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This research is conducted on the basis of growing competition in mobile sector. The biggest
competitior of mobile sector are Reliance Jio & Airtel. This Research is conducted to analyze
who is better and why?

Cellular is one of the fastest growing and most demanding telecommunication applications.
Today,it represents a continuosly increasing percentage of all new telephone subscriptions
around the world. Currently there are more than 45 million subscribers in worldwide and nearly
50% of those subscribers are located in USA. It is forecasted that cellular systems using a digital
technology will become the universal method of telecommunication. By the year
2005,forecasters predict that there will be more than 100 million cellular subscribers worldwide.

JIO -The 4G services were launched internally toJios partners its staff and their families on 27
December 2015. The company commercially launched its services on 5 September 2016. Within
the first month of commercial operations, Jio announced that it had acquired 16 million
subscribers. This is the fastest ramp-up by any mobile network operator anywhere in the world.
Jio crossed 50 million subscriber marks in 83 days since its launch. Jio crossed 100 million
subscribers on 22 February 2017.

AIRTEL INDIA-It is the largest provider of mobile technology and second largest provider
of fixed technology in India, and is also a provider of broadband and subscription television
services.The brand isoperated by several subsdiariaes of Bharti Airtel, with Bharti Hexacom and
Bharti Telemedia providing broadband fixed line services and bharti infratel providing telecom
passive infrastructure service such as telecom equipment and telecom towers. Bharti Airtel
Limited is part of Bharti Enterprises and is headed by Sunil Bharti Mittal.
1. To know the customer perception choice and preference regarding various mobile
2. Comparative measurement of customer satisfaction level for various mobile services
3. To understand the main problems faced by the customer while using the mobile services.
4. To know the level of Customer Loyalty regarding his service provider & he is a switcher
who switches over time to time due to various reasons.

Scope of the study

1. It would help us to know about which one is better ( Jio or Airtel ) according to the
2. Which company gives better service to their customers?
3. It would help us to know about how many customers are loyal to their brands.
4. It would help us to know about the reasons regarding non preference.

Research Methodology
Research is being done on the basis of primary and secondary sources. The primary data is
collected in the process of questionnaire and interview of the outlets and the secondary data
collected from the company sales, production and other records .The other data was collected
from research report.

Data Analysis
Data analysis was done mainly from the data collected through the customers. The data

Collected from secondary sources is also used to analyse on one particular parameter.

Qualitative analysis was done on the data collected from the primary as well as secondary
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2. C.R. Kothari (2004) Research Methodology




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