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Material Safety Data Sheet for Natural Gas

Prepared May 2009 Please note: retention of current Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) is required by law.
This MSDS is also available electronically on our website:

Section 1: Section 2: Section 4:

Product Information Hazardous Ingredients Fire and Explosion Hazards
Material Name/Identifier: Natural Gas Hazardous Ingredients: Primarily methane gas Flammable If Yes, under which conditions?
Supplier: Enbridge companies: with other fossil fuels such as ethane, propane, Yes. Extreme fire hazard when mixed with
Ontario: butane and pentane. appropriate concentrations of air or oxygen in
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. Approximate Concentration %: the presence of an ignition source.
500 Consumers Road 95% methane, 3% other fossil fuels, 2% nitrogen Means of Extinction: Dry chemical, Carbon
North York, ON M2J 1P8 C.A.S. Number: 8006-14-2 Dioxide, Halon
Emergency: 1-866-763-5427 Exposure Limits: Natural gas is not toxic, Caution: If a natural gas fire is
Enbridge Gas Storage (Tecumseh) however; if gas escapes in a confined area, it extinguished and the flow of gas is not
3595 Tecumseh Rd may displace the air and its oxygen from the stopped, a highly explosive natural gas-
Mooretown, ON N0N 1M0 space. Lack of oxygen will asphyxiate anyone air mixture can accumulate, creating a
Emergency : 1-800-255-1431 remaining in that gas filled space. potentially dangerous hazard if a new
Quebec: LD50/LC50 Specify Species and Route: source of ignition is introduced.
Gazifre Inc. Due to oxygen displacement Flash Point (C) and Method: Not applicable
706, boulevard Grber Upper Explosive Limit:
Gatineau PQ J8V 3P8 Section 3: 15% gas in air (approximately)
Lower Explosive Limit:
Emergency: 1-866-771-8321 Physical Data 4% gas in air (approximately)
New Brunswick:
Physical State: Gas Ignition Temperature (C):
Enbridge Gas New Brunswick Inc. 538C (1,000F) (approximately)
440 Wilsey Rd., Suite 101 Odour and Appearance: Natural gas in its pure
state is colourless and odourless. An odourant, Hazardous Combustion Products:Carbon
Fredericton, NB E3B 7G5 Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides,
Emergency: 1-800-994-2762 consisting of Mercaptan is added before natural
gas enters a gas utilitys distribution system. Sulfur Dioxide, Aldehydes
The odour is quite offensive like rotten eggs. Explosion Data/Sensitivity: Not applicable
Manufacturer: Natural gas is a naturally Sensitivity to Static Discharge: Yes
occurring product. Odour Threshold (ppm):
Chemical Name: Methane Less than 10,000 ppm in air
Chemical Family: Simple hydrocarbons Specific Gravity: Not applicable
Product Use: Primarily a heating fuel for Vapour Pressure: Not applicable
residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Vapour Density (Air = 1): 0.56 to 0.59
Trade Name and Synonyms: Natural Gas Evaporation Rate: Not applicable
Regulatory Classification: Boiling Point (C): 161.5C (as methane)
WHMIS: Freezing Point (C): 182.6C (as methane)
Class A Compressed Gas pH: Not applicable
Class B Division 1 Flammable Gas Coefficient of Water/Oil Distribution:
TDG: Shipping Name Natural Gas, Not applicable
compressed (with high methane
UN/PIN 1971
Class 2.1

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Material Safety Data Sheet for Natural Gas
Prepared May 2009 Please note: retention of current Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) is required by law.
This MSDS is also available electronically on our website:

Section 5: Section 7: Special Shipping Information: Natural gas,

when transported by a pipeline that is governed
Reactivity Data Preventive Measures by the law of a province, is exempt from the
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act.
Chemical Stability: Yes Personal Protective Equipment: CSA/ASA
Incompatibility with other substances. Safety Equipment must be available/worn as
If so, which ones? required to protect ears, eyes, feet, hands, head, Section 8:
Yes. Readily forms explosive mixtures with air remaining body area. Work around/with natural First Aid Measures
or oxygen. It will also burn or explode in the gas must be performed by individuals qualified
presence of chlorine, bromine pentafluoride, to work with natural gas. First Aid Procedures: Remove victim from
oxygen difluoride and nitrogen trifluoride. It will Gloves (Specify): Not normally required. contaminated area to fresh air. Perform artificial
spontaneously ignite in the presence of chlorine Respiratory (Specify): Only required for oxygen respiration if necessary, and seek medical
dioxide. depletion concerns. Positive pressure, self- assistance.
Reactivity and under what conditions? contained breathing apparatus for emergency
When natural gas mixes with appropriate use when ventilation is inadequate. Section 9:
amounts of oxidizing agents, including air and Eye (Specify): Safety goggles not normally
oxygen, in the presence of an ignition source, an required.
Preparation of MSDS
uncontrolled explosive reaction can occur. Footwear (Specify): Refer to Personal Protective Additional Information and Comments:
Hazardous Decomposition Products: Equipment The gas flammability hazard should be
Combustion releases carbon dioxide, trace Clothing (Specify): Non-sparking, flame- considered the primary risk factor. Avoid all
amounts of sulfur oxides, and nitrogen oxides. retardant when in areas where potential flash possible sources of accidental ignition.
A lack of oxygen during combustion can fires may occur. Prepared By:
produce carbon monoxide and other toxic Other (Specify): Appropriate hearing protection, Engineering Materials
and flammable products. goggles and clothing should be utilized when Evaluation Centre
Hazardous Polymerization: No potential for direct contact with a high pressure Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.
gas release exists. (416) 495-5636
Section 6: Engineering Controls (Specify): Use spark-proof May 2009
or intrinsically safe equipment when dealing with
Toxicological Properties a potentially explosive atmosphere. Adequate
For additional copies:
Visit or call our
Route of Entry: Inhalation ventilation and adequate venting of possible Environment, Health and Safety Department at
Effects of Acute Exposure to Product: Acts as combustion products are required. (416) 495-5514.
a simple asphyxiant by displacing oxygen in the Leak and Spill Procedures: Immediately contact
air. Symptoms of over exposure include rapid your local Enbridge Gas Distribution office. Caution: Natural gas is a complex mixture such that constituent
respiration, nausea, disorientation, and loss of Evacuate as necessary. Do not activate any composition may vary. The information contained herein is based on
consciousness. source of ignition such as electrical switches, the information available at the indicated date of preparation but
Irritancy: None reported no warranty, expressed or implied is made. Further, the information
vehicles, telephones, cellular phones, two-way contained herein relates only to this product or material and may
Exposure Limits: Based on oxygen displacement radios or door bells. Eliminate ignition sources not be valid when used in combination with any other product
Sensitization: None reported such as open flame or sparks. Ventilate buildings or material in any process. If the product is not to be used for
Synergistic Materials: Other Asphyxiants a purpose or under conditions which are normal or reasonably
and structures containing natural gas.
Effects of Chronic Exposure to Product: None foreseeable, this information cannot be relied upon as complete
Waste Disposal: Not normally required. or applicable. For greater certainty of information, specific uses
Other Effects: None reported with respect to Handling Procedures and Equipment: All of the product must be reviewed with the supplier. This MSDS is
for the use of the Enbridge Companies, their customers and their
mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, reproductive equipment piping and handling must conform to
employees. Any further distribution of this MSDS, without the written
toxicity, teratogenicity. all applicable legislation requirements. consent of Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc., is prohibited.
Storage Requirements: Store in either pressure
vessels or under ground well facilities. Storage FM.095.39 (REV. MAY/09)
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must comply with all applicable legislation
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