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Department: Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Position Organizational Structure:

Managing Director

Corporate QA/QC
Department Head Manager Department Head

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Position Code: Job Category:

Grade: Classification:

Position: Corporate QA/QC Manager

Reports to: Managing Director (AJES)
Section: Al Jaber Energy Services
Direct Reports: Project QA/QC Manager/ Site QA/QC Manager
Internal Working Relations: Discipline Directors, Departments & Division Managers,
Construction and Project Managers.
External Working Relations: All Clients, Consultants, Partners, Sub Contractors,
Suppliers, Vendors, Certification Agencies and Third Party Inspection Agencies

Key Objectives of the Job:

The Corporate QA/QC Manager reports to the Managing Director (MD). He is
responsible for the preparation, implementation, documentation, maintenance, co-
ordination and monitoring of the Quality Management Systems (QMS) for the
Company and the QA/QC Programs for the Projects of the Company cost effectively in
line with the Companys Quality Policy, Quality Objectives and ISO 9001 Quality
Management Systems. Administer, manage and maintain effective QA/QC system and
program all through the companys activities, projects and units.
Duties & Responsibilities:
To perform as the Quality Management Representative as per the ISO 9001:2000
requirements and to conduct the Management Reviews incorporating the Inputs for
the review and Outputs of the same as per the Quality Management System. Also
to function as Management Representative during the external Audits by the
Certifying Agency and by the Consultants/Clients.
To assist the different Senior Management/Department Heads in the corporate
level to define and document organizations Quality Policy and Objectives for and
commitment to Quality.
To work jointly with the Senior Management team in order to define the
responsibility, authority, and the interrelation of all personnel, who manage,
perform and verify work-affecting quality.
Responsible to organize, implement, conduct, and manage the QA/QC
Programs/Plans as per the Companys Quality Policy, Objectives and Client
specifications and requirements of the different projects.
Monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the implementation of the Quality
Systems with the Managing Director and other Directors/ Senior Managers
periodically to identify and implement improvement to the business
To assign QA/QC staff required for the Projects, co-ordinate, support and assist for
successful QA/QC Programs implementation at all times and supervise the Project
QA/QC Managers, Site QA/QC Managers and other QA/QC staff.
Ensure motivation and training programs for the documentation of the Quality
System to all personnel involved in the effective implementation of the system.
Ensuring that the Departmental Heads identify training needs of personnel working
under them and organize training to be conducted periodically to suit the needs
and maintain the records of such trainings and their evaluation.
To monitor the Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) and Discrepancies and their
closeouts for the projects, Client and Third Party Audits.
To attend the project QA/QC meetings with the Project Management, Sub
Contractors, Consultants and Clients as required.
To review and approve the Sub contractors and Supplier/Vendors Quality
Manuals and other Submission documentation for the projects as required.
Planning, organizing and conducting Internal, Surveillance and follow-up audits for
verifying effective implementation of the Quality System, Contract Quality Plans,
reporting to the management and ensuring that the systems defects revealed by
the audits are resolved by the appropriate Department heads. Also responsible for
conducting External (Second Party) Audits to Sub contractors, Suppliers/Vendors
as per the project requirements and their assessments for pre qualification.
To co-ordinate the Customer Feedbacks, Complaints, their reviews and proposals
for the continued improvement of the Quality Management System.
Evaluating and reporting Quality Costs to the management using Statistical
Techniques as deemed necessary.
Advice Company higher Management of all QA/QC related matters and general
issues which are of interest to the Company. Prepare and conduct special
assignments as instructed by the Managing Director and senior Management.

Key Results/Outcomes:

This position is the Functional Head of Quality Management System in the

corporate level and has overall authority in the QA/QC functions of the Company
as per ISO 9001: 2000 requirements including projects and all related areas where
Customer Satisfaction is to be maintained. Corporate QA/QC Manager is the
authorized Quality Management Representative and need to ensure that the
processes needed for the Quality Management System are established,
implemented and maintained.
Authorised to represent the Company during all external audits including those by
Certifying Agencies, Clients and propose/agree on resolutions for the findings, if
Authorized to identify, select, and propose different QA/QC personnel for the
Company including projects and to instigate any disciplinary actions on these staff,
if required. He shall be the final authority to decide the functional capability of staff
under him and recommend for further enhancement. He shall be the authority to
decide up on the retention of any staff under his functional authority.

The Corporate QA/QC Manager shall decide on the performance of AJES

Subcontractors, Suppliers and Vendors on their delivery to the business and shall
be a factor in deciding on the continuation of any of such services along with
Procurement Manager. He is the authority to recommend on the prequalification of
above services for AJES.
Corporate QA/QC Manager shall issue stop work memos for those activities in a
project where Non conformances occurred pending resolution of the situation with
Disposition and Corrective action approval from the Client. He may advise the
Project QA/QC Manager/Site QA/QC Manager wherever such situation deemed in
addition to any such routine non conforming situations in a project, where Project
QA/QC Manager/Site QA/QC Manager issues such memos.
Corporate QA/QC Manager shall evaluate the performance of different
projects/departments with respect Quality and evaluate effectiveness of the
established Management System and to report to Managing Director/and other
Directors with analysis reports on number of non conformances, Client Complaints
and Satisfaction Reviews, Audit Reports etc.
Job Requirements:

