to make ukip a
party fit to
11.1 Brexit 39
11.2 Defending Our Monarchy 41
11.3 Defence & Border 43
11.4: Rule of Law 45
11.5 Tackling Islamification 47
11.6 The Family 49
11.7 Our Culture & Values 51
11.8 Free Speech & Liberty of Conscience 53
11.9 Rewarding Hard Work 55
11.10 Deciding How Our Money is Spent 57
11.11 Fixing Our NHS 59
11.12 Veterans & Pensioners 61
11.13 Reforming Our Education System 63
11.14 Global Trade 65
11.15 Small Business 67

If you ask people on the street what UKIP exists for, many will say

01. it has no purpose. Having won the EU referendum, they see UKIP
as irrelevant. Furthermore, they see a party that is constantly
dividing against itself. Having five party leaders within a year and

UKIP: 18 members fighting to lead the party within this time, we look more
fragmented than ever before.

There’s no way of sugar-coating it: UKIP is suffering an identity

A House Divided and structural crisis, and has done little to combat an attitude
towards the party that is so negative that our peak polling
performance of some 16% has been slashed to less than 2%,

Without a Cause and with little realistic hope of anything happening to reverse
our fortunes - absent an entirely new way of doing things.


1 2

In 2016, JRE explained to the party that if we did not move forward
decisively onto Phase 2 of UKIP’s mission and impel a democratic
revolution that would serve to put the people of Britain in control
of their own destinies and wrest power from a corrupt and callous
political class, UKIP would become obscure and pointless in the

02. minds of the voting public and unable to realise any of its objectives.
JRE didn’t win the leadership battle, and the party effectively spent
the next eight months losing ten years’ of hard-won growth.

Solving the JRE was little known in the party in 2016, so instead we voted for
‘a safe pair of hands’ - a recognised face; for a decent man, but

one that had no energetic, radical vision to transform the party into
something capable of campaigning aggressively on a revolutionary
platform that would inspire the public’s imagination, engage our
political enemies, and lead Britain into a new era of politics that

Are We Willing to would challenge the status quo and put pressure on government to
deliver the people’s will.

Pay the Price?
But there is hope. Now, in September of 2017, once again UKIP has
a chance to embrace the solution. Poised with an Establishment-
backed favourite looking to win the leadership if JRE doesn’t,
the party may either heed Einstein’s advice, or self-destruct.
That great mind put the matter very simply: if you get the very
same people to go on doing the very same things as in the past
and yet expect completely different results, you’re insane.


3 4

September 2017 is make or break for UKIP. We may either elect
the plan
someone safe and predictable, our last ever leader before total
fragmentation occurs, someone who will ensure a slow but sure 1.
fading away into total political ineffectualness and irrelevance, Identify, develop and resource talent within the party -
or we may take the risk and do something surprising, something UKIP Connect
revolutionary; we elect a leader whose platform for the party will
immediately identify UKIP as the greatest threat to the security of
Britain’s corrupt hegemony. 2.
Campaign victoriously on important national issues - UKIP Direct
But count the cost. If JRE is elected, he will not play it safe. He
will never emasculate his message so as to become accepted
by the political class and liked by the mainstream media. UKIP
Fund the party - UKIP Affiliate
under JRE’s leadership will forever be on the attack, taking
the fight to the enemy. And be sure that the enemy will not sit
quietly and let us make gains unimpeded. They will counter- 4.
attack. And the principal weapon they’ll direct against us will Identify and coordinate campaign objectives that gain trust and
be the Establishment’s mouthpiece, the mainstream media. win elections - UKIP Local

JRE has a comprehensive plan to repel these attacks and
gain the upper hand in the fight against the Establishment. 5.
Seize control of the agenda with clear, compelling messaging -
_ UKIP Media

5 6
Funding UKIP, be in a position to have genuinely
democratic decisions made, but
Sustainably will always have to run everything

past this small handful of people
UKIP has never actually had a
and work within the limited scope of
sustainable funding programme. We
their will. This is reasonable on their
have relied partly on the fact that
part, but irresponsible on the part of
much of the work we do that is legally
those within our leadership that have
recognised as of relevance within
done nothing to escape this bind and
the context of the remit of our MEPs
achieve financial independence.
overlaps with the domestic political
campaigning we have done. And
RE has a plan to graduate from this
so, ironically, most of our staff have
state of continual dependency on and
been funded by salaries paid by the

obligation to UKIP’s own, albeit very
European Parliament. And where
generous, mini-plutocracy.
necessary campaigning work has
been unable legally to fall under this
remit, we’ve had to rely primarily on a

Funding UKIP, dangerously small handful of donors.
Our membership subscriptions
achieve little more than covering the
costs of publishing the Independence

Sustainably magazine and resourcing some office
space and a very small handful of
administrative staff salaries.

This funding strategy has two very
obvious, and frankly terminal,
drawbacks: 1. We expect to leave the
European Union in 2019, and won’t be
funded by repatriated taxpayer funds
returned to us via the EU thereafter;
and 2. Our reliance on large donors
lending us money that they can
insist is returned to them as soon as
a decision is made by the party that
they dislike, means that we’ll never
7 8
UKIP Affiliate a decent, trusted, fair and respected Typical UKIP Affiliate Arrangement
boss; and 2) It incentivises those
Business owners who are members of on the fence who are regular users
the party will be invited to submit their of some of the services provided by
business details for inclusion in an businesses owned by UKIP members,
attractive, user-intuitive, feature-rich, to join up, as their subscription fees
members-only business directory. will very quickly be repaid by the
JRE has already designed this savings they’ll make as beneficiaries
directory and will make this available of this discount scheme.
to the party at no cost.
Making 5% on transactions from an
Participating business owners will ever growing list of businesses, as well
agree to a discount scheme, typically as receiving additional subscriptions
worth 10% of each transaction. Half from the business owners, employees
this discount will benefit the member and business users that will likely join
buying the service, and the other as a consequence of this scheme being
half will accrue to party funds. This publicised, will substantially increase
is an incredibly attractive option for
business owners as it opens their
party funds and help ensure that UKIP
becomes financially independent. 10%
Discount Given by
services at no cost of advertising to Business
a motivated, enthusiastic captive _
market of tens of thousands of
members whose patriotism will ensure
that utilising these businesses will be
prioritised where possible, ahead of all
competing alternatives.

