halo powerRunning iOS, power supply, chips, cooling,
military's withdrawal from Iraq situation. idea, says the Financial Times. which is probably more suited to and external connector ports like
has been called into question-- 3. Engadget seems to have got Here's Facebook's statement on managing media content and HDMI, mini display port, USB
by an Iraqi officer. Lt Col itself a little scoopette on the it. will run more smoothly on and audio in and out.
Babaker Zebari does not think relaunch of Apple TV. It's going 5. Google's computers have limited hardwareLimited Remember, though, this is all
that his country's military will to be called iTV (what will UK solved one of the last great internal storage capacity, just smoke and mirrors until a
be ready to take control for terrestrial channel ITV think of mysteries of the universe: the making the most of cloud-based real iTV appears on the scene
another decade, although the that? Or, for that matter, Spain's maximum of moves needed to streaming or your own network (perhaps at the recently
U.S. is still counting on an end test certificate for vehicles? solve a Rubik's cube. And, for storage devicesHD video out, confirmed September 9th Apple
to combat ops by the end of this 1080p will be a no-no, but apps all of you who thought the possibly just 720p at firstMay event?). Till then, these
month, and the removal of all a yes-yes. The site's editor, Josh number might be 42, you're run appsWill have Apple's A4 glimpses are pretty tantalizing
foreign troops by end 2011. Topolsky, also broke the wrong. It's 20 or less. chip inside, just like the current though.
2. Starbucks is rolling out its clearest indication that there is a iPhone and iPadMay incorporate To keep up with this news,
free Wi-Fi experience for all PSPhone on the way. High five! AMD's new Fusion APU follow me, Kit Eaton, on
later this year, and Mashable has 4. There's still a lot of chipsMay cost as little as $99 Twitter.
(which makes good sense, given
there's no need for a
touchscreen, much internal flash
RAM, hard drive or lithium
battery--each of which would

GM CEO Ed Whitacre Stepping Down A Day Ahead Of Rumored

IPO Filing
Joe Weisenthal (Money one day before a rumored IPO His replacement will be Wall
Game) filing, CEO Ed Whitacre is Street veteran Dan Akerson.
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:00:00 AM stepping down. Join the conversation about this
He will officially leave his story »
On the same day as GM position September 1. HP?
reported a monster profit, and Perhaps he's heading to run
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American Malls Beat Japan in Race for Touchscreen Vending

David Zax (Fast Company) the benefit of the gawking trade show. Back then, it was
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:52:29 AM crowds.” Why be bothered with reported that the machines were
that tiresome pressing of letters even equipped with Wi-Fi to
The new technology debuts and numbers (Sprite … E7), order replenishments. Why the
with a splash in Tokyo--but this w h e n y o u c a n p r e s s a machines have had such a soft,
time, slick Japan tech followed luminescent avatar of the soda and quiet, launch, is something
innovative mall machines in you crave? And then, if Dunne’s of a mystery.
Michigan. photographs are to be believed, For our money, the real
Everything is more fun when b e t h a n k e d b y a s m i l i n g innovation needed in vending
enacted as a video game. Even a anthropomorphized avatar of the machinery was to put an end to
a new touchscreen vending very machine you just interacted all those stuck beverages and
machine that debuted yesterday with? candy bars. But it appears
in Tokyo that's “causing quite a We are accustomed in this Samsung’s most aggressive
stir,” writes Sam Dunne of country to being scooped by the Briarwood Mall of Ann Arbor, malls owned by the Simon mall response to that problem has
C o r e 7 7 , “ a s , o n e - b y - o n e , Japanese on faddish technology. MI, has a Coca-Cola chain that may have similar been to install motion sensors
bashful salarymen plucked up But it seems, actually, that U.S. touchscreen vending machine of machines. In fact, as much was that warn any frustrated
the courage to go and put the malls may have beaten the its own. In fact it seems likely promised by Samsung and Coke customers who might try to
machine through its paces for Japanese on this one. The that this is one of many U.S. at the 2009 International CES rattle the machine.

Hackers Hijack Gmail in China

Austin Carr (Fast Company) where they're asked to enter or censor the country's searches
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:59:46 AM re-enter their account and began forwarding users to
information. Based on the rough Google Hong Kong, which
Here in the U.S., we've been translations available, users mainland China quickly
complaining about Gmail for its connect to this non-Google blocked.
new design (Why do we need a owned site if they use Google's And just this morning, in yet
"Mail" button and "Inbox" browser toolbar or simply enter another example of increased
button only an inch apart!?!). In the address "" tensions, two state-run
China, they're complaining There, they'll face a classic companies announced plans to
about Gmail too, but for a very phishing attack which has users launch a search business to rival
different reason. giving away login usernames, Google, one that is focused on
Over the past week, reports passwords, and other personal mobile searches.
from Chinese Internet users information. China's Gmail has get Web users to stop trusting or In recent months, the Internet
indicate that when Gmail is been hijacked. using Google. It is unclear so giant's relationship with China
accessed, users are auto- According to one report, this far, however, who orchestrated has been tense. After hackers
forwarded to a replica site at a ISP phishing may be an attempt the attacks, other than that the breached Google headquarters
different address (http:// to create a sense of insecurity server originated from Ürümqi in Beijing, the company around Gmail, in an attempt to in Northwest China. announced it would no longer
8 Business/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Nuclear Power: The King of All i(Pad) of the Tiger

Mike Schramm (The Unofficial
Energies Apple Weblog (TUAW))
percussion, but I couldn't find
the guitar app or the DJ app that
they are using.
The Daily Reckoning kinetic energy of a 1-ton piece of equipment. Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:00:00 AM

(Business Insider) Of course, what I really want to

vehicle moving at 160 km/h It’s obvious, based on the raw This is great! Photographer know is where he got that sweet
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:04:53 AM (100 mph). The point is to show numbers, that uranium – and by Jordan Hollender and musician lightning bolt iPad strap. The
that if something has a high extension nuclear power – can Scott Harris put together this v i d e o ' s g r e a t , t h o u g h .
Nuclear will give you, by far, e n e r g y d e n s i t y , t h e n l e s s supply energy with a density m u s i c v i d e o t h a t c o v e r s Apparently it was all lit in one
the most energy for your money physical material will release that’s orders of magnitude more Survivor's classic anthem and day and shot in another. There's
right now. the same amount of energy: than what you get from carbon- u s e s o n l y i P a d a p p s a s no word on how long it took to
The best way to view this issue You can see the difference in based fuels. With numbers so instruments. The video itself make the song, but with the iPad
is in terms of what physicists energy density ranging over a utterly lopsided like these, the was recorded with a couple of involved, it was probably both
call ‘energy density.’ That is, variety of commonly available world is going to find it Canon HDSLR video cameras, magical and revolutionary.
let’s measure the amount of substances. Indeed, you can see impossible to support massive but as you can see in the (Thanks, Rachel!)
energy stored in a given volume why, for example, old wood- populations and deal with embedded version above, all of TUAW i(Pad) of the Tiger
or mass of a certain substance or burning locomotives and steam resource and energy demand the music is created with iPad originally appeared on The
material. engines gave way to coal- without a global nuclear power apps. Unfortunately, they don't U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g
Below is a table that I put burning equipment. And the industry. identify the apps used, but that (TUAW) on Thu, 12 Aug 2010
together expressing the energy coal burners eventually yielded Byron King sounds like a great job for you 10:00:00 EST. Please see our
density of an array of materials to diesel engines. You just get for The Daily Reckoning TUAW commenters. I think I terms for use of feeds.
in terms of megajoules of more energy from the same Join the conversation about this saw Pianolo HD being played Read| Permalink| Email this|
e n e r g y p e r k i l o g r a m . A volume of material, which story » on the floor there, and Pocket Comments
megajoule – MJ – is 1 million matters when you’re in the Drums is being used as
joules, or approximately the confined spaces of a moving

Kenneth Fisher Strategy: A Price-to-Sales Portfolio

Steven Halpern BloggingStocks on Thu, 12 Aug
(BloggingStocks) 2010 10:00:00 EST. Please see
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:00:00 AM our terms for use of feeds.
Permalink| Email this|
Filed under: Newsletters, Comments
Stocks to Buy, General Warren Buffett- Benjamin
Dynamics Corp (GD), Raytheon and Peter Lynch," explains John Fisher pioneered: the price/sales greatly from year to year. Graham- General Dynamics- P/
Company (RTN)"In our Reese. ratio. Continue reading Kenneth E ratio- BloggingStocks
newsletter, we maintain The editor of Validea asserts, "While investors for decades Fisher Strategy: A Price-to-
numerous model portfolios "Our Kenneth Fisher-based relied heavily on the P/E ratio, Sales Portfolio
based on the strategies of Portfolio has shown a 7-year Fisher found that earnings -- Kenneth Fisher Strategy: A
leading investors, such as annualized return of 11.9%; this even the earnings of good Price-to-Sales Portfolio
Warren Buffett, Ben Graham approach focuses on a metric companies -- can fluctuate originally appeared on
E-reader News Edition Business/ Technology/ Culture/ 9

Dell's Streak Brings GM Reports Biggest Massive Engines:

Ancient Chinese
Back the Brick Phone Quarterly Profit in Six Space Travel
Tom Taulli (BloggingStocks) (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
Submitted at 8/12/2010 11:00:00 AM Years Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:00:00 AM

Connie Madon
Filed under: Competitive (BloggingStocks) On Discovery Channel's
Strategy, Dell (DELL) "Massive Engines," host Chris
Over the years, Dell ( DELL) Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:30:00 AM
Barrie explains how Ancient
has seen a relentless attack on Chinese official Wan Hu
its PC business. Then again, in Filed under: Earnings Reports,
attempted to travel to space
the tech industry, it is common become a runaway top seller. General Motors (GM), Initial
using a chair, a kite and 47 fire
for high fliers to wind-up in the Continue reading Dell's Streak Public Offerings
arrows. Tags: ancient china,
dust bin of history. Brings Back the Brick Phone Good News! General Motors
space travel, rocket, massive
Unfortunately, Dell seems to be Dell's Streak Brings Back the reported a quarterly profit of
Biggest Quarterly Profit in Six engines, discovery channel
moving in this direction -- and Brick Phone originally appeared $1.3 billion, up from $865
Years Five Filters featured
shareholders have suffered on BloggingStocks on Thu, 12 million in Q1. GM's profit
GM Reports Biggest Quarterly article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
mightily. Aug 2010 11:00:00 EST. Please report is the best since 2004.
Profit in Six Years originally an Easy Ride in the
Traditionally, Dell's main see our terms for use of feeds. Revenue came in at $33.2
appeared on BloggingStocks on Independent. Available tools:
threats have come from major Permalink| Email this| billion, up from $31.5 billion in
Thu, 12 Aug 2010 10:30:00 PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
PC operators like HP ( HPQ) Comments Q1. Since GM is still a private
EST. Please see our terms for Term Extraction.
and Lenovo. But perhaps Apple Apple- Dell- Macintosh- company, It did not release
forecasts for the next quarter. use of feeds. Permalink| Email
( AAPL) is the biggest threat BloggingStocks- Hewlett- this| Comments
now. After all, the company's Packard The good news continues. GM
reported a 47% surge in global General Motors- Initial public
Mac business is gaining offering- United States-
momentum and the iPad has production. North American
factories are operating at 93% of BloggingStocks- Revenue
Continue reading GM Reports

Total Recall: Sentimnt Lets You Search And Retrieve

Information From Your Social Feeds
Steve O'Hear (TechCrunch) remember stuff that we didn't concept behind Sentimnt, a indexing all of the updates,
Submitted at 8/12/2010 5:30:50 AM actually know, which is sort of personal and social search articles, and resources that are
true as connectivity becomes engine that at its simplest aims referenced so that they can be
I ' v e o f t e n f o u n d m y s e l f ubiquitous. But what if there to answer the question: "Where recalled later. The site is in
countering the argument that the w a s a s e r v i c e d e s i g n e d explicitly log for future use, did I read that?". It does this by private beta but we have a
Internet is making us dumber by s p e c i f i c a l l y t o r e t r i e v e perhaps because at the time it connecting to a user's Twitter, limited number of invites (see
citing Google as a second brain: i n f o r m a t i o n t h a t w e h a v e didn't seem relevant or useful. Facebook, Google Reader, below).
t h e s e a r c h e n g i n e l e t s u s already come across but didn't At a higher level, that's the Gmail and Delicious accounts,
10 Top News/ Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Cairo mosques begin unified call to prayer (AP)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Press. makes up for its small size with Middle Ages, Cairo was known Pirate Bay Founder’s
Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:37:00 AM Like pretty much everything in massive loudspeakers. as the city of a thousand
this densely populated, traffic- Ashraf Tawfiq, a resident of the minarets and and famous for the Flattr Opens To The
CAIRO – Is it even remotely choked city, the call to prayer, northern suburb of Nasr City, diversity of its azzans. Public, Vote For Sites
feasible to get Cairo's 4,000 or azzan, in Cairo is a chaotic said the small zawyas in his Religious conservatives have You Visit With Money
mosques to all sing the same affair of wildly different voices neighborhood still did their own also said the project is wasteful
tune? ringing out at different times. calls to prayer, but the larger and against Islam because it Steve O'Hear (TechCrunch)
This is exactly what the Egypt's Even though it is technically a mosques had all switched over tampers with an age-old ritual. Submitted at 8/12/2010 4:39:44 AM

religious ministry is aiming to requirement for the caller, or to the new unified chant, which "The Prophet Muhammad never
do, launching Thursday an muezzin, to have a beautiful he said was beautiful. ordered people to unify their Flattr, the micropayment startup
ambitious project to, voice, many who perform the "There was an awkward calls to prayer in (his home of) founded by ex-Pirate Bay
neighborhood by neighborhood, call simply do not. moment when the mosque's Medina, so we shouldn't do the associates, has opened to the
unify the timing and sound of The $175,000 project will equip muezzin began his own call to same in Cairo," said Sheik public today. No longer will you
the Islamic call to prayer across each mosque with a receiver that prayer, but then he was Youssef al-Badri, a conservative need an invite in order to add
this sprawling city of 18 million. will broadcast a single call to interrupted by the unified call famed for his religious-inspired the Flattr button to your web site
The project was originally prayer from a downtown studio. coming out of the mosque's lawsuits. as a publisher or to give support
meant to start in Cairo's Abdel-Galil said every one of sound system," he said. Abdel-Galil dismissed the to the sites you visit with real
northern suburbs on the city's mosques should be on For many of the muezzins, critics as narrow minded, saying money. Flattr's micropayments
Wednesday, the first day of the the system by the end of however, it means a loss of that Egypt was a very difficult business model is based on the
holy fasting month of Ramadan, Ramadan. livelihood and prestige as they place to change because of its idea of people tipping content
but system glitches and a "We are in the age of laptops are in some cases downgraded conservative mindset. they like, Digg or perhaps
communication breakdown and computers, technology is to little more than mosque "These are the same people who Facebook Like buttons – but this
delayed it by a day. advanced and it is better custodians. once said television was an anti- time with real money. Users can
"Egyptians have a problem with regulated than humans," he said. "People in the mosque here Islamic innovation and now they “Flattr” content by setting up a
timing," said Sheik Salem Abdel Cities in Syria, the United Arab compete to make the call and use the television to spread their Flattr account which sets a a
-Galil, the official at the Emirates and Turkey have all find joy when making it, and we extreme messages," said Abdel- monthly fee — a minimum €2
Ministry of Religious successfully enforced some sort will be depriving people from Galil. — that they are willing to
Endowments who has done of unified call to prayer, but in this rewarding practice," said Five Filters featured contribute for any kind of online
more than anyone to push this Cairo there is the additional Sheik Youssef Salah who leads article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets content. When the user finds
project forward. challenge of thousands of the prayers at the al-Noor an Easy Ride in the something they like that has a
"Our goals are to accurately set unregistered mosques. mosque in the lower-income Independent. Available tools: Flattr button, they can click the
the time of prayer so that it is To take advantage of tax neighborhood Imbaba. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, button to “reward” the content
called at the same time from breaks, many landlords convert "Our mosque will definitely lose Term Extraction. provider. At the end of the
each mosque, and to control the a small room at the foot of their some of its spirit and it will month, the user’s monthly fee is
quality of the voices that call the buildings into a mosque, also detract from the personality of split equally among the holders
prayer," he told the Associated known as a zawya, which often our great city," he said. In the of the content that they
Social Marketing Doesn't Have to Suck
Eliot Van Buskirk (Wired Top Sorry, Readability was unable an Easy Ride in the
Stories) to parse this page for content. Independent. Available tools:
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:43:00 AM Five Filters featured PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets Term Extraction.
E-reader News Edition Top News/ Technology/ Culture/ 11

Religious Leaders Divided on Ground Zero

(Society) majority of Muslims committed facilities, education programs, Youssef, who has lived in
Submitted at 8/11/2010 3:14:11 PM to peace." meditation rooms and a mosque. Egypt and Lebanon, urged the
The religious leaders went The Cordoba Initiative, a public to be wary of the
A group of religious and further to argue that the planned Muslim outreach group, is language that Muslim leaders
interfaith leaders issued a $100 million mosque and spearheading the project. behind the project are using, Keepin' it real fake:
s t a t e m e n t W e d n e s d a y , community center – which will Though the group has promoted such as "tolerance" and Imouse MI-092 is
denouncing the "xenophobia be located two blocks from the the center as part of efforts to "freedom of religion," to gain
and religious bigotry" behind site where the World Trade improve Muslim-West relations approval. one dull Razer ripoff
arguments against the proposed Center came down on Sept. 11, and to promote tolerance and "Islamic and Arabic media Tim Stevens (Engadget)
mosque near the 9/11 site. 2001, when two airplanes pluralism, the project has drawn outlets are triumphantly, if not
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:13:00 AM
M o r e t h a n 4 0 C a t h o l i c , hijacked by Al-Qaeda terrorists fierce opposition, with families blatantly, saying that Islam is a
Protestant, Jewish and Muslim c r a s h e d i n t o i t – w i l l of the nearly 3,000 victims of superior religion, therefore it KIRFing isn't just for
leaders said they were deeply appropriately foster dialogue the 9/11 attacks accusing the can build a mosque anywhere in cellphones, friends. Anything
t r o u b l e d b y s o m e o f t h e and break down barriers. Muslim group of insensitivity. the world, and the infidels need with good design is in danger of
opposition and how protesters "We are deeply saddened by Michael Youssef, founder of to shut up and accept it," he being knocked off, and Razer
have demonized all Muslims those who denigrate a religion Evangelical Anglican Church of stated bluntly. sent word that it too has fallen
and exploited fear. which in so many ways is a the Apostles and Leading the "When you realize that in Saudi victim. Meet the Imouse MI-
"We have witnessed this sinful religion of compassion and Way ministry, contends that the Arabia, the most likely bank 092, a peripheral that couldn't
corruption of religion across p e a c e b y a s s o c i a t i n g a l l mosque is part of Islam's overall rollers of the $100 million look any more like the Razer
faith traditions throughout M u s l i m s w i t h v i o l e n t goal to dominate the world. project, forbids even Christian DeathAdder if it came in a
history and must condemn it extremism," said the Rev. Peg "Most Westerners do not foreigners to worship in their DeathAdder box -- which it
without equivocation whenever Chemberlin, president of the understand that Islam is not a own homes, you will soon pretty much does, as the
or wherever it occurs," the National Council of Churches. religion in their true realize the contempt they hold company copied the packaging
religious leaders wrote in their "This center will reflect not only understanding of what the word for the West in general and design, too. Imouse even ripped
statement. "However, we fail to the best of Islam, but the means," he argued Tuesday. Christians in particular." off the Razer website, but did at
honor those murdered on that enduring hope that Christians, "Islam is a political and social Continue » least come up with its own
awful day – including Muslim Jews and Muslims can together ideology that will never submit Five Filters featured charming slogan, which
Americans killed in the Twin f i n d c o m m o n g r o u n d i n to a secular form of government. article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets translates to "Mine, I'm the
Towers and Pentagon – by addressing the most urgent Islamists will wait until such an Easy Ride in the boss." Sadly, not even Tony
betraying our nation's historic challenges of our time." time as they are able to Independent. Available tools: Danza can get any respect from
commitment to religious liberty, Called the Park 51 project, the transform societies into Sharia- PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, these guys.
fueling ugly stereotypes about proposed 13-story community dominated ones, giving citizens Term Extraction. Keepin' it real fake: Imouse MI-
Islam and demeaning the vast center will include fitness a Taliban-type government." 092 is one dull Razer ripoff
How Spies (And Counter Spies) Are Using The Cloud originally appeared on Engadget
on Thu, 12 Aug 2010 10:13:00
Duncan Geere (Wired Top to parse this page for content. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, EDT. Please see our terms for
Stories) F i v e F i l t e r s f e a t u r e d Term Extraction. use of feeds. Permalink| Imouse|
Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:24:00 AM article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets Email this| Comments
an Easy Ride in the
Sorry, Readability was unable Independent. Available tools:
12 Top News/ Economy/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Prop. 8 Judge Ready to Rule on Gay Marriage

(Society) unconstitutional violation of through the electoral process. in 45 states and the federal
Submitted at 8/11/2010 10:55:20 PM both the equal protection and "It's not radical for more than 7 Defense of Marriage Act may
due process rights of million Californians to protect ultimately be nullified if
The federal judge who rejected homosexual citizens. marriage as they've always California’s Prop. 8 is
California's voter-approved The amendment, he concluded, known it," remarked Brian overturned.
marriage definition says he is "fails to advance any rational Raum, senior counsel at the Those from both sides of the
ready to rule on whether gay basis in singling out gay men Alliance Defense Fund, which marriage debate have been
Taylor, Gavin, Hugh,
marriages should resume and lesbians for denial of a has appealed Walker's ruling. following the case closely as it and Eric: The 5 Hottest
immediately in the state or await marriage license." "What would be radical would could lead to a precedent for Matchups in Round 2 of
an appeals court's input. "Indeed, the evidence shows be to allow a handful of activists whether gay marriage becomes Our Shirtless Bracket!
Chief Judge Vaughn Walker of Proposition 8 does nothing more to gut the core of the American legal nationwide and – as
the U.S. District Court for the than enshrine in the California democratic system and, in traditional marriage advocates PopSugar (PopSugar)
Northern District of California constitution the notion that addition, force the entire country say – whether the nation’s Submitted at 8/12/2010 7:00:00 AM

said he would issue his decision opposite-sex couples are to accept a system that democratic principles will be
Thursday by noon on requests to superior to same-sex couples," intentionally denies children the upheld. Round two of our 2010
impose a stay that would keep Walker added. mom and the dad they deserve," Walker's ruling on the stay is Shirtless Bracket is already
California's Proposition 8 in Supporters of Prop. 8, in he added. expected between 9 a.m. and steaming up! We've picked out
effect while its sponsors appeal response, have criticized the Notably, funding for the lawsuit noon on Thursday. five of the hottest head-to-head
his recent decision. judge for assuming that the against Prop. 8 has reportedly Five Filters featured ab-tastic guys who made it
Prop. 8, which California voters majority who voted for the come from a group of liberal article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets through to the top 32. While it
passed in 2008, effectively amendment did so based on Hollywood activists led by an Easy Ride in the won't be easy to choose just one
defined marriage in the state’s religious opposition to director Rob Reiner, who Independent. Available tools: sexy guy to take top billing in
constitution as the union of one homosexuality, which he retained two of the nation's most PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, the competition, be sure to fill
man and one woman. The rejected as an illegitimate state influential lawyers to argue the Term Extraction. out your own bracket for a
amendment was passed by 52 interest. case – former U.S. Solicitor chance to win a pair of Tom
percent of California voters. They've also rebuked him for General Theodore Olson and Ford sunglasses! View
Last week, however, Walker nullifying the will of the voters trial lawyer David Boies. Slideshow ›
struck down Prop. 8 as an of California as expressed Law experts say marriage laws

Here's The Story Behind The Irish Crisis Everyone's Freaking Out About
Gregory White (Money Game) result of further concerns about Ireland's borrowing costs are and mimics that of the U.S.
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:19:00 AM the Irish banking system and rising as the country seeks more Click to see how Ireland got into
economy. cash to contribute to its banking this mess >
While the PIIGS have largely It's been rumored that the ECB bailout. Join the conversation about this
been ignored over the past few had to step in and buy Irish debt But the story of Ireland's debt story »
weeks, they have resurfaced as a in an effort to shore up the c o u n t r y ' s f i s c a l p o s i t i o n . crisis is much longer than this,
E-reader News Edition Top News/ Culture/ 13

Iran stoning woman 'tortured' before Legal Battle Over Teen

TV 'confession' (AFP) Convert Ends with 18th
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed)
Submitted at 8/12/2010 7:42:06 AM Birthday
lawyer Houtan Kian said on the
newspaper's website.
The lawyer said he feared the
had offered to kill her husband
and she let him carry out the
crime. (Society) cultural upbringings are often
LONDON (AFP) – A lawyer Iranian authorities would act In a separate interview with the
for an Iranian woman sentenced quickly to carry out the death Guardian last week, she claimed Submitted at 8/11/2010 10:56:40 PM accused of bringing dishonor
to death by stoning has told a sentence, which was reportedly she had been acquitted of upon the family and are cast out
British newspaper she was commuted to hanging after an An Ohio judge released a or even killed.
murder, "but the man who
tortured for two days before international outcry against her runaway Christian teenager Bary’s father, Mohamed Bary,
actually killed my husband was
confessing on state TV to being sentence last month. from state custody on Tuesday, however, has vehemently denied
identified and imprisoned but he
an accomplice to her husband's The Guardian gave no details of her 18th birthday, effectively ever threatening to kill his
is not sentenced to death."
death. putting an end to a legal battle daughter for converting to
where the lawyer was speaking. In the earlier Guardian
Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani's between her and her Muslim Christianity and accuses the
Another of her lawyers, interview, she attributed her
lawyer told the Guardian on Mohammad Mostafaie, fled Iran parents. pastors she stayed with in
treatment by the Iranian
Thursday that his client, a 43- this month and is now in Since last August, Rifqa Bary’s Florida of “brainwashing” his
authorities to her gender. "It's
year-old mother of two, was Norway after Iranian officials parents have been fighting to daughter into believing she was
because I'm a woman, it's
forced to give the interview, issued an arrest warrant for him regain custody of her after she in danger of an "honor killing."
because they think they can do
which was recorded in Tabriz and detained his wife. ran away from home for fear Since the legal battle began,
anything to women in this
prison where she has been held t h a t h e r c o n v e r s i o n t o Bary has been living in foster
The sentence against country," she said.
for the past four years. Christianity would cost the then- homes – first in Florida and later
Mohammadi-Ashtiani was Five Filters featured
"She was severely beaten up and initially for "having an illicit 17-year-old her life. in Ohio, where judges from both
article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
tortured until she accepted to relationship outside marriage", Bary claimed that her father s t a t e s e v e n t u a l l y a g r e e d
an Easy Ride in the
appear in front of camera. Her which drew condemnation from had told her, "If you have this jurisdiction in the custody case
Independent. Available tools:
22-year-old son Sajad and her many countries. Jesus in your heart, you are dead belonged.
PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
17-year-old daughter Saeedeh But in the interview broadcast to me!" and also added some Now that she is 18, Bary is free
Term Extraction.
are completely traumatised by on state TV, she said that a man time later, "I will kill you!" to live where she chooses.
watching this programme," with whom she was acquainted Rifqa’s attorney also filed court Bary declined to talk to the
documents accusing the mosque press after the short hearing
her parents attend, Noor Islamic Tuesday, when Magistrate Mary
iOS 4.0.2 Update Kills JailbreakMe Cultural Center in the suburb of Goodrich of Franklin County
Columbus, Ohio, of having ties J u v e n i l e C o u r t e n d e d t h e
and PDF Exploits [Updates] to militant extremists. involvement of the county
Rifqa’s attorney told the judge children's services agency.
Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) i s w h a t m a d e o n e - c l i c k that if even if her family doesn’t Five Filters featured
Submitted at 8/12/2010 7:30:00 AM jailbreaking possible, of course, harm her, Bary would be in article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
so upgrade if you'd like a danger from members of the a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e
Apple's released updates for sanctioned, secure, warranty- mosque. Independent. Available tools:
iPhones, iPod touch models, and stable model, or hold off for In Sri Lanka, from where the PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
based exploit. That same exploit
iPads that closes a nasty PDF- future work-arounds. More » Bary family had emigrated, and Term Extraction.
in many Muslim societies,
women who stray from strict
14 Top News/ Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Paris Hilton sued for $35M for 5 Reasons Not to Buy a

wearing wrong hair (AP) Hybrid
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) The filing also claims Hilton The producers of the film (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) on your shopping list. The
Submitted at 8/12/2010 5:20:09 AM missed a launch party for the "Pledge This!" sued Hilton in Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:00:00 AM reasons for wanting a hybrid are
hair extension line because she 2008 in federal court in Miami, many -- saving the environment,
LOS ANGELES – Paris Hilton was serving a stint in jail in claiming she didn't properly Yeah, you read that title right: 5 making fewer stops at the gas
w a s s u e d W e d n e s d a y f o r 2007. Hilton served 23 days in promote the film. A judge ruled reasons to not buy a hybrid car-- station, feeling good about your
allegedly wearing someone 2007 after she was caught last year that she didn't owe the so, are we crazy? Maybe a little green self -- but not every
else's hair. driving twice on a suspended roughly $8.3 million it cost to bit, but did you know that reason will pan out in the long
A company that manufactures license while on probation for the make the film, which played L e o n a r d o D i C a p r i o a n d run.
hair extensions claimed the 29- reckless driving. in fewer than two dozen Cameron Diaz both have Take a look at these five
year-old socialite breached her The filing states the company's theaters. hybrids? Isn't that a good reasons to not buy a hybrid
contract to wear and promote lost $6.6 million on the launch The court is still deciding how enough reason to buy one? vehicle and see if any of them
their product when she sported party alone, although a jury or much, if any, of Hilton's $1 Well, as it turns out, hybrid put the brakes on your low-
the fake locks of a competitor in judge will have to decide million fee for "Pledge This!" vehicles aren't exactly for emissions lust.
2008. whether Hilton owes any money she may have to return to everyone. Not yet, anyway. Five Filters featured
Hairtech International Inc. is if the case goes to trial. filmmakers. Even though hybrid cars have article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
seeking $35 million in damages Phone and e-mail messages to Five Filters featured been on the market since the late a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e
— 10 times what she was Hilton's publicist Dawn Miller article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets 1990s, and you can't swing a Independent. Available tools:
apparently paid under the were not immediately returned an Easy Ride in the hemp satchel without striking a PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
contract. The fraud and breach- Wednesday. Independent. Available tools: Toyota Prius these days, there Term Extraction.
of-contract suit cites the heiress' The case isn't the first time PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, are still a few quirks to consider
p a r t y i n g a s c o n t r a r y t o Hilton's role as a pitchwoman Term Extraction. when putting a hybrid vehicle
Hairtech's marketing campaign. has gotten her sued.

Apple Rumor: iTV Hitting in the Fall, $99?

Adrianne Jeffries iPhone 4's appearance and week could easily push data be released in the fall. Google
(ReadWriteWeb) capabilities, including apps, but Microsoft, Amazon, TiVo, usage upwards of 40 GB. TV will be capable of playing
Submitted at 8/11/2010 9:23:54 PM will only be capable of playing Netflix, Blockbuster. We've all Compare that to the two and back video at 720p or 1080p.
back video at 720p - a tried to figure out how to get three GB Comcast says its But with apps, an affordable
Rumors about the next iteration downgrade from the current movies, over the internet onto a average residential users price tag, and a few more years
of Apple TV have coalesced Apple TV. widescreen TV, and you know consume. of introducing members of the
around a few key facts - the Sponsor what, we've all missed. No one Apple is reportedly hosting an uninitiated public to the iPhone
device is expected to be named Apple first launched Apple TV has succeeded yet." event in mid-September. and the iPod under its belt, it's
iTV in the style of the in 2007, when it basically Note: An excellent point as to If the rumors are true, Apple possible Apple could crack the
company's more successful flopped. Steve Jobs tried again why Internet TV has yet to could be announcing iTV at the mainstream this time. Discuss
offerings, run customers an easy in 2008, when he admitted the succeed was made in the same time the first Google TV
$99 and be fully revealed difficulty Apple faced in trying comments by Chris McCray, a comes out. The blatantly-named
sometime in the fall. to get Web-enabled TV into UK resident and voracious data- " Sony Internet TV," the first
Engadget is reporting that the consumers' living rooms: "All of user. McCray points out that TV running Google's Android-
set top box will resemble the us have tried. We have, watching multiple movies in a based platform, is scheduled to
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ 15

Congressional election fails to stir voters

(Reuters: Top News) compared with 52 percent of difference between the two Democrats only slightly more just isn't a sense that it's a) going
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:53:20 AM Democrats. parties and was still weighing popular. to happen, and b) make a
But not all Republican voters which side to vote for, or In Democratic strongholds like difference."
Republican Senate candidate are necessarily enthusiastic whether to vote at all. the New York City area, voters The lethargy is not confined to
Ken Buck gives his acceptance about the prospect of their "We're stuck between a party of are glum and complain of Democrats. Scott Pearson,
speech to supporters at an party's resurgence. bad ideas and one of no ideas," politics as usual. owner of an auto repair shop in
election night party in Loveland, Take Joe Reitz, a farmer she said as she walked her small "Our political system is the Tipton, Iowa, dropped his
Colorado after he defeated Jane leaning against his pickup truck dog. "I wouldn't say we're biggest block to creating change Republican registration seven
Norton in the Republican and eating a burger at a spoiled for choice." in our country," said Joseph years ago to protest the Bush
primary election August 10, combined gas station and fast- GLUM DEMOCRATS Doron, a Democrat who lives on administration's Patriot Act
2010. food restaurant in the northern The past few years have not Long Island. "Politicians are national security law. He now
Credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking Kentucky town of Georgetown. been easy for America's voters. still spending too much time considers himself an
By Nick Carey and James B. A bumper sticker on his truck A housing crisis and the deepest making phone calls and raising independent, with no idea how
Kelleher reads: "McCain - Palin 2008," recession since the 1930s have money for their campaigns." he will vote in November.
GEORGETOWN| Thu Aug 12, but Reitz, 50, said he was a left the country with stubbornly Democrat and retiree Queenie Pearson said he would not vote
2010 10:53am EDT conservative first, then a high unemployment -- 9.5 Huling, 65, said, "A lot of for Grassley's Democratic
GEORGETOWN Kentucky Republican. percent in July. people are suffering," but opponent, Roxanne Conlin, but
(Reuters) - Democratic control "I didn't vote for him (John Bailouts for the banking sector defended Obama's performance. was not eager to see Grassley, a
of Congress and the fate of McCain), I voted for her (Sarah have been unpopular both "I think he's doing the best he senator since 1981, win another
President Barack Obama's Palin)," he said, jerking a thumb among those angry at Wall can given all the problems he term.
agenda are on the line in at the sticker for the losing Street's role in fueling the inherited when he took office." "It's time for him to come
congressional elections this Republican ticket in the 2008 financial crisis and people who 'WEARINESS' home."
November, but some voters do presidential election. argue that big firms should be Even in areas like Cedar (Additional reporting by Karina
not seem thrilled with their "I'm certainly not one of those allowed to fail. Stimulus County, Iowa, where the Ioffee in New York; Editing by
choices. Republicans who misses George spending and bailouts for popular vote has generally Peter Cooney)
Discontent with Obama and his W. Bush," he added, automakers have also drawn fire mirrored the results of the past Aug 12, 2010 7:47am EDT
fellow Democrats in Congress complaining of rampant as well as Obama's signature five presidential elections, People feel that the
as the economy struggles and spending under Obama's legislative triumph, healthcare voters do not appear energized. Governmental elections are
the deficit soars has energized Republican predecessor. "And reform. "There's a real weariness here," fraudulant, and that the choices
some conservatives, including everything has got so much Obama's approval ratings have said Tom Fiegen, a 51-year-old are pre-determined. People also
the Tea Party movement, and worse under Obama and (House fallen into the mid- to lower 40 bankruptcy attorney and former feel as if the gov has turned its
boosted Republican chances of Speaker Nancy) Pelosi with all percent range. Congress fares state senator who ran back on the people, so the
winning the House of the bailouts and ramming that even worse, with an approval unsuccessfully for the people are doing the same.
Representatives and perhaps healthcare bill down our rating hovering around 20 Democratic nomination to face Trinkets are no longer
even the Senate. throats." percent. Republican Senator Chuck acceptable.
A Reuters/Ipsos poll released "But after the mess they made Pessimism about the economy Grassley. Aug 12, 2010 8:06am EDT
on Tuesday for Ohio confirmed the last time, I'm not convinced could hurt both parties in the He said many Democrats were “And everything has gotten so
national surveys showing the Republicans will do right November elections, according disappointed with Obama's first much worse under Obama…
Republicans with a big and cut spending." to an NBC News/Wall Street 18 months in office. with all the bailouts…” says the
advantage in enthusiasm, with More than 100 miles north near Journal poll released on "It's hard for Democrats to get addled farmer, who has
75 percent of registered downtown Dayton, Ohio, retiree Wednesday. It found only 24 up in the morning and say, 'I'm conveniently forgotten that it
Republicans in the battleground Jeni Wilson, 68, a conservative percent voiced positive feelings going to work 20 hours today to CONGRESSIONAL page 19
state certain they would vote, independent, said she saw little about the Republican Party, with elect a Democrat' because there
16 News Wire/ E-reader News Edition

