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Most people love food. The old adage, do you eat As well as eating lots of great raw food in Bali I
to live or live to eat? would happily be answered spoke with some knowledgeable local experts.
by many as live to eat of course! Food is not going Taksu means energy and is the name of one
out of fashion any time soon. But like everything, of my favourite restaurants in Ubud. I got to chat
how and what we eat is changing. Enter the latest with Taksus chef, acclaimed Indonesian raw food
dietary trend of raw food, living food, raw vegan, connoisseur, Arif Springs. Arif, was born into a
or as I like to call it, high-energy food. Some call it family of healers and he grew up watching his
the yoga of food. herbalist grandmother prepare herbs as Jamu
medicine. Hence Arif knows good food is
We cant live very long without food. Or I should medicinal and important at all stages of life from
say; most of us cant. Because there have been a babys first years right through to old age. It is
yogis who could live on pranic energy alone. But traditional in Java, where Arif is from, to grow
lets say your pranayama practice is not so evolved medicinal herbs such as turmeric, ginger, garlic,
and you have a way to go before you can live on Javanese ginseng, aromatic galangal and healing
fresh air and prana. So eating is probably quite indigenous leaves. Arif still uses some of the
important to you. remedies his grandmother taught him, and there
is a beautiful herb garden at Taksu, where healing
Contrary to popular opinion I also love to eat, but plants and herbs can easily be incorporated into
I am quite particular and have a preference for a the food.
high energy, high raw diet. So on my recent trip
to Bali (see May 2016 edition) I was in my element Arif advocates eating raw for 3-6
with all the raw food restaurants, great raw chefs, months in order to restore health,
and raw food schools for those wanting to study improve liver function, stabilise
raw food culinary arts. Ubud is raw food paradise. weight, detox the body and cure
some diseases. He speaks of starving
The raw food diet is vast, covering everything from cancer on a pure diet and revitalising
eating fruit and a salad to world-class gourmet the bodys enzymes, rather than feeding
cuisine plus everything between. Its become disease with processed foods.
increasingly popular over the last 10 years.
Food also feeds the soul and all the food at
I was first introduced to raw eating in the 1980s, Taksu is lovingly prepared and presented. I
by Leslie Kentons books on eating raw for energy found myself eating far less, simply because
and wellbeing. I taught yoga at the time and I I was feasting on the environment, the colours,
immediately experienced the health benefits. Eating the artistry and aesthetics of the food.
raw resonated with me, I rarely cooked anyway
and have been accused of thinking a smoothie is The vitality of our food is so important. I would go
a meal. So now as a Wellness Coach and Trainer as far as to say it determines whether we live or die.
of Wellness Coaches, this fashionable new wave Some foods are full of life and vitality, while others
of raw has seen me adopt and recommend a high are slow poisons. Its all energy and the energy we
raw diet. put in is the energy we will get out!

I recommend 100% raw food for healing and I talked with Ben Richards, while sipping a delicious
regenerating the body. It is also ideal for weight green smoothie, in Seeds of life, the raw caf he
loss. It is seen as the yoga of food, because eating owns. Ben trains raw chefs to make some amazing
100% raw food is great for spiritual elevation. It creations. I got to sample some of the best raw
can be used as a support along with other spiritual food on earth, so many rich tastes, textures and
practices to lift your spirit and raise consciousness. awesome creativity.
Increasing your intake of raw food anywhere
from 50% upwards raises your energy levels and
improves your overall health.


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When we eat light foods,
we become light in the broadest
sense of the word.


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To take part in Sholas Free
3-day Raw
Food Challenge


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The word nutrition is generally thought to Many people when starting yoga also re-consider
mean to nourish and nurture, but Ben has his their diet. I certainly did. I became a vegetarian
own definition. He defines the word nutrition 30 years ago in India. Rajasic foods stimulate
as meaning, to transfer or assimilate light. This the body, creating inflammation, body fat and
resonates with me, as we are light beings and energetic noise. This distracts us from our core
have the potential to be light and radiate light. energy and divine purpose in life. Eating a light
Ben points out that our food either creates sattvic diet and fasting intermittently heals the
energy and lightness or heaviness and density, body, raises your vibration and calms your energy.
with overconsumption leading to sickness. Raw Plant based foods help us re-connect with the
food, eaten in moderation, is one of the lightest beauty in the world and our own divine essence.
and purest diets we can enjoy. Plant foods, fruits,
nuts, seeds and sea veggies create what in yoga is Ubud means healing, and many people arrive
known as a sattvic diet - pure diet. there exhausted and looking for balance. Yoga and
raw food can quickly restore health. I connected
Raw, refers to foods that are not denatured by with Japanese born author Sayuri Tanaka who
cooking above 48 degrees. To make it easy I offers retreats and raw food trainings in Bali. She
say not above body temperature. That way the spoke about the three treasures - Jing, Qi, Shen;
body can receive the nutrients and use them as energies that can become depleted due to modern
intended carriers of information, consciousness living. Becoming more conscious of how we live
and light. and eat, allows us to rebuild our energies. Jing,
QI, Shen is our very essence and ability to radiate
When we eat light foods, we become light in the light. Ultimately yoga offers enlightenment. We are
broadest sense of the word. We feel light and meant to shine, to find our dharma, our purpose in
uplifted, instead of dull, exhausted and comatose, life. Become the full potential of who we are and
as often happens after eating heavy cooked foods be of service to others.
that also numb our emotions. High vibration food
nurtures and feeds the cells, creating an alkaline Research in biophysics tells us that every cell in
environment where disease cannot reside. Raw the body emits light. Biophoton emissions cannot
foods are rich in natural food enzymes so they be seen, but can be measured. They are thought
dont rob your bodys declining enzyme bank. to play a role in creating coherent states in the
Enzymes in your body reduce with age, which is body mind spirit continuum. Coherent states
partly responsible for what we call ageing. signal health. We all know we are what we eat.
Measurements of biophotons differ between
Eating light sattvic foods is a loving choice. It is healthy and diseased cells. It makes sense that
a sign of self-love. Raw foods tend to have high what we put into our physical vehicle, our body
water content and the vibrations from water temple should be of the highest vibration to
leave imprints in your body. High vibration foods induce health.
tune you back into your life assignment. They re-
connect you with nature, natural cycles, your own Well-prepared raw foods look and taste amazing,
heart space, with love and your divine self. Ben while feeding your body, mind and spirit. As human
says, Food is a meeting place with the potential to consciousness rises I am sure we will continue
raise your vibration and evoke your life purpose. to witness the increase of people enjoying both
yoga and raw food.
The times we live in are calling us to remember
the divine and honour our earth. The increase in
sickness, diseases and cancers is a wake up call.
What is it we can to do differently? Can you eat CAROLINE SHOLA AREWA

lighter, eat less to raise your pranic energy and CAROLINE IS AN ENERGY DOCTOR, PIONEER IN
sattvic vibration? Are you being called to radiate COACHING. AUTHORED OF FIVE PUBLISHED


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