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Patrick Jordan: Vallone Field Director and Serial Fraudster Part 2 - Joy Chowdhury

As head of the New York State Young Democrats, Patrick Jordan has There are multiple areas of Joy Chowdhurys petition page that Jordan
ostensibly been bringing in new blood to the Democratic Party. Take definitely fixed: the run of signature dates; some, but not all, of the
Joy Chowdhury, for example. For the last several years, Chowdhury a initials purported to be Joy Chowdhury; and the printed name, number
former Parlimentarian and President of Student Government at LaGuar- of signatures and date in the Statement of Witness area. It is also possi-
dia Community College (see next page) has been climbing the ladder ble that the witness signature itself is not Joy Chowdhury, as it does not
at the Young Dems, spreading his wings, schmoozing in political circles match the buff card signature; the handwriting expert described as
and being groomed for a future in the Queens Democratic machine inconclusive the authorship of the witness signature, so I didnt focus
(See Facebook postings). In March 2017, he was made the Co-Chair of on this. Lets look closer at the other issues:
the New Americans & Faith-Based Caucus at the Queens County Young
1) The run of signature dates matches both the date in Joy Chow-
Democrats. In fact, many of the people commenting on or liking his
dhurys Statement of Witness and Patrick Jordans handwriting on oth-
posts are involved in our story: Patrick Jordan, Tammy Osherov (a party
er pages which also have similar dates (in yellow).
stalwart with the Queens Dems and a witness of several petitions for
Paul Vallone) and Karen LeRoy, who will be the focus of our next infor- 2) The initials on the signature portion of the page were written by two
mational release. people; the top three initials (in pink) are Joy Chowdhurys and match
his print on the buff card , as does the address in the witness statement
In the process, Chowdhury has gotten involved in a number of political
while the four initials at the four corners of the X match the capital-
campaigns, including Councilman Costa Constantinides in Astoria and,
ized letters J and C of the Statement of Witness printed name.
of course, Paul Vallone. Chowdhury was at the kickoff at Paul Vallones
Campaign Office Opening on June 6th. According to a July 9th Facebook 3) According to my handwriting expert, it is highly probable that Pat-
post, Chowdhury apparently petitioned for Vallone (apparently with rick Jordan wrote Joy Chowdhurys name in the printed part of the
Patrick Jordan). There is evidence that he at least witnessed a few sig- Statement of Witness. As mentioned previously, Jordan has very dis-
natures on what is purportedly his petition - Volume QN1700017, Page tinctive handwriting. Moreover, theres another tip off: Joy Chowdhur-
63 based on a photo in that same July 9th Facebook post. ys name is spelled wrong Joy Chowdury instead of Joy Chowdhury,
with the second h missing and it is highly unlikely that a witness
However, Joy Chowdhurys petition page has a few problems, including
would spell their own name wrong, period.
a major fail on his part: according to the Board of Elections, Chowdhury
is not a registered Democrat. Joy Chowdhury, whose legal name is To recap: Patrick Jordan committed potential fraud through runs of
Kartik Chowdhury, lists his party as Other on his buff card on file (see signature dates which may or may not be true. Jordan also committed
buff card). This means that any signatures that he witnessed for Vallone forgery by forging someone elses initials and invalidated the page a
would be immediately invalidated. However, this is only one of at least second time by misspelling the name of the witness. If Joy Chowdhury
three ways that this page would have been thrown out, with additional was so proud of getting signatures for Paul Vallone as his Facebook
consequences. posting states, why would he allow Patrick Jordan to mess with his peti-
tion this way and commit what could be prosecutable offenses? And, if
Of greater concern believe it or not are irregularities in the page
he wants to travel in Democratic circles and climb the Dem machine
due to touching and fixing perpetrated by Patrick Jordan.
ladder, why isnt he a registered Democrat??
Joy ChowdhuryLaGuardia Community College
Joy ChowdhuryCosta Constantinides
Joy ChowdhuryPaul Vallone Campaign Kickoff
Joy ChowdhuryPetitioning for Paul Vallone
Joy ChowdhuryPortion (yellow) of Paul Vallone Petition visible on Facebook Posting
VOL QN1700017

Joy Chowdhury (writing in pink)Buff Card Joy ChowdhuryPetition

VOL QN1700018 VOL QN1700017

Patrick Jordan (yellow) Joy Chowdhury (pink)

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