Jobless claims jump shows labor market ailing

(Reuters: Top News) of mixed signals in both the the weak jobs market pressures 30. Economists had expected 4.53
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:08:42 AM market and from our customers' income and prices. IMPORT PRICES SUGGEST million.
expectations," Cisco CEO John "Whatever recovery we have LITTLE INFLATION The weak jobs market and
Case worker Jessica Yon Chambers told analysts on seen is an outgrowth of The Labor Department said in a rising foreclosures will curb
discusses job eligibility for Wednesday. "We think the inventory restocking and separate release that a rise in oil demand for housing and keep
unemployed people at a jobs words 'unusual uncertainty' are government largess and neither prices pushed the cost of home prices mostly flat through
center in San Francisco, an accurate description of what one is sustainable," said Bob imported goods higher in July 2011, a Reuters poll of
California in this February 4, is occurring. Andres, chief investment for the first time in three economists showed.
2010 file photo. The data comes two days after strategist at Merion Wealth months, though at half the pace Still, most of the economists
Credit: Reuters/Robert the Federal Reserve downgraded Partners in Berwyn, economists had expected. said the battered sector would
Galbraith/Files its assessment of the economy's Pennsylvania. Import prices rose 0.2 percent avoid another major downturn.
By Corbett B. Daly health and said it would take An NBC News/Wall Street in July after falling 1.3 percent (Additional reporting by
WASHINGTON| Thu Aug 12, steps to ensure its support for Journal poll released on in June and a revised 0.8 percent Richard Leong and Ryan
2010 11:08am EDT the fragile recovery does not Wednesday showed economic in May. That left the three- Vlastelica in New York; Editing
WASHINGTON(Reuters) - The wane. pessimism was rising, a bad sign month cumulative total down by Andrea Ricci)
number of U.S. workers filing The Fed's downbeat view, signs for incumbent lawmakers facing 2.0 percent, the largest decline Aug 12, 2010 9:11am EDT
new claims for unemployment growth in China was slowing voters in November. Majority since the three months ended Aug 12, 2010 9:38am EDT
insurance unexpectedly rose last and trade and inventory data that Democrats are at risk of losing February 2009. Enough already with the pump
week to its highest level in close led analysts to sharply curb their control of the House of Oil import prices rose 2 percent and dump. This was expected.
to six months, a fresh signal of a view of how strong the U.S. Representatives and possibly last month after falling for two Double dip recession is not far
weak jobs market. economy was in the second even the Senate. months. In recent days, oil behind.
The number of new claims for quarter had combined on The poll found that almost two- prices have been declining after Aug 12, 2010 9:38am EDT
jobless benefits rose 2,000 to Wednesday to erase the year's thirds of Americans believe the rising steadily in July. Desertdragon, you just have to
484,000 in the week ended gains in U.S. stocks. U.S. economy will worsen Prices excluding oil fell 0.2 understand the new language.
August 7, the second straight The euro zone's statistical before it gets better, up from 53 percent in July, signaling a lack War is peace, freedom is
increase, the Labor Department agency said on Thursday that percent who felt that way in of underlying inflation pressure slavery, and ignorance is
said on Thursday. Economists industrial production in the 12- January. Nearly six in 10 of from imports. strength.
had expected claims to edge nation currency bloc declined in those surveyed said the country In its report on jobless claims, Now does it make sense that
down to 469,000. June, a suggestion that growth is headed in the wrong direction. the department said a four-week worsening economy is called
"This is not a good number," could have softened as a The government said last month moving average of new filings, “recovery,” and other bad news
said John Brady, an analyst at generally vigorous second that the economy advanced at a which economists prefer is “unexpected?”
MF Global in Chicago. "Claims quarter ended. 2.4 percent annualized pace in because it smoothes out weekly Aug 12, 2010 9:49am EDT
are going the wrong way. That U.S. PESSIMISM RISING the April-June quarter, far more fluctuations, rose 14,250 to Bad headline. Only NEW
has the market concerned." Data for the United States has slowly than the first quarter's 3.7 473,500. Like the initial claims jobless claims are higher. Total
U.S. stocks opened lower on been decidedly weak over the percent rate. figure, that was the highest level jobless claims, including new
both the data and a past couple months, with private A wider-than-expected trade since the week ended February claims and claims lasting more
disappointing revenue forecast -sector job growth lagging gap and signs businesses were 20. than 1 week, are down. Come
from tech bellwether Cisco expectations and the stockpiling fewer inventories The number of people still on Reuters. Don’t give the
Systems Inc, while U.S. unemployment rate stuck at 9.5 than thought have led analysts to collecting unemployment uninformed more rage-fuel.
Treasury debt prices pared percent. That has fed concerns warn the economy may have benefits after an initial week of Aug 12, 2010 9:52am EDT
losses and the dollar trimmed the economy could be at risk of grown in the second quarter at aid fell 118,000 to 4.45 million Outsourcing and H-1Bs have
gains against the yen. a renewed recession or face a less than half the pace the in the week ended July 31, the JOBLESS page 20
"We are seeing a large number debilitating bout of deflation as government estimated on July lowest level since late June.
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ 17

U.S. braces for Kandahar fight

(Reuters: Top News) security and improving "And all of these areas are going where our money is going and integrate these people into the
Submitted at 8/12/2010 5:26:46 AM performance of a local to be cleared with good effects. then holding people accountable (Afghan National Security
government often criticized as So we think the conditions are for how these things are used -- Forces) as we grow them, then
Soldiers with the US Army's 1- ineffective and corrupt, the U.S. being set for this campaign to that in fact will constrain any that removes that as another
320 Field Artillery Regiment, official said. unfold just the way we think it's inappropriate actions by power leaver of malign actors from the
101st Airborne Division conduct But some surrounding districts, going to." brokers," the official said, environment."
an early morning patrol in the including Panjwai, will require June was the deadliest month responding to a question about (Editing by Stacey Joyce)
village of Saidon Kalacheh in the kind of clearing operations for U.S. forces since the conflict Karzai's brother. Aug 12, 2010 9:02am EDT
Arghandab Valley north of by NATO and Afghan forces began in 2001 and the rising Cooperation by Ahmad Wali Why is the US bracing for the
Kandahar July 28, 2010. that mean confrontation with a casualties are eroding support Karzai could be critical to the fight in Kandahar?
Credit: Reuters/Bob Strong Taliban enemy, at its strongest for the war in Western capitals. Kandahar campaign and the It is the civilians in Kandahar
By Phil Stewart since the nine-year-old war Still, asked about the Kandahar official acknowledged his that should be bracing
WASHINGTON| Thu Aug 12, began. campaign specifically, the importance. themselves as they’ll get
2010 6:26am EDT "It's going to be some pretty official said: "This is the "He's the brother of the slaughtered in large numbers as
WASHINGTON(Reuters) - tough fighting," the U.S. resistance we expected." president with an informal per the usual American Military
Targeted strikes by U.S. special official, speaking on condition KARZAI'S BROTHER amount of influence. He has a Empire standard operating
forces against insurgents around that he not be named, told a One of the big question marks role in the legitimate procedure.
Kandahar are yielding results, small group of reporters at the over the U.S. strategy in governance of Kandahar," he *We welcome comments that
but war planners expect tough Pentagon. Kandahar has been Afghan said. advance the story directly or
fighting ahead and more "In mid-fall, and I'd say you're President Hamid Karzai's half General David Petraeus, the with relevant tangential
casualties, a U.S. military probably going to see an brother, who has been accused new commander of U.S. and information. We try to block
official said on Wednesday. increase in kinetic activity as we of corruption and ties to the NATO Forces in Afghanistan, is comments that use offensive
The campaign to secure the clear these areas." drug trade. expected to address questions language or appear to be spam
Taliban's birthplace of Kandahar Special operations forces have As head of Kandahar's about efforts to counter and review comments frequently
in southern Afghanistan is a been paving the way for provincial council, Ahmad Wali corruption during a media-blitz to ensure they meet our
central objective of President traditional clearing operations, Karzai wields considerable due to begin this weekend on a standards. If you see a comment
Barack Obama's revised war targeting Taliban leaders, their power in the southern Afghan U.S. talk show, the official said. that you believe is irrelevant or
effort and will factor supplies and bomb-making city. Another way of tackling inappropriate, you can flag it to
prominently in a White House factories, the official said. He The U.S. official said the U.S. corruption is a closer look at our editors by using the report
strategy review in December. did not offer a number of how anti-corruption strategy was not contracts given to private abuse links. Views expressed in
But U.S. officials are playing many Taliban have been killed focused on individual security firms. the comments do not represent
down expectations of any quick so far by special forces, but said: "personalities," but instead on "Back to President Karzai, he those of Reuters.
turnaround, despite Obama's "It's important." "some of the levers out there stated he wants to stand those Five Filters featured
July 2011 deadline to start "As we're gearing up with the that have been used by power (firms) down within two years. article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
withdrawing forces from conventional force to do a brokers to exercise influence." We think this is very positive. an Easy Ride in the
Afghanistan, conditions shape, clear, hold, build A key way to do that was You know there's estimates of Independent. Available tools:
permitting. (operations), we've been doing a tightening control on millions of up to 30,000 private security PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Heavy fighting is not expected very high op-tempo special dollars spent on U.S. contracts contractors out there," the Term Extraction.
in Kandahar city itself, where operations missions into these in Afghanistan. official said.
efforts are focused on bolstering areas," the official said. "Gaining visibility on things like "If we can legitimize or
18 News Wire/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Bank repossessions drive up July foreclosures

(Reuters: Top News) properties in July, up 9 percent A measured flow of foreclosure notices, which were down on a other six states with the highest
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:31:08 AM in the month and 6 percent in sales keeps home prices from year-over-year basis for the foreclosure rates were Idaho,
the year. This was a shade falling much more after sixth straight month in July, Michigan, Utah, Illinois,
A foreclosed home is seen in below the peak of 93,777 homes plunging nearly 30 percent, on have been offset by near-record Georgia and Maryland.
B u l l h e a d C i t y , A r i z o n a , in May, the largest since average, in four years, levels of bank repossessions, (Editing by Chizu Nomiyama)
November 4, 2009. RealtyTrac began tracking economists agree. Relatively which increased on a year-over- Aug 12, 2010 8:44am EDT
Credit: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson repossessions in April 2005. tame single-digit price declines year basis for the eighth straight What is receiving scant
By Lynn Adler In 2005, before the housing are now seen, with a flood of month," RealtyTrac CEO James coverage in the media is the
NEW YORK| Thu Aug 12, bust, banks took over just about foreclosure sales at any one time J. Saccacio said in a statement. continuing devistating effect of
2010 10:31am EDT 100,000 houses, according to seen unlikely. More than 97,100 houses got a the alternative market in short
NEW YORK(Reuters) - More the Irvine, California-based One in four home sellers last default notice in July, 1 percent sales. I have seen no statistics on
Americans fell into foreclosure company. month had cut prices at least more than in June but 28 percent this growing phenomenon that is
in July as a sour job market kept Overall foreclosure activity, once to entice buyers, real estate less than July 2009 and 32 probably eroding any hope of a
them from making payments, including notice of default, Website said on percent below the record in housing recovery as much as
and banks took over homes at a s c h e d u l e d a u c t i o n a n d Wednesday. April 2009. joblessness is.
near record pace. repossession, rose 4 percent in "We not only need Lenders worked on their *We welcome comments that
Banks repossessed the second July from June. Actions were unemployment to settle down, existing problem mortgages. advance the story directly or
highest monthly number of taken on 325,229 properties, but we need job creation and Along with repossessions, with relevant tangential
homes ever last month, working with one in every 397 housing consumer confidence lenders set foreclosure auctions information. We try to block
through distressed loans already units getting a foreclosure filing. improving, so that people that for the first time on 135,248 comments that use offensive
on their books rather than "Repossessions coupled with the can buy will get back on market properties in July. That was up 2 language or appear to be spam
sharply stepping up new default fact that we're still looking at 5 and start buying up the percent from June, but down and review comments frequently
n o t i c e s , r e a l e s t a t e d a t a million seriously delinquent inventory of these assets," said from a peak of 158,105 in to ensure they meet our
company RealtyTrac said on loans, many of which would Sharga. March. standards. If you see a comment
Thursday. normally already be in Unemployment held at 9.5 Five states had more than half that you believe is irrelevant or
T h i s r e f l e c t s p r o b l e m foreclosure, really suggests that percent in July but would have of all foreclosure actions in July: inappropriate, you can flag it to
management instead of a fix of what the banks are doing is been higher if discouraged California, Florida, Illinois, our editors by using the report
the root problem, said the managing inventory levels," said people had not left the Michigan and Arizona. Nevada, abuse links. Views expressed in
company, which expects more Sharga. workforce. Ohio, Georgia, Texas and the comments do not represent
than 1 million homes to be The Obama administration on Overall foreclosure activity in Maryland were the other states those of Reuters.
repossessed this year. Friday acknowledged it had July did drop about 10 percent with the 10 highest total Five Filters featured
"What's driving most of the underestimated the number of from a year ago, but that was foreclosure actions last month. article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
f o r e c l o s u r e a c t i v i t y i s homeowners who fell seriously from the second highest level on Nevada, Arizona and Florida an Easy Ride in the
unemployment and other types behind on mortgages even after record, RealtyTrac noted. and California had the highest Independent. Available tools:
of economic displacement," getting government aid. July was still the 17th straight state foreclosure rates. Nevada, PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
RealtyTrac senior vice president On Wednesday the Treasury month of foreclosure actions on hurt by overbuilding and Term Extraction.
R i c k S h a r g a s a i d i n a n Department expanded a program more than 300,000 properties, speculation during the boom,
interview. to help unemployed the company said. had the highest foreclosure rate
B a n k s t o o k o v e r 9 2 , 8 5 8 homeowners avoid foreclosure. "Declines in new default for the 43rd straight month. The
Quoted: Calvin Klein (ELLE Fashion New York Magazine
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 19
continued from page 15

was Hank Paulson, Treasury to shift jobs offshore. And If I means. It reduces the deficit. It true. including the President in office.
Secretary under George W. give to your campaign and get a did not include anything related Again, I can’t stress this No proof no can run….
Bush, who went hat-in-hand to lobbyist, can I get away with not to “death panels”. IT REDUCES enough: do the research! I want Aug 12, 2010 10:53am EDT
Congress to get his blank check. paying taxes, too? THE DEFICIT!!! us to have a real discussion The only way to get the
This quite capably illustrates Aug 12, 2010 9:27am EDT Please, if you’re going to hate about politics before these attention of Congress is to vote
the very point that I made in “And everything has got so Obama, pick a good reason, not elections come up, but too many every incumbent out of office.
about 60 letters to every much worse under Obama and these lies. At least if you do people just don’t know the facts! Every last one of them.
Democratic Congressional (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi your research before coming to Aug 12, 2010 10:27am EDT *We welcome comments that
Representative and Senator I with all the bailouts and a conclusion, we can have a It time we demand TERM advance the story directly or
could stand to mail: the bank ramming that healthcare bill discussion about it and figure LIMITS to get these carrier with relevant tangential
bailout in 2008 was the political down our throats.” out the best solutions for politicians out. Corruption and information. We try to block
opportunity of a lifetime for The “down our throats” line has America. But if you don’t, then favoritism sets in after time comments that use offensive
Democrats, and they completely become such a great cultural we’re never going to get along with laziness.No more 40 language or appear to be spam
butchered it, as they butcher indicator. It was the exact anywhere. year terms this is ridiculous and and review comments frequently
every opportunity. phrase that was repeated Aug 12, 2010 9:41am EDT no more pensions or giving self to ensure they meet our
All they had to do was stand up endlessly on Fox News, as they @HemiHead66 raises. We the people should standards. If you see a comment
in unison and say, “hell no, let tried to sink the reform package How do you respond to these vote and these types of issues. I that you believe is irrelevant or
‘em all fail,” and they would’ve with lies and slander. Now when facts: can’t give myself a raise. I don’t inappropriate, you can flag it to
been heroes. Instead, now they people say it, you know that - Obama has set a withdrawal get no retirement plan for only our editors by using the report
own these bailouts, and the they haven’t actually read the date for troops in Iraq, and is working 2 to 4 years and I only abuse links. Views expressed in
Republicans, as usual, are off bill or researched it’s effects on also planning the start of a get 28% of what I was making the comments do not represent
scot-free for the devastation the economy. They’re just withdrawal in Afghanistan and these people get 100% +. those of Reuters.
they have wreaked on this repeated what they heard from shortly thereafter. Military This has got to stop. Five Filters featured
country. Glenn Beck. spending has dropped 30 billion I don’t think any elected article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
Aug 12, 2010 9:18am EDT Do not forget: The health dollars since Obama took office. official should be in any office an Easy Ride in the
Well, most got it right, both reform bill was not evil. It - Obama has just signed a bill longer than 4 years. Senate Independent. Available tools:
parties aren’t worth spit. When reduces the deficit. It allows you into law which removes many should be cut from 6 to 4 and PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
it comes to these wars and to keep your old plan if you tax incentives for companies that includes the Presidents. 4 Term Extraction.
taking away our rights, Obama’s want to. It will not impose fees that shift jobs overseas. years is enough. No elected
just as bad as Bush. They’re for the uninsured who are too - Obama pushed heavily for and official should be allowed to
going to turn our country into poor to afford them. It prevents won the wall street reform bill, serve with a criminal back
something worse than insurance companies from which punishes many of the ground either, and all that is line
Communist China. And on the denying your coverage due to companies that donated money to become president if disaster
economy, we all know what’s pre-existing conditions. It to his campaign. should strike should have to
going on. Keep giving your reduces the deficit. It was It seems everything you claim prove that they are born with in
corporate masters an incentive passed using entirely legal to hate Obama for isn’t even the 50 States of the USA

Photo Gallery: Amateurs Fling Their Gadgets to Edge of Space

Priya Ganapati (Wired Top Sorry, Readability was unable an Easy Ride in the
Stories) to parse this page for content. Independent. Available tools:
Submitted at 8/12/2010 6:00:00 AM Five Filters featured PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets Term Extraction.
20 Economy/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 16

brought the American economy unemployed Americans who are immigrants (regardless of legal world economy).
to its knees. It just took one finding work. status) in NY are lower than that Parties over guys, just pack up
trillion dollars of deficit And surely you realize that the of born-in-the-USA residents. and quietly move on…….
spending to prevent a depression most Americans who do find One legal Mexican resident who Aug 12, 2010 10:50am EDT
in the United States and it still work have taken a big cut in had lived there for over a decade H-1Bs from India had already
remains to be seen if that vast wages and benefits out of mentioned that $7/hr was low taken over the IT jobs in the US.
amount of money will be desperation. but it was better than nothing. Thanks to the Outsourcing and
enough. A decadent congress If you are actually optimistic Kind of says a lot eh? The Insourcing in the past 15 years!
along with media companies about the “real data” underlying reason why the Asian tigers area Mind-boggling debts, deficit, BUD Sales Are Crushing
like WSJ, Fortune, Bloomberg, this unemployment article, you still alive is that they have learnt wars spendings, high It -- Here's Why
and Business Week have misled should consider changing your how to be very lean when they unemployment and bailouts for Whitney Tilson Loves
the American public into handle to Pollyanna. need to. And being a resident of the banksters the economy Them (BUD, BP,
believing that outsourcing and H Aug 12, 2010 10:18am EDT one of the asian nations, I have won’t get any better as you can
-1Bs will increase our Let’s stop with the constant observed this all too well over see. MSFT)
prosperity. They have fooled the UNEXPECTED news… the last 3 years. Asians will *We welcome comments that Gregory White (Money Game)
masses and have enriched everyone knows our economy is prefer to take 40% wage cuts advance the story directly or Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:54:00 AM
themselves at the expense of the not recovering, everyone knows than lose their job – regardless with relevant tangential
middle class. The economic that the policies Obama is so of level. And no job is too hard/ information. We try to block AB InBev just reported Q2
problems of the United States adamant about are killing our dirty/below them if it means comments that use offensive earnings and the brewer beat
are now structural in nature and country,so please do your outlet having a job…… language or appear to be spam expectations based on Brazilian
may not be fixable due to the a favor and cease trying to pull The US has gotten too fat and and review comments frequently growth and the World Cup.
power and influence of the pro- blindfolds over the eyes of lazy. And as usual, they are to ensure they meet our Profit for the company's last
outsourcing and pro-H-1B Americans….. we aren’t as more often than not looking for standards. If you see a comment quarter grew by 7.3% to $1.15
enablers. The anti-middle class dumb as advertised. someone else to blame – this that you believe is irrelevant or billion.
business elites have placed the True Iron Patriot….. so what year it has been BP. Last year it inappropriate, you can flag it to Hedge fund T2 Partners, home
United States into a position does that mean? Can we all go was Toyota. (Read some our editors by using the report to Whitney Tilson and Glenn
when China and India can feed out and buy that car we have interesting facts from a study abuse links. Views expressed in Tongue, recently put together a
on the U.S economy like been wanting,or maybe take that done by NASA on the black the comments do not represent presentation ( via Market Folly)
vampires and they are sucking vacation that Michelle took? No boxes of the Toyota’s that were those of Reuters. on the current state of the U.S.
the life out of what was at one matter what numbers you look involved in accidents-including Five Filters featured stock market and they were
time a prosperous economy. at the story is the same…. we many which showed no signs of article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets bullish on Anheuser Bush InBev
Aug 12, 2010 10:00am EDT are sinking. Why else would the attempts at braking as opposed an Easy Ride in the (BUD) even before today's
Come on, TrueIronPatriot, Fed be buying our debt? to a few which had…) I cant Independent. Available tools: today's report.
Surely you realize that the Aug 12, 2010 10:41am EDT remember how much the US PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Check out their view of BUD,
number of Americans who each @perfectforce, you have wanted to fine Toyota or did Term Extraction. with bonus BP and Microsoft
month fall out of the summed it up quite well. fine but I am sure it was coverage. Click here to see the
unemployment count because America has spent far too long significantly larger than what presentation >
they have used up their getting fat on the back of others. they fined GS (a US owned & Join the conversation about this
unemployment funds far I read with interest that operated bank that was a key story »
exceeds the number of unemployment rates in player in nearly destroying the
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 21

Analyst to Apple: Time to stop hoarding cash

(CNET longer-term road map for how (see Exhibit 1). Moreover, the
Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:42:04 AM you plan to use your cash company has exercised
balance and why." exemplary fiscal discipline
Apple's operating expenses as a Apple's cash has been earning throughout this growth phase -
fraction of revenue have been interest at an annual rate of 0.76 both in controlling expenses
steadily declining in recent percent--a "value-destroying" (see Exhibit 2) and avoiding
y e a r s . ( C r e d i t : S a n f o r d C . rate compared to alternatives. costly acquisitions; for all of
Bernstein) Instead, Sacconaghi these outcomes its shareholders
Perhaps $46 billion in walking- recommended an immediate $30 are doubtlessly grateful.
around money is too much. billion share repurchase plan However, in our conversations
So argued a notable financial and a 4 percent annual dividend. with shareholders, one common
analyst on Thursday, saying it's Apple didn't immediately source of frustration - which is
time for Apple to do something r e s p o n d t o a r e q u e s t f o r now bordering on exasperation -
with its colossal cash reserve c o m m e n t . has been Apple's burgeoning
that's better for shareholders. In Computing-industry companies cash balance and the company's
an open letter to Apple's board historically have been more unwillingness to return it to
o f d i r e c t o r s , S a n f o r d C . willing to to keep piles of cash shareholders or discuss its
B e r n s t e i n a n a l y s t T o n i on hand, perhaps as something vision for how the company
Sacconaghi urged Apple to of an insurance policy to deal
Apple will generate almost $20 o u r c o n v e r s a t i o n s w i t h plans to use it. Apple's cash
either return some cash to with the breakneck pace of
billion more in cash in fiscal shareholders suggest that they balance is of mythic proportions
shareholders as a dividend or change that can rapidly make
2011; with that, even a $30 have not been fully heard on this - higher than the total market
increase the value of Apple one technology obsolete and cap of all but 49 of the S&P 500
billion share buyback and 4 issue."
stock by repurchasing its own elevate another to critical
percent divident would leave The full text of the letter is as companies (see Exhibit 3), the
shares. importance. Having a lot of cash highest among all US listed
$25 billion to $30 billion on the follows:
"In our conversations with lets companies enter a new companies (see Exhibit 4) and
books by the end of fiscal 2011, Dear Apple Board,
shareholders, one common market rapidly through an
he calculated, "providing ample Over the last five years, Apple growing - FCF has been $14.3B
source of frustration--which is acquisition, for example.
financial flexibility." has done an extraordinary job in over the last 4 quarters and we
now bordering on exasperation-- But $46 billion is enough to to
Buying back $30 billion in ( 1 ) c r e a t i n g b r e a k t h r o u g h expect the company to generate
has been Apple's burgeoning acquire an awful lot--any of 439
stock would reduce shares products such as the iPhone and nearly $20 billion in FY 11. We
cash balance and the company's percent of the companies in the
outstanding by 13 percent, iPad; (2) innovating on its i m p l o r e y o u t o c o n s i d e r
unwillingness to return it to Fortune 500, factoring in a 20
boosting earnings per share existing product line; and (3) r e t u r n i n g c a s h t o y o u r
shareholders or discuss its p e r c e n t a c q u i s i t i o n p r i c e
accordingly, he said. fostering a loyal and growing shareholders, along with a
vision for how the company premium. That flexibility is
Sacconaghi concluded with an c u s t o m e r - b a s e . M o s t longer-term road map for how
plans to use it. Apple's cash n i c e , b u t i t a l s o w o r r i e s
e x h o r t a t i o n t o w a r d b e t t e r importantly for shareholders, you plan to use your cash
balance is of mythic proportions shareholders evaluating Apple,
transparency: "Perhaps most these actions have translated balance and why.
--higher than the total market Sacconaghi said.
importantly, we encourage i n t o e a r n i n g s g r o w i n g a A return of cash to investors
cap of all but 49 of the S&P 500 " A r e t u r n o f c a s h t o
Apple to engage in an ongoing stunning 10-fold, resulting in makes sense for several reasons:
companies, the highest among shareholders would mitigate
d i a l o g u e a n d b e m o r e Apple's shares appreciating • C u r r e n t c a s h l e v e l s a r e
all U.S.-listed companies and investor fear of a potentially
transparent with shareholders 487% over the last five years excessive relative to what Apple
growing," Sacconaghi wrote. l a r g e , v a l u e - d e s t r o y i n g
about cash usage. As board (2nd highest among all S&P 500 requires to run its operations.
"We implore you to consider acquisition and create financial
members, you are legal stewards companies), while total returns We estimate that - at most -
r e t u r n i n g c a s h t o y o u r discipline," he said. ANALYST page 24
of shareholders' interests, and on the broader market were -1%
shareholders, along with a Sacconaghi estimates that
22 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Inside the Mind of an Early Stage Venture Capitalist

Chris Cameron quality of people when (developers, engineers) and a - something he agrees will
(ReadWriteWeb) considering potential few sales, marketing and biz dev happen to a certain extent. I
Submitted at 8/11/2010 8:30:00 PM investments. A team with folks. This dichotomous mentioned the recent trends
experience and leadership will organization is the best way "to around IPOs, and he noted that
Ever wondered what goes on go much further with an okay make headway in the venture public offerings go up and down
inside the brain of a venture business idea than will a team community," says Fates. a lot, so they are not likely back
capitalist? What kinds of with a great idea but neither of What trends are you seeing for good, but more are on the
companies do they look for? these qualities. making it more about business among the companies you invest horizon this year.
What most impresses them And what about the companies execution. When we see that the in? Any mobile, location or "Ging public is a point in your
about entrepreneurs? Where do themselves?"When we see that customers validate the company emerging tech? history and you have to continue
they see the industry heading? the customers validate the we can then think about how "Mobility is a very good sector to do well afterwords," says
Certainly these are all things company we can then think many other people have this and we have a few investments Fates, contrasting to finality of
that any early stage startup or about how many other people problem and how quickly we in that space, but at a higher mergers and acquisitions - a
first time entrepreneur would have this problem and how can scale the company." level there are two major factor that could be influencing
find value in knowing from a quickly we can scale the But what about first timers trends," says Fates. "First is the the drop in IPOs over the last
VC - especially one with several company." without startup experience? explosion of data. There is a several years. "M&A is an
years of experience in a - Matt Fates Fates says one How can they get a chance to sit massive amount of information outcome and people get
particular industry. Today I had thing that he and his firm look at the table with you? that is being gathered and liquidity."
the opportunity to pick the brain for is companies that have "There is no magic formula," digitized these days and it's As for why Ascent chooses to
of Matt Fates, a partner at sought out Ascent based on says Fates. "Knowing the mostly unstructured [...] The focus on early stage
Boston's Ascent Venture research. Don't go blindly industry is important, as are second is the power of the web investments, Fates attributes that
Partners, a firm focusing on fishing for funding - instead, other types of experience, but to transform industries [...] to the success of the VC model
early stage investments. Here's search for the VCs that are most running a successful company is People expect to use the web to at smaller sizes.
what he had to say about these likely to be interested in your not mandatory. First time CEOs do things these days." "With the venture capital model,
questions. idea and most likely to help you sometimes do well, and we've Ascent porfolio companies like it's easier to multiply a modest
Sponsor succeed. Ascent, he says, backed some ourselves. It's ClickFox and HubCast are amount of capital than it is with
What qualities do you look for focuses on B2B enterprise IT more about having deep insight prime examples of these two a larger investment," says Fates,
in entrepreneurs? solutions - so don't come to into an industry. We look for trends. ClickFox provides pointing out the speed at which
"We are always looking for a them if you want to build a real leadership skills, people businesses with customer early stage tech companies can
few things, and they really don't consumer-based social network, who can run a company and experience analytics from not grow. "Investing a small amount
ever change," Fates told for example. convince people to join their just the web, but also from up front allows the company to
ReadWriteWeb. "We look for Additionally, he says that team, and convince customers to automated phone systems. On make reasonable progress -
strong people with experience companies need be actively buy their product." the industry revolution side, they've got to do well but they
and leadership qualities that engaging an audience of users Fates stresses the point that a HubCast has used the power of don't have to hit homeruns all
have either the technological when they come to the table. pair of technical co-founders are the web to disrupt the the time."
knowledge or that something "We do like to see companies much worse off when commercial printing industry. "Having 30 small investments
special that allows them to be a that have been very frugal and approaching a VC than a small IPOs and Early Stage takes just as much time as
leader." have scratched and fought their team with some business- Investing... having a few really bigs ones,"
I hear a lot about how a VC way to building a product and minded entrepreneurs. The There were lots of other great he adds. "When you're in, you're
invests more in the selling it, proving that it works smallest teams he says the firm comments that Fates made in." Discuss
entrepreneurs than the business and solved a pain point," he looks to invest in contain 5 during our discussion. We
idea itself, so it's not surprising says. "By doing this they're people. Basically, teams need to discussed the potential
that Fates jumps right to the taking out the tech risk and have a few technical people consolidation of the VC industry
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Browser War? Top Three Web Browsers Launching New

Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb)
Submitted at 8/12/2010 12:00:04 PM

Your choice in Web browser is

about to get more interesting as
all three of the top browsers on
the market today - Microsoft
Internet Explorer, Firefox and
Google Chrome - prepare and
launch updated beta versions,
each offering compelling, and in
some cases unique, new
Although IE's beta launch is
still weeks away, the company
has detailed its plans for the
improved browser, which
include additions like hardware
acceleration, HTML5 support
and a faster JavaScript engine.
Firefox, meanwhile, has added
multi-touch support for
biggest component to the IE9 even low-end computers like JavaScript benchmarking. Besides allowing users to
Windows 7, among other things.
upgrade, even if IE is playing a netbooks, although high-end Firefox 4, Beta 3 browse the Web via standard
And Chrome's latest has added
bit of catch-up to the other PCs will see more of an impact. Firefox is steadily forging touch gestures, as is possible
form Autofill plus extension and
browsers on the market. That Currently, Safari has some ahead on its path to the public today with tablet and other
autofill synchronization.
said, the HTML5 support will hardware acceleration and release of Firefox 4. The latest mobile touchscreen browsers,
be fully hardware-accelerated, Mozilla has introduced this release, Beta 3, incorporates a Firefox also introduces new
Which browser is right for you
meaning, in basic terms, IE can feature into its nightly builds, number of JavaScript-related "touch events," or on-screen
now? Here are some of the top
tap into the computer's hardware but it remains off by default. speed improvements, but the big actions that can manipulate Web
features arriving in the new
to speed up browser Another feature unique to IE 9 news this go-round is the content itself. These so-called
betas: Internet Explorer 9
performance. The browser will Beta is the "Chakra" JavaScript addition of multi-touch support "MozTouch" events would
The IE 9 Beta is expected out
introduce support for the engine. Microsoft explains that for Windows 7. allow users to actually
next month and with its launch,
HTML5 Canvas element to this engine will be integrated The Windows operating system manipulate objects on a Web
the features the company has
provide hardware accelerated into IE itself, instead of being has multi-touch support built-in, page using multi-touch. This
been touting via its " Platform
canvas, video and audio, outside the browser. This results allowing users to interact with feature allows developers to
Previews," (developer versions
speeding up things like rich in significant performance OS components by touching the create entirely new, interactive
of the IE 9 browser provided for
Internet applications, online improvements over IE's computer screen with their experiences for their websites,
testing purposes) will be baked
games, video and more. predecessor and even help put fingers. Now, Firefox will also explains Mozilla's Felipe
into the final code.
The gains hardware IE 9 more on par with its allow for a similar type of BROWSER page 28
HTML5 support is probably the
acceleration makes can help competitors in terms of interaction.
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Apple requires $10B in cash on perception that the company could potentially lead to quarter free cash flow, leaving the size of buyback vs. share
hand to run its ongoing may spend it on large multiple expansion and/or $4.5+ billion in excess cash for count reduction, based on
operations. Given its negative acquisition(s) that shareholders higher EPS. Given that 20% of corporate needs, acquisitions Apple's current stock price.
cash conversion cycle and believe might be value- Apple's market cap is currently and share repurchases. Even if Given Apple's powerful cash
strong cash flow, it may require destroying longer-term. While invested in cash at low interest Apple's earnings multiple generation, arguably both a
much less, but we do appreciate we acknowledge that Apple has rates, it is harmful to expanded by 50%, a 4% dividend and share repurchase
the fact that the company had been disciplined in this regard, shareholder returns. Return of a dividend would amount to an could be done in parallel. Using
outstanding off-balance sheet with a history of making portion of this cash along with estimated 71% of cash our assumptions of a 4% annual
third-party manufacturing relatively small acquisitions for the articulation of a clear cash- generated in FY 11, leaving $5+ dividend and $30B immediate
commitments and component talent and technology only, this usage policy would likely lead billion in excess cash, above and buyback, Apple would still
purchase commitments of $6.2B investor concern is longer- term to a multiple expansion as beyond your existing cash retain an estimated $25 - $30
at the end of FQ3 10 which its and based on what has shareholders' expectations of balance of $46 billion. We note billion in cash on its balance
cash balance may help historically transpired at other having a claim on the excess that a 4% dividend yield would sheet at the end of FY11,
guarantee/fund; however, even companies. A return of cash and cash becomes more clear. not be unprecedented among providing ample financial
if we assume that Apple does /or a transparent policy around Moreover, if Apple chose to use technology companies; we think flexibility.
need $10B to operate the use of cash would help alleviate some of its cash to buy back Apple should be a leader in Perhaps most importantly, we
company, that still leaves $36B this investor concern and ensure stock it would translate into returning cash to its encourage Apple to engage in an
of excess cash. financial discipline on current higher earnings per share (EPS). shareholders and a 4% dividend ongoing dialogue and be more
• Prevailing returns on cash are and future management teams at Three broad options exist for a yield would rank it among the transparent with shareholders
very low, destroying the company. return of cash: (1) a one time top 10 technology companies about cash usage. As Board
shareholder value. Apple earned • A return of cash to dividend; (2) ongoing dividends, (see Exhibit 5). Exhibit 6 members, you are legal stewards
0.76% interest on its cash shareholders could attract a new and (3) share repurchases. We provides expected cash flow of shareholders' interests, and
reserves vs. an implied expected class of investors. While Apple believe that investors' bias - payout ratios on alternative our conversations with
return of ~11% on the stock - is widely owned today, there are even in the face of changing tax dividend rates. shareholders suggest that they
this large negative spread on investment managers with laws - is for Apple to institute a A $30 billion share repurchase have not been fully heard on this
cash indicates that holding onto mandates that they invest only regular dividend coupled with (65% of your current cash issue.
excess cash is eroding in dividend-paying stocks. buybacks, but we would balance) would lower Apple's Five Filters featured
shareholder value. Moreover, Additionally, some investors are encourage Apple to engage and shares outstanding by 13%, article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
several academic studies point ideologically opposed to poll its investor base and effectively boosting EPS by a an Easy Ride in the
to a high correlation between investing in companies that lack potential shareholders to more similar amount. Apple could Independent. Available tools:
return of cash and long term a clear policy on cash usage. systematically gauge sentiment. consider ongoing repurchases in PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
shareholder returns. Furthermore, several investors The majority view among the open market, or an Term Extraction.
• A return of cash would create have told us that they discount shareholders we have spoken accelerated share repurchase
financial discipline and alleviate Apple's large cash balance when with is that a one-time dividend (ASR), which has been used
investor concerns about a valuing the company given that would be least desirable. recently by other large cap tech
potentially imprudent return of cash is neither Our analysis indicates that a 4% companies, including HP and
acquisition. Apple's burgeoning imminent nor certain. dividend would have consumed IBM (see Exhibit 7). Exhibit 8
cash balance creates the • Dividends or share repurchases about 65% of Apple's trailing 4- provides a sensitivity analysis of

