The Tenets of Cosmolosophy Continued: What is Savant? I have another confession to make.

As these tenets continue you will find me admitting to a great deal of ignorance (a new case in point was the reminder I got from Meleagar—who posts at the onlinephilosophyclub com. He reminded me of how “the ancient poetic understanding of 'Theme', where existence was understood as the physical representation of various themes that ultimately were all encapsulated by a single great theme” was another way to see what I was talking about in “Cosmolosophy and the Anthropic Principle.” And I have to say, his was a great deal more... well... poetic. In any case I do encourage you to check out his reply to “Cosmolosophy and the Anthropic Principle.” It really is a lovely re-statement). The fact is, I'm not much of a scholar, or a great thinker. In fact, if you were to ask any of my friends you would find that I'm more than just a bit of a goof (if you ever doubt that, just ask me to put my thinking cap on. And yes, I have an actual thinking cap. The people whom I've worked for and with in doing software will attest to that). And yet I have managed to stumble over some very wonderful insights. Trust me when I tell you that I am the first one to wonder at how this is possible. And I think I have always been in touch with why as a feeling, but not as an articulated statement. To understand why that is you have to know that I am more of a sculptor then a thinker. My stone is the English language. And when I chip away at it to form an expression it is through a very tactile sort of process of feeling out the form from within that stone. I barely understand intellectually a great deal of what I write, but I do feel it as a powerful force. And so I have come to have a great feeling for the notion of Savant. I think that I have had some connection to this for a great part of my life. I've never been able to fully understand it until now. But now that I've stumbled upon the insights within Cosmolosophy I can see what might be an explanation. I think that, through the usual course of events, Savants are people who have a more limited structure of self, and as such, do a great deal less filtering of what permeates about them (there is also the distinct probability of there being a neurological component to this of course, but that is only to suggest a Savant having a bit more or less of what we have structurally. A component that either directly restricts the formation of self, or through the increase in stimuli, indirectly limits formation of self.) Because of that they are able to tap into the welter of experience that the entirety forms from the unimaginable number of crisscrossing rays of reality assemblage that make up its fabric. For me it is simply a question of how could it be otherwise. Does anyone really believe that ability (or experience retrieval) creates itself inside these people? The bigger question here, of course, is how a person, say like me, who is (hopefully) possessed of a reasonably formed self could attain something approaching the same thing. And therein lies another wonderful insight. What this should suggest to us all is the notion that there exists the possibility of connection across the boundaries of our reality. Possibilities of connection we have hardly even begun to explore. It is also to suggest that what we call the intuitive leap (at least in some instances) might really be the closing (or bridging) of a gap more profound than we could possibly presently know. It is all very humbling to be touching this stuff. I am a very, very lucky man (if you can't be good, at least be lucky, right?). And yet I know that there are many, many others who have achieved the same thing but are simply only aware of it as a feeling. I think, and I would like to suggest, that we need to put our heads together and figure out how this works and how we can tap into it to it to a greater degree. We truly are not alone in the Cosmos. There lies across the many boundaries of the many

realities a universe of experience to take the breath away from every creative mind humanity has ever produced. And because of that, as we enter into a new millennium, we have it within our reach to embark upon an adventure of the mind that I am sure is beyond my capacity to describe. This is a probability that needs to be realized. It is one that will require changes so that we encourage Loving Structure rather than frustrate it. It will test our ability to see what “Make Believe” really is; namely making something and believing in it. It is a choice and it is there to me made.