Technical Competencies: 1) Graduate Engineer in Civil Engineering/Mechanical

Engineering from reputed Universities with Technical
knowledge and expertise in Construction Industry
Codes and Practices.
2) IRCA approved ISO 9001:2000 Lead Auditor
Certification with many years of Auditing experience.
3) Membership of National/International Engineering
Professional bodies and Institutions.
4) Must be computer literate able to work under
pressure and within set guidelines and should have
excellent report writing abilities.
5) Training and Presentation skills and coordinate the
training needs of various departments.
Minimum Experience: Experience of at least 15 years in Quality Assurance and
Quality Control of construction work of Heavy Industrial,
Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Projects covering a broad range
of activities, and with a minimum of 5 years as Corporate
Manager in Medium to Large Multi Discipline construction
companies in the Gulf Countries.

Minimum Education: Bachelor's Degree in a relevant discipline (Civil or

Mechanical Engineering), with the relevant QA/QC

Through the Following Table, Identify the key behavioral Competencies needed for the
Job Holder to be able to perform well on fulfilling the obligations and requirements of
the Job Use the attached Table.
All Competencies Groups should be checked in one of the following Three Grades.
High competencies are the essential competencies to perform the job, Medium
competencies are an advantage for the Job Holder to have and Low competencies
are not needed for the job at all.
Weighted relativity of competency to Position Duties & Responsibilities.
5/20 should come under High, 3/20 should come under Medium and the rest will
be Low.
Tick with a Big X

Competencies Groups

Makes things happen
Deciding and Initiating
and has a can-do X
Leading and Supervising Provide others with a
clear sense of direction,
(Starting From through agreed targets X
Supervisory levels) and objectives.
Co-operates and works
well with others in the
Working with People pursuit of organisational X
objectives and team
Acts consistently
towards others, in
Adhering to Principles and accordance with clear
Values ethics and values. Seeks X
to be clear and honest in
dealing with others.
Quickly builds rapport
with others, relating well
Relating and Networking to different types of X
people and making
people feel at ease.
Presents a positive
image when
communicating the key
Persuading and points of an argument
Influencing persuasively. Comes
across assertively,
professionally and with
Speaks confidently and
fluently. Talks at a
suitable pace and level.
Presenting and Holds others attention
when speaking.
Communicating Promotes two-way
Information communication with
others. Ensures others
understand the
Writes fluently, clearly
and concisely. Produces
written communication
that is logically
Writing and Reporting structured, using correct
spelling and grammar
and appropriate words
and expressions.
Demonstrates technical
knowledge and skills
related to the job. Has a
thorough grasp of
relevant processes,
Applying Expertise and
methods and resources.
Technology Maintains technical
knowledge and keeps up
to date in area of skill.
Is capable to perform
work activities.
Identifies and solves
problems following well-
structured frameworks.
Makes decisions
Analyzing according to clear rules
and guidelines. Knows
where to find relevant
Absorbs new information
and learns quickly.
Commits key facts to
Learning and memory and
Researching demonstrates an
understanding of newly
presented information.
Proactively investigates
alternative approaches
Creating and Innovating to create improvements
or increase efficiency of
(Starting from working practices.
Supervisory levels) Creates new and fresh
approaches to work-
related issues.
Takes a long term view
(up to 5 years) on
organisational success,
thinks big picture and
explores wide ranging
possibilities in
Formulating Strategies supporting a vision for
the future of the
and Concepts
organisation, based on
(Starting from the overall strategic
Managerial levels) intent. Models different
options to develop the
strategic plan.
Translates vision into a
strategic plan, including
measurable strategic
Defines own targets in
line with the objectives
of the team or
Planning and Organizing department. Establishes
clear priorities to ensure
best use of time and
Takes a methodical and
consistent approach
towards customer
Delivering Results and services and achieving
Meeting Customer quality results. Puts the
Expectations customer first and is
eager to please them in
line with company
Shows commitment to
the organization.
Consistent and
Following Instructions and
dependable. Delivers
Procedures what has been agreed.
Punctual and
Adapts readily to new
circumstances and ways
of working. Accepts new
ideas. Willing and able
to adjust to changing
Adapting and Responding
priorities and targets.
to Change Tolerates conditions of
uncertainty and remains
productive when there is
a lack of clarity about
aspects of own job.
Accepts criticism without
becoming hostile or
overly defensive.
Remains focused on
work when under
pressure. Avoids
Coping with Pressures
emotional displays that
and Setbacks may negatively affect
relationships or
performance. Shows an
optimistic outlook
towards work.
Accepts and tackles
demanding goals with
enthusiasm. Welcomes
Achieving Personal Work
demanding goals,
Goals and Results working through tough
challenges to achieve
Cost Conscious: Is
aware of cost drivers,
and understands the
cost implications of own
work. Actively seeks for
Entrepreneurial and
Commercial Thinking
ways to reduce cost and X
uses resources
Demonstrates an


Minimum Duration/Stay in this Position:

As a normal career progression, what is the minimum limit for an employee to hold this
same job:
Minimum: 7 Next Vertical Move: Technical & Systems Director