UKIP Affiliate also achieves two further
significant objectives: 1) It motivates
some of the most influential people
in communities - employers - to
become active members of the party.
And where an employer joins a given
party, inevitably, many within his or
her firm are often influenced to join up 5%
Discount passed
5% donated
also, especially where the employer is
to UKIP Member to UKIP
9 10
At a time when UKIP had a golden interests of everyone else. Until UKIP
opportunity to redefine its mission to becomes a Direct Democracy, we
the British people ahead of the last are nonetheless still a democracy,
General Election, and come out as albeit a not very representative
the People’s Champion, guaranteeing ‘representative democracy’. That’s
that they would never give up the fight supposed to mean that our elected
until the people had truly taken back leaders discover our will and ensure
control of their own destiny, a very it gets honoured. The sad fact is,

04. small handful of people, convinced
in their own minds that they were the
ones who knew better than everyone
else - better than our membership
however, that those with the power to
consult us evidently have no intention
of doing so. It is difficult to avoid the
conclusion that our party’s leaders

Collaborative, and better than even the party’s most
experienced elected representatives
- formulated a raft of untested, un-
debated policies, seemingly on the
have no more respect for the will of
those they’re elected to represent,
than our nation’s government have for
the people who elected them and pay

Future-Proof back of an envelope, and released
them to the world.

The result was that the party was
their salaries.

The party is therefore faced with
a very simple choice: either elect

Policy Making ridiculed for appealing to a narrow band
of voters with a list of poorly expressed
proposals that wasted the opportunity
to confront real issues that are of
JRE and ensure that the will of the
membership will be sovereign in the
party and it will become the role of
the leadership and NEC, or whatever
grave concern to everyone in Britain executive board replaces that entity
that hates the scourge of political under his leadership, to execute the
correctness, wants to stand up for the members’ will; or else elect anyone
innocent and the undefended, and else, and suffer a continuation of the
No More Agenda Hijacking by Cliques is willing to fight for a fair, consistent very elitism that has already nearly
application of civilisation-preserving killed the party and marginalised what
law and order in our nation. remains of our membership.

Opportunities are invariably wasted, Direct Democracy will ensure that
irreparably, when a small group of everyone in the party has a voice,
people usurp the authority of those and that everyone’s personal and
relying on them to act in the best professional experience and expertise
11 12
are utilised to the greatest degree of a Direct Democracy Director, that will
possible. A policy team headed by work closely with the deputy leader to
JRE’s deputy will coordinate policy ensure that membership engagement
forums and debates to which experts is maximised, and that proposals
and interested members from around that pass successfully are integrated
the country will be invited to contribute. intelligently into the manifesto. Policy Forum Think Tanks Members
Topics scheduled for debate will & Experts
be disseminated to branches and _
published on the UKIP Direct website.
Proposals that are not covered by
these debate topics may be initiated
directly from the membership.
Phase 1 Phase 1
14 Days Assent & 28 Days
Those unable to attend debates and Amendments
presentations will be able either to
submit their contributions in writing
by post, or via their branch’s Direct
Democracy representative, or for
those unable to attend branches
and who use the Internet, via a user- Phase 2 Phase 2
friendly policy development and 6 Weeks 3 Months
Arguments for &
voting website that JRE has already Against submitted
overseen the creation of, and which using various
has already been fully paid for by media
donations (not reclaimable loans) that
JRE has secured.

Except for funding one appointment,
ongoing costs of running UKIP Direct Phase 3
are negligible. Most votes on policy 28 Days
will be handled at branch level, Voting
and moderation and administrator
maintenance roles will largely be
overseen by part-time elected 3 months
volunteers. It is envisaged that there Policy
will be only one full-time appointment
13 Spokesman & Team Dynamic Manifesto
Frail people who don’t like being When UKIP fights for the interests
attacked must count the cost, because of British citizens, when we fight to
if UKIP returns to the role of fighting open trade with the world, to arrest
effectively against the Establishment, our dangerous population growth, to
we will be attacked mercilessly. facilitate organic wage growth, to obtain
The mainstream media will distort energy independence, to facilitate
our message and lie about us with the creation of small businesses and
total impunity. We will declare our more jobs - we will directly threaten
intentions to do great things for this those whose prosperity is predicated
country that will make a real difference on their closed clique relationships
in the lives of those we care about, and with controlled lawmakers in Europe

05. yet we’ll be misquoted, slandered and

Some members are fed up of being
and Westminster, who want to stifle
any kind of growth that impacts on
their own narrow interests.

Messaging lied about and discredited and
secretly hanker for a leadership that
will go with the flow and will avoid
tackling issues that will get us into
And when this happens, they will hit
us hard. They will call us every evil
name they think will stick, in the hope
of stigmatising and marginalising us.
trouble with the Establishment. But Therefore, if we are going to engage
if we do this, we cannot present any our political enemies - every person
meaningful solutions to the nation. and entity that hates democracy and
This country is racked with debt despises our ancient Constitution -
If UKIP Remains Relevant the Mainstream Media Will and our resources are effectively then we have to act quickly to gain
being siphoned into the hands of the upper hand on messaging. We
Continue to Hate Us transnational offshore interests; need to be putting out our own media
people who want to oversaturate content, direct from the horse’s mouth.
our labour market and drive down This content needs to be professional,
wages, people who don’t care that prolific and pervasive. We need to
our national debt is fast approaching saturate social media channels, and
£2 trillion, as long as their own profit influence impartial influencers, to the
margins continue to grow while their degree that the mainstream media’s
competition is eliminated by their distortions quickly become exposed
bureaucrat friends in high places. as dishonest attempts to discredit the
only organisation that represents real
hope for Britain politically.
15 16
JRE funded and produced UKIP’s first of finding these answers, they will
ever party political broadcast at a discover the truth.
time that no-one in the party had any
reason to have ever heard of him. JRE The mainstream media will soon
rose to relative prominence from total become an incredibly valuable
obscurity to gaining nearly 20% of the advertising resource for UKIP. We’ll
vote in the last leadership election, receive national coverage at no cost.
through use of high production And the people will stop believing
value media content. Amongst the the lies because we’ll have a
businesses that JRE operated before comprehensive media dissemination
his retirement at the age of 36, he strategy that competes internally,
ran a small media company. JRE has inter-branch, for positive exposure in
a comprehensive plan for generating local newspapers and sympathetic
compelling content that will penetrate national and international media
the minds of voters nationwide, and outlets. Additionally, we’ll create our
to put out this messaging 365 days a own independent, non-affiliated media
year, relentlessly. outlets and use our online membership
to drive search engine optimisation
UKIP Media will more than adequately and traffic to where we want honest,
counter the attempts to damage UKIP open-minded Brits to find truthful,
that we must inevitably anticipate objective information. JRE is already
being directed at us from the close to completing one such outlet.
mainstream media. Moreover, once
we have an efficient media production _
process, happening both at national
level with the leadership, and soon at
branch level, as media creation skills
are imparted down to branch level
via the mobile training team that JRE
will assemble, the negative press
that we receive from the mainstream
media will actually serve to drive the
anti-Establishment cause that we will
embody and spearhead, because
when we’re attacked, people will
demand answers and in the process
17 18
Halting Electoral Failure confident, consistent messaging from
the leadership nationally, but perhaps
In most cases, both locally and even more critically, full-time work
nationally, success at elections is being done locally in communities
a consequence of how hard party throughout the nation.
members work locally to make a
difference in people’s lives, and to Running companies that allowed
what extent the national messaging him to retire after only ten years in