Comics Legend Grant Morrison Talks Superman, Bizarro

Adam Rogers (Wired Top Sorry, Readability was unable article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Stories) to parse this page for content. a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e Term Extraction.
Five Filters featured Independent. Available tools:
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Politics/ 25

Craigslist Under Fire for Kids On "Adult Services"

Adrianne Jeffries craigslist's adult services you'll see ads with pictures of services, and our screeners look
(ReadWriteWeb) section, but craigslist is "not by scantily-clad men and women, for anything that may be
Submitted at 8/12/2010 2:00:29 AM any means" the main venue, said offering a massage or an inconsistent with that
Andrea Austin, a spokesperson ambiguous "good time," often representation.
It's the story that seems to pop for the anti-human trafficking are about minors, or that with a dollar figure per hour. And of course, each user
up every year or so - the organization Polaris Project, violations are not as rampant as Ads that could be for underage provides us with credit card
classified ads site which runs the National Human media reports imply. Policing teens and children are harder to information and a telephone
is again being accused of Trafficking Hotline. user-generated content find, but they're there, usually number that can be tracked back
facilitating crime in its "adult "I'm wary that people are getting Craigslist is not legally liable with code words such as "fresh," to them in the event of unlawful
services" section. But this time, so caught up in craigslist that f o r p o s t s t h a t a d v e r t i s e "new" or "just 18." behavior.
the allegations are even more they're forgetting why they're prostitution or child prostitution Those ads could be getting Pimps can use craigslist - but so
serious. talking about it," Austin said. u n d e r s e c t i o n 2 3 0 o f t h e through because they don't can cops
Last week, craigslist was the "Sex trafficking happens and it Communications Decency Act, explicitly mention sex, Opsahl And that may be the strongest
subject of a primetime CNN happens in the United States. said Kurt Opsahl, a senior staff said. case for keeping craigslist's
story that criticized the site for Craigslist is just one vehicle that attorney with the Electronic "In a law enforcement context, adult services section around - it
"not doing enough" to prevent traffickers use." Frontier Foundation, a digital if you brought that [ad] to a jury brings trafficking above ground.
child sex trafficking, quoting a Craigslist asked users to send rights advocacy group. accusing someone of Police can use the information
youth rights advocate who said an email to the site if they see a That's the same provision that prostitution, the jury would on craigslist to stage stings,
craigslist is the primary venue prohibited listing, such as one makes it possible for sites like probably acquit because that which would do more to combat
for selling minors for sex. The that explicitly or implicitly Yelp and Twitter and features doesn't prove it," he said. sex trafficking than anything
reporter ambushed craigslist advertises a minor for sex. But like Amazon user reviews to Craigslist would have to ban all craigslist could do, Opsahl said.
founder Craig Newmark, who despite the increased attention to exist. Without that protection, posts with "a suggestive photo, "As I understand it, craigslist is
appeared to be unable to answer the issue, craigslist said it has t h e p o t e n t i a l l i a b i l i t y o f measurements and a dollar actually trying really hard to be
her questions about what the site seen "absolutely nothing" in the allowing users to contribute figure, and that seems to be a a good actor here," Opsahl said.
is doing to prevent exploitation way of an increase of crimes content would be too great to tough rule," he said. Over If you suspect human
of underage girls. reported to allow such sites to exist without 750,000 ads have been rejected, trafficking on craigslist, alert
Sponsor An ad from the "casual intensive monitoring, he said. under unwritten standards law enforcement and send an
Craigslist later responded that it encounters" section of craigslist Ads for sex are getting through Newmark said the site has email to
works "tirelessly" to prevent ads in Washington, D.C. Ads in C r a i g s l i s t i s n ' t l e g a l l y rejected over 725,000 adult You can also report suspected
for minors in the adult services "casual encounters" display responsible for any of the services ads, but declined to trafficking to the National
section and works with law l i n k s t o " f l a g " a p o s t a s content uploaded by users. But spell out the guidelines craigslist Human Trafficking Resource
enforcement and non-profits to prohibited, but ads in "adult advertising for illegal services is uses: I can't discuss specific Center by calling 1-888-373-
fight child sex trafficking. services" do not. Thanks against its terms of use and screening criteria without 7888. More information about
But the story continues to ripple to@capnleela for help finding craigslist says it screens all ads helping the bad guys get around human trafficking, of minors
through the media, and CNN ran sketchy ads. and rejects those that are about our protective measures, but I and otherwise in the United
a second segment two days ago. That suggests that either the ads sex. can say that in order to post, States, is here. Discuss
Craigslist a red herring? are so cleverly coded that But check the adult services each user must confirm that she
There are ads for minors in ordinary users can't tell that they section of any major city and or he is advertising only legal
The Old Way
Anthony Julius (The New High Financier: The Lives and (The Penguin Press, 548 pp.,
Republic - All Feed) Time of Siegmund Warburg $35)
By Niall Ferguson
26 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Flying Green: The Possibilities And Challenges Of Electric

Matylda Czarnecka
Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:06:55 AM

Airplanes release greenhouse

emissions into the atmosphere
and require enormous amounts
of fuel to fly. A Boeing 747 can
consume up to five gallons of
fuel per mile. But what if planes
could be powered by electricity?
Though they won’t replace
passenger airliners anytime
soon, small, zero-emission,
electric planes are flying today.
Engineers have been pursing
electric flight for decades. In
1979, the Solar Riser became
the first manned electric aircraft
to fly. It used photovoltaic cells
to charge a battery that powered
an electric motor, but could only
fly five minutes, at which point
it could either glide or land.
Many enhancements have been $89,000. manufacturer, the Italian startup aircraft innovation. Next are heavy and large, but
made since, and several models The E430 seats two people and DigiSky, wants to try hydrogen summer’s competition, the airplanes need to be light to take
of electric planes are showing flies up to 95 miles per hour, or fuel cells next. Green Flight Challenge, will off and stay in the air.
signs of promise. Two of the 60 miles per hour when Here is a video of its record- center around efficiency: the Solar powered airplanes have
most interesting planes to fly cruising. Without passengers the setting flight: minimum bar for entry will be the advantage of being
recently are the E430 and the plane weighs 561 pounds, which Electric planes capture the for aircraft that can surpass the lightweight in comparison to
SkySpark. includes its 184-pound lithium imaginations and ambitions of equivalent fuel-efficiency of 200 battery-powered planes. Earlier
Yuneec International‘s E430 polymer battery that needs three many, including Tesla founder miles per gallon per passenger. this summer, a solar powered
won the Lindbergh Electric to four hours to charge. Elon Musk, who has said he’s The technology is improving, airplane set a new record by
Airplane Prize at the World This video from Yuneec shows interested in building an but that doesn’t mean it’s near flying for 26 straight hours. Its
Electric Aircraft Symposium the plane in action: “electric super sonic plane” in developed enough to green up 12,000 solar cells charged
last month. Yuneec opened a The SkySpark set a record for the future. 747s. One of the main things batteries that took over when the
260,000 square foot factory in electric airplane air speed when NASA is also behind the cause, prohibiting passenger planes sun set. This solar/battery
China and was the first it reached 155 miles per hour helping run Centennial from going electric is battery combination can theoretically
commercially available electric last year. It also runs on lithium Challenges for Aeronautics technology. Batteries with
aircraft, with a price tag of FLYING page 27
polymer batteries, though its competitions to encourage enough juice to power a plane
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 27
Mac 101: Five tips for working with PDF files in continued from page 26

keep a plane in the air for years,

Mac OS X though its size and weight
capacity is still limited by
Sang Tang (The Unofficial click on "File" and then select create a new image based on battery technology.
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) "Print." Then, you'll be this selection. To do this in the Wireless power transmission
Submitted at 8/12/2010 11:00:00 AM presented with a dialog box with PDF, click on the "Select" tool, has also been tested, though far
a "PDF" button on the left. Click select an area, and copy it. Then, less than battery and solar. The
One of the best things about on this button and select "Save in, click on "File," technology sends microwave
Mac OS X is its built-in support as PDF." select "New from clipboard," energy or lasers through the air
for PDF files. Instead of testing Annotate and voila, your selection is in a to an airplane’s receiver. NASA
your sanity while you wait Once you've created your PDF, new document. This document has demonstrated the technology
(sometimes it can seem like you can annotate it. Open up can be saved in a variety of works with small, unmanned
forever) for Adobe Acrobat to your PDF in, click formats, including PDF, JPG, solar craft, but has yet to try it
open a PDF file, you can use on "View," and select "Show and PNG. on larger aircraft. to open them up Annotations Toolbar." After see fit. PDF parsing and rendering are Another concept that could help
quickly. However, built-in PDF doing so, a toolbar will appear Bookmarks core features of Mac OS X and longer flights become more
support allows you to do other on the bottom left of your Let's say that a couple of pages iOS. While providing for native feasible is regenerative soaring,
neat things as well. Here are five document. Alternatively, the within a PDF interest you, and support for PDF files, it also in which a propeller acts as a
of my favorites. toolbar will also be displayed if you want to revisit them later. served as the foundation for the wind turbine to generate energy
Print you select any of the annotate T o d o t h i s , c l i c k o n recently released Web-based when the plane flies through an
At the top of the list is the options under the "Tools" menu. "Bookmarks" in jailbreak for the iPhone. updraft. The Electraflyer C‘s
ability to create a PDF from Annotations include the ability and select "Add Bookmark" (or TUAW Mac 101: Five tips for propeller can be turned into a
almost any document. Whether to create text boxes (useful for use the Cmd+D shortcut). One working with PDF files in Mac wind-powered generator at a flip
it's a Word or Pages document, filling out forms), add notes, or of the neat things about this OS X originally appeared on of a switch to charge its lithium-
a spreadsheet, or a Web page, in highlight and create shapes feature is that, even if your PDF The Unofficial Apple Weblog ion-polymer batteries. The plane
most instances you'll be able to (among other things). isn't open, you can still access (TUAW) on Thu, 12 Aug 2010 weighs 380 pounds and can fly
create PDFs out of them. Many Rearrange your bookmarks. 11:00:00 EST. Please see our about 90 minutes, reaching
Windows users print to a PDF You can also move pages Crop terms for use of feeds. speeds of up to 80 miles per
printer in order to create a PDF around within (like I've made no secret about my Read| Permalink| Email this| hour. Once drained, the batteries
file, and in a similar manner, rearranging the songs in an fondness of's image Comments require a six-hour charge.
creating PDFs on Mac OS X iTunes playlist). Simply choose editing ability, and this extends It’ll be a long time before your
involves selecting the print "Contact sheet" or "Thumbnail" to PDFs as well. One neat image next commercial business flight
option from the app that you're view from the sidebar, and then editing feature for PDFs is the is green, but those considering a
working in. Within the app, drag and drop your pages as you ability to select an area and pilot’s license have a few
greener birds to choose from.

Street Chic: New York CrunchBase Information Elon

Musk NASA Information (ELLE Fashion beach-ready while still stomping mail us your photo and you p r o v i d e d b y C r u n c h B a s e
Blogs) the city streets? could appear in's
Submitted at 8/12/2010 6:00:00 AM Wear: Michael Stars top, James Street Chic Daily.
Perse skirt, Vince sweater, Follow ELLE on Twitter.
Who: Briana Rasinski Catstudio bag, J. Crew sandals Become our Facebook fan!
What: Who says you can't look Photo: Courtney D'Alesio Think you are Street Chic? E-
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continued from page 23

Gomez via blog post. performance. these three betas may not
China Mobile, Xinhua
The APIs developed for this
only work in Firefox and only
The most notable
improvements in the Chrome
necessarily point to increased
competition between the launch search venture
on the Windows platform for Beta, however, are the addition organizations (aka "war"), but is (CNET orchestrated by Google as a way
now, but Gomez says the of Autofill for forms and simply an unplanned Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:21:04 AM to skirt China's censorship laws,
organization will introduce them upgrades to the synchronization concurrence of releases and which have been a thorn in the
to W3C to discuss feature. Chrome will now save updates. Google may soon have even side of the search giant since it
standardization. up form data over time (name, Or not. After all, he who has m o r e c o m p e t i t i o n f o r t h e set up shop in the country in
Chrome 6 Beta address, phone, credit card the most users wins, right? attention of Chinese citizens 2006.
Not to be outdone, Google also number, etc.) and then offer it to Each browser maker has its doing Web searches. Beyond any threat the new
pushed out new code on its Beta you when you're filling out long own unique vision for what China's state-run Xinhua News search engine may pose, Google
Channel, introducing a number forms on the Web. Credit card features are important for the Agency announced Thursday has also been shedding users to
of new features to its Chrome information is never saved future of the Web beyond the that it has signed an agreement local competitor Baidu, which
browser. The most obvious of unless you ask, notes Google. obvious (support for standards with local carrier China Mobile enjoys a much larger and
the changes is a user interface Also new is an improved and continual speed to set up a new search engine growing share of the market. In
overhaul which has streamlined synchronization platform. Now, improvements), that is. In this company. the first quarter, Google's search
the top toolbar. The stop/refresh in addition to syncing beta lineup, Chrome is focused Though few details were engine share in China dropped
button has been relocated to the bookmarks, preferences and on synchronization and provided, Xinhua said that work to 24.2 percent from 30.9
left-side of the Omnibox (the themes, users can opt to sync simplicity, Mozilla on multi- on the new search venture has percent, while Baidu's climbed
combined search/address box) this Autofill data (without credit touch and developer APIs and r e a c h e d a " s u b s t a n t i v e to 70 percent from 64 percent,
and the two settings menus have card info) and their extensions IE on hardware acceleration for operation" stage, according to according to Chinese research
been merged into one. between copies of the browser canvas, audio and video. Which the Associated Press. Xinhua firm Analysys International
Javascript improvements to the on separate machines. of these do you think holds the also didn't specify whether the cited by the AP.
V8 engine make the beta 15% Is This War? most promise for end users and/ search site would be directed In the mobile search arena,
faster than the stable build on Let's not get hyperbolic here, or Web developers? Discuss toward the Internet in general or Google also trails with a 12.3
SunSpider benchmarks, says though. Web browsers are in a toward the mobile market, percent share, compared with
Google, and 64% faster on constant state of improvement, which could tie in with China Baidu's 34.3 percent and another
Mozilla's Dromaeo DOM core given the ever-changing nature Mobile's involvement. competitor with 16.9
benchmark, both common tests of the Web and technology, Though it will likely take time percent, according to the AP.
for determining browser itself. The coinciding nature of to ramp up, the new Xinhua Five Filters featured
search engine could pose some article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
Cloud Notes Saves Notes to Google competition to Google, which a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e
has lost users in China since Independent. Available tools:
shipping its search site off the PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Docs Right from the Windows mainland and onto Hong Kong Term Extraction.
earlier this year. The move was

Sidebar [Downloads]
Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker) Google Docs-powered scratch
Submitted at 8/12/2010 6:30:00 AM pad right at your fingertips.
More »
Windows 7: Cloud Notes is a handy sidebar gadget that puts a
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ Food/ 29

Camera+ pulled from App Store for 'volume 10 Tips for

button as camera shutter' workaround Your First
Chris Rawson (The Unofficial
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
least in principle -- if Apple's
not going to let a flashlight app
Day of Work
secretly enable internet tethering (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
Submitted at 8/12/2010 3:00:00 AM
or allow apps with blatant Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:00:00 AM
From the "It Was Only a Matter malware on the App Store, then
of Time Department" comes it shouldn't come as a surprise As of June 2010, there were
news that Camera+, the top- that "hidden" functionality, 14.6 million unemployed adults
rated photography app from however innocuous, will get in America, representing some
developer tap tap tap, has been your app banished. 9.5 percent of the work force
pulled from the App Store, most Hopefully this ban is only [source: BLS]. In this ultra-tight
likely for violating Apple's temporary until Camera+ gets employment market, you're darn
developer agreement. Apple updated without the lucky to get your resume read,
previously rejected an update to "workaround" in place -- or, let alone land a job. But if by
the Camera+ app which would better still, Apple could some miracle you get your foot
have allowed users to use one of recognize that many users have in the door, try not to
the iPhone's volume buttons as a triple-digit IQs and stop citing immediately put it in your
mechanical shutter button while "user confusion" as an excuse mouth.
using Camera+. This is a for denying useful functionality. The first day at a new job is
feature many iPhone Either way, I hope Camera+ critical for making the right
photographers have wished for - comes back eventually. impression. After all, no office
- tapping the screen to take a TUAW Camera+ pulled from needs another toxic co-worker:
picture is far less stable than App Store for 'volume button as the know-it-all, the gossip
pressing a physical button -- but "hidden features" or "easter a trojan posing as a media camera shutter' workaround hound, the death breath guy and
Apple cited "user confusion" in eggs" like this have been player app which then sends originally appeared on The the "hey, look at my underwear"
rejecting the Camera+ update banished from the App Store unauthorized SMS messages to Unofficial Apple Weblog lady. Instead, you want to ooze
which included the feature. before, like a flashlight app that premium-rate numbers. While (TUAW) on Thu, 12 Aug 2010 dependability, preparedness,
tap tap tap posted (and later allowed users to stealthily Apple's "user confusion" excuse 03:00:00 EST. Please see our politeness, good grooming and
deleted) instructions on Twitter enable internet tethering. for not letting Camera+ use the terms for use of feeds. above all, normality.
that allowed users to enable the Apple's well within its rights to volume buttons as a shutter Read| Permalink| Email this| Here are our top 10 tips for a
" volume button as shutter" react in this manner when doesn't necessarily fly (how Comments successful first day on a new
functionality via a back door developers put "hidden" features often are you going to mess with job, starting with something you
workaround. This is most likely in their apps. On the other side the iPhone's volume while should try to do away from your
what got Camera+ kicked off of the mobile pond, Android taking a picture?), tap tap tap's desk: sleep.
the App Store; other apps with users are currently getting hit by "workaround" was out of line, at Five Filters featured
article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
Online Features - September 2010 an Easy Ride in the
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) Independent. Available tools:
F i v e F i l t e r s f e a t u r e d PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets Term Extraction.
Sorry, Readability was unable Term Extraction.
an Easy Ride in the
to parse this page for content. Independent. Available tools:
30 Technology/ Food/ E-reader News Edition

Ford microgrid to combine solar with How to publish an

EV charging Apple iBook
(CNET Mike Schramm (The Unofficial
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:13:01 AM
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:00:00 AM
What is now a Ford SUV
factory will become a solar- We've covered the issue
powered facility turning out fuel tangentially before, but in case
-efficient cars. our guides on EPUB and the
Ford Motor on Thursday process itself haven't been
announced a plan with utility enough to inspire you would-be
Detroit Edison to install a 500- authors to self-publish your
kilowatt solar array and battery book in iBooks, Greg Mills has
energy storage from Xtreme a step-by-step guide just for
Power at Ford's Michigan you. Of course, the hardest part application process, but even
Assembly plant in Wayne, may be actually writing the that's just standard bureaucracy.
Michigan. book, but once you've gotten It's pretty amazing that with just
A Ford factory microgrid will that out of the way, you're just a a standard Mac, a little patience,
combine on-site solar generation format check, a registration, and and the right information,
with a battery which will be home uses about 11 megawatt- can later test using vehicle an upload away from becoming almost anybody can publish on
used to charge electric vehicles. hours per year. batteries for grid storage once an e-published author. Apple's iBooks store. If you go
Click to enlarge.(Credit: Ford) By using solar power and the batteries are beyond their It's really not complicated, and through the whole process and
The set-up is meant to make charging the batteries at off- useful life for cars. while there are a few hoops to get a title published, send us a
Ford's operations cleaner and peak times for later use, Ford The project is partially paid by jump through (you need to make tip, and let us know how it went.
serve as a smart-grid test case. expects it will save $160,000 a Detroit Edision's solar program, sure that your files match up TUAW How to publish an
Installation for the system, year in energy costs. in which either customer or exactly to the store's format, and Apple iBook originally appeared
which will cost $5.8 million, is The system will include 10 utility-owned solar arrays are then, of course, you need to let on The Unofficial Apple
scheduled to start later this year, e l e c t r i c v e h i c l e c h a r g i n g installed and connected to the Apple know that you're legit and Weblog (TUAW) on Thu, 12
the companies involved said. stations, which will charge grid. Adding on-site storage will responsible), Mills' steps make Aug 2010 09:00:00 EST. Please
The electricity generated by the electric trucks that transport allow Ford and the utility to see the process almost completely see our terms for use of feeds.
solar panels will feed into the parts between facilities. The whether a microgrid can save transparent. The toughest part Read| Permalink| Email this|
grid to offset a portion of the charging stations will also be Ford money managing its (besides the technical tweaking Comments
power used at the plant. The used to test charging of Ford energy use to take advantage of and forms to fill out) might be
panels will also charge the 750- plug-in passenger cars coming off-peak rates. going through the ISBN
kilowatt energy storage system, in the next two years: its 2011 Five Filters featured
which is able to store two battery-electric Ford Focus and article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets Season's Best: Watermelon
megawatt-hours of energy. The a plug-in hybrid due in 2012. an Easy Ride in the
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) an Easy Ride in the
Ford panels will be much larger In addition to batteries, Xtreme Independent. Available tools:
power will supply a power- PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Independent. Available tools:
than a household rooftop solar Sorry, Readability was unable PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
array, which can have a capacity management system for the Term Extraction.
to parse this page for content. Term Extraction.
of anywhere from two to 10 storage and charging stations.
Five Filters featured
kilowatts. The average U.S. Ford envisions that the facility
article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 31

Gartner: Smartphone Sales Up 50%, Purdue's 'self-calibrating'

Android Takes Overtakes Apple MEMS could produce the
Worldwide most accurate sensors yet
Darren Murph (Engadget)
Mike Melanson with more than 10 million units.
(ReadWriteWeb) Carolina Milanesi, research Submitted at 8/12/2010 11:02:00 AM

Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:20:07 AM vice president at Gartner,

Micro electromechanical
explains that a number of factors
systems, or MEMS, aren't
In a report examining quarterly account for Android's explosive
anything new. But Purdue
mobile device sales, research growth over the past year.
University's Jason Vaughn
firm Gartner found that sales of "A non-exclusive strategy that
Clark has ideas that are far
mobile devices have increased produces products selling across
grander than those we've seen
by nearly 14% since the same many communication service
already. Mr. Clark has the gurus working on this stuff
period in 2009, with smartphone providers (CSPs), andthe
purportedly developed a new long to improve the accuracy of
sales accounting for 19% of backing of so many device
take on an old spin, with electro atomic force microscopes and to
worldwide devices sales. manufacturers, which are
and passed Research In Motion's micro metrology (EMM) eventually create a diminutive
According to the report, certain bringing more attractive devices
operating system to take the enabling engineers to "account AFM-on-a-chip, which --
factors such as components to market at several different
number one spot in the U.S. for process variations by according to Clark -- could
shortages restricted smartphone price points, were among the
Gartner's numbers confirm determining the precise "open the door to the nanoworld
sales, but overall sales increased factors that yielded its growth
reports from earlier this month, movement and force that's being to a much larger number of
by 50%, with Android making this quarter," said Milanesi.
when we reported that applied to, or sensed by, a groups or individuals." We're
the biggest gains among The report also explains that "a
shipments of Android phones MEMS device." These self- waiting.
smartphone platforms. wider global rollout of iPhone 4
has increased by nearly 900% to calibrating machines are the first Purdue's 'self-calibrating'
Sponsor will sustain Apple's sales
become the largest smartphone to do so without any external MEMS could produce the most
61.6 million smartphones were momentum throughout the
platform in the country. Indeed, references, which would allow accurate sensors yet originally
sold in the second quarter of second half of 2010" and that
just a year ago Android nanotechnologists, crime appeared on Engadget on Thu,
2010, as compared to just over "Apple's sales would have been
accounted for under 2% of the forensics researchers and a 12 Aug 2010 11:02:00 EDT.
40 million in 2009, with the higher if it had not had to face
smartphone market worldwide, whole host of others to Please see our terms for use of
biggest change coming in tight inventory management".
with just 755,000 units. Today, determine what actually happens feeds. Permalink| Purdue| Email
operating systems. Android Discuss
Gartner says that Android at a microscopic level. In theory, this| Comments
overtook Apple's iOS for the
number three spot worldwide accounts for 17% of the market

Your Pre-Eat, Pray, Love Screening Checklist (ELLE Fashion tomorrow) in Chelsea. Before one spaghetti and wine filled know what you're getting into.
Blogs) you see the movie you should: montage, and if you're hungry 4. Start saving for a ticket to
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:44:08 AM 1. Not necessarily read the it'll be miserable. (On the same India ( because you're not
book. You could even watch it note, don't go grocery shopping welcome in Bali).
Last night, ELLE hosted an without sound, and it'd be post-film.)
advanced screening of Eat, Pray, breathtaking. Gilbert's trip through Italy is just 3. Read this(especially if you
Love(the movie's released 2. Eat. Like a lot. Elizabeth haven't read the book), so you
32 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

TUAW's Daily App:

HTC hits top 10, Android surges Solipskier
Mike Schramm (The Unofficial gates, tunnels, and jumps that
(CNET 2010. The research firm Gartner/highlight added by Apple Weblog (TUAW)) get placed in your path.
Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:34:52 AM attributes this to the popularity CNET Asia) Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:00:00 AM There's a really great pick-up-
of the Android platform and However, HTC still has quite a and-play vibe to the title, and it's
Taiwan-based manufacturer HTC's aggressive branding bit of catching up to do as Solipskier is kind of a mix of fun enough to keep you coming
HTC has been growing its strategy. Apple, which took the next the growing line drawing genre back again and again. If you
market share steadily for some HTC took the eighth position higher spot at No. 7, sold a lot and the classic Line Rider game. don't believe me, give it a shot
time now, thanks to strong for mobile devices sold in the more iPhones--about 8.7 million A little headphone wearing skier online right now for free. If you
c o n s u m e r i n t e r e s t i n second quarter of 2010.(Credit: during the same period. (at least he wears headphones as enjoy it enough to spend the
smartphones, something the Gartner/highlight added by The usual suspects took the top long as he can keep them on) money, you can grab a universal
company specializes in. CNET Asia) spots with Nokia at No. 1, travels along a snow ridge that version on the App Store for just
Today, Gartner released its This point is further backed up commanding 34.2 percent of you actually draw with your US $2.99.
numbers for worldwide mobile by numbers showing Google's total sales. Korean giants finger as you play the game; he TUAW TUAW's Daily App:
device sales for the second mobile platform overtaking Samsung and LG took the No. 2 speeds up or slows down based Solipskier originally appeared
quarter of 2010 and, for the first Apple's iOS to take third and No. 3 positions, on the slope that you trace out o n T h e U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e
time, HTC has made it into the p o s i t i o n f o r s m a r t p h o n e respectively. with your finger. The gameplay Weblog (TUAW) on Thu, 12
top 10. operating systems. An earlier (Source: Crave Asia) is simple to pick up, but it turns Aug 2010 08:00:00 EST. Please
Selling about 5.9 million units, report quoting research firm Five Filters featured out to be pretty deep. You can see our terms for use of feeds.
HTC came in at No. 8 on Nielsen's findings corroborates article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets draw quick ramps to make him Read| Permalink| Email this|
Gartner's chart. This is more this rise in Android's market an Easy Ride in the jump, or you can draw sliding Comments
than double its second-quarter share. Independent. Available tools: slopes that really send the guy
2009 figures and gives the Android overtook iOS to land PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, moving along through all of the
company a market share of 1.8 in third position for smartphone Term Extraction.
percent for the second quarter of operating systems.(Credit:
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 33

Craigslist Starts To Roll Out…Gasp…A Slightly New Design

Michael Arrington claustrophobic,” said Matt close to your current site. In the
(TechCrunch) Willey of Studio8 Design in that old design, you had to click on
Submitted at 8/12/2010 3:39:48 AM Wired article, who your state or country and then
recommended pull down menus select the other area. This saves
They say nothing is certain and lots of images. But a lot of hunting and clicking.
except death and taxes. And, Craigslist had trudged along, That right side bar also uses a
maybe, you could be certain that racking up 50 million unique little JavaScript to let you toggle
no matter how many design fads visitors a month and 13.4 billion to see other cities, countries or
come and go on the Internet, page views (Comscore, July worldwide instead of just the
Craigslist would pretty much 2010). Not bad for a site that has sites closest to you.
look the same as Craigslist has looked almost exactly the same Never say never, I guess. And
always looked. Designer types for over a decade. with the Singularity coming,
get downright pissy that the But parts of Craigslist are now perhaps the only thing we’ll
site’s design has stayed static. sporting a somewhat updated that’s a little different. m a i n s e c t i o n h e a d e r s soon be able to say is certain are
A n d m a k e o v e r design. It hasn’t rolled out on all There are a number of small (community, personals, etc…). all those taxes.
recommendations abound– of the geographic sub-sites, changes, like removal of the But the most useful change is CrunchBase Information
Wired even dedicated several particularly bigger cities. But boxes around the left navigation the right sidebar, which now Craigslist Information provided
print pages to the idea last year. many of the smaller city sites bar items, and slightly bigger defaults to show other cities by CrunchBase
“ Craigslist is frustrating and are now showing something

Time Warner Cable developing iOS app, laptime viewing may

never be the same (video)
Tim Stevens (Engadget) change their DVR's recording the same (video)
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:19:00 AM schedule from afar, plus use Time Warner Cable developing
intuitive searches to find new iOS app, laptime viewing may
Looks like TWC is the latest content. That's promising, never be the same (video)
victim of tablet fever. Not because whenever we search originally appeared on Engadget
wanting to get left behind as through TWC's current on Thu, 12 Aug 2010 09:19:00
Comcast flaunts its iPad app for Scientific Atlanta DVR interface EDT. Please see our terms for
remote scheduling, Time we wind up spiking our remote use of feeds. Permalink
Warner Cable is showing off its control in frustration, and that's NewTeeVee| YouTube| Email
own, slated to hit the iPad and getting expensive. Even more this| Comments
the iPhone at some point in the promising is the plan to pump a bunch of TWC executives awake through all four, you win
future. (It's called "prototyping TV Everywhere to iOS and, lounging in a corner office while a prize!
work" at this point.) The app down the road, to provide an discussing the app? Check the Continue reading Time Warner
would allow a subscriber to API for other devs to write their video after the break. It's part Cable developing iOS app,
view current TV listings and own apps against. Care to watch one of a series and, if you stay laptime viewing may never be
34 Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Mischa Lights
Something Up For a Day
of Yacht and Bikini Fun
PopSugar (PopSugar)
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:00:00 AM

Mischa Barton paired her bikini

top with a pair of denim shorts
recently as she let loose on a
yacht in St. Tropez with a few
friends. The actress was spotted
smoking some kind of rolled
cigarette, which looked similar
to the item she was seen lighting
up during a night of clubbing in
LA back in 2008. She enjoyed a
French vacation with pals and
her new boyfriend, Lee Tinklin,
ATI CrossFireX versus NVIDIA SLI: who goes by the name DJ Ali
Love professionally. Their
romance is apparently a spicy
performance scaling showdown one, as they spent an afternoon
last week in London stocking up
Vlad Savov (Engadget) configurations, the Tech Report more intriguing, however, was letting this be the status quo for
on lingerie at Coco de Mer.
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:47:00 AM guys set out to determine the the discovery that its elder too much longer.
best bang for your DirectX 11 siblings, the GTX 470 and 480, ATI CrossFireX versus
We know who the daddy is buck. Their conclusion won't have improved in performance NVIDIA SLI: performance To see more Mischa, just read
when it comes to single-card shock those of you who've been to the point of being markedly scaling showdown originally more..
graphics performance, and following the recent love affair ahead of ATI's Radeon HD appeared on Engadget on Thu, View 10 Photos ›
we've even witnessed NVIDIA between reviewers and 5870, with the blame for this 12 Aug 2010 09:47:00 EDT.
and ATI duking it out with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 460: a shift being put squarely on the Please see our terms for use of
multiple cards before, but this pair of these eminently shoulders of NVIDIA's driver feeds. Permalink| Tech Report|
here roundup is what you might affordable cards regularly update team. Hurry up and give Email this| Comments
call comprehensive. Comparing outpaced the best single-GPU the source a read while it's still
a mind-boggling 23 different solutions out there. Slightly fresh, we can't imagine ATI
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Policy/ 35

Europe Jumps Off the

Keynesian Bus
(AEI.Org: Articles) government spending to bring
Submitted at 8/11/2010 6:00:00 PM down the budget deficit.
Following the recent
President Obama is the victim announcement of a credible,
o f b a d a d v i c e a n d long-term German program to
m i s i n f o r m a t i o n . F r o m h i s reduce future deficits, the euro
advisers, the Democratic caucus appreciated strongly against the
and the New York Times, he dollar. Forecasters expect a
hears that markets have failed surge in second-quarter growth
and the country needs more when it is reported later this
government spending to m o n t h . A r e b o u n d i n
increase consumer spending. He construction and investment in
is told that any plan to reduce machinery and equipment shows
government spending and the renewed optimism. . . .
deficit will bring on another This article is available in full
recession and even a new Great by subscription from the Wall
Depression. And he repeats the Street Journal. The full text will
foolish claim that, since the rich b e p o s t e d t o A E I . o r g o n
s p e n d a m u c h s m a l l e r Monday, August 16.
proportion of their incomes, it is Allan H. Meltzer is a visiting
Search What’s Trending On good for the country to raise scholar at AEI.
their tax rates. Photo Credit: White House
Nonsense. After Britain's new Photo by Pete Souza
Facebook With Booshaka government announced a Five Filters featured
multiyear program to reduce article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
Leena Rao (TechCrunch) as music, sports and politics. For Facebook’s own search portal government spending, the pound a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:35:37 AM the topics, Booshaks indexes Of course there are other search rose against the dollar and the Independent. Available tools:
popular Facebook pages, portals that index Facebook economy continues to expand PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Facebook offers a simple search semantically organizes them, content, such as OneRiot and across the board. Term Extraction.
portal that allows you to search and then ranks their posts OpenFacebookSearch. While we In the euro area, Germany has
a keyword for public mentions according to its proprietary don’t expect Booshaka to reduced the growth of
on the network. Booshaka is PostRank algorithm. PostRank replace Facebook’s search portal
taking Facebook search and is based the popularity, buzz and any time soon, it does provide
adding a few bells and whistles recency of a post; the number of another layer and additional
to allow users to segment search likes and comments of a post; context for search results that
by topic and provide trending and the recency of a post. Of could be useful. CrunchBase
topics around what people on course, you can also do a regular Information Booshaka
Facebook are talking about. search on Booshaka, which Information provided by
So on Booshaka, you can returns the same results as a CrunchBase
segment search by topics, such search under ‘everyone’ on
36 Technology/ Culture/ Policy/ E-reader News Edition

