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AMPALAYA (Momordicacharantia) PASTILLAS

A Business Plan
Presented to the Faculty of
Alabel National Science High School
Regional Science High School for Region XII

In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the course

In Entrepreneurship




Entrepreneurship Adviser

August 30, 2017


The Bitter Sweet Incorporation is a newly established small business, primarily

involve in providing pastillasin a unique kind of flavors which are attractive to all people

especially to all students, teachers, faculties and guests coming in and out at Alabel

National Science High School. The range of our pastillas includes a kaleidoscope of

textures, sizes and designs in which customers can select the ones that perfectlysuits

their taste.

The entrepreneurs will focus on two markets:

The Student Eaters students that are fond of eating foods and has a high percentage

of purchasing foods that are new to their taste.

The Teacher and Faculty Workers they are people who loves the work of their

students and gives a high respect to its product. They are also people who is in a

restricted environment that does not allow convenient departure and return while

searching for refreshments, or where refreshments stands are an integral part of the


Bitter Sweet Incorporation will engage in a subcontract with a manufacturing

enterprise to assist the company in supplying pastillas. Its main focus is on generating
ideas of product design, conducting marketing researches, and modifying products to

meet customers wants.

The companys special product is the AmpalayaPastillas which will be introduced

to the customers as themost delicious and appetizingpastillas in its latex range while still

providing the same high level of satisfaction and health benefits.

The Bitter Sweet Incorporation expect its business to have a total initial

investment of approximately Php 1000.00 with a payback period of approximately

2days. It will generate net profit margin about 8.7% on average over 3 days with return

on investment approximately 50.8% and return on equity approximately 62% over 3


Bitter Sweet Incorporationrequires quite a small amount of investment and due to

the fact that the business involves with the manufacturing process, raw material is a

very important resource in the operation. Besides, marketing efforts would be another

driving factor to generate companys revenue.


The purpose to start this business is to serve people of new era with a different

and the most competitive style. The researchers want to help those people who could
not spend time in their busy schedule to take healthy food by eatingthis

ampalayapastillaswhich is 100% nutrient, healthy. The prime purpose is to generate

profit by providing superb customer services. The researchers aim is to be the leader in

providing quality food items that fit into a balanced diet. The researchers goal is to

provide the hygienic and delicious tastes of pastillas that the customers have never

tasted before. The researchers want to add convenience in the lives of fast food lovers

by providing them the most wonderful dining experiences.


This research aimed to produce nutritious pastillas from Ampalaya

(Momordicacharantia). Specifically, it aimed to answer the following questions:

1. What are the components of AmpalayaPastillas that makes it nutritious?

2. Can the bitter taste of ampalaya be lessened?

3. What is the level of acceptability of the product to theconsumer by

considering the following variables:

a. Taste

b. Design

c. Texture
Entrepreneurs Profile

Projects Contribution to the Economy

Section 1


1.1 Description of the Product

Pastillas is one the favorite food being consumed by most of the Filipino. Their

sweet tooth craves for the milky and flavor taste engraved at the pastillas itself. Different

flavors and styles have been used from time to time to attract more people and create a

link between the consumer and its producer. It is commonly eaten as snack or as a

pika-pika on some of the events.

The Philippines, an agricultural economy is abundant in ampalaya vegetable

which is known as a very nutritious vegetable but has a bitter taste. The ampalaya is

sometimes mixed-up with some other dishes such as eggs and other vegetable just to

lessen its bitter taste.

Thats why the researchers came up of a project which uses ampalaya as the

main ingredient and lessening its bitter taste. This business project can help improve

the health condition of the country which is slowly deteriorating because of the

widespread of non-nutritious foods consumed by people.

1.2 Comparison of the Product with its Competitors

The product ampalaya (momordicachsarantia) pastillasis

1.3 Location

1.4 Market Area

The ampalaya (momordicachsarantia) pastillas will cover only around the

proximity of Alabel National Science High School, Regional Science High School for

Region XII at Maribulan, Alabel, Sarangani Province.

1.5 Main Customers

The students, teachers and faculty members of Alabel National Science High

School can purchase and taste the ampalaya (momordicacharantia) pastillas. The

entrepreneur might also avail some freebies on some special days and bonuses when

they buy the product. Thus, continuing to avail the product may guarantee you to have

some more add-ons to the company itself.