put out by the leadership resonates business, JRE has always taught his
with the nation. sales staff the same thing: don’t ever
worry about money, it will always take
Working in support of many candidates care of itself. Our business is to serve

in several elections, JRE has as many people as possible, and to
canvassed several thousand doors the greatest possible degree, and if
and spoken face to face with many we do this, the money will inevitably
voters. The response he has received follow. JRE has a similar attitude to

has been consistent: the British politics. Our business as a party is to
people do not trust politicians. They fight for and serve as many people as
see politicians as self-serving and possible in our communities, and if we
insincere, and they cite as evidence for do this, we won’t have to worry about

this position the undeniable fact that in votes. They will follow.
the vast majority of cases, politicians
ignore the people for the greater part People won’t vote for people they
of five years and only turn up a few don’t know and they don’t trust. And
weeks before an election, in the hope for them to trust us they need to
of garnering votes by pretending that understand our intentions. We cannot
they care and that they want to make a trust another’s intentions by words
alone, but only ever by actions. For
NOT Destined to Stay at 2% genuine difference. The British public
UKIP to win elections we need to win
are not stupid. They can see straight
through the polished exterior, the trust, and to win trust we need to act
fake smiles and fake expressions of in a way that proves that we care. We
concern. need to change people’s lives.

UKIP will only start winning elections But a remote leadership that spends
if these two elements are very most of its time in meetings and on
successfully in place: meaningful, phone calls and covering thousands
19 20
of miles on British roads, however are keeping youths off the streets,
sincerely it wants to understand the we’ll fight to raise awareness and
problems that afflict ordinary people provide support for veterans that are
and which most merit our attention, homeless, we’ll fight to provide support
can never discover these issues from to the lonely, silent pensioners who
within the context of small meetings endure bitterly cold winters without
with a handful of like-minded people. companionship; we’ll show up the
keyboard social justice warrior culture
The only way we can ever reliably know as the destructive hypocrisy that it
what the people want us to do for them, is. And we’ll start recruiting decent,
is if we ask them. JRE has conceived patriotic people to our cause.
UKIP Local to do precisely this. Both
by harnessing the principles of ‘Flat The damage done by mainstream
Pack Democracy’ - which allowed 17 media, the castigation, the mis-
independent candidates recently characterisation will all be overcome
to displace the incumbents and when the people making the greatest
completely take over the local council difference in local people’s lives will
in Frome, Somerset - JRE wants UKIP be seen to be those of our party.
to be the most intelligently equipped Support for us will grow inevitably;
campaigning machine in Britain. Data not because we’ve become cynical,
collected from non-overtly affiliated slick manipulators of public opinion,
canvassing teams will be analysed but because whatever anyone may
to establish trends in local attitudes. ever say about us, people will come
From this data we’ll formulate local to understand beyond any doubt that
campaign initiatives, and will attract we are the party that cares and that
qualified support towards these knows how to confront the corrupt
campaigns using the discussion Establishment, and to fight for the
functionality of UKIP Direct, and the little guy.
local talent that we identify through
UKIP Connect (discussed below). When this happens, prepare for
victory at local and national elections.
Campaigning year-round on local Prepare to become the government.
issues that we already have evidence
are the issues of greatest concern to _
local people, we’ll fight to keep open
under-funded football clubs that
21 22
It has always seemed so incredible to to hand this form to their branch
JRE that in spite of having the toughest, Direct Democracy representative.
most motivated membership of any Those members who enjoy access to
political party in the world - as proven the Internet will be able to complete
by the fact that we never threw in the and manage and update their own
towel in the face of such unethical directory listing themselves directly
opposition, and we overcame the on the dedicated website that JRE has
strength of an international superstate already designed.

with such relatively tiny numbers - it
has always seemed incredible that the Every member will also be asked
party allows so many of its members to rank themselves across a broad
to stagnate, lying dormant, with spectrum of campaigning skills

No More
their incredible skills, passion and including the following:
experience largely untapped.
1 Leaflet Distribution
JRE will end this neglect. JRE has 2 Door to Door Canvassing

Neglecting the
conceived a plan to identify talent 3 Writing to Newspapers
throughout the entire membership 4 Internet Research
and unify the membership around 5 Use of Social Media
campaigns which attract the support 6 Leaflet Design

and dedication of those of like mind. 7 Graphic Design
JRE calls this programme UKIP 8 Website Updating
Connect. 9 Blogging / Article Writing
10 Basic Website Design
UKIP Connect will create a directory 11 Website Coding / Programming
of as many of the party’s entire 12 Opposition Research
membership as are willing to get 13 FOIA Request Applications
involved in any way whatsoever 14 Photography
Harnessing the People’s Army with the work of the party. Every 15 Video Capture
member will be asked to complete 16 Video Editing
a form detailing their interests and 17 Compiling Press Releases
work background, their skills and 18 Media Interviews
their willingness to serve the cause 19 Writing Policy
of the party, either in elections, or as 20 Speech Writing
an activist in support of campaign 21 Public Speaking
initiatives or other candidates, and 22 Debating
23 24
Candidates who do not possess skills The techniques usually only used by
in certain areas will inevitably possess
skills in other areas. Every member of
the party will be useful and will be able
those motivated to drive profit will now
be used to build what will soon likely
become the fastest growing party in

to be used in the way that they think Europe, and we may soon expect to
their own time and skill set will most achieve results that would have been
efficiently and effectively be spent. unthinkable just a few years ago.

