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Written work II

I Do the sentences refer to the present or the future?

1) Im playing tennis on Friday. _____

2) I cant go, Im studying. _____
3) There is going to be a party at the weekend. _____
4) He cant see you. He is writing his homework. _____
5) I am going to school in the morning. _____
6) She is cooking dinner. _____
7) The concert is next Saturday. _____
8) Im driving my new bike. _____

II Answer the questions. Use the present continuous.

1) What is Mike doing?

He ________________ (go) to the supermarket.
2) What is Ana doing?
Ana ___________________ (come) to the party.
3) What are they doing?
They ___________________ (take) a guitar lessons.
4) What is Sofia doing?
Sofia _________________ (study) for a test.
5) What are you doing?
I _________________ (do) my homework.
6) What is Fiona doing?
Fiona _________________ (play) a game with his sister.
7) What is Emily doing?
Emily _________________ (go) to the hospital.
8) What is Gerard doing?
Gerard ________________ (visit) his grandma.
9) What is Michelle doing?
Michelle _______________ (meet) his pen-friend.
10) What is Ben doing?
Ben ___________________ (eat) a hamburger.

III Complete the sentences. Use at, in or on.

1) The shops close ____ 5 oclock.

2) I always feel good ____ the morning.
3) Are you doing anything ____ Friday evening.
4) I cant see you ____ midnight.
5) The football match is ____ the weekend.
6) The school year end ____ July.
IV Complete Hannahs letter. Use going to.

Dear Grant,
Good news (1) ______________________ (I/visit) America in July.
(2)________________________ (I/stay) with my uncle for two weeks.
(3) ________________________ (he/meet) me at the airport and drive me to his
house in the country. (4) __________________________ (we/have) a great time!
(5) _________________________(we/travel) around for a few days. Then, (6)
______________________________ (we/visit) my cousins.
(7)_____________________________(they/take) me to a baseball match.
(8) _____________________________ (I/fly) back to England on 25 July.
Love Hannah

V Read Hannahs letter in Exercise 1. Answer the questions.

Is Hannah going to visit America in June?

No, she isnt. Shes doing to visit America in July.

1) Is she going to stay with her uncle for three weeks?


2) Is she going to meet her at the station?


3) Are they going to visit her parents?


4) Is she going to fly back on 25 June?


VI Complete the sentences with the correct personal pronoun.

1) Can you visit you grandparents tomorrow?

No, I am visiting _______ on Sunday.
2) When are you doing your homework?
I am doing ______ tomorrow.
3) Were going to the disco. Can you come with _______?
4) Where are you meeting Cathy?
I am meeting ______ at the Leisure Centre.
5) I am going swimming.
Oh! Can I come with ______?
6) Have you got my trainers?
No, I havent got ______.
7) Are you helping your brother?
No, I cant help ______.
8) When are you buying the food for the party?
Im buying _____ on Wednesday mourning.
9) Are you inviting Kevin and Fiona to the party?
Yes, Im inviting _____.
10) I am going to a party. Can you come with _____?

VII Look at the hotel rules. Complete the sentences with You must or You

Dont smoke in your room.
Keep your passport at reception.
Dont eat in bed.
Read the fire notice.
Dont stand on the beds.
Leave your room before 10 a.m.
Dont make a noise after 11 p.m.
Lock your room.

VIII Translate the following terms.

1) lamp = _________________
2) desk = _________________
3) chair = _________________
4) carpet = _________________
5) wardrobe = _______________
6) curtains = ________________
7) chest of drawers = ______________________
8) alarm clock = _____________________
9) bookshelf = __________________

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