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loo ks se t to b e a w et w eekend . . .
righten up what
More fun and games to b ph oto s to g2 k id
Keep sending book revie
ws, stories and
Five free Dot to dot
Mad Scientists’
events! Join the dots from number 1

Word search
Name these four Tea Party
things you would to 92 to reveal a picture
am I?
Learn about the
find in a school
­science behind tea and

See if you
coffee, or munch on a radioactive cup-
cake at the Manchester Science Fes-
The giggler
can find the tival’s tea party, Cathedral Gardens,
following Q: Why did the boy wear a belt on his teeth?
tomorrow: and there’s a prize for the
words: A: He couldn’t find his braces.
best-dressed Mad Scientist.
Q: Why did the cookie go to the doctor?
Biscuit A: Because he was feeling crummy.
Kids Week Free Theatre
Doughnut Children aged 5-16 can see a host Did you know?
Pastry of top London shows for free from
In 1386, a pig was tried by a French
Pudding ­today until Friday 3 September, when
court, and executed by hanging.
Scone accompanied by an adult with a full-
The pig was found guilty of attacking

puzzles by clarity media dot-to-dots at

Sponge price ticket.
Sweets a child. It was dressed in men’s
Toast clothes and hanged outside the
Hands On . . . Toy Time

town hall by the ­villagers of Falaise,
Create your own moving toys and play
Happy hunting! Normandy.
with traditional toys of the past at Bris-
wheel tol City Museum and Art Gallery, on
Book club
Word Crack
Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 August.

ladder the code

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer
Parklife 2010
The series consists of four different
Head down to Clifton Playing Fields,
books, which are all linked together
Can you go
Can you work out the word Nottingham, on Tuesday 17 August,
but have very differ-
from top represented here? for a fun-filled family day of activities
ent storylines. If you
to bottom and events including a climbing wall.
like romance, like to be
making new

scared or are looking for
words at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
each rung a book that you won’t
Sheep Ahoy! is a one-man showcase
by only How many words (of three letters or more) be able to put down,
of comical stories, funny poems and
changing MENU you can make using these letters? You must then the Twilight Saga
outrageous cartoons. It’s one of many
one letter? For all the answers, see always include the ‘T’ in the middle. Can you is definitely for you.
Monday’s G2 free kids shows on at the festival.
spot the nine-letter word? Although, they are not
Sam Smith
the best books to read

Short story
Apple season is here, and Bramleys through the skin going completely as a bedtime story!
Goby funfair. But then one day something I needed to help, but how? I remem- friday food make a delicious pudding, es- around the widest part of the apples. Review by Rachel Jones, age 11.
different happened . . . bered my teacher in school telling us challenge pecially when baked with 3 Place the apples in the dish Email a review of your favourite book to
the alien “Bring, bring”, my alarm clock rang. that we had lots of uses. One of them
Baked complimentary sweet and push half the pecans
i, I’m Goby and I live on I licked it, turning it off. I looked out of was that we could jump high. That was flavours. Try this pecan into the hollows. Add the
the planet Gobrock. I am
comes to the window and saw Goblings jump- no use to them. I remembered how Bramley and syrup combina- butter cubes too, then The riddler
a Gobling. I have candy the rescue ing to the funfairs on the trampoline my tongue could suddenly extend and apples with tion or invent your top up with the rest of
cane legs, strawberry lace
By Niamh pavements. Gobults were eating their suck things up. pecans own recipe, perhaps the pecans and driz- Which vehicle is hidden in this riddle?
arms, gobstopper hair, two
teeth and a flexible tongue. Also, I am Jenkins,
breakfast of gobstoppers on toast. Why
is everything always so perfect ?
So I stood on the edge of my planet
and extended my tongue.
and golden with cinnamon,
raisins or toffee.
zle in golden syrup.
4 Pour 50ml water
My first is in late and in early
My second is in close but not in nearly
multi-coloured, but when I grow up I aged 10 I switched on my teleoculars (half I sucked up all of the oil in one big syrup This recipe is around the base of My third is the middle letter of try
will turn blue because I am a boy. Girls telescope and half binoculars) to see slurp. I spat it out and immediately not suitable for the apples and bake My fourth is found in tear and in cry
turn pink. if there was a planet that I could visit. it turned to water. All the water went people with nut in the oven for about My fifth is not in what but is in why
My planet is shaped like a huge I saw Martians on Mars having red straight down to the sea and the people allergies. 25 minutes, or until
Easter egg. All the Gobults (older rock fights. I didn’t want to go were happy. the apples just start to Yesterday’s answers
­aliens) work in the factory that there. My fact pad was flashing furiously What you need split and slightly puff up, What am I? Clockwise from top left: bale of hay,
peacock, tractor, rooster
makes gobstoppers. There Suddenly I spotted a planet with the capital letters NEWS: “Oil • 50g pecan nuts but be careful not to overcook. Remove
Crack the code High five
are many animals on the that I had never seen before. Sucked Up Into Space . . . People in • 40g unsalted butter, cut into small cubes from the oven and allow to cool for The riddler Queen
planet, such as liquorice I zoomed in and saw strange- the Gulf of Mexico were amazed when • 4 tbsp golden syrup about 15-20 minutes otherwise they Sudoku
snakes, gummy bears and looking people. I went on my fact a tube from space sucked up all the • 50ml cold water will burn your mouth.
marzipan ­elephants. We pad and found out that the planet oil from the sea and replaced it with • 600ml low fat custard 5 Meanwhile, heat up the custard in a
live in houses made from on the screen was the Earth and ­water. Who was this? Who did it? pan. Serve up in deep bowls with the

s s
s pie id
rubber bricks and marshmallow the ­country was by the Gulf of Nasa is trying to find out. Is there life What to do buttery juices from the baking dish

ge co 2k
pa e /g
roofs. ­Mexico. I noticed that the sea in space after all?” 1 Preheat the oven to 200°C, Gas Mark spooned over the apples, and lashings

e or uk
es m o.
Every day I do the same thing: I was black with oil. The people I rushed outside and bounced 6. Grease an ovenproof dish. of custard on top.

th ut n.c
go to school in the morning, learn had no water to fish in and to school full of news. My day was 2 Wash the apples well and remove

of t o dia
in r
how to cook, how to bounce to there were creatures flapping ­certainly different from my usual the cores, using a corer. Then take

pr ua
From The Bramley Apple Campaign. More recipes are

to to g
perfection and then head to the around helplessly. routine. a sharp knife and make a cut just available at

14 The Guardian The Guardian 15