At the touch of a button members with _
Internet access will be able to bring
up an interactive map that will detail
the proposed local meeting locations
(local pub or restaurant, etc) of every
one of our participating members. If
in Bolton, for example, we decide to
campaign to open a day centre for
homeless veterans, and we need
someone to write a press release,
someone else to create a video to
promote the work, someone else to
build a simple website, and someone Images
else to promote our online resources
on social media, we’ll be able to filter
our search criteria to look for members
with these skills as close as possible
to Bolton.
UKIP Connect harnesses the
technological intelligence that the
most efficiently run international
businesses use to make as much
money as possible for their owners.
JRE’s work in marketing, in information
management, and in coordinating staff Location
in several countries simultaneously,
is all transposed into UKIP Connect.
25 Mock-up of UKIP Connect Profile 26
It seems extraordinary that in spite no organisation will thrive and make
of UKIP holding on file the email significant gains unless it is run on the
addresses of 83% of its members, basis of a meritocracy.
and in spite of national elections
utilising the principle of party electionJRE will rapidly transform UKIP into
broadcasts, in spite of every election a meritocracy in which hard-working

candidate having access to the means people are elected to roles on the
to film a short presentation outlining basis of their ability to convince the
their platform, and in spite of the partyelectorate of their passion and their
having access to a means of hosting competency, not on the basis of
videos and promotional material their ability to ingratiate themselves

no more created by candidates to promote their
candidacy, that the party nonetheless
chooses not to use this method of
with the small clique that pulls the
strings and will always do everything
it can to maintain tight control over
educating members nationwide with all outcomes. Under JRE’s leadership,

Deliberate respect to the available choices of
candidate they have to vote for this
Assembly Member lists and regional
leadership roles will be put to a vote
of members, and every effort will
be made to maximise the extent of

Suppression of The fact is that the existing leadership available information that is able to
have long run a strategy of deliberate inform intelligent decision-making on
suppression of information. Why the part of the members.
would they do this? To ensure that

Information they remain in control of outcomes. The party’s own self-identifying
They don’t want a level playing field. intelligentsia generally has the attitude
They don’t want a meritocracy that that the members are too uninformed
would allow a previously unknown and not sufficiently media-savvy to
candidate who may have worked very make informed, reliable decisions
hard for several years behind the in their own best interests, and that
scenes, on no party salary, to gain they themselves are God’s gift to the
Why Don’t We Want a Level Playing Field? equal prominence to that of someone party to protect us members from own
more controllable and who will likely stupidity. And yet, offered the means
guarantee the continuation of the to provide all necessary information to
roles of those already in positions the membership to adequately inform
of leadership. This is cronyism and our choices, they consistently reject
something that UKIP should embrace this opportunity. They don’t want us to
a strong position against, because be informed. JRE does.
27 28
A Vision for UKIP break their manifesto pledge, and will
simply go on with business as usual.
This manifesto began with the And the British public will be able to do
acknowledgement that in the minds nothing to punish them for this broken
of the British people, UKIP has lost its promise, as we can do nothing to hold
way and has no useful purpose. For them to account. Our present system
UKIP to reverse its decline and begin relies on their honour. And they frankly
the process of earning the public’s don’t have much to rely on.
respect, trust and confidence and

to contend the role of government No, the only way that the British public
in Britain, the people need to will ever get outcomes they want is if
understand why UKIP exists and what they obtain direct control of outcomes
it wants to achieve. themselves. So, how do we do this?
Electoral reform? No. Those in power

a Vision for JRE’s vision of UKIP is to take control
away from the corrupt elites that
govern us and hand this control to the
British people. And JRE has a workable
will never vote for an alternative
system of getting themselves elected,
if the present system was what
got them elected into power in the
first place. So, if we’re faced with a

plan for achieving this.
democratic impasse in which nothing
Until this mission is achieved, will ever change significantly, because
everything that UKIP does is of little we are relying on the will of those who
value. However hard we campaign benefit from retaining the status quo
for an issue, at election time all to change the status quo, what can we
that will happen will be that some possibly do?
more established, more viable party
JRE has a plan. It’s simple, logical and
Putting Britain in Control through Direct Democracy that’s more likely to form the next
will work - if the membership unites
government than we are, will simply
feign to embrace this issue and voters behind it.
will vote for them instead of us. We’ll
have wasted all the gains we made, The present status quo is only able to
all the millions of man-hours spent exist as long as our political class is
campaigning and getting flak in the able to maintain the illusion that the
media, because once the larger, more outcomes they deliver in Parliament
established party gets elected, they’ll actually reflect the will of the people. If
renege on this election promise, they’ll we can prove that this is not the case,
29 30
we’ll see that the Emperor actually has being at the forefront of UKIP’s aims, As the profile of this work continues
no clothes, and the people of Britain the concept of Direct Democracy - to grow and participants in votes
will come to realise that they are being communicated relentlessly through start running into the millions, two
sold a lie: representative democracy our UKIP Media programme - will come things will happen: 1) Any democratic
is a con in which people that have no to dominate the national debate. disconnect that exists between
interest in representing us actually Since we live in a democracy in which Parliament and the people becomes
represent their own interests and it is understood that it is the role of undeniably visible, and 2) Parliament
those of the people who insist that government to seek to understand the becomes constrained against its will to
they toe their party line. people’s will and deliver it, provided consult the outcomes of voting on the
we succeed to make the case that Parallel Parliament. At this stage, as
So, how do we prove that the way that the system to be implemented will with our leveraging the Conservative
our Parliamentarians are voting in be secure, it becomes impossible for government into giving the nation a
Westminster does not reflect our will? the government and Establishment referendum on our membership of the
mouthpieces persuasively to argue EU in 2016, the government of the day
We do a number of things. Firstly, we that Direct Democracy is not a logical will realise it now has only two choices:
create a Parallel Parliament in which and necessary next step in the either implement Direct Democracy
we feed all bills passing through evolution of Parliamentary democracy at national level themselves, or else
Parliament into an online Direct in Britain. prepare to be defeated by a party
Democracy voting system. We have no offering something so unarguable,
interest in competing with the petition The controversy that this discussion so empowering, so incontrovertibly
website that the government already will create will continuously direct democratic, that - provided it has
administers. Effectively, this has ongoing widespread attention to the obtained a reputation in the interim
very little useful function. It primarily project, and as UKIP will be the only for being incredibly professionally,
serves to arm the government with party pushing for the political class efficiently and democratically
an insight into the nature of the to be stripped of decision-making run, and capable of disseminating
public opposition to legislation that it powers, every genuine democrat messaging that resonates with
may anticipate in the event that bills who does not believe in the innate the British public - it will inevitably
affected by corresponding petitions intellectual and moral superiority of win, and become the government.
are passed. And it delivers the illusion our so-called leaders to run our lives
that the government takes the will of for us will be strongly compelled to -
the people seriously, while actually consider joining our movement, and
having no legal value or ability to contributing to our Parallel Parliament,
influence legislative outcomes. even if they choose not to join our
And with the transfer of powers from
the political class to the people
31 32
Direct Democracy at persuade those in their constituencies
will easily be outdone by local
National Level campaigners and national campaign
groups who care about these issues
If we have Direct Democracy
and are motivated to secure the
functioning at national level, won’t
outcome that they believe is in the
voters get ‘voter fatigue’? Won’t
nation’s best interests - just as the
they resent having to do the work of
combined forces of UKIP, Vote Leave,
politicians who are supposed to do
Leave.EU and Grassroots Out did in
politics for them? Won’t they largely

