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God is Good August

Psalm 27
6 God is Our Deliverer @ 10:30am Psalm 55
1. Your Good God Takes You In (v15)
I will assess my fears and bring them to the Lord in condence that He 13 God is Our Hope @ 10:30am Psalm 62
will help me overcome them.

20 God Forgives @ 10:15am Psalm 32

27 God is Awesome @ 10:15am Psalm 66


3 God is Good @ 10:15am Psalm 27

2. Your Good God Invites You to Rejoice, Seek, and Learn (v611)
Whether I need to grow as a worshipper, a seeker of Gods face in
prayer, or a learner of His ways, word, and will, I will begin to grow in 10 God is Gracious @ 9:30am Psalm 147
that way.

17 Being Together @ 9:30am Hebrews 10

24 Being Changed @ 9:30am 2 Peter 1:311


1 Judges begins
3. Your Good God Waits for You to Believe (v1314)
I renew myself in the belief that God is good and He does all things well.
When dicul es arise, I will shine the fact of His goodness onto that Whitehall Bible Fellowship Church Pastor Tim and Rachel Schmoyer
situa on. 3300 Seventh Street 131 Cornerstone Place
Whitehall, PA 18052 Whitehall, PA 18052

office 610-434-8661 pastor cell 610-739-8008

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