Sexy Undo Close Tab

Brings Back Your
Closed Chrome Content
Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:05:00 AM

Chrome only: Need to get back

to a tab that you closed down a
while back, with its contents
intact? You could hit
Ctrl+Shift+T until your fingers
get sore, or open Sexy Undo
Close Tab and search or click
for your tab. More »

COIN Proposes,
Palm creating palmtop computer with detachable, Weather Disposes:
Pakistan's Floods and
dockable cellphone? Opportunistic Extremists
(AEI.Org: Articles)
Tim Stevens (Engadget) relationship between the two size and weight" of the palmtop Palm creating palmtop
Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:54:00 AM would be rather more formal. In -- in other words, the "phone" computer with detachable, Submitted at 8/11/2010 6:00:00 PM

a patent filed in April and just bit isn't particularly large, dockable cellphone? originally
Hold on to your Foleos, folks, dug up by Unwired View, Palm making it more comfortable to appeared on Engadget on Thu, Yesterday, a spokesman for the
because it looks like Palm still describes a "compact removable hold up to your face in a 12 Aug 2010 08:54:00 EDT. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan
hasn't given up on the idea of a v o i c e h a n d s e t " a n d a n conversation than your Streaks Please see our terms for use of (TTP), the main insurgent group
little laptop that pairs with a "integrated palmtop computer." and the like. Is there actually feeds. Permalink Unwired View| fighting the Pakistani state,
p h o n e f o r w i r e l e s s The two can communicate any hardware behind this USPTO| Email this| Comments called on the Pakistani
communications. However, w i r e l e s s l y , b u t m o r e application or is this just Palm government to reject all
where that former ( failed) i n t e r e s t i n g l y t h e y c a n b e daydreaming about a Foleo 2? American aid intended for
experiment called for entirely coupled such that "there is We'll all just have to wait and victims of Pakistan's floods and
disparate hardware, here the minimal increase to the overall find out. COIN page 37
E-reader News Edition Economy/ 37
continued from page 36

offered to have the TTP are remote or cut off due to large Pakistani military
distribute aid instead: flooding and landslides. offensive against the Taliban in
The government should not The TTP statement is a political 2009, was seeing considerable
accept American aid and if it ploy to capitalize on the progress towards reconstruction
happens, we can give 20 million publicity the relief effort is and normalization. The floods
dollars to them as aid for the receiving, and the offer to have nearly completely undone
flood victims. . . . We will distribute aid will not that progress, and the hardships
ourselves distribute relief under materialize. But the TTP is not they will cause may provide the
leadership of our chief the first or the only terrorist Taliban with a window of
Hakimullah Mehsud among the group attempting to benefit from opportunity to reinfect the
people if the government the disaster. region.
assures us that none of our Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), a The scale of the human tragedy
members will be arrested. . . . Pakistani charity organization and physical destruction is vast
We condemn American and widely believed to be a front for and the effects are likely to be
other foreign aid and believe Lashkar-e-Taiba, the terrorist long-term. Unfortunately,
that it will lead to subjugation. group responsible for the 2008 Mother Nature has now given
Our jihad against America will Mumbai attacks in India, has new lease to the twin forces of
continue. been heavily involved in the extremism and insurgency in a
The flooding in Pakistan is the
worst in living memory.
humanitarian response to the
flooding. JuD has 2,000
country already plagued by
Mark Mobius: All These
Fourteen million people have
been affected and six million are
in dire need of "direct
volunteers working in flooded
areas, has set up thirteen camps
for internally displaced people,
Reza Jan is a research assistant
and Pakistan Team Lead for
AEI's Critical Threats Project.
Double Dip Fears Are
humanitarian assistance" if they
are to survive. So far, only $45
and is providing food, shelter,
and an ambulance service to the
Photo credit: iStockphoto/Klaas
Five Filters featured
Awesome... For The Bulls
million of aid money has flood victims. While Pakistanis article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets Vincent Fernando, CFA continue money supply
(Money Game) increases, and that's good for the
actually been delivered by heap scorn on the government's an Easy Ride in the
international donors, a paltry slow response, groups with Independent. Available tools: Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:08:00 AM global market because it means
sum in comparison to the terrorist ties like JuD are able to PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, there's more money available
responses to other recent fill the governance gap and Term Extraction. Mark Mobius points out that globally," Mobius said on
disasters of similar scale. The extend their grassroots support. bulls should actually be happy CNBC Thursday.
U.S. has so far pledged $55 All of this demonstrates the that there are so many 'double The bigger worry on Mobius'
million in flood relief, provided strain that counterterrorism and dip' fears plaguing markets. mind right now is the rapid rise
over half a million meals, and counterinsurgency efforts in After all, it's a sign that in IPO activity, as that could
tasked six helicopters to help Pakistan are coming under. The sentiment still has a long way to eventually put downward
with rescue efforts in areas that Swat valley, the focal point of a improve. We're far from the pressure on prices.
point of unabashed optimism. "Unless investors finally say
More importantly, it also puts 'look, enough is enough we want
massive pressure on better prices'... I think there's
governments to support going be a downward pressure
economies and asset markets: on prices of new IPOs."
CNBC: Continue reading here >
"They're going to have to print Join the conversation about this
and they're going to have to story »
38 Economy/ E-reader News Edition

Dollar Hits 15-Year Low vs. Yen; Trade Deficit Will Reduce
GDP; BOE Trims Forecast; Greek Economy Sinks 1.5%;
Australia Commercial Real Estate Bust year earlier. Intervention on the stock markets are showing big consumers to lead the world rose the least in 11 months. Still,
(Michael Shedlock) (Mish's Way? fluctuations caused by recovery. Regardless of the European economic confidence
Global Economic Trend Reuters reports Japan officials uncertainty over the U.S. increasing trade deficit, I highly rose to a two- year high in July
step up campaign against yen economic outlook. doubt that is going to happen. and manufacturing growth
Submitted at 8/12/2010 7:29:00 AM rise "The BOJ will closely watch European Industrial Production accelerated.
It's time for an international Japan policymakers fired off a market fluctuations and their Unexpectedly Declines “It’s definitely too soon to
r o u n d u p i n c l u d i n g J a p a n , volley of comments Thursday to impact on the Japanese One of the reasons the Euro has declare the euro-zone
Australia, Europe, England, and curb yen strength and the central economy," he said in a plunged over the past two days manufacturing boom over,” said
the United States. Let's kick bank checked rates with banks statement. is European Industrial Peter Vanden Houte, an
things off with a look at the as officials stepped up efforts to "Whether Japan will intervene Production Unexpectedly economist at ING Groep NV in
Yen. prevent the currency from depends on how much global Declines Brussels.
Japanese officials are busy harming a fragile economic shares and U.S. bond yields will European industrial production Production of durable consumer
yapping away, hoping to talk recovery. fall. But if the dollar falls to unexpectedly declined in June, goods in the euro area fell 0.9
down the Yen, which as hit 15- The yen has risen steadily around 82-83 yen, the chance of led by a drop in durable percent in June from the prior
year highs vs. the US dollar. against the dollar from around intervention will rise," said consumer goods such as month, when they rose 3.2
Bloomberg reports Yen Trades 95 yen in early May to a 15-year Masafumi Yamamoto, chief FX furniture and home appliances. percent, today’s report showed.
Near 1995 High on Speculation high Wednesday of 84.72 yen, strategist at Barclays Capital. Output in the economy of the Output of intermediate goods
Intervention Unlikely The yen prompting currency markets to A euro zone official 16 nations that use the euro such as car engines and steel
traded near its strongest level speculate that authorities might Wednesday had said European dropped 0.1 percent from May, decreased 0.6 percent from
against the dollar since July intervene. authorities would not welcome when it increased 1.1 percent, May, when it gained 0.8
1995 on speculation Japan is Government officials have such a move by Tokyo and that the European Union’s statistics percent. Output of capital goods
unlikely to try and lower the shown increasing alarm in joint intervention by major office in Luxembourg said such as factory machinery
value of its currency. Japan recent weeks at the yen's rise central banks was not on the today. Economists had projected increased 0.2 percent in June,
h a s n ’ t i n t e r v e n e d i n t h e against the dollar. Thursday, cards. Yen Summary a gain of 0.6 percent, the median while energy production rose
currency markets since March both the finance minister and Europe is happy about the rise of 32 forecasts in a Bloomberg 0.3 percent.
16, 2004, when the yen was central bank governor Masaaki of the Yen, but Japan is not. survey showed. From a year While governments are reining
around 109 per dollar. The Bank Shirakawa issued comments Indeed the value of the Yen is earlier, June output gained 8.2 in deficits, investors are growing
of Japan sold 14.8 trillion yen simultaneously. above where it needs to be for percent. more optimistic about the
($173 billion) in the first three Noda declined to comment on Japanese exporters to make a Europe’s economic growth may outlook. European economic
months of 2004, after record intervention, saying instead: profit. Japan is worried that slow as governments reduce confidence rose to the highest in
sales of 20.4 trillion yen in "I'm closely in touch with the European exporters will capture spending to tackle bloated more than two years in July and
2003. prime minister and the chief market share but Europe of budget deficits and the global manufacturing growth
Exporters said they can remain cabinet secretary with regard to course is smiling about such recovery shows signs of losing accelerated. This happy talk in
profitable as long as the yen the series of market moves. We prospects. momentum. Factory orders in Europe is rather amazing, and
trades at 92.90 per dollar or will respond appropriately while Talk is cheap but intervention the U.S., the world’s biggest unwarranted in my opinion.
weaker, according to a Cabinet carefully examining economic does not work so the global economy, fell more than Greek GDP Drops Another
survey released in February. The trends." trade imbalances just simmer, economists forecast in June, DOLLAR page 39
breakeven point was 97.33 a Shirakawa said currency and with everyone expecting US while China’s industrial output
E-reader News Edition 39
continued from page 38

1.5% softening, measures of financial come back. They won't". least 50% of these retailers affecting us, despite what Julia
The BBC reports Greek fragility remain elevated and Please consider The gleaming redundant. Gillard says. It will affect us and
economy shrinks a further 1.5% there is great uncertainty about malls are losing their shine 'Things' ain't coming back. retail profits for a decade." US
The Greek economy shrank by a the outlook for both the U.S. The disparity in Australia's two regards GDP Overstated
further 1.5% in the second and our most important trading -speed economy, between a Brisbane Bear Economists were surprised by
quarter of the year, Greece's partner, the euro area.” resource sector that is in Australia Commercial Real the last downward revisions in
statistics agency has said. That The recovery in the United overdrive and the hard scrabble Estate Bust GDP yet another downward
adds to 0.8% decline in GDP States has run into trouble, of retailing, hit home to Inquiring minds are reading revision is on the way thanks to
recorded for the first three economists say, because a lack financial planner Kate Retail profits under attack for a a rising trade deficit.
months of the year, suggesting of confidence keeps consumers Kimmorley when the Marina decade, warns ex-Macquarie Bloomberg reports Wider Trade
that the decline in the economy and businesses from stepping in Mirage shopping centre slipped banker Gap Signals Weaker U.S.
is speeding up. Greece's GDP where government stimulus into receivership last month. The aftermath of the global Second-Quarter Growth
has fallen 3.5% since this time packages left off. Ms Kimmorley maintains an financial crisis and changes in A swelling trade gap, less
last year. BOE Cuts Economic “At this point policy makers office near the gleaming halls of consumer behaviour could hit stockpiling and weaker
Forecast should have reinstated designer clothes shops and retail profits for a decade. The construction indicate the U.S.
The New York Times reports confidence,” said Karen Ward, boutique restaurants on the warning has come from former economy slowed even more in
Blaming a Slow Recovery, the senior global economist at Southport Spit. She shops there Macquarie Group property the second quarter than the
Bank of England Trims Its HSBC in London, “but the and likes to drop in after work to investment banking head Bill government estimated last
Economic Forecast The Bank of private sector isn’t taking up the one of the bars overlooking the Moss. month, economists said.
England cut its economic baton in a way we’d hoped.” rows of million-dollar Shopping centre owners and Revisions due later this month
growth forecast Wednesday, in Add the bank of England to motorboats and yachts. retail property would be one of may shave last quarter’s 2.4
part blaming the uncertain pace those in the over-optimistic Some of her best customers run the hardest-hit sectors, with real percent annual growth rate by 1
of the recovery in the United camp. And notice that absurd shops in the centre -- and they're estate generally having further percentage point or more,
States and the rest of Europe. comment from HSBC. The feeling the pain that is rippling to fall in value, Mr Moss said. according to Morgan Stanley’s
The central bank in Britain now private sector is still through retailing, belying the "We're heading into a decade, or David Greenlaw and Nomura
forecasts annual growth to peak deleveraging and has a long, stellar performance of mining. a generation, of changing Securities International Inc.’s
at 3 percent, less than the 3.6 long way to go, yet economists "I sometimes wonder how consumer trends." Mr Moss David Resler. The trade deficit
percent it had predicted in May. think consumers are about to they're going to cover the rent said. in the U.S. unexpectedly
It also said inflation would pile on more debt. because they've had this The population was ageing, the widened by $7.9 billion to $49.9
remain above the bank’s 2 There was never a "recovery" fantastic refurbishment but internet was eroding sales in billion in June, Commerce
percent target until the end of in the first place. Economists for there's less people there," Ms shopping centres, the middle Department figures showed
next year, longer than some reason just do not Kimmorley said yesterday. consumer market was today in Washington.
previously predicted, before understand this simple fact. Sam Hue, the self-styled "Wok disappearing, and discretionary A surge in imports means
falling below the target in 2012. They remain Fooled by Man" of the complex, said spending patterns were changing American companies
“There are clearly risks,” Stimulus With Structural takings for his fast-food sharply. contributed less to the rise in
Mervyn King, the Bank of Problems Still Intact. business last month were 30 per With retail sales falling and gross domestic product, the
England governor, said Australian Malls Lose Their cent down on those 12 months more uncertain economic times, value of all goods and services
Wednesday, hinting that the Shine ago. Mr Moss questioned how many produced in the U.S., than
central bank might consider Things are not well down under "This is a great place and the retailers were defaulting on their previously estimated. Earlier
expanding its stimulus package either. My friend "Brisbane people will come back," he said. rent payments. "My guess is reports showing smaller gains in
to support the economy. Bear" comments "Retailer "But they're not here now." shopping centre rents will fall," inventories and less of a
“Business and consumer business models are broken yet Brisbane Bear writes ... The he said.
sentiment have shown signs of most retailers are hoping things adjustment phase will render at "The global recession really is DOLLAR page 41
40 Economy/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Economists Cut Growth Estimates and spending. “Household had any, I missed it. do it that much sooner!
(Michael Shedlock) (Mish's wealth is a lot lower than it was What we had was a government So, yes, if the goal is to put
Global Economic Trend three years ago.” -prescribed course of money in the pockets of people
“The pace of economic recovery amphetamines (to keep it up), who will spend it, as Democrats
Submitted at 8/11/2010 1:11:00 PM is likely to be more modest in antibiotics (to prevent infection) in Congress are wont to say,
Now that it's perfectly obvious the near term than had been and antidepressants (to make it then the $862 billion fiscal
to everyone on the planet that anticipated,” the Federal Open feel better). It endured regular stimulus has been a smashing,
the recovery is not much more Market Committee said in a steroid injections from both but not lasting, success. What Calculate the Perfect
than burnt toast, Economists Cut s t a t e m e n t a f t e r m e e t i n g monetary and fiscal authorities. Now? Handbrake Video
U.S. Growth Forecasts yesterday. Revised Estimates And it still has no real muscle. The key question, as always is
A lack of jobs will shackle Still Too Optimistic Inventory accumulation "What Now?"
Encoding Settings for
consumer spending and restrain Why was everyone so accounted for more than half of Geithner, Obama, and Krugman Your Device [Video
the U.S. recovery more than optimistic in the first place? gross domestic product growth all want more stimulus to keep Conversion]
previously estimated, according There was no real reason for it. in the fourth quarter, three- the recovery going. However, as
Adam Dachis (Lifehacker)
t o e c o n o m i s t s p o l l e d b y The answer of course is Fooled fourths in the first quarter and a Baum explains, you can't keep
Bloomberg News. by Stimulus. little less than half in the second something going, that was never Submitted at 8/12/2010 7:00:00 AM

Gross domestic product will However, the economists still quarter. going in the first place.
expand at an average 2.55 don't get it. Second half GDP is Handbrake is an amazing tool
The Federal Reserve’s near- Mike "Mish" Shedlock
percent annual rate in the last likely to be closer to 0% than for ripping your DVDs and
zero percent interest rates and h t t p : / /
six months of 2010, according 2 . 5 5 % . N e g a t i v e G D P i s converting your video files, but
$2.3 trillion balance sheet, globaleconomicanalysis.blogspo
to the median of 67 estimates in p l a u s i b l e . figuring out the right settings
almost three times its pre-crisis
a survey taken July 31 to Aug. Did the Recovery Stall? can be a challenge. Let our
level, haven’t translated into Click Here To Scroll Thru My
9, down from the 2.8 percent Not really. Caroline Baum Handbrake Video Bitrate
growth in broad money and Recent Post List Mike
pace projected last month. explains in Economy Lost calculator do the work for you.
credit. Banks are holding $1 "Mish" Shedlock is a registered
Household purchases will climb Momentum While I Was Pulling More »
trillion in excess reserves in investment advisor
at a 2.25 percent rate, compared Weeds their accounts at the Fed. representative for SitkaPacific
w i t h a 2 . 6 p e r c e n t g a i n The post-mortems on the July On the fiscal front, the Capital Management. Sitka Tale of Two Headlines:
previously forecast. employment report made me government threw huge sums of Pacific is an asset management Cisco Profit Jumps 79%
“Simply put, job growth in the realize I’d missed the recovery. money at the economy. It paid firm whose goal is strong
private sector hasn’t improved While I was watching my people to buy cars and homes. It performance and low volatility,
vs. Cisco Misses
as we would’ve expected,” said garden grow, the U.S. economy paid them to weatherize their regardless of market direction. Estimates
John Silvia, chief economist at “lost momentum,” according to houses, maybe the same ones V i s i t h t t p : / /
Wells Fargo Securities LLC in every news report I read or the government paid them to (Michael Shedlock) (Mish's
Charlotte, North Carolina. “The h e a r d o v e r t h e w e e k e n d . buy. It paid them to buy account_management.html to Global Economic Trend
consumer continues to Somewhere between the appliances for the houses the learn more about wealth Analysis)
contribute to growth but at a budding of the peonies and the government paid them to buy. management and capital Submitted at 8/11/2010 5:09:00 PM
subpar pace.” blooming of the rudbeckia, And it paid banks to modify preservation strategies of Sitka Reading headlines alone, one
“Unemployment is high, income p r i v a t e - s e c t o r j o b g r o w t h mortgages. Pacific. might wonder if two headlines
growth has been pretty slow,” d o w n s h i f t e d . What did we learn from this from today on Cisco were from
said Michael Feroli, chief U.S. Which brings me to the point: exercise? That, by golly, if the same quarter.
economist at JPMorgan Chase In order to lose momentum, the someone were planning to buy a Bloomberg reports Cisco
& Co. in New York, who U.S. economy has to have home anyway, an $8,000 tax TALE page 41
lowered estimates for growth momentum to begin with. If it credit acts as an inducement to
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 41
continued from page 40 continued from page 39

Misses Estimates on Sluggish corporate spending. Mike "Mish" Shedlock rebound in commercial h t t p : / /
Corporate Spending Revenue jumped 27% to $10.84 h t t p : / / construction than the globaleconomicanalysis.blogspo
Meanwhile, the Wall Street billion. In May, the company globaleconomicanalysis.blogspo government projected will also
Journal reports Cisco Profit projected sales would increase reduce the pace of expansion. Click Here To Scroll Thru My
Jumps 79% 25% to 28% from a year ago. Click Here To Scroll Thru My “The slowdown occurred earlier Recent Post List Mike
Cisco Systems Inc. said fiscal Analysts' latest estimates were Recent Post List Mike than we thought,” said Harm "Mish" Shedlock is a registered
fourth-quarter profit jumped earnings of 42 cents a share on "Mish" Shedlock is a registered Bandholz, chief U.S. economist investment advisor
79% on rebounding revenue, revenue of $10.88 billion, investment advisor at UniCredit Global Research in representative for SitkaPacific
although margins slid for the according to Thomson Reuters. representative for SitkaPacific New York. “We expected the Capital Management. Sitka
second consecutive quarter. Gross margin declined to Capital Management. Sitka recovery to lose momentum Pacific is an asset management
In a call with investors, he said 62.7% from 64%. Pacific is an asset management only in the second half and now firm whose goal is strong
he expects the current quarter's Sales increased 31% for the firm whose goal is strong it occurred in the second performance and low volatility,
sales should rise 18% to 20% company's products segment, performance and low volatility, quarter.” regardless of market direction.
over a year ago as he warned which makes up a bulk of regardless of market direction. Trade probably subtracted 3.25 V i s i t h t t p : / /
that a return to normal economic Cisco's revenue, while service V i s i t h t t p : / / percentage points from growth,
conditions would take longer sales were up 12%. Priced For the most since 1982 and up from account_management.html to
than previously expected. Wall Perfection account_management.html to the 2.78 points the government learn more about wealth
Street forecast a 21% gain in Frequently it's not the news that learn more about wealth estimated last month, Bandholz management and capital
the quarter's revenue. matters, it's the market's management and capital said. preservation strategies of Sitka
Mr. Chambers said that the reaction to it. In this case Cisco preservation strategies of Sitka By Resler’s calculations, the Pacific.
term "unusual uncertainty" was is getting hit pretty hard after Pacific. world’s largest economy
an accurate way to describe the hours. probably grew at a 1.3 percent
current environment, noting that Across the board, stocks are pace from April through June,
customers have exercised "an priced for perfection. And when while Greenlaw’s estimate is
unusual amount of stocks are priced for perfection, down to 1.4 percent. That
conservatism and caution." small slips matter. Expect to see should put a nice international
Cisco's significant reach into the more stock market reactions like flavor to the "Non-Recovery".
guts of many businesses make it this on any miss, even when Mike "Mish" Shedlock
a good proxy for broader profits are up 79%.

Joe Zee Gets A New Show, Gets Tough (ELLE Fashion show for Sundance, All On the opportunity to turn things help. It's a rare chance for the
Blogs) Line, the audience will be around. And if you have to get old guard who's been affected
Submitted at 8/11/2010 4:23:43 PM treated to his "tough love". a kick in the pants from by the recession or younger
Joe, who will also serve as someone, you want it to be Joe, designers struggling to stay
It's not so much about getting Executive Producer of the show, who'll do it with a smile on his afloat in an over saturated
enough Joe Zee, it's about will film eight episodes for the face. market.
seeing every side of ELLE's network, each one featured And since we know what Joe's
Creative Director. On The City around a different designer like on TV, the best part may be
there's the fun, but hardworking having a particularly hard time which will lead up to a meeting anticipating the designers who
boss, on there's the business-wise. He'll mentor w i t h a b u y e r o r a n o t h e r will benefit from the show —
goofball and now, on his new them through their struggle, not just the exposure, but Joe's
42 Economy/ Culture/ Food/ E-reader News Edition

That Was Quick: Hedge Fund Wise Words: Beautiful

Managers Now All Say They're Things Editors
Shorting The Euro Again (Daily Woman's Day Blog)
• Workout Routines

• Style
Courtney Comstock (Money Submitted at 8/12/2010 6:30:00 AM

Game) • Beauty
• Fashion
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:28:00 AM • • Beauty Product Finder
• Mobile WD
A number of hedge fund • Radio WD • Giveaways
managers told the Wall Street • Tips • Blogs
Journal that they responded to • Coupons • Video
Tuesday's announcement of • Subscriptions • Horoscopes
extending the Fed's quantitative
• Games
easing program by shorting the
euro again. • Home
William Allen, who runs • Recipes • Don't Miss This: What’s your
WoodAllen Capital • Healthy Recipes favorite road-trip tip? Join the
Management, told the WSJ: It's • Holiday Recipes conversation on Facebook!
time to short the euro again. • Easy Recipes • Don't Miss This: Learn about
Brian Yelvington, director of Partners started betting against the value of the dollar. • Dessert Recipes all of the fantastic new books
fixed-income strategy at Knight the euro again this month. "This could cause the same • Month of Menus from Woman's Day editors.
Libertas LLC, a Greenwich, Allen also explained how market action we saw earlier in • Don't Miss This: Download
Conn., trading firm said: A rush shorting the euro might be a the year, not because people are • Home WD's free Cooking Assistant
of funds on Monday began response to Tuesday's betting against Europe" but • Home Decorating app for the iPhone™ and iPod
putting on bearish euro announcement, rather than a bet because investors will continue • Home Organization touch™ today!
positions. "These are macro bets against Europe. to warm to long-term U.S. • Don't Miss This: Sign up for a
on the fundamental problems" The move by the Fed suggests Treasury bonds. • Lifestyle free WD newsletter to get all
in Europe. that the price of long-term Join the conversation about this • Crafts our best tips delivered straight to
An investor with the fund told Treasurys will rise along with story » • Family Fun your inbox!
the WSJ: Perella Weinberg • Money Saving Tips
• Pet Care
10 Things to Know About Yogurt • Travel Tips
Five Filters featured
article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) proceed to ferment and Whey • Autos an Easy Ride in the
coagulate into a semisolid, Five Filters featured Independent. Available tools:
1. What those bacteria do producing tangy lactic acid article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets • Health PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Lactobacillus bulgaricus and along the way. Manufacturers an Easy Ride in the • Brain Games Term Extraction.
Streptococcus thermophilus, the can add other probiotics, like Independent. Available tools: • Healthy Diets
two bacteria required by FDA Lactobacillus acidophilus and PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, • Stress Management
standards for yogurt, are added Bifidobacterium, but they're not Term Extraction.
to a warm milk bath, where they required or regulated. Next
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 43

Cutest Pet of the Day: Sissy Desperation Dinners: Editors
(Daily Woman's Day Blog)
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:00:00 AM

Family Fun
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favorite road-trip tip? Join the
Butter Bean and Tuna

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conversation on Facebook!
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• • Travel Tips all of the fantastic new books Editors • Workout Routines
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• Holiday Recipes • Fashion Five Filters featured • Games
• Easy Recipes • Beauty Product Finder article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
• Dessert Recipes an Easy Ride in the • Home
• Month of Menus • Giveaways Independent. Available tools: • Recipes • Don't Miss This: What’s your
• Blogs PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, • Healthy Recipes favorite road-trip tip? Join the
• Home • Video Term Extraction. • Holiday Recipes conversation on Facebook!
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Powers the Others [Air Travel] •

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Submitted at 8/12/2010 6:00:00 AM • Money Saving Tips
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ITA Software's Matrix is the • Travel Tips article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
software that powers Orbitz, • Autos an Easy Ride in the
Kayak, CheapTickets, and lots
Independent. Available tools:
of airlines and travel agents' Matrix itself for the no-nonsense • Health PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
tools. But you can skip all their scoop on flying cheap. More » • Brain Games Term Extraction.
ads and come-ons and search • Healthy Diets
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The Big M: Becoming Ms. Hyde 10 Most Popular Editors
(Daily Woman's Day Blog)
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:00:00 AM

Family Fun
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favorite road-trip tip? Join the
McDonald's Menu Items

Money Saving Tips
Pet Care
conversation on Facebook!
• Don't Miss This: Learn about of All Time
• • Travel Tips all of the fantastic new books (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) knack for understanding its
• Mobile WD • Autos from Woman's Day editors. Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:00:00 AM customers and applying that
• Radio WD • Don't Miss This: Download knowledge to create
• Tips • Health WD's free Cooking Assistant Innovation and fast food don't sandwiches, sides and salads
• Coupons • Brain Games app for the iPhone™ and iPod seem like logical bedfellows. that customers buy (and buy
• Subscriptions • Healthy Diets touch™ today! H o w m u c h b r e a k t h r o u g h again) millions of times a year.
• Stress Management • Don't Miss This: Sign up for a thinking is required to throw Knowing those numbers with
• Workout Routines free WD newsletter to get all together a basic cheeseburger? great certainty is difficult
• Home our best tips delivered straight to Not much. But if a restaurant because McDonald's doesn't
• Recipes • Style your inbox! wants to go beyond the burger r e l e a s e s a l e s f i g u r e s f o r
• Healthy Recipes • Beauty and introduce a food that individual menu items. You can
• Holiday Recipes • Fashion F i v e F i l t e r s f e a t u r e d employees can make easily and make some educated guesses,
• Easy Recipes • Beauty Product Finder article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets that customers crave, innovation however, using available market
• Dessert Recipes a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e is vitally important. research and a little common
• Month of Menus • Giveaways Independent. Available tools: McDonald's is the prime sense. We'll use both of those
• Blogs PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, example. What started in 1955 sources as we count down 10 of
• Home • Video Term Extraction. as a single store with a modest the most popular items ordered
• Home Decorating • Horoscopes menu of burgers, fries and by McDonald's customers all
• Home Organization • Games shakes became the leading over the world.
global foodservice retailer, with The first item on our list -- the
m o r e t h a n 3 1 , 0 0 0 l o c a l McGriddles breakfast sandwich
'Family Guy' Writers Sign Three- restaurants serving 58 million -- certainly must have sounded
people in more than 118 risky when it was first
countries each day [source: conceived. As we're about to
Year Deal With Fox McDonald's]. At the heart of see, it's a gamble that paid off.
this massive growth is one Five Filters featured
Ryan McKee (TV Squad) according to Variety. Wow, they thing: a diverse menu that now article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
Submitted at 8/12/2010 5:15:00 AM have something few writers do - boasts nearly 165 items. While a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e
- job stability. some products won't ever make Independent. Available tools:
Filed under: TV News In this "[20th Century has] always been it into a fast-food hall of fame, PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
economy of fewer and fewer supportive," says Sulkin. "We've others are as American as Term Extraction.
long-term showbiz deals, writers had a home at 20th for a long b a s e b a l l a n d C h e v r o l e t .
Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild time now, longer than most McDonald's has an uncanny
have found nirvana at 20th people work at most places."
Century Fox TV. They've both Guy' from the rerun graveyard, Permalink| Email this| Linking
been there since 2004, when the and now they've signed a three- Blogs| Comments
studio decided to raise'Family year pact with the studio,
E-reader News Edition Culture/ TV/ 45

Velkommen til København, or Welcome to

Copenhagen Fashion Week (ELLE Fashion things off. They're about as
Blogs) quirky as they sound and count
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:26:32 AM Bjork as a fan (she makes sense,
they're other celeb fan, Mary J.
Welcome to sunny Blige, not so much). The pre- Betty White Translates
cold and rainy, Copenhagen Fas show featured a walking
hion Week! At baggage claim, tombstone and break dancing
Text Shorthand on 'Hot
you'll find your official midgets (or were they children? in Cleveland' (VIDEO)
schedule, piles of branded water It wasn't 100% clear from my Aimee Deeken (TV Squad)
(any fashion week staple), seat). The above look's the most
Submitted at 8/12/2010 3:15:00 AM
guidebooks, and maps to help wearable from their collection; a
foreign visitors navigate fashion playful take on the ubiquitous Filed under: TV Replay"Old-
week. Two staffers will answer They'll answer, "Oh, we have mile-long public runway along striped dress, it takes the shape lady texting" on'Hot in
questions like "So have you had about 100,000 people attending Copenhagen's main pedestrian of a draped trashbag-like Cleveland'(Wed., 10PM ET on
a lot of international press/ fashion week related activities," shopping street, so maybe jumpsuit, paired with jeweled TV Land) isn't a reference to
buyers stop by yet?" and "How which you'll doubt. But then they're not exaggerating after platform sandals, naturally. Betty White. Melanie has her
many people registered this again they're closing with "The all. —PHIL OH son Will's phone and is
year?" World's Greatest Catwalk" — a Moonspoon Saloon kicked
pretending to be him, texting
back and forth with his
Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman Hit the girlfriend to get the scoop on
their relationship.