June 2016.
be uninterested in most of the bills
going through Parliament, because
frankly, so much of legislation seems What if Only a Small
hardly to affect so many of us? Number Vote on a Bill?
What Will Direct These concerns are very easily
answered by anyone who understands
If an insufficient number of people
vote on a bill, Parliament will retain
the prerogative to determine the
what JRE is actually pressing for. When

Democracy at Direct Democracy is implemented

obliged or even expected to vote on
outcome themselves as they do at
present. A minimum participation
at national level, people will not be
threshold will be required to be
anything they have no interest in. surpassed in order for the people’s

National Level Only those people who happen to care
votes to determine the outcome. In
People will not be sent ballot papers.
Switzerland, with fewer bills being
People will not be hassled in any way.
voted on and a seven hundred year
about and understand bills that are history that has at times featured

Look Like? passing through Parliament will vote

the responsibility of politicians to
elements of Direct Democracy,
though with a substantially more
on these bills. However, it will become
cumbersome range of engagement
methods than those proposed by JRE,
simplify the process of legislation and
participation averages between 30
to communicate to the people, in ways
that ordinary people understand, theand 40%. It is therefore envisaged that
consequences of voting one way or an appropriate minimum participation
another. threshold for national Direct
Democracy in the UK will be around
And neglectful politicians who make 10-15% of the eligible electorate.
no effort to educate, convince or
33 34
Although only a given percentage How Will People Vote? Democracy programme that handles
of bills will ever be passed as a data generated by banks, e-Polling
consequence of the people voting, Once we have Direct Democracy, every stations, and Internet transactions
rather than our parliamentarians, person in Britain who is eligible to vote will mean that the system will be
the effect of having this system in will be sent a voter identification card. able to be more securely encrypted
place will be that every bill debated If they wish to vote on a bill there will be and around 86% cheaper to run, and
in Parliament will be framed with several ways for them to do this. They more reliable, than if we had tried to
reference to the fact that it will need to may either go to a National Lottery implement Direct Democracy just a
survive the scrutiny of the electorate, station and ask for a voting card - couple of years ago.
and that if Parliament attempts to which will be a similar size and format
exceed their bounds, they will be to a lottery card; they may vote at their
reined in by an indignant public. bank’s ATM; at one of many approved
The onus however, will be on the e-Polling stations that will be installed
part of campaigners to increase in cafés and restaurants around the
voter engagement by explaining the country; or they may vote online. All
consequences of outcomes of votes. voting methods will use encryption
In response to the possibility of software that is actually superior to
campaign groups outdoing the work what UK-based banks currently use,
of politicians, we will have a healthy and more akin to what is used by the
state of competition, balance, and US National Security Agency and the
a degree of accountability that has InfiniCortex global network of super
never been achieved in Britain to computers.
date. The public will have a far more
active interest in legislation once they The key technologies that underlie the
have direct control over how their Internet at present, Transfer Control
taxes are spent and evidence from Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP/
another successful Direct Democracy, IP) are nearing the end of their useful
Switzerland, indicates that outcomes life cycles, and many banks and
are likely to tend towards being stock exchanges, as well as the US
fiscally and socially conservative. Department of Defence, are already
Wastage, inflated public servant moving away from TCP/IP to more
salaries, and unnecessary borrowing modern, efficient and secure systems;
for vanity projects all quickly get cut the leading contender amongst these
in a Direct Democracy. And arbitrary currently being Infiniband. Timings for
agendas promoted by lobbyists intent the general process of upgrades, that
on eroding our national values will be are happening worldwide anyway,
defeated. mean that a UK National Direct
35 36
How We’ll Know What to randomise our agenda by deferring
to the judgment of small cliques or
Fight For focus groups, we’ll be malleable and
weak and never gain the respect or
A small handful of relatively affluent confidence of the electorate.
politicians, whether UKIP or otherwise,
sitting together for a few hours in UKIP Direct will elicit the attitude of
a room somewhere in London, if members on issues; UKIP Affiliate will
required to determine what’s important ensure we have the funds to fight for
on behalf of the entire nation, will these issues; UKIP Connect will identify
have necessarily limited success the voluntary human resources

when compared with the outcome of capable of driving our agenda; and
systematically consulting thousands UKIP Media will communicate our
of people from around the country. message to a public with whom we
will already be sure that our message

UKIP Direct asks every member both will resonate. Equipped with these
to contribute campaign ideas that are programmes and the organisational
close to their heart, and to vote on professionalism and structure
issues proposed by other members, capable of making significant gains in

in order to determine which issues we, raising awareness of these issues and
as a party, should be prioritising. recruiting support for our causes, we’ll
be able to advance agendas that are
Once we have clear evidence that a critical to the health and survival of our
given campaign objective merits the nation’s unique identity and character,
widespread support of a significant such as the following:
How We’ll Know What to Fight For majority of our active members,
we will have the confidence to fight
inexorably for this agenda at national
level, regardless of whatever flak we
face when we do so.

The party has flip-flopped very
recently in its past, rapidly changing
direction when confronted either by
an indignant membership on the one
hand, or an aggressive mainstream
media on the other. If we continue to
37 38
Be sure that the globalist elites and vested interests will not give up the fight
until we have a second referendum in Britain that delivers what they consider
to be the ‘right’ result, or until the government has succeeded surreptitiously to
deliver a Brexit in name only, that continues to allow free movement of labour,
our inability to control our border, suppressed wages for workers, and the illegal
imposition of foreign laws on our nation. UKIP has a great deal of campaigning
work to do right now to counter the will-eroding effect of all the negativity and
fear that the Establishment is going to project over the next two years onto the

Britain’s membership of the EU was never legal, in the sense that the European
11.1 Commission had a legal duty to ensure the constitutional compatibility of the
proposed member-state prior to its accession to the European Union. They failed
Delivering a Genuine Brexit to do this in Britain’s case and deliberately overlooked the fact that the imposition
of any law in Britain that is held by any foreign judiciary is constitutionally
illegal under the still-extant Bill of Rights that states that ‘No foreign prince,
and a Financial Settlement in person, prelate, state or potentate hath, or ought to have any jurisdiction, power,
superiority, pre-eminence or authority within this realm.’
Favour of Britain Britain’s membership of the EU was fraudulent in the same way as if a person
with a heart-defect had been sold a gym membership by a dishonest salesman
who knew perfectly well that the customer would not be allowed to use the gym
equipment; or in the same way that a self-employed person were sold a payment
protection insurance policy that was valid only for employees. In these cases
the entire value of the subscriptions and premiums would be repayable to the
person who was mis-sold the membership or policy. Far from paying an absurd
‘divorce bill’ to dissolve a marriage that was illegal in the first place, JRE asserts
that Britain has grounds to sue the European Commission for the return of our
EU-membership subscriptions which to date have totalled some £450 billion.

