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Edison Er

722 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215 716-380-2216

EDUCATION Boston University Expected Graduation: December

B.A. Computer Science, Mathematics (double major)
Undergraduate Coursework
Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Discrete
Mathematics, Abstract Algebra. Python, Java, Data Structures, Combinatoric Structures,
Algorithm Analysis

Graduate-Level Coursework
Real Analysis, Mathematical Logic, Axiomatic Set Theory

SKILLS Programming: proficiency in Python, Java, HTML & CSS, LaTeX

General: Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, WordPress

PROJECTS Solitaire Cipher

Encryption program modeled after Schneiers cipher in New York Times bestseller
Encrypts plaintext messages using modular arithmetic based on cards drawn from a 54-card
A shuffling algorithm rearranges cards based on their positions relative to the Jokers and
reassign each letter in the alphabet to a different one.
Provides security that Schneier boasts holds up against even the most well-funded military
adversaries with the biggest computers and the smartest cryptanalysts.

League of Legends Startup (June 2017 August

Started and operated a small business based on the game League of Legends alongside a
The company website, coded in HTML and CSS, connects clients with potential boosters to
help them elevate their in-game rank.

EXPERIENCE Colibri Boston (Boston, MA) (June 2017 August 2017)

Managed organizational and planning aspects of the educational company Colibri Boston.
Taught discrete mathematics and computer science during Colibris 2017 SAT summer camp,
culminating in a final programming project involving a look-ahead AI.

JSP America Data Management (Buffalo, NY) (May 2015 June

Maintained thousands of products in the companys database using Microsoft Excel
Updated and expanded the online inventory with relevant product information on large-scale e-
commerce marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

ACTIVITIES BU Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (September 2016

Active member of BU SASE, an organization devoted to instilling leadership development in
upcoming STEM students.
SASE provides professional networking opportunities as well as mentorship and tutorship
experiences within the club.

BU D1 League of Legends Captain (September 2015

Captain of the BUs competitive League of Legends team, organizing much of the practice
regimen and leading the team within matches.
Competed in the uLoL competition, placing top 32 of all collegiate LoL teams and winning
$5,000 in scholarship money.