Pool in Their Swimsuits But her cover is nearly blown

when she gets the message:
"Why are you texting like an old
Molly (PopSugar) costar Seth Rogen didn't show she'll join the ranks of stars who
lady?" It's because "you
Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:00:00 AM off his shirtless physique, but he have portrayed Marilyn Monroe.
shouldn't have spelled
has had his share of fun scenes
Michelle Williams and Sarah everything correctly," notes Joy.
with Michelle already.
Silverman wore matching red The next problem comes when
Michelle's taking on physical To see more photos of Michelle
and white swimsuits filming Will's girlfriend sends an
comedy for this project, though and Sarah swimming, just read
Take This Waltz in Toronto offensive message in text
was in serious model mode last more.
yesterday. The two took a dip shorthand, and Melanie has no
weekend when she hosted hot View 10 Photos ›
together in a public pool and idea what it says. It's Elka
Ryan Gosling for a photo shoot
(Betty White) to the rescue.
Sarah got playful, slapping to promote their romance Blue Toronto Film Festival before
Permalink| Email this| Linking
Michelle's behind as she Valentine. Michelle and Ryan s h e m o v e s o n t o h e r n e x t
Blogs| Comments
climbed out of the water. Their will be reunited at next month's projects, including one where
46 Culture/ Politics/ Products/ E-reader News Edition

Ed, Chace, and Singing Tube-A-Dub-Dub

Beckham Brings His (Woot! - One Day, One Deal)

Sexy Back to the Penn Join Their Girls For Submitted at 8/11/2010 3:00:00 PM

Tube Dubber lets you take the

Galaxy Soccer Field Another Day of Gossiping video from one YouTube video
and tack on the audio from
PopSugar (PopSugar)
PopSugar (PopSugar) another. For instance, combine a
Submitted at 8/12/2010 6:00:00 AM
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:45:00 AM
slowed down video of a cat
playing with a box and a little
Blake Lively was in a similar
Giving us a welcome midweek space rock and you get
outfit yesterday afternoon to
manjoyment treat, David something pretty epic, albeit
continue shooting Gossip Girl in
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Kucinich to Gibbs: You've Read the Liberals Wrong

(Newsmax - Inside Cover) the White House doesn't Gibbs had said liberals were too employment economy." Asked rewritten or redistributed.
Submitted at 8/12/2010 2:38:22 AM understand deep public hard to please and that they if he would challenge Obama Five Filters featured
frustration over the troubled wouldn't be content even with for the party's nomination in article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
Thursday, 12 Aug 2010 07:38 economy. Kucinich, a renowned 2012, Kucinich, who ran in an Easy Ride in the
AM Rep. Dennis Kucinich tells progressive, as president. 2008, replied, "No." Independent. Available tools:
A Democrat whose name was ABC's "Good Morning The Ohio Democrat said, © Copyright 2010 The PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
invoked by President Barack America" that press secretary "Those of us who call ourselves Associated Press. All rights Term Extraction.
Obama's spokesman in an attack Robert Gibbs shouldn't have liberal say we're not going to reserved. This material may not
on the party's liberal wing says attacked the "professional left." rest until we get back to a full be published, broadcast,
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The Roadmap to a High-Speed Recovery

Richard Florida (The New is required for sustained take deep structural reforms to capital towards innovation. Silicon Valley, government
Republic - All Feed) prosperity. The two goals are improve its supply side. The When the economist Alfred boomtowns like Washington
Submitted at 8/11/2010 11:00:00 PM not mutually exclusive, but quality of its financial sector, its Kleinknecht diagrammed U.S. DC, and college towns from
neither are they always physical infrastructure, as well patents along a timeline Boulder to Ann Arbor. Between
Speaking at a health care c o m p a t i b l e . as its human capital, all need extending through the 1980 and 2006, the U.S.
reform rally in Raleigh, North Let me say first that the bailouts serious economic and politically nineteenth century, he found a economy added some 20 million
Carolina, in July 2009, President and stimulus programs of the difficult upgrades.” Now we’re huge spike in the 1870s, 1880s, new jobs in its creative,
Obama declared that the worst last two years were not a getting to the nub of the matter. and 1890s, a period of professional, and knowledge
of the recession was over. “We complete mistake. Economic Why? Because this is no bump depression that also saw the sectors. Even today,
have stopped the free-fall. The policymakers don’t have the in the business cycle that we are invention of electric power, unemployment in this sector of
market is up and the financial luxury of hindsight in the heat going through; it is an epochal modern telephony, and street the economy has remained
system is no longer on the verge of a crisis; there is tremendous event, comparable in magnitude and cable car systems. The relatively low, and according to
of collapse,” he said proudly. pressure on them to do and scope to the Great economic historian Alexander Bureau of Labor Statistics
A year or so later, with midterm something. It would have been Depression of the 1930s, and Field observed a similar projections, is likely to add
e l e c t i o n s l o o m i n g a n d a n suicidal not to give the banks even more so, as historian Scott clustering and unleashing of another seven million jobs in the
electorate that is as fearful and the capital infusions they needed Reynolds Nelson has observed, innovation in the 1930s, which next decade. By contrast, the
angry as any in memory, the when the whole financial system to the decades-long crisis that he dubbed the most manufacturing sector added only
stock market has risen, but even was on the brink of meltdown or began in 1873. Back then our “technologically progressive one million jobs from 1980 to
a breath of bad news can send it to refuse to help states avoid economy was undergoing a decade” of the twentieth 2006, and, according to the
tumbling. As dismal as housing laying off thousands of teachers fundamental shift from century. More R&D labs opened BLS, will lose 1.2 million by
prices continue to be, they have and police and other workers. agriculture to industry. We are in the first four years of the 2020.
yet to hit bottom in some places. But now we find ourselves in the midst of an equally Great Depression than in the This is the future towards
Unemployment remains frozen having the wrong debate—about tectonic transition today, as our entire preceding decade, 73 which our post-industrial
at an overall level of nine-plus whether a stimulus is needed or industrial economy gives way to compared to 66. By 1940, the economy is already
percent, and job creation has not—and we need to shift it. a post-industrial knowledge number of people employed in trending—and government
been anemic. If the crisis The fiscal and monetary fixes economy—but by focusing all R&D had quadrupled, should be proposing policies
belonged to George W. Bush, t h a t h a v e h e l p e d m a t u r e our attention of whether we increasing from fewer than that will help to create a new
t h e r e c o v e r y h a s b e e n industrial economies like the need a bigger stimulus or a 7,000 in 1929 to nearly 28,000 geography and a new way of life
Obama’s—and it has been a United States get back on their smaller deficit, we’re flying by 1940, according to the to sustain and support it. But
fragile and tentative one at best. feet since the Great Depression blind. detailed historical research of that doesn’t mean we need a
Along with billions of dollars in are not going to make the These kind of epochal changes, David Mowery and Nathan centralized public bureaucracy
stimulus payments, the president difference this time. Mortgage which I have called“great Rosenberg. to speed the process of change.
has spent down most of his interest tax credits and massive resets,” are long, generational Our transition from a Fordist As it happens, innovation occurs
political capital. So what is his h i g h w a y i n v e s t m e n t s a r e processes. They are driven by mass production economy, not only within big companies,
next step? artifacts of our outmoded improvements in efficiency and based on the assembly line, to a major laboratories, and research
That depends upon how serious industrial age; in fact, our whole productivity, and by the waves knowledge economy, in which universities, but also on the
O b a m a i s a b o u t h i s housing-auto complex is of innovation that Joseph the driving force is creativity margins of business and
legacy—whether he is looking superannuated. As University of Schumpeter called “ creative and technological innovation, academia. John Seely Brown,
to win votes for himself and his Chicago economist Raghuram destruction.” When economies has been under way for some the former director of Xerox’s
party in the short-term, or to lay Rajan wrote recently in the slow down, inefficient time; the evidence can be seen storied Palo Alto Research
the foundation for a durable new Financial Times:“The bottom companies go by the boards. in the physical decline of the old Center (PARC), has observed
economic and social order that line in the current jobless Seeking better returns on manufacturing cities and the ROADMAP page 49
is only beginning to emerge but recovery suggests the US has to investment, businesses redirect boom in high-tech centers like
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On Background
Sarah Williams Goldhagen and the Middle East), and a flat, maintain, it “enjoyed a meaning Temple (pictured), buildings are These representations of holy
(The New Republic - All Feed) non-realistic, and boldly and status equivalent to those of signs, not symbols; they are buildings and cities may have
Submitted at 8/11/2010 11:00:00 PM delineated style. And painting the saints depicted." divinity made concrete. Or, in functioned as icons—or
after painting (after painting) Are uri and Hadjitryphonos the words of uri and materializations of That Which
Europe’s cathedrals, churches, suggests that, to Byzantine correct? This Icon of Saint Hadjitryphonos, they function as Cannot Be Materialized—but
monasteries, and baptisteries artists, architecture meant little. Spyridon depicts a portrait of a “means for spiritually crossing they did so differently than did
cover the countryside like Flat registers of exterior walls the saint above the city of Corfu, the divide between the earthly representations of saints. Images
Veronica’s veil. They comprise and cartoonish, dark-lined where Spyridon “miraculously” and the heavenly domain.” of buildings and cities (such as
the continent’s landmarks and images of church facades, stopped Venetian authorities Much evidence substantiates the pictured mosaic, likely from
focal attractions and, for domes, or towers seem to from celebrating a Roman the notion that, in the Byzantine the Church of Qalat Kalota)
centuries, have been integral to function largely to organize a Catholic mass inside the church conception of the divine, offered an overlapping, diffuse,
its culture. It is curious, then, composition, add a sense of over which he presided. Here, architecture served as far more and sometimes contradictory
that, in the history of art, shallow space, or create the composition suggests than background. Constantine, field of metaphors. These varied
architecture has been a coloristic contrast (such as in the equivalence between saint and after all, oversaw the most over time and space, mostly
relatively infrequent subject—in image above of a seventeenth- city. Yet examples of extensive building campaign without discernable pattern. A
Western painting before 1900, century Russian icon from the compositions giving equal undertaken in the West in depiction of a church could
only scattered examples come to Novgorod School). Interior weight to buildings and figures generations. Fourth-century represent the social space of
mind, such as the Dutch spaces almost never appear. are rare. Mostly, when one Byzantium, not just the communal religious assembly;
seventeenth-century church Indeed, structures appear to be thinks of Byzantine icons, what eponymous Constantinople, was God’s dwelling; the deity
interiors by Emanuel de Witte lowly tools in Byzantine artists’ comes to mind is saints, saints, restless with construction. himself; the heavenly city; the
(pictured here) or the panoramas project of vaunting the hallowed saints. Basilicas, baptisteries, martyria, cosmos (God’s creation, of
of Venice by Canaletto. The visages of the saints, prophets, uri and Hadjitryphonos contend monasteries, pilgrimage course); the dwelling of the
words art historians most and other divine Christian that, in Byzantine art, sanctuaries, and other structures human soul or spirit (the divine
frequently summon to describe personages. buildings—not just saintly rose in Rome and cities within us); even the liminal
the role of architecture in Not so, argue Slobodan uri and figures—serve a devotional throughout what is now Italy. space between the earthly and
painting echo most people’s Evangelina Hadjitryphonos in function. Many Western viewers They also sprang up along the the divine.
daily experience with the magnificent new book assume that, before the mid- Mediterranean coast and the Along with these metaphors,
architecture: Again and again, Architecture as Icon: Perception nineteenth century, if an artist many pilgrimage routes to the so there were the political
one reads dismissals of and Representation of made a representation of a -called Holy Land, Palestine. functions of architecture in
architecture as merely a Architecture in Byzantine Art, person or place, he or she meant Architecture helped to first Byzantine art. Consider the
“framing device.” which was the catalogue to an for it to be realistic. But define and then perpetuate the famous mosaic in the Hagia
If architecture seems a minor exhibition of the same name Byzantine artists sought new religion, and it continued to Sophia in which Justinian holds
player in the Western tradition, held at the Princeton University representation without do so for hundreds of years. a model of the Church and faces
it appears even less significant Art Museum earlier this year. realism—indeed, their approach Along with the edifices grew an Constantine, who holds a model
in Byzantine art, an The authors contend that, to image-making was self- artistic tradition of depicting of Constantinople. Both are
amorphously defined despite the many stylistic consciously developed to buildings, both real and offering these models to the
aggregation of objects dating indicators suggesting oppose the idealized realism of imagined, in mosaics and seated Virgin, with Jesus in her
from the third century to as late architecture’s apparent Graeco-Roman art. So, to enter paintings, models, reliquaries, lap. The work seemingly confers
as the early nineteenth. The insignificance in the Byzantine the conceptual universe of cross bases (pictured above), divine sanction on these
pieces are united by religious tradition, our Western eyes Byzantine art, one must imagine plaques, manuscript political leaders’ regimes by
subject (Christianity), deceive us. Architecture is the architecture depicted as illuminations, maps, tokens, and drawing direct lines between
geographic origin (parts of neither background nor framing iconic. In paintings like The even souvenirs collected along BACKGROUND page 52
eastern Europe, western Asia, device. Rather, the authors Presentation of the Virgin in the pilgrimage routes.
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continued from page 47

that many, if not most, of more dynamic, to encourage working must come into being and a greater density of and clustering are the
today’s high-tech innovations more hands-on, interactive as well. We didn’t finally development, along with the underlying motor forces of real
are products of the open-ended, creativity. The centralized emerge from the Great construction of smaller and economic development. As Jane
collaborative explorations of school system as we know it is, Depression until the rise of the more low-energy houses—not Jacobs identified and the Nobel
hackers. Steve Jobs didn’t after all, another product of the suburbs in the 1950s, which just because this is a greener Prize-winning economist Robert
invent the PC; he saw its Industrial Age. And we fuelled demand not just for way of life (which it is), but Lucas later formalized,
components at work at PARC, shouldn’t fret about having to single-family homes but for the because it’s required to free up clustering speeds the
realized their potential, and put teach non-native students the cars, refrigerators, washer- capital that can be invested in transmission of new ideas,
the pieces together. English language either. An driers, TVs, and stereo systems the skill development, increases the underlying
Silicon Valley attracted the uninterrupted inflow of talented that were coming off the technology development, and productivity of people and
smartest innovators and immigrants is absolutely key to assembly lines. Home economic structures that the firms, and generates the
entrepreneurs and provided our future prosperity. ownership provided a powerful economy of the future requires. diversity required for new ideas
them with the freedom and the Entrepreneurship should form of geographic That means eliminating the to fertilize and turn into new
funding to mobilize the become the fourth R, right Keynsianism. mortgage interest tax deduction innovations and new industries.
resources they needed to start alongside reading, writing, and But that system has reached the along with other massive federal In fact, the key to
their own companies. What arithmetic. Kids need to learn end of its useful life. It has led subsidies for the secondary understanding America’s
worked in Silicon Valley has to more than just the abstract to overinvestment in housing, mortgage market, as well as historic ability to respond to
be reproduced across the principles of economics—they autos, and energy and other massive subsidies for road great economic crises lies in
board—government and should be taught how to form contributed to the crises we are construction and infrastructure what economic geographers call
business need to work together businesses, create business trying so hard to extricate that undergird sprawling, the“spatial fix”—the creation of
to create and maintain an open plans, and market their ideas. ourselves from today. It’s also economically inefficient, utterly new development patterns, new
environment for innovation. Education can no longer be no longer an engine of economic wasteful suburban and exurban ways of living and working, and
That means dialing back confined to traditional academic growth. With the rise of a development. I am not new economic landscapes that
intellectual property restrictions subjects; students must learn globalized economy, many if advocating that we become a simultaneously expand space
to encourage a freer flow of how to create something of their not most of the products that nation of renters, but the balance and intensify our use of it. Our
ideas; encouraging universities own. Imagine if we devoted a filled those suburban homes are of homeownership should tilt rebound after the panic of 1873
to open up their labs and fraction of the time and money made abroad. Home ownership back from its current level of 66 and long downturn was forged
discoveries to the world; and and passion that we give to worked well for a nation whose percent to perhaps 60 or even 55 by the transition from an
actively enabling and attracting athletics to helping our young workers had secure, long-term percent. agricultural nation to an urban-
entrepreneurs (a resource that is people learn how to turn their jobs. But now it impedes the Instead of further encouraging industrial one organized around
in truly short supply) from all ideas into enterprises. We are flexibility of a labor market that the growth of an auto-housing- great cities. Our recovery from
over the world to come to the wasting time and resources requires people to move around. suburban complex, the the Great Depression saw the
U.S. and turn new discoveries training young people for My own research shows that the government should promote rise of massive metropolitan
into companies that can grow factory and administrative jobs most innovative, most those forces that are subtly complexes of cities and suburbs,
and create jobs. We have to that no longer exist; they have to productive, and most highly causing the shift away from it. which again intensified and
encourage our own young learn how to innovate and create skilled regions have rates of Chief among these are the expanded our use of space.
people to take risks and start jobs of their own. homeownership of 55-to-60 creation of inter-connected Renewed prosperity hinges on
companies, too. That means That brings me to a central percent, while those where mega-regions, like the Boston- the rise of yet another even
providing portable benefits, and issue that has been completely homeownership exceeds 75 or Washington corridor and the more massive and more
not just in health care. absent from the current debate. 80 percent are economically Char-lanta region (Atlanta, intensive geographic
Our whole education system As our new economy emerges, a distressed. Charlotte, and Raleigh Durham) pattern—the mega-region.
needs a drastic overhaul to make new way of life and a new Federal policy needs to and ten or so more across the
its teaching styles less rote and geography of living and encourage less home ownership United States. Concentration ROADMAP page 54
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New START and the Moscow Treaty: A Response to Walter

Baker Spring (The Foundry: cooperative. Russia has since language in the future. The Bush
Conservative Policy News.) shown that it views relations Administration’s position
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:00:33 AM with the U.S. and its neighbors regarding the Moscow Treaty’s
as a zero-sum game. It limitation pertaining to
Washington Post reporter repeatedly violated major arms “operationally deployed”
Walter Pincus, in his August 10 c o n t r o l a g r e e m e n t s a n d strategic nuclear warheads was
a r t i c l e “ N e w S T A R T : A continues to maintain close ties crystal clear. This established
Similar Arms Reduction Pact with terrorist organizations the standard by which the U.S.
but a Different Republican Hamas and Hezbollah and would judge Russian
R e a c t i o n , ” a r g u e s t h a t “rogue states” such as Syria, compliance and there was no
R e p u b l i c a n S e n a t o r s a r e Iran, and Venezuela. doubt that the Bush
applying different standards for The Obama Administration and Administration would respond
reviewing the 2002 Moscow New START’s supporters in the effectively to any Russian
Treaty between the U.S. and Senate have been quite open that actions to apply a different
Russia for reducing strategic New START is designed to standard of compliance.
nuclear warheads and today’s preserve the “second strike,” Fifth, the need to modernize the
New START, which seeks to retaliation-based deterrence U.S. nuclear complex is more
limit offensive and defensive policies of the Cold War, with there is much greater room for both areas.
urgent today than it was in the
strategic weapons. The problem Russia assuming the role of the the U.S. to maneuver and Fourth, the implications for
2002–2003 timeframe, when the
with the Pincus argument, as its former Soviet Union. It is an respond effectively to security U.S. security stemming from
Moscow Treaty was signed and
title makes clear, is that it fails astounding contradiction, but a c h a l l e n g e s . T h i s a d d e d ambiguity in New START
received Senate approval. In
to account for the dramatic U.S. Administration that favors flexibility is extremely valuable regarding U.S. missile defense
2002–2003, the Bush
differences between the two nuclear disarmament is seeking in addressing U.S. security options are far graver than those
Administration put forward a
treaties. Accordingly, it is to bring into force an arms needs in a world that is stemming from the term
plan to maintain a responsive
essential to describe the specific control treaty that defines the experiencing the proliferation of ”strategic nuclear warheads”
infrastructure to support the
ways in which the treaties differ. preservation of nuclear threats weapons of mass destruction used in the Moscow Treaty. The
U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal. In
First, the broader purposes a s t h e m o s t i m p o r t a n t and the means to deliver these ambiguity regarding missile
the intervening time, however, a
behind the two treaties are miles component of the bilateral weapons. New START will d e f e n s e i n N e w S T A R T ,
minority in Congress,
apart. The Bush Administration relationship with Russia. The jettison U.S. strategic flexibility particularly the language found
specifically the House
was using the arms control Senate, at this point, has no and leave virtually no margin in its preamble, is one that can
Appropriations Subcommittee
process with Russia, including choice but to judge the merits for error. be exploited by Russia to the
on Energy and Water, moved to
through the Moscow Treaty, to and demerits of New START on Third, the Moscow Treaty disadvantage the U.S. Further,
block the Bush Administration’s
m o v e t h e U . S . - R u s s i a n this basis. imposed no limitations on U.S. Russia has issued a unilateral
plan. Pincus could have made
relationship away from one s t r a t e g i c d e f e n s i v e a n d statement that effectively
Second, New START is the point in his argument
premised on mutual threats of designed to codify strategic conventional strategic offensive announces that it intends to
regarding a double standard that
nuclear annihilation and where nuclear parity between the U.S. development and deployment exploit the ambiguity in just this
the Senate should have
the balance of nuclear terror was and Russia. The Moscow Treaty options. This is the feature of w a y . The Obama
anticipated the blocking action
at the center of that relationship. did not. Absent the specter of t h e M o s c o w T r e a t y t h a t Administration has exacerbated
by the House Subcommittee.
Moreover, this was a time when strategic nuclear and broader permitted greater flexibility for the problem by being unclear
Russia was perceived as more strategic parity with Russia, the U.S. in its broader strategic about whether it will accept NEW page 55
posture. New START limits Russian views regarding this
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Morning Bell: The Dodd-Frank Bailout is Already Here

Conn Carroll (The Foundry: the Home Affordable The American people are Agencies to let people buy administration is only
Conservative Policy News.) Modification Program (HAMP), essentially being asked to houses with little or no down prolonging economic hardship
Submitted at 8/12/2010 5:20:52 AM has been a complete failure. shoulder an additional $50 payment just like the GSEs did by making it harder for new
Don’t take our word for it. Here billion of national debt without at the height of the housing home buyers to afford a
On July 21, when President are the words(pdf) of Special being told, more than 16 months bubble. And last week, Freddie moderately priced home and
Barack Obama signed the Dodd- Inspector General for the after the program’s Mac was also promoting no- making it harder for those who
Frank financial regulation bill, Troubled Asset Relief Program announcement, how many down payment loans, this time need to move for work to sell
he promised: “There will be no Neil Barofsky: people Treasury hopes to through an array of Housing and their current homes.
more taxpayer-funded bailouts. Unfortunately, HAMP actually help stay in their homes Urban Development (HUD) As The Heritage Foundation’s
Period.” How long will this continues to struggle to achieve as a result of these expenditures, programs. All this despite the Ron Utt has documented, in
Obama promise last? Well, The its original stated objective, to how many people are intended fact that last week Fannie Mae 2006 (the most recent year for
New York Times reports today help millions of homeowners to be helped through other announced it lost $1.2 billion in which data are available for the
that “the Obama administration avoid foreclosure “by reducing subprograms, and how the the second quarter of this year, countries being compared), the
on Wednesday pumped $3 monthly payments to sustainable program is performing against and this week Freddie Mac homeownership rate in
billion into programs intended levels.” Despite a seemingly those expectations and goals. announced a $4.71 billion loss. Australia, Canada, Ireland,
to stop the unemployed from ever increasing array of HAMP- Without such clearly defined Both companies were also Spain and the United Kingdom
losing their homes,” including a related initiatives designed to standards, positive comments forced to ask for more Obama matched or exceeded that in the
program announced by the encourage participation in the regarding the progress or bailout cash, including $1.5 United States. But none of these
Department of Housing and p r o g r a m , t h e n u m b e r o f success of HAMP are simply billion of your tax dollars for nations possess GSEs dedicated
Urban Development that “will homeowners being helped not credible, and the growing Fannie and another $1.8 billion to expanding residential
draw on $1 billion authorized by t h r o u g h permanent public suspicion that the for Freddie. mortgage credit. It is far past
the new financial overhaul law.” modifications remains anemic, program is an outright failure No wonder the Dodd-Frank time to end taxpayer bailouts,
That’s right. The Dodd- with fewer than 400,000 will continue to spread. financial regulation bill did and Fannie and Freddie are one
Frank“no more taxpayer-funded o n g o i n g permanent Faced with the utter failure of nothing about Fannie and of the best places to start.
bailouts forever” bill is not even modifications…and HAMP has its TARP funded mortgage Freddie; the Obama Quick Hits:
a month old, and already not put an appreciable dent in bailout, the Obama administration had every Five Filters featured
President Obama is using it to foreclosure filings. Indeed, the administration is now turning to intention of continuing to use article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
turn your tax dollars into yet number of trial and permanent the left’s old stand-in for them to prop up the housing an Easy Ride in the
another bailout. modifications that have been housing market interference: the market. These programs will do Independent. Available tools:
A n d w h y i s t h e O b a m a canceled substantially exceeds government-sponsored entities nothing but delay the inevitable PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
administration turning to Dodd- the number of homeowners (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie housing market correction. Term Extraction.
Frank bailout funds so soon helped through permanent Mac. Fannie Mae is now Instead of letting the market sort
after passage? Because its modifications. working with the National out what these homes are really
original mortgage bailout plan, … Council of State Housing worth, the Obama

Video: Woot Monkeys in Space, Continued

(Woot! - One Day, One Deal) year? He stuffed a gigantic when it came out, maybe you new development in the case of
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:00:00 AM model rocket with Woot should watch it now: the missing six astro-monkeys:
monkeys and launched them It’s inspiring, for one thing. Welcome back, marooned
Remember Bdale Garbee’s into the blue? Plus you’ll need it for context. monkeys! That’s two more
amazing rocket launch? Last OK, if you missed that video Because see, there’s an exciting accounted for, four more to go.
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continued from page 48

their imperial rule and their this northern outpost in the to navigate their world, to Various funerary monuments
religious authority. White Sea. Seen through uri and identify the important and and religious structures,
Admittedly, from the modern Hadjitryphonos’s eyes, the distinguish it from the comically flattened, lay just
standpoint, it is the apparent representation of the monastery secondary, and to understand the inside the city walls. Centrally
strangeness of these images that enhances the sense that enmeshed relationship of our located and encircled by the
accounts for some of their here—both in this icon and in inner world and the places and walls of the old city is an
appeal. Consider the remarkable this place—divinity resides. objects we use in the service of enormous representation of the
icon of St. Simeon Stylites Such distortions in Byzantine our days. Church of the Anastasis—in
(left), the Christian ascetic who art also reveal truths about how Architecture as Icon is section, with biblical scenes
lived standing on a small humans relate to their fascinating because it succeeds (Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac,
platform atop a pillar near world—truths that are effaced in in two difficult and not the Deposition) scattered on
Aleppo for 40 years. Simeon the realism of the Western necessarily complementary different floors.
stands nearly half as tall as the tradition, but which appeal to tasks. It compels us to step into Here, in a single image, we
15-meter column, which would the contemporary eye. People the mind of the Byzantine artist, have a map that supplies
make him more than 24 feet tall. understand spatial relations from challenging us first to identify pilgrims with all the information Nick Cannon
uri and Hadjitryphonos argue an egocentric point of view. The and then to shed assumptions needed to successfully navigate
that such distortions are often proportion of our head to our about art, representation, and their spiritual journey through Extends TeenNick
deliberate contributions to a bodies may be approximately faith that we may not have even the Holy City. It is a painting
work’s iconic nature. Consider 1:8, but, in our lived experience, been aware we held. At the that delineates the enmeshed Chairmanship
the wonderful pink, green, and head and shoulders tower above same time, the book invites us to relationship of spirituality and Mike Moody (TV Squad)
gold Icon of Saints Zosima and the rest of our bodies, in the analyze why this non-abstract place, and an icon that Submitted at 8/12/2010 4:30:00 AM
Savvatii (right), which flanks sense that they are much more art, with its many distortions, instantiates divinity in earthly
the remote monastery on important to our internal sense seems so fresh, so form. Even a twenty-first Filed under: TV News What's
Solovetsk Island in northern self than, for example, our contemporary. These tensions century non-believer can feel a the secret to long-lasting success
Russia. Zosima, the monastery's torsos. What’s more, when we are perhaps nowhere better reverent admiration for so many in TV Land? Racking up good
founder, and Savvatii, one of its navigate the world, we use not a expressed than in one of the accomplishments, concentrated ratings doesn't hurt. And being a
earliest inhabitants, tower above single, coherent, internally book's most delightful paintings, into one work of art. super popular actor/rapper/radio
the city’s outer walls, and even stored mental map but, rather, a which is of Jerusalem and Sarah Williams Goldhagen is personality, who also happens to
above the roofline of one of the patchwork of viewpoints, arranged along the lines of the architecture critic for The be married to a certain headline-
basilicas within. Both saints are landmarks, and paths. descriptions in pilgrims' New Republic. grabbing diva, certainly helps.
depicted frontally, but their city Indeed, underlying the strange guidebooks. A beautiful For more TNR, become a fan Nick Cannon, a.k.a. Mr. Mariah
is shown from a diagonal bird’s ways that figures relate to composition of yellow and red on Facebook and follow us on Carey, is all of those things, and
eye perspective. In another architecture in Byzantine art is a ochres, watery blues and greens, Twitter. he's also helped TeenNick ring
spatial and perspectival shift, the genuineness about lived this painting from the first half in its highest-rated quarter ever.
seated figure of Jesus is experience. The pictorial of the seventeenth century The cable channel is celebrating
positioned at the top and center distortions (such as those in the distorts scale, proportional by extending Cannon's run as
of the painting, hands pictured mosaic from the relationships, and points of view network chairman through
outstretched. He is set apart in a Martyrion Basilica in the into a captivating collage of January 2012, reports Variety.
deep red, mandorla-like form Church of the Holy Sepulchre in perspectives. The overall image Permalink| Email this| Linking
(proportionally, far larger than Jerusalem) resonate with the is a bird’s eye view showing the Blogs| Comments
either of the saints), blessing distortions humans actually use city’s hills and ancient walls.
E-reader News Edition Politics/ Products/ 53

Dust Regulations Are No Joke Steampunk

Kelsey Huber (The Foundry:
Conservative Policy News.)
monumental task. It is possible
that farmers could simulate
(Woot! - One Day, One Deal)
Submitted at 8/11/2010 3:00:30 PM rain—an effective dust
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:00:00 AM
reducer—by constant use of
Posted August 11th, 2010 at sprinklers or some other means.
4:00pm in Energy and Is it a blog or a website? We're
Yet this would encourage more
Environment Print This Post never sure these days. Either
water use, which runs counter to
Every once in a while an e-mail way, Sunday Magazine has a
a primary objective of many
goes around petitioning for the really cool story about the very
environmentalists. Furthermore,
ban of dihydrogen monoxide, a first Internet, the classic
the additional cost of these
dangerous chemical. The reader telegraph line. The article the
strategies could be too great a
is aghast to learn that cite is from 1890, and it talks
burden for many struggling
dihydrogen monoxide is “the about two men who were close,
main ingredient in acid rain” and yet, had never met in
In a case like this, the EPA’s
and “capable of causing person. Back then, this was a
ability to commit regulatory
suffocation if encountered in novelty. Today, it's called the
overreach becomes apparent. It
large quantities” and often will average online relationship. Just
can easily lose touch with the
sign the petition and forward it recently signed a letter that environment. There are even needs of those on whom it lays think, these two guys might
to friends. However, closer stated the following: have been the very first nerds.
dust storms on Mars. regulatory burdens and stray
examination soon reveals two We respect efforts for a clean Furthermore, regulation of dust into unrealistically stringent We all clearly owe them a debt
t h i n g s : ( 1 ) d i h y d r o g e n and healthy environment, but is unnecessary. Those who policies. A prudent course of for showing us the way.
monoxide is nothing other than not at the expense of common cause dust clouds are likely to action would be to heed the The same article also examines
water, and (2) the petition is, in sense. These identified levels [of be the most negatively affected suggestions of 21 Senators and the special slang (like "min pen"
fact, a jest. and "g a") as well as a really
d u s t ] w i l l b e e x t r e m e l y by them. Incentives already reconsider the proposed dust cool explanation about each
Recently, however, the EPA burdensome for farmers and exist to minimize dust creation standards.
seems to be working along a livestock producers to attain. without the help of regulations. Kelsey Huber is currently a person's unique telegraphing
similar vein and has proposed Whether its livestock kicking up Beyond being unnecessary, dust member of the Young Leaders style AND a story of possibly
tighter standards on a common dust, soybeans being combined r e g u l a t i o n s w o u l d s t i f l e P r o g r a m a t t h e H e r i t a g e the only hardware-based
pollutant: particulate matter. on a dry day in the fall, or productivity for many farmers F o u n d a t i o n . F o r m o r e telegraph chat bot in history. We
Particulate matter pollution can driving a car down the gravel and could lead to waste of other information on interning at won't spoil it, so you'll need to
dirty the air and water, limit r o a d , d u s t i s a n a t u r a l l y resources. Farmers would have Heritage, please visit: http:// visit Sunday Magazine to read it
visibility, and spur breathing o c c u r r i n g e v e n t . for yourself. It's worth the trip!
to either cut back on activities w w w . h e r i t a g e . o r g / a b o u t /
p r o b l e m s . W h e n E P A From this regulation, several that create dust or find ways to d e p a r t m e n t s / y l p . c f m
regulations were first applied to problems arise. First, while settle dust. Five Filters featured
particulates in 1971, they were human activity can create dust, In many cases, minimizing dust article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
created to target soot. However, i t i s a l s o , a s t h e a b o v e c r e a t i o n w o u l d r e q u i r e a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e
another form of particulate mentioned letter states, a natural minimizing movement and Independent. Available tools:
matter that the EPA intends to occurrence. How can it be d e c r e a s e p r o d u c t i v i t y PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
regulate is … dust. If only this, e f f e c t i v e l y r e g u l a t e d ? substantially, leaving farmers at Term Extraction.
too, were a jest. Regulations are intended to the mercy of each day’s aridity.
Realizing the ridiculousness of influence human behavior, yet Also, keeping dust out of the air
the situation, 21 Senators dust is common in our natural by artificial means would be a
54 TV/ Politics/ E-reader News Edition
ROADMAP Black Farmers
continued from page 49

These new geographic entities

are larger than the sum of their
velocity of moving people,
goods, and ideas while also
mega-regions, it will allow them
to function as truly integrated
business leaders are still caught
up in parochial arguments about Slam Obama
parts; they not only produce but
consume, spurring further
expanding and intensifying our
development patterns. If the
economic units.
Obama allocated $8 billion
debt and deficits, and how to
bring back the housing industry. Administration
demand. government is truly looking for towards high speed rail in his We can’t neglect the present, (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Infrastructure is key to a shovel-ready infrastructure 2009 budget. It’s a start, but a but we also have to think Submitted at 8/11/2010 5:09:26 PM
powering spatial fixes. The project to invest in that will disappointingly modest one. beyond it. If we keep spending
railroads and streetcar, cable create short-term jobs across the Depending on who’s doing the on the old economy and our old Wednesday, 11 Aug 2010
car, and subway systems country while laying a estimating and how high speed a ways of consumption and living, 10:09 PM
speeded the movement of foundation for lasting system is envisioned, the price a new, post-industrial society WASHINGTON – Black
people, goods, and ideas in the prosperity, high-speed rail tag for a fully modern, truly may still emerge, but it will take farmers involved in a decades-
late 19th century; the works perfectly. It is central to national high-speed rail system longer to do so and it may not old discrimination case are
development of a massive auto- the redevelopment of cities and runs somewhere between $140 be one that most Americans will questioning why the Obama
dependent highway system the growth of mega-regions and and $500 billion. That’s a lot of want to live in. administration has promised to
powered growth after the Great will do more than anything to money, but measured in 2009 Richard Florida is the director hasten aid for some large-scale
Depression and World War II. wean us from our dependency dollars, Eisenhower’s Interstate of the Martin Prosperity farmers in the South while their
It’s now time to invest in on cars. High-speed rail may be Highway System cost $429 Institute at the University of case is held up in political
infrastructure that can undergird our best hope for revitalizing the billion to build—which makes it Toronto’s Rotman School of wrangling.
another round of growth and once-great industrial cities of look like something of a Management, and the author of The administration pledged last
development. Part of that is the Great Lakes. By connecting bargain. The Great Reset(Harper Collins) week to find $1.5 billion to help
surely a better and faster declining places to thriving High speed rail is just one and The Rise of the Creative farmers hit by natural disasters
information highway. But the ones—Milwaukee and Detroit to solution—we will need many Class(Basic Books). after it appeared unlikely the
real fix must extend beyond the Chicago, Buffalo to Toronto—it more if we are going to For more TNR, become a fan Senate would promptly fund the
cyber-economy to our physical will greatly expand the encourage our cities to become on Facebook and follow us on package.
development patterns—the economic options and more densely developed, more Twitter. Black farmers reached a
landscape of the real economy. opportunities available to their innovative, and more historic $1.25 billion civil rights
That means high-speed rail, residents. And by providing the economically vibrant. But we settlement in February to
which is the only infrastructure connective fibers within and won’t find solutions if our BLACK page 57
fix that promises to speed the between America’s emerging pundits, politicians, and

Keck's Exclusives: Jay Mohr Gets Serious on NBC's Outlaw

William Keck ( series star Jimmy Smits' man of weekly guessing game as to See community
Breaking News) the people, Cyrus Garza, in a which side of the law Outlaw policies.
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:46:00 AM case involving a mother who Smits attaches himself. Five Filters featured
leaves her baby locked in a car, Subscribe to TV Guide article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
Jay Mohr resulting in the unfortunate tot's Magazine now! an Easy Ride in the
No joke. Funny guy Jay Mohr( demise. Thank you. Your abuse report Independent. Available tools:
Gary Unmarried, Ghost Fall TV: Get scoop on the must has been sent to the PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Whisperer) is taking on a very -watch new shows moderators. We Term Extraction.
serious role on NBC's new legal NBC is keeping mum as to will review the reported
drama, Outlaw. In the fourth w h e t h e r C y r u s o r J a y ' s be representing the bad mother. comment and take the
episode, Jay will face off against character, Henry Ashford, will The network says it will be a appropriate action.
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 55
continued from page 50

For whatever reason, he chose transparency measures in the the Moscow Treaty.
Obama Sends Ramadan
not to do so.
Sixth, the stakes for the U.S.
Moscow Treaty stems in part
from the continuation of the
Ultimately, Pincus’s article
reveals that he believes the Wishes
were lower and the terms of the verification and transparency Senate’s most important (Newsmax - Inside Cover) dozens of embassies in the US
agreement were simpler with the measures of the original START responsibility in the Submitted at 8/12/2010 5:50:20 AM capital, while Obama was to
Moscow Treaty. Therefore, the through early December 2009. consideration of arms control receive guests for the meal at
depth of the Senate review could However, given that it was and treaties is not to protect the Thursday, 12 Aug 2010 10:50 the White House.
be more limited. The stakes, for is out of Russia’s reach to security of the American people AM Obama said the rituals of
the reasons described earlier, are exceed the Moscow Treaty’s and preserve American strength, President Barack Obama on Ramadan "remind us of the
far higher for the U.S. regarding deployed warhead limitation of but to ensure identical technical Wednesday offered best wishes principles that we hold in
New START. Regarding 2,200 at the end of 2012 as well standards are adopted. to Muslims in the United States common, and Islam's role in
simplicity, the Moscow Treaty as the fact and that the Moscow Accordingly, Pincus is of the and around the world as they advancing justice, progress,
contained fewer than 500 Treaty contains no interim view that the Senate needs to observe the holy fasting month tolerance, and the dignity of all
words. New START, by limitations to verify, the treaty apply the same technical of Ramadan. human beings."
contrast, exceeds 68,000 words would have been stronger if it standards during its "All of us must remember that "Here in the United States,
when the Protocol and Annexes contained such provisions at the consideration of an arms control the world we want to build -- Ramadan is a reminder that
are included. learly, the Senate outset. The Bush Administration treaty that clearly favors the and the changes that we want to Islam has always been part of
has compelling reasons to spend later proposed such measures to U.S., such as the Moscow make -- must begin in our own America and that American
more time reviewing the Russia, but Russia chose not to Treaty, to other treaties, such as hearts, and our own Muslims have made
implications of New START accept these measures. Pincus’ New START, where it is far less communities," Obama said in a extraordinary contributions to
than it spent on reviewing the valid argument here, however, clear that a position of strength statement released by the White our country," said the president.
implications of the Moscow also reveals that his perspective for the U.S. is being preserved. House. "And today, I want to extend my
Treaty. is one-sided in the comparison Five Filters featured US Secretary of State Hillary best wishes to the 1.5 billion
Pincus does make a valid point, between Senate consideration of article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets Clinton also issued a statement Muslims around the world --
however, regarding the absence the Moscow Treaty and New an Easy Ride in the offering the traditional holiday and your families and friends --
of verification and transparency START. His entire article levels Independent. Available tools: greeting: "Ramadan Kareem." as you welcome the beginning
measures in the Moscow Treaty. criticism at Senate Republicans PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, "Ramadan is a time for self- of Ramadan," he said. "May
This is not to say that New for applying careful review Term Extraction. r e f l e c t i o n a n d s h a r i n g . God's peace be upon you."
START’s verification standards in the consideration of A m e r i c a n M u s l i m s m a k e Copyright © 2010 AFP. All
provisions are adequate, New START and yet, spends no valuable contributions to our rights reserved
particularly in the context of the time criticizing Senate country every day and millions Five Filters featured
central purposes of the treaty. Democrats for not insisting on will honor this month with acts article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
The absence of verification and similar standards in reviewing of service and giving back to a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e
their communities," she said. Independent. Available tools:
Both Clinton and Obama were PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
set to host Iftar, the meal that Term Extraction.
breaks the daily fast. Clinton
was co-hosting an event with
56 Politics/ TV/ E-reader News Edition