39 40
Throughout Britain, there are veterans with limbs missing, and others sleeping
on the streets, whose family lives have been destroyed because of traumatic
psychological injuries for which there is no cure. These men and women all
but sacrificed their very lives because they swore an oath of allegiance to our
Monarch, and to her heirs and successors. And yet the leader of the Labour party
can casually intimate that after the passing of Her Majesty into eternity, he will
be pressing for a republic, and will willingly destroy the greatest and safest
safeguard against a more complete and pervasive hijacking of our democracy

11.2 by vested interests, than we suffer at present.

The fact that every bill passed by Parliament requires Royal Assent limits the
Defending Our Monarchy power of our corrupt political class and arrests the deliberate process of the
degradation-by-design of the moral fabric of our nation by anti-family, anti-
sovereignty transnationals who want a big state, and the destruction of every
ancient and good institution that competes with the state for our loyalty.

This matter is deadly serious. Dismantling the monarchy is treason. And
the expression of the will to do so is sedition, which carries heavy and grave
penalties. Our party needs to take a stand right now to defend Britain’s ancient,
trusted Constitution and Monarchy

41 42
Ahead of all else, government’s primary duty is the defence of the realm. And
our government is failing Britain miserably in this regard. Surrounded by seas,
11.3 Providence has equipped us with a border that is substantially easier to defend
that the porous periphery of Europe.

Defending the Realm & Those that do not respect our right to defend our territory should not expect to
enjoy the benefits that accrue to those that arrive here legally. The party should
use our combined resources via UKIP Connect and UKIP Media to demonstrate
Protecting our Border the failings of government and apply pressure to the government to address this
critical issue.

43 44
Political correctness and moral cowardice on the part of our government has
been responsible for the creation of ‘no-go areas’ throughout Britain, with police
being told by their superiors to avoid certain areas of the capital when in uniform,
for fear of their lives. Those who live in these areas have no hope of help from the
law when they need it most.

Our police are required to waste much of their time on diversity training and
pointless bureaucracy, when they should be focussed on preventing and
detecting crime, and protecting people and property.

Laws that have been on our statute books for 30 years and which protect
innocent young girls from cruel mutilation by those entering our country with no
desire to respect our laws, customs and culture, are not being enforced. While
11.4 the police are capable of incredibly sophisticated intelligence gathering and
detection work in the case of catching paedophiles using resources such as the
Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP), in the case of Female
Upholding the Rule of Law Genital Mutilation no such sophisticated measures exist, and no criminals have
ever been prosecuted for this offence, in spite of estimates that this crime occurs
some 15 times per day. The reason for this neglect is clear: FGM is the preserve
of ethnic minorities and the government fears provoking ‘racial tensions’. In a
media-sensitive Britain the innocent remain undefended from the most callous
abuses if it’s not politically correct to be seen to address them.

Our police force has the ability to restore order throughout the nation, and to
enforce the law equitably and justly, if only the political will exists within
government to back them up and defend their efforts. Under JRE’s leadership,
and with the support of the membership, UKIP would campaign to highlight
these issues and to leverage the will of the people to apply pressure to the
government to act and protect those most at risk.

45 46
Far from having one law for all in Britain, a parallel system of legislation has
emerged in our nation, with many communities effectively living under the
jurisdiction of Sharia law. Many mosques in Britain are funded by Saudi Arabia
and those that pay generally have the say on what is taught. This is leading to
an increase in the growth of radical sects of Islam in Britain, sects who believe
in the concept that Islam should be imposed on any nation whose Islamic
population exceeds a sufficient threshold. In areas where Muslims are in the
majority, Sharia patrols on evenings supersede those of our own police force,
curfews for young women are imposed, and dress-codes are enforced.

While apostasy carries heavy penalties in Islam and can ruin the family,
11.5 professional and social life of a convert, our own government is encouraging
active proselytization to Islam in Britain, with reports of some Christian children
being placed with Muslim parents, being told they may not wear crosses or eat
Tackling the Progressive bacon, and being required to learn Arabic and read the Quran, while Christians
known to teach Christianity to their own children are being denied the right to
adopt on the grounds that they have no authority to impose their own value
Islamification of Britain system on those in their care.

The British government’s addiction to overspending has led to a situation in
which we now depend on Sharia bonds to finance many of our public buildings,
including some of our military infrastructure. At least five buildings in Whitehall
are funded by Sharia bonds and in the Admiralty the consumption of alcohol is
now forbidden, as a condition of this type of funding.

We are seeing an insidious growth in the influence and effect of Islam on Britain.
The mainstream parties are frightened to speak out on this issue. UKIP must
lead the way and be willing to say what others are too fearful to say, if we are to
have any hope of preserving our national legacy, freedoms, values and culture.

47 48
While the government turns a blind eye to 5,000 cases of female genital
mutilation every year, children of Christian parents are being taken from them
in secret courts throughout Britain, and placed anonymously with families
hundreds of miles away, on grounds that the parents have left a mark when

smacking their children.

The economic consequences of family breakdown in Britain are calculated to

Fighting for the Family: The increase our annual taxation requirements by £47 billion. Rather than supporting
single parents and those in challenging circumstances, the government is far
too readily instrumental in the dismantling of families.
State Doesn’t Own Our Children While the traditional definition of a family may have evolved, strong, stable
families are the building blocks of low-crime, civilised, prosperous societies.
UKIP should campaign to expose the hypocritical and destructive attitude of
government towards the family, and to destroy the construct of secret courts
of Britain.

49 50
Everyone entering this country to live here should understand what it means
to be British and, unless visiting temporarily, should undertake to respect and
honour our national identity and values as a condition of their residence.

Our national curriculum should require that in addition to tuition in literacy and
numeracy, students should be taught the elementary principles of democratic
government and the constitutionally accorded rights and liberties that belong to

every British citizen.

Those applying for citizenship in Britain are already required to make the

Preserving our Culture and following pledge:

“I will give my loyalty to the United Kingdom and respect its rights and freedoms.
Values I will uphold its democratic values. I will observe its laws faithfully and fulfil my
duties and obligations as a British citizen.”

For those obtaining residency but not citizenship, UKIP should campaign to
require that this pledge be given:

“As a resident of the United Kingdom I will respect its rights and freedoms. I will
uphold its democratic values. I will observe its laws faithfully and fulfil my duties
and obligations as a resident of the United Kingdom.”

51 52
UKIP must preserve its broadly libertarian character and should campaign
fearlessly to uphold the rights of free speech and liberty of conscience to say
and think anything that is not seditious and does not incite violence.

11.8 UKIP should defend the right of religious adherents to criticise openly the beliefs
and practices of adherents of other religions, both in public places, and in media.