1.6 Mission

TheBitter Sweet Incorporation Mission is three-fold, with each being as integral to our

success as the next.

Product Mission - Provide customers the finest quality pastillas in the most efficient


Community Mission - Provide community support through customer involvement.

Economic Mission - Operate and grow at a profitable rate through sound economic


1.7Total Demand

The total number of demand of the ampalaya (momordicachsarantia) pastillas

can only be measured if and only if the costumers are satisfied with the quality and taste

of the product. The entrepreneur can also estimate the number of products being sold

because of the estimated amount of product being consumed per day with regards to

the time and number of students in the market area.

1.8 Market Share

The total amount that this product can

1.9 Selling Price

1.10 Sales Forecast

1.11 Promotional Measures

1.12 Marketing Strategy

1.13 Marketing Budget

Section 2


2.1 Production Process

2.2 Fixed Capital

2.3 Life of Fixed Capital

2.4 Maintenance and Repairs

2.5 Sources of Equipment

2.6 Planned Capacity

2.7 Future Capacity

2.8 Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Equipment

2.9 Future Location and Layout

2.10 Raw Material

2.11 Cost of Raw Materials

2.12 Raw Materials Availability

2.13 Labour

2.14 Cost of Labour

2.15 Labour Availability

2.16 Labour Productivity

2.17 Factory Overhead Expenses

2.18 Production Cost
Section 3


3.1 Form of Business

3.2 Organizational Structure

3.3 Business Experience and Qualification of the Entrepreneur

3.4 Pre-Operating Activities

3.5 Pre-Operating Expenses

3.6 Office Equipment

3.7 Administrative Expenses

Section 4


4.1 Project Cost

4.2 Financing Plan and Loan Requirement

4.3 Security for Loan

4.4 Profit and Loan Statement

4.5 Cash Flow Statement

4.6 Balance Sheet

4.7 Loan Repayment Schedule

4.8 Break-even Point (BEP)

4.9 Return on Investment (ROI)

4.10 Financial Analysis

Chapter II


Ampalaya, amargoso or bitter gourd (MomordicaCharantia Linn) is one of the

most important commercial and backyard fruit vegetables in the country today. It has

both nutritive and medicinal use. The fruit and leaves of which are used as

vegetableand the latter are further used as a laxative for new born babies while the

stem and roots as antidotes for fever. The are rich in calcium, phosphorous, iron,

carbohydrates and vitamin B. It is also known to cure diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism,

asthma, warts, and ulcer.

The commercial cultivation of the crop is concentrated to te region II and IV.

Generally two types are being grown the Sta. Rita type, which is long, dark green and

less warty and the Pinakbet type which is short and warty and much bitter in flavor.

Herbal Benefits of Ampalaya

Good for rheumatism and gout

And diseases of the spleen and liver
Aids in lowering blood sugar levels
Helps in lowering blood pressure
Relives headaches
Disinfects and heals wounds & burns
Can be used as a cough & fever remedy
Treatment of intestinal worms, diarrhea
Helps prevent some types of cancer
Enhances immune system to fight infection
Is an antioxidant, parasiticide, antibacterial & antipyretic
In large dozes, pure Ampalaya juice can be a purgative and abortifacient

Preparation of Ampalaya

For coughs, fever, worms, diarrhea, diabetes, juice the Ampalaya leaves and
drink a spoonful every day.
For other ailments, the fruit and leaves can both be juiced and taken orally.
For headaches wounds, burns and skin diseases, apply warmed leaves to
afflicted area.

Chapter III


1. Ampalaya

2. Cup of grinded ampalaya

3. 3 cups of Nido Full Cream Powdered Milk

4. Cup of Alaska Condensed Milk

5. Cup of Alaska Evaporated Milk

6. Cellophane Paper


In making the AmpalayaPastillas, first prepare cup of grinded ampalaya, 3

cups of Nido Full Cream Powdered Milk, cup of Alaska Condensed Milk, cup of

Alaska Evaporated Milk and Cellophane Paper. Second, in a pan, boil the grinded

Ampalaya in Alaska Evaporated Milk for 5 Minutes and then set it aside to cool. Then,

in another bowl mix the grinded ampalaya with Nido Full Cream Powdered Milk and

Alaska Condensed Milk until well blended. Finally, form the mixture into cylindrica shape

and wrap in Cellophane Paper.