NY Gov Says Islamic Group Won't Keck's Exclusives: Secret

Relocate Mosque Life Heartbreaker is
(Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Submitted at 8/11/2010 6:49:36 PM
million Islamic center that
would feature a 500-seat
people of the Muslim faith in
lower Manhattan, and it not Castle Teen's New Beau!
auditorium, a swimming pool interfere with what is still a William Keck (
Wednesday, 11 Aug 2010 and a gym. It's a project of the memorial to what happened on Breaking News)
11:49 PM Cordoba Initiative, an advocacy September 11," Paterson said.
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:45:00 AM
Gov. David Paterson said group that promotes improved "I hope that the type of cultural
Wednesday that developers of relations between Islam and the understanding that they are Ken Baumann
an Islamic cultural center that West. trying to promote when they You know Rick Castle ( Nathan
would include a mosque near Critics are suspicious of who build this center could be Fillion) is going to have a hard
ground zero have rejected his will fund the project, and practiced right now," he added. time with this. Besides having to
offer to help them find a developers haven't released their New York City Mayor Michael assist with the occasional
different site. sources of capital. Opponents Bloomberg, who accompanied murder mystery, Castle is now
While in Manhattan, Paterson also say the religion that fueled Paterson, again defended the going to have to deal with a
said the group apparently wants the hatred in the terrorists project. maturing daughter entering the
to remain with its current plans shouldn't be displayed so near "I always believed that dating scene.
to build near the site of the Sept. the site. government should not be Fall TV: Get scoop on all your
11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Wednesday, Paterson described involved in deciding who you favorite returning shows
"I think they would like to stay some opponents of the project as pray to, what you say or where In Castle's fourth new episode
where they are, and I certainly "shrill" and said they were you say it," Bloomberg said. of the season, titled "Punked,"
respect that and I certainly acting out of political self- © Copyright 2010 The studious Alexis Castle ( Molly
respect them," Paterson said interest. But most, he said, Monday, Sept. 20.
Associated Press. All rights Quinn) will begin dating a boy
after the group spoke with one appreciate the Constitution's Subscribe to TV Guide
reserved. This material may not named Ashley, whom Castle
of his staff members. "Having guarantee of freedom of religion Magazine now!
be published, broadcast, initially mistakes for a girl. Ken
said that, how much more while feeling "badgered" by Thank you. Your abuse report
rewritten or redistributed. Baumann, most known for his
foresighted would it have been pain following the terrorist has been sent to the
Five Filters featured role as Ben Boykewich on ABC
i f t h e I m a m w h o i s t h e attacks on the World Trade moderators. We
article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets Family's The Secret Life of the
developer of the project had Center. will review the reported
an Easy Ride in the American Teenager, will play
been willing to hear what we are "I wanted to talk to them (the comment and take the
Independent. Available tools: the recurring beau who no doubt
actually talking about?" appropriate action.
developers) about what was the PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, will get under Rick's skin.
The mosque, to be located two possibility of just having a See community
Term Extraction. Expect Castle to be a bit
blocks from ground zero, would conversation about would there policies.
disappointed that his little Five Filters featured
be part of a 13-story, $100 be a way to provide a center for princess is not opening up to article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
him about her romantic life. an Easy Ride in the
(Can you blame her?) Let's just Independent. Available tools:
hope Castle doesn't find out that PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Ken turned 21 on August 8 Term Extraction.
(Molly's only 16).
Castle's third season kicks off
E-reader News Edition TV/ Sports/ 57
continued from page 54

compensate them for being left Rahm Emanuel assured her the action lawsuit, named after
Producer Mark Gordon
out of federal farm loan and
assistance programs for years
administration would provide
funding in the next two weeks
North Carolina farmer Timothy
Pigford, was settled in 1999. Accused of Using Racial
due to racism, but are still for the disaster aid package that The first case awarded more
waiting for funding.
There have been seven failed
is one of her top priorities.
Boyd said he believed the bulk
than $1 billion in payments and
debt relief to black farmers, but
Slurs at Pilot Table Read
Chris Harnick (TV Squad)
attempts by the Senate, of those funds would go to large tens of thousands of farmers
including one last week, to fund -scale farmers already treated missed the filing deadline. The Submitted at 8/12/2010 6:00:00 AM

the settlement. generously by U.S. farm new settlement allows those

Filed under: TV News Veteran
The deadline for finalizing the programs, and provide little if farmers to pursue their claims.
TV producer Mark Gordon, an
settlement is Thursday. If the any assistance to black farmers. Obama said he looked forward
executive producer on shows
administration does not step in "This is a national disaster, and to "a swift resolution to this
such as 'Grey's Anatomy,'
with funds from other it's a man-made disaster what issue" six months ago when the
'Criminal Minds' and 'Private
Agriculture Department happened to (the black) settlement was reached.
Practice,' has been accused of
programs, it will be the third farmers," Boyd said. © 2010 Reuters. All rights
and formally apologized for
missed deadline for the deal. Boyd sent a letter to President reserved. Republication or
using racial slurs at a table read
"At some point, you have to Barack Obama on Wednesday, redistribution of Reuters
for the spin-off of Lifetime's
start questioning what is going requesting he intervene on content, including by caching,
'Army Wives.'
on here," said John Boyd, head behalf of the black farmers to framing or similar means, is
According to Deadline
of the National Black Farmers find "similar administrative expressly prohibited without the
Hollywood, Gordon was at a
Association. avenues" to fund the settlement. prior written consent of Reuters.
table read for the pilot that Gordon issued this statement to
"It sends the wrong signal for Boyd pointed to statements Five Filters featured
included two African-American Deadline: "I feel terrible about
the Obama administration to made by Obama, including a article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
actresses, Gabrielle Union and this. It was a stupid lapse in
help one group of farmers and 2007 letter from the then- an Easy Ride in the
Wendy Davis, and used the n- judgment. I didn't meant [sic] to
then leave the other group of senator saying, "It is time to end Independent. Available tools:
word while acting out a scene offend anyone, and I've
farmers out," Boyd told Reuters. the inexcusable delays PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
from the film 'Blazing Saddles.' apologized to everyone
Democratic Senator Blanche associated with resolving this Term Extraction.
He was reported to Lifetime's involved."
Lincoln, who faces a tough re- issue, and finish the job," and
human resources department, Permalink| Email this| Linking
election campaign this year in asked for a meeting with Obama
which then reported him to ABC Blogs| Comments
Arkansas, said last week that to discuss how to move forward.
White House Chief of Staff The original Pigford class-

Heavy fog delays start of PGA Championship news services delaying the start of the season's scheduled start. All times will now have a 4:45 p.m. ET putting the scheduled 7 a.m.
( fourth major golf championship. be pushed back -- meaning starting time on the first tee. start for Friday in jeopardy as
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:49:17 AM Heavy fog greeted early Tiger Woods, Y.E. Yang and The last groups will begin play well.
players, who never got off a shot Vijay Singh will now tee off at at 5:25 p.m. ET -- making Five Filters featured
Updated: August 12, 2010, to begin the tournament. 12:30 p.m. ET off the 10th tee. finishing the first round on article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
10:49 AM ET Play is currently scheduled to Phil Mickelson, Graeme Thursday unlikely. an Easy Ride in the
SHEBOYGAN, Wis. -- The begin at 11:10 a.m. ET (10:10 McDowell and Louis The National Weather Service Independent. Available tools:
PGA Championship is in a fog a.m. local time) -- a 3 hour, 10 Oosthuizen -- the winners of the said fog is expected to develop PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
delay at Whistling Straits, minute delay from the originally first three majors this season -- again late Thursday night, Term Extraction.
58 Politics/ TV/ E-reader News Edition

A Bipartisan Vote on the Obamacare

Road to Repeal
Curtis Dubay (The Foundry:
Conservative Policy News.)
Submitted at 8/11/2010 2:00:14 PM

Tucked away in the legislation

that made Obamacare into law is
a tax provision that will be a
compliance nightmare for small
businesses if it ever goes into
effect. The provision calls for all
businesses to file 1099 forms
with the IRS for all transactions
with other businesses over $600.
Businesses are not like
individuals. They purchase lots
of items in large quantities. As a Alanis Morissette's Role
result, if the Obamacare
reporting requirement goes into
effect as scheduled in 2012, it
done that recently but failed to
pass the measure.
transactions. In reality, the 1099
rule won’t bring in a fraction of
on 'Weeds' Was Her
would create an enormous
compliance burden on
The Senate is working on its
own version of repealing the
that revenue—if any at all. This
is just another example of the
Idea -- Sort Of (VIDEO)
businesses. Businesses would 1099 rule now. Senator Mike unrealistic offsets used to “pay Aimee Deeken (TV Squad) "I want it to be kept secret from
have to file millions of new Johanns (R–NE) is leading the for” the new health care law. All Submitted at 8/12/2010 2:02:00 AM me, because I'm a fan."
forms with the IRS. Small effort and has garnered support the more reason to repeal this So much of a fan that she
businesses would be especially from Democratic Senator provision—and the entire law Filed under: TV Replay Yes, pursued 'Weeds' creator Jenji
hard hit, because they do not Blanche Lincoln (AR). itself. Alanis Morissette is pregnant. Kohan for a place on the show.
have large accounting The catch in both the House Five Filters featured But this is TV Squad, so for She told Kohan, "I had this
departments that can absorb and the Senate will be how to article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets more on that you'll have to go thought that maybe there could
more bureaucracy like larger replace the $17 billion in an Easy Ride in the elsewhere. Instead, we've got be some compassionate female
businesses. revenue the 1099 provision is Independent. Available tools: some scoop on'Weeds,' which energy on the show, because
Businesses large and small have estimated to bring in. Congress PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Morissette discussed on'Chelsea they're really hardcore with each
made their position clear to passed the 1099 rule under the Term Extraction. Lately'(weeknights, 11PM ET other. And she said, 'Funny you
Congress: Repeal this mistaken belief that businesses on E!). should say that ... We have this
burdensome new requirement. will pay more income taxes if She will indeed reprise her role idea for a character."
The House of Representatives they report more of their a n d " h a n g o u t " w i t h t h e Morissette auditioned, and it
voted on a bill that would’ve Botwins. However, Morissette was "a slam-dunk moment."
couldn't say much more about Permalink| Email this| Linking
the new season. She explained, Blogs| Comments
E-reader News Edition TV/ Products/ 59

Matt's Weekend Picks: August 13-15 Daily electronics deals

Matt Roush ( enough? Meanwhile, his ghost Paul Eng (Consumer Reports) Splinter Cell Conviction $27.90
Breaking News) roomie Annie meets a Submitted at 8/12/2010 6:00:40 AM + $3 ship (next best $37)
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:49:00 AM mysterious phantom who offers
to help her keep Death from Daily electronics deals Neither Consumer Reports nor
David Hasselhoff knocking again. Today's electronics deals, The Consumerist receive
THE PILLARS OF THE COMEDY CENTRAL ROAST courtesy of The Consumerist: anything in exchange for
EARTH(Friday, 10/9c, Starz) O F D A V I D • 42" LG 42PJ350 featuring these deals; the posts
More scheming, brawling and HASSEHOFF(Sunday, 10/9c, 720p Plasma HDTV for $449 are intended to be purely
tragic treachery afoot in the Comedy Central) with Free Shipping informational. These deals are
pivotal fifth hour of this America's got a talent for • Walmart: Viore 42" Plasma often fleeting, with prices
sprawling historical melodrama, skewering its Hollywood bad 720p HDTV for $399 w/ Free changing or products becoming
as Waleran ( Ian McShane) boys with profanely humorous Shipping unavailable as the day
plays political games to further abuse, and with "The Hof" on • Newegg: Verbatim DVD+R progresses.
his goal to become Archbishop the spit for this latest roast, we 100-Pack Blank Media for These posts are not an
of Canterbury. Meanwhile, as predict he'll be toast by the end. $17.99 [w/ Coupon endorsement of the featured
the town of Kingsbridge With fellow Baywatch alum EMCYWZY88] + $0.99 products or the Web sites that
prepares for another attack, the Pamela Anderson, Jerry Shipping sell them—though some of the
c o n f l i c t b e t w e e n s o r t - o f - w h a t t o m a k e o f B r a d Springer and roastmaster Seth • Lenovo: 14-inch Lenovo sites may be included, and
brothers Jack and Alfred leads Pitt's mannered tough-guy act as MacFarlane on the dais, expect G455 AMD Athlon II X2 $449 recommended, in our Ratings of
to ruin. the leader of a team of Jewish- more than a few references to + free ship retailers for computers and other
I N G L O U R I O U S American soldiers tasked to the roastee's infamous YouTube major electronics(both available
BASTERDS(Saturday, 8/7c, collect Nazi scalps. Not for the nadir involving alcohol and a Entertainment to subscribers). Price shouldn't
Showtime) squeamish. cheeseburger. Some things write • Sony Style: Sony PlayStation be your only criterion. Be wary
Quentin Tarantino's outrageous BEING HUMAN(Saturday, 10/ themselves. 3 Slim 120GB Console with of lower-priced deals that seem
send-up of World War II action 9c, BBC America) Subscribe to TV Guide Game Choice for $299.99 w/ too good to be true, and check
movies makes its pay-cable The spotlight falls this week on M a g a z i n e n o w ! Free Shipping return policies for restocking
debut. Take this chance to savor poor George ( Russell Tovey), Five Filters featured • Motorola Xbox 360 fees and other gotchas.
some thrilling set pieces (the the reluctant werewolf, making article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets Gaming Headset for $6.99 w/ For general buying advice for
suspenseful opening, a tense his most desperate attempt yet to a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e Free Shipping many of the products on sale
stand-off in a tavern) and contain his inner beast. He gets Independent. Available tools: • GQ Magazine above, check out our free
Christoph Waltz' Oscar-winning a new job and girlfriend, and PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Subscription For only $4.99 Buying Guides. Subscribe now!
performance as a cunning SS even a cage—but will it be Term Extraction. [With coupon code ' GQ'] S u b s c r i b e t o
Colonel. We still don't know • CompUPlus: Alfred for expert
Hitchcock Premiere Collection Ratings, buying advice and
(8 DVD) $32.95 + free ship reliability on hundreds of
(next best $79) products. Update your feed
• GoGamer: Tom Clancy's preferences
60 TV/ Sports/ E-reader News Edition

Teri Hatcher Posts Photos to Prove For Packers and TE

She's Botox-Free Jermichael Finley, Sky's
Gina DiNunno (
Breaking News) the Limit in 2010
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:12:00 AM
Jerry Bonkowski (FanHouse
Teri Hatcher
Teri Hatcher is real and Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:15:00 AM

spectacular — and Botox-free,

she says. Filed under: NFL Coaching,
Fed up with the accusations that NFL Training Camp, NFL
she has had plastic surgery and Analysis G REEN BAY, Wis. --
has used Botox, the Desperate Packers coach Mike McCarthy
Housewives star posted nine knows he's sitting on a keg of
pictures of her wrinkly forehead dynamite this season -- Super
on Facebook on Tuesday in an Bowl-worthy dynamite, that is.
album titled "Oy with the The key for the fifth-year
Botox!!!" Packers head coach is to contain
the fuse on that dynamite and early to get caught up with --
See photos of Hatcher through and that they should tone down -
the years not let it explode before its time
towel, Hatcher wrote that she Thank you. Your abuse report - the Super Bowl rhetoric, it's
"Out of the bath getting ready is due.
has dabbled with face-fillers has been sent to the hard to contain the enthusiasm
for bed. Thought about all those It's no secret that the Packers
before, but is currently Botox- moderators. We that's enveloped "Titletown
damn critics of my face. Love it come into the 2010 season with
free. will review the reported USA," which Green Bay came
or hate it, my face that is, no perhaps their strongest overall
"Did I every toy with fillers or comment and take the to be known as after the
surgery, no implants, no matter team since McCarthy became
Botox over the years? yes. Tell appropriate action. legendary late Vince Lombardi
what 'they' say. Decided I'd head coach in 2006. Particularly
me does this look Botoxed to See community led the Packers to its first two
shoot myself in to reveal some strong is the receiving corps,
you? Yes I am alone in my policies. Super Bowl triumphs.
truths about 'beauty' and hope it which ultimately could spell the
bathroom naked in a towel on Five Filters featured There's no question Packers
makes you all easier on difference between whether the
behalf of women everywhere article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets fans are feeling as optimistic
yourself," Hatcher wrote in a Packers reach the Super Bowl
trying to make a point," Hatcher an Easy Ride in the about making the Super Bowl
photo caption. for the first time since 1998 or if
wrote. "Women YOU ARE Independent. Available tools: this season as the players are:
Under another photo, in which they again fall short, as they
BEAUTIFUL." PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, nearly 50,000 green-and-gold
the 45-year-old actress is have in every season since then.
What do you think of the Term Extraction. diehards showed up at last
dripping wet and wearing a Even though the Packers have
photos? Saturday night's intrasquad
won three Super Bowls (1966,
1967 and 1997) and lost one scrimmage at Lambeau Field.
(1998), the team and its fans Equally optimistic is third-year
can't help but ratchet up the talk Packers tight end Jermichael
about reaching the league's Finley, who was one of the keys
biggest game again this season. to Green Bay finishing 11-5 last
And as much as McCarthy season -- one game behind NFC
keeps telling his players it's too North winner Minnesota.
E-reader News Edition Products/ 61

SENZ Original Aerodynamic 30" Storm Umbrella

Woot (Woot! - One Day, One grip. It’s won awards, and- NS: She swallowed a fly? • The SENZ storm umbrella
Deal) NS:-not taste tests, of course! HR: And she thought she’d die! always finds the best position in Additional Photos:
Submitted at 8/12/2010 12:00:14 AM (laughter) Of course, she was in no the wind • Open Umbrella (Black)
HR:(laughter) You’re right danger, but she’s eighty five, so • SENZ umbrellas will not go • How to Open Umbrella
Datcourse there, Nick. Because the Senz of course she went to the doctor. inside out (even if you take • Closed Umbrella (Black)
Transcript From “The Hurry Original Aerodynamic Storm But that doctor, and folks, this them in a wind tunnel, on a • How to Close Umbrella
Rightwell Hour”, August 6th, Umbrella is just not made to be is what we have to look forward motorcycle, snowboarding, • Umbrella Packaging (Black)
2010 eaten. It’s just not! So when the to under Obamacare, that skiing, or skydiving) • Umbrella in Included Sheath
Hurry Rightwell: Now, my media says here’s an old lady doctor told her to swallow a • Asymmetrical wing styled (Black)
friends, I don’t know if you’ve that ate an umbrella, you’re spider. canopy and extra reinforced rib • Umbrella Handle - Opened
been following the news today, already getting trapped in their NS: A spider, Hurry? construction Position (Black)
but… well, this Obamacare bias. And they’re just not HR: Nick, it wriggled and • Using the umbrella requires • Umbrella Handle - Closed
mess is completely out of telling the whole story, which is jiggled and wiggled inside her! minimum force while providing Position (Black)
control. I’m here with Nick what I’m about to do now. And who can sleep with all that maximum rain protection • Umbrella Eyesaver (Black)
Sideman, my producer- NS: Oh boy. They’re not gonna going on? So she went back, and • Unique ergonomically • Umbrella View from Above
Nick Sideman: Good morning, like this, Hurry. this… this quack prescribes her, designed eyesavers protect your (Black)
everyone! HR: They’re not gonna like get this, a bird to eat the spider, eyes -- a tough connection
HR:-and we’ve been… we’ve this, but you know what? I don’t then a cat to eat the bird, then a between the canopy and the Umbrella Colors:
just been sick about this today, care what they do and don’t like, dog, then a goat- are goats even construction specially designed • Dark Blue Umbrella
just sick! Nick, do you think the because it’s time someone in the a predator for dogs? I mean, to protect your eyes from any • Dark Blue Umbrella
people will know what we’re country told the truth about what folks, this is what you’re getting possible harm Packaging
talking about here? happened to this poor old lady here! This is it! A cow, a horse, • Patented frame withstands 70 • Khaki Umbrella
NS: Well, Hurry, I think and her Senz Original and finally, a Senz Original MPH(100 km/h) gales • Khaki Umbrella Packaging
they’ve probably heard it as Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella. I Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella. I • Elongated shape is perfect for • Red Umbrella
some crackpot that swallowed a mean, she knew, right? She guess the aerodynamic shape on-the-go college students or • Red Umbrella Packaging
Senz Original Aerodynamic knew umbrellas are not for allowed her to finally, what’s a anyone who wears a bag on • Black/Grey Twig Umbrella
Storm Umbrella. eating. So how’d it come to polite way to say it, Nick? their back that needs to stay dry • Black/Grey Twig Packaging
HR: Yes, you’re right, Nick, this? Pass? • Opening mechanism • Black w/ Dots Umbrella
you’re absolutely right. The NS: Can’t wait to hear it. NS: Yeah, we don’t want the integrated in the handle • Black w/ Dots Umbrella
mainstream media is presenting HR: It’s astounding, I’m telling FCC in here. (laughter) But, • Aerodynamic shape and oval Packaging
this as, as, as some, I don’t you, astounding what they really, Hurry, wow. What a shaft for superior strength • Black Umbrella
know what to call it, some lone don’t want you to know. Okay, story. It’s a miracle she • The handle is made from a • Black Umbrella Packaging
nut, who, some lone nut that just so, our research uncovered that survived. combination of black EVA foam
swallowed a Senz Original this poor old lady, and she was HR: It really is, Nick, it really and silver ABS for the perfect Product Specifications:
Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella. something like eighty five- is. And if this story doesn’t grip and top performance, even • Canopy Dimensions
See how worked up I am over NS: A good, long life. make Americans stand up and in the harshest weather (Opened): 36.6” x 35” (93cm x
this? I mean, a Senz Original HR: And she deserved better, write their congressman to • Winner of multiple design 89cm)
Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella is Nick, she really did! Anyway, demand immediate health care awards including: the reddot • Umbrella Length When
known to be tough and strong, I’m getting worked up again. reforms, I don’t know what will. design award winner 2007 and Closed: 30” (76cm)
it won’t turn inside out, and This sweet old lady, she was just I mean, a goat! What is this, the label observeur design 09 • Weight: 15.3oz (435 gr)
even the handle is made from sitting on her back porch, and Canada? • Black/Grey Twig and Black • Canopy Material: Nylon
black EVA foam and silver then, out of nowhere, she Warranty: Lifetime Totes with Dots designs created by SENZ page 65
ABS, so it gives you the perfect swallowed a fly. Features: Minä Perhonen for SENZ
62 Products/ E-reader News Edition

Is it ADHD or drug abuse? 934 parents to share their serve as tip-offs: Sudden use of organizational strategies.
(Consumer Reports) observations, found these to be eye drops to decrease eye Eventually, things began to click
Submitted at 8/12/2010 6:28:28 AM some of the top characteristics reddening, or breath mints/gum for him and he began to show an
of ADHD behavior: easy to cover up bad breath, appetite interest in academics. Did he
Is it ADHD or drug abuse? distractibility (95 percent), changes, poor hygiene, anger, grow out of it or did he just
When my oldest son was 13 he d i f f i c u l t y f o c u s i n g o r hostility, sullenness, withdrawal, grow up? I’ll probably never
began to do poorly in school. He maintaining attention during secretiveness, and emotional know for sure, but by the end of
o f t e n f o r g o t t o d o h i s tasks (95 percent), quickly volatility. The physical signs his sophomore year in high
homework, or he did it but losing interest (91 percent), and include the inability to speak school, he was working
forgot to hand it in. He had not following through with that if you’re the parent of a teen intelligibly, slurred speech, independently enough to be
difficulty paying attention schoolwork or chores (91 with ADHD, it’s important to be frequent nosebleeds or runny accepted into an early college
during tasks, was extremely percent). Many of the signs of able to detect the signs of nose, wetting of the lips or program. Today at 18, he’s
disorganized, and his teachers teen drug abuse, described in substance abuse. But how can a frequent thirst, sudden or entering his junior year.
said he was easily distracted. Time to Act!, a Web site parent distinguish between the dramatic weight loss or gain, If you’re concerned about your
T h e y s u g g e s t e d t h a t h i s produced by the Partnership for two? skin abrasions/bruises, child’s behavior, I encourage
behavior fit with many of the a Drug-Free America, are For one thing, in ADHD the s w e a t i n e s s , h e a d a c h e s o r you to make use of the resources
symptoms of attention deficit strikingly similar: loss of pattern of behavior usually v o m i t i n g . available to parents, both inside
hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), interest in school work , drop in begins before age 7, although I watched my son pretty closely the schools and elsewhere. Our
but since this was mostly new g r a d e s , a p a t h y a b o u t the disorder may be diagnosed over those years, but aside from report on ADHD provides
behavior, there was some doubt e x t r a c u r r i c u l a r a c t i v i t i e s , at a much later time. In our the school problems didn’t find guidance for parents who are
in my mind. Also new: My son hobbies or sports, failure to survey, the average age at much else to arouse suspicion. I new to the world of ADHD
had just transferred to a different fulfill responsibilities at school, diagnosis was 7 1/2. Although never noticed symptoms of drug diagnosis and treatment,
middle school, and while he was complaints from teachers, the diagnostic workup may not use, and like 14 percent of including parents’ real life
having trouble adjusting to the decreased motivation, inability take place until an older age, as parents in our survey, I was not assessments of which
change in routines, he was also to focus, hyperactivity, and with my son, parents can usually convinced my child had ADHD. practitioners and therapies are
making many new friends and making endless excuses. look back and figure out if the But at the school’s suggestion, I most helpful.— Orly Avitzur,
e x p l o i t i n g h i s s u d d e n To make matters even more traits were present at an earlier took him to see a specialist who, M.D., Consumer Reports
popularity. confusing, studies indicate that age. Children with ADHD are while also uncertain about the medical adviser Subscribe now!
W h e n a c h i l d ’ s s c h o o l there is a high rate of substance usually keenly aware, even diagnosis, suggested a trial of S u b s c r i b e t o
performance deteriorates during abuse in teens with ADHD, frustrated, by their struggles, medication. As a neurologist, for expert
their teens, a whole host of which can complicate the while those abusing drugs often I’d seen many patients improve Ratings, buying advice and
questions arise. Is he just going management of both conditions. appear apathetic about their dramatically on drug therapy, reliability on hundreds of
through a phase? Is it ADHD? Affected adolescents start doing performance and suddenly but it didn’t seem to make a products. Update your feed
Could it be alcohol, or maybe, drugs earlier, are likely to have indifferent to their favorite difference in my son’s behavior. preferences
drugs? The Consumer Reports poorer outcomes, and have extracurricular activities or He did, however, benefit from
N a t i o n a l R e s e a r c h C e n t e r higher rates of other psychiatric sports. Drug abuse experts point extra help provided during and
survey on ADHD, which asked disorders. What this means is out additional behaviors that can after school and from learning
E-reader News Edition Products/ Sports/ 63
Samsung: New 3D
Buzzword: Range anxiety LCD, plasma HDTVs,
Consumer Reports Shopping Once a faster 220 volt charger found they were afraid to drive infrastructure. Nevertheless, more Internet apps
Blog (Consumer Reports) was installed at his home, he too far from the charging cities, utilities, and automakers James Willcox (Consumer
Submitted at 8/12/2010 6:08:47 AM drove the car every day. “At facilities at home base lest they are scrambling to install public Reports)
first, being limited to 100-miles be stranded. So the company infrastructure, ahead of these
Buzzword: Range anxiety a day took some getting used to, installed a second charging cars’ debut. The claim that these Submitted at 8/12/2010 7:10:24 AM

Range anxiety is a term you’re but after a while, when I really location at about the limit of the upcoming cars with just 100
likely to be hearing a lot more as understood the distances to my Samsung: New 3D LCD,
drivers’ comfort level to give miles of range will meet the
electric vehicles (EVs) make common destinations--work, the plasma HDTVs, more Internet
them an opportunity to charge if daily needs of the vast majority
t h e i r d e b u t o n A m e r i c a ’ s supermarket, and so on--I apps
they needed. The company of American drivers keeps being
roadways. At a press event yesterday,
became more comfortable with found the drivers were then repeated in marketing and PR
Limited range is inherent with how far I could drive between Samsung unveiled several new
completing their routes and campaigns.
any EV and has been the electric charges. I also delighted in 3D TVs(including the $1,000 50
returning with the vehicles’ This claim may not be as
car’s main sticking point. Some never having to stop at a gas -inch plasma TV we reported on
batteries almost empty. The contradictory as it seems. It’s
drivers who have tried electric station or worry about oil yesterday), the industry's first
kicker? The drivers never used understandable that drivers’
cars have reported their anxiety changes. Plugging the car in portable 3D Blu-ray player, and
the additional charging station, anxiety is there since it is bred
about exceeding the car’s range o v e r n i g h t i s m u c h m o r e a new higher-end home theater
but knowing it was there made from gasoline cars. The added
and getting stranded away from c o n v e n i e n t , ” E n g s a y s . system designed to match the
all the difference. infrastructure is likely to address
a charger. Long charge times are He’s not the only one. Sherry cosmetics of its flagship C9000-
It gave them a psychological that for those who have
also a concern. series LCD TVs with LED
Boschert, the author of “Plug-In comfort level with running the switched their mindset.
Driving an EV requires certain Hybrids” relates in the book backlights.
batteries down. But the vehicles’ For more on electric cars and
behavior. Our own Senior Editor how she and many of her EV- The company is also greatly
range was adequate from the future technologies, see our
for Electronics, Paul Eng who owning friends sold their expanding the content available
beginning. guide to alternative fuels.
leas a Mini-E for the past year gasoline cars about a year after via its Samsung Apps platform,
Several electric cars are set to — Eric Evarts Subscribe now!
has some insights. When he first buying an EV, finding they no and says it has new exclusive
debut starting at the end of this S u b s c r i b e t o
got the car, he experienced such longer needed them. deals for 3D Blu-ray titles,
year, including the Chevrolet for expert
range anxiety that he only drove In Japan, one electric vehicle including DreamWork's How to
Volt and Nissan Leaf. The main Ratings, buying advice and
it every other day. But that was fleet operator infamously found Train Your Dragon 3D, that will
benefit of electricity as an reliability on hundreds of
because he was using a slow that its drivers were regularly be part of a new Starter Kit
alternative fuel for cars, as products. Update your feed
110 volt charger that took more returning with batteries half full. opposed to fuel cell, is that it preferences SAMSUNG: page 64
than a day to charge the car. After polling the drivers, he doesn’t require a whole new

Fog Stalls Start of PGA Championship

FanHouse Staff (FanHouse thick fog. be pushed back a couple hours. on the PGA Tour, had been set Masters champion Phil
Main) The final major -- the 92nd "Once the fog has lifted and it is to start from the 10th hole at Mickelson had been scheduled
Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:45:00 AM PGA -- also figures is predicted clear to play, the first starting 9:20 a.m. to tee off from the first at 2:35
to face overcast conditions for time will be 30 minutes Woods, hunting his 15th major p.m. with U.S. Open winner
F i l e d u n d e r : P G A , P G A the remainer of Thursday. following that time," officials title but first since the 2008 U.S. Graeme McDowell and British
Championship SHEBOYGAN, Bo Van Pelt, Scott Hebert and said. Open, has been grouped with Open champion Louis
Wis. -- The start of the PGA Vaughn Taylor were scheduled Four-time champion Tiger defending champion Y.E. Yang Oosthuizen.
Championship at Whistling to tee off from the par-4 first at Woods, who has failed to win and 2004 champion Vijay Singh
Straits has been delayed by a 8 a.m. ET, but that was likely to this season in eight appearances for the first two rounds.
64 Products/ E-reader News Edition
How to choose a diaper pail continued from page 63

bundled with two sets of 3D Blu-ray player, or $350 if

Artemis Dibenedetto we have found in previous
(Consumer Reports) glasses. purchased separately.
testing that manufacturers may Among Samsung's new 3D During the event, Samsung
Submitted at 8/12/2010 1:59:59 AM claim a pail holds more than it TVs, which all arrive this executives said the company
actually does. But as diaper size month, is the 65-inch will double the number of
How to choose a diaper pail increases, any pail holds fewer UN65C8000, a 3D LCD TV applications available through
Changing diapers, of course, is diapers. And besides, whether with an edge LED backlight. its Samsung Apps platform by
the least glamorous aspect of you go with cloth or The TV, a 240Hz set with local the end of the year, and
taking care of a baby. But it disposables, you will want to dimming, will sell for about announced a new exclusive app
must be done many times a day, regularly empty the pail anyway $6,000. The three new 3D from ESPN, called ESPN Next
and the right diaper pail can
t h a t u s e t h e i r o w n l i n e r s to minimize odor. A pedal- or plasmas include the lower-cost Level. Also new is what it calls
make the job easier. That’s
typically contain odors better m o t i o n d e t e c t o r - o p e n i n g Samsung PN50C490 model we the first 3D video-on-demand
especially true if you have more
than those that use garbage mechanism makes disposal wrote about yesterday—a 720p app that provides trailers of
than one baby at a time in
bags, but refills do cost more, faster and easier. A taller pail set that carries an estimated upcoming 3D movies. We'll be
diapers—twins or triplets, or
though some products that take means you won’t have to bend price of $1,100, although checking out these new apps as
children close in age.
garbage bags may claim to as far. When you’re changing Amazon has it for $989 on pre- soon as they're available.
The type of diaper pail you’ll
control odors. If you use cloth diapers all day, every day, order—plus two C680-series —James K. Willcox Next Steps
want depends on whether you’re
diapers, dump solid waste into anything that helps you out is a 1080p sets in 50-inch • TV Buying Advice:
using cloth diapers or
the toilet before depositing a plus. (PN50C680) and 58-inch • Types of TVs|
disposables. Cloth-diaper users
soiled diaper into the pail. It’s a Related: (PN58C680) screen sizes. Those • TV Features|
may favor a “dry” pail, a lined
good idea to dump waste from • Seventh Generation diapers TVs will sell for $1,600 and • TV Brands
plastic pail you put rinsed
disposables, too; that added step and other products to be sold at $2,300, respectively. None of
diapers in until wash time.
helps cut down on the odor. (See Walmart• Take the stress out of the TVs come with 3D glasses. All TV Ratings Subscribers can
“Wet” pails—a plastic pail for potty training To provide more 3D content to view and compare all TV
cloth vs. disposable diapers.)
soaking diapers before its customers, Samsung Ratings. Recommended TVs
Look for a secure lid; any
laundering—were once the expanded its exclusive deal with Look at the ones that we chose
diaper pail can be a danger to a
standard, but are not used much
young child. Plastic liners in a Subscribe now! DreamWorks ( Monsters vs. as the best of the best. Subscribe
anymore. The typical disposable S u b s c r i b e t o Aliens 3D, Shrek 3D) to include now!
disposable or dry pail are a
-diaper pail is also plastic, and it for expert How to Train Your Dragon 3D. S u b s c r i b e t o
suffocation hazard; water in a
may be rigged with special
soaking pail is a drowning peril. Ratings, buying advice and That title, plus IMAX's Into the for expert
liners or devices that dispel
And a child who lifts a diaper reliability on hundreds of Deep and Galapagos, and Ratings, buying advice and
diaper odors, or for use with
pail lid and falls in may not be products. Update your feed Mummies: Secrets of the reliability on hundreds of
regular garbage bags. preferences Pharaohs, from Giant Screen products. Update your feed
able to get out.
The right diaper pail can make Films, will be available as part preferences
Capacity counts too, although
diaper duty less of a chore. Pails of a new 3D Starter Kit
available this fall. The Starter
Kit is free to those purchasing
both a Samsung 3D TV and 3D
E-reader News Edition Products/ Gaming/ 65
That's Right, Bison. The Man, continued from page 61

• Tube Material: Aluminum own: changing the world and re

Killing Bison.: Woot Weads The How it all got started…
-arranging the sky! Soon after,
he teams up with two friends,
“Once upon a time a young just like him green enough to
Wire ambitious Dutch design student underestimate the huge hurdles
comes home, soaking wet and they’re facing. Together these
(Woot! - One Day, One Deal) Those familiar with the case UPI) -- Anthrax has killed 30 leaving a gigantic puddle of three guy chose to follow their
Submitted at 8/11/2010 12:00:00 PM added that the man really wishes bison on a farm near Weyburn, water on the floor. Feeling dreams, which led to the product
his assigned caseworker would Saskatchewan, a Canadian frustrated, he sits down and that [I’m holding] now. The
Every week in this space, we’ll stop saying "…OR MAYBE… provincial official said Tuesday. takes a deep breath. He looks ultimate umbrella: smart,
take a look at the news and offer YOU DID!!!" every time he Authorities now say that Scott down on his broken umbrella, strong, and stylish.”
our own incisive blend of calls to discuss the issue. Ian has taken full responsibility his third of the week. Outside he “And the three friends? They’re
commentary, analysis, and poop RIYADH, Saudi Arabia ( UPI) and claims that the other sees even more wrecked still together, having loads of
jokes. The news you need, from -- The Saudi government said m e m b e r s o f t h e b a n d a r e umbrellas, so he cries out: f u n a n d d e v e l o p i n g n e w
a voice you can trust, in the 90 Tuesday it was holding off on innocent. ‘We’ve been to the moon and umbrella innovations every
seconds you have to spare: its plan to cut off BlackBerry DESTIN, Fla. ( UPI) -- Police beyond, but why is there not day.”
that’s Woot Weads the Wire. corporate messaging services in in Florida said a woman who even ONE decent umbrella on In the box:
PORDENONE, Italy ( UPI) -- the kingdom. poured drinks on her husband this planet!?’” • (1) SENZ Original
Anti-globalization activists have This decision will not affect after finding him at a strip club “Doing what he does best, he Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella
destroyed a field of genetically heads, arms and hands, which was charged with battery. immediately starts generating (You Choose: Black, Dark Blue,
m o d i f i e d c o r n n e a r t h e the Saudis will continue to cut A spokesperson for the woman ideas. Determined to come up Khaki, Crimson, Black/Grey
northeastern Italian town of off as they see fit. argues that she intended to only with a solution, he spends Twig, Red OR Black with
Pordenone, Italian authorities NEW YORK ( UPI) -- Mark throw a single drink on her months on realizing his great Dots)
say. Ruffalo says he and Edward husband, but the club policy passion: creating the ultimate • (1) Nylon umbrella sheath
Thankfully, the corn's healing Norton, his friend and fellow mandated that she purchase at umbrella. Being out in the rain
factor and adamantium claws H o l l y w o o d a c t o r , a r e n o t least two. should be fun again!” Discuss this product
will allow it to take its own fighting over the big-screen role N E W Y O R K ( U P I ) - - “He contacts the world’s largest Price: $14.99 I want one!
revenge. of the Hulk. Breakfast giant Kellogg's has umbrella brands to apply for an
WEST NYACK, N.Y. ( UPI) -- Most Hulk fans stand behind o p e n e d a P o p - T a r t t h e m e internship, but they quickly turn
A 78-year-old New York state their belief that, if they two men r e s t a u r a n t i n N e w Y o r k him down. At first, he feels
man said he was perplexed to ever did fight, it would be featuring Pop-Tart sandwiches frustrated, but then decides to
discover the U.S. government totally freaking awesome like and other sugary concoctions. pursue his big dream on his
believes he died more than a nobody would ever believe. The joke here is that this really
month ago. WEYBURN, Saskatchewan ( exists.

Chew on these Lego Universe 'Gnarled Forest' screens

Griffin McElroy (Joystiq) - today, we get a look a few Continue reading Chew on on Thu, 12 Aug 2010 03:20:00
Submitted at 8/12/2010 3:20:00 AM screenshots from the MMO's these Lego Universe 'Gnarled EST. Please see our terms for
Gnarled Forest area. We never Forest' screens use of feeds.
We've seen a few of the bright would have assumed a game Chew on these Lego Universe Permalink| Email this|
and generally welcoming about toy heroes could contain 'Gnarled Forest' screens Comments
environments of Lego Universe- such ominous imagery. Check out the images after the break. originally appeared on Joystiq
66 Sports/ E-reader News Edition

Feliz, Rangers blow it in 9th as Jeter, Yanks rally

Associated Press off Rangers rookie All-Star
( closer Neftali Feliz(3-3)."The
Submitted at 8/12/2010 1:33:09 AM whole game, we were where we
wanted to be. We just couldn't
Game Information Stadium stop them from the sixth inning
Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, on," Rangers manager Ron
Arlington, TX Attendance Washington said. "We got their
48,676 (99% full) - % is based closer last night. They got ours
on regular season capacity tonight."Feliz, in his first save
Game Time 3:45 Weather 99 chance since July 31 after
degrees, partly cloudy Wind 3 converting 20 in a row, walked
mph Umpires Home Plate - Paul the leadoff batter in the ninth,
Emmel, First Base - Bill Hohn, gave up a single to No. 9 hitter
Second Base - Gary Darling, Brett Gardner and threw a wild
Third Base - Mike Estabrook pitch before Jeter's tying hit.
Associated Press Nick Swisher struck out for the
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Once fourth time before Alexi
Marcus Thames finally put the Ogando came on and gave up
New York Yankees ahead, there the single to Thames.Thames
was no way Mariano Rivera was led off the eighth by pulling a
going to have a repeat 410-foot shot down the left-field
performance. More from line off Frank Francisco to get
Yankees vs. Rangers New York within 6-5. Kerry
From Wood(2-4) threw two scoreless
By refusing to lose to Cliff Lee, innings for his first decision in
the Yankees made a perfect five appearances since New
recruiting pitch to the Rangers five runs down to beat the thinking we're in trouble here, said. "I've got Hamilton next, Y o r k a c q u i r e d h i m f r o m
ace, writes Wallace Matthews. Rangers 7-6 on Wednesday but if anyone can do it, Mo who I've seen before, so I made Cleveland on July 31.Texas (65-
Story night for a split in the two-game can."After Andrus' liner into the my pitches."The Yankees (70- 48) still has a 7½-game lead
• Check out the Yankees blog series between the division right-center gap, Michael Young 43), who have the best record in over the Los Angeles Angels in
From leaders.A night after losing in had a short fly ball to right, the majors and a 1½-game lead the AL West, by far the largest
The Rangers will need some of Texas for the only time in his where Austin Kearns made a over Tampa Bay in the AL East, lead in any of baseball's six
their trademark resolve after first 32 career appearances over shoestring grab. Hamilton and matched their biggest comeback divisions.Rangers starter Cliff
being singed at home by the 16 seasons, Rivera gave up a Vladimir Guerrero hit grounders of the season despite tying a Lee struck out 11 with no walks
Yankees, writes Richard leadoff triple to Elvis Andrus in to give Rivera his 24th save in f r a n c h i s e r e c o r d w i t h 1 7 in 6 1/3 innings, matching his
Durrett. Story the ninth before retiring the Nos. 26 chances.Asked what was strikeouts. Their other 17-K shortest outing of the season and
• Check out the Rangers blog 2-4 hitters, including Josh going through his mind after the games were in 1901 and ending his streak of 10
One loss in Texas was enough Hamilton on a comebacker after leadoff triple, Rivera responded, 1999.Thames drove in the go- consecutive starts going at least
for the longtime Yankees the majors' leading hitter already "Nothing. I'm trying to get the ahead run on a rolling single eight innings. He gave up four
closer.Thames hit a long homer had three hits."That's Mo, right next guy out and go from between shortstop and third base runs.But Young homered while
in the eighth inning, then had through the heart of their order, there."What about after Kearns' after Derek Jeter had tied the D a v i d M u r p h y a n d M i t c h
the go-ahead RBI single in the three tremendous hitters," catch?"I'm thinking, 'Oh, my game with a chopper past a
manager Joe Girardi said. "I was God. We have to win now," he drawn-in infield, an RBI single FELIZ, page 67
ninth as New York rallied from
E-reader News Edition Sports/ Featured/ 67
Police: New York Mets' Francisco Rodriguez continued from page 66

Moreland had two-run singles

charged with assault on father-in-law for Texas, which had scored
only 2.28 runs a game for Lee in news services ballpark between Francisco area of the clubhouse. Soon game. Mets manager Jerry his first six starts since being
( Rodriguez and his family. He after, a Citi Field security Manuel later said the matter was traded to the Rangers instead of
Submitted at 8/12/2010 7:18:42 AM was questioned by police and all member and uniformed police resolved, without divulging New York on July 9.Lee already
other questions pertaining to this officer went to that same area of what caused the dispute. had seven strikeouts by the end
Updated: August 12, 2010, 8:18 matter can be addressed to the clubhouse. In July 2009, Rodriguez and of the fifth, five on called third
AM ET police," Mets spokesman Jay Rodriguez has had previous former Mets official Tony strikes. He struck out Swisher,
NEW YORK -- Police say New Horwitz said. confrontations with a team Bernazard argued aboard the Thames and Alex Rodriguez in
York Mets reliever Francisco Several security guards, along official, a coach and an team bus. Bernazard was later order in the sixth after Jeter had
Rodriguez was charged with with some women and children, opponent in his 1½ seasons with fired by the Mets amid several a leadoff triple and scored on a
third-degree assault, a were seen around the Mets' the Mets, though none of them allegations. wild pitch to make it 6-2.But
misdemeanor, after an family lounge near the reached this level. That June, Rodriguez and New after Lance Berkman had an
altercation with his father-in-law clubhouse after New York's 6-2 The excitable 28-year-old York Yankees reliever Brian RBI double and Gardner an RBI
at Citi Field. loss to Colorado. Rodriguez's pitcher signed a three-year, $37 Bruney needed to be separated single in the seventh for a 6-4
Rodriguez was arrested and father-in-law had swelling million contract with the Mets before a game. They had jawed score with two runners still on
being held at the ballpark early above his right eyebrow. after posting a record 62 saves at each other in the media a day base, Lee was done. Submarine-
Thursday, police said. His father Rodriguez became highly with the Angels in 2008. He is 4 earlier. throwing Darren O'Day struck
-in-law was in a hospital with a agitated with reporters who -2 with 25 saves and a 2.24 Information from ESPN's out Jeter before Darren Oliver
scrape on his face and a bump approached him at his locker ERA this season. J e r e m y S c h a a p , struck out Swisher to end the
on his head. after the altercation. Mets blog Rodriguez did not pitch in the's Ian threat."I started missing my
Rodriguez was expected to be Looking for more information Mets' latest loss, which dropped Begley and The Associated spots a little bit," said Lee, who
arraigned Thursday morning at o n y o u r M e t s ? them below .500. Reliever Press was used in this report. still threw 76 of 106 pitches for
Queens Criminal Court. Under has you Manny Acosta gave up a two- Five Filters featured strikes. "I felt like I was running
the domestic violence laws in covered. Blog out grand slam to Melvin Mora article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets out of gas."Yankees starter
New York state, Rodriguez was Rodriguez screamed, "Mind in the eighth inning. an Easy Ride in the Javier Vazquez gave up six runs
charged regardless of whether your own [expletive] business!" In May, Rodriguez and bullpen Independent. Available tools: and eight hits over 4 1/3 innings
the father-in-law wished to to a reporter who tried to ask coach Randy Niemann got into a PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, and was chased by Murphy's
bring charges. him a question. The reliever heated exchange while the Term Extraction. FELIZ, page 68
"There was an incident at the then stormed into a restricted pitcher was preparing to enter a

Today's bike trip: Under 3 bridges, round the Battery

(Scripting News) bike trail at Stuyvesant Point, The heat wave is over, it's in bike trail is just north of there,
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:37:19 AM went under the Williamsburg, the mid-70s. Perfect riding betw the top of Battery Park and
Manhattan and Brooklyn weather. 46th St. It's a straight shoot the
Here's the trip report on Bridges, South Street Seaport, The pedestrians are the worst in whole way.
EveryTrail. 10.0 miles. 1.25 round the Battery, up the Battery Park City, sometimes Today the leg pain and
hours. Hudson and across the Village. blocking the whole super-wide tiredness are gone, endorphins
I rode up 8th Ave, cross town There were signs of heavy rain got more than a few drops. path with dogs and baby flowing make me happy!
on 20th, joined the East River most of the route, but I never carriages, not moving. The best
68 Sports/ E-reader News Edition
NASCAR team owner Jack Roush continued from page 67

two-run single that made it 6- sellout of the season was the

released from hospital 1.Murphy has hit .423 (11-for-
26) with 11 RBIs in a seven-
largest crowd since opening day.
Copyright by STATS LLC and news services for the outpouring of support from the incident. game hitting streak. He had a The Associated Press
( and concern I have received the It was the second close call in two-run homer Tuesday before Texas Rangers right fielder
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:01:19 AM past two weeks," Roush said. an airplane for Roush, who his game-winning single with Nelson Cruz is unable to reach a
"Our teams and drivers have not crashed into a lake in Alabama the bases loaded in the 10th off single by New York Yankees'
Updated: August 12, 2010, missed a beat in my absence, eight years ago and nearly Rivera.Game notes Derek Jeter in the second...(AP
11:01 AM ET and I am proud of the effort they drowned before being rescued Lee has 137 strikeouts and only Photo/Tony Gutierrez)
NASCAR team owner Jack have put forth. I look forward to by an ex-Marine who lived nine walks in 161 1/3 innings Five Filters featured
Roush has been released from rejoining them at the track nearby. this season. ... Yankees 1B Mark article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, soon." I n f o r m a t i o n f r o m T h e Teixeira is expected to rejoin the an Easy Ride in the
Minn., his team said Thursday. It was not known when Roush Associated Press was used in team Thursday in Kansas City Independent. Available tools:
Roush, the co-owner of Roush will return to the track, the team this report. after missing the two games in PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Fenway Racing and chairman of said. F i v e F i l t e r s f e a t u r e d Texas for the birth of his third Term Extraction.
Roush Enterprises, was released Roush underwent surgery at the article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets child. ... In the crowd of 48,676
on Wednesday, according to the Mayo Clinic to treat facial a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e was former President George W.
s t a t e m e n t . H e h a d b e e n injuries suffered in a plane crash Independent. Available tools: Bush and his wife, Laura, who
recuperating at the Mayo Clinic on July 27, in which the plane PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, sat in the first row by the
from injuries he sustained in a R o u s h w a s p i l o t i n g w a s Term Extraction. Rangers dugout. The fourth
plane crash in Wisconsin. involved in a landing accident in
"I would like to thank everyone Oshkosh, Wis. He walked away

FanHouse's 2010 Preseason College Football Poll

-- No. 21 Arkansas
Clay Travis (FanHouse Main) Now all that remains are the to forget that this was only an
Submitted at 8/12/2010 6:00:00 AM questions. Will Ryan Mallett eight-win team last season --
lead the Razorbacks to their first one that needed tremendous
Filed under: Arkansas, SEC A SEC championship or will he good fortune to win the Liberty
dozen FanHouse editors and become this year's version of Bowl in overtime against East
writers picked a preseason top Jevan Snead, another player Carolina. But none of that
25 and the results were tabulated who couldn't handle the scrutiny matters, fans are already calling Francisco Rodriguez
in typical poll fashion. We'll of preseason national attention? the Hogs in mid-August.
reveal one a day until No. 1 is Can Arkansas withstand the The Razorbacks believe they
Arrested After
unveiled on Sept. 1. early challenges of the schedule can win 11 games in a season, Altercation With Father-
Bobby Petrino is 5-11 after two and remain in contention for a or more, for the first time in in-Law
years of SEC play, but in this division title throughout the Ole Miss? nearly two generations. FanHouse Staff (FanHouse
third year Arkansas fans are season, or will it eliminate itself Given the outlandish optimism Main)
more eager than they've been in with an early collapse like last among Razorback fans, it's easy
years for the season to get here. year's darling of the preseason, FiledFRANCISCO
under: Mets, page
Submitted at 8/12/2010 12:30:00 AM
E-reader News Edition Sports/ Food/ Gaming/ 69
continued from page 68

Blotter New York Mets closer clubhouse and snapped at

Alaska Crash Victim
Francisco Rodriguez was
arrested late Wednesday night
reporters who approached him
at his locker. Leaves Three Sons
following a physical altercation Rodriguez was quoted in the
with his father-in-law at Citi
report as saying, "Did I
(expletive) pitch? Then why do I
Playing College Football
David Steele (FanHouse
Police said that Rodriguez was gotta talk to you guys, then?" Main)
charged with third-degree Rodriguez then allegedly fired Chaos Rings encircles
assault, which is a back "Mind your own Submitted at 8/11/2010 7:03:00 PM iPad; Square Enix
misdemeanor. (expletive) business!" to a iPhone apps go on sale
Filed under: Indiana, Stanford,
The incident reportedly reporter who tried to ask a
Virginia Andrew Phillips, son of JC Fletcher (Joystiq)
occurred after the Mets' 6-2 loss question before storming off
crash victim William Phillips As
to the Rockies on Wednesday into a restricted area of the Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:30:00 AM
the former chief of staff to
night. Police said that clubhouse. Recap: Mets'
Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens and Square Enix's pretty iPhone
Rodriguez's father-in-law is in Discouraging Season Takes
then a prominent lawyer and RPG gets prettier today, with
the hospital with a scrape on his Ugly Turn
head of a Washington lobbying the release of Chaos Rings for
face and a bump on his head.
firm, William "Bill'' Phillips -- iPad. Sure, you could already
According to a Wall Street
who died along with Stevens play the original version on iPad
Journal report, prior to the was one of the crash's four (and still can) but the $15.99
and three others in a small
altercation with his father-in- survivors.
private plane crash in the iPad-native version has
law, Rodriguez was visibly Andrew Phillips, who turns 23 enhanced graphics for the bigger
mountains of southwestern
angry when he entered the next month, is a fifth-year senior screen.
Alaska on Monday -- left a
significant political legacy. guard at Stanford, an honorable Even if you don't want to take a
mention all-Pac-10 selection last pair of fighters through fight
Phillips also left a sizable sports
legacy: three of his four sonsseason and part of a line that after fight in the Ark Battle
helped Toby Gerhart finish Arena, this release might be
currently play college football,
second in the Heisman Trophy good news for you: to celebrate,
and the youngest -- 13-year-old
William Jr., also known as voting and gave up just seven Square Enix has discounted all
Willy -- plays the sport as ansacks all season. its other iPhone titles -- most
eighth-grader. Willy Phillips notably Sliding Heroes, which
has been marked down to free.
Quick Seafood Dinners See the full list here(iTunes
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) white rice according to package or until vegetables are charred. Halibut with Chimichurri Next Chaos Rings encircles iPad;
directions, omitting salt and fat. Stir in ½ cup halved grape Seafood Arrabbiata Square Enix iPhone apps go on
Time: 30 minutes Heat 1½ tablespoons olive oil in tomatoes and 13 cup chopped F i v e F i l t e r s f e a t u r e d sale originally appeared on
Prep Pointer: You’ll get more a large cast-iron skillet over green onions; sauté 1 minute or article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets Joystiq on Thu, 12 Aug 2010
juice from a room-temperature medium-high heat. Add ½ cup -until tomatoes almost wilt. a n E a s y R i d e i n t h e 10:30:00 EST. Please see our
lemon. thawed frozen whole-kernel Combine vegetable mixture, Independent. Available tools: terms for use of feeds.
Serve with Charred Vegetable c o r n a n d ½ c u p c h o p p e d rice, and ¾ teaspoon salt. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Permalink| Email this|
Rice: Cook 1 cup long-grain zucchini to pan; sauté 3 minutes View Recipe: Pan-Grilled Term Extraction. Comments
70 Gaming/ E-reader News Edition

Chiptune documentary 'Reformat the Planet' on

DVD August 24
JC Fletcher (Joystiq) music made with Game Boys,
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:00:00 AM you can buy a shirt, square Test Drive
buttons (how is this possible?), a
Reformat the Planet is a poster, and Blip Festival DVDs
Unlimited 2 delayed
documentary by 2 Player and CDs. Then you can watch until Q1 2011
Productions about the 2006 Blip the movie and actually know a
David Hinkle (Joystiq)
Festival and the artists who lot about it!
helped put it together (and then Continue reading Chiptune Submitted at 8/12/2010 11:07:00 AM

played a bunch of amazing chip documentary 'Reformat the

music on stage), including Atari and Eden Games' Test
Planet' on DVD August 24
Nullsleep, Glomag, Bit Shifter, Drive Unlimited 2 has pulled
Chiptune documentary
Hally, Anamanaguchi, and into the slow lane for now, with
'Reformat the Planet' on DVD
more. 2PP just announced the the open-world racer missing its
the next couple of years of the In addition, 2PP partnered with August 24 originally appeared
date for the long-awaited DVD September debut in favor of an
New York chiptune scene (a clip Fangamer to create some lovely on Joystiq on Thu, 12 Aug 2010
release: August 24. "early 2011" launch.
of that can be found after the merchandise that can be 10:00:00 EST. Please see our
The two-disc package includes Consequently, the planned beta
break). The discs also have purchased in bundles with the terms for use of feeds.
the original movie, as well as a period has also been pushed
music videos and songs from DVD. If you want to look like a Permalink| Email this|
"Reformat the Planet 1.5" some of the included artists. person who knows a lot about Comments TEST page 71
featurette that follows up with

Metro 2033 update preventing Achievements, THQ

Alexander Sliwinski (Joystiq) it's still a problem in need of a Gallery: Metro 2033
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:02:00 AM correction. According to the [Thanks, Wayne]
official Metro 2033 Twitter Metro 2033 update preventing
THQ's sleeper subway hit, account, the publisher has been Achievements, THQ
M e t r o 2 0 3 3 , w a s p a t c h e d aware of the problem since 'investigating' originally
r e c e n t l y i n s u p p o r t o f August 3, most recently appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 12
the"Ranger Pack" DLC, but it acknowledging the situation on Aug 2010 09:02:00 EST. Please
appears the update clashed with August 5 as something on see our terms for use of feeds.
h o w t h e g a m e t r a c k s Microsoft's end. Permalink| Email this|
A c h i e v e m e n t s . C o n f l i c t e d In a statement to Joystiq, a Ranger Pack DLC. We are representative added that the Comments
r e p o r t s s u g g e s t t h e p a t c h THQ representative said, "We currently investigating this issue company should have something
prevents all Achievements in the a r e a w a r e o f s o m e u s e r s with Microsoft and expect to more concrete to share in "the
game, or simply the ones from e x p e r i e n c i n g i s s u e s w i t h have a resolution shortly." The coming days."
the Ranger Pack -- either way, achievements for Metro 2033's
E-reader News Edition Featured/ Science/ 71
continued from page 70

back, although players who live." The new beta dates are
How Max Headroom Predicted My
already signed up will
apparently be rewarded with
expected to be announced
"shortly." Job, 20 Years Before It Existed
"exclusive in-game content" Test Drive Unlimited 2 delayed Annalee Newitz - io9 (Popular the tagline "twenty minutes into
when the final game arrives (and until Q1 2011 originally Science - New Technology, the future," here's a quick recap.
they'll still participate in the appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 12 Science News, The Future Investigative reporter Edison
multiplayer test drive). Aug 2010 11:07:00 EST. Please Now)
Carter works for Network 23 in
According to a message posted see our terms for use of feeds. Submitted at 8/11/2010 3:15:30 PM an undefined cyberpunk future,
on the official website for Test Permalink| Email this| The entire 80s cyberpunk Max where all media is ad-supported
Drive Unlimited 2, the delay Comments Headroom TV series is available and ratings rule all. Reporters
will allow Eden Games to apply today on DVD, and one of the carry "rifle cameras," gun-
The Premise
"a few extra months of polish" pleasures of rewatching the For those who don't know the shaped video cameras, which
and ensure "that we deliver a series is discovering how many premise of the 1987-88 series, are wirelessly linked back to a
robust and reliable online things it got right about the HOW page 71
where every episode begins with
service from the day we go future.
Programming followups continued from page 71

are wirelessly linked back to a

(Scripting News) subscribing is). There's very streams" as long as it is Atom- "controller" in the newsroom.
Submitted at 8/12/2010 5:02:37 AM little code in this package, a only. Even so, there may be Edison's controller is Theora,
good omen! You work hard for possibilities for connecting our who accesses information online
A few followups to recent a very long time to find these work. - everything from apartment
programming pieces. nuggets. It's designed to be 6. Not really a programming layouts to secret security
1. As a warmup project I added easily cloned, and I hope to start thing, but on Saturday, New footage - to help him with
three new verbs to the OPML an open source project in the York City is opening Park investigations.
Editor glue script table for fall, to clone, document and social messaging app. I've Avenue to bikers, runners and They're aided in their
Flickr. Together they make it evangelize it. worked with Chuck on and off walkers (as it was last Saturday, investigations by a sarcastic AI
possible to easily download all 3. The realtime manager was for 15 years (gulp) and respect and will be next Saturday). named Max Headroom, built by
the pictures in a Flickr group to developed for yet-another the hell out of him. I'd look There are lots of related special geek character Bryce and based
a local disk. instance of the Instant Outliner. carefully. events. If you're in the city it's a on Edison's memories.
2. There's a new realtime-over- This one really is instantaneous, 5. Had a fun, spirited phone talk great idea to get out and get Sometimes producer Murray
the-Internet manager in the and should scale well. You'll yesterday with Blaine Cook, some blood flowing. It'll make (Jeffrey Tambor) helps out, as
OPML Editor based on long find the code for it at who works on realtime stuff for you smarter! And it looks like does Reg, a pirate TV
polling and XML-RPC. I (The code for the realtime British Telecom and was one of the heat wave has broken just in broadcaster known as a "blank"
believe it's the foundation for manager is at builtins.realtime.) the original guys at Twitter. I time. because he's erased his identity
instant RSS-like apps, and a 4. Chuck Shotton took the tin- still think DNS is the right from corporate databases.
chance to revisit all that's can-and-string idea and ran with technology to manage identity, In the world of Max Headroom,
klunky or ineffective about it, not only implementing but and can't support "activity it's illegal for televisions to have
RSS(notably how awkward also specifying a federatable an off switch. Terrorists are
reality TV stars. And super-fast
subliminal advertisements called
HOW page 72
72 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 71

blipverts have started to blow call from the head honchos at turn Rakers into a TV show and systems, repurposed here). wasn't able to predict lolcats).
people up by overstimulating the network, telling him to pull a Zynga game at the same time. Because the whole show is What we're also seeing in this
the nervous systems of people the story. We catch a glimpse of As a sidenote, another way that about television, all the hacks clip is a content packager who
who are sedentary and eat too how Murray is tracking the this show seems eerily prescient are signal hacks rather than has arranged for some terrorists
much fat. The series was popularity of Edison's show is in its depiction of how self- computer network hacks. One of to blow up some buildings to
produced by a British company minute-by-minute against the obsessed the media has become. the major things the show got jack up ratings on the network
for American television, and the shows on other networks. Nearly every single episode of wrong about the future was not that has an exclusive partnership
character Max Headroom also This is exactly how most media the show turns into a story of including any kind of internet. to air the terrorists' activities.
starred in commercials and was works online, where audience- how Edison has stumbled into So Bryce is trying to hack using And you also get a glimpse of
a VJ for a shortlived music tracking services can give you a an investigation of corruption at different kinds of broadcast the famous "camera rifle,"
video show. second-by-second update on his own company. Network 23 signals, instead of sneaking in because a Network 23 reporter
There are many reasons to how many people are viewing is broadcasting the deadly via an internet connection. is filming the terrorists, too.
watch this show, from its great your video or your livestream. blipverts via its advertising Still, in this scene and many Love that her magazine is a
writing to its straight-outta- In fact, if you look in the upper sponsor Zik Zak; the network is others in the show, we see an videotape, and that the record
Neuromancer feel, but the best right hand corner of this post, also about to option the deadly entire outlaw media culture: the button is a trigger.
reason is that it's still managed you can see how many people Rakers show; and in later blanks are like Anonymous, Once again, in this episode, the
to stay relevant over two have viewed it. You are living in episodes it turns out the completely off the data grid yet reporters and media become part
decades after it was canceled. the Max Headroom future right company is in bed with a using it for political ends (or just of the story. Edison winds up
And that's because the show got now. corrupt security company, is for griefing); and Reg is playing investigating how their rival
so many predictions right. Max Headroom predicted how deliberately getting people pirated videos on his TV station. network is staging terrorist acts
Max Headroom predicted big networks would rip off addicted to its shows, and is Of course, in a world where in order to boost their ratings.
instant-ratings media YouTube celebrities helping to arrest blanks. When television signals can kill or It's reality television, only just a
In the scene above, from the In another episode called Edison isn't investigating his control your mind, media little bit more savage and violent
episode "Blipverts," you can see "Rakers," Edison investigates an own company, he's investigating hacking is pretty serious than it is today.
how reporters of the future do underground sport called Network 66, which is run by a business indeed. But wait there's more
their jobs - and how their Raking. Kids have created DiY former Network 23 executive. Max Headroom predicted ad- That's right - I'll be reviewing
success is measured in instant motorized skateboards, and Max Headroom predicted driven news and violent reality the second season of Max
ratings. This is the first episode, engage in a kind of combat- 4Chan, pirate video, and media TV Headroom next week, and
before Edison gets paired up racing which results in a lot of hacking I included the clip above, from talking about what made Max
with controller Theora, so we injuries and deaths (hence I love the scene above, which the episode "War," because it Headroom a major media icon.
see him with his previous Edison's investigation). What takes place in the slums outside depicts this little side-alley in So t-t-tune in next week, for
controller being guided through we see in the clip above are the the city where Network 23 is the Max Headroom universe more M-M-Max Headroom! In
an apartment building to get his network execs talking about located. The TVs heaped that's utterly genius. It's the Ad the meantime, buy something
story. (The story is that blipverts how they should create a Raking everywhere are a constant part Market, a stock market where from Zik Zak!
are blowing people up.) This is show because a pirated video of the show's landscape. Here people buy and sell ad time on io9 is a website about the
media done blogger-style, with cube (basically, a YouTube we meet Blank Reg, an old punk all the television networks. This future, exploring the science and
one reporter dropping into the equivalent) has been making the who runs a pirate TV show out is during a global sweeps week, science fiction that will take us
scene, doing his own video, and rounds and the numbers on it are of his trailer. and we watch as people there.
feeding it directly back to the astounding. And like any good In this episode, called "Security frantically buy and sell time -
network where it's going out social network of today, Systems," Reg helps Edison and though Network 23 is losing
live. Network 23 wants to make sure his scooby gang to get through here, because they're showing
I love the detail at the end of to suck up gambling dollars too some serious "ice" (William dog videos on the news
the clip, where Murray gets a - it's as if Network 23 is going to Gibson's term for security (apparently Max Headroom HOW page 73
E-reader News Edition Science/ 73
Grid Could Meet Sudden Energy Demands By continued from page 72

Storing Power As Liquid Oxygen

Rebecca Boyle (Popular
Science - New Technology,
Science News, The Future
Submitted at 8/11/2010 4:35:51 PM
Liquid Nitrogen Tank
Cryonic technology could help
meet the world's peak energy
demands as well as cut down on
greenhouse gas emissions, a
new study says. No, not by
freezing excess humans -- by Laser-Scanning
storing excess energy at sub- Backpack Creates
zero temperatures. Instant 3-D Maps of
Researchers at the University of
Leeds in the U.K. and the
Building Interiors,
Chinese Academy of Sciences Everywhere You Go
are proposing a system that uses Clay Dillow (Popular Science -
excess electricity to chill liquid New Technology, Science
nitrogen and oxygen. When News, The Future Now)
demand for electricity increases, Submitted at 8/11/2010 2:22:41 PM
such as at the end of the work produce dry ice -- the solid form available for these times, which The new system takes The backpack's output The
day, warmth from the of carbon dioxide. means during off-peak times, advantage of all this, capturing images are placed over the 3-D
environment and waste heat The whole system could cut they're producing more power that excess electricity and heat map as textures. UC Berkeley
from a power plant could be peak-demand fuel consumption than they need. to power a new energy storage Just in time for back to school,
used to boil off the nitrogen. in half, according to a news Coal-fired power plants are part device. UC Berkeley researchers have
The gas would drive a turbine or release from the University of of the problem. They provide So far, it works well on paper; created what might be the
engine, producing extra Leeds. about half the electricity in the the concept still needs to be coolest backpack ever: a
electricity when it's needed Peak demand is a key problem U.S., but they can't be easily tested, however. A paper on the wearable collection of cameras
most. in energy production. turned on and off, so they must subject will be published in a and lasers that maps the interiors
Meanwhile, the gasified oxygen Throughout the world, demand burn coal even when demand for forthcoming issue of the of buildings as it goes, instantly
could be fed into the power for electricity rises and falls electricity drops. Natural gas International Journal of Energy generating photo-real 3-D maps
plant's combustor, where it throughout the day in fairly plants can fire up more quickly, Research. of structures.
would be mixed with natural gas predictable patterns -- there are so they are used to bridge the [ University of Leeds via The research team, which is the
before it's burned. Mixing big spikes in the morning, at gap during the day. But natural ScienceDaily] same group that's behind the
natural gas with pure oxygen midday and when people leave gas plants are expensive and tech used by Google Earth to
would cut down on nitrogen work. Utility companies have to inefficient, generating their own create three-dimensional
oxide production and instead be sure there's enough electricity waste electricity and heat.
74 Science/ E-reader News Edition

Coming Generation of Lasers May Be the Most

Powerful Lasers That Will Ever Lase
Paul Adams (Popular Science -- a positron-electron pair -- to
- New Technology, Science be created by the impact, as was
News, The Future Now) demonstrated in a Stanford
Submitted at 8/11/2010 3:54:16 PM experiment in 1997. When such
Construction Worker in Laser matter is created with a
Target Chamber at National sufficiently high energy, it in
Ignition Facility Lawrence turn can emit photons that move ISS Astronauts
Livermore National Laboratory fast enough that they create their
The theoretical energy ceiling own matter. This cascade effect
Free Stuck Cooling
for lasers is approaching can have as much energy as the Pump At Last
The most powerful lasers now laser itself does, and result in the
being built, such as the Paul Adams (Popular Science
destruction of the laser. - New Technology, Science
forthcoming Extreme Light lasers that ever can be built, says high energies, matter can be It is predicted that the effect News, The Future Now)
Infrastructure (ELI) project a new article on the created out of light. will be visible in the ELI project
underway in Europe, may PhysicsBuzz blog. When a high-powered laser and other lasers currently being Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:32:47 AM

approach the physical ceiling of That finite limit on how intense fires, causing photons to impact built. Removing the Pump NASA TV
laser intensity -- they may turn a laser can get is hypothesized electrons at a tremendous [ PhysicsBuzz] After one failed attempt to
out to be the most powerful to exist because, at sufficiently velocity, it is possible for matter remove a broken cooling pump
on Saturday, a second attempt
LASER-SCANNING has succeeded. In a seven-and-a-
continued from page 73
half-hour spacewalk, Doug
cityscapes, has adopted their was an inertial management unit models of interiors. Data Wheelock and Tracy Caldwell
mapping tech for the individual (IMU) like those used in guided gleaned from the pack could Dyson managed to unhook the
person. While wearing the pack, missiles. The IMU figures out help generate video games that ammonia line that was spewing
humans take on the role of those where the backpack is relative to are played in better real-world frozen NH 3 crystals last time,
Google Street View cars that where it just was, the cameras environments, and the models then pry off the broken pump
roll around cities snapping gnerate a four-direction view, could be used to make buildings with a grapple bar. Whew.
images that can be laid over and the lasers record the more energy efficient. A third spacewalk is scheduled
maps. geometry of the world around [ UC Berkeley via KGO-TV] for no later than Monday to
But while Google Earth uses them. install the spare pump. After
GPS to create its 3-D The backpack is part of a larger that, one more spacewalk may
renderings, the team had to effort to map the entire world, be required to tidy up after all
figure out another way to model inside and out. But cartography the other spacewalks.
interiors in 3-D (GPS isn't very isn't the only field that can In the meantime, the cooling
reliable indoors). The solution benefit from such detailed 3-D system is limping along at half
strength, while the side of the
ISS that faces the Sun reaches
250 degrees. As Clay Dillow
pointed out on Monday, after
ISS page 75
E-reader News Edition Health/ 75
continued from page 74

t h e r e p l a c e m e n t p u m p i s this year.
Best New
installed, there will be only one [ NASA]
additional spare, which is Off-Road
worrying. No currently available
spacecraft is large enough to
carry additional spares to the
station, except the Shuttle, (
which is being decommissioned Submitted at 8/12/2010 5:00:00 AM

by Noah Johnson
What Causes Bad Breath? Print Article Email to Friend
2010 Ram Power Wagon
( The causes of halitosis are dentist. (Don't have one? No and problems with dental work, Towing capacity: 10,300 lbs.
Submitted at 8/12/2010 4:00:00 AM legion, but it's estimated that wonder your breath stinks.) The it can keep your breath under Horsepower: 383
90% of the problems occur dentist and hygienist will control until you can be seen by Base price: $45,780
by Dr. Steve inside the mouth. Bacteria in the examine your teeth for plaque or your dentist to get things started. With a 5.7L V8 HEMI
Print Article Email to Friend mouth break down proteins that bad dental work, your gums for **Remember, don't do anything engine—specially tuned to
I'm a healthy guy in my 20s. I release sulfur compounds into gingivitis, and will even look at you read here without first enhance off-road driving—33-
exercise, get plenty of sleep and the atmosphere. Sulfur is the your tonsils and see if there are consulting with your own health inch off-road tires, and a custom
I have a fairly healthy diet. But I element that contributes to the tonsil nuggets hiding in there. If care provider.** 12,000-lb. winch, the Power
do have one embarrassing delightful smell of farts, so you they can find a reversible cause, Dr. Steve is the resident Wagon may just be the toughest
problem. As much as I brush can imagine what this does they'll treat it immediately. If medical expert for the Opie and 4x4 on the market. Based on the
and floss my teeth, I always coming out of your mouth. they can't, they may refer you to Anthony and Ron and Fez already impressive Ram 2500
have horrendous breath. I'm not Causes of flatus-breath include a medical provider to make sure shows, and the host of his own Heavy Duty 4x4 Crew Cab, it
talking about a little morning plaque buildup, broken down there isn't a non-oral problem Sirius XM Radio program, also packs in even more ground
breath — it's as though a pig ate dental work, dry mouth, or causing your horrid breath. Weird Medicine. clearance (a massive 14 1/2
rotten food and then defecated bacterial growth on the back If you find that you have tonsil Related articles: inches), plus armored skidplates
into my mouth. I'm always too part of the tongue. There are nuggets, they are easily treated Dr. Steve reveals whether on the underbody to protect
embarrassed to stand close to some people with "crypts" (cave by cleaning out the crypts with a portable devices can damage against damage. Definitely not
people when I talk. As a result, I -like openings) in their tonsils "water pik." Daily maintenance your family jewels for the passive off-road driver.
come off as being unfriendly or that make nasty smelling stone- is required to keep food and Dr. Steve goes into the belly of
standoffish. What can I do to get l i k e t h i n g s c a l l e d " t o n s i l dried mucus from gathering in the beast to help an irregular 2011 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid
rid of this swamp breath? — nuggets" or "tonsilliths" that can these meat caves, where they reader Towing capacity: 7,700 lbs.
Wayne L., NY, NY make your breath smell like just rot and stink up your mouth. Dr. Steve uncovers the true Horsepower: 388
You describe a condition called something from the nether Extreme cases with chronic dangers of recreational drug use Base price: $67,700
"halitosis," or in your case, "pig regions of hell. The other 10% infection of the tonsils would be [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and This gas/electric hybrid fuses
turd breath." Chronic bad breath of cases are caused by sinus an indication to see an Ear Nose more] Porsche's classic design sense
(as opposed to the occasional infections, reflux of stomach and Throat surgeon for a Five Filters featured with incredible off-road
morning breath, or a post-liver- acid, or problems with the liver, consultation. article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets performance, the overall utility
and-onions train wreck) affects kidneys, or pancreas. In the meantime, you can an Easy Ride in the of a 4x4, and unprecedented
millions of people in the world, If you've tried scraping your always simply chew gum. Independent. Available tools: ecofriendly efficiency. Pair that
and is defined as awful breath tongue and you don't have any Although it is considered PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, with a powertrain combing a
that can't be fixed with simple other medical problems, your unprofessional in some circles Term Extraction.
brushing or mouthwash. first trip should be to your and can contribute to jaw pain BEST page 76
76 Health/ E-reader News Edition

Earth-Friendly Retreats Tomato Watermelon

Submitted at 8/12/2010 3:00:00 AM
Snowbird Ski Resort
Little Cottonwood Canyon,
thing you've got to try on any
trip south of the border is a
Temazcal, a traditional Mayan
( 3.) Drizzle with olive oil.
by Michael Nassa Utah purification ritual that falls
Print Article Email to Friend Named the No. 1 ski resort in somewhere between a steam Submitted at 8/12/2010 3:00:00 AM 4.) Season with salt and pepper.
The Four Seasons Resort the U.S. five years running, room and peyote trip. Tres Rios 5.) Toss gently and top with
Nevis, West Indies Print Article Email to Friend basil and mint.
Snowbird gets more than 500 provides some of the best
Imagine a tropical rain forest Ingredients Nutritional Breakdown
inches of snow each year — and experiences with its specially
pushing out onto secluded white almost all of it is low-density, constructed huts, traditional Per serving
-sand beaches — and nary a • 4 lbs watermelon, cubed Calories: 347
dry powder that's perfect for music, and a plunge into a cool,
soul in sight. After hitting the • 3 large tomatoes, cut into 1- Protein: 9 g
downhill. Environmentally, the clear natural pool afterward.
surf and sand, check out the Spa inch pieces Carbs: 59 g
resort is just as impressive,
Sojourn, where a local bush • 6 oz feta cheese, crumbled Fat: 12 g
thanks to wildlife habitat [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
guide leads you on a hike • 2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil Fiber: 3 g
restoration and recycling more]
around the rain forest-covered • 1/2 cup diced fresh basil Serves 6
programs, an award-winning Five Filters featured
volcano. Pick some herbs and • 1/4 cup diced fresh mint Created by Andrew Swallow,
river clean-up drive, and a world article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
berries along the way, and when -class all-natural spa. an Easy Ride in the author of Mixt Salads: A Chef's
you get back to the hotel, your How to Make It Bold Creations Related articles: Independent. Available tools:
masseuse will incorporate them 1.) Place watermelon and Recipe: Quinoa Paella with
Tres Rios Hacienda PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
into a one-of-a-kind treatment tomatoes in a bowl.
Riviera Maya, Mexico Term Extraction. TOMATO page 76
for two. 2.) Crumble feta over the top.
After the tequila and tacos, one
continued from page 75 continued from page 76

supercharged V6 combustion visibility. A 3.6L V6 engine 256-hp, 3.6-liter six-cylinder Three classic cars that go Chicken and Chorizo
engine with an electric motor getting a remarkable 280 horses, engine, increased room inside fast—and look good—for less Recipe: Black Bean Cakes
and you have a permanent all- five different terrain the cab, and more ground Six Gas-Saving Tips Recipe: Skillet Mac & Cheese
wheel drive, 380-horsepower settings—auto, sand/mud, sport, clearance than any other wagon [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and With Ham & Spinach
ride that uses 23% less fuel than snow, and rock—plus an air (8.7 inches). It also comes with more] [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
previous models. suspension allowing you to 17-inch alloy rims, paddle Five Filters featured more] control the vehicle's height shifters on the wheel, traction article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets Five Filters featured
2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee round out the package. control, and a symmetrical all- an Easy Ride in the article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
Towing capacity: 7,400 lbs. wheel drive system for more Independent. Available tools: an Easy Ride in the
Horsepower: 290 2010 Subaru Outback 3.6R power, faster response time PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Independent. Available tools:
Base price: $31,000 Towing capacity: 3,000 lbs. when the wheels slip, and better Term Extraction. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
The granddaddy of all SUVs Horsepower: 256 overall handling. Term Extraction.
has been reinvented with a new, Base price: $28,000 Related articles:
more aerodynamic body, The great Outback just got even Hottest New Convertibles on
increased legroom, and better better. The 3.6R sports a new the Road
continued from page 76

TOMATO page 76
E-reader News Edition Religion/ 77

Chip off the old mainline?

tmatt (GetReligion) was a topic that dominated the questions linked to ministries to “faithful” and “monogamous” some additional MCC
Submitted at 8/11/2010 2:23:09 PM news and bled over into all people with AIDS. But it was meant. The congregation also denominational history.
kinds of different subjects, clear to me that this included many people who were Perry began his vocation in
Long ago, when I was the including — obviously — congregation was more than quite evangelical in their Florida at the age of 13 and was
religion-beat reporter and religion. Denver was a liberal that. approaches to most basic licensed as a Baptist minister at
columnist for the Rocky mainline Protestant town in First and foremost, it was theological issues, while the 15. During this period, he
Mountain News(please pause those days, yet the Colorado interesting as a church in and of pews also contained many became aware of his sexual
for a moment of silence), I Front Range was also evolving itself. The clergy I knew there women and men from liberal orientation and felt — as many
thought that one of the most into a major center for were candid enough to talk to church backgrounds. gays did in rural America —
interesting stories in town was Evangelicals. me about many of the To get a sense of that mix, you that he must certainly be the
the growth of the local On one level, it would have theological questions linked to might want to glance at the only one in the world who felt
congregation of the been easy to paint the MCC their jobs and it was clear that following from the online that way. In 1959 he married his
Metropolitan Community flock near downtown as the gay gays and lesbians in their flocks biography of the Rev. Troy pastor’s daughter, and a year
Church. church, period, the church that had radically different views on, Perry, the founder of the MCC.
This was the 1980s and AIDS was at the center of many for example, what words such as You can also click here for CHIP page 79
78 Religion/ E-reader News Edition

Minnesota’s defender of the faith

Brad A. Greenberg and humidity during drills, mundane it’s-Ramadan-the-time was football season. piece of writing than it actually
(GetReligion) sometimes in full pads, -that-Muslims-fast story. I’ve I had my mission: find a high was. That is definitely not a
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:21:10 AM Abdullah is adamant about his been there on years when I got school Muslim football player. sentiment I ever shared for a last
faith. He will not allow himself caught on my heels, and, trust But, first, our instructor wanted -minute Chrismahanukwzanaka
Ramadan began yesterday, and so much as a cup of water until me, it was better for everyone us to write out a rough fictional story.
with it came a stream of related the sun sets and before it rises. when I had a storyline in mind lede that we could use for our As for the AP’s story of
stories. Holiday stories. You’ve “I’m putting nothing before — even if I didn’t know the dream story. Abdullah, you hear a similar
heard me bemoan holiday G o d , n o t h i n g b e f o r e m y subject through whom I would At the risk of evoking ring of measured support as in
stories before, and I’m certain I religion,” Abdullah said. “This tell it. comparisons to Stephen Glass, Hytham’s story. In both,
could cherry-pick plenty here. is something I choose to do, not Ramadan in 2005 began in my fictional lede was similar to coaches and/or players explain
But like with the Jewish High something I have to do. So I’m early October, and I had the details I captured of how they respect their player’s
Holidays last year, I’d rather always going to fast.” traveled the previous month to Hytham’s experience and commitment to his religion, but
highlight a story that bucked the This is a really good story, with Miami for the Religion worked into the lede to his that they see it affecting his
trend of holiday boredom. the level of tension and nuance I Newswriters Association’s story: performance and that they’re
It’s from the Associated Press, would hope for. annual meeting of the minds. The football coach hollers, looking for ways to mitigate.
which is inevitably hit and miss I’ve always wondered why There I sat in a workshop where “Water break!” and the players To hammer home the fact that
on religion stories because those more religion writers don’t seek an instructor — Steve Buttry? cluster around blue Powerade such stories are always there for
stories are so often covered by out this exact storyline when — encouraged us to come up bottles. Hytham Elsherif stands the taking, the penultimate
local correspondents and not the writing about Ramadan. It’s with one story we wanted to alone and to the side. paragraph in the Abdullah
national religion writer ( we there for the taking, and I’ve write, regardless of whether we “Somebody soak him down,” an article mentions that he grew up
miss you, Eric). But this one is seen it a few times in the past knew the story actually existed. assistant coach says. in Pomona, Calif., and has been
very hit. five years. That was when I Remembering a year in the ’90s He unstraps his helmet so a fasting since he was 7. That
Like a blindside safety blitz: wrote a similar story about a when Ramadan came during the teammate can squirt water on means that he fasted as a high
H u s a i n A b d u l l a h i s high school Muslim football winter and one of Islam’s NBA his head. He spits repeatedly to school athlete in the city a few
a p p r o a c h i n g h i s m o s t player going through the same legends, Hakeem Olajuwon, was keep it from sneaking into his miles from where Hytham grew
c h a l l e n g i n g m o n t h o f t h e physical strains and spiritual overwhelmed by a combination mouth. up and went to high school.
football season. discipline of Abdullah. of fasting, the rigors of Hytham is a unique member of I missed him by two years.
That’s when the Minnesota His name was Hytham Elsherif. professional basketball and the Diamond Bar High School’s Written by: Brad A. Greenberg
Vikings backup safety observes And as interesting as Hytham’s altitude of a game at the Utah varsity team — he is its only on August 12, 2010.
Ramadan, the Islamic month of story was, I find the story Jazz, I wanted to find a local Muslim. Because it is Ramadan, Five Filters featured
f a s t i n g a n d p r a y e r . A s a behind the story of equal Muslim experiencing a similar the holiest month of the Islamic article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets
practicing Muslim, Abdullah interest. It demonstrates how struggle. California’s Inland calendar, Hytham is fasting an Easy Ride in the
will not eat or drink at all during religion reporters can hunker Empire lacks much in terms of from sunrise to sunset each day. Independent. Available tools:
daylight hours for the 30-day down long before the holidays professional sports (sorry, Etc., etc. I enjoyed reporting PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
period that begins Wednesday. come around to ensure that they Quakes and 66ers), but it has this story so much that I always Term Extraction.
Even while sprinting in the heat won’t get stuck with another plenty of high schools and it remembered it being a better
E-reader News Edition Religion/ 79
CHIP What does
continued from page 77

later he, his wife and newborn

son moved to Illinois where
Dallas is a rather important and
symbolic American city, when it
church campus. But finding
money to realize Johnson’s
crowd. Today? I cannot say.
But the Cathedral of Hope has
religious loyalty
Rev. Perry planned to attend
Midwest Bible College. While
comes to American
Protestantism. Ask the folks at
vision has proved a challenge —
some say an albatross. The
now tied the knot with one of
the most doctrinally liberal
look like?
studying at Midwest, Rev. Perry Christianity Today about that. church has never come close to bodies — arguably the most Mollie (GetReligion)
worked for a plastics company The roots of this congregation funding the centerpiece liberal — in Christianity in Submitted at 8/12/2010 7:00:03 AM

that transferred him to Southern date back to 1968 and, since sanctuary. By 2003, critics North America. This is
California to open a new plant. then a number of important gay within the church raised President Barack Obama’s It’s always interesting to see
Rev. Perry, with his wife and voices have been linked to its questions about Piazza’s church, the denomination that what stories reporters jump on
two sons, made the move in work and pulpit ministry, financial management, began openly ordaining gays and which are ignored. This has
1962. including the Rev. Michael prompting an investigation by and lesbians in 1980. There is actually been a good year for
Once in California Rev. Perry Piazza and the Rev. Mel White. the Metropolitan Community no clearly theistic church to the coverage of changes in religious
was assigned to pastor the To cut to the chase, the church Churches. A nasty fight ensued, left of the UCC. affiliation, thanks to some major
Church of God of Prophecy in has evolved quite a bit and there with Piazza resigning his So, what do the people at the studies on the matter. Here’s a
Santa Ana. It was there that is a hint of this in the story. Metropolitan Community Cathedral of Hope belief and CNN piece headlined “Study:
Rev. Perry experienced an A big, unabashedly gay church Church credentials, and the preach today in terms of basic Young Americans less religious
“uneasy” coming out and came in a Bible Belt city may have church voting to leave the faith issues? How has the church than their parents,” for instance.
to terms with his gayness. struck many as surprising, and it predominantly gay changed? It seems to me that the I caught this Reuters story
See what I mean? Suffice it to certainly drew media attention. denomination. … News has fallen for a very old about another study with a
say that Perry was not alone, in But others say it’s no wonder Soon members voted to join the trap and has painted this somewhat surprising take on
terms of his Pentecostal and that Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ, a important congregation as the denominational affiliation and
Baptist roots. flourished where it did. mainline Protestant gay church, period. That is way waited for a few more stories to
Now, this brings me to a story “In some ways, Dallas is the denomination that welcomes too simplistic. come in before posting on it.
that ran the other day in the perfect place,” said Bernard gay people, including as clergy. Photo: The Cathedral of Hope They never came. The Reuters
Dallas Morning News, which Schlager, executive director of In other words, this church in Dallas. Written by: tmatt on headline? “Young Americans
still covers religion events and the Pacific School of Religion’s started off as a gay-friendly August 11, 2010. more loyal to religion than
trends from time to time. The Center for Lesbian and Gay church in church-happy, largely Five Filters featured Boomers.” Both this story and
headline was very, very basic: “ Studies in Religion and evangelical region, yet in a city article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets the CNN piece above were
Dallas’ Cathedral of Hope, Ministry, in Berkeley, Calif. that also had a major liberal an Easy Ride in the based on what appear to be solid
world’s largest predominantly “It’s a churchgoing culture, and mainline Protestant community. Independent. Available tools: data. There is no necessary
gay church, celebrates 40 Dallas is known for having an My assumption is that the early PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, conflict between the two studies
years.” open and vibrant gay life.” congregation was even more Term Extraction. — young Americans might on
Sadly, the story is very, very Through the ’90s, Cathedral of theologically diverse — other average be both less religious
basic as well. This is especially Hope would grow to more than than in its essential affirmation and more loyal to religion than
important because the Cathedral 3,000 members, and by mid- of same-sex relationships — their parents.
of Hope is, as you would expect, decade had commissioned than the church I covered in But for those of us who are
a rather important and symbolic renowned architect Philip Denver. At that point in time, involved with our
flock. In part, this is because Johnson to design an entire the MCC was a pretty complex denominations, this is
interesting news and I wish it
would have gotten more play.
This is purely anecdotal but I
recently attended my church
WHAT page 80
80 Social Media/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 79

body’s convention (Lutheran He said the trend “is good news change to what he described as
Church-Missouri Synod). I had
also attended the convention six
for those who worry about
declining religious adherence.”
“a backlash by political liberals
against the conservatism of the Checkin Game is What
years prior. At the previous Now, just last week did I make 1980s and into the 90s.”
convention, if I had to describe
the average delegate age, it
it into that age group and while I
would be flattered to think of
He suggests that liberal people
who had only a tangential
You Make It
wouldn’t have been “young.” At myself as “young,” I’m not sure connection to religion may have Jennifer Van Grove
this convention, I actually ran that’s technically accurate. But decided to leave their faith
into delegates who I had met at the upper bound on that is because of the conservative Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:54:10 AM

youth events when they were in particularly off, no? Apparently emphasis on religion.
high school. The pastors were different people have different “The Boomers’ enmity toward Foursquare challenger and real-
young, the laypeople were definitions for “Baby Boomer” organized religion is still world game layer app SCVNGR
young. In many cases, I felt old. but by my definition, the evident in the relatively large has released a new version of its
And only six years had passed. I youngest are only turning 46 proportion of their children and mobile application that lets
wondered if it was just my this year, right?. So if this age grandchildren who are raised users create their own
church body where young group includes Baby Boomers, with no religious affiliation,” he challenges.
people seemed so much more how can we say they’re more added. The SCVNGR update comes
involved in denominational loyal than Baby Boomers? So it would have been nice to just weeks after the company
affairs. Unfortunately the rest of the see some more coverage. Did released a sophisticated rewards place suggestions were added in
Okay, on to the story. Here’s story is just as confusing. The this study merely look at loyalty program where businesses (for this update as well.
how it begins: study itself may have been great to any religion, loyalty to the example, The Boston Globe and Given that SCVNGR is
Younger Americans, between — based on the General Social same religion or denominational the Minnesota Vikings) can incapable of creating the perfect
the ages of 36 to 50, are more Survey of more than 37,000 loyalty? I’m still pretty unsure. create challenges and define the challenge for every venue,
likely to be loyal to religion than people from 1973 to 2006. But Written by: Mollie on August rewards for points earned at handing challenge creation over
Baby Boomers, according to the lack of data in the story 12, 2010. their venue. The new version to patrons — who can better
new research. made it almost worthless. We Five Filters featured opens up the challenge creation concoct challenges that capture
In a study published in the learn that non-affiliation with article:"Peace Envoy" Blair Gets process to all users of the app. the essence of a restaurant, bar,
Journal for the Scientific Study religion grew from 8 percent in an Easy Ride in the The idea behind user-generated stadium or any other locale — is
of Religion, Philip Schwadel, of the 1970s to 16 percent by 2006. Independent. Available tools: challenges is to allow game a smart strategy that should help
the University of Nebraska- But I never got a good idea of PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, players to define the game for motivate engagement.
Lincoln, said this was true even what the study determined with Term Extraction. themselves. SCVNGR players Image courtesy of iStockphoto,
though they were less likely regard to loyalty, per se. The could already select from a few nuno
than previous generations to quotes didn’t really help much seeded challenges such as More About: checkins, location
have been brought up with a either: snapping a photo or completing sharing, Mobile 2.0, scvngr
religion. The professor attributed the a social checkin; now they can For more Mobile coverage:
easily create their own via the • Follow Mashable Mobile on
mobile app. Twitter
SCVNGR also updated the • Become a Fan on Facebook
application with intelligent • Subscribe to the Mobile
friend suggestions based on a channel
user’s Facebook and Twitter • Download our free apps for
connections as well as prior iPhone and iPad
social checkin behavior. Photo
captions and improved nearby
E-reader News Edition Social Media/ 81

HOW TO: Get Tweetable Moments from Your Presentations

Dan Zarrella (Mashable!) Tweet your ideas. that way. Be sure to put your a Tweet. You’ll actually want to
Submitted at 8/12/2010 5:08:39 AM • 1. Expectations Over the past own spin on things, and avoid aim to keep it under 100
few decades, psychological saying things that people have characters so that they can add
Dan Zarrella is a social media researchers have been heard many times before. your user name or a hashtag.
and viral marketing scientist. successfully experimenting with • 2. Delayed Orientation Like • 2. Understandable Out-of-
You can read his blog and a behavior modification jokes, a key aspect of Context Not only does your
follow him on Twitter. Be sure technique called “expectancy contagious content is delayed sound bite have to fit into a
to attend Dan’s free webinar, manipulation,” similar to the orientation. This means that the Tweet, but it has to make sense
The Science of Presentations on placebo effect. Essentially, if audience is following your to people who aren’t in your
August 19th, and download the you tell an audience to expect setup, but then a “punch line” audience, since your audience’s
accompanying eBook. something, they will often look shows the audience a piece of Twitter followers might not be
Twitter is here to stay but there for that same outcome. For information they didn’t in the room with you. Think
is some science to creating a example, if you can establish the just throw out compliments at p r e v i o u s l y k n o w . A g o o d about your quote outside of the
perfect, “tweetable moment” expectation that sharing your random. Be genuine with your T w e e t a b l e m o m e n t u s i n g context of your presentation, can
during a presentation. That is, a content will somehow benefit flattery and you’ll be rewarded delayed orientation will walk it stand on its own or does it
memorable moment that sticks you audience, you may be able with tweets. the audience through a need further explanation?
in the mind of your audience to increase the amount of • 3. Calls-to-Action As with commonly understood situation, • 3. Stats or Rules of Thumb
long after the presentation is sharing that occurs. In fact, any form of marketing, calls-to- but climax with the new idea or Concreteness is best for
over. How do you get those many survey takers told me that action are extremely important. piece of information you’re Tweetable soundbites. While
moments to happen? How do they were motivated to share You have to tell people exactly delivering to them in a powerful opinions are sometimes
you get an audience to tweet it? presentation content by the what action you want them to punch line. retweeted, most often people
How do you fit it into 140 potential benefit to their take. If you ask your audience • 3. Humor Writing jokes can share concrete ideas, like
characters or less? reputations. to Tweet, they’ll follow suit. be very difficult and fail badly. statistics, data or rules of thumb.
A few months ago, I started to • 2. Ingratiation Many If you’ve given presentations Use whatever interesting
analyze why people share respondents said they were Delivering “AHA” about a topic a few times, you numbers or elegant rules of
content from presentations and motivated to Tweet about a Now that you’ve primed your may have identified several thumb you have.
how marketers can leverage presentations if they liked the audience to be ready to share quips that tend to get a good • 4. Pause After you deliver
those motivations to deliver presenter. Ingratiating yourself your Tweetable moments, you audience reaction, so you can your Tweetable soundbite, the
more contagious talks. I is a strategy to persuade a need to actually deliver a polish these up and use them to most important thing to do is to
conducted a survey, gathered person based on their positive moment that induces an “AHA, deliver the “AHA” you need to shut up for a few moments. Let
data from a huge webinar, feelings towards you. In the I need to Tweet that” feeling. create a great Tweetable it sink into your audience, let
talked to a bunch of celebrity 2008 edition of Introduction to • 1. Novelty In my survey, m o m e n t . them feel the “AHA” and give
presenters and extracted some Social Psychology, the authors many respondents cited novelty them some time to actually
data from the SlideShare API. highlighted two types of and newsworthiness as a key The Sound Bite Tweet it for you. Many survey
From that information I’ve ingratiation that may be useful m o t i v a t o r t o s h a r i n g You’ve primed your audience, takers said that they didn’t
collected the essential elements to presenters: Flattery and self- presentation content. People and setup the context to deliver Tweet about presentations they
you need to create Tweetable presentation. By flattering your want to share ideas that they and “AHA.” Now you have to craft really liked because they were
moments in your presentations. audience you may be able to their audience have never heard the actual quote you want your too busy trying to focus. Give
Priming positively influence their before. Novelty doesn’t have to audience to Tweet. your audience time so they don’t
Before you deliver your feelings about you and be something no one on earth • 1. Length You have to create feel like they’re missing
Tweetable moment, you should encourage them to share your has ever heard before, only a sound bite that is less than 140 something else great.
spend some time priming your content. Most people can tell if something that members of your characters if you want your HOW page 83
audience to get them ready to you’re being honest, so don’t audience haven’t heard in quite audience to be able to fit it into
82 Social Media/ E-reader News Edition

How Mobile is Affecting the Way We E-mail

Christina Warren (Mashable!) social media adoption has lead Last year, Nielsen looked into comments! Series supported by
Submitted at 8/12/2010 10:22:19 AM to an increase in how much we e what impact social media is BlackBerry Torch
-mail from our mobile devices, having on e-mail usage. The Discover the new BlackBerry
This series is brought to you by and not the decrease many results showed that there is a Torch. With a touch screen, a
the new BlackBerry Torch, the analysts were predicting. Mobile strong correlation between those slide out keyboard, and the new
t o u c h s c r e e n B l a c k B e r r y E-mail is NOT Just for Business who are frequent e-mail users BlackBerry 6 OS — not to
complete with social feeds, It’s easy to conflate mobile e- and users that are also active mention BlackBerry Messenger,
improved internet browsing, and mail with business users, after across social media. integrated social feeds and
much more. all, this was the demographic In fact, the study basically improved web browsing — the
As smartphone and mobile web that first fully embraced the showed that social media makes BlackBerry Torch helps you do
usage continues to soar, users ability to send and receive users consume more e-mail, not what you love. Join the
are spending more and more messages from their mobile less. Part of this is an effect of BlackBerry Facebook
time on social networks like devices. before doing anything else the e-mail nature of many social Community and stay up-to-date
Facebook and Twitter. But how Over the years, however, e-mail online. networks. Facebook, for with all the latest BlackBerry
is the mobile web impacting the usage on mobile devices has When you consider that peak instance, sends you an e-mail news. More Mobile Resources
o l d e s t f o r m o f I n t e r n e t become less about business and Internet usage often takes place when you get a new wall post or from Mashable:
c o m m u n i c a t i o n , e - m a i l ? more about staying in touch around 7 a.m., it’s not a stretch someone sends you a message. - Top 16 Unusual Foursquare
For desktop Internet users, e- w i t h p e r s o n a l c o n t a c t s . to say that many of us check our L i k e w i s e , T w i t t e r a n d Badges
mail may be playing second- According to ExactTarget’s e-mail on our mobile phones Foursquare send you follower - 5 iPhone Apps to Help You
fiddle to the likes of Facebook research, 71% of business before, well, stretching and updates, and Twitter sends out Learn to Dance
a n d s o c i a l g a m e s l i k e professionals with smartphones getting out of bed. direct message notifications. - A Look Back at the Last 5
FarmVille, but on mobile s a i d t h a t t h e y s e n d m o r e It’s not just when we wake up Many blog comment systems Years in Mobile
devices, e-mail is still number personal e-mails than work- that we check e-mail; studies can notify users when someone - Top 5 Mobile Commerce
one. related missives from their indicate that more and more has responded to an article Trends for 2010
In fact, new research from The mobile devices. individuals check e-mail in the online, and services like Google - Why QR Codes Are Poised to
Nielsen Company suggests that Don’t let the business suit fool middle of the night and even Buzz bring commenting on Hit the Mainstream
e-mail represents 41.6% of you — next time you see a after sex. social statuses or shared Google Image courtesy of iStockphoto,
mobile Internet time for users in smartly dressed corporate type Again, the always-connected Reader items to the inbox. graphixel
the United States. tapping away on their phone, nature and location-ambivalence We should note, however, that More About: e-mail, mobile
Putting that in perspective, if all chances are, they are probably e of mobile devices makes it more and more users are starting web, stats, web usage
m o b i l e I n t e r n e t t i m e w a s -mailing with friends. easier for users to check their to treat services like Facebook For more Mobile coverage:
condensed into one hour of Part of the reason we’re seeing message or jot off a quick note, as replacements for an e-mail • Follow Mashable Mobile on
usage, e-mail would represent an increase in personal e-mail w h e t h e r i t ’ s t h e m o s t inbox. E-mail is still more Twitter
25 minutes of time spent. communication devices is appropriate time or not. I think versatile, but for users that have • Become a Fan on Facebook
In fact, mobile e-mail usage because of the nature of mobile. we’ve all seen “that guy” at a a heavily populated social • Subscribe to the Mobile
continues to grow, even as Users are always connected to solemn event like a funeral g r a p h , s o m e t i m e s s o c i a l channel
social media continues to their inbox and thus, can always desperately trying to refrain networking services can offer a • Download our free apps for
become a bigger and bigger part receive a message. E-Mail for from checking his BlackBerry more convenient messaging iPhone and iPad
of the mobile experience. Last Breakfast and After Sex during the service. Heck, some experience.
fall, ExactTarget commissioned As we noted earlier this of us may even be that guy. Is Have your e-mail habits
a study on smartphone Internet summer, more than 50% of U.S. Social Media Eroding E-mail c h a n g e d s i n c e b u y i n g a
usage and found that the rise in online users check their e-mail Usage? smartphone? Let us know in the
E-reader News Edition Social Media/ 83
Morning Brief: “Wizard of Oz” Google Doodle, continued from page 81

Dell Thunder, Galaxy S Epic 4G [Note: the above graphs were

compiled from 400 survey
Christina Warren (Mashable!) and Video Leak playback. respondents and a webinar with
Submitted at 8/12/2010 8:55:58 AM Earlier this week, pricing and • The Old Spice Guy is headed 1 3 , 0 0 0 r e g i s t r a n t s , 5 , 7 0 0
availability details for the Dell for the big screen in a major role attendees and 3,900 tweets.]
This series is brought to you by Streak were released to the in Tyler Perry’s next Madea More Twitter Resources from
HTC EVO 4G, America’s first public. Today, Engadget has film. Mashable:
4G phone. Only from Sprint. posted some exclusive photos - 5 Terrific Twitter Mapping
The “First to Know” series and videos of another Dell Series supported by HTC EVO Tools
keeps you in the know on m o b i l e d e v i c e , t h e D e l l 4G - 5 Fab Twitter Follower
what’s happening now in the Thunder. The Thunder is less This series is brought to you by Visualization Tools
world of social media and t a b l e t a n d m o r e b o n a f i d e HTC EVO 4G, America’s first - 10 Free and Fun Twitter Bird
technology. smartphone, but it sports a 4.1 4G phone. Only from Sprint. Icons for your Website
Welcome to this morning’s OLED display and a knockout The “First to Know” series - 5 Free Ways to Never Miss a
edition of “First To Know,” a industrial design. device in the Galaxy S family keeps you in the know on Twitter @Reply
series in which we keep you in Sprint Epic 4G Hits Stores with a slide-out keyboard. The what’s happening now in the - The Origin of Twitter’s “Fail
the know on what’s happening August 31 Epic 4G also adds an LED flash world of social media and Whale”
in the digital world. We’re Samsung is bringing variations to the 5 megapixel camera, technology. Image courtesy of iStockphoto,
keeping our eyes on three of its Galaxy S handset to all something other variations of More About: dell thunder, epic Sean_Warren
particular stories of interest f o u r m a j o r U . S . w i r e l e s s the Galaxy S lack. The Epic 4G 4g, first to know series, galaxy More About: List, Lists,
today: carriers. The Captivate from is available for pre-order s, google doodle, wizard of oz moment, presentations, priming,
The Wizard of Oz Gets an AT&T and the Vibrant from T- beginning August 13, 2010 [ F o r m o r e S o c i a l M e d i a tweetable, twitter
Anniversary Google Doodle Mobile are already in store and disclosure: Sprint is a sponsor of c o v e r a g e : For more Social Media
71 years ago today, The Wizard now it looks like Sprint will be the Morning Brief series] • Follow Mashable Social c o v e r a g e :
of Oz had its first premiere the next carrier to launch a Further News Media on Twitter • Follow Mashable Social
screening. Google is honoring Galaxy S phone. • Rumors suggest that Sony • Become a Fan on Facebook Media on Twitter
one of the most beloved films of The Sprint Epic 4G will be Ericsson is working on a new • Subscribe to the Social Media • Become a Fan on Facebook
all-time with a special Google released on August 31 and will PlayStation branded gaming channel • Subscribe to the Social Media
Doodle that mixes the “Google” be priced at $250 after $100 phone, powered by Android 3.0 • Download our free apps for channel
lettering amongst the landscape mail-in-rebate. The device has and styled like the PSP. iPhone and iPad • Download our free apps for
of the Emerald City. Over at the same internals as the other • The next Apple TV might be iPhone and iPad
The Guardian, the writers have Galaxy S devices, but also has renamed iTV and include
compiled 71 facts about Oz for support for Sprint’s 4G network support for iOS apps and
its 71st birthday. and a modified form factor. The streaming iTunes content. It
Dell Thunder Prototype Photos Epic 4G will also be the only might also be limited to 720p
84 Social Media/ E-reader News Edition

“Bridezillas” Explores What’s

Possible With TV Show Checkins
Jennifer Van Grove and will help to create and
(Mashable!) define the show’s community.
Submitted at 8/12/2010 9:59:11 AM “Networks are using Miso as a
marketing vehicle to drive tune
Cable network WE tv has in, awareness and continuity
partnered with entertainment through an entire season,” said
checkin service Miso to create a Niyogi, and that’s clearly the
branded campaign around the idea behind the WE tv
show Bridezillas. The campaign.
partnership plans to reward For an introduction to Miso’s
Miso fans who checkin to the Fan Club concept, check out the
show with extra content such as video below made following
show-themed badges, exclusive high-strung personalities of the Miso’s deal with TNT.
photos and access to video clips. brides featured on the show and Image courtesy of iStockphoto,
Miso— which lets users check- have names like “Cake foment
in to television shows and Smasher” and “Veil Thrasher.” More About: checkins,
movies via iPad, iPhone and the In a previous interview, Bazaar entertainment, miso, tv, wetv
web — landed a similar deal Labs founder and CEO Somrat For more Social Media
back in June with TNT. Both Niyogi detailed to Mashable that coverage:
deals tap into Miso’s partner- Miso has big plans around the • Follow Mashable Social
backed “Fan Club” structure notion of fan status. In the Media on Twitter
which elevates members to Fan future, fans will be presented • Become a Fan on Facebook
Club status once they check-in with opportunities like in-show • Subscribe to the Social Media
to a show enough times. scavenger hunts and challenges channel
The Bridezillas Fan Club to prove that their a bigger fan • Download our free apps for
features will go live with new than other views. Those features iPhone and iPad
badges and content on Sunday are non-existent at the moment,
when the next episode airs. The but Miso’s Bridzellas Fan Club
badges exemplify the notorious is a next step in that direction