Defending Free Speech and UKIP should defend the right to express antipathy to the culture, values, lifestyle
and philosophies of others.
Liberty of Conscience UKIP should campaign to challenge the inclusion of words in our statutes which
are deliberately vague and open to widespread interpretation and which have in
the past allowed convictions that clearly prohibit freedom of speech and liberty
of conscience, such as the use of the word ‘insulting’.

53 54
Britain’s national debt is fast approaching £2 trillion. It costs us around £48
billion a year just to pay the interest on this debt. That’s around £2,500 per
household. This means that on average each household spends an entire month
every year just working to earn enough to pay the interest on our national debt.

11.9 Interest rates are today historically low and are forecast to rise in mid-2018.
Rising interest rates will increase the cost of borrowing and the burden on the
tax payer. The situation should be considered critical right now.
Rewarding Hard Work: Cut The government continues to spend around £70 billion each year more than it
receives in taxes. UKIP should campaign to educate the British public on the
Waste, Stimulate Trade and consequences of overspending and continued borrowing, and should work
urgently towards formulating an alternative budget that cuts waste, stimulates

Lower Taxes trade with the developing world, and slashes income and company tax rates.

Through the UKIP Media programme, we should produce a series of videos and
animations that simplify the issues related to our nation’s economy, with calls
to action that harness the concerns of the electorate and apply pressure to the
government. UKIP should press for an increase in the flow of information related
to government spending and far greater transparency in this area.

55 56
Politicians are good at spending other people’s money, and notoriously bad at
generating it, except for the vested interests of those who advise them how to
legislate, which wars to wage, and which vanity projects to build.

Once UKIP delivers greater transparency and clarity over government spending,
and presents our alternative budget, we should call into question every
significant proposed misuse of public revenues, and should present alternative
spending choices to the nation.

11.10 For instance, we were originally told that HS2 would cost £33 billion. The figure
is now some £56 billion and will probably continue to rise. Rather than simply
campaigning against such relatively useless vanity projects that benefit vested
Deciding How Our Money is interests and lobby groups, UKIP should present alternative, more cost effective
solutions, such as upgrading existing rail infrastructure and restoring access
to remote, economically depressed areas of the country. UKIP should invite
Spent the public to vote on how their money is spent through our Parallel Parliament
project; in this example, whether by going ahead with HS2, upgrading the rail
network, or saving the money altogether.

Direct Democracy in Switzerland - where the country runs a national surplus
nearly every year - has taught us that when tax payers have a direct say in how
their money is spent, they spend it more carefully. When applying pressure
to the government here in the UK by engaging the public to vote on spending
choices, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to get away with wastage and
poorly advised decision-making.

57 58
The NHS costs us £116 billion a year to run - £6,000 per household. As such it is
acutely in everyone’s interests that the nation be as healthy as possible and that
the NHS be efficiently run. Policy making under JRE’s leadership will be joined-
up and holistic, with policy heads liaising closely between their respective
manifesto divisions and consulting experts from a wide range of disciplines.

Proposing policy that pertains only to healthcare will generate similar failures
to those we’ve suffered in the past: cutting in one area and resourcing another,
and making relatively small changes that create the impression of activity but
achieve no improvement of any great significance.

Physical inactivity is reckoned to be the cause responsible for 17% of all health
conditions that lead to premature deaths in Britain, and which require expensive
hospital procedures to treat. Furthermore, there is an inverse correlation
between frequency of physical exercise and incidence of disease, especially
11.11 heart disease, diabetes and cancer - the most expensive conditions treated by
the NHS. Reducing the burden on the NHS must therefore involve much more
than increases in efficiency of operation through structural reform.
Fixing Our NHS: Coherent UKIP should actively campaign simultaneously to improve the health of the
nation, and the health education of our people. It is a common complaint
Cross-Discipline Policy Making amongst NHS workers that many people use the NHS for maladies that are
treatable at home using simple, traditional remedies, and which do not benefit

and Campaigns from GP consultation and pharmaceutical medication. This fact should inform
our national curriculum, and JRE will ensure that, to this end, policy division
heads for Health and Education will work together to ensure compatible and
coherent policy-making that extends behind the constraints of their own
manifesto division.

Similarly, traffic on Britain’s roads, especially in built up areas, has an impact
on respiratory diseases, while wasting productivity time for workers. JRE will
therefore oversee the cooperation of heads of Business, Environment and
Transport, and will drive the process of policy development that promotes
methods of transport that minimise congestion on roads while improving the
nation’s health. For instance, JRE will encourage debate on initiatives that
would incentivise employers to facilitate a greater number of their employees
in travelling to work by bicycle or public transport, while offering benefits to
participating businesses such as business rate or tax concessions, or enrolment
in schemes that will facilitate a greater volume of trade from other participating
59 60
It is estimated that every night 13,000 homeless veterans sleep on our streets.
Many of these have suffered family breakdown as a consequence of traumatic
mental injuries sustained while serving our country and defending our freedoms.
The people of Britain owe a very great debt to these people and it is unjust that
we allow them to suffer in silence while our nation’s depleted resources are
prioritised in favour of those arriving into this country illegally, in search of a
better life for themselves.

With UKIP Media working in conjunction with UKIP Connect, under JRE’s
leadership the party will create a national campaign initiative that will highlight
the plight of our veterans and appeal for widespread support of the public, while
applying pressure to the government to legislate that housing allocations be
made in favour of veterans with PTSD, and that day care centres be funded to
provide camaraderie and advice to veterans throughout the country.
11.12 Another group that suffers silently and merits priority within UKIP’s campaigning
schedule are those who have often worked hard most of their lives, paying into
Veterans and Pensioners: the system, and who now may live alone, often with few or no friends or family
nearby, and who lead lonely, difficult lives. Many of our pensioners live in
conditions that few of their neighbours would believe possible in modern Britain,
Speaking up For Those Who with failing sanitation that is too expensive to repair and insufficient financial
resources to heat their homes properly throughout the winter.

Suffer Silently Under JRE’s leadership, UKIP will campaign to raise awareness of the suffering
of those of our pensioners who live in the most difficult circumstances and will
work towards the creation of voluntary support teams that visit pensioners and
provide companionship and help with simple but vital tasks that make a real
difference to the lives of those who especially deserve our appreciation and

JRE also aims to initiate debate via UKIP Direct towards outside-the-box
solutions that simultaneously address multiple issues. For example, within this
context, we have a shortage of homes for the homeless. And yet in the case of
many pensioners they live alone, lacking the ability to perform essential repairs
within their homes. One such scheme JRE will debate would be the practicality
of inviting pensioners who live alone to open their homes to homeless veterans
to house-share on the condition that the new tenant agrees to be responsible for
limited essential maintenance tasks.

