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software delivery/deployment

change managemnt
patching, upgrades
Problem Management
System Administration
Software Update Management (SUM) handling

Performance Mangaemnt Service/System - AMOS

Key Technical Skills

3PP Technical Knowledge
- Extremely good knowledge of Solaris and Linux OS
Extremely good knowledge of Solaris and Linux OS
- Extremely good knowledge of VxVM, VCS and Netbackup
- Knowledge of SAN fundamentals
- Knowledge of IP Fundamentals
- Good knowledge of Symantec SFS
- Scripting knowledge e.g. Shell, Perl or Java.
extracting the required data from databases (Oracle, Sybase, MSAccess or others)

2nd Level Operations OSS Engineer

Job Summary & Responsibilities

This Job Role is responsible for 2nd level assurance & support activities within
Ericsson Global Services Center Romania;

The Operations Support System (OSS) Engineer is responsible for:

Operation & Maintenance of proactive and reactive activities;

Ensuring that the services provided to our customers are continuously available and
performing up to Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance levels;
Understanding the customers network and systems architecture, liaise with
applications experts, operations staff and users to determine requirements and
provide quick resolution for technical issues.
Contribute with automation ideas and in their implementation
Providing coaching for junior colleagues
The OSS Engineer deals with fault, performance, service and inventory management.
Provides support and assistance along the entire Life Cycle of the platforms in

Tasks details:

Assures the correct functionality by following the routine and fault prevention
guidelines (check and act upon alarms, logs, system monitor indicators)
Takes action before problems become critical: system/hardware failures, hanged
processes, scripts not having desired output, application errors, data flows etc
Technical tasks to add and configure new elements by following specifications and
procedures, extracting the required data from databases (Oracle, Sybase, MSAccess
or others), create new scripts to: improve the functionality, add new functions or
in prevention scope.
Respond to requests raised for ongoing issues and troubleshooting. Perform
emergency troubleshooting for critical issues in a required timeframe, accordingly
to SLA.
Document constantly on managed platforms and maintain a good level of communication
with vendors and clients.
Assures support during systems and applications upgrades, conducts User Acceptance
Tests, performs sanity checks.


IT systems, storages, backup solutions, monitoring systems (e.g. Nagios, Veritas

Unix based and Windows administration
POSIX (bash, perl, SQL scripting, Windows batch scripting) used to automatize
different system tasks
Networking and basic routing (CISCO courses represents an advantage)
Database administration basic knowledge (Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access)
Technical support environment, working with tickets, priorities, Service Level
Agreements, on-call duty one week per month.

Nice to have requirements:

Mobile telecommunication systems knowledge

Radio & Core network architecture knowledge
Knowledge of Network or Element Management Systems from various vendors like Huawei
M2000/U2000, Nokia NetAct, Ericsson OMC-R, Alcatel, ZTE, HP NNM
Administration or user experience with Performance Management Systems (data
processing, parsing, database loading and export / visualization)

Independently handled Core Billing Manager upgrades after a week of training with
a success rate of 100%.
Solved issues on OSS-RC servers running Solaris (Unix OS).
Contributed extensively to the software upgrades and deployments of RBS, RNCs
and MGWs.

MS - MIS Student at University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Test Engineer
Company Name Infosys
Dates Employed Oct 2012 Feb 2015 Employment Duration 2 yrs 5 mos Location
Hyderabad Area, India

Developed analysis plans and applied appropriate statistical techniques and

predictive modeling to answer client-related questions
Responsible for data cleaning, merging, extraction and visualization using SAS, R
and Tableau
Identified, analyzed and interpreted trends or patterns in complex data sets
Change manage and re-engineer business processes to efficiently align with
business and service
level requirements
Gathered and analyzed information for the project Next Generation Volume
Licensing and provided recommendations to address and resolve business issues
Validated requirements using test plans, test scripts and test scenarios
Gathered functional and non-functional requirements for the Customer Portal in
Created high level designs addressing functional requirements for Entitlements
Defined and documented client business functions and processes
Familiar with SDLC, Agile methodolog

Why are you applying for the REALM Program and what leadership qualities are you
hoping to gain from the experience?
Write-In Answer

I'm applying to REALM program because I want to see a typical american workplace as
I'm an international student. I want to gain insight into the life of a
professional and maybe imbibe some of of his/her leadership skills.
I also want to expand my professional network and connect with professional in the
Buffalo/Niagara region.

Discuss your leadership goals.

Here are my leadership goals in bullet points:

1. Good speaking skills
2. Good Interpersonal skills and the ability to be persuasive
3. Appreciative of the work put in by other employees
4. Ability to improvise and be quick on the feet

Discuss your career goals.

My short term career goals are to be known as an expert in the area of Business
Analytics and having Job satisfaction and work-life balance. My long term career
goal is to start a company of my own which deals in business/data analytics.

What are your expectations of the REALM program?

I'm hoping to get an insider's perspective on a typical day in the life of a

management professional and am hoping to get some pointers on whether that
discipline would be a good fit for me.
I'm also hoping for networking opportunities which would help me get a full time
position in the area of my interest.

COllaborated with managers to eleicit and understand proj requirements

security analyst
security consultant
risk analyst

robert half
avco consulting