61 62
Britain’s education system is skewed towards academia and there’s no logical
justification for this. The obsession of successive governments to keep our
youth in education for as long as possible has much more to do with the agenda
to massage downwards unemployment figures than to act in the best interests
of tomorrow’s workforce.

The reality is that around 50% of graduates work in jobs that do not require
degrees and a more realistic reflection of the proportion of jobs required to
be filled by university graduates will be closer to 25% than the government’s
present target of 50%.

Learning from his experiences in other countries, JRE will work to promote party

11.13 support for a system of education in Britain that ensures that every youth leaving
education, at whatever age they exit, will be equipped to apply directly for a job
or create one for themselves, and will combat the notion that there should be
Reforming our education tacit emphasis on academic subjects.

As a retired entrepreneur himself, JRE will drive the agenda to provide tuition to
system: Equipping young students with interest and ability in running businesses; to learn how to register
themselves as self-employed traders; to create basic templated websites that
feature their businesses; to maintain their accounting books; to pay their Class
people for a 21st century 2 National Insurance contributions; and to advertise their services on physical
media and the Internet.

service driven economy UKIP should campaign that students who are diverted from an academic career
towards business or trades, while majoring on their main vocation, will continue
with lessons in basic literacy and numeracy, with students respecting the fact
that all tuition received has direct relevance and application to their chosen
career path.

Under JRE’s leadership, UKIP Media will create awareness of the dissatisfaction
and failure of current education policy by showcasing through video productions
the experiences of those whom the system has failed, and will work with mentors
to demonstrate how the acquisition of suitable training and encouragement can
make the difference between a life of frustrating inactivity, petty crime, and
substance abuse; and a rewarding career that achieves financial independence.

63 64
On 24th June 2016, the government of the day should immediately have announced
their plans to send delegates throughout the world with a view to tentatively agreeing
trade deals in anticipation of Britain’s exit from the European Union. Instead they did
nothing for ten months, and simply waited while the rest of world wondered what kind
of prospects lay in store for us. The result of this indecision and inactivity on the part of
our government was that confidence in Britain’s trading future waned and the value of
Sterling descended lower than necessary.

The fact of our having a relatively weak currency today, however, is that in addition to
our excellent credit rating and national reputation for reliability and honouring deals, it
is an especially enticing time for other nations to establish new trade deals with Britain.

Trade with the European Union continued to dwindle even before it looked likely that
we would leave. The logic of our previous bias towards trade with European nations is
actually far from obvious, with manufacturing and labour costs being relatively similar
to our own. Britain stands to gain substantially more in terms of profit margins and lower
living costs from a shift in priority towards developing countries - who would absolutely
welcome strengthened trade with us - and proven reliable trading partners that are

11.14 experiencing rapid technological advancement, such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.

By identifying qualified expertise within the party through UKIP Connect, UKIP should

A Wealthier Britain: Embracing conduct an assessment of realistic manufacturing potential within Britain and should
create a total national business plan that details preferential target nations for the most
cost-effective importation of resources unable to be obtained in-country. UKIP should

the Global Marketplace then campaign to apply pressure to government to initiate special trading relationships
with these nations, and should reach out to senior trade negotiators within the
governments of these countries to facilitate these relationships with Britain.

The strategy of the elite transnational globalists that desperately want Britain to stay
in the European Union, is to work with our renegade government to impose a campaign
of fear and anxiety on us and demonstrate that Britain lacks sufficient negotiating
leverage to secure a satisfactory deal from the EU. Their plan is that if we obtain a Brexit
at all, it should be one in name only.

To counteract this treachery, UKIP needs to be active and instrumental in proving to the
nation that a Britain that walks away with no deal from the Brexit negotiations, walks
away potentially far more prosperous than a Britain that allows itself to be dictated to
by a corrupt foreign cabal.

Through UKIP Media we must showcase the anticipated gains of opening up Britain
to trade with the world, and must demonstrate the extent of enthusiastic cooperation
offered by the developing nations that will be key to JRE’s ambition for Britain to become
the world’s third most wealthy nation.
65 66
The ratio of the number of staff employed to turnover generated is much higher
for small businesses than for large corporations and yet, ironically, government
always cites the presence of big businesses in Britain as examples of their
prowess in stimulating trade and creating jobs. They get away with this because
few of us pause to reflect that where market share becomes arrogated into the
hands of large corporations, inevitably small businesses end up closing down
and the number of workers employed within that industry is reduced.

And while we do not argue with the shrewdness and stewardship of a tax-efficient
strategy when operating business internationally, nonetheless, the growth of
transnational corporations with efficient tax arrangements and the consequent
reduction in the number of small and medium sized businesses incorporated
11.15 domestically in Britain, inevitably means that combined total amounts of income
and company tax that remain within Britain are correspondingly reduced.

Fighting for Small Business: It does not therefore make economic sense for the British government to go on
legislating in favour of the growth of large corporations over small businesses.
Creating Jobs by Levelling the And the British public needs to be made very well aware of this fact.

Using UKIP Media our party ends to make use of video animations to present
Playing Field research, to simplify relevant facts, and to present to the nation the economic
case for prioritising the growth of small businesses in Britain by offering
temporary tax breaks and business rate concessions to stimulate growth, and
by cutting away swathes of red tape that unreasonably applies equally to small
businesses as it reasonably applies to large corporations.

UKIP has many business owners within our ranks who understand the
implications of bureaucracy and who can consult on intelligent policy that
will remove unnecessary obstacles to growth and job creation. Under JRE’s
leadership, UKIP will be equipped to be the only credible champion in Britain for
small business owners, the people who are key to our nation’s future enhanced

67 68

In the eight months leading up to the General Election, UKIP lost ten
years of growth. The party is now faced with an almost identical

12. choice as was presented to it in November 2016

This manifesto is not comprehensive. It is merely the starting
point. You, the members who make this party will be the people

Insanity: Same who make it comprehensive. The party will be under your control.
In this leadership election there are two options. The first has six

People and variants; people who, although with different emphases, still want
to pretend to listen to you the members, while pushing their own
agenda. People that think there is any benefit to this party making

Methods, and
policies for whatever bee in their bonnet they have today; raising
awareness and campaigning for issues we will never be able to
tackle, as we will never be an electoral force with their approach. At
best, as we have seen, the other parties will steal their ideas, and

We Expect pretend to take them seriously. The voters will go back to them.
And unlike the last time, we won’t even have the benefit of media
coverage to try and win them back.

Different Or, you also have before you the option to take control of your party,
and dictate the agenda. To be fearless in the face of the media, and
create our own. For radical reform which starts with us, in UKIP, and

Results? ends with us changing the way we do politics in this country forever.

I plead with you to be strong, be brave, rise up and be heard.
Be The Government.

69 70
Accept no
JRE’s plan for real
reform is the